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Finn and Steffy learned that they were having a boy. Liam confessed to killing Vinny, and to save Liam, Bill confessed to the cover-up. Hope and Bill believed Bill's confession would free Liam, but Deputy Chief Baker put both Spencer men behind bars.
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Liam confessed to killing Vinny, Bill confessed to the coverup, and Deputy Chief Baker put both Spencer men behind bars
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Baker asks why Liam, Hope, and Bill are at the precinct Baker asks why Liam, Hope, and Bill are at the precinct

Monday, May 31, 2021

In the CEO's office, Finn asked Steffy how she got more beautiful every day. Steffy credited the pregnancy hormones. Ridge arrived and greeted his elusive daughter. Steffy was sorry she hadn't been around much. Finn added that they'd been taking Kelly on adventures with just the three of them before the baby was born.

Ridge urged Finn and Steffy to have as much fun as they could before the new baby arrived. Finn and Steffy were headed to a doctor's appointment, and she offered to send Ridge the ultrasound photo. Ridge was excited about how good Finn and Steffy looked together. He said that, after all they'd been through, the world was finally where it needed to be.

Finn and Steffy mentioned their trip to the Joshua Tree. Thomas arrived and said he'd seen his sister's camping photos. Finn asked if there had been any leads in Vinny's case. Thomas hadn't heard anything and hoped the police were closer to capturing the person than he realized.

After Steffy and Finn had gone, Thomas hoped the doctor's appointment would go well. Ridge said Steffy always took care of herself and lived with a doctor. Thomas wondered why the two hadn't eloped. Ridge guessed Steffy and Finn hadn't had time. Ridge was glad they were happy. He felt that they deserved some peace. Ridge felt that Thomas did, too.

Thomas replied that he was all right. Ridge said he knew it, and so did Brooke, who had been talking about it with Ridge earlier that morning. Ridge hoped Thomas would be ready to date soon. Thomas looked forward to it. Ridge was glad Thomas no longer saw Hope as an option.

Thomas said Liam and Hope were solid, and Thomas was rooting for them. He thought Hope and Liam deserved a great future, and Thomas predicted it would be smooth sailing for them.

Thomas had sensed that he'd been interrupting something between Hope and Liam when he'd dropped Douglas off earlier. Thomas and Douglas had really enjoyed their night together. Ridge suggested that Thomas make it a daily or weekly occurrence. Thomas would love that, but he also felt that Liam, who was a great father, had cultivated a relationship with Douglas.

Ridge asked if Thomas was threatened by it. Thomas guessed he had been before, but he felt that Liam had his "interest" in the right place. Ridge got that, but he didn't want Thomas to forget that Douglas was Thomas' son. Ridge wanted Thomas to keep cultivating that relationship.

Thomas thought that the co-parenting thing had really been working. He mentioned that Hope and Liam had asked for more time with the kids before Donna picked them up. Thomas said Hope had the family and future she'd always looked forward to.

At the hospital, Steffy and Finn were in Dr. Campbell's office. The doctor arrived and greeted them. While conducting the ultrasound, Campbell noted that things looked good, and the baby was developing right on pace. Steffy and Finn watched the baby on the monitor. Dr. Campbell said she'd asked before, but she'd ask again, if they wanted to know the baby's gender.

Steffy, who'd been through it before, left it up to Finn, since it was his first baby. Finn recalled that they'd wanted to keep it a surprise. The two stammered back and forth about it and concluded that the suspense was killing them. Finn and Steffy decided they wanted to know and asked the doctor if they were having a boy or girl.

Dr. Campbell asked if Steffy and Finn were sure. They were. Dr. Campbell announced that they were having a boy. Finn and Steffy cheered in awe and excitement. Steffy said Kelly had wanted a brother like Douglas. Dr. Campbell congratulated them, reminded Steffy that her appointments had become weekly, and then exited the room.

Steffy and Finn grinned at the sonogram photo. They were giddy. Finn said he would have been happy either way. Steffy had been secretly wanting a boy. She was excited for Finn and his first time being a father. Finn replied that it meant even more that he was doing it with a woman he loved completely. He said that every day, he got to watch her function as Kelly's mother.

Finn stated that Steffy had given him the greatest gift imaginable twice. Steffy looked confused. Finn explained that she'd given him her heart, and then she'd given him a child. Steffy became emotional gazing at the sonogram of their baby boy.

At Spencer, Bill called Liam again and left a message urging him to call back. Bill figured that Liam had had enough time to change his mind, and Bill told Liam not to make the biggest mistake of his life. Bill wanted to talk to Liam before Liam made any decisions.

Wyatt walked in on Bill as he was on the phone with Justin, trying to find out where Liam was. As Bill ended the call, Wyatt declared that something was going on, and he wanted to know what it was. Bill ordered Wyatt to give it a rest, but Wyatt insisted that he didn't like the vibes going on around there. Bill told him to work from home.

Wyatt refused to drop it, and Bill admitted that Liam was struggling with a big issue. Bill said that day would determine a lot for Liam. Bill asked Wyatt to respect that and give it a day. Wyatt began to speak. Bill cut in, saying he meant it. He warned Wyatt not to push it.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam saw that his father had called him again. Liam told Hope that he couldn't deal with Bill right then. Hope asked what Liam was thinking and if he'd go to the police and turn himself in. Liam said they were a team, and Hope got a say in it.

Hope wanted to do the right and ethical thing, but it was a big sacrifice. She wanted to really think about whether it was a secret he could keep and put behind him for the rest of his life. It was hard for Liam to think that that morning might have been the last time he saw the kids.

Hope thought it was best for Douglas and Beth to be with Donna that day. Hope didn't think the kids needed to be in the back of the car when they went to the police station. Liam didn't want to leave their house or the family. Hope asked if Liam would confess.

Later, Bill stalked through the cabin, calling Liam's name. The place was empty. "Damn it!" Bill cursed and strode out of the house.

At the police station, Liam and Hope arrived. Liam watched the police take a prisoner back. Liam told an officer that he was there to see Deputy Chief Baker. The officer asked if Liam had an appointment, and Liam said Baker would want to see him.

In an interrogation room, Hope asked if Liam was sure about it. Liam was sure, but he didn't want to drag Bill's name into it. Hope said Bill was responsible for the cover-up. Liam had decided to take the fall for it, so Will wouldn't grow up without a father. Liam didn't think both men would go down for it. Hope hadn't realized Liam hadn't intended to tell the whole truth.

Liam stated that he'd run Vinny over with the car, and he was responsible for it. Hope knew it. She just didn't want to lose Liam.

A loud buzzing noise startled them. It signaled the opening of a gate on one side of the room, and Baker entered through that gate. Baker was surprised to see Liam and Hope and asked what they wanted to talk to him about.

Just then, Bill entered through the civilian door. Baker asked what Bill was doing there. Bill said it was a matter between him and his son. Baker was confused about why Liam had asked to speak to Baker then. Bill claimed Liam wasn't thinking straight, and Bill wanted a moment alone with his son.

Someone announced through the gate that Baker had a phone call. Baker said he'd be right back, and he buzzed himself out of the room.

Bill asked what Liam thought he was doing. Liam said Bill knew. Bill replied that Liam was throwing his life away. Liam stated that he had to tell the truth. Bill again disparaged Vinny, who wasn't worth it in Bill's view. Bill said they were going to walk out of there and forget that "this" or that night had ever happened.

Liam claimed that he'd tried to do that. It hadn't worked. Bill ordered his son to try harder. Bill told Liam to look at what he was doing to Hope and to Bill. Bill said they couldn't lose Liam, and Bill would not let it happen.

Baker returned to the room and asked where they'd left off. Baker could tell something serious had gotten them all down to his precinct. Baker had seen Liam's look on countless faces. Baker thought it was obvious that Liam had a story to tell or a statement to make. Baker asked what had brought Liam all the way down there.

Liam ditches Bill at the police station Liam ditches Bill at the police station

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

At the police station, Chief Baker figured it had to be serious if Liam had brought his wife and father with him. Bill blamed the whole thing on himself, saying he and Liam had been going back and forth over something. Bill had thought they'd resolved it, but it had blown up. He just needed a moment with his son to get it under control.

Liam claimed to know what he was doing. Disagreeing, Bill stated that Liam wanted to make a major case out of something that wasn't. "Let him speak," Baker said. Bill continued to try to deter Baker from wanting to listen to Liam. Hope told Bill that Liam couldn't be silent anymore.

Baker asked Liam what was going on and if it was a family dispute, as Bill had said. An officer arrived at the gate and announced that the captain needed to talk to Baker urgently in his office. Baker decided they'd get to the bottom of things when he got back.

After Baker had gone, Liam asked what Bill was doing. Bill asked if Liam had signed anything and if the police had said anything was being recorded. Liam said none of it had happened yet. Bill told Liam that he didn't need to do it, but Hope stated that the truth needed to be out.

Bill was trying to save Liam. Liam said Bill couldn't do that. Hope said the police needed to understand that it had been an accident, but Bill insisted that the police would not understand. Bill reminded Liam that he'd had motive, and Baker and a jury would believe Liam had done it for payback. Liam said he hadn't done that.

Bill knew that Liam wanted to do the right thing but believed that turning himself in wasn't right for Liam or his family. Bill wanted them all to walk out of there at that very moment and go to the office. Liam leaned on the gate as Hope and Bill went back and forth about it. Hope said keeping the secret was torture, and Liam would be living half a life.

Bill asked if Liam would regret it more if he kept the secret or if he missed his children's lives while he rotted in a cell. Bill offered to stay there and make an excuse for Liam, who Bill felt couldn't be there when Baker got back.

Liam didn't want Bill to make excuses for him, but Liam felt that Bill had a point. Hope asked if Liam wanted to leave. "Yeah, let's go," Liam said. Hope asked about Baker.

Bill offered to handle Baker later. Liam asked where Bill was parked. Bill was in the front. Liam said he and Hope were in the back, and they'd meet Bill at the office. Bill was relieved and felt that Liam wouldn't regret making the right choice.

Bill went down one hallway, and Liam and Hope went down the other. Once Bill was gone, Liam and Hope went back to the interrogation room. Hope didn't understand what was happening. Liam said he'd needed to get rid of his father, but he intended to do what he'd gone there to do.

Back in the gated room, Hope said she'd actually thought they'd been leaving. Liam replied that he'd had to trick Bill because Bill wouldn't let him talk to Baker. Liam knew that his father was trying to keep him out of trouble, but Hope had been right. The secret was poison, and the antidote was the truth. Hope was proud of Liam, but she sobbed. She couldn't believe it was happening. She promised to always be there for Liam.

With a loud buzz, Baker returned and noted that Bill had gone. Liam said fathers and sons didn't always have the same perspective. Baker had sensed tension between Liam and Bill. Liam replied that Bill wanted to do what was best for Liam, but some things that were important to Liam didn't make sense to Bill. "Like coming here," Liam stated.

Baker asked why Liam was there. Liam said he had information on Vinny Walker's case. "I know who did it. I know who ran him down that night," Liam uttered. Baker asked if it was new information, but Liam said he'd known all along. Baker asked who'd done it. Liam sobbed, saying that Baker was looking at him.

Liam said he'd been driving to his father's house. There was a curve in the road. When he'd rounded it, Vinny had appeared in front of the car. Liam didn't know why Vinny had been in the road. Liam hadn't had time to swerve or brake. He swore that he hadn't done it on purpose, but he was the one who had killed Vinny.

Later, Bill strode into his office. He asked his assistant to hold his calls because he was expecting Liam and Hope at any moment.

At the hospital, knowing that the baby was a boy made the future more real for Finn. It was the experience Steffy had wanted to have with Finn. She wanted to share the surprises of parenting and to see that look on his face. She felt that their baby was lucky to have Finn as a father.

Finn believed that he was the lucky one to be raising two kids with Steffy. He wondered what their son would be like. Each thought the child would be like the other, and Steffy said Kelly had a lot of rules to teach her little brother. Finn believed their son would look up to his sister, and Steffy said the boy would look up to Finn. Finn planned to be the proudest dad ever.

At Forrester, Ridge and Thomas discussed a sketch in which Thomas had incorporated graphics and text into the design to make the implicit message explicit. Thomas had been working hard, and Hope had been urging him to stretch himself. Ridge liked Thomas and Hope working together as a team. Thomas murmured that they'd been on a roll for a bit.

Ridge wondered why Thomas had used past tense. Thomas said he and Hope would continue to work hard, but Hope might not be at the office as much because she'd reunited with Liam. Thomas was sure that he and Zende could pick up the slack. Ridge replied that Thomas had made it a long way, and it hadn't gone unnoticed.

Thomas was hoping that it would someday. He didn't want people to be surprised when he did a good job, was a good father, or wished someone the best. He wanted people to expect it of him. Thomas thought that was the good thing about Hope, who expected good things from people and acted as if it was already true. In that way, she brought the potential out of them.

Finn and Steffy arrived. Thomas and Ridge greeted them and asked about the baby. Finn said the baby was fine. Steffy wondered if "he" would follow in his grandfather's footsteps or be a pitcher for the Dodgers. Thomas and Ridge were thrilled to hear that it would be a boy.

Ridge wanted to have a toast, but he didn't think they could because Steffy was pregnant. Ridge suggested a speech, but Steffy declined it. Finn said he could give a speech. Ridge said it hadn't been what he'd meant, and Steffy decided to just relay what had happened.

Thomas had thought the couple had decided to wait until the baby was born to learn the "gender." Steffy said they'd wanted a surprise in the delivery because they hadn't had a pregnancy surprise, but when the doctor had asked them again if they'd wanted to know, they hadn't been able to resist. Thomas asked if Steffy was ready for a boy.

Steffy wondered how it would be different. She guessed she'd be okay if the boy wasn't like Thomas. She said she was joking, and they'd be blessed if their boy was anything like Douglas. Thomas believed Douglas would be stoked about having a boy cousin; as the oldest, Douglas would be there for Beth and Kelly. Steffy said it would be like Thomas had been for his sisters.

Thomas and Ridge teased Finn about how busy the house would be. They joked that if Finn had made it through residency, he could make it through that. Finn gulped. Ridge felt that it would be fine, and Finn and Steffy could face anything. Ridge said Finn would be in a cool club where the best gift was knowing that the child was happy and secure.

Liam confesses to Vinny's hit-and-run death Liam confesses to Vinny's hit-and-run death

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

In his office at Spencer, Bill received a phone call with an update that there was no sign of Liam. Bill then placed a call of his own but received Liam's voicemail. He left a message asking his son where he was. Wyatt entered Bill's office while Bill was mid-sentence, prompting an angry Bill to end the call abruptly. Wyatt demanded to know the truth. Wyatt snapped, "I've tried to have patience. I am here to help you because clearly help is needed." Wyatt pleaded for the chance to help make things right.

"There's nothing you can do, Wyatt. At this point, there may not be anything anyone can do for your brother," Bill replied.

Time passed, and Bill, alone in his office, again dialed Liam's phone number. He again received a voicemail greeting.

At Forrester, Ridge stared at the sonogram printout and mused that the little one was "a little blurry, but it's probably just a phase." Steffy chuckled as Finn replied, "We're hoping he grows out of it." Thomas asked Steffy if she had sensed that she'd be having a boy. Steffy admitted to hoping she'd have a boy -- so that she'd have both a son and a daughter -- but stated that having a "happy, healthy, beautiful" child was paramount.

Steffy and Thomas both shared that they were happy that Liam and Hope had been able to work things out. The conversation turned to Vinny's death, with a distraught Thomas regretting that he had never had a chance to work things out with Vinny before Vinny's death.

Later, when they were alone in the office, Finn told Steffy that he would have stuck by her no matter what the paternity test results had said. But, he said with a smile, being the father of the child was the best possible outcome.

At the police station, Liam and Hope sat across the table from Deputy Chief Baker. "You killed Vincent Walker?" Baker asked Liam. Liam took a beat, looked down at the floor, and replied, "Not intentionally." After a brief interruption for another matter, Baker returned to the interrogation room to record his conversation with Liam. Baker suggested that Hope wait outside, but Liam asked that she be allowed to stay. Liam admitted that he should have come forward sooner, noting that fear had gotten the best of him. "You're not afraid now?" Baker asked. Liam shared that he was terrified, but the guilt of keeping his secret had been killing him.

Hope spoke up to make it clear that Vinny's death had been an accident. Baker questioned why Liam had fled the scene if it had been an accident. Liam said he "wasn't thinking clearly" at the time of the accident. That led Baker to believe that Liam had been under the influence, but Liam quickly shot down that theory. Liam insisted that he hadn't been impaired or distracted in any way. Baker then questioned if the "accident" had really been an accident -- or a chance for Liam to exact revenge on someone who had caused him so much pain. Baker snarled, "You had motive, Liam. You wanted him dead. It doesn't sound like an accident, Liam. It was murder!"

Hope interrupted the interrogation to take issue with Baker's premise. She explained that she and Liam had been separated at that time because Liam had slept with another woman -- and that had had nothing to do with Vinny. Liam added that on the night of the accident, he had felt hopeful because he and Hope had gotten back on a path to being together. "Somebody appeared in the road. I slammed on the brakes... but it was too late," Liam recalled.

When confronted with the fact that he'd fled the scene, Liam stated that he had stopped after the accident and tried to help. He recalled how he'd approached the accident victim and ultimately realized that it was Vinny. Liam became emotional as he remembered watching Vinny draw his final breath. "So, you drove away, committing a hit-and-run," Baker replied. Liam acknowledged that that was what had happened. He quickly added that he'd panicked because of what Baker had stated earlier: the paternity test situation would make the accident look intentional. During the confession, Liam made no mention of Bill's presence.

Liam wished he could go back and do things over again, to which Baker remarked that Vinny's family probably wanted the accident to haunt Liam for the rest of his life. Hope spoke up again, insisting that "it was just an accident." Baker appreciated Hope's "passionate defense" of Liam, but he said he could not allow her to speak, since she had not been in the car with Liam at the time of the accident. "You honestly think I just go around willingly running over innocent people -- any people?" Liam asked.

Baker noted that there were a lot of holes in Liam's story. He asked Liam what had happened to the car that had struck Vinny. As Liam struggled to come up with an answer, Baker asked what had happened to Vinny's wallet and phone. "You did all this by yourself?" Baker asked. Liam's face dropped, and he stated that he should probably speak to a lawyer before answering any additional questions. Baker rose and called to Officer Edwards, saying that Mr. Spencer was ready for booking.

Hope and Liam exchanged worried glances as the officer entered the interrogation room and escorted Liam away.

Liam was then cuffed, fingerprinted, and photographed. A tear streamed down Hope's cheek as she recalled happier times with Liam. Baker permitted Hope and Liam to have a moment before Liam was taken to holding. Hope assured Liam that he'd done the right thing, and she vowed to do whatever she could to get him out of jail. "I forgive you fully -- for everything," Hope sobbed as Liam was taken away.

Bill's confession complicates Chief Baker's case Bill's confession complicates Chief Baker's case

Thursday, June 3, 2021

In Bill's office, Bill saw Hope arrive. He was relieved until he noted that Liam wasn't with her. Bill demanded to know where his son was. In Hope's silence, Bill swore and asked her again. Hope explained that Liam had pretended to leave the police station to get rid of Bill so that Liam could do what he'd needed to do. "Are you telling me -- " Bill started.

Hope affirmed that Liam was in custody. "My son confessed!" Bill roared. She stated that the secrets and lies had been killing Liam. Bill insisted that it would have gradually dissipated in Liam's mind. She replied that Bill didn't know Liam. Bill yelled that he did. She stated that Liam could only make peace with it by owning up to what he'd done.

Bill asked how Hope could have let Liam do it. Hope asked how Bill could have done it and insisted that Liam was behind bars because of what Bill had done. Bill said he'd made sure no trace led back to Liam, and Bill screamed that Liam was behind bars because Hope had convinced Liam to confess. "And you say you love him? How can you say that?" Bill yelled.

Hope didn't want to hear that and said Bill knew she loved Liam more than anything. Bill quipped that she had a "damn strange way" of showing it. Bill told her that the kids would lose their father, and Hope would lose her family because she and Liam had had to do what was "right." Hope berated Bill for not doing the right thing the night of the accident.

Bill stood by his decision to protect his son. Hope said that she'd never forgive Bill if she lost her husband and if the kids lost their father. Bill asked if she'd forgive herself for urging Liam to cleanse his soul. Bill refused to let Liam spend one night in jail for the part that Bill had played in it. Bill loved his son and would move heaven and earth to save him. Bill wouldn't rest until Liam was home -- whatever it took. Bill strode out of his office.

In Brooke's cabin, Ridge met Brooke in response to a message she'd sent him. Handing him an envelope, she asked what he thought. The envelope contained passes for a spa getaway for Hope and Liam. Ridge preferred that he and his wife go, so he could see his wife naked. Normally, Brooke would love to do that, but this time, she thought Liam and Hope deserved it more.

Ridge said it was a thoughtful gift. Brooke was glad he liked it because it was a gift from him, too, and she'd used his credit card. He figured that meant the gift was only from him. Ridge was glad things were looking up all around for Hope and Liam, and he said Steffy and Finn were having a boy. "What?" the amazed Brooke asked. Ridge said they'd have a grandson, and Brooke chuckled with joy, unable to believe it.

Brooke decided that he and Ridge should plan a special evening for Liam, Hope, Steffy, and Finn. Ridge wondered if that would include Bill, with whom Brooke had been trying to plan something for Hope and Liam. Brooke had no problem combining the events. She thought it would be good for everyone to put the past behind them and move on with their lives.

Wrapping his arms around Brooke's waist, Ridge called her the most optimistic person he'd ever met, and he said he loved her. She said she loved him, too, and she loved it when their loved ones had good things going on in their lives -- a new baby boy and a healing marriage. At long last, things were good for their kids, Brooke said, and they hugged.

Later, Hope arrived while Brooke was alone, arranging flowers from her garden. Brooke became alarmed by Hope's demeanor and urged Hope to talk. Hope reminded Brooke of the night Liam and Bill had been there visiting. Hope recalled that Bill had had Liam drive because Bill had drunk too much. Brooke asked what Hope was getting at.

Hope asked if Brooke remembered that Vinny had gotten hit that night. Brooke did and said the police hadn't found who'd done it, and Thomas was still upset about it. Hope revealed that the person had turned himself in, and Brooke asked who it was.

Hope wanted Brooke to understand the circumstances of the accident. It had been dark. The road had been winding, and the driver hadn't had time to react. Vinny had just appeared in front of the car and had died moments later. Brooke asked how Hope knew it, and Hope said the driver had told her. Brooke looked as if she'd been hit herself, and she asked Hope not to say it was Liam. Hope stated that the person who'd hit Vinny had been Liam.

Brooke couldn't believe it. Hope explained that Vinny had appeared in the road, and Liam hadn't had time to react. Brooke hugged Hope and asked how long Hope had known. Hope had just found out, and Brooke guessed that Liam had been carrying it with him the whole time.

Hope said it had been killing Liam. She'd known something had been wrong, but she hadn't believed it could be what it had been. Hope was proud of Liam, but it had been hard seeing him in handcuffs, being led away. She could feel her heart shattering still.

At the police station, Deputy Chief Baker called Liam back into the interrogation room. Even though Liam had said he didn't want to talk anymore without his lawyer, Baker hoped Liam would cooperate. Liam felt he'd been cooperative. Baker had been a cop for a long time, and he could tell when someone wasn't being forthcoming.

Liam guessed Baker thought Liam was lying. Baker replied that it was hard to believe Liam was in that situation at all, facing years in prison. Baker felt that he had to ask if there was anything Liam could be holding back that could change the dynamic of the case. Baker said that withholding information would make it worse for Liam and his loved ones.

Liam said he'd told everything he could. Baker didn't think Liam had told all that he could. Liam replied that he'd talked about the accident, and Baker noted that it had taken Liam a long time to report it. Liam knew that had been wrong, and he would take it back if he could.

Baker didn't think the Liam Spencer who'd covered up a hit-and-run was the same one whom Hope Spencer knew. Baker didn't think anyone else, including himself, knew that Liam Spencer. Baker decided to ask once more if Liam was holding anything back about that night.

Baker believed that getting rid of the car and covering up evidence had taken some doing, but Baker recalled that Liam had said he hadn't been thinking straight. Baker said Liam expected Baker to believe that Liam still had the presence of mind to carry out an intricate coverup on his own. It didn't make sense, and it generated more questions that Baker wanted to get to the bottom of.

Liam understood that. Baker couldn't believe Liam still didn't want to cooperate. Liam began pacing. Liam said the only thing that mattered that night was that he'd been behind the wheel. Liam felt that it was all Baker needed to know or care about. Liam insisted that Vinny was dead because of Liam, and Baker had gotten his man.

Baker had more questions, but Liam wouldn't talk further without an attorney. Just then, Bill arrived, demanding to talk to his son. Baker said Bill couldn't be in there, but Bill demanded time to talk with his son. "Or I'm gonna -- " Bill started to say.

Baker asked, "Or what?" More composed, Bill asked if he could please have a few moments with his son. Baker offered five minutes, and he left.

In hushed tones, Bill asked Liam why, and Liam said it had been the only way. Bill whispered that he'd taken care of everything. Liam said he'd kept Bill's name out of it. Bill wasn't worried about himself; he was scared for Liam. That was why Bill would tell Baker about Bill's role in what had happened. Bill refused to let his son spend one night in prison.

Liam disagreed that Bill should do it, but Bill refused to let Liam throw his life away. Bill insisted that he'd tell Baker that Bill was responsible. Liam said it wouldn't happen, and it wasn't even true. Liam felt he was responsible and deserved to pay. Bill didn't ever want to hear Liam say that again. Bill insisted that the hit had been an accident, but the crime had been driving away.

Liam stated that he hadn't put Bill's name into it and never would. Liam wouldn't let Bill change Liam's mind. Liam said Bill had his own life, "a wife," and Will, who depended on Bill. Liam needed Bill to take care of Hope, Beth, and Kelly. Liam wanted Bill to say Liam and his family could count on Bill.

Bill stated that Liam's family needed to count on Liam, not Bill. Bill insisted Liam wouldn't spend one moment in jail because of that degenerate Vinny.

Baker returned to get Liam. Bill called for Baker to stop, and he said Baker had the wrong man. Liam ordered Bill not to do it. Bill said Liam had been telling the truth, and Vinny had stepped in front of the car out of nowhere. Bill knew it because Bill had been in the car. Bill said the crime had been when Bill had driven away and covered it up. Bill said Liam had had nothing to do with it, and if Baker wanted to lock someone away, he should lock away Bill and let Liam go free.

Baker gets frustrated when Bill and Liam continue to take the blame for the other Baker gets frustrated when Bill and Liam continue to take the blame for the other

Friday, June 4, 2021

In the CEO's office, Ridge startled Thomas, who'd been deeply concentrating on a design. It was a new one for HFTF, but Hope hadn't seen it yet. Hope hadn't been into the office. Thomas figured it was reasonable, due to her reunion with Liam. Ridge asked how that "landed" with Thomas, who said that if Hope was happy, he was happy.

Ridge asked if Thomas was really okay with Hope and Liam reuniting. Thomas replied that no one could force another to love them; the person either did or didn't. The only answer was to cut ties or develop a new relationship. Thomas felt that he and Hope had done the latter. Thomas had lost himself for a bit, but he was back on track.

Pleased, Ridge said Thomas had pulled himself out of the rabbit hole, and as a result, they had the best version of Thomas yet. Thomas hoped so, but he felt he was still learning. Ridge asked what Thomas had learned. Thomas had learned to love someone and want that person's happiness, no matter how it affected him. Thomas said that no matter how much he loved Hope, he knew her future was with Liam.

Ridge felt that Thomas had come a long way from the time when he never would have accepted Hope and Liam together. Thomas respected that Hope thought her happiness was with Liam, for some reason. Ridge sensed that Thomas still had doubts about Liam. Thomas did and noted that Liam could take up the back-and-forth with Steffy and Hope again.

Ridge guessed Thomas would be there for Hope if it happened. Thomas affirmed it, but he hoped that Liam had learned his lesson and would take advantage of this "third or fourth" second chance to have an incredible family with an amazing wife and two adorable kids.

Later, Thomas' phone reminded him of his monthly guys' night with Vinny. Thomas told Ridge that Thomas and Vinny had done it their whole lives since college. On those nights, they'd gotten together and acted like idiots. It was hard to think they'd never do it again. Thomas said reminders would pop up every now and then, and he missed his friend.

Thomas knew it was morbid, but he thought that if Vinny had been sick, there at least would have been time to prepare for his death. As it had been, Vinny's death had been sudden. Thomas had to find the guy who'd done it, and he'd make sure the guy paid.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke reeled at the news that Liam had hit Vinny and had remained silent about it. Hope said he'd opened up about it eventually. Hope was proud of Liam for owning what he'd done, but she didn't know what happened next. Brooke didn't get why Liam hadn't called emergency services and said he wasn't the type to leave the scene of an accident.

Hope agreed that Liam wasn't. Brooke asked what had possessed Liam. "Bill. It was all Bill," Hope seethed. Hope said that if Bill hadn't tried to fix things with his lies and manipulations, everything would be different. Hope ranted that Liam had to pay because his arrogant father was incapable of telling the truth and taking accountability.

Brooke asked what Bill had done. Hope said Liam had hit Vinny by accident, but the cover-up of the accident was all on Bill. Hope said Bill should be behind bars, not Liam.

Hope explained that Vinny had been in the middle of the dark road, and Liam had hit him. Vinny had died as Liam and Bill had checked on him. Liam had fainted, and Bill had taken matters into his own hands and covered it up. Bill hadn't thought anyone would believe it had been an accident. Brooke felt that anyone who knew Liam knew he wouldn't deliberately do that.

Hope said it had been Bill's reasoning that no judge or jury would believe Liam hadn't hit Vinny on purpose. It sounded like a leap to Brooke. Hope stated that it had been Bill's warped justification for protecting his son. Hope told Brooke that Bill had taken Liam away from the scene and gotten rid of Vinny's phone and wallet. She added that the car was gone.

Brooke asked where it was. Hope guessed it was somewhere in parts by then. Brooke assumed that Bill had been devastated and would have called the cops. Hope believed that Liam would have done the right thing if he'd had a choice, but he hadn't. In her mind, Bill had convinced Liam to stay silent, and it was all Bill's fault. Hope said Liam would be with her and the kids if it weren't for Liam's selfish father.

Brooke knew that Bill could be ruthless, but it was incredible to think he'd left someone dead on the roadside like it hadn't mattered. Hope said that because Bill had turned an accident into a crime, she could lose her husband, and her children could lose their father. Hope feared that Liam would be sentenced and wondered what would happen to him in jail. Hope refused to sit by while her children and husband suffered for Bill's stupidity.

Hope grabbed her phone and a business card. Brooke asked what Hope was doing. Hope quipped that she was being like Bill and taking matters into her own hands. Hope called the police station and asked to speak to Chief Baker.

At the police station, Liam told Baker not to listen to Bill because, as Liam's father, Bill would say anything. Bill insisted that hitting Vinny had been an accident that Liam couldn't have avoided, but the crime had been the cover-up. Bill asserted that Liam was innocent. "I'm anything but. So let my son go and lock me up," Bill told Baker.

Baker silently listened as Liam and Bill went back and forth about each not letting the other take the blame. Bill insisted that Liam had hit Vinny by accident, but the cover-up had been Bill's deliberate act. Bill told Baker to let Liam go home to his family and arrest the real criminal.

"You Spencers think you can get away with anything," Baker stated with loathing. He ordered Bill and Liam to say exactly what had happened with Vinny and insisted that it be the truth.

Bill said everyone knew that Liam was "Dudley Do-Gooder," who'd never leave the scene of an accident, and everyone knew that type of thing was right up Bill's alley. Liam sat there, looking sick as Baker asked if it was true. Bill said Liam had been unconscious the whole time. Bill empathized that he was telling the truth. Baker quipped that Bill wanted to tell the truth because Liam had been arrested.

Bill asked if Baker had children. Baker said it wasn't about him. Bill stated that if Baker had kids, he'd do anything to protect them. Bill had known a jury would assume that Liam had run Vinny down on purpose because of the paternity test, but it hadn't been what had happened. "That idiot" Vinny had stepped into the road, and Liam hadn't been able to avoid him.

Chief Baker surmised that Liam had hit Vinny by accident while driving Bill's car. "But instead of calling 9-1-1 -- " Baker said. Bill interjected that the skunk had already died. Baker stated that instead of waiting at the scene for police to arrive, Bill had orchestrated a cover-up, driven away, and left Walker's broken and bloody body by the side of the road.

Bill said it was exactly what had happened. "Well, congratulations, Mr. Spencer. That puts you under arrest, too," Baker announced, and Liam started sobbing.

Later, Baker was on one side of the room on a call. On the other side, the front-cuffed Liam, shoved a chair aside and sniveled that it wasn't what he'd wanted. Bill, also cuffed, knew that and knew Liam had been trying to protect his father. Bill said it was his job to protect Liam, and they'd sort it out and get Liam home to his family.

Liam asked about Bill, but Bill said Justin would have him out of there in an hour. Bill said they'd take it as it came, but Liam wouldn't be away from his family. Liam said he wasn't the only one with a family. Liam asked about Katie and Will. Liam asked who would run Spencer Publications. Bill said he'd deal, and the focus was on getting Liam out of there.

Baker approached and asked if Bill had more to say before he was booked. Bill had said all he'd wanted to. He told Baker to let Liam go and get the show on the road. "Is that how you think this is going to go down?" Baker asked. Bill said he'd told the truth.

Baker asserted that it was something Liam should have done in the beginning. Instead, Liam had taken an active role in the cover-up. "No, your son is not going anywhere. I'm keeping both of you in custody," Baker announced.

Baker received a call. It was from Hope. She claimed to know more about the accident than she'd let on. She wanted to tell him the whole story. Baker replied that he already knew, and he'd been talking to her father-in-law. Hope asked if Bill had confessed to the cover-up.

Baker affirmed it as Bill, who sat across the table, listened in. Hope said Baker could right the injustice. She said hitting Vinny hadn't been a crime until Bill had made it one, and Bill should be the one behind bars.

As an officer locked Liam in a cell, Hope was back at home, telling Brooke that Baker wouldn't listen. According to Baker, Liam had participated in the cover-up. Brooke replied that Liam had been passed out and hadn't known what had been happening. Hope said Baker had told her that Liam should have gone forward sooner, and every day he'd been silent had gotten him into more trouble.

Sobbing, Hope said she and Liam had been very happy about the future. She told Brooke to look at the future. It would be Liam in jail, and Hope alone with their kids. Brooke said Hope was never alone. Hope cried that Liam was the love of her life, and she, Beth, and Douglas needed him. Hope didn't know what to do. She cried, not knowing what to do.

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