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Justin took up Liam and Bill's defense cases and wished they hadn't talked to police. Carter and Quinn consummated their new commitments to Zoe and Eric respectively, but Paris overheard Quinn and Shauna admitting that Quinn, not Shauna, had been the woman in Carter's bed.
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Justin took up Liam and Bill's defense, Paris overheard that Quinn slept with Carter, and Carter asked Zoe to marry him
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Hope begs Justin to find a way to get Liam out of jail Hope begs Justin to find a way to get Liam out of jail

Monday, June 7, 2021

At Forrester, Ridge was shocked by Brooke's news that Liam had spent the night in jail for killing Vinny. Brooke hadn't wanted to tell Ridge while he'd been on his trip, so she'd waited until he'd returned. Upset, Ridge asked what the odds of that had been. Brooke called it a terrible twist of fate. Ridge asked how, and Brooke said she and Hope had been asking that themselves.

Ridge stated that Liam hadn't said a word. Brooke replied that it hadn't been easy for Liam. "It hasn't been easy for him?" Ridge quipped, adding that a young man had lost his life. Ridge stated that Liam hadn't gotten help. Brooke called it complicated.

Ridge wanted to know what was complicated about it. Brooke said Hope had only given her bits and pieces. Ridge asked how long Hope had known. Brooke said Hope had recently found out.

Thomas and Steffy arrived, and Steffy asked what Hope had found out. Ridge replied that they had news and knew who'd killed Vinny. Brooke wanted Thomas to listen before reacting. Steffy said Vinny had made bad choices, but he hadn't deserved to die. Brooke replied that she wasn't saying that, but she was asserting her certainty that it had been an accident.

Thomas reminded Brooke that the person had left Vinny on the side of the road to die. Brooke said it hadn't been intentional. Not caring, Thomas bellowed that the person deserved to be in jail for life. Ridge asked Thomas to hear who it was first, and Ridge told Steffy that it would change her life forever. Thomas ordered Ridge to spit it out.

Ridge said the person was at the precinct and had spent the night in jail. Thomas thought of going there to speak on Vinny's behalf. Steffy just wanted to know who it was. "It's Liam. Liam killed Vinny," Ridge replied. Steffy and Thomas were stunned.

Steffy believed that the police had it wrong, and there was no way it had been Liam. Ridge stated that Liam had turned himself in. Brooke said Liam had told Chief Baker, and the police had taken Liam into custody immediately. Ridge told Steffy that he was sorry. Steffy asked why Liam hadn't said anything. Thomas assumed it was because Liam hadn't cared.

Brooke said that hadn't been true. Thomas didn't know how that wasn't the case when "they" had just left Vinny on the side of the road as if he'd been nothing. Ridge didn't think that was helping. Thomas was outraged that he wasn't allowed to get angry about Liam leaving Thomas' best friend on the road like an animal. Brooke claimed Liam wouldn't have left Vinny on the side of the road if it had been up to Liam.

Steffy asked when Brooke had found out. Brooke answered that she'd learned the previous night, and Hope had found out "recently." Thomas assumed Liam had been lying to Hope, too. Brooke replied that Hope had urged Liam to go to the police, "But Bill..." Brooke said.

"Of course, Bill is involved in this!" Ridge raged. Brooke explained that Bill had been with Liam. Vinny had appeared out of nowhere, and when Bill and Liam had checked on Vinny, Vinny had already been gone. Thomas asked how Liam or Bill could have known that and if Bill and Liam were paramedics. He asked why Bill and Liam hadn't called an ambulance or stuck around. Thomas said Vinny might have been saved. Brooke said it had been too late.

Ridge asked why Bill and Liam hadn't stayed there. Steffy said Liam wouldn't just leave. Agreeing, Brooke revealed that Liam had fainted, and Bill had just driven off with Liam. Thomas said Bill had put Liam in the car after Liam had fainted like a little girl.

Brooke said Liam hadn't been aware of what Bill had done. Liam had been upset when he'd found out. "But then Liam went down and confessed to the police," she claimed, adding that Bill had then turned himself in. Steffy asked if anyone had spoken to Liam and if he was doing okay.

Brooke replied that Hope was with Liam. Thomas and Ridge hoped Bill and Liam had good lawyers. Brooke said Liam had wanted to take full responsibility without involving his father, but Bill had insisted. Thomas wondered why they'd try to bury an accident, and he assumed Bill had gotten rid of the evidence.

Steffy said the police had to consider that Liam had been forced to leave against his own will. Thomas snarled that a lot of time had passed, and Liam had remained silent when he could have said something. "But Bill wouldn't allow it," Brooke replied.

Ridge incredulously repeated his wife and said Liam was a grown man and should have spoken to the police. Brooke added that Liam had been afraid that it would destroy Hope and the children if the police had found motive. Brooke concluded that it had been a freak accident. Steffy murmured that it was "so unreal."

Thomas figured Liam had been the guy with whom Thomas had been angry all that time. Brooke said Liam hadn't meant to do it, and Vinny had been right there in the middle of the road. Ridge snickered. Thomas recalled that Liam hadn't let on and had lied to Thomas' face. Brooke said the guilt had consumed Liam, who'd gone down and confessed after that.

"No, no, no. I've had conversations with Liam multiple times," Thomas recalled. Thomas had told Liam that he'd wanted the killer to pay. Steffy said Thomas' wish was coming true. Brooke said Bill had put Liam in an uncomfortable position. Ridge countered that Bill had put Liam in jail. Brooke said Bill was there, too, trying to save his son.

Steffy asked how it would affect Kelly. Steffy asked if Kelly would visit her father in prison for the rest of her life. Brooke said they couldn't let it happen, and it couldn't take Liam from his kids and Hope. Brooke told Thomas she was sorry and felt terrible for what had happened to Vinny; however, Brooke said Thomas needed to think of Hope, who was devastated. Brooke added that Hope didn't want her family torn apart by that one, awful night.

At the jail, Liam was buzzed into a room with a phone receiver. Hope was in another room on the other side of the window. They each sat in chairs by the glass and grabbed their receivers to talk. Hope said the house hadn't been the same without him the previous night, but she didn't want him to worry about the kids. All Liam was thinking about was his family.

Hope stated that the kids didn't know that Liam was in jail. Liam wondered what they'd tell them. She wasn't concerned about that. Her main concern was getting Liam out of there. She showed him drawings the kids had done for him. Holding up family photos, she said the police had said he could have them. Hope wanted him to have them to remember what he had to fight for. She said he was a good man and didn't belong there.

Later, Justin had joined the conversation. He sat beside Hope at a phone receiver of his own. Liam said he'd hit Vinny, but Hope insisted that Bill was responsible for everything after that. Justin stated that Bill had confessed and was in custody. Liam wished Bill hadn't done that, and Liam felt there was no reason for them both to go down for it.

Hope replied that Bill was the one who deserved to be in jail, not Liam. Justin asserted that as both the men's attorney, he hoped to get them both out of there -- at least on bail. Justin hadn't spoken much to Bill and had a meeting with him next. Liam was surprised that Justin hadn't known about it. Justin said that, usually, Bill told Justin everything, but Bill hadn't that time.

Justin couldn't promise anything. Bill and Liam had admitted wrongdoing in their statements, and Justin couldn't predict how it would end. Justin promised to do everything he could to defend Liam or make the best deal possible if it got down to that; however, Justin needed Liam to be straight with him and say exactly what had happened that night.

Liam explained that while driving, he'd hit "something in the road." Liam claimed that when he and Bill had checked it out, Vinny had been there. It had been too late, and Vinny had just died in front of Liam. Hope added that Liam had passed out, and Bill had taken over.

Justin asked what that meant. Liam explained that Bill had driven away with the unconscious Liam. Hope insisted that Bill had committed the crime, and Bill was the real criminal, not Liam. Hope claimed Liam would have stayed and done the right thing by calling the authorities, but Liam had never been given the chance because Bill had controlled the entire situation.

Liam explained that Bill had already gotten rid of Vinny's wallet and cell phone by the time Liam had revived himself. Justin grimaced. Liam said Bill had believed the police would never think it had been an accident, and Justin recalled the paternity test. Liam said Bill disbelieved anyone would see it as a coincidence, and Bill had been trying to protect Liam. Hope added that Bill had done it by trying to force Liam to handle it Bill's way.

Justin murmured his understanding of why Bill had had Justin "take the car" halfway around the world. Justin asked if he should know anything else. In Liam's silence, Justin really wished Liam had waited for Justin before answering Baker's questions. Hope uttered that they'd thought the police would believe them. Liam assumed it wasn't looking good for him or his dad.

Justin said to let him handle Bill and Bill's legal issues. Hope didn't "give a damn" about Bill, who she felt deserved to be in jail. She said Liam shouldn't be in there. Justin thought Hope had a right to be upset, "but I have to remind you, Liam was the driver. He had ample opportunity to come forward after he learned what his father had done," Justin said.

Hope glowered at Justin. Justin said he wasn't condemning Liam, but Justin was indeed trying to get them to face the facts of the situation. Hope claimed to understand perfectly. She said her husband and kids' father could be put away for a long time for something that Bill had done. She said Justin knew it wasn't right, and Liam hadn't done anything wrong. She implored Justin to do anything he could to get Liam out of there and to help them.

Later, Hope and Liam were alone, and she was reassuring him that Justin would help them. She said it had taken courage for Liam to turn himself in and face the consequences. She said she loved him and forgave him for everything. Liam thanked her for giving him that. Every minute in jail, he'd been thinking of her and the kids. His memories were keeping him sane.

Hope said she and Liam had just started making memories. Liam was sorry. He'd told her that he'd never cause her pain, but there they were. Hope was sure that Liam would have made the right choice if he'd been given the opportunity that night. She planned to ensure that the judge and jury realized it. She wouldn't stop until Liam was out of there.

The door alert buzzed. A guard told Liam that time was up. As Hope and Liam tried to say their last words to each other, the guard hustled him out of the visiting area.

Shauna is forced to continue to lie about her and Carter Shauna is forced to continue to lie about her and Carter

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

In the CEO's office, Carter sat at the conference table, scarcely able to look at Eric, who was behind the desk, pondering Thomas' feelings about Liam killing Vinny. Eric said Thomas had thought he could trust Liam with his son. Carter stated that when it came to assessing someone's character, it was hard to admit wrong.

Finally, Carter looked at Eric. Eric asked if Carter was all right, but Carter said he wasn't. Carter apologized to Eric. Eric didn't think Carter needed to and asked Carter to say what was on his mind. Eric thought he had a good idea of what it was. Eric wasn't a fan of office gossip, but Eric figured that it was about the women in Carter's life.

Carter said he didn't know who'd told Eric. Sure that Carter valued his privacy, Eric said he just wanted to say that he didn't blame Carter, who had nothing to be ashamed of. Carter felt that he did, but Eric chuckled like it was nonsense. Carter said it wasn't the kind of man he was.

Eric figured that Carter had reached out to someone else after Zoe had hurt him. Carter replied that it hadn't been planned. Shrugging, Eric guessed it was all fine because Carter and Zoe had worked it out. Eric assumed that Carter was happy about that.

Carter claimed to be, but he told Eric that life had gone off the rails for Carter, who could only try to do better. Carter wanted Eric to never question Carter or his loyalty. "Your loyalty?" Eric asked and wondered why Carter would say that to him.

Just then, Zoe arrived, glad to find her handsome man. Eric congratulated Zoe and said he knew how determined she'd been to get Carter's trust back. Zoe said no relationship stood a chance without it. Eric agreed. Before leaving, he advised Carter not to dwell on the past with such a wonderful future ahead.

Zoe thought Eric had said sweet things. Carter stated that Eric and the Forresters had invested a lot in Carter, and Carter wanted to live up to it. He'd hate to let them down. Zoe didn't think he needed to worry about that, but she sensed something was on his mind.

Carter said only Zoe was on his mind. Zoe was glad for the second chance, and she wanted to let the past be the past. She didn't think they ever needed to think of the day she'd walked in on him with Shauna. Carter remembered Quinn in his bed and nervously smiled.

In the design office, Shauna handed Quinn some coffee and asked how Wyatt was holding up with his father and brother in jail. Wyatt was worried but staying strong. As much as Quinn was concerned about Wyatt, she couldn't stop thinking of how she'd betrayed her husband. Quinn wanted to enjoy reconnecting with her husband but seemed unable to.

Shauna sensed that Quinn was still thinking about Carter. Shauna could see why Quinn was worried after she'd hooked up with the company's COO. Carter was a catch, in Shauna's opinion. It would have been a coup if Quinn were single, but she wasn't.

Quinn was grateful to Shauna for convincing Zoe that Shauna had slept with Carter. Quinn was sure that if Zoe had found out it had been Quinn, Quinn's marriage would be over. Quinn couldn't let that happen, and she couldn't lose Eric.

Quinn didn't know how to thank Shauna and continued to think of how Eric would have left Quinn if he'd found out. Quinn would have lost her job. Shauna lightened the mood, saying she'd gotten a great jacket out of it.

Quinn said Shauna had saved her life, and Shauna replied that Quinn would have done the same. Quinn hadn't known what she'd been thinking. Carter was accomplished and a man of integrity -- at least before he'd gotten involved with Quinn. Shauna said it took two, but the important thing was that it couldn't happen again.

Quinn affirmed that it wouldn't, adding that she and Carter had kept their distance. Shauna was glad because she'd covered for Quinn once but said Quinn knew how Shauna felt about lying. Shauna felt relieved that Flo didn't know because she and Flo did not lie to each other.

"Yeah, but you would, wouldn't you?" Quinn asked. Shauna blinked in response. Quinn said it was her marriage on the line. Shauna replied that she wasn't saying she wouldn't, but it was Flo. Shauna felt Flo would know she was lying, and it was too much pressure. Quinn said Shauna had to stick to the story, even with Flo, because no one could know about Carter.

At the door, Eric asked what no one could know about Carter. Quinn claimed it was nothing to worry about. Eric wouldn't worry normally, but Carter had seemed out of sorts earlier. Carter was important to Eric, and Eric wanted to know if something was going on with Carter.

Quinn told Shauna that Eric wanted to know what was going on. Eric asked if it had to do with the rumors and the woman Carter had been seeing. Shauna denied it. Quinn gave Shauna a look, and Shauna admitted to Eric that she was the woman. Shauna decided that since the rumors were going around, anyway, Eric should know that she and Carter had had an affair.

Eric was stunned. Quinn stepped in and said that, because Shauna felt bad about it, Quinn had been reminding her that Carter hadn't been in a relationship at the time. Eric figured that Carter and Zoe's reunion meant that it was over with Carter and Shauna. Shauna affirmed it.

Eric hadn't known that Carter and Shauna had known each other that well. "Oh, we don't," Shauna replied. Cleaning up her words, she said they hadn't, at least, and it had just been one of those things. Eric asked if it had ended amicably.

With a nervous laugh, Shauna said it had to, and Quinn interjected that everyone had known Carter would return to Zoe. By the way Eric knew Shauna and Carter, Eric couldn't imagine that it had happened without them feeling a connection. "Nothing that can last," Shauna said.

Shauna decided she'd said way too much, and the important thing was that they put it behind and move on. She gabbled some more about it before concluding she needed to go. Eric said Shauna didn't have to do that. Insisting that she did, Shauna closed the door behind herself.

Eric stated that he hadn't meant to make Shauna uncomfortable. Quinn didn't think he had. Eric gleaned that it had been an uncomfortable subject for Shauna, but in his view, it had been okay and perfectly natural for Carter to reach out to someone. Eric was just surprised that it had been Shauna. Quinn shrugged cluelessly.

In the backstage work area, Paris talked to Flo about Liam and Bill. Flo said Wyatt had suspected something, just not a hit-and-run. Wyatt believed it had been an accident. "He's family. We have to be there to support him," Flo said.

Paris asked if Shauna was in the building or if Flo had a lunch date with her mother. Flo didn't know her mother's whereabouts and had no lunch planned with Shauna. Paris wanted to speak to Shauna. Curious, Flo asked why.

Paris didn't want to say anything awkward or negative about Flo's mother to Flo. Guessing it was about Shauna's visits to the office, Flo said Shauna had only done it a few times to see Quinn. Paris was fine with it if it was to see Flo or Quinn, but if it was to see anyone else, Paris had a problem with it. Paris didn't want Shauna messing up Zoe's happiness.

Flo asked how Shauna could do that when she barely knew Zoe. Paris wondered if Shauna had justified it by saying it hadn't mattered because Shauna hadn't known Zoe. Flo didn't know what Paris was talking about but guessed Paris thought Shauna had done something wrong.

Paris asked if Flo wouldn't be upset if anyone had done it to her with the man she loved. Flo rendered a blank expression. Paris didn't believe it and said Shauna had told Zoe all about it. Flo flashed another blank expression. Paris stated that Flo's mom had had a thing with Carter.

Aghast, Flo asked what Paris was talking about. Flo thought Paris had misunderstood Shauna's flirty attitude. Paris said it had been a full-on thing, and Zoe had walked in on them. Paris explained that Shauna had hidden herself, but Zoe had eventually figured out who it had been.

Flo insisted that Zoe had it wrong, but Paris said Shauna had admitted it. Flo asked if it was for real. Paris asked if Shauna really hadn't told Flo. Paris said the pair hadn't been dating; they'd just slept together. It was a lot for Flo to take in, but she said Carter was her mom's type.

Paris wasn't trying to bash Shauna but stated that Zoe had never stopped loving Carter. "And for your mom to just swoop in -- " Paris said. Flo interjected that Paris seemed pretty certain, but Shauna told Flo everything. Flo hadn't heard a word about it.

Paris assumed that Shauna was embarrassed. Flo didn't know but said Carter hadn't "technically" been cheating because he and Zoe had broken up. Paris said everyone knew Zoe had wanted to reunite with Carter. Flo asserted that she knew her mom, and Shauna would be screaming from the rooftops if she'd been with a guy like Carter. Paris asked why Shauna would admit to being with Carter if she hadn't been.

Flo said Shauna wouldn't, nor would Shauna keep it from her daughter. Flo assumed Shauna wouldn't have wanted to make it awkward at Flo's job. Flo said even then, Shauna would have said something once Zoe and Paris had known, but Shauna hadn't. Flo didn't even know how Shauna would have met Carter. Paris assumed while visiting Shauna or Quinn at work.

Flo said Shauna's visits weren't a regular thing. Just then, Shauna arrived. She'd been looking for Flo. "Not a regular thing, huh?" Paris said. Shauna and Paris stiffly greeted each other.

Shauna asked what was going on. Flo reminded her of the "Fulton Rule," which was that they didn't keep anything from each other and told each other everything. Shauna affirmed it. Flo was confused because Paris had said something, and Flo hadn't heard anything about it. "So, Carter. Did you hook up with Carter?" Flo asked.

Paris overhears the truth about who Carter really slept with Paris overhears the truth about who Carter really slept with

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

At Forrester Creations, Flo asked her mother if she had had an affair with Carter. From the other side of the room, Paris chimed in, "Of course, she did. Why else would she say she was with Carter the night Zoe caught them in bed?" Flo briefly turned her attention to Paris, explaining that she and Shauna kept no secrets. Flo was stunned when Shauna "admitted" that she and Carter had been intimate. Paris firmly stated that whatever Shauna and Carter had had was over. Shauna agreed, adding that she posed no threat whatsoever to Zoe and Carter's relationship.

Zoe told Carter how happy she was that they were finally back on track, but she confessed that it hurt to know that while she had been trying to win Carter back, Carter had been sleeping with another woman. Carter became agitated as he insisted that he had no feelings for Shauna and wanted to leave the past in the past. "I want to be the best version of myself, and that's with you by my side," Carter said. Zoe had to excuse herself to meet up with Paris to discuss a Forrester Foundation/Hope for the Future collaboration. The pair kissed goodbye and vowed to meet up later.

After Zoe left, Carter spotted a photo of Eric and Quinn across the room. He froze in place as he flashed back to his encounters with Quinn.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Quinn looked over Paris' ideas and praised what she'd put together. Paris beamed broadly, but not about the review of her work. Rather, Paris said that she was happy seeing her sister happy. Still, Paris shared that she couldn't help but be a bit annoyed on her sister's behalf that it had been only a short time since Carter had been hooking up with Shauna. Paris then told Zoe how Flo had interrogated Shauna about her affair earlier in the day. Something about it, Paris said, had seemed off because the mother-daughter pair made repeated mentions about telling each other everything. "Why would Shauna lie about being with Carter?" Zoe asked.

On the phone in his office at Forrester, Eric insisted that he needed "mulberry silk." Quinn looked on with a smile and later told Eric that she loved watching him work. Eric was surprised that Quinn was enchanted by something so mundane. She explained that Eric was an inspiration to many people, and it made her realize how lucky she was to be Eric's wife. Eric smiled and replied that he was the lucky one.

Quinn admitted she had just about given up on the idea that Eric would ever say he was happy to be married to Quinn. Eric assured Quinn that he had never stopped loving her. "I was hurt. I was angry. But you... you were always my wife," he said. Quinn said that she treasured her relationship with Eric and would never take it for granted again.

Eric and Quinn looked at one of Zoe's modeling photographs. Eric remarked that he could see pain and hurt in Zoe's eyes. He then mentioned that he was surprised that while Quinn had been trying to reunite Carter and Zoe, Quinn's best friend had been sleeping with Carter. Quinn claimed that Shauna had kept her in the dark about her fling with Carter. Eric sang Carter's praises, quipping that Carter "could spent a little more time in the gym." A nervous Quinn tried to change the subject. Eric eventually had to head off to do work. Breathing heavily, a worried Quinn collapsed into a chair.

Moments later, Shauna stormed into the office to confront Quinn. Shauna was furious that she'd had to lie to Flo about sleeping with Carter. Quinn panicked as she feared that Shauna hadn't stuck to their script. "I chose my best friend over my own daughter," Shauna lamented. Quinn asserted that best friends always had each other's backs. Shauna was less than thrilled when she learned that she would have to continue claiming that she'd slept with Carter -- perhaps indefinitely. Quinn admitted that what she and Carter had done was wrong, but she said that it didn't feel wrong. Quinn, however, vowed that it would never happen again.

"It better not," Shauna warned. Shauna said that she, like Quinn, wanted to be a better person -- and being a better person meant not lying to her daughter. Paris approached the office but stopped short of entering when she heard Quinn and Shauna talking. Neither woman was aware that Paris was standing just outside the office. "Eric can never know that the woman in Carter's bed wasn't you but his own wife," Quinn said softly, adding, "I broke my vows to the only man who ever truly loved me. I can't lose him." Shauna acknowledged that it had hurt to lie to Flo, but she vowed to do whatever it took to keep Quinn from losing everything. Outside the office, Paris was clearly blown away but what she'd heard.

Shauna implores Paris to keep her secret Shauna implores Paris to keep her secret

Thursday, June 10, 2021

In the evening at Forrester, Paris leaned closer to the crack between the doors of the CEO's office. Inside the office, Shauna and Quinn were discussing Quinn's gratefulness that Shauna had lied to Flo to protect Quinn's marriage. Quinn wished she could let Shauna tell Flo the truth but couldn't risk it with Flo and Paris working closely together.

Quinn was sorry she'd dragged Shauna into it. Shauna replied that she'd been the one to jump in and save Quinn's butt, and she was glad she had. Shauna would rather put up with a few lies than see Quinn lose her marriage. It wouldn't happen as long as everyone thought it was Shauna sleeping with Carter, not Quinn.

Quinn left, but Shauna remained in the office. She left Flo a message to apologize for not confiding in her about Carter and to maybe make plans for later. Paris closed the office door as Shauna ended her call. Shauna said that Quinn had already gone, if that was who Paris was looking for. Paris definitely wanted to speak to Quinn next, but first, she needed a word with Shauna.

Shauna thought Paris had already made her point, and Shauna had no interest in interfering with Carter and Zoe. Paris believed that, but Paris recalled how shocked Flo had been that Shauna hadn't told her about it. Shauna said she hadn't thought Flo had needed to know about it. Paris figured there had to be more reason not to tell Flo than that.

Shauna didn't know what Paris was getting at but said it didn't matter because Shauna had told Flo everything. Paris questioned whether that was true, and Shauna asked what that was supposed to mean. Paris asked if Shauna had told the truth about the night Zoe had found Carter in bed with another woman or if it had been just a lie.

It wasn't adding up to Paris, the story Shauna was going around telling everyone. Shauna claimed she hadn't been telling everyone, and she was a private person. Paris said Shauna had been flaunting it. Paris had heard all about the jacket from Zoe, about how Shauna had blatantly thrown it on, making it known that she'd been in Carter's bed that night.

Shauna said she'd merely put on a jacket. She hadn't been making a statement or rubbing anything in Zoe's face. Disagreeing, Paris asked Shauna who'd been there for the confession. Paris said it had been Zoe, Carter, Shauna -- and Quinn, a woman Shauna would do anything for, including lie to her daughter.

Grabbing her purse, Shauna said she didn't know why Paris was talking about it, but Shauna didn't have time for it. As Shauna strode to the door, Paris announced that she knew the truth -- Shauna had never been with Carter and had been covering up for someone else. Quinn had been the woman in Carter's bed that night. "Oh, my God. Eric Forrester's wife. It was Quinn," she said.

Shauna chuckled and tried to say that she hated to disappoint. Paris interrupted and revealed that she'd heard every word about how grateful Quinn was to Shauna for her lies. Paris asked what the point was of trying to deny it.

Shauna admitted that it had been Quinn, not Shauna, but said it hadn't been like an affair or anything. Paris said a married woman had slept with a man who wasn't her husband. "Nothing like an affair?" Paris quipped. Shauna said that Paris needed to understand that Carter had been disillusioned by what Zoe had done.

Paris said not to blame it on Zoe. Shauna was just trying to explain where Quinn and Carter's minds had been. Quinn's marriage had been in a rough patch, and she'd been starving for companionship. Carter and Quinn had needed some warmth, "touch," and a connection.

Paris asked if that made it okay, cheating due to the need for human companionship. Paris said Quinn hadn't just betrayed Eric; Quinn had betrayed Zoe, too. Quinn had posed as Zoe's friend, telling her that she'd help Zoe reunite with Carter. Instead, Quinn had ended up in his bed.

Shauna had been shocked, too, but she knew how much Quinn and Eric loved each other. Shauna claimed things were better between Eric and Quinn. Paris assumed that, otherwise, Quinn would still be throwing herself at Carter. Shauna said Quinn wanted Zoe to be with Carter, and the couple was back together. Paris replied that it was under false pretenses.

Shauna conveyed that there was nothing false about Carter's feelings for Zoe or Quinn's feelings for Eric. Two happy couples would be torn apart if the secret got out. Shauna said Paris wouldn't let that happen because it would destroy both couples. Paris replied that the truth didn't destroy anything; it made things stronger.

Shauna asked Paris to think of her sister and asked if she really wanted to be the cause of Zoe and Carter breaking up again. Shauna told Paris to promise she wouldn't say a word.

At Carter's loft, Carter straightened up the living room. He recalled having sex with Quinn by the wall and shook his head to snap himself out of it. Later, he observed that he'd lit candles around the house and set a fire in the fireplace. Zoe arrived in a short purple dress with a plunging neckline. She was wowed by the romantic setting and thanked him for a fresh start. Carter said he wanted to move forward and forget the past.

Pouring wine into glasses, Carter liked the idea of a fresh start. Zoe felt that the past had made them stronger. She'd learned not to take him for granted or fear him or his commitment. Zoe had been hurt when Carter had turned to Shauna, but Zoe knew she'd hurt him, too. She believed that they'd gotten through it. "Almost," Carter stated.

Carter felt that there was one more thing that needed to be said before they could know they were ready to give it a second chance. Zoe asked what he needed to say, but he said it was what she needed to say. She asked what that was. Reaching into his pocket for the ring she'd left at his place, he replied, "Hopefully, yes." Zoe gasped.

Carter felt that he and Zoe had been naïve when he'd put it on her finger before. They'd experienced a lot of pain and growth and were a better match than back then. He asked her to say that she was ready to put the ring back on her finger. He wanted a life with the woman he knew that he was supposed to be with.

Zoe gasped in wondrous disbelief. She affirmed her desire to marry him, and Carter slipped it on her finger. He was looking forward to adding a wedding band. Zoe asked if he was sure. She didn't think either of them could take more lies or betrayal, and she wanted the marriage very much. Carter did, too, and said nothing and no one would get between them.

At Eric's house later, Quinn arrived home, and Eric was ready with martinis. They toasted to themselves, forgetting the past, and moving forward together. They held hands, nestled on the sofa. Eric wondered how Wyatt was holding up due to the arrest and suggested inviting Flo and Wyatt to dinner. Quinn had spoken to her son, and he and Flo were having a quiet night alone.

Eric wanted that same thing, and Quinn hoped he wanted it with his wife. Eric replied that he wouldn't have it any other way. Eric knew how much she wanted them to be together again. Quinn said she didn't want to pressure him. He told her that she wasn't, and he was where he wanted to be. He regretted ignoring the passionate part of themselves and marriage. He wouldn't let it happen again; she hadn't let her commitment waver, and he wouldn't, either.

Quinn claimed that her commitment had never wavered, but she'd betrayed Eric's trust. Eric waved it away, saying it was behind them, but she didn't want him ever questioning her loyalty again. He acknowledged that it had been hard for her, but they'd passed the test, even though there had been mistakes along the way. Quinn gasped, saying he had no idea.

Eric asked Quinn not to beat herself up, because they'd reached forgiveness. He knew that he'd been angry in the past because she'd done things to hurt the people he cared about, but he felt that she'd been absolutely devoted to him and had given him her loyalty through it all. He wanted to give her something. Eric presented her with a necklace in a box.

Quinn stammered, looking at it, and Eric wondered if his jewelry designer was speechless. Quinn put it around her neck and asked him to never doubt how much she appreciated him or what he'd given her. She wasn't just talking about jewelry. She was talking about the life she never could have imagined. She loved Eric and never wanted to lose him. He said that she never would, and they hugged.

Shauna reluctantly leaves Paris and Zoe alone to talk Shauna reluctantly leaves Paris and Zoe alone to talk

Friday, June 11, 2021

At Carter's place in the morning, Zoe and Carter relaxed half-dressed on the sofa together. She wanted to play hooky, and Carter said the COO wouldn't mind. She mentioned making plans for their wedding and asked if he had changed his mind about it.

Carter hadn't. He was more certain about it than anything. It was the fresh start they needed and a chance to turn the page on choices they wished they'd never made. He was glad they'd seen the light before it was too late.

Later, Carter was still only dressed in shorts, but Zoe had on a mint-colored suit. He asked if she was deserting him already. There wasn't a chance of that, since Zoe had "this" on her finger, she said, flashing her ring. She had to get ready for work, but she thought she and Carter could meet up for lunch or dessert. He liked the way his fiancée thought.

Zoe couldn't wait to get to work. She wanted to share the news with everyone, and she was sure Paris would be thrilled.

At Forrester, Shauna was in the backstage area, sending a text message to Quinn, whom Shauna needed to see urgently.

At Eric's house, Quinn wanted to skip work and pick up where she and Eric had left off in bed the previous night. Eric wasn't sure they could top it, but he thought his wife was quite a temptress. He hoped she knew from the previous night how much he loved and appreciated her. Quinn had felt loved, cherished, and appreciated. The necklace was a symbol of it, and she'd never felt more hopeful about their marriage.

Over coffee, Eric talked to Quinn about an article in the back of the paper that talked about Liam and Bill getting arrested. Eric hoped that the mess got sorted out quickly. Quinn was sure it would, and Eric asked if she was feeling optimistic.

Quinn felt that way about their marriage. She'd thought she'd crossed a line that couldn't be uncrossed but had hope that things really could work out. Loved ones would forgive and reopen themselves fully the way Eric had with her. She promised to never shake his belief in her again.

Later, Quinn pouted upon seeing Eric dressed for work. He promised to make it up to her that night. They'd have drinks and a soak in the hot tub. Quinn said she'd go to work shortly. She told Eric that he was the only man she'd ever be committed to. He smiled and left.

Quinn removed the "do not disturb" from her phone and saw many messages from Shauna, who needed to talk to her. "Later, Babe," Quinn decided. Instead, she called Carter. She asked if he was alone, so they could talk. Carter was still at home but about to head for the office. He asked what was wrong. She exclaimed that, for the first time, nothing was wrong.

That was why Quinn had called Carter. She went on about the wonderful night she'd had with Eric. It had been like a second honeymoon. Things were even better than before -- the passion, the intimacy. She wanted Carter to know that she and her husband were back together in every way possible. Carter said it had been a big night for both of them. He announced that he and Zoe had resumed their engagement. Quinn was thrilled and asked when the wedding was.

Carter hoped it would be as soon as possible because Zoe had been through enough. Quinn thought it was best for everyone if they focused on the future. Carter was trying, but heading into a marriage without being honest was bothersome to him. Quinn wanted to move on and have them stop beating themselves up for doing something they shouldn't have. She said it was over, and no one else would know about their time together.

Outside the design office, Paris flashed back to what she'd learned the other night. With her phone, she left a message, asking to talk to Zoe as soon as possible. Ridge had just arrived for work, and Paris asked if he'd seen her sister. He hadn't and asked if she needed to talk to Zoe.

Paris sighed, saying she didn't see any other way. Ridge asked what that meant. She called it complicated. Ridge said everything was those days. He noticed her solemn expression and asked what was going on. He offered to be there if she wanted to talk.

Paris admitted that something was bothering her. Ridge invited her into his office. Just then, Shauna walked up and hoped that she wasn't interrupting. Shauna hoped she wasn't being a nuisance by dropping by so often, but she liked to check on her daughter. Paris doubted that was the reason Shauna was there.

Ridge figured it had to do with Carter and his affair with Shauna. Ridge knew Paris wanted to protect Zoe, but he said Carter and Zoe hadn't been together when Carter and Shauna had done whatever it had been that they'd done. Ridge wanted to leave it in the past because Zoe and Carter were happy. Ridge was happy and asked if Paris was happy.

Paris was, "but..." Ridge didn't get what the "but" was. He was interrupted by a call about parking from Charlie. Ridge asked if Shauna and Paris would be okay, and he left to deal with whatever Charlie wanted.

"Come with me," Shauna said and led Paris into the design office. Shauna figured Paris had been about to tell Ridge everything. Paris didn't think she had to answer to Shauna, but Shauna said Paris would have to answer to the damage and heartbreak that outing Carter and Quinn would cause. She asked if Paris wanted to do that to Zoe, who'd been through enough.

Just then, Zoe arrived. She was surprised to see Paris and Shauna together and asked what was going on. Shauna said it was nothing. Zoe figured it had to do with Shauna's involvement with Carter. Zoe told Paris that Zoe didn't like the idea of Carter with any woman, but it didn't matter because she and Carter were engaged again.

Paris managed to smile over her dark thoughts. Zoe said she was confident in Carter and his commitment. "Congratulations!" Shauna beamed. She conveyed that Carter and Zoe deserved to be together and to start a family, and hopefully, nothing would prevent it from happening. "Nothing and no one," Shauna said.

Paris asked Shauna to excuse them because Paris needed to talk to her sister. Shauna wanted to see Flo, and Paris offered to let Flo know that. Shauna reluctantly went to the door. She congratulated Zoe again and hoped that she and Carter had a long, happy life together. Zoe looked away, and Shauna gave Paris a warning stare before leaving.

Paris asked if Zoe had gotten Paris' messages. Zoe had had her phone on "do not disturb." Zoe thanked Paris for getting Shauna out of there. The less Zoe had to deal with Shauna, the better. Zoe wanted to put Shauna and Carter's time out of her mind. Paris got that but didn't think it would be possible. Zoe asked if Paris knew something Zoe didn't.

Paris loved seeing Zoe happy and wished she could share in it. Zoe replied that Paris had no idea what it meant that Paris had Zoe's back despite the things Zoe had put Paris through. She was relieved that Paris hadn't seen Shauna as Zoe's karma. Zoe loved Paris, who was the best sister a girl could have.

Paris loved Zoe, too, and all Paris had wanted was for Zoe to be happy. Zoe replied that she was because of Carter. Paris knew how hard it had been for Zoe, but Zoe had the ring again. Normally, Paris would be happy for Zoe, but she couldn't be. Paris recalled that Zoe had asked if Paris knew something Zoe didn't. Paris said she did. She really wished she didn't have to tell it to Zoe, but Zoe needed to know right then.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Carter listened as Eric said, "Needless to say, Quinn and I had a wonderful night last night. My wife and I are back together completely." Ridge was happy for his dad, and Carter tersely smiled. Eric knew others had doubts, but he had complete faith in his wife and her commitment to him.

To Carter, it sounded like things were the way they should be. Eric said it was better, and Ridge called it great news. Eric wondered if Ridge really felt that way and said Quinn wasn't Ridge's favorite person. Ridge said Quinn didn't have to be his favorite, and he wouldn't stand in Eric's way if Eric wanted to recommit. No one would. "Right, Carter?" Ridge asked.

Carter agreed, saying marriages and relationships were hard, but with love, couples could get beyond anything and build something stronger. Carter knew how much Eric loved Quinn.

Back at the mansion, Quinn was staring at her portrait when she heard the door slam. Shauna entered, wanting to know why Quinn hadn't returned Shauna's messages. Grinning, Quinn said she'd been very busy. "FYI, that portrait you're admiring might be coming down very soon," Shauna quipped.

Quinn started beaming about the night she'd had with Eric. She exclaimed that she and Eric were back together in every way. Shauna was happy but said it might be a little late for that. Shauna said she'd been messaging Quinn because Shauna and Paris had had a long conversation. Quinn blew it off, but Shauna asserted that Paris had overheard.

Quinn asked what Paris had overhead. "You and I at Forrester yesterday, talking about you and Carter," Shauna stated, and Quinn's smile faded. Shauna told Quinn that Paris knew that it had been Quinn with Carter, not Shauna.

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