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Bill demanded results from Justin as Bill and Liam languished in prison. Wyatt wondered why, of all people, Liam had asked Thomas to support Hope. Thomas took his task from Liam very seriously. Quinn and Carter implored Paris to keep their secret. Eric walked in on Quinn and Carter.
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Bill demanded results from Justin as Bill and Liam languished in prison
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Liam asks Thomas to do the unthinkable Liam asks Thomas to do the unthinkable

Monday, June 14, 2021

At Eric's house, Shauna revealed that Paris had overheard her and Quinn at the office. Frantic, Quinn asked if Shauna had convinced Paris that it had been Shauna with Carter, not Quinn. Shauna replied that Paris had heard from Quinn's own mouth that it had been Quinn. Quinn implored Shauna to say she'd gotten through to Paris.

Shauna revealed that Paris was speaking to Zoe at that very moment. Quinn replied that she'd just gotten Eric back. Grabbing her purse, she decided to stop Paris before Paris ruined Quinn's life.

In the design office, Zoe was confused about Paris' inability to be happy for Zoe and Carter, and Zoe recalled that Paris had said Zoe needed to know something. Paris replied that it was about Carter and Quinn. Zoe suspected that Paris thought Quinn had known about Shauna and Carter all along, but Zoe didn't feel that was the case. Zoe insisted that Quinn was a good friend to her.

Paris couldn't get any words in as Zoe spoke of how Quinn's faith in Carter and Zoe had paid off. Zoe said she and Carter would marry as soon as possible. Zoe had never been happier. Zoe asked her sister to share in her joy and be happy with her.

Zoe admired her ring. Paris said it was beautiful. Zoe was grateful for her second chance with Carter. Zoe had learned her lesson and would never think about or look at another man again. Zoe would spend her life honoring Carter the way he honored her. Paris was about to say something, but Zoe got a message to attend a fitting. Paris decided that what she had to say could wait, and Paris let Zoe know that Paris was on Zoe's side.

Zoe left, and as Paris thought of what she'd overheard Quinn and Shauna saying, Quinn arrived. Quinn knew that Paris had overheard Shauna and Quinn. Paris wished she hadn't and would have preferred to go an entire lifetime without knowing about Quinn and Carter. Quinn asked if Paris had told anyone, and Paris said she hadn't. Quinn thanked Paris.

Paris advised Quinn not to be thankful for that, because Paris believed that Zoe and Eric deserved the truth. First, Paris wanted to know how Quinn had gone from being on Zoe's team to being in Carter's bed. Quinn claimed she'd tried to help Zoe.

Paris quipped that Quinn had helped herself to Zoe's fiancÚ. Quinn said Carter had been disillusioned, and she'd had problems with Eric. It had just happened. Quinn knew it had been a mistake, but it was over. Quinn said it didn't have to be a bigger deal than it was.

Quinn stated that Zoe was happy, and Carter was committed to Zoe. Quinn asked Paris not to take it from Zoe, but Paris ordered Quinn not to lay it on Paris. Apologizing, Quinn said she was afraid of losing her marriage over "a moment in time" that would never happen again. Paris asked if Carter had feelings for Quinn. Quinn insisted that he didn't, and it was over.

Quinn believed Carter would say the same thing, and she said she and Carter just wanted to move on with the people who loved them. Quinn understood that Paris wanted to protect her sister, but Quinn wasn't sure Zoe deserved it. Paris asked what that meant.

Quinn reminded Paris of her stomach issues when she'd been on a date with Zende. Quinn told Paris that Quinn had been there when Zoe had spiked Paris' smoothie. "So, Zoe sabotaged me that night?" Paris asked. Quinn affirmed it. Paris said it didn't change the fact that Quinn had slept with Carter. Quinn begged Paris not to hurt Eric or Zoe or tell anyone about it.

Paris didn't want to be in the middle of it. Paris liked Eric and Carter, and no matter the differences between Paris and Zoe, Paris loved her sister. Paris felt that Zoe deserved to know what her friend and fiancÚ had done behind her back. Quinn said Zoe would go to Eric.

Paris advised Quinn to get there first. Paris said the marriage was strong, and Eric would forgive. Quinn disagreed. Quinn had made too many mistakes and said it would be the last straw. Quinn conveyed that she had a lot of power at Forrester and asked what Paris wanted. Paris replied that she could make her own way.

Quinn said her life was wrapped up in Eric, and Eric loved her, too. She believed it would destroy him, and it would destroy Zoe, too. Down on her knees, Quinn begged Paris to keep the secret.

At the jail, Liam asked who he was waiting for, but the guard just ordered Liam to take a seat by the phone receiver on the wall. Thomas arrived, and he and Liam communicated through the phone receivers. Thomas said Liam couldn't be surprised to see Thomas after Liam had killed Vinny.

Liam stated that there were no excuses, and Vinny was dead because of him. Thomas noted that Liam at least said it as if he owned it. Liam claimed Vinny had come out of nowhere, and Liam hadn't had time to stop. Liam had watched Vinny die, but Liam swore he hadn't murdered Vinny in cold blood. Liam asked Thomas to say he knew that.

Thomas knew that Liam had tried, convicted, and sentenced Vinny for the paternity test issue, but Thomas believed that Vinny had been trying to be a good friend -- even if it had been wrong-headed. Vinny had been the best friend Thomas had ever had. Liam said he was sorry; he was more sorry than Thomas could know, but it had been an accident.

Thomas asked if that was Liam's story. Liam said it was the truth. "According to you and your father," Thomas bit out. Thomas recalled that Liam hadn't even told the police when he'd been questioned. Thomas wanted to know why Liam hadn't told the truth about an accident.

Liam replied that no one would have believed it had been an accident, and Bill had convinced Liam that the police wouldn't believe it had been a coincidence. Thomas raged that Liam was supposed to be the anti-Bill. Thomas asked "what the hell" had happened to him. Liam claimed he'd been asking himself that question a lot.

Thomas wanted help in understanding. Liam said he should have gone to the police the moment he'd known Bill had tried to cover it up. Liam hated himself and didn't know the person he'd become -- the person who lied, cheated, and killed people. Liam didn't know how long he would be in there. He assumed that it could be decades.

Thomas didn't want to see Liam in prison because it would hurt Hope and the kids. Liam wasn't giving up, but he knew he could be in there for a long time. Thomas believed Bill would hire the best lawyers money could buy. Liam didn't want to get out of paying for what he'd done. He'd killed someone, and he'd allowed it to be covered up. Nothing could erase that.

Liam didn't think his family should be punished for it. He stated that Hope would be raising the kids alone for years. He couldn't believe he was saying it, but as much as he'd despised Thomas in the past, Liam needed a favor. Liam said that if he were gone for years, he needed Thomas to be there for Hope and the kids. Thomas said he hadn't expected that.

Liam knew how Thomas was with the children. He said Thomas was good with them. Liam needed Thomas to look out for the kids and protect them until Liam could figure out a way to be there himself. Thomas affirmed that he'd be there for Douglas, Beth, Kelly, and Hope for as long as they needed it. Liam thanked Thomas, and they pressed their fists together against the glass.

At Spencer with Flo, Wyatt couldn't wrap his head around Bill and Liam's arrest for the hit-and-run. The intense conversations Wyatt had walked in on suddenly made sense to him. Flo replied that Liam had said it had been an accident. She believed Liam. Wyatt did, too, but wondered if anyone else would.

The most unbelievable part of it for Wyatt was that, out of the millions of cars in the city, Vinny had happened to be in front of Liam's car. Flo said random coincidences happened all the time. Wyatt agreed, but he still thought it was strange that Vinny had happened to appear in front of the car Liam had driven.

Wyatt questions Liam's decision to ask Thomas for help Wyatt questions Liam's decision to ask Thomas for help

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Ridge visited Hope. She said she'd been trying to maintain things ever since the arrest, and Donna had picked up the kids to give Hope a break. Ridge reminded Hope that he and her mother were there if she needed them. Thomas arrived, and Ridge said Thomas was there for Hope, too. Thomas stated that he'd just come from seeing Liam.

Hope figured that Ridge and Thomas were upset with Liam. She insisted that Vinny's death hadn't been intentional, and Liam had not meant to hit Vinny. Thomas and Ridge were still floored at the news. Hope said Liam wouldn't try to kill anyone. Thomas knew that. Thomas stated that Liam hadn't done it on purpose; Liam didn't have it in him.

Hope asked how Liam and the visit had been. Thomas said Liam was okay, and it had been civil. Thomas felt that Liam should have gone forward sooner. Ridge stated that Bill had been the one to make it a crime, and Bill was the only one responsible. Thomas agreed.

Ridge's phone alerted him that he had to go. He took off, and Hope said she and Liam appreciated Thomas being understanding. Thomas had expected things to go differently, but instead of asking Thomas to leave, Liam had asked Thomas for a favor. Thomas told Hope that she wouldn't believe what the favor was.

Thomas said Liam had taken part in Vinny's death and had hurt Steffy and Hope again and again. "But he does love you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked me what he did," Thomas concluded. Hope asked what Liam had said.

Thomas didn't think he had to tell Hope how much Liam loved her and the kids, and it didn't mean that Liam was giving up. Hope felt that Liam had too much on his mind to worry about her and the kids. Thomas replied that Liam was indeed thinking about it and could be gone for many years. Hope refused to think that way and didn't want Liam to think that, either.

Thomas wasn't trying to upset Hope, but he indicated that Liam, knowing he'd be going away for a while, had turned to Thomas. Hope asked why. Thomas stated that Hope could look after herself and the kids, but she shouldn't have to do it alone. Hope didn't think she was alone. Thomas knew that but told her that Liam had asked him to look out for her and the kids.

Hope was surprised to hear it. She said Liam shouldn't be thinking that way. Liam had to remain positive and believe that he'd be released and return home. Thomas thought Liam believed it but was preparing for the worst. Liam knew how much Thomas loved "Douglas, and the children, and you." Hope asked what Thomas had told Liam. Thomas affirmed that he'd said he'd do it. He said Hope could count on him to always be there for her.

At the jail, Liam thanked Wyatt for visiting. Wyatt intended to be there until Justin got Liam out, but Liam felt it would be a while. Wyatt said Justin needed enough time to work his magic, and Liam would be free before he knew it. Liam stated that he wasn't giving up, but he believed they'd throw the book at him. He said it wasn't just a hit-and-run; it could be murder or manslaughter.

Wyatt was sorry that Liam was in that situation and couldn't believe it was happening. Liam replied that it was real; he was there. Wyatt had a lot of questions. Liam asked Wyatt to say he believed it had been an accident. Wyatt wouldn't question it for a second. Liam was glad to hear it because not everyone felt the same way.

Wyatt stated that Liam had more integrity in his pinky than most. To Wyatt, it was crazy and unfair to Liam. Wyatt asked to hear what had happened that night and what Bill had done to land Liam in jail. Wyatt had known something had been going on with Bill and Liam.

Liam said Hope had known it, too. Wyatt assumed Liam had told Hope, and she'd eventually had him turn himself in. Liam thought that the worst part of it was being away from Hope and the kids and what he was doing to them. He didn't know how to explain to Beth why he wasn't there for her. He didn't know how he'd provide Beth with any sense of normalcy.

Liam told Wyatt to think of all Liam would miss out on. Liam wouldn't be able to help Douglas with homework or take Beth to the father-daughter dance. Wyatt said he'd do it. Wyatt was willing to do all of it if it got down to it. "If!" Wyatt emphasized. Liam knew Wyatt would.

Wyatt didn't want Liam sitting there, thinking it was the end. Liam said he wasn't. He just needed reassurance that Hope would have support. It was what he'd told Thomas, who'd been there right before Wyatt. Wyatt sneered, figuring it hadn't been a pleasant visit. Liam thought it could have been worse, and he revealed that he'd asked Thomas for a favor.

Later, Wyatt urged his brother not to give up. Liam wasn't giving up but said the odds weren't in his favor. Wyatt didn't get why Liam had asked Thomas to step in for Liam. "Not like that. Not romantically. I just mean helping out with the kids," Liam replied. Wyatt asked what Liam thought Thomas was going to do. Wyatt said Hope had her family and the Spencers.

Liam stated that he didn't want the kids to grow up without a father, and he didn't want Hope raising them on her own. Slamming his hand on the counter, Liam said he wanted some stability and consistency. He couldn't give them that from jail. He was doing what he could to get back to Hope, but "if Thomas could just offer her some support." Liam needed reassurance that she'd have some support.

Wyatt told Liam to stop. "I don't know what you're doing, okay? But of all the people that you ask to help out with Hope and Beth, you ask Thomas?" Wyatt asked.

At Forrester, Paris told Quinn to get off the floor. Quinn didn't care how stupid she looked. She was terrified of losing her marriage. Quinn begged Paris, woman-to-woman, not to tell anyone. Paris replied that, "woman-to-woman," Zoe had trusted Quinn, and Quinn had stabbed Zoe in the back. Quinn knew she'd messed up but begged Paris not to tell anyone.

Carter entered and asked what was going on. Quinn stood up and said Paris knew. Carter asked what Paris knew, and Paris twisted her lips and said she knew about them. He began stammering, but Paris told him to give it up. She'd already heard it from Shauna and Quinn.

Paris didn't know how Carter could have done it. Carter felt awful about it. Paris said Eric had been nothing but good to Carter -- and Quinn. Carter agreed that there was no excuse, but he wanted a chance to talk to Paris alone. Paris didn't see why he couldn't talk in front of Quinn, with whom he'd gotten so close. Quinn decided to leave but begged Paris one last time not to tell anyone.

Alone with Paris, Carter noted that she didn't owe him anything, but he hoped she'd listen. He said Quinn had finally gotten her marriage back on track. Paris asked if sleeping with Carter had been part of the process. He said it had been a mistake. He told Paris that Quinn was reconciled with Eric, and Carter was engaged to Zoe, whom he loved. Paris asked if he really loved Zoe or if he had feelings for Quinn.

Carter insisted that the only woman he had feelings for was Zoe. Carter admitted to being crushed when he'd found out that Zoe had been playing games with Zende. Paris said he'd turned to a married woman and someone Zoe had assumed was on her side. Carter said it didn't excuse it, but he finally saw where Zoe was coming from by getting caught up in something and making a mistake that could hurt a loved one the most.

Paris said Zoe really cared about Carter. Carter knew it. He'd forgiven Zoe and was in no place to judge her for what she'd done. "Not anymore," Paris quipped. He wanted to put it behind him and make a life with Zoe, but that could only happen if Paris never told anyone about it.

Paris understood where Carter was coming from. Carter asked Paris to show forgiveness and mercy. He asked her not to do it to Zoe or Eric and Quinn. Paris asserted that she didn't want to be in that position. She said she hadn't done it; Quinn and Carter had.

Insisting that it had been a mistake, Carter said Quinn had been going through a rough patch in her marriage, and Zoe had broken his heart. He stated that it had been wrong. He knew right from wrong, and it would never happen again. He loved and respected Zoe and felt that Paris did, too. He asked Paris to keep the secret.

At Eric's house, Shauna had arrived as quickly as she could after getting Quinn's message. Quinn conveyed that they were in the clear for the time being, but Paris had been about to tell Zoe everything. Quinn asked what she and Shauna had been thinking, talking about the affair at the office. Shauna claimed the door had been shut, and she asked how they could have known Paris had been eavesdropping. Quinn said they could never make that mistake again.

Quinn had told Paris how remorseful Quinn was and how it would devastate Eric. Quinn didn't know what Paris would do, but Paris had the power to blow Carter and Quinn out of the water.

Quinn said she and Carter had shared a passionate experience. It had been purely physical, and it was over. Shauna asked if Quinn was being honest with herself. Shauna noted that Carter had filled a void when Eric had rejected Quinn.

Quinn flashed back to her times with Carter. Shauna snapped Quinn out of it and wondered if Quinn had heard what Shauna had said. Quinn said she had. Shauna asked if it was really over or if guilt had driven Quinn and Carter to Eric and Zoe. Quinn told Shauna not to be ridiculous. Quinn claimed that they regretted what they'd done, and it was over. She and Carter just wanted to move on, and with her marriage on track, Quinn just wanted to move on. She wanted to drop it because the memories were haunting her.

Steffy and Hope both visit Liam in jail Steffy and Hope both visit Liam in jail

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

At Forrester, Ridge was sifting through some sketches when "the father of [his] future grandson" -- Finn -- walked in. Finn smiled as his new title, and Ridge explained that he was getting excited about the little one's impending arrival. When Ridge asked what Finn and Steffy had planned for their day, Finn broke the news that Steffy had gone to visit Liam.

Ridge understood why Steffy wanted to see Liam. He told Finn that Liam would not be in the predicament he was in had it not been for "selfish" Bill Spencer. Finn noted that Liam bore some responsibility for having gone along with Bill's plan. Before the conversation turned into a blame game, Finn took the opportunity to promise that he would help Ridge, Brooke, Hope, and Steffy in any way he could to help get the kids through Liam's absence.

Finn shared that he wanted to make the world a better place for his child. Ridge smiled before offering some unsolicited but appreciated advice. Ridge told Finn that every part will "screw up" at some point -- and that it was part of being a parent. But he said that when that happened, Finn shouldn't beat himself up over it.

At the cabin, Hope was irked that Liam had asked Thomas to look after her and the kids. "He needs to concentrate on the case and not act like he's never going to get out of jail," Hope snarled. Thomas remained calm, explaining that while Liam was focused on getting out of jail, there was also the possibility that things could go differently. He promised to look after Hope, Douglas, and Beth.

"I'm trying to be strong for the kids, but I don't want them to see how scared I actually am," Hope said, fighting tears. "To think of a potential life where Beth has to visit her father in prison..." Hope wondered what would happen if a kid at school told Douglas about Liam, and she questioned what she would tell Beth. Thomas confessed that he would have stepped up for Hope and the kids, even if Liam hadn't asked him to.

At the prison, Liam was surprised to learn that he had another visitor. He became emotional when Steffy paid him a visit. He bashfully lowered his head and told Steffy that he didn't want her to see him "like this." Steffy asked Liam if he was okay and remarked that the situation seemed "so unreal." "How could this happen?" she asked, her voice breaking slightly.

Liam asked Steffy why she'd come to the jail. "You've been arrested," she shouted, then turned to a whisper to add, "You confessed to killing someone!" Liam swore that Vinny's death had been an accident. He explained that he could no longer live with the guilt and had needed to admit to the crime.

Liam told Steffy that he was sick at the idea that he might not be able to see Kelly grow up. Steffy ordered Liam to stop trying to be a hero because Liam's life had been complicated by Bill's actions. She promised that she would never turn her back on Liam. Steffy was floored when Liam told her that he had asked Thomas to look after Hope and the kids. A guard entered the room and told Steffy that her time was up. Steffy offered Liam some encouraging words before she left. As she did, Liam started to sob.

Back at Forrester, a shaken Steffy listened as Finn tried to assure her that they'd all get through whatever might happen to Liam. Thomas showed up a short time later and was told that Steffy had visited Liam. Steffy told Thomas that Liam had told her what he'd asked Thomas to do for him. Thomas assured his sister that he wasn't being put out, because he cared for Hope and the kids and wanted what was best for them.

Liam was preparing to return to his cell when a guard told him that he had yet another visitor. Liam sat back down at the glass partition and fell back into his chair when Hope entered the room. Hope told him that she and the kids were fine. Liam expressed how he hated being away from his family. She asked Liam not to give up, even if things looked bad.

Hope beseeched Liam to believe that he would get out of jail and return home. "We were just getting back on track. I had another chance," Liam sniffled. He then reassured Hope that he would not stop fighting. "We are meant to be together. There's no freak accident, there's no prison bars... nothing should ever keep us apart. NOTHING!" He pressed the palm of his hand to the glass so that it aligned with Hope's.

Bill orders Justin to get to work on the case Bill orders Justin to get to work on the case

Thursday, June 17, 2021

At the jail, Liam was crying as he and Hope touched fingers on the glass. Not a day went by that he didn't think of her or of holding her. He'd just gotten her back and didn't know how he could lose her again. She asserted that he hadn't lost her, and he'd get out of there. Agreeing, Liam said there was no way he'd see her only through glass, so he had to get out of there. Hope steeled him, saying that no matter what happened, they could never give up.

Thinking about the family was the only thing getting Liam through it. Liam believed that the reality was that he'd killed Vinny. Hope said it had been an accident, but Liam said he had to be prepared for the possibility that he wasn't going home. She cried that he was, and she needed to believe that. Faith was the only thing getting Hope through it -- faith that he'd be back with her and the kids. She told him that there was too much to lose if Liam lost his faith.

Liam said he and Hope had known it was likely when he'd confessed. Hope replied that they'd had to do the right thing. She believed the truth had to prevail, and it would because he wasn't a murderer. She said they'd convince the judge and jury that he didn't deserve to be there.

Liam hoped so. Hope said confessing when he had every reason not to had taken strength and character. She was proud of him for it and said they'd get through it together. Liam was trying to keep the faith, but Justin had already told him that his case didn't look good.

The guard called Liam's time up. Hope wanted Liam to ask for a few more minutes, but Liam put the phone receiver back in its cradle and mouthed to her that he loved her.

Later, a song played as Liam sat on his cot. A montage of scenes played of the accident and his weddings to Hope. The lyrics were, "Slowly walls closing in...And one's will within dims..." Bars clanged shut.

In an interrogation room, Bill sat at a table with Wyatt and Justin. Wyatt asked if Bill was okay. Bill quipped that he'd never been better. Wyatt was worried about Bill and Liam. Bill needed Wyatt to keep the company afloat and for Justin to get Bill and Liam out of there. Bill told them to both stay focused and that he and Liam would only get out if no one crumbled under pressure.

Wyatt was willing to do whatever Bill wanted, but Wyatt needed to know how Liam and Bill could even wind up in jail. Wyatt didn't get how Bill could just take off. Bill replied that Vinny had been dead, and there had been nothing anyone could do for him. Wyatt asked what Bill had been thinking by committing a hit-and-run. Bill said he'd been thinking of saving Liam's life.

Wyatt thought not calling the police was the biggest mistake Bill could have made. Bill asserted that the worst mistake had been Liam telling Hope, and they'd all be home if Liam's guilty conscience hadn't gotten the best of him. Wyatt told Bill not to blame Hope.

Justin told Wyatt to stop because it wasn't fixing anything. Wyatt began arguing again, but Bill said it wasn't the end of them. As long as Bill had a breath in his body, he'd do whatever he could to get himself and Liam out of there.

Wyatt began talking about the incident again, but Bill refused to sit in jail and debate what had happened. Bill said Wyatt's feelings really weren't important at the moment. Bill asked what Vinny had been doing on the road in the middle of the night. Justin said he was working on it.

Bill roared that he had a company to run and board members counting on him. Bill yelled at Justin to get Bill and Liam out of that pigpen. Wyatt said Justin would. Bill asked if private investigators were working on it. Bill stated that the police were saying Liam had had motive, just like Bill had thought they'd say.

Justin asserted that Liam and Bill had each confessed to fleeing the scene and getting rid of evidence. The confessions, in Justin's opinion, were what made police think Liam had had motive. Bill didn't want to hear statements to the obvious. He said Justin was his best friend and lawyer, but Bill needed the lawyer in Justin. Bill urged Justin to do some legal gymnastics and get Liam and Bill out of there. It was what Bill paid Justin for.

Bill conveyed that the D.A. and the police were trying to prove intent, but there was none. They were trying to claim murder, but it hadn't been murder. Justin quipped that he was a lawyer and knew how it worked. Bill asked why Justin was sitting on his hands. Bill asserted that he'd be "quarterbacking" it himself if he wasn't in there.

Justin suspected that was the problem. "If you didn't leave me in the dark, I would have been helping you since the beginning!" Justin shot back. Bill had wanted to keep Justin clean in the situation. He'd been protecting Justin. "So, help me now. Get us out of here," Bill said. To Wyatt, Bill said to keep going and look after the company. "You're a Spencer," Bill stated.

As if offended, Justin said Bill knew Justin had things running smoothly since Bill had been gone. Justin stated that Wyatt didn't know the ins and outs like Justin did. "What?" Wyatt replied. Bill told Justin that the State was building its case, and Bill needed Justin to build the defense. Justin roared back that he was doing that. Justin didn't need the lecture and said he was always working on Bill's behalf. Bill ordered Justin to work harder.

The men sat in tense silence. Bill shoved himself out of his seat so hard the metal chair hit the wall behind him. On his feet, Bill said that when he'd seen Liam standing over Vinny's body, Liam's entire future had passed before Bill's eyes. Bill had seen Liam in cuffs, guilty before a jury, and rotting in a prison cell. Bill insisted no jury would have acquitted Liam after hearing about the paternity test. Bill had taken care of it all and asked why Liam hadn't been able to let it be.

Wyatt responded that it was because Liam couldn't live with that, and it had been killing him inside. Bill knew that but said it was bigger than Liam; it was about Liam's kids and Hope. Wyatt asked what Bill thought was going through Liam's mind. Bill guessed it was fear, because that was what was going through Bill's mind. "Look, I'll do what I can," Justin bit out.

Bill sat down. He hoped Wyatt never had to go through something like that. Emotional, Bill said he didn't want Wyatt to have a son in trouble, yet there wasn't a thing Wyatt could do about it. Bill repeated that he'd had it all taken care of. He asked why Liam hadn't just listened to him. Wyatt said it was because Liam was a good person. Bill agreed but said too good. Tearfully, Bill stated that Liam was scared and alone and could spend years in prison.

At Forrester with Ridge, Thomas was still trying to process what Liam had told him. Thomas had never seen Liam when Liam hadn't been trying to justify himself, and Thomas had figured he'd want to jump across the table and kill Liam. Thomas was floored that Liam had asked for help. Ridge said Thomas had worked hard to become the person he was, and Liam might see that.

Thomas just wanted everyone to be okay. Brooke entered, asking who he wanted to be okay. Ridge said that Brooke might want to "sit down for this one." Brooke figured that Thomas had gone to confront Liam. Ridge told her to sit down again, but she asked what Thomas had been thinking. She said Hope's life was in shambles and the last thing their family needed was for Thomas to confront them. Thomas asserted that it was his best friend's killer.

Brooke replied that it had been an accident. She asked if Thomas thought Liam was capable of murder. Thomas didn't, but he'd needed to hear it from Liam. Brooke was sorry about Vinny but felt they needed to focus on Hope and Liam. Thomas agreed and didn't think Liam had intentionally hit Vinny. Ridge said there was only one villain in the scenario, Brooke's buddy Bill.

Brooke groaned when Ridge said that Bill had failed his kids again and again. Ridge took that as her defending Bill. She said she was upset with Bill, too, but she was thinking of Hope, Liam, and the children. She felt that Ridge should be, too. She asked what Thomas and Ridge had been talking about earlier.

Later, Thomas had told Brooke about Liam's request. Brooke asked if Hope knew. Thomas said he'd told Hope. "Of course, you did," Brooke quipped. Thomas asked what that meant, and Brooke said he was getting everything he wanted out of the nightmare situation.

Ridge tried to intervene, but Thomas yelled over his father that Liam had killed Thomas' best friend. Thomas said he should be jumping for joy that Liam would be in prison, but instead, Thomas was thinking of Hope and how it would kill her. Thomas was thinking of the kids, too. He claimed he wasn't taking advantage of the situation. He just wanted what was best for them.

Hope arrived, and Brooke asked how Hope was. Hope said she'd just seen Liam. Brooke conveyed that Thomas had told them about the favor Liam had asked, but Brooke didn't want Hope to forget about her future with Liam. Hope stated that she and Liam would never give up on each other.

Ridge hated that Hope was going through it but asked if she got that Liam had a good chance of going to jail. "Ridge, please," Brooke replied. Ridge stated that he was just saying he was proud of Liam for taking care of his family. Thomas told Hope that Liam wasn't giving up, and Liam asking for Thomas' help showed how much Liam loved her. Hope said she and Liam had just been getting their lives together before that had happened. She hoped and prayed that Liam would get out of there.

Eric walks in on Quinn and Carter Eric walks in on Quinn and Carter

Friday, June 18, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke placed coffee mugs on the table and asked if Hope had slept the previous night. Hope was worried more about the kids than herself. Beth had wanted to know if her dad would be home, and Hope wished she could have affirmed it. Beth was with Katie and Will, and Douglas was playing outside, waiting for his father to take him to a friend's house.

Hope said that Thomas had really stepped up for the kids. Brooke knew that Liam had asked that of Thomas but wanted Hope to be careful not to open herself up too much to Thomas. Hope got worked up because she understood Brooke's skepticism, but Hope was worried about how she'd get her kids through that time and get Liam out of jail.

Brooke got that it was a lot. She just didn't want Thomas to misread the situation. Hope asserted that he wouldn't because she wouldn't let him. Hope's focus was on Liam, making sure he wouldn't spend years in jail for something he wasn't capable of. Brooke was glad to hear Hope say that, and Brooke felt compelled to believe, too, that the couple would reunite.

Brooke knew that things looked bleak, and it was hard to keep the faith. She said Hope had to and reminded Hope that she and Liam were always stronger and more in love after going through things. Brooke reminded Hope that she knew her husband would have gone forward if it hadn't been for Bill. Hope said Liam would be there right now if it weren't for Bill, and she'd never forgive Bill for jeopardizing his son's future and the future of their family.

Hope decided she wouldn't go there. She said that what mattered was Liam, and their love was stronger than anything he was facing.

At Forrester, Ridge held Thomas' sketchpad. He said Thomas had shown him that sketch a few days earlier, but it still wasn't finished. Thomas had been cranking out designs before, but that had stopped. Ridge wondered why. Thomas replied that his best friend had died, Liam could be going to prison, and Hope was dealing with a lot. Thomas said he was a little distracted.

Ridge guessed he'd be distracted, too, if someone had asked Ridge to take care of someone's family. Thomas stated that he needed to take Douglas to Andy's house. Ridge thought Thomas was a good father and a good friend to Hope. Thomas asked if that meant Ridge thought Liam had been right to entrust his family to Thomas.

Ridge wasn't sure "entrust" was the right word, but he did think Liam was counting on Thomas. It had thrown Thomas, too, when Liam had asked. In a probing tone, Thomas said Brooke might have a problem with it, but it was nice to know that maybe Ridge was on Thomas' side.

Later, Ridge gave Thomas some bad news about an order that Ramone wouldn't be able to fill. It wasn't great for Forrester or HFTF. Cursing, Thomas said it was just what Hope needed -- more bad news. Ridge still had a few ideas about how to make the order work, but he noted that Thomas was really concerned about Hope. "I'm her support system right now," Thomas said.

Ridge replied that Thomas was "a part" of the support system. "You're not the whole system. We're all here, right?" Ridge reasoned. Ridge told Thomas not to put that much on himself. Thomas insisted upon putting it on himself. He said he was the one who'd promised Liam that he'd be there for Hope. With a daunting sigh, Thomas concluded that it was nice to know Ridge had his back a little bit.

Ridge affirmed it. He understood doing something for someone that wasn't really a favor; however, he hoped Thomas understood that even though he'd drop everything to be there for Hope and the kids, he wasn't taking Liam's place. "Right?" Ridge asked.

Later, Ridge was alone with Brooke in his arms. They kissed, and she hoped he wouldn't dock her for being late. He asked where she'd been. Brooke revealed she'd been with her struggling daughter. Ridge said Hope wasn't alone; Hope had them and Thomas. Brooke admitted seeing the strides Thomas had made, and for Ridge's sake, she wanted to forget how Thomas had been with Hope. Brooke hoped to never see that side of Thomas, but as Hope's mother, Brooke would always be wary of Thomas' feelings for Hope.

Brooke knew Ridge didn't want to hear that, but that was the way it had to be, especially if there was still a chance that the old Thomas could resurface. Ridge asked when they'd get past it and when Brooke would come around. Brooke replied that she'd admitted that Thomas might be changing. Ridge asserted that Thomas had changed.

Brooke sighed. All she was saying was that it might be dangerous for Thomas to contemplate that he might have a future with Hope. Ridge asked Brooke to remember that it was Liam's idea. She clarified that Liam had asked Thomas to be a supportive friend, nothing more. Brooke didn't want Thomas thinking he had a future with Hope; Hope's future was with Liam and her family.

Back in the cabin, Hope folded laundry as Thomas arrived. He still had to take Douglas to Andy's house, but Thomas wondered what else he could help with. He offered to sweep the front porch or mop. Hope asked if he even knew how to mop. He offered to figure it out. Hope thanked Thomas for all he was doing. She said he had no idea what it meant to her.

Thomas said Hope was trying to hold everything together, but she didn't have to do that with him. He could be a shoulder for her to cry on. Hope replied that she'd never stop crying if she started. He told her that it was okay to be scared.

Hope knew it, but if she gave in to it, it would be like acknowledging that the worst could happen. She couldn't let herself do that. Hope didn't even know how to process that Liam wouldn't be there for the kids, but each day that Liam wasn't home, it became more of a possibility. She couldn't let it happen, but it was already happening.

Hope fought back tears, and Thomas said she didn't have to be strong for everyone else, and she could allow herself to feel. He asserted that he was there, day or night. He knew that she had her family, but she also had him. She'd always have him. He told her to never forget it, and he hugged her.

In the design office, Quinn worked and thought about intimate moments with Carter. "That look. You're thinking about us," Carter said, closing the door. Quinn said she refused to let herself go there. She was committed to her marriage, and Carter was committed to Zoe. It was how it had to be. Carter stated that it was in Paris' hands -- and Shauna's.

Quinn stated that Shauna would never betray them. Carter said that Shauna hated lying, even for Quinn, which Shauna had had to do with her daughter. Quinn replied that she hadn't asked Shauna to pick up the jacket and say it was hers. Carter added that, even so, Paris had still found out. It showed that, despite their best efforts, the truth could still get out.

Quinn asked if Carter was thinking of coming clean to Eric and Zoe about everything. Carter replied that it was exactly what he was thinking. Quinn said Carter couldn't do it, but he thought it might be better to out themselves before Paris did. Quinn disagreed and refused to lose her husband. She hated keeping the secret and lying to her husband.

Quinn got so upset that Carter put his arms around her. Just then, the door opened, and in walked Eric. Quinn snaked out of the embrace, and Eric asked what was going on there. Quinn thought Eric had had a meeting. Eyeing the two of them, Eric replied that the meeting had ended. He said Carter's name, and she stated that Carter was just leaving.

Eric didn't think so, not until he heard what had been going on. Quinn claimed she'd just gotten emotional, and he asked what about. She proffered that Carter had been a good, supportive friend, and he'd asked how she and Eric had been doing. She stated that she'd just unleashed on him. "About what?" Eric asked again.

Stammering, Quinn said it had been about how much Eric meant to her, how much the marriage meant to her, and how much it meant that he'd let her back into his heart. Quinn thanked Carter for listening to her. She hoped she hadn't embarrassed herself or him. He said she hadn't. He received an alert on his phone that he had to go. He wished the couple many years of happiness and strode out of the office.

Quinn asked if she'd said how much she loved Eric that day. Eric replied that she just had. Quinn hugged him, saying she could never say it or show it enough. She was totally committed to him and wanted to be Mrs. Eric Forrester for the rest of her life.

In the backstage area, Paris thought of Quinn and Carter's pleas for silence about their affair. Zoe showed Paris some decor shots and asked if she preferred formal or informal. Zoe was so excited to get married, though, she really didn't care what the wedding would be.

Zoe thanked Paris for encouraging her to hang in there with Carter. No one had been more of a cheerleader for the couple than Paris -- except maybe Quinn. Zoe stated that Paris had said things could change, and they had. Zoe believed she was the woman Carter wanted.

Zoe changed the subject to Paris and Zende and hoped things were still going well. Paris affirmed it but asked why Zoe would think things wouldn't be going well. Zoe had no reason, but she felt bad that she'd flirted with Zende, knowing Paris had been interested in him. Zoe was sorry about it and sorry for hurting Paris in the past. Moving forward, Zoe didn't want to keep secrets, and she desired an open and honest relationship with her sister.

Carter arrived, and Zoe enthusiastically greeted him with a kiss and a hug. Paris looked away. He asked if he'd walked in on something. Zoe said she'd just been gushing about him, and she couldn't stop looking at the ring and thinking of what it meant for them and their future.

Carter knew what it should mean. It should signify a fresh start for him and Zoe. Carter realized that Zoe felt awful for the mistakes she'd made. Looking at Paris, he conveyed that no one was perfect. Carter was glad for second chances and the opportunity to learn from mistakes and make the life and future they wanted. He said he wanted that life with her. Zoe hugged him, and he watched Paris over Zoe's shoulder.

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