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Finn and Steffy welcomed their new son into the world during a water birth. Against Quinn's judgment, Carter agreed to officiate the renewal of Quinn and Eric's vows. Brooke convinced Carter to tell the truth about himself and Quinn. Justin refused to release Thomas from the cage.
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Finn and Steffy welcomed their son and Quinn and Eric's vow renewals ended with Carter confessing his affair with Quinn
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Justin gives Wyatt a false sense of security Justin gives Wyatt a false sense of security

Monday, June 28, 2021

At Eric's house, Eric was curious about why Quinn felt it was necessary to renew their vows at that time. Quinn regretted the mistakes she'd made. She brought up throwing Shauna at Ridge and all the damage it had caused. It had left Quinn rudderless, and she wanted to be worthy of the man she'd spend her life with. He replied that she was indeed worthy.

Quinn didn't feel worthy but was determined to try harder. She wanted to put her misdeeds behind her and asked if he'd give her the chance to recommit to him and the marriage.

Quinn wanted to keep it small and simple, inviting just the people who'd been in their corner, and she already knew what she wanted to say. She was always her best self with Eric by her side. It was when they were apart that she did things that she shouldn't. She asked him to indulge her. Eric whipped out his phone, made a call, and requested to see a person right away.

Later, Quinn and Shauna were alone because a call from the city of Paris had commanded Eric's attention. Shauna said the vows ceremony had landed there out of nowhere. Quinn thought that Shauna, more than anyone, should understand how much Quinn wanted to move on. Shauna did but wasn't sure it was possible, especially if there were unresolved feelings.

Quinn cut Shauna off, but Shauna persisted. She'd seen Carter and Quinn together and sensed that the feelings between them weren't completely gone. Quinn stammered.

Carter entered the house, and Quinn asked what he was doing there. Eric appeared from the kitchen area and said he'd summoned Carter. Eric had thought it was about time they got to the bottom of "this." Carter stated that Eric hadn't said what he'd wanted on the call.

Eric explained that his wife had been unburdening herself and talking about her past regrets for betraying his trust. Eric said Quinn had found a way to remedy that. Carter didn't understand. Eric conveyed that Quinn had an idea of how to prove to him and everyone else how much her marriage meant to her. Eric didn't think it was necessary, though.

Quinn asserted that she did think it was, and it was why she wanted to renew her and Eric's vows. Carter and Shauna smiled uneasily. Quinn explained that she wanted a chance to pledge to herself that she'd never fall short again. She desired to put the past behind them and move into a happier, brighter, more committed future with the man she loved.

Eric felt Carter could see why Eric had asked him there. Carter couldn't. Eric explained that everyone knew how close Eric felt to Carter and what a valued member of the company Carter was and how close Carter was as a family member.

Eric asked Carter to officiate the renewal of the vows. Eric believed Quinn wanted it, too. Quinn grinned in agreement, but as Eric gazed at Carter, Quinn's smile faded. She mouthed her insistence that Carter turn it down. Carter accepted, and Quinn rolled her eyes.

At Forrester, Brooke arrived as Ridge was engrossed in his phone. He'd had a meeting with Thomas, but Thomas hadn't shown up. Ridge wondered where his son could be.

Later, Ridge and Brooke had moved onto the topic of Hope going to visit Liam. It was heartbreaking for Brooke that it could become Hope and Liam's lives for years. Brooke refused to picture it or to envision Hope and the kids without Liam. Brooke resolved herself to believe something would happen to free Liam and give them their happily ever after again.

After a while, Ridge looked at his phone again. Brooke asked if there was still no word from Thomas. There wasn't, and Ridge wondered where Thomas could be.

In a soundproof utility room at Spencer Publications, Thomas was still in a utility cage, talking to Justin, who'd locked Thomas in there. Thomas was confused that Justin deplored Bill's methods, but Justin had touted that he'd learned from the best. Thomas asserted that Justin wasn't Bill and didn't want to be, and the truth about Vinny had to be told.

Justin didn't intend to tell anyone anything. It was why he'd captured Thomas. Thomas didn't believe Justin had thought it through. In Justin's mind, Bill and Liam would be locked away for a while. That put Justin in the driver's seat. "For now," Thomas said but doubted Justin would get away with it.

Justin felt that he was already getting away with it. It hadn't crossed anyone's mind that Vinny had hurtled himself in front of Bill's car. "And it won't. Not ever," Justin concluded. Thomas said Justin couldn't keep Thomas locked up forever. Thomas hadn't been a part of Justin's plan, but Justin was determined to think of something to get what he wanted.

Thomas assumed Justin wanted control of Spencer. Justin, who'd been at Bill's beck and call, felt it was time for compensation. Thomas asked if Justin would get that while Bill was lying in jail. Justin ordered Thomas to drop the innocent routine. Justin was certain Thomas would react the same way if he'd put up with what Justin had. "I should have been his co-CEO years ago!"

Thomas got what Justin was saying but didn't like how Justin was going about it. Justin thought it was genius, and it had just fallen into his lap. With Bill and Liam in prison, someone had to man the ship, Justin said. As Justin pressed numbers into a pad by the steel door, Thomas tried to reason with Justin to let Thomas out. The loud, grinding door slid back, and Thomas screamed at Justin to return, but Justin disappeared into the darkness beyond the door.

Alone, Thomas sat in the cage. He recalled what Vinny had said in the video. Thomas remembered divulging the news to Justin, Justin knocking Thomas out, and Justin concluding that no one would ever know the truth about Vinny.

Later, Justin sat in Bill's office, staring at the pictures behind Bill's desk. Grinning, Justin hopped up and poured himself a glass of scotch. Wyatt stormed in, asking where Justin had been. Justin asked where Wyatt had thought. Wyatt hoped the lawyer had been handling things for Bill and Liam. Justin stated that it had been precisely what he'd been doing.

Wyatt frantically searched the desk for contacts to finalize a deal. He was distraught about it, but Justin said it had already been handled. "Wait, you -- you signed them?" Wyatt asked. Justin claimed he'd just been trying to help. He'd known the deal had been important and hoped Wyatt didn't think it had been overstepping.

Wyatt chuckled in relief, saying it was great and good to know that Justin had Wyatt's back -- and Liam and Bill's, too. "Sure," Justin responded and quietly smiled behind his glass of scotch.

Wyatt seemed overwhelmed. The stress of the company on his shoulders was a lot. Wyatt wanted to be there for Bill; however, Wyatt couldn't concentrate because of everything going on with Bill and Liam. Justin understood the stress. "I'm here to help, buddy," Justin said, claiming he could handle everything while Wyatt focused on Bill, Liam, and their families.

Wyatt became hesitant. Justin assured Wyatt that Justin had it and would keep everything rocking and rolling for good old Dollar Bill. Wyatt received a text message from Flo. Justin advised Wyatt to go call her. Wyatt thanked Justin and didn't know what he'd do without him. Justin said he was just repaying all that Bill had done over the years.

Alone, Justin recalled times when Bill had griped at him. Once Bill had told Justin not to make decisions without consulting with Bill first. He recalled Bill being upset once, but Justin had asserted that he'd followed Bill's order. He remembered a time when Bill had said Justin knew what had to be done and had instructed Justin to do whatever it took to get the problem solved.

Justin recalled Bill saying to make it happen, and then Spectra had burned. Bill had once asked when Justin would realize that the universe brought all things to Dollar Bill. "Payback's a bitch, ain't it, Dollar Bill?" Justin quietly uttered and grinned.

In the glassed-off visitation area, Hope arrived to see Liam for a second time in the same day. Liam was okay, but he wondered what possible reason Vinny had had for being in the road that night. Liam asked what had been going through Vinny's head.

Later, Liam told Hope that there wasn't a moment that went by that he wasn't thinking of his family. He needed to get back to them, "You, Beth, Douglas -- Kelly, too," he said. It was the only thing keeping him sane. Hope promised that they'd find a way. They pressed their hands on the glass and expressed love for each other.

Liam would never give up on going back home, but he was worried about how it was affecting the children. He was sure it had interrupted the daily routines, and he didn't know if it was wise to keep them in the dark. Hope didn't want Liam to worry about that. She'd figure that part out, and she wanted him to focus on getting out of there. Liam told her that Justin was working on it.

Liam conveyed that Bill had Justin to put investigators on finding out why Vinny had been in the road, but answers would take time. Hope replied that they didn't have time, and she didn't know how they'd prove Liam hadn't meant to do it. Liam knew it would be hard, but he could no longer call it a coincidence that he'd hit Vinny, of all people in the city. He asked what might happen if it hadn't been a coincidence, and there was another explanation.

Liam conveyed that his father was frustrated, too, but he was sure Justin was working on getting them out of there. Hope said the judge thought the men were a flight risk, but Liam was confident in Justin. She hoped Bill appreciated all Justin was doing, "but knowing your father..."

Hope decided she wasn't going to spend the precious little time she had with Liam talking that way. Liam wished he could punch through the glass, hold her, and never let her go. Hope urged Liam to believe that it was only temporary, and Justin would come through for them.

Steffy's water breaks. Brooke and Quinn spar about Eric Steffy's water breaks. Brooke and Quinn spar about Eric

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy sneaked up and removed Finn's earpiece. She hugged and kissed him and guessed he was listening to the dad-to-be podcast. Finn said he wanted to make sure he nailed everything. Steffy felt the baby flutter, and he wondered if it was time. She said it had been just a little movement. Finn wasn't sure if he should be excited or disappointed.

Ridge arrived. Steffy asked why he was there. Ridge had gone for a drive to clear his head, and he let Steffy know that Quinn and Eric were renewing their vows that day. Finn assumed that Ridge wasn't a fan of the idea, but Finn noted that couples did it from time to time.

Ridge didn't think it was necessary. He said couples did it every 20 or 25 years, and Eric and Quinn weren't there yet. Steffy guessed Quinn had had a "bee in her bonnet," and Eric had caved to the idea. Finn repeated the phrase, and Steffy claimed that her grandmother slipped out of her occasionally. Ridge quipped that it would be nice if Stephanie slipped out that day and scared Quinn out of Eric's life forever.

Finn figured he was late to the Quinn party, but he'd heard she was impetuous and unpredictable. Ridge felt that Quinn had been good for Eric and had brought Eric out of his shell, but Ridge felt disdain for her last trick with Brooke and his marriage.

Steffy was no fan of Quinn and had no desire to go to the event. Clutching her belly, Steffy felt she had a good excuse. Ridge asked if the baby was coming right then. Steffy breathed uneasily, sure that her contractions had commenced.

Finn and Ridge eased Steffy into a chair at the dinner table. Ridge got excited, but Steffy said it was still a long way off. When Finn and Steffy said they didn't have a name for the baby yet, Ridge figured it had to be the reason he'd gone there. He was great at naming babies.

"Bubba Finnegan! Boom! Done!" Ridge said. Steffy did a hard pass on that one. Ridge suggested Diesel Finnegan -- Diesel Lazlo Finnegan or Probert Finnegan. Steffy laughed at Ridge and said he had to stop. Ridge said all he wanted was for the baby to arrive and meet his parents. Ridge was proud of Steffy, who had a man who adored her. Ridge said, "this is it," and Steffy deserved it.

Later, Steffy called Amelia to check on Kelly. After the call, Finn said Kelly would hopefully meet her brother soon. Steffy knew how excited he was and said they were on the journey together. She believed he'd be the best dad. They couldn't believe they'd made a person.

Finn and Steffy expressed love for each other. Steffy turned to walk off, but she felt unsteady. Her water broke, and she announced that it was happening right then. Their baby was coming.

Across town, Quinn had slipped out of the mansion and arrived in the design office to berate Carter for agreeing to officiate the ceremony. Carter hadn't felt he'd had a choice after the things Eric had said. She ordered him to make up an excuse and say he was sick. The idea of lying more turned Carter off. He said Ridge would check on him, and Zoe would find out.

In the corridor, Paris heard voices as she strode up to the office door. Quinn asked if Carter knew how awkward it would be to have him direct the ceremony. Paris entered the office, unable to believe Quinn was really going to renew her vows after having an affair with Carter.

Quinn explained that it was exactly what the day was about -- Quinn and her husband putting the past behind them and moving on with their future. Paris thought it was disrespectful to have Carter officiate, but Carter said Eric had made it impossible to refuse. Quinn sensed that Paris had opinions about it but said Paris needed to keep them to herself.

Quinn loved Eric and wanted to spend the rest of her life making him happy. It was why she wanted to recommit to her marriage. Quinn was sure Eric had invited Zoe and Paris and that he thought highly of them. Paris respected and admired Eric, and that was why it was hard.

Quinn said Paris was a good person and wanted to be a good sister, but Quinn asked Paris to pose a question to herself. Quinn asked if Zoe would rather marry Carter and have an amazing future or know about a mistake he'd made with Quinn that she'd never know about if it weren't for Paris. Quinn said Paris shouldn't show up at Quinn's house if Paris couldn't let it be.

Later, Carter and Paris were alone. Paris still didn't get him and Quinn. They were so different. Carter replied that there was nothing to get, and it hadn't been a love connection. Carter didn't seem like a "just sex" kind of guy to Paris, who believed Eric trusted Carter implicitly, like family.

Carter hated that he'd betrayed Eric. Carter felt that he should have been stronger and shown more character. Paris asked Carter to be straight and say how he really felt about Zoe. He couldn't believe Paris still had questions after what he and Zoe had gone through.

Paris said he'd slept with another woman. He noted that Paris kept leaving out the fact that he and Zoe had been broken up. Paris knew that it hadn't technically been cheating, but she'd been invested in his love for her sister. She couldn't believe he'd slept with Quinn. Paris wished she didn't even know about it.

Carter was sorry that he'd let Paris down, but he felt that, given time, he could prove his feelings for Zoe. Paris replied that if he'd been with anyone else, it might be easier; however, Quinn was married to Eric, who deserved better than being conned into a renewal ceremony by the woman who'd just cheated on him.

At Eric's house, the pensive Eric ambled around his living room, and he gazed at Quinn's portrait. Brooke arrived, ready to admit she'd been wrong. She'd thought Quinn would have done something by then to get herself banished -- unless he was reconsidering the ceremony.

Eric called Brooke consistent. Brooke replied that Quinn kept reinforcing Brooke's bad opinion of Quinn. Although Quinn wasn't perfect in Eric's view, she lit up his world. Brooke didn't think that was always enough. To Brooke, Quinn might be beautiful, sexy, and smart in an edgy way -- if one liked that sort of thing -- but Quinn was also sneaky, manipulative, and a liar.

Eric knew who Quinn was, but he could see how much she loved him. That was what worried Brooke about Eric. She felt he should question everything about Quinn and didn't know how he could trust Quinn. Eric had stopped trying to explain his connection to Quinn some time back. He admitted that Quinn's behavior had been questionable at times, but they'd persevered.

Brooke said it was because Eric was a softy. Eric asserted that it was because he loved Quinn. He and Quinn would renew their vows that day, and he didn't want Brooke to worry about him. He had complete and total faith in Quinn as his wife.

Quinn was striding upstairs on the overlook and stopped when she heard Eric and Brooke. Brooke didn't want to offend Eric. He said she never did. Brooke was worried about his heart in Quinn's careless hands. Brooke didn't know how he could have faith in Quinn after all the horrible things Quinn had done. "And some we may not even know about," Brooke added.

Quinn slinked down the stairs. Brooke stated that she was only saying it because she loved Eric. Eric said that her love was precious to him, and so was Quinn's. Quinn paused on the stairs. As Eric spoke, she flashed back to herself with Carter in bed.

Eric told Brooke that he had no reason to doubt Quinn's love and commitment to him and their marriage. He needed to make some calls and work on his vows. He didn't want to offend Brooke, but he suggested that she not be at the event if she couldn't support him. Eric kissed her cheek and strode in the direction of his study.

As Brooke turned to leave, Quinn slinked down the staircase and stood in Brooke's path to the door. Quinn said Eric was right, and Brooke shouldn't be there that day -- or any day. For disparaging her to her husband and disrespecting her marriage, Quinn said Brooke should never set foot in Quinn's house again.

It galled Brooke every time Quinn called it her house. Quinn said that it was. Brooke asserted that it was Eric's house, the Forrester family home, and Quinn would have never been allowed in the front door if she hadn't tricked Eric into thinking she was a good person. Quinn said she was there in the place she called home, despite it galling Brooke.

Brooke believed that Eric would one day realize the terrible mistake he'd made in marrying Quinn. Quinn didn't care because she and Eric would be more committed than ever after that day. Brooke wondered what it was with the sudden need for a renewal ceremony. Brooke didn't buy Quinn's good wife routine and said people like Quinn didn't change.

"People like me?" Quinn asked. Brooke brought up schemers, liars, and manipulators and said that was who Quinn was. Brooke didn't believe marriage had changed Quinn and said that if Quinn loved Eric, she'd let him go and let him find someone worthy of him. "Because you aren't that," Brooke concluded.

It didn't matter to Quinn what Brooke thought. Eric loved Quinn, and the portrait above the fireplace was of Quinn -- not Stephanie and not Brooke. Quinn said she and Eric would renew their vows and continue to spend their life together. There was nothing Brooke could do about it.

Quinn gets a pair of unwelcomed visitors Quinn gets a pair of unwelcomed visitors

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"It's happening. My water just broke," Steffy said stoically. Finn asked Steffy if she still wanted to have a home birth. Between the midwife and Finn, Steffy stated that she knew she was in good hands. The midwife arrived as Finn scurried around the house, trying to make sure that everything was in order. Steffy said it was "cute" to see the usually calm Dr. Finnegan as a "nervous dad-to-be."

Steffy stepped into the tub the midwife had set up in the living room and took deep breaths as her contractions grew stronger. When Steffy was fully dilated, the midwife told her that she was ready to start pushing.

At Forrester, Brooke was elated when Ridge told her that Steffy had reported having contractions. "I can't wait to meet the little slugger," Ridge beamed. Brooke questioned if Steffy going into labor meant that Ridge would not be attending Eric and Quinn's vow renewal. Ridge flashed a less-than-enthusiastic smile and said that he had "no choice" but to attend the ceremony. He admitted that he wasn't "on board with this whole vow renewal -- I just don't get it."

Brooke urged Ridge to be with Steffy if that was where he really wanted to be. Ridge explained that he had to show his support for Eric and Quinn's marriage -- especially since the entire family (except for Ivy) had failed to show up for Eric and Quinn's actual wedding. Brooke rolled her eyes and said she wasn't looking forward to watching Quinn "perform CPR" on her marriage.

In his office, Carter fielded a call from Zoe, who informed him that she'd have to miss the vow renewal because of a last-minute out-of-town photo shoot. Paris walked in on the tail end of the call to tell Carter that she didn't want to attend the ceremony because of Carter and Quinn's affair. "How do you think I feel?" Carter snapped, noting, "Today marks a new day for all of us."

At the Forrester mansion, Shauna asked Quinn if she really thought she could go through with the ceremony. Quinn replied, "I can't take back what happened with Carter. I can only recommit myself to my husband from this day forward." Quinn vowed that she would not allow anyone or anything get in her way. As Quinn and Shauna once again pored over the details and consequences of Quinn and Carter's dalliance, Brooke unexpectedly entered the room. Quinn wasn't thrilled to see Brooke, but Brooke insisted that she wanted to have a few moments alone to speak to Quinn.

Wyatt and Flo were the first ones to show up for the ceremony. "I know my mom is not always a walk in the park," Wyatt joked before adding that he knew Eric was the only man for his mom. Ridge and Brooke arrived next, and Eric told his son that it meant a lot to him for his son to be there. A few moments later, Carter and Paris arrived. Eric and Paris briefly chatted about how "bummed" they were that neither Zende nor Zoe would be able to attend the ceremony.

Eric turned his attention to Carter and said that he hoped things wouldn't be too uncomfortable for Carter. Carter recoiled and asked what Eric meant. Flo chimed in that Eric was referring to Carter's "little tryst." Carter became visibly uneasy. He exhaled deeply when Wyatt noted that Shauna was upstairs, helping Quinn get ready. Eric interrupted to say that there was no need to dwell in the past; he was just happy that Carter had agreed to officiate the ceremony. Shauna told Eric that Quinn was just about ready and incredibly excited to renew her vows.

In the foyer, Carter lectured Paris about her behavior and told her that she should not have shown up at the wedding if she could not be celebratory. Paris shared that she had a lot on her mind and headed upstairs to check on Quinn. After Paris left, Ridge walked over to ask Carter about his plans for the ceremony. "Quinn's a tough one. She does... some weird things," Ridge stated. Ridge sensed Carter's uneasiness and determined that Carter wasn't thrilled that Eric and Quinn were renewing their vows. Though Carter denied it, Ridge insisted that Carter -- like he and Brooke -- didn't think Quinn was right for Eric.

Back upstairs, Brooke icily told Quinn that she would always be around to protect Eric from people like Quinn. Quinn stated that she loved Eric, but Brooke didn't care. Brooke insisted that Quinn had let Eric down over and over again -- and that it would be only a matter of time before she did it again. Paris listened quietly from the hallway. Quinn ordered Brooke to leave.

Moments later, Paris entered the room, and Quinn was just about as thrilled to see her as she had been to see Brooke. "How can you go through with this, knowing that you cheated on Eric?" Paris asked. Quinn blasted Paris' "sanctimonious" attitude. Paris countered by asking Quinn how she could stand with Eric in front of Carter -- the man Quinn had slept with. Quinn snapped, "You are so young and idealistic. You don't know anything about me [and] what I have been through in my marriage and how lost I felt." Quinn told Paris that life was complicated and messy -- and that people made mistakes. But those people also grew and changed, Quinn added.

Outside, Brooke walked back toward Quinn's room and pressed her ear to the door to listen in on Quinn and Paris' conversation. Quinn warned Paris that she would destroy Paris' life if Paris said anything about the affair. "I will take away everything that you care about, starting with your job at Forrester," Quinn growled. Outside, Brooke's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped open.

Brooke learns vows-stopping news from Paris Brooke learns vows-stopping news from Paris

Thursday, July 1, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy clung to Finn as they sat in a portable pool in the living room. Behind them, the midwife urged Steffy to push, so she and Finn could meet their son. An instrumental played over the scene as Finn comforted Steffy through labor.

Later, the midwife estimated that they needed just one more push. Exhausted, Steffy noted that she and Finn hadn't picked a name. Finn said they had a short list, and the midwife added that sometimes, one had to see the child first. Steffy asked if they should greet him by his name. Something within Finn believed that they would.

The instrumental music resumed over the scene as Finn and Steffy kissed, hugged, and struggled through the intensity of labor. Steffy gave one, final, agonizing push, and she and Finn brought the baby up from the water between them. Finn kissed the baby and kissed Steffy. He cradled them both in his arms.

As they gazed at the baby, Finn said Steffy had no idea what she'd given him. He thanked her. Steffy knew and said Finn had given her a beautiful baby boy. "He's so beautiful," she said. Then it came to them. "Hayes," Finn and Steffy said together. The boy's name was Hayes.

Steffy said that Hayes's grandmother would be very excited to see him. She told the child that his mother and father were there to protect him and would always love him.

At Forrester, Donna and Katie were talking about Bill and when he might be out of jail. Katie didn't know what was going on and said it was upsetting. Donna offered to be there for Katie and Will. Katie replied that it went both ways. Katie could tell something was weighing on her sister. Katie guessed it was that Eric and Quinn were renewing their vows.

Donna sighed, resigned to her fate to always carry a little torch for Eric. It had been years since she and Eric had been married, but she couldn't help it. Katie wasn't surprised and said Eric and Donna had been magical together. Donna felt that it had been the happiest moments of her life.

Donna felt silly, but Katie thought it was only natural that Donna would think of her time with Eric on the day he'd renew his vows to Quinn. Donna chuckled nervously, aware that it was just a bunch of memories. Her time with her "honey bear" was just memories.

Katie warned her sister not to let Quinn hear Donna say that. Donna replied that she was careful around the office. The last thing Donna needed was Quinn thinking Donna was after Quinn's man. "Because I'm not," Donna said. Katie didn't seem to buy that. "I'm open to the possibilities -- if he weren't married, of course," Donna admitted. Donna said she'd get over it. Tearfully, she stated that if Eric wanted "this," then she wanted it, too.

At Eric's house, guests chatted and waited downstairs for Quinn. Eric couldn't wait to tell his wife that he loved her. Carter glanced up and exchanged glances with Shauna. Ridge wondered if he should rescue Quinn. His wife had gone upstairs, but he didn't hear furniture flying yet.

Flo didn't see a reason to worry and said Paris was up there, too. Paris had a calming presence, and Flo joked that the threesome was probably making friendship bracelets. Eric hoped that was true and that Brooke wasn't giving his wife a hard time. He wanted Quinn to have the peaceful and loving ceremony that she deserved.

As the time passed, Wyatt wondered if Quinn was waiting for a signal. Shauna decided to text-message Quinn to see if she was ready. Eric wondered if they should text Brooke. He didn't want her or anything ruining the day for Quinn.

Upstairs, Brooke listened outside Quinn's bedroom door as, inside the room, Paris didn't know how Quinn could ruin Paris' life. Quinn said that Paris would be pledging her eternal silence if she knew what Quinn was capable of. Paris said she'd feel intimidated if it hadn't been for Quinn being on her knees, saying her life was in Paris' hands. Quinn refused to let Paris sabotage the special day and asserted that Paris wouldn't tell anyone what she knew.

Quinn received a message from Shauna, which said the guests were ready. Quinn wasn't though, because she had a lingering and unwanted houseguest before her. Paris asserted that she'd been invited. Quinn offered to make an excuse for Paris. "How about I tell everyone that you have stomach problems," Quinn offered, and Paris scowled.

As Quinn left, she told Paris to use the back stairwell, so Quinn didn't have to explain why Paris was leaving. Brooke tip-toed away from the door as it opened, and she slipped into the room the moment Quinn strode down the hallway. "What has Quinn done now?" Brooke hurriedly asked.

Paris was surprised to see Brooke. Brooke said she'd only heard bits and pieces, but she urged Paris to say what Quinn's secret was, for Eric's sake. Paris wasn't sure it was her place to say and thought it was best for her to go. Brooke asked who it was best for and if it was best for Eric, who was about to renew his vows.

Brooke didn't know how well Paris knew Eric, but Brooke stated that he was a wonderful man.

Agreeing, Paris said Eric had been kind and welcoming to her. Paris continued to look troubled, and Brooke said that Eric deserved to know whatever it was. Paris agreed and said her sister did, too. Brooke asked what Zoe had to do with it.

Paris replied that the secret was about Carter's affair. Brooke stated that the whole office knew Carter had slept with Shauna. "The whole office knows a lie. It didn't go down the way everyone thinks. Not at all," Paris conveyed. Assuming the secret wasn't about Quinn directly, Brooke's hopes to protect Eric were dashed, and Brooke said it would happen another day.

Paris affirmed that it would happen that day. Paris stated that Zoe and Eric would learn the truth. Paris had been conflicted about going forward with what she knew. Brooke didn't see why Quinn wanted to stop Paris or why Eric would care about Carter sleeping with Shauna. Paris replied that Eric probably wouldn't, "but he would if..."

Brooke replied that Paris had said the details of the affair had been a lie, and Carter hadn't really turned to Shauna. "Oh, my God! Quinn?" Brooke said. Paris nodded. "Quinn? Quinn, who's downstairs right now, ready to profess her love and commitment to Eric?" Brooke asked.

On the overlook, Quinn braced herself and descended the stairs. She was sorry to keep everyone waiting, but as Eric took her hands, he said she was well worth the wait. Eric guided Quinn around the coffee table and guests who sat on the regular furniture in the room, to the fireplace. There, Carter expressed concern for Brooke and Paris' whereabouts.

"They decided not to attend," Quinn stated. Ridge was surprised to hear that, but Quinn said that, as lovely as it would have been to have Brooke in attendance, if Brooke couldn't be supportive, then so be it.

As Carter began the ceremony, Shauna watched Ridge pull out his phone. He texted Brooke, "You just left?"

Carter was telling Quinn and Eric that they were married, but that was just the beginning of their adventure. It was an adventure full of ups and downs, successes, and an occasional mistake or two. The mistakes and challenges enriched the joy and blessings, and they were all there to celebrate them as a couple and to keep Quinn and Eric's story going. With a long look at Quinn, Carter said their friends and family were thankful to partake in it.

Carter stated that Eric and Quinn were recommitting to a marriage that they believed was worth fighting for, and everyone present supported the decision. Shauna stared at Carter and Quinn with a flat expression. Carter asked the couple to join hands.

Carter asked if Quinn would continue to have Eric as her husband and continue to honor her commitment to Eric -- and only Eric -- for as long as she lived. Quinn affirmed it. Carter asked the same question of Eric.

"Stop! Don't answer that, Eric!" Brooke exclaimed, rushing down the stairs into the room. Eric asked Brooke what she was doing. Brooke urged Eric to hear what she had to say before he recommitted himself to Quinn.

Carter states what Quinn is incapable of articulating Carter states what Quinn is incapable of articulating

Friday, July 2, 2021

Abe and Lani talked in her apartment about the possibility that Paulina had lied about another romantic relationship. "[Paulina] did admit that she hasn't mentioned [the other relationship] to you yet, but I don't know, I just assumed that it never came up," Lani said. When Abe noted that Paulina had told him the same night that she had not been in a relationship in years, Lani noted that Paulina had lied to one of them.

Confused, Abe wondered aloud why Paulina had lied. "I told her she should just tell you the truth," Lani said. "But she told me the exact opposite," Abe said. Abe decided to ask Paulina about it at the party. "What party?" Lani asked. Abe stammered, and Lani smiled.

"It's an anniversary party, isn't it? For me and Eli. You're throwing us a surprise party!" Lani said. Abe apologized. When Lani promised not to tell Eli about the surprise, Abe made a face. Lani gasped. "Eli's the one who planned it!" Lani guessed. With a chuckle, Lani said she was touched that Eli and Abe had made an effort to surprise her.

"Now I just get to make sure that I look fabulous when I walk in," Lani said. Abe asked Lani not to let on that she knew the truth. Lani agreed. "For the record, you do look fabulous," Abe said. Lani announced that she needed to change. As Lani walked toward the bedroom, she stopped and told Abe not to worry about Paulina. "You know you can trust her," Lani said.

In Paulina's apartment, Chanel thanked her mother for allowing her to move back in. "My time at Eli and Lani's has run out," Chanel said. Chanel told Paulina about the multiple times she had seen Eli naked in the apartment. When Chanel agreed that Eli was good-looking, Paulina was surprised.

"I'm fluid, not blind," Chanel joked. Paulina laughed. "It's just good to know that your taste doesn't just stop at your clothes," Paulina said. Chanel cautioned her mother not to tell Abe that Paulina had admired Eli's looks. "Your bae Abe doesn't seem like he'd be down with any shadiness," Chanel said. Paulina's smile fell away.

"I know how good Abraham is. The last thing I would want to do is hurt him," Paulina said. Chanel asked Paulina if there was a reason to worry about hurting Abe. Before Paulina could answer, the oven timer went off. While Chanel tended to the cake for the party, Paulina yelled at her employee on the phone. "I'll be at a party at Julie's Place, and I don't want to be anywhere near the demolition site," Paulina said.

Eli went to the Horton house to talk to Gwen about Dr. Snyder. When Gwen escorted Eli into the house, he was surprised to see Xander in the living room. "I live here," Xander said. "That's right. My grandmother did mention something about you disgracing her couch," Eli said.

"What is it with her and her obsession with this couch? Are you here to see Julie?" Xander asked. Gwen explained that Eli was there because Gwen's doctor had been found dead at the lake. "That's terrible. How'd he die?" Xander asked. Eli confirmed that there was no cause of death yet. When Xander asked why Eli wanted to talk to Gwen, Eli asked about the "bad blood" between Gwen and Snyder.

Gwen noted that Snyder had treated her after her miscarriage. "[Tripp] said he had witnessed you and Snyder having an argument at the hospital. Said you seemed very uncomfortable," Eli said. Gwen explained that she did not like Snyder, but she did not wish him dead. When Eli asked about the last time Gwen had talked to Snyder, she glanced at the couch.

"I suppose that would have been my last follow-up appointment," Gwen said. "So, you didn't see him after that?" Eli asked. Xander told Eli that he was borderline harassing Gwen. "I'm conducting a routine interview, which shouldn't be a problem unless Gwen here has something to hide," Eli said. Gwen insisted that she had no information about Snyder's death.

"[Snyder] was my doctor, and that was the only contact that we had," Gwen said. Eli's phone beeped. Eli announced that the medical investigator had confirmed that there was no water present in Snyder's lungs. "What does that mean?" Xander asked.

"It means he didn't drown. He was already dead when he hit the water," Eli said. Eli theorized aloud that Snyder had not died at the lake. "Probably died somewhere else, and somebody dumped his body at the lake, hoping he would never be found," Eli said. Gwen gritted her teeth as Eli noted that the autopsy would find more evidence. Eli asked Gwen to call him if she remembered anything helpful.

After Eli left, Gwen called Xander an idiot. Gwen told Xander he had done a terrible job of disposing of the body. "I filled his pocket with rocks to weigh him down, but I guess some of them slipped out," Xander said. "That's your master, genius plan?" Gwen shouted. Gwen reminded Xander that he had claimed to be "good at this sort of thing."

"This sort of thing, yes, but not this exact thing specifically," Xander corrected. Xander added that he had done the best he could under the circumstances. "Tripp's big mouth sent the cops after you," Xander grumbled. When Xander noted that he would have ignored a body at a lake, Gwen yelled, "That's because you are a horrid, horrid person! And Tripp isn't."

Xander asked Gwen if she wanted his help. With a sigh, Gwen admitted that she knew Xander had done his best. Gwen explained that Eli had made her nervous. "That's what [cops] do. Make you feel guilty even when you aren't," Xander said. "We are guilty, Xander," Gwen said. Gwen added that they were guilty of dumping a body.

Worried, Gwen asked Xander if she had done okay under questioning. Xander pointed out that Gwen had lied about the last time she had seen Snyder. When Gwen asked what he meant, Xander reminded Gwen that Julie had seen Snyder on the couch.

"Maybe she saw him, but maybe she didn't get a good look at his face," Gwen said. "Unless we kill her," Xander muttered. "You're joking," a worried Gwen asked. "Right," Xander said. The look on Xander's face showed that he was considering the option.

Julie and Doug set up for the Grant surprise anniversary party at Julie's Place. As Julie and Doug reminisced about the string of weddings the previous year, it reminded Julie of Ciara's tragic wedding day. "And after all this time, Ciara has decided to leave Ben again," Julie said. "I still believe that Ben and Ciara will have their day," Doug said. Julie asked Doug how he could be so sure.

"Because I have faith. Faith that great love like Ben and Ciara's will beat the odds," Doug said. Doug added that love like that did not fade away. "I love being married to a romantic who always sees the bright side," Julie said. "I get to wake up to your smiling face every morning," Doug countered. Julie started to fret about Ciara again, and Doug assured her that Ciara was strong and independent, like Hope.

As Julie commented that she hated that Ciara lived across the world with Theo, Doug pointed out that Theo had walked into the restaurant. Julie screamed, and she jumped into Theo's arms for a hug. "Your sister, she is going to be so surprised," Julie said. When Doug said he only wished Ciara had joined Theo, he told them that Ciara was also in town. "She went to see Ben," Theo noted.

"Are Ciara and Ben getting back together?" Julie asked hopefully. Theo saw Chanel and Paulina walk in, and he excused himself. Chanel hugged Theo, and he asked Chanel if she minded that he was there. "All that matters is that we're both here for Eli and Lani," Chanel said. "Always good to celebrate love," Theo agreed.

Chanel told Theo about her plans to open a bakery. "You look good," Chanel said. "You, too. You seem different somehow," Theo said. Chanel told Theo about their parents dating. "More family weirdness," Chanel said.

In the corner, Julie approached Paulina as she set Chanel's cake down on the table. "I hear Chanel is a very talented baker," Doug said. Julie told Paulina about the doughnuts Chanel and Allie had made. Doug noted that the bakery would be a wonderful addition to the town square. A guilty Paulina forced a smile. Julie looked at her watch and wondered why Eli had not arrived yet.

When Eli arrived, he hugged Theo, and he told Paulina that she looked beautiful. "You look so handsome in your suit. And out of it, too, apparently," Paulina said as she looked over at Chanel. "Momma!" Chanel yelled. With a smirk, Eli walked over to talk to Doug and Julie. Eli explained that he had been held up at work for a possible homicide. When Eli noted that he had been at Julie's house to question someone, she guessed it was Xander.

"Actually, no. It was Gwen," Eli said. "What does Gwen have to do with a dead man in the lake?" Julie asked. Eli explained that Gwen was one of Snyder's patients. Concerned, Julie asked Eli why he wanted to question Gwen. "I'd rather not say at this point," Eli said. Julie yelled that she had a right to know if a murderer was living in her house. Doug assured Julie that Eli would warn them if necessary.

"Anyway, tonight is for Eli and Lani. Let's you and I focus on that," Doug said. Unfazed, Julie asked Eli if Gwen had a motive to kill Snyder. Eli's phone beeped with a notification from Abe. "Abe is about to bring Lani in!" Eli yelled. Everyone crouched down to hide.

Outside Julie's Place, Lani assured Abe that she was ready to act surprised by the party. "I will deliver the performance of my life," Lani said. When Abe and Lani walked in with the stroller, Lani commented on the lack of lights. "Surprise!" Everyone shouted as they jumped out. As promised, Lani acted surprised. "Did you do this?" Lani asked Eli. "I had help," Eli said. Lani spotted Theo, and she hugged him.

When Chanel told Lani that she was lucky to have a guy like Eli, Lani cocked her head, annoyed. "She means because he is such a great husband and dad, right?" Paulina said. "That, too," Chanel said with a grin. After Champagne was poured, Lani thanked everyone for attending the party. Lani told Theo she was anxious to catch up with him. "Actually, I do have some good news to share," Theo said. Abe interrupted to make a toast to the happy couple.

"To my spectacular daughter and her spectacular husband," Abe said. The twins started to cry. "And their spectacular children! May each day bring you closer to each other, and may each year you're together bring you as much happiness as you have this first year," Abe said. "To Eli and Lani!" Julie shouted. Everyone in the room raised their glasses.

As the party got underway, Doug and Julie sat down in a booth with Abe and Paulina. Julie asked, "What is the latest on the two of you?" Abe stammered for a moment. "We're having a torrid affair! If that's what you're asking," Paulina said with a laugh. "I guess that is what I'm asking," Julie said. Julie and Paulina laughed together.

A construction worker walked into the restaurant. "I'm looking for a Paulina Price," the worker announced. Julie pointed to Paulina. Paulina walked over to the worker, and he asked her to sign off on his demolition order. "This is really not a great time," Paulina whispered. The construction worker insisted, so Paulina signed the form, and he gave her a copy. After the worker left, Paulina lied and told Abe that it was for work slated to start on Monday.

"That guy said it was for demolition. What are you demolishing?" Chanel asked. "A wall here and there," Paulina said. When Lani asked Paulina if she needed a demolition order for the work, Abe thought about his conversation with Lani. Abe grabbed the work order from Paulina's hand. "This can't be," Abe murmured. Abe read through the order.

"They are going to demolish the Horton Town Square," Abe growled. Abe asked Eli to help him stop the work, and Lani followed them out the door. "This has to be a misunderstanding, right?" Julie asked Paulina. "Momma?" Chanel asked. As Paulina started to respond, Chanel walked out. Paulina glanced over and saw Julie's furious gaze. "I better go see what is happening," Paulina said as she followed her daughter out of the restaurant. "I knew it the first moment I set eyes on that woman. I knew she couldn't be trusted!" Julie yelped.

In the square, Eli ran into the construction zone, and he ordered the work to stop. "I got an order to demolish," the foreman said. Abe, Lani, and Chanel arrived in the square. "We are demoing this whole area," the foreman said.

"What? This is the Horton Town Square. It's the center of Salem," Lani argued. The foreman took a pry bar and removed the Tom and Alice plaque. "Not anymore, it isn't. It's the future home of Price Town," the foreman said. "What the hell is Price Town?" Abe asked. Paulina walked into the square, and Chanel and Lani raised an eyebrow at her.

Ben returned to his apartment, and he found Ciara was waiting for him there. "Is this really happening? Are you real?" Ben asked. "Of course, I'm real. Why would you think I wasn't?" Ciara asked. Ben explained that he had dreamed that he had found Ciara in his apartment. "You dreamed about me?" Ciara asked. Ben told Ciara that in his dream, she had recovered her memory and wanted to be with him.

"Tell me that's what is happening right now. That you came back to me, and that my dream is coming true," Ben said. Ciara told Ben that she had not gotten her memory back. Ben asked Ciara why she was in town. "I need you to sign those divorce papers," Ciara said. Ciara asked Ben why he had not answered her messages.

"I am not ignoring you, and I can't stop thinking about you," Ben admitted. Ciara demanded that Ben give her a copy of the signed divorce papers. Ben refused. "I stared at [the papers] for about a week. Then I burned them," Ben said. Ciara groaned, then she reached into her purse for an envelope.

"I brought an extra set. You know, just in case," Ciara said. Ciara handed a pen and the papers to Ben. "I don't want to hurt you. I'm just trying to move on. Please," Ciara said. Ben told Ciara that he had wanted to give her space. "I cannot look you in your face and pretend that I am okay with signing these damn divorce papers, because I am not. And I am never going to be," Ben said. "That's your problem," Ciara said.

Ben argued that he would not waste an opportunity to remind Ciara of their past life together. "You are a murderer. Why would I want to remember someone like you?" Ciara said. "Because you love me! You love me, and deep down, you remember that, and you remember us," Ben argued. Ciara told Ben that he was right not to follow her to Africa.

"I have moved on, okay? I have a life there with Theo. A life that has absolutely nothing to do with you," Ciara said. "I cannot accept that you are with Theo," Ben said. Ciara told Ben he did not have a choice, because she wanted to be with Theo. Ben shook his head. Ben told Ciara that she would remember, and he would not stop fighting for her until then.

"I refuse to sign these papers just because you hit your head too hard," Ben said. Ciara yelled at Ben to sign the papers. Frustrated, Ben asked why it mattered when the papers were signed. "Because Theo and I are engaged," Ciara said.

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Karla Mosley welcomes her second child


Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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