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Evidence on Thomas' phone freed Liam and Bill. Bill banished Justin from Bill's life. Justin offered Ridge an opportunity to have the upper hand on Bill. Carter agreed to stay away from Quinn, but he kissed her the very next day. Finn asked Steffy to take a serious step with him.
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Bill was devastated by Justin's betrayal, and Carter and Quinn got passionate once again
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An unexpected delivery bolsters Thomas' story An unexpected delivery bolsters Thomas' story

Monday, July 12, 2021

At Eric's house, Brooke and Ridge were with Eric. Thomas texted Ridge from Hope's phone to say he was okay. Eric asked where Thomas had been. Thomas said he'd explain later. Brooke was glad Thomas was okay. Ridge, however, was irate that his son hadn't called him, and he'd made a fool of himself, looking for Thomas over at Spencer.

Eric knew what it was like to want to get away from things. Noting that Quinn's portrait was still up, Brooke asked Eric to say he wouldn't give Quinn another chance. Eric was tired of giving Quinn chances and upset that she'd cheated on him with someone he knew, loved, and trusted.

Ridge figured that they'd all trusted Carter, Ridge's best friend. Eric didn't know how Carter could have done it to "us." Ridge felt that it wasn't like Carter, who was a good man. Eric concurred, as did Brooke. Brooke said Carter didn't do those types of things, but Quinn did. It was obvious to Brooke that Carter hadn't stood a chance; Quinn had infected Carter.

Eric hadn't even wanted that renewal ceremony, but Quinn had insisted. Brooke guessed he knew why. Eric ranted about all her talk about new beginnings. Ridge asked how Carter had even been able to stand there and conduct the ceremony. Eric replied that he'd asked Carter to do it. Brooke stated that Eric hadn't known.

"But he knew!" Ridge responded, referring to Carter. Ridge said that Carter had known that everything he'd said about Quinn being faithful had been a lie. Eric didn't blame Ridge for being angry about it. Ridge replied that Eric should be angry. Eric yelled that he was angry, and he didn't know what to think of Carter anymore.

In the design office, Carter was working when Quinn arrived. He asked why she was there. She held up a moving box. He said he was sorry. She replied that Eric wouldn't be in, so she thought it was a good time to clear out her stuff -- and run into Carter.

Quinn asked how Carter was and noted that he still worked there. He assumed that it would change after he spoke with Eric and Ridge. He hadn't seen the men since the ceremony. Quinn grimaced. She guessed the bright side was that he didn't have to officiate any more Forrester weddings. He guessed he was off the hook. She asked what he'd do next.

Carter was working on his resignation letter. He couldn't fathom that Eric would keep him on. Carter assumed Eric hated him. Quinn responded that Eric was hurt and disappointed, but hate wasn't his style. Carter agreed but said things wouldn't ever be the same. Carter stated that he'd done the unforgivable. He joked that he didn't know if Quinn had heard, but he'd had an affair with the boss's wife.

Quinn asked where things stood with Carter and Zoe. Carter conveyed that Zoe wanted nothing to do with him. The man Zoe had thought she'd been marrying hadn't been capable of it, and she felt as if he'd betrayed her. Quinn conveyed that Carter and Zoe hadn't even been together, and Quinn was the one who'd betrayed Zoe. Quinn recalled that Zoe had said many awful things when the women had spoken that day.

Carter asked if Quinn had talked to Zoe. Frowning, Quinn replied that Zoe hadn't wanted to hear anything Quinn had had to say, and Zoe had been most upset that Quinn had lied to Eric. Quinn didn't blame Zoe. Quinn felt she'd betrayed the only man who'd truly loved her, and she'd destroyed her marriage. Carter replied that they'd both let Eric down.

Carter told Quinn that he wouldn't lay blame upon her, no matter how it turned out. Sighing, Quinn said he could. He insisted that he'd known what he'd been doing. He'd known what he had been risking, and he needed to face it.

Carter's phone rang. It was Eric, requesting that Carter meet at the mansion. Carter agreed to be right there. After the call, Quinn murmured that she didn't want Carter to lose everything he'd worked for. Carter thanked her. They shared a gaze, and he took off.

As Quinn packed, she picked up the photo of herself and Eric. She recalled rendezvousing with Eric in Monte Carlo. "Packing up?" Brooke said, waltzing into the office. Brooke had seen Quinn's car in the lot and had apprised Charlie of what was happening. Brooke advised Quinn to leave her badge on the way out.

Quinn asked if Brooke was there to gloat or make sure Quinn didn't steal a stapler. Brooke didn't care what Quinn took. Brooke just wanted Quinn gone. Quinn suggested that Brooke leave, so that Quinn could get to it. "No shame? No humility?" Brooke wondered.

Quinn asked what Brooke wanted from her. Guessing it was a personal mea culpa, Quinn said she didn't owe Brooke that -- or anything at all. Brooke stated that Quinn had had everything in the world; she'd had Eric, who would have given her anything. All Quinn had had to do had been to stay faithful. "But you blew it," Brooke asserted.

Back at Eric's house, there was a knock at the door. Ridge offered to handle it, but Eric said he had it. Eric asked the person to enter. Carter strode into the house. "Ridge...Eric..." Carter was glad that the men had wanted to talk. Carter began to apologize, but Eric stated that it wasn't why Carter was there. Carter didn't want to make it difficult. He'd already started writing his resignation letter that morning.

Eric interrupted Carter, saying that all he'd asked of Carter had been loyalty -- loyalty to the family and the business. Ridge conveyed that they'd made Carter a part of it because they'd believed in Carter and his judgment. Eric couldn't believe Carter had done it. Eric didn't believe Carter could do that kind of thing to anyone -- especially not to Eric.

"Is this who you are?" Eric asked. He wondered if it had been Carter all along, but Eric was just then seeing it. Even though Carter had confessed, Eric still couldn't believe it. He yelled that Carter had slept with Quinn; he'd had an affair with Eric's wife.

At the jail, the shackled Liam asked an officer if his lawyer knew about the transport. Ignoring the question, the officer said the transport was ready and led Liam out.

At the police station, Thomas and Hope followed Deputy Chief Baker into his office. They were adamant that Baker let Liam go because they had evidence that Vinny had thrown himself in front of Liam's car, but Baker said Liam was being moved to a higher-security facility because of his charges. That didn't make sense to Hope, who implored Baker to let her husband go.

Thomas and Hope explained to Baker that Vinny had been tracking Liam, and when Vinny had seen Liam driving in Vinny's direction, Vinny had stepped into the road. Baker assumed they were saying that Vinny had wanted to end his life. Hope added that, in turn, it could have ended Liam's life with her.

Thomas explained that Vinny hadn't been able to live with what he'd done and thought that, with Liam out of the way, Hope and Thomas would be together. Thomas knew that it sounded crazy, but Vinny had detailed it in a video he'd made the night he'd died. Baker expressed interest in seeing that piece of compelling evidence. Thomas said it was on his phone, but he didn't have his phone. "You don't have the phone?" Baker cynically asked.

Thomas didn't have the phone, but he knew who did. Thomas assumed "he" had probably deleted everything. Hope asked if there was a way to recover it. Thomas was sure there was but said they needed the actual phone. Baker was willing to look at any proof that they'd bring him, but he wasn't about to stop Liam's transfer.

Just then, an officer arrived with a plain manila envelope someone had dropped off for Baker. When Baker opened it, he found a phone inside. Thomas recognized it as his own phone.

Thomas checked the phone. It was all there. "Justin must have realized..." Thomas said. He stopped talking and showed Baker the video that Vinny had made the night of his death. Thomas shed tears and stifled a sob as the video played all the way until Liam and Bill scrambled around the car to check Vinny. Hope gasped, saying it was horrible.

Crying, Thomas didn't know why Vinny had thought Thomas would want that. Baker was deep in thought as Thomas said it was apparent that Vinny had known what he'd been doing, and it hadn't been Liam's fault. Hope added that Baker couldn't keep Liam locked up anymore.

Baker replied that it wasn't his call to make. Thomas asked if Baker would ever have arrested Liam if Thomas had been able to show the video back when Baker had interviewed Thomas. Hope told Baker that he could call the D.A. and stop the transport. Looking out the window, she said the transport was still there, and she implored Baker to stop it.

From the window, Hope could see prisoners in the parking lot, being filed into a transport van. Liam was the last among them. The guard behind him shoved him. Hope decided that if Baker wouldn't stop it, she would. Thomas and Baker gave chase as Hope ran out of the room.

Outside, the sliding door of the van closed, and the van rolled toward the exit gate. Hope screamed Liam's name and ran toward the van. Thomas called after her. Baker rushed by Thomas, talking into a radio. Hope booked it down the street.

A guard appeared and stopped the van. The vehicle's door slid open. Hope glanced at Baker, who waved her ahead. She grinned and turned to see an officer setting Liam free. Liam and Hope ran to each other, and she jumped on him.

Liam spun Hope around and asked her what was happening. Confused, Liam looked at Baker. Baker waved, and Thomas winked and nodded. Hope told Liam that he was coming home. He repeated what she'd said, and they kissed.

Eric offers Carter a chance at redemption Eric offers Carter a chance at redemption

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

In the parking lot at the jail, Liam held onto Hope. He still didn't understand what was happening. Grinning, Hope announced that the truth had finally gotten out, and he was going home. Liam looked to Deputy Chief Baker and Thomas, who nodded, smiling. Liam repeated that he was going home, and he and Hope hugged.

Everyone returned inside police headquarters. Liam was still in prison blues and had a million questions. With a buzz, the barred doors leading back to the jail opened. Bill strode in with an officer behind him and asked what was going on. Baker asked Hope and Thomas to fill them in.

Thomas explained that there was proof that Liam hadn't intentionally hit Vinny. Liam was stunned, and Bill asked where the proof had come from.

Later, Liam asked how Vinny had been the one to reveal the truth. Thomas explained that after he'd reset his phone, a bunch of texts and a video had come through on it. They'd all come from Vinny and had been sent the night he'd stepped in front of the car.

Thomas held up his phone and played Vinny's swan song video. Bill and Liam listened in disbelief as Vinny explained that he was doing it for Thomas, who'd have a family with Hope and would never have to worry about Liam again. Baker grimaced when Vinny walked into the path of the car, Liam was enthralled, and Bill resolutely nodded.

Liam asked what Vinny had been saying and if he'd stepped in front of the car on purpose. Thomas nodded, and Bill flashed Liam a look of hope. Baker said they conclusively knew that Liam hadn't murdered Vincent Walker; for his own tragic reasons, Vinny had taken his own life.

Thomas uttered that it had all been a setup, and Vinny had known what he'd been doing. "He did this intentionally?" the bewildered Liam asked, and Bill rolled his eyes as if frustrated that Liam hadn't gotten it yet. Hope said Vinny had planned the whole thing, and Liam had done nothing wrong. Liam glanced at the nodding Bill.

Liam conveyed that he finally knew that it hadn't been a coincidence about Vinny being there that night. Thomas said Vinny had hoped to frame Liam for murder so that Thomas could be with Hope. "Are you serious?" Bill asked. Thomas wanted everyone to know that he hadn't put Vinny up to that or said anything to give Vinny that idea.

Liam said Thomas didn't have to do that. Liam believed Thomas and thanked him. Bill thanked Thomas, too, because Thomas hadn't had to turn in that video. Baker stated that he'd called the D.A. Liam and Bill had still left the scene of the accident and hadn't reported it right away; however, because of the evidence of the extenuating circumstances, the D.A. wanted to offer a deal.

"Time served, a substantial fine, and your drivers' licenses revoked for a period of time. Do you accept?" Baker asked. Bill and Liam readily agreed. They signed the paperwork Baker handed them. Baker said he'd send copies to their lawyer, and they were free to go.

Bill and Liam clasped hands, and Liam hugged Hope. Bill thanked Hope and Thomas for really coming through for Bill and Liam. Baker said he needed to do some paperwork and gestured for Bill to accompany him. Thomas decided he should leave and talk to Bill about Justin.

Before Thomas left, Liam offered his hand. He said Thomas had saved his life. Liam wouldn't forget it. Thomas shook Liam's hand and exited. Liam asked if it was really happening and if he was really free. He and Hope hugged again.

Later, Liam had redressed in the clothes he'd been arrested in, and he and Hope strolled through the parking lot to the car. It was hard for him to wrap his head around it all, and he suspected that there was more to it. Hope said she'd explain it all later, but the most important thing was that he was free. Liam replied that it was due to her undying support.

Liam asked if he'd said how much he loved Hope. Hope affirmed her love for him and the fact that he was going home. Liam's face flushed with joy.

At Eric's mansion, Carter was contrite about his affair with Quinn. He hadn't known why he'd done it or abandoned who he was inside. He'd truly hurt the man who'd always treated him with respect, and he couldn't express how remorseful he was. Not that it mattered, but he conveyed that he'd thought about telling Eric on his own.

Eric asked why Carter hadn't and if he'd feared for his job. It hadn't been about the job, and Carter understood why Eric wouldn't want Carter around as a constant reminder. Eric agreed that it would be. It would be a reminder of his wife's infidelity, and Eric had never been as disappointed with anyone as he was with Carter at that moment.

Ridge said that it hadn't been just Carter. It had also been Quinn. "But I knew better," Carter responded, "and I still gave in." Carter intended to deliver his resignation by the end of the day, and he was sorry for letting Eric down. Carter turned to leave, but Eric said they weren't done.

Eric couldn't adequately articulate his disillusionment. His marriage was over. Carter deeply regretted crossing the line and making the biggest mistake of his life, and he knew that Quinn felt the same way. "You don't defend that woman, not here," Ridge replied.

Carter was sure Eric hated him. Eric admitted to those feelings but said Ridge had advised compartmentalizing them -- putting them in boxes. "Let's do that," Eric decided. In one box was Carter, someone the family depended upon, an enthusiastic family member, honorary brother, and son. In the other box was Eric's anger at Carter, the man Eric could barely look at.

Eric didn't know what to do with that box. He couldn't have it in the house. "Just take it outside and bury it, bury it in the deep, because it reeks. It reeks of betrayal," Eric said.

Ridge said that, in a way, Carter had saved the family a lot of heartache by exposing Quinn for who she was. According to Ridge, Eric had tried over and over, but it was time the family was finally done with Quinn Fuller. "I'm not sure we're done with you," Ridge said to Carter.

Eric stated that his marriage had been on the verge, and Carter had just pushed it over the edge. Eric didn't believe Quinn was ever going to change, and her promises to do so had been empty. Eric offered Carter another chance, but it was conditional on one thing. "You stay the hell away from Quinn," Eric stated.

Carter gazed on in disbelief. Ridge explained that Carter needed to stay away from Quinn because he was the lawyer representing Eric in his divorce. Eric asked if Carter would have trouble with that. Carter claimed he wouldn't and thanked Eric for the second chance.

Eric told Carter not to betray Eric again. "There can be no relationship of any kind between you and Quinn," Eric declared. Carter understood and wouldn't let either of them down.

Carter strode toward the door, but Eric stopped him again. "Take this with you. Take it down. Take it with you," Eric instructed, gesturing to Quinn's portrait on the wall. Eric didn't care what Carter did with it, but Eric never wanted to see it again. Carter approached the portrait.

In the design office, Brooke said "we" could pack Quinn's things for her and send them to her wherever she wound up. Quinn preferred to do it herself. Brooke warned Quinn not to take anything that didn't belong to her but remembered that Quinn had already done that by taking Carter away from Zoe. Quinn replied that she hadn't, and Zoe and Carter hadn't been together.

Brooke guessed that kind made it okay with Quinn. It didn't, but Quinn wouldn't let Brooke stand there and judge her. Brooke offered to hold up a mirror to show Quinn that she was the woman Brooke had known Quinn was from the moment they'd met. Quinn claimed that Brooke had never taken the time to get to know Quinn and had just deemed Quinn wrong for Eric from the beginning. In Quinn's view, Brooke hadn't tried to get to know Quinn.

Brooke replied that she hadn't done anything. Quinn had made her own bed. It delighted Brooke to no end, Quinn was sure. Brooke didn't deny that it would delight her -- if it didn't hurt Eric so much. Brooke believed that Quinn had destroyed Eric with the affair. Eric wouldn't get over it, and Brooke would never forgive Quinn.

Groaning, Quinn said Brooke's opinion of Quinn didn't matter. Brooke recalled that it once had. Quinn agreed; it had when she'd wanted harmony in her marriage, and she'd wanted the family to see how good she'd been for Eric. Brooke said she'd never seen Quinn as good for Eric. Instead, Brooke had seen Quinn as an untrustworthy guilty pleasure.

Claiming to have a reason for what she'd done, Quinn doubted that Brooke wanted to hear it or would try to understand it. Quinn's marriage to Eric had lasted longer than Brooke had imagined -- and then Quinn's cruel ways had done her in. What really got Brooke was that a decent man like Carter had gotten pulled into Quinn's poison.

In Quinn's view, Brooke had raced to Eric the moment she'd learned, and the idea of exposing Quinn in front of everyone had been too delicious, even if it meant breaking Eric's heart. Brooke replied that Quinn was the one who delighted in exposing secrets and asked Quinn to recall what she'd done to Brooke and Ridge.

Quinn said Brooke admitted that it was just payback under the guise of caring for Eric. Quinn wished she could tell Eric that, but she knew he'd take Brooke's side over Quinn's, as he always did. Brooke replied that Eric would take her side because she was a woman with a heart that beat; she was warm, kind, and loving, not cruel, calculating, and cold like Quinn.

Quinn asserted that Brooke was determined to think the worst of Quinn, as usual. Brooke quipped that Quinn never disappointed. Despite her mistakes, Quinn believed she was a better wife than Brooke had ever been. Brooke ordered Quinn not to dare compare herself with Brooke's relationship with Eric. Brooke cared about what was best for him, unlike Quinn. Eric was rid of Quinn. They all were, and she'd never infect the family again.

Quinn was amazed that Brooke was celebrating the end of Quinn's marriage and would rather Eric be alone for the rest of his life than be with Quinn. Brooke said that whatever the future held for Eric, it would be better than being Quinn's husband. Brooke was happy that Paris had had the courage to tell the truth. Brooke would have hated to see Quinn get away with deceiving Eric and professing love for him in the same breath.

Quinn asked if Brooke was done. "The point is -- you are," Brooke retorted, declaring, "Goodbye, Quinn."

Bill learns the scope of Justin's betrayal Bill learns the scope of Justin's betrayal

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

An emotional Liam continued to try to wrap his head around his release from jail. Liam repeatedly stepped into his kids' room to watch them sleep. For the first time since his release, Liam learned how he'd been cleared of any wrongdoing. Hope filled Liam in on Justin's plot. Liam wondered how Bill would take the news of Justin's betrayal.

"I wonder if I'll ever get used to how quickly things changed around here," Paris told Zende in disbelief. Though she said she had no idea what had prompted Liam and Bill's release from jail, she was sure that it would only be a matter of time before the details became public. Turning to a slightly different topic, the pair discussed Carter and Quinn's affair. Paris admitted that she did not know when -- or if -- Zoe would be returning from Europe.

Paris wondered if the Carter/Quinn situation might lead Zende to make a play for Zoe. Zende made it clear that he was only interested in Paris.

Wyatt walked into his dad's office at Spencer Publications and found Bill and Katie sharing a kiss. Katie questioned how Bill was suddenly and seemingly inexplicably released from jail. As if on cue, Thomas arrived at Bill's office, and Bill told Thomas that he could have the honor of explaining how everything had gone down. "There was no accident that night. Vinny orchestrated the whole thing," Thomas muttered. He explained that Vinny had tracked Liam's location via an app and then stepped in front of the car.

Katie and Wyatt reacted strongly to the news. Thomas then explained that he hadn't gotten any messages or calls from Vinny on the night of the no-longer-an-accident because he had blocked Vinny from contacting him. According to Thomas, when he'd reset his phone and unblocked Vinny, all the messages, calls, and videos had rung through. Katie asked why Thomas hadn't stepped up the moment he'd gotten the messages so that Bill and Liam hadn't needed to sit in jail.

Thomas assured everyone that he had wanted to come forward sooner, but he had been unable to because Justin had held him captive in a storage facility. Katie and Bill looked at each other in disbelief. Thomas shared that Justin had wanted Bill to remain in prison for as long as possible because Justin wanted "to make a play for Spencer." Moments later, Justin entered the office. He gruffly said, "Dollar Bill. Back on your throne." Wyatt, Katie, Bill, and Thomas all turned toward him with scowls on their faces.

"Thomas made an unfathomable accusation before you came in," Bill said, struggling to remain composed. Bill begged Justin to tell him that Thomas was lying. Justin admitted that Thomas was telling the truth. Katie gasped as Bill doubled over from the figurative gut-punch he'd received. Justin went further, revealing that he had deleted all the evidence from Thomas's phone, but he'd restored it before turning the phone over to the police. Justin apologized to everyone in the room.

Thomas, however, replied that Justin could not apologize enough for what he'd done. As he prepared to leave, Bill called out to Thomas, thanked him, and said that Thomas had a "clean slate" with him. Bill extended his hand. Thomas walked toward Bill's desk, and the two men shook hands. Thomas then left the office. Bill told Katie and Wyatt that while he enjoyed being back "home" with them, he needed a few moments alone with Justin. Katie and Wyatt left and closed the office door behind them.

Bill was clearly filled with both anger and pain. He struggled not to cry as he lashed out at his friend. "You were going to let me and my son rot in a cell while you attempted to steal my company?" Bill demanded to know. Justin stood silent, tears streaming down his cheek. When Bill mentioned everything he had done for Justin, Justin broke his silence and fired back. "Everything you've done for me? You mean the constant disrespect? Always taking me for granted?" Justin reminded Bill that he had devoted decades to Bill and Spencer with the hope that his loyalty would pay off one day. "But that day never came," Justin snapped.

Bill claimed Justin had concocted an alternate reality of how things were. "There is no relationship -- personally or professionally -- that matters more to me," Bill said, his voice cracking. "You're my best friend. You're my confidant. You are my wingman. You are my blood brother," Bill said. No longer able to hold back the tears, Bill growled, "And now you are my Judas! You have betrayed me in the most heinous way!"

In a chilling tone, Justin replied, "What can I say? I learned from the best." Justin sobbed openly but noted that he'd realized that what he had been doing had been wrong, and he'd tried to take steps to make things right. But by the time he had, Thomas had already gotten free. "Yeah, I got caught up," Justin admitted, but he added, "I am hoping that you, with all of your flaws, can recognize the honest and earnest apology that I am giving you and somehow, someway find a place in your heart to forgive me."

Bill forced Justin to say the name of the company. When Justin did, Bill pointed out that it was his father who had started the company, and that he had made it the "international empire" that it was. He continued, noting that it would be his children that would take over the company. There was never any plan, Bill snarled, for Justin to run the company. "You are not blood," Bill yelled, insisting, "What you are is my right hand, my legal counsel. And as such, you have been revered and respected and paid oh so handsomely."

Justin claimed that his anger and resentment had turned him into someone that even he did not recognize -- but he assured Bill that he was back. Bill said that he didn't even know who Justin was anymore. What he did know, however, was that Justin had stabbed him in the back. "I will not forgive. I will not forget," Bill growled. He added, "And you know better than anyone that no one betrays me! You are dead to me. I never want to see your face again."

Bill ordered Justin out of his office. Justin, his eyes red and filled with tears, walked toward the exit but turned back to look at Bill. Bill said nothing. When Justin exited and closed the door behind him, Bill began to cry.

Justin makes an offer that Ridge and Thomas shouldn't refuse Justin makes an offer that Ridge and Thomas shouldn't refuse

Thursday, July 15, 2021

At Spencer, Katie was showing Bill pictures of Will in the school play. Wyatt arrived and said his father was looking good out of his prison blues. Bill joked that it had been a good color on him. Katie mentioned how much Will had missed Bill. Bill couldn't get enough of Will, whom Bill had missed the most. Wyatt made a noise and gesture to query whether he was included.

Bill had missed Wyatt, too, but it had been hard for Bill to be away from his youngest son and Katie. Bill said that if it had been up to Justin, Bill would be rotting away in prison. Justin had been Bill's so-called best friend, and it was hard for Bill to believe that Justin wasn't the man Bill had thought Justin had been.

Wyatt found it ironic that, for once, Thomas had tried to do the right thing and had been caged for it. Bill said he'd never given Thomas credit. Wyatt remarked that Bill had never liked Thomas, but Bill quipped that he'd never seen Wyatt shake pom-poms for Thomas, either.

Katie thought that Thomas had made himself hard to like with his bad decisions, but she had to give him credit for working hard and putting himself on the right path. Bill said that Thomas was the reason that Bill was back ruling his kingdom and that Liam was having breakfast with his children. Bill owed Thomas a debt of gratitude for that.

The topic turned back to Justin's betrayal. Wyatt said Bill and Justin had been through a lot over the years. "Decades," Bill corrected; it had been decades. Bill had put all his faith in Justin, and he'd thought he and Justin had had a tremendous bond. In reality, Justin had been harboring resentment and had been miserable enough to try to steal Bill's company.

Bill emphasized that he'd never questioned Justin's allegiance. The thought had never crossed his mind that Justin had been capable of that. Wyatt said it was the same for all of them. Katie knew how close Justin and Bill were, but Bill said the two-faced traitor was dead to him.

Katie noted that Justin and Bill had been friends for a long time, and Justin had been Bill's constant ally in work and life. Wyatt believed they'd have a hard time filling Justin's shoes; no one knew the intricacies of Spencer the way Justin did. Bill asserted that Justin had been trying to take the company, not only from Bill, but from Wyatt and his brothers.

Wyatt got that and wasn't excusing Justin's behavior. Katie and Wyatt thought Justin was delusional to think he'd get away with his crazy plan. Justin had clearly lost it. Katie wanted Bill to make sure, for his sake and the sake of the relationship, that it was completely unforgivable.

"I'm sure, Katie. No way," Bill said with deathly seriousness. It wasn't just about the coup. It was about respect and brotherhood. Justin had treated that guy like family. "And he turns on me? No. I will never forget what he did -- betraying me," Bill uttered.

Bill was angry that he'd been in a jail cell, and Justin had been throwing himself a pity party. Wyatt didn't know why Justin hadn't voiced his discontent. Bill raged that he'd been trusting Justin to run things and get him and Liam out of jail, but Justin had been in Bill's chair, plotting a takeover. Wyatt couldn't fathom that Justin had been sitting on exonerating evidence.

Bill griped that he'd still be behind bars if it had been up to Justin. Katie said the children would have grown up without their fathers. Wyatt decided he'd give it to Justin for having a change of heart in the end. Bill told Wyatt to give Justin nothing; the walls had been closing in, and Justin had had no choice but to come forward.

In Bill's mind, that freaking phony deserved no sympathy. There was no justification for what Justin had done, leaving Liam and Bill in the jail cell. "So, to answer your question, Katie, no. I will not have one ounce of forgiveness for what Justin did. Not that it matters. Ridge will make him pay for what he did to Thomas," Bill concluded.

At Forrester, Brooke and Steffy sat at the conference table in the CEO's office, and Ridge and Thomas sat on the other side of the room by the desk and drafting table. Steffy was glad that Bill and Liam were out of jail, and she couldn't imagine what Vinny had been going through to commit suicide to set Liam up, paving the way for Thomas to be with Hope. Thomas hadn't realized how much Vinny had been struggling, but the truth was out.

Brooke stated that Liam was grateful. Ridge was happy to have Thomas back safe. Steffy couldn't believe Justin had held her brother captive. Thomas stated that nothing bad had happened to him, and Liam was back with his family. In Ridge's view, it was all because Bill had made a bad decision, starting the whole chain of events.

Ridge ranted that it had been Bill's fault because Bill hadn't called the paramedics like a normal person. Bill had created the whole mess, according to Ridge. Thomas didn't think that was entirely true and asked how Bill could know that Justin would make a play for Spencer. Brooke thought Justin should be held accountable.

Ridge said Justin would be arrested soon enough and out of their lives for good. "Just like Quinn," Brooke replied, saying Eric had finally gotten rid of Quinn. Steffy thought that was something else to celebrate. Thomas felt bad for Carter. Ridge said it wasn't necessary because Eric had agreed to keep Carter on at Forrester. Steffy was amazed to hear it.

Ridge stated that they all knew that Carter was a good guy. It made Brooke wonder how Carter had allowed himself to get caught up in Quinn. Ridge said Eric had agreed to look past it as long as Carter stayed away from Quinn. Ridge was okay with giving Carter another chance because Carter had gotten caught up in something -- or someone -- and deeply regretted it.

Thomas had thought that sleeping with Quinn would put Carter out. Steffy grimaced at the thought of those two together. Ridge said it had been wrong; it had been a mistake and unethical, and one shouldn't sleep with the boss's wife.

Thomas added that Carter had been Eric and Ridge's friend and ran the operations of the company. Thomas still thought Carter was best for the job, and if Thomas were Carter, he'd be shocked to get to keep the job. Ridge said when he and Eric had talked to Carter, Carter hadn't thought he'd keep his job.

Brooke said Carter was an exceptional guy, and it had to be embarrassing for him. Agreeing, Ridge doubted it would make Carter's highlights reel, but he'd promised to never let them down again. Steffy was glad it was working out because Carter deserved a chance to redeem himself. Ridge agreed and believed Carter would do it.

Later, Ridge and Thomas were alone, and Ridge asked if his son was okay. Thomas had a tough time grappling with the fact that Vinny had committed suicide. Thomas had known Vinny had been distraught and thought that Vinny could have talked to Thomas if Thomas hadn't blocked the phone number. Ridge said not to do that because Thomas would have been supportive. Thomas affirmed it and wished he had been there to do it.

To Ridge and Thomas' surprise, Justin arrived. Justin said that, before they called the police, they should hear him out. They'd be glad they did. Reaching for the phone, Ridge said Justin was crazy to think he could throw Ridge from a helicopter and then kidnap Ridge's kid. Justin asked who Ridge was calling, and Ridge indicated he was calling the police.

Justin didn't think Ridge wanted to do that, even if he and Thomas weren't too fond of Justin at that moment. Justin was there to make a deal, one they wouldn't want to refuse. Justin thought he'd face serious charges, but he didn't plan to spend a night in jail. Thomas asked why Justin would possibly think they wouldn't press charges.

Justin indicated that his offer was more valuable than his arrest. Ridge asked what that was. "My loyalty," Justin replied. If Ridge and Thomas didn't press charges, that meant Justin would owe them big time. Justin stated that Bill was jealous of Ridge, and Ridge hated Bill more than anyone in the world. No one knew Bill like Justin -- the good, the bad, all the dirt. Justin was ready to spill the tea. "So, like I said, do this for me, I'll be loyal -- for life," Justin concluded.

At Carter's house, the shirtless lawyer had just prepared a bag for a workout. There was a knock at his door. The grinning Quinn was on the other side when he answered, shamelessly allowing her eyes to flutter over him. He asked what she was doing there. She claimed that she'd had to see him and asked if she could enter the loft.

Carter let Quinn in. She assumed she had impeccable timing and continued to ogle him. Grinning, he said she shouldn't be there. They exchanged lustful gazes.

Quinn knew that she and Carter couldn't be seen together, and she'd disrupted his life. He felt that he was equally to blame. Disagreeing, she replied that she'd messed up so many times that it was over with Eric. As Carter pulled on his shirt, he stated that he didn't know what to say.

Quinn didn't, either. Openly flirtatious, she said she and Eric had started divorce proceedings, and she thought she'd get legal advice from the most gifted lawyer she knew. Carter replied that he couldn't discuss her divorce with her. She said he was the only person she trusted, but he told her that he couldn't be her lawyer because he was representing Eric.

Quinn stammered. She thought Eric wouldn't want anything to do with Carter. Carter said that when Eric had called him to the house, Carter had thought he'd be fired. It hadn't gone down that way, and Carter was still COO and lead counsel at Forrester. She guessed it explained why he was representing Eric. She was thrilled for Carter; even though Eric was through with her, she said Carter still had much more to offer.

Carter was still shocked that Eric would give the second chance. Ridge had pleaded Carter's case for him and had had Carter's back. Quinn was thrilled. She'd never wanted Carter to lose everything due to his involvement with her. However, she was a little sad that the man she'd gotten attached to would be opposing her in her divorce.

Quinn was glad both of their lives hadn't exploded over it. She was devastated that she'd hurt Eric, but she and Carter had had a real connection. She understood that Eric was giving Carter a second chance, which meant that Carter and Quinn couldn't see each other. Quinn guessed Carter was trying to say that it was the last time they could be alone together.

Carter and Quinn succumb to temptation once again Carter and Quinn succumb to temptation once again

Friday, July 16, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy discussed Liam keeping Kelly for the night. Steffy was glad Kelly was getting time with her dad again. Sighing, Finn guessed they should fill out the birth certificate for their son. Steffy wanted to talk to Finn about an idea she had for Hayes's name.

Finn asked if Steffy had second thoughts about the name. Steffy was happy that they could honor her mother with the boy's first name, and she asked how Finn felt about naming the child Hayes Forrester-Finnegan. Steffy said that Kelly had her father's name, Spencer, and she wanted Hayes to have his mother's name, too.

Finn understood it and said two names were better than one. All that mattered to Finn was that they would be a family. With Hayes there, Finn was eager to make it official and marry Steffy. She looked forward to it, too -- and to the honeymoon, assuming she'd be ready to be away from Hayes. She couldn't imagine it yet.

Finn offered to do the honeymoon there, kids included. Steffy chuckled. He said they'd do another one on their anniversary for just the two of them. She had faith that he could talk her into that. Finn was looking to talk her into more things, too.

Grinning, Finn told Steffy that it was the happiest he'd ever been. She'd changed his life, given him a son, and made him a husband. Steffy didn't see a wedding band on her finger. Finn thought she'd have one soon -- maybe even that day.

Later, Steffy said she and Finn hadn't done any planning or inviting. Finn didn't mind if it was just the two of them and their one special witness. Looking at the baby, Steffy said he'd need to do some signing. Finn replied that they'd figure it out. He asked what she'd say if she were to state her vows right then. She asked if he was serious. He was.

Steffy replied that Finn was extraordinary. He'd helped her through a rough time in her life. She appreciated that. He'd given her a beautiful son. She hoped Hayes had his father's voice. Steffy called Finn sexy and understanding. She said it was her turn to listen.

Finn was grateful to marry a strong, confident woman. He couldn't imagine his life without her. She'd made what his life was that day. She'd made him a father, and he wanted her to make him a husband. Finn pulled wedding rings out of his pocket.

Finn said he and Steffy had said their vows, so they should just do it. He promised to love, honor, and cherish her, and he asked if she would do the same. Steffy sighed, and he urged her to just do it -- just say yes.

At Spencer, Wyatt wanted to know how they'd fill the void of legal counsel with Justin gone. Bill roared that he didn't ever want to hear that name in the building again. He didn't care what happened to Justin, as long as he stayed far away from Bill and the company.

Wyatt tried to ask if there was the slightest chance, but Bill sliced the sentence off, saying there was no way after Justin had attempted a coup. Katie mentioned forgiveness or healing. "Forgiveness? Not an option -- ever!" Bill raged.

Wyatt had seen that Justin had been stressed but had thought it had had to do with Bill and Liam's cases. Bill said Wyatt was lucky that Justin had gotten caught, because Wyatt would have been next on the hit list.

Wyatt had to leave for an affiliate meeting. After he had gone, Katie decided she had to go, also, before Zach's dad dropped Will off. Bill asked to be included in Will's schedule and added to the carpool detail. Katie was surprised. Bill asked if she didn't think he could get in the carpool like any other dad. She agreed to take him up on it and asked what he was doing that night. He wasn't doing anything. She invited him over to see Will, and Bill said he'd be there.

Before Katie left, she turned and said she wouldn't tell Bill what to do about Justin, who was his best friend. Bill stated that it was past tense. Katie understood that Justin's betrayal hurt. Even if Bill blustered and said Justin was dead to him, Katie and Bill knew it was more complicated than that. Bill's eyes seemed glossy as he nodded.

At Forrester, Justin offered Ridge and Thomas loyalty, full access to years of information, and knowledge of Bill's dealings in exchange for Justin's freedom and their silence about Justin's momentary lack of judgment. Justin was offering Ridge the chance to have the upper hand on Bill and said Ridge would be crazy to pass it up.

Ridge said he ran Forrester, not Spencer, and asked why he needed to know what was going on over there. Justin believed that Bill would come for Ridge again, and when Bill did, Justin would be right there for Ridge. Picking up the phone receiver, Ridge was ready to prosecute that day.

Thomas stopped Ridge. Thomas knew what it was like to have a lapse in judgment. That was why he hadn't told the police about Justin. Thomas knew what it was like to hate Bill and asked if they could trust Justin. "No, you can't trust him. It's Justin!" Ridge replied.

Justin figured that they had no reason to believe him and every reason to remain suspicious. No father should forgive what he'd done to Thomas, either, but Justin was willing to prove his loyalty. He flashed Bill's sword necklace and said it was Bill's most prized possession.

Extending it, Justin indicated that the necklace was for Ridge. It was Justin's vow that he was done with Bill, and whenever Ridge needed Justin, Ridge could consider it done -- if Ridge didn't press charges. Justin asked if they had a deal, and Ridge grasped the necklace.

Later, Ridge was alone, contemplating the necklace in his hand. Eric arrived. He hadn't planned to be in that day, but the sooner he got started on his divorce, the better. Eric had stopped by Carter's office, but Carter hadn't been there. Ridge said Carter hadn't been in yet. Surprised, Eric said he would have thought Carter would be the first person at work to show them that they hadn't made a mistake by keeping him on.

Ridge asked if Eric was still thinking about that. Eric said he wasn't. They had an agreement. Carter could stay at Forrester as long as he stayed away from Quinn.

At Carter's place, Quinn understood that their involvement had to end and why. Carter deserved all the success he'd achieved, and she didn't want him to lose it due to her. He felt she'd worked hard, too, but she said she'd been successful before Forrester Creations. She believed that she would be again. It was scary for her to start over, not knowing what the future held.

Quinn thought of how Eric had been the center of her world, and her portrait had been on the wall. Carter's eyes flickered. She followed his gaze and gasped, seeing her portrait behind a chair. She held it upright and asked what it was doing there.

Carter said Eric had wanted him to get rid of it. Quinn was sure Eric had meant for Carter to trash it. Carter asked how he could do that; he couldn't let something so beautiful get destroyed. She said no one could see that he had it, or they'd think something was still going on. Carter couldn't take the risk after getting his second chance.

Carter said he kept asking himself. Quinn assumed he'd ask how they'd gotten it so out of control. "But then I think about our time together..." she added, shrugging. Carter did, too. He felt guilty because she'd lost a lot. She told him not to. He thought about her all the time and how she was hurting. He knew that she was strong, but he wanted to make it better.

Nearing Quinn, Carter said he wanted to take her in his arms, hold her, and tell her that it would be okay. He stepped back, saying that he couldn't. He was Eric's attorney and shouldn't be talking to her. Quinn insisted that she wouldn't ruin his second chance, and it had to be over. She couldn't be in his arms again.

It didn't seem fair to Quinn that she had to walk away from Carter when she needed his friendship the most. Carter hated that it had to be that way, but Eric had made it clear. She asked if Eric had said those words. Mimicking Eric, Carter said that if he wanted his job, he had to stay away from Quinn. She replied that it was pretty clear.

Quinn hoped Carter would always remember the connection they'd shared, even when he moved on. She was sure a man like him, so handsome and kind, would, and a lucky woman was out there waiting for him. Quinn strode to the front door and opened it.

Carter closed the door, turned Quinn around, and kissed her.

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