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The Finnegans and Forresters got to know each other, and Steffy and Finn's wedding announcement was received by a mysterious stranger. Steffy and Finn got married in an intimate celebration. In the guesthouse, Finn was greeted by his mother, Sheila Carter.
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Steffy and Finn were married -- and Sheila showed up claiming to be Finn's mother
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A shadowy figure takes particular interest in Steffy and Finn's wedding announcement

A shadowy figure takes particular interest in Steffy and Finn's wedding announcement

Monday, August 2, 2021

At the cliff house, Jack was moved because his son had found love. It was all he could hope for, and he noted that Finn hadn't stopped smiling. Steffy said Finn was that way every day. Jack thought it looked great on Finn.

There was a knock on the front door, and Jack guessed that it was Finn's mother. Finn opened the door and excitedly greeted Li. She entered, cooing, "My baby!" She hugged Finn, Steffy, and Jack and explained that the flight had been an hour early. She made a fuss of whether Finn was eating enough, and he admitted to missing a few meals as a new dad.

Jack informed Li that Finn had just told Steffy about the adoption. Finn hadn't meant to wait so long, and Steffy was happy to finally get to know Li and Jack. Hayes signaled that he was awake, and Steffy took Li to see the baby. Jack told Finn that Steffy was wonderful, and Finn replied that he was lucky to have her in his life.

Later, the women exited Steffy's bedroom. Jack was sorry it had taken so long for him and Li to get there, and he decided to let Steffy know that they knew about the Forresters. Steffy asked them not to believe everything they read. On the contrary, Jack was pleased that Finn had found an incredible woman like Steffy.

Jack and Li were anxious to meet Kelly, too. Finn bragged about Kelly, stating how cute and smart she was. Steffy said that Finn was good with Kelly, and Kelly loved him. Jack and Li were proud of Finn and what he'd done with his career and family. Finn said it was because of his parents. Li had made him want to be a doctor, and his parents had shown him what love could be.

Li brought up the punk rock band Finn had started in high school. Steffy became interested, and Li offered to send Steffy pictures. Jack asked when they'd get to meet the rest of Steffy's family. Steffy thought Amelia would be back with Kelly soon, and she said they could then go to Forrester to meet Steffy's family. Finn stated that the Forresters were great people.

Family was everything to Steffy, and the meeting was more than she'd imagined. She felt that Hayes was lucky to have Jack and Li as grandparents.

At Forrester, glamorous runway music played as Brooke watched Ridge, Eric, and Thomas review a shimmering gown a model wore. It was Thomas' design, and Eric and Ridge helped the youngest of the three designers formulate an idea for the neckline. After the model had gone, Brooke found it magical to watch the Forrester men work.

Ridge received a text message from Steffy, who wanted to stop by the office and talk to everyone. He joked about dusting off his tux, and Brooke asked if it could be about the wedding. Eric wondered why, after all that time, there hadn't been word about a wedding yet. Ridge remarked that Steffy just wanted things to be perfect and to have both families there.

Eric replied that Finn didn't talk much about his family. Brooke said they didn't know much about Finn's family. Ridge figured that they were people, just like the Forresters, and had issues, just like the Forresters. Thomas thought that was an understatement. Brooke said Finn was a lovely young man, and his parents had to be amazing. Thomas quipped that Finn could be that way despite his upbringing. "Just look how I turned out," Thomas said, winking.

Brooke giggled, and Ridge chuckled it off. Eric was glad that Steffy was in a good place. He was glad to have good news in their family for a change. Thomas asked if Eric was okay. Eric said that he was. He remarked that there was enough heartache in that room for a thousand lives, and it could trap one in a dark place. The light at the end of the tunnel was family.

Eric told them to think of Steffy and that wonderful great-grandson. Holding Hayes put things into perspective for Eric, and it was wonderful that Steffy was in a good place. Ridge said it was all they could ask for as fathers. Ridge didn't care if Steffy got married or not. Only Steffy's happiness was important. "Right?" he asked Brooke, and she concurred.

Eric and Ridge were discussing the brilliance of Zende's designs when Thomas received a text message from Steffy that "they" were on their way up. Brooke stood beside Ridge as the door opened, and Steffy entered, saying she wanted everyone to meet Finn's parents, Jack and Li Finnegan. Ridge readily hugged them, and the others warmly greeted the couple.

Finn decided to tell everyone that he'd been adopted as a baby. He said Li and Jack were the only parents he'd ever known. Everyone seemed fine with it. Ridge stated that love was thicker than blood, and Li and Jack had done a great job as parents.

Jack didn't want to pretend that he and Li didn't know how the Forresters were. He mentioned that he'd given Li a Forrester gown a few years back. Eric believed it had obviously been one of his, and Ridge joked that Jack had overpaid.

Jack and Li mentioned that they'd been to see Hayes, and Li guessed he was the second grandchild. Ridge noted that he had another one from Thomas. Jack guessed that made them all pros, and they'd offer tips. Ridge said to pick them up, play with them, give them what they wanted, and hand them back over for diaper changes.

Brooke said it was like getting a second chance, and it was remarkable to see one's children raising children. Thomas commented that Jack and Li were a refreshing change for Steffy. Ridge remarked that Steffy had been in a bad place when she'd met Finn, and Finn hadn't run. It was a testament to the way he'd been raised. Jack thanked Ridge.

Eric suggested they all go to Il Giardino. Steffy wanted them to hold that thought because she and Finn had brought them together for a reason. Holding onto Finn, she announced that they'd decided to get married right away. The room erupted into cheers, and everyone hugged.

Brooke congratulated them, and Finn thanked her. Steffy said they'd had a lot going on before, but it seemed like the right time. Ridge said the dust had settled, and Steffy added that after meeting Jack and Li, she knew she wanted to get married right away. Brooke asked when the date was. They didn't know, but they also didn't want to wait. Ridge asked about Taylor. Steffy replied that Taylor wouldn't make it due to her missionary work, but Taylor couldn't wait to meet Hayes and was proud their son had been named for her.

Jack thought it was beautiful. He and Li were pleased that Finn had a woman like Steffy and a family like the Forresters. Sharing the sentiment, Ridge said their families would be one, and it was indeed beautiful.

Steffy stated that they had another surprise, and Ridge guessed that she was pregnant. Brooke admonished him, but he said it was what Steffy usually surprised them with. Brooke replied that she couldn't take him anywhere.

Steffy and Finn wanted to show everyone the wedding announcement that would go online. She cast her phone to the screen in the room, and up popped a picture of Steffy on a motorcycle with Finn standing beside her. The message on it said Steffy Forrester and Dr. John "Finnigan" were getting married.

Thomas called it "badass," and Eric agreed. Brooke said Steffy was beautiful. Jack asked if that would be for the entire world to see. Li thought it was sweet and "badass." Finn and Steffy counted to three and posted it. Steffy said it was official. Everyone hugged and pleasantly chatted, but Jack's face held a haunting expression.

In a dark room, a computer screen was up. On it, an inbox alerted someone to a message from Forrester. It was a wedding announcement. The person opened it, saw the photo of Steffy and Finn, and zoomed in on Finn's face.

Steffy gives Hope an important task

Steffy gives Hope an important task

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Liam kissed Hope and didn't care if he was keeping her from her work. Hope said he was incentivizing her to finish quickly and have alone time with him before the kids arrived. He decided to catch up on his emails. Hope's phone chimed, and after checking it, she grinned, announcing that Steffy and Finn were getting married.

Liam had the message on his phone, too, and said the announcement was all over social media. Hope had thought the couple would get married right away, but Liam said a lot had been going on. Hope and Liam were happy for Finn and Steffy. Hope felt that it was a big step forward for all of them. Hope and Liam were happy, and Steffy had the man she'd spend the rest of her life with.

Hope asked if Liam was really happy for Steffy. "Yes! Hell, yes, I am," Liam responded. Liam liked how Finn adored Kelly. Hope stated that Finn wanted to be a good stepfather. Liam just wanted Kelly to be loved by everyone in her life. No one would love Kelly as much as Liam, and he wasn't jealous of Finn's relationship with the child -- or with Steffy, for that matter.

Hope was glad to hear it. She said that Steffy and Liam would always be connected. At times, it was difficult to accept. Hope and Steffy had always been rivals, but they could only fight the same battles over and over again so many times. Hope thought that the wedding was the beginning of a new chapter for all of them.

At Forrester, Steffy was giving the Finnegans a tour. In the design office, Li and Jack were impressed by the family business and had been happy to meet everyone. Finn was embarrassed that Li had told his whole life story to them in pictures.

Li replied that Finn didn't like to talk about himself and hadn't even mentioned that he'd been adopted. Finn hadn't really thought about it until Hayes, and Finn felt that the Finnegans were his parents. Steffy stated that the Finnegans had raised an incredible son.

Steffy led everyone back to the CEO's office, where Eric was working. He said Steffy had just missed Phyllis Summers, who'd made a quick trip there from Genoa City. Phyllis had asked him to give her best wishes to Steffy and Finn. Eric asked how the tour had gone, and Jack and Li expressed how impressed they were with Forrester.

Eric credited his kids and grandkids with the company's success, but Steffy noted that he was working on a collection. Eric replied that he was full of ideas, and one of them would be of interest to Steffy. He asked if she wanted to get married at his house. Steffy was excited about following family tradition, and Finn wanted to accept the offer, too.

Their acceptance made Eric very happy, and he felt the wedding would be extra special. Li remarked that the Forresters had been very supportive. Eric said they appreciated how happy Finn had made Steffy. Eric warned Finn that Steffy was unconventional, but Steffy replied that she wanted the wedding to be about family.

Jack was sorry that Taylor couldn't make it to the ceremony. Steffy had wanted Taylor to be her matron of honor. Becoming emotional, Steffy asked if she could have someone else there. Eric said Steffy could have whomever she wanted at her wedding. Steffy asked if she could have her grandmother, and Eric assumed that meant putting Stephanie's portrait back on the wall.

Eric felt that it was a great idea and that Stephanie would be proud of the woman Steffy had become. Eric would love to tell the Finnegans all about Stephanie, but he had to leave for a meeting. Finn decided to take his parents back home to see Kelly before Amelia took her to a class. Steffy stayed behind to do some wedding things.

Once everyone else was gone, Steffy called Hope, who readily congratulated Steffy. Steffy asked if she could stop by to talk about something important. Hope agreed to the visit.

After the call, Hope wondered to Liam what Steffy wanted to see them about. Liam guessed it was about the wedding, but Hope wasn't sure Steffy wanted to involve them in that. He asked if it was good news or bad news. Hope said they'd know soon, but he wanted to prepare himself.

Steffy arrived, and Hope hugged her. Liam hugged Steffy and congratulated her. They talked about how the excited Kelly was practicing her flower girl walk, and Steffy reported that Finn's parents had arrived in town. Hope assumed the wedding was happening fast. Steffy revealed that Eric had offered the family home for it, and Steffy was happy to hold the wedding there because of family history.

Steffy stated that it was a new chapter. To Hope, it felt like a new chapter for all of them. Steffy wanted the wedding to honor the past and look toward the future and conveyed that Stephanie's portrait would be on the wall. Steffy was sorry the announcement had been impersonal, but she believed that the wedding would be more intimate and private.

Hope replied that it was Steffy and Finn's day and could be however they wanted it to be. Liam added that the last thing the couple needed was drama. Agreeing, Steffy replied that Finn had helped her get to a place of real peace, and it was what she wanted the wedding to be about. It would be a new and fresh start. That was why she wanted Hope and Liam to be there.

Surprised, Hope and Liam asked if Steffy was really sure she wanted them to be there. Steffy said that Hope and Liam were part of the family, and they had always wanted to give the kids a sense of connection. Their history didn't have to be a negative thing. She stated that the Forresters, Finnegans, and Spencers could all be a big, messy family.

Hope believed it could happen, and she and Liam agreed to be at the wedding. Steffy thanked them. She said she and Hope had been in a vicious tug of war. They'd always vowed to stop it, but it hadn't always worked out that way. Hope believed that they could do better.

Steffy affirmed that they had and were really moving forward. She wanted to do something to acknowledge it. Steffy was moving forward with Finn, and Hope was happy with Liam. They were strong, accomplished women who needed to be there for each other. Steffy asked if Hope would be Steffy's matron of honor. Hope was floored by the request. Steffy stated that they could get ready together and plan the wedding. She asked Hope to think of what it would mean to their daughters and how it would have been if Brooke and Taylor had gotten along.

Hope said it would mean a lot to her, too, and she'd be honored to stand up for Steffy. The women cooed and hugged. Steffy couldn't wait to tell Finn. It made the wedding even more exciting. Steffy believed it would be a day they'd never forget.

At the cliff house, Finn saw Amelia and Kelly out. Li had just checked on Hayes, who was sleeping, and Finn called his mother a pro. Jack asked where Kelly was off to, and Finn revealed that the girl had tumbling class. Jack wondered how Finn got along with her father.

Finn said they were respectful. Finn told his parents that Liam Spencer loved Kelly and cared for Steffy, too. "Put it this way -- they have a long, complicated history," Finn concluded. Liam wasn't a bad person, just not the one for Steffy. Li asked if they'd had a bad relationship. Finn said Steffy could never feel secure with Liam -- too many surprises. Finn had freed her from the cycle, and she could depend on him. Even his jokes were reliable, and the last thing he wanted to do was bring complications into her life.

Finn figured it seemed like Steffy had lived a charmed life, but it had been remarkable what Steffy had overcome. Li and Jack believed that everyone had their own challenges to face. Finn stated that Steffy had carried a lot on her own, and when he'd first gotten together with Steffy, he'd wanted to change that.

Finn wasn't slamming Liam and believed that Liam's intentions had been good, but his follow-through hadn't been. Liam, for whatever reason, hadn't been able to make Steffy a priority, but Finn could. Li felt that Steffy was lucky for it. Finn believed he was lucky, too. Finn had found purpose in becoming a doctor like Li, but having a family was something he couldn't put into words.

Jack said he and Li were parents and understood. Finn believed Steffy felt that way, too, and he wanted to make sure she always did. Steffy deserved a serene, drama-free life. Li was confident that Finn would bring Steffy nothing but joy. "Right, Jack?" Li asked. Jack rendered a tight-lipped expression.

Couples reflect on the eve of Steffy and Finn's wedding

Couples reflect on the eve of Steffy and Finn's wedding

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Carter was doing some pullups in his apartment when Quinn dropped by for a visit. Carter mistook Quinn for a food delivery, but he quickly noted that he was not disappointed that it was Quinn. Carter sensed that something was troubling Quinn. She explained that Steffy and Finn's wedding had her in her emotions. Referring to Steffy as "the crown jewel of the Forrester family," Quinn admitted that not being able to attend the wedding stung a bit.

Quinn insisted she was not feeling sorry for herself but rather "reflective." She claimed that the world "just disappeared" when she was in Carter's arms. The two kissed passionately and made love.

While basking in the afterglow, Quinn wondered what had happened to Carter's dinner order. Carter seemed pleased that Quinn had "worked up an appetite." Quinn again praised Carter as extraordinary, and she reiterated that they were both courting disaster by being together.

Steffy shared that she had a lot of things to get done before she and Finn said "I do" the following day. Hope replied that she and Liam were very happy for Steffy and Finn. When Liam mused that he would need to figure out what to get the couple as a wedding gift, Steffy smiled warmly and said that having Hope as a matron of honor was all she needed. "Well, this is awkward," Liam said, pretending to write a note on his hand. "Return... luxury yacht."

After Steffy left, Liam told Hope that he couldn't help but wonder what Finn's parents were like. The two discussed the importance of liking one's in-laws and vice versa. Hope teased Liam about how he kissed up to Brooke. "I do not kiss up to your mom," Liam retorted, quipping, "She just happens to have been genetically engineered in a lab to be the perfect mother-in-law." Liam began to stutter when, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Brooke had quietly let herself in.

Brooke explained that she had a free night and had decided to see what Liam and Hope were up to. When Hope mentioned that Brooke had just missed Steffy, Brooke became intensely curious what had led to Steffy visiting the couple on the eve of her wedding. After stating that Taylor would not be able to attend the wedding, Hope shared that Steffy had asked her to be matron of honor. Brooke sat silently for a few moments, which elicited laughs from both Hope and Liam.

"You said yes, right?" Brooke eventually chirped. Hope said that she had, and she called it an "opportunity for a new, exciting chapter." Liam echoed his wife, remarking that it was a "turn the page" moment. He then conceded that most of the drama between Hope and Steffy over the years had been because of him. "It kinda feels like that is all behind us now," he added.

Later, Liam told Hope that he was not only feeling "romantic" but also grateful. He then boasted that Steffy and Finn's wedding, no matter how beautiful, would not compare to any of the "perfect memories" he and Hope shared.

Steffy returned home and found the cliff house ensconced in candlelight. A shirtless Finn greeted her with a passionate kiss to welcome her home. Finn told Steffy that he had asked his dad to be his best man. Steffy told Finn that she had asked Hope to be her matron of honor. With the kids sleeping, the Finnegans in their hotel room, and Paris out for the evening, Finn thought it was the perfect time to "celebrate."

Steffy noted that it was bad luck for the bridge and groom to stay together the night before their wedding, though Steffy denied being superstitious. "You light up my life," Finn said as the couple stared into each other's eyes. Steffy expressed how much she appreciated Finn for finding some quiet time for them to be alone. Sure, she said as she grinned, she could be getting ready for her big day... but nothing was more important than being with her "sexy doctor."

Steffy proclaimed that Finn had changed her life, and he had stuck with her through some of her darkest times. "You transformed my life," she added. Steffy couldn't believe that she and Finn would be getting married in less than 24 hours. The soon-to-be-wed couple again kissed passionately.

A mystery guest arrives at the Forrester-Finnegan wedding

A mystery guest arrives at the Forrester-Finnegan wedding

Thursday, August 5, 2021

At Eric's house, the living room had been set up for a wedding. Eric, Thomas, and Ridge were in tuxedos, and Brooke was by Ridge's side in a shimmering gown. They hoped Finn didn't have wedding jitters. Finn said he was fine, and Ridge stated that he couldn't have picked a better son-in-law. Finn thanked the family for being welcoming and opening up the home.

Brooke thought it was wonderful to see Stephanie above the fireplace again. Everyone admired Stephanie's portrait as Liam arrived with Kelly, the flower girl. She scampered into the den to be with Hayes and Amelia. Ridge told Liam that Hope was upstairs, helping Steffy.

Thomas and Liam had never thought they'd hear those words. Eric felt that it was wonderful. Agreeing, Brooke said no one had expected Steffy to ask Hope to be the matron of honor.

Li and Jack arrived. Finn introduced them to Liam, and everyone discussed how happy they were to be joining their families. Li fussed over Finn's tie, and Jack told her that their son looked fine. Ridge and Brooke said Finn and Steffy would always have their support, and Finn replied that he'd do all he could to keep Steffy's beautiful smile on her face.

Ridge went to check on the bride, and Zende, Liam, and Thomas greeted Jerry, the wedding officiant, at the door. Finn joined them, glad Jerry could perform the ceremony on short notice. Jerry hoped he wasn't late, and Finn replied that he was right on time.

Upstairs, Hope was still waiting for Steffy to say the matron of honor gig was a prank. Though Taylor had been Steffy's first choice, Hope was honored that Steffy had chosen her. Steffy couldn't believe she and Hope liked each other, and Hope said it was as if they'd given themselves permission to enjoy each other's company. Hope thanked Steffy and was overjoyed for what Steffy's future held. Steffy said it was a new beginning for them all, and they hugged.

Paris arrived with Champagne, and Hope and Steffy cooed over Paris' gown and purse. Paris believed that Finn and Steffy would have a beautiful life together, and nothing would stop them. Paris and Steffy hugged, and Steffy broke out the Champagne.

Later, Steffy spun out of the bathroom, ready to put on her gown. Ridge stepped into the room, and Steffy told him that he looked sharp. Ridge joked that he'd thought the tuxedo would make him look fat, but it was his fat that made him look fat. Steffy dismissed the notion.

Ridge asked for a moment alone with his daughter, and Hope and Paris exited the room. Ridge couldn't be happier for his daughter, who was exactly where she'd wanted to be. Steffy was thrilled to be marrying Finn with the family there. She'd video-chatted with Taylor that morning, and they'd talked about the gown and Phoebe, who Steffy believed would be there in spirit.

Ridge had many things he wanted to say. Steffy didn't want him to embarrass her, but he said it was his job. She amazed him every day. She begged him not to make her mascara run and said Finn was waiting for her. "That boy will wait a lifetime for you. You know that," Ridge replied. Ridge reminded Steffy that she'd always be his little girl. "Always," she said, and they hugged.

Back downstairs, Hope and Paris arrived while Zende, Liam, and Thomas were talking about Douglas, who was on a field trip at that moment. The boy had been raving about the field trip for weeks, and no one had had the heart to cancel it due to the wedding.

When Hope went back upstairs, Ridge and Steffy stopped hugging, and he exited. Trying to get her tears under control, Steffy asked if Finn was nervous. Hope didn't think so, but he was eager to get started. Hope and Steffy decided that it was time for the dress.

Outside, a woman in a white outfit, gloves, and a hat with a veil touched the door and entered the house. Jack became uptight, strode straight up to her, and told her that it was a private ceremony. "You. Is it you?" he asked, then said, "It is you, isn't it?"

"It's me, all right," Pam said, pulling back her veil. She introduced herself as Pam Douglas, Stephanie's sister, and he introduced himself. Eric joined them, glad Pam had made it. She said her veil had thrown Jack off, and Eric acknowledged that Pam liked to make dramatic entrances. Li walked up, and Eric introduced her to Pam.

Pam became emotional when she saw Stephanie's portrait over the fireplace. Hugging Pam, Eric said it hadn't been his idea. Brooke stated that Steffy had wanted it. Pam, who'd heard wonderful things about Finn, told him that he was getting the best of the best.

Ridge rejoined everyone, and Zende asked if Eric would bless them with a song that day. Ridge said Eric would if he had enough martinis in him. Thomas offered to start making them. Eric hadn't had a request from the bride, but if she wanted to hear something, he might.

Hope descended the stairs and asked everyone to take their seats. As they did, she scurried off to get Kelly ready. Hope walked down the aisle, and Kelly followed, dropping rose petals. Finn was floored when Steffy descended the stairs in a Grecian-style wedding gown with a long veil trailing behind her. Kelly blew her mother a kiss, and Steffy strode down the aisle and joined hands with Finn.

Jerry commenced the ceremony by saying that the bride and groom had asked some guests to speak. He signaled to Ridge. Standing, Ridge thanked Jack and Li for being there and for raising Finn right. Finn had brought life into Steffy and Kelly's lives and given them Hayes.

During his speech, Ridge recalled that Finn had said something that had stuck with Ridge. Finn had promised to look after Steffy and keep a smile on her face. It was all a parent could want, but according to him, it wasn't the first time Steffy had heard it. She'd heard it when she'd been born. Ridge had said it to her. He wanted to keep that promise, but he had to give her away that day. He asked who'd devised such a thing as giving one's kid away.

Ridge asked how one gave away the person who made him breathe. He wanted to refuse to give his child away, but it was Steffy. He said one couldn't give her away or hold onto her unless it was what she wanted. Ridge thought she was extraordinary and as strong as she ever was. Steffy had chosen her path with Finn, and Ridge had to find a way to deal with it.

From his wallet, he retrieved an old photo of Steffy as a toddler. He recalled that in the photo, Steffy had spent several minutes trying to choose between chocolate and vanilla without hurting the feelings of any ice cream. It was the same girl who'd saved baby crows and possums because she'd believed that every creature deserved to be loved. Ridge would hold onto that little girl forever, and he said Finn would just have to deal with it.

Ridge could see how strong Steffy and Finn were. Ridge didn't believe anything would get between them, and Ridge wouldn't let it. He wished them love, life, and happiness, and he said he loved him both. "That's my boy," Eric uttered, wiping away tears.

Everyone in the room was misty-eyed. Steffy turned to Finn and said, "I am so ready to marry you."

Sheila creeps from the shadows and says she's Finn's mother

Sheila creeps from the shadows and says she's Finn's mother

Friday, August 6, 2021

At the mansion, Jerry continued the wedding ceremony of Finn and Steffy. Jerry asked anyone who objected to speak. Jack, who stood behind Finn, glared worriedly at the double doors at the front of the house. Nothing happened, and Jerry said he didn't think anyone would object. Guests laughed, and he moved on with the speeches.

Hope was next. In her speech, she talked about love, which created harmony within a marriage and family. It could make anything possible. Love for their children had paved the way for them all to be together that day. Family was important to Steffy, and the wedding in the family home beneath Stephanie's portrait was a reflection of that.

Hope said the extended family was getting bigger, and Hope joked that they'd find out Finn's deep, dark secrets because he was too good to be true. Claiming to be joking about that, Hope said Steffy actually had found an amazing man. Finn was decent, kind, and honorable, and he was marrying someone equally amazing. Hope wished them happiness, and Steffy hugged her.

Jerry moved on to the personal vows section and asked Finn to begin. Finn was excited to be before their families that day. Steffy had opened him up with her sense of adventure. She inspired him, and he would never stop being amazed by her beauty and strength. She had given him the greatest gifts -- a son and a chance to be a devoted stepfather to Kelly.

Finn pledged to be a partner Steffy could rely on and a dependable father and stepfather. He'd be by her side, weathering the storms and connected by love year after year. He loved Steffy.

Jerry prompted Steffy. She said that she loved Finn, who was an incredible father and stepfather. She'd learned much from him, like the power of forgiveness...and corny dad jokes. Finn had been there for Steffy from the beginning. He was kind and giving, and he had unconditional love for her, Kelly, and Hayes. Finn exhibited the same pride as his parents did for him. Steffy couldn't wait to get to know the Finnegans.

Steffy felt she and Finn had been through a lot, but she wanted to know everything about him. She vowed to love him the way he loved her, because they were doing it together. They'd grow together and continue the crazy ride together.

"Now, the 'I do's," Jerry said. He asked Finn if he took Steffy as his lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold from that day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, forsaking all others, for the rest of his life. Finn agreed. Jerry asked the same thing of Steffy, and she agreed.

Finn and Steffy exchanged rings as signs of their love and commitment to each other. Jerry pronounced them husband and wife and told Steffy to kiss her husband. She did so to the roaring applause of their guests.

Later, tall cocktail tables had been sprinkled around the room as people enjoyed drinks and Champagne. The newlyweds were with their parents, and Brooke, the stepmother of the bride, was telling them all that it had been a beautiful ceremony. Li had been touched by the vows. "We did it, we're married," Steffy cooed and kissed Finn.

Nearby, Pam expressed how proud she was of Hope and Steffy. Hope grinned. Eric and Liam thought it had been wonderful to see the women come together. It felt like a big step forward to Hope, and it was nice to put the tension and conflict behind them. Hope had them all toast to better days.

By the door, Zende and Paris talked to Thomas about how great it was that Steffy had a man like Finn. Thomas thought Finn was the most authentic guy Thomas had ever met.

Pam approached the bride and groom to say she had to go. Steffy thought it was because Brooke had handled the cake. Finn took the blame, saying he'd mentioned his love of a certain bakery. Pam didn't have an issue with the cake, and she'd enjoyed being a guest for a change. Pam appreciated having Stephanie's portrait presiding over things. She said that Steffy was "so much" like Stephanie, which made Finn a lucky man -- unless he misbehaved and brought down "the wrath of Stephanie."

Steffy walked Pam out, and Finn's parents commented on how happy he looked. Jack told Finn that satisfaction looked good on him. Finn said he had wanted the moment since the day he and Steffy had met.

By the door, Steffy took a glass of bubbly from the caterer, who said she was the happiest bride the caterer had ever seen. The caterer left, and Thomas strode up to say how happy he was for his sister. Steffy asked if he knew what her marriage meant. Thomas replied that he was the most eligible Forrester in the world.

Steffy hadn't meant that. She said Thomas could stop being her overprotective brother. Thomas threw that idea out the window, but he was glad she'd found a man she could depend upon.

Steffy and Finn found each other, and as they kissed, Hope and Liam approached with congratulations. Finn and Liam discussed how great Kelly had been. It had been important for Finn to include Kelly, Liam, and Hope. Liam believed that the four of them would do a good job raising "these kids."

Eric clinked his glass to call for a toast. He asked if it was okay with the father of the bride. Ridge said it was Eric's house and Eric's rules. Erick chuckled that Ridge was right about that. Eric wished the newlyweds all the joy in the world. Though he'd been married a few times, he wished them fortitude and forbearance. Brooke said it was good advice, and Ridge added that it had worked for Eric and Stephanie for a long time.

Glancing at the portrait, Eric said his late wife had cared more for family than anything else in the world, and she'd have wonderful advice for them, especially Finn. Knowing how much her namesake was like herself, Stephanie would have said, "Good luck, my boy." Everyone raised their glasses to Steffy and Finn.

Steffy thanked everyone for being there for them, standing up for them, and supporting their union. She was amazed by the way they all got along. Steffy wanted to continue it, not just for her and Finn, but for them all. Finn seconded it. He felt that he spoke for his parents when saying it was lovely to be welcomed into the Forrester family. Finn appreciated the family's warmth, humor, and support for them and their marriage.

The newlyweds kissed, and Li agreed that she and Jack felt very welcome. Ridge said the Finnegans and Forresters were family. They toasted.

Finn got a message. He needed to check on a patient. He told Steffy that he'd be in the guesthouse, and he wouldn't be long.

After he'd left, Hope and Paris talked to Steffy about the beautiful ceremony. Paris said the dress was gorgeous, and Steffy credited Ridge with that. Ridge told Steffy to credit her looks to her mother and was sorry Taylor couldn't be there. Steffy was grateful for the people who were there. Ridge thought that, with so many people rooting for her, nothing would ruin that day.

In the dark guesthouse, Finn finished up a call with the hospital. He grinned as he gazed at his wedding ring. "Congratulations," a woman in the darkest corner of the room said. Finn thanked her. He hadn't realized anyone had been in there. He asked who she was.

"It's me, sweetheart. Your mother," Sheila's voice said. Sheila stepped out of the shadows. Grinning, she repeated, "I'm your mother."

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