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Finn was heartbroken to learn about Sheila's past. The Forresters sprang into action to protect Steffy's family from Sheila. Before leaving town, Sheila sent Finn a message. Finn promised he wouldn't contact Sheila, but he sent her a heart emoji in response to her text message.
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Finn was stunned to learn of Sheila's past with the Forresters, but broke his promise to cut her out of his life
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Wedding guests are stunned when Sheila arrives with Finn Wedding guests are stunned when Sheila arrives with Finn

Monday, August 9, 2021

In the main house, Steffy talked and laughed with Hope, Liam, Zende, Paris, and Thomas. Everyone was curious about the honeymoon. Steffy said she and Finn would eventually take one, but they didn't want to be away from Hayes yet. Liam stated that newlyweds deserved a honeymoon. "Honey, every day with Finn is a honeymoon," Steffy quipped.

Thomas and Zende noted that Steffy was glowing. Paris asked where Finn was. Steffy revealed that he was on a call about a patient but would be back soon. Paris thought Steffy should be happy the wedding had gone off without a hitch. Steffy attributed it to her matron of honor, but Hope refused to take the credit. Steffy insisted that Hope had been of service and had spoken kind words. Liam suggested someone take a picture because it couldn't get any better.

Nearby, Finn's parents spoke to Ridge, Eric, and Brooke. Jack didn't know if he and Li had seen a couple as in love as Finn and Steffy. Ridge and Brooke murmured, indicating they didn't know about that, and they kissed. Li was thankful for a lovely wedding. Ridge toasted to the fact that there had been no interruptions or drama. Jack wore a grave expression as he drank his drink.

Ridge assumed that everyone knew Forrester weddings came with drama and said Li and Jack could ask Eric or Logan. Li asked who that was, and Brooke replied that it was her maiden name, but Ridge had always called her that. Brooke and Ridge canoodled again, and Eric stated that the Forresters were a romantic, affectionate bunch. Ridge asked if Jack was grateful that it had gone off without problems. Jack was very grateful.

Later, Steffy returned from checking on the kids and wondered if Finn was still on his call. Thomas offered to look for Finn, but Steffy dismissed the idea, knowing the call was probably important for Finn. Ridge approached, wondering about Finn, but Steffy said Finn would want them to stop standing around and to start partying.

Li asked for everyone's attention. She wanted to thank everyone again. She felt she spoke for her husband and son when she said how delighted they were to be a part of a warm family like the Forresters. She explained to everyone that she and Jack had adopted Finn as a baby. Liam silently mouthed his surprise. Li said she couldn't have loved Finn more even if she'd given birth to him, and Finn had been the light of his parents' lives from the moment they'd held him.

Li was emotional and happy that Finn had married a lovely woman and started a family. Holding Steffy's hands, Li couldn't help but wonder about Finn's birth mother and if she thought of him on his birthdays. Li could only imagine what it would mean to the birth mother to see him on his wedding day. Jack looked troubled.

Jack didn't want to dwell on Finn's birth mother, who had never been a part of Finn's life. Instead, Jack wanted to toast Finn, Steffy, their beautiful children, and the amazing future that was ahead. Everyone drank to that, and Zende asked if everyone was ready to cut loose. Hope said Finn had to be there for the first dance with his bride.

Eric wondered if they should be concerned that Finn wasn't off his call, but Steffy believed that it was completely fine. Finn had to take care of his patients, and that was why the patients loved him so much. Steffy got that. Steffy stated that Finn felt things with an intensity in his personal life and work life. It was the kind of man Li and Jack had raised.

In the guesthouse, Finn was floored when Sheila stepped out of the shadows and congratulated him. He asked who she was, and she said that she was his mother. Stammering, Finn asked if she meant that she was his birth mother.

Affirming it, Sheila knew that it was a shock. She said it might not have been best that she'd arrived that day, but she hadn't been able to stay away. She'd had to see her son on his wedding day. Sheila second-guessed her decision to show up without warning on his wedding day. She said he'd never seen or heard from her, and she was a total stranger to him -- except she wasn't. She'd given birth to him, and she still regretted ever giving him up.

Sheila had had to see Finn. She'd had to see him and let him know that she'd never forgotten about him. She'd been following his life and his career from afar. She neared him, but he cautiously stepped back. Sheila had longed to tell him how proud she was of his accomplishments. He was a well-respected doctor and healer. She'd never thought she could give birth to someone like that.

Holding up his hand, Finn told Sheila that she had to give him a minute to wrap his head around it. Sheila said it was a lot. He agreed and said he hadn't been expecting that on his wedding day. He asked why she'd chosen that time. Sheila understood that he was skeptical and guarded, but she'd had to see him. She couldn't bear the thought of not congratulating him on marrying an amazing woman like Steffy Forrester.

Sheila noted that Finn was a father, and she had a grandchild. She believed he'd have the most amazing life. She wished she could be a part of it. She knew that she couldn't, and it wasn't possible. She figured she should just leave. "Leave?" Finn asked. Sheila said it would be for the best, but she had wanted Finn to know that she had never stopped loving him and never would.

Sheila realized she'd been selfish to interrupt Finn's big day; however, after she'd seen the wedding announcement, there had been no way she could miss such an important day "with my son." Finn recalled that she'd said she'd never stopped thinking of him, and he asked about all the years he'd never heard from her, not even a letter. There had been nothing.

Sheila was sorry for that, but she hadn't wanted to disrupt the incredible family Finn was in. Finn nodded. Sheila admitted that she'd had trouble in her past and wouldn't have been a good influence on his life, but it didn't mean that she'd ever stopped loving him. She'd never stopped thinking of him, and she was proud of the man he'd become.

To Sheila, Finn seemed very happy, and that was all he'd ever wanted for him. She wished she could have given him that herself, but she hadn't been able to. "And I'm still not," she added, and that was why she should go.

Finn didn't want Sheila to go. He wanted her to meet the woman he'd married. He wanted her to meet the whole family. It had been the best day of his life, and then, out of nowhere, his birth mother had appeared. He said she was the woman who'd given him life. He'd thought about that moment since he'd been a little boy. He'd thought about seeing her for the first time, and finally, they were together. "I'm not letting you leave. You walked into my life. I'm not letting you walk out," Finn decided.

Sheila had waited decades to see the son she'd placed for adoption. She'd gone over it a million times and wondered how he'd react and if he'd forgive her. Finn said she didn't need his forgiveness. She'd wanted to give him a better life, and she'd been thinking of him, not herself. Finn believed that Sheila had done what she'd felt she'd had to do. The problem he had was that she'd come all that way only to leave.

Sheila didn't want to leave. She had to leave. It was better for everyone. Finn had wondered all his life about meeting her and if he'd see himself in her the day that he met her. "Today's the day. Today's the day!" he exclaimed and hugged her. Sheila squeezed him back.

Finn wanted Sheila to meet Steffy and the entire family. Sheila insisted that she'd done regrettable things in her life, and Finn didn't get it. It was a happy day for him, and she didn't want to ruin it. He persisted, believing she'd make it better.

Finn received a message from Steffy, asking when he'd be back. Sheila felt that Finn should go to his new family. She asked that he tell no one about her, definitely not Steffy. Finn didn't think Sheila was making sense, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. He insisted that she'd meet the family and her grandson. Sheila pressed her hands to her mouth in awe. Finn wanted to share that day with his mother. Sheila caressed his face.

Back in the house, Liam wondered if Paris and Zende had left. Hope said they'd wanted alone time, and Liam and Hope grinned at each other. Jack seemed worried when Steffy hadn't received a response from Finn. Li asked what was wrong. Jack replied that it was nothing. At least he hoped it was nothing.

Ridge seemed worried, too, and almost spilled his Champagne. Brooke took the glass from him. Finn opened the front door. He apologized for keeping everyone waiting. He announced that an incredible thing had happened. He'd met someone. The family stood, anticipating his next words. He glanced back at the doorway.

Sheila stepped over the threshold and smiled. The breath seemed to leave everyone in the room. Brooke dropped Ridge's glass, and it shattered on the floor. "Sheila..." Brooke uttered.

"Sheila," Ridge stated. Eric repeated, "Sheila?" Jack glared menacingly at Sheila.

Sheila announces that she's Steffy's mother-in-law Sheila announces that she's Steffy's mother-in-law

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

At Forrester, Donna and Katie had boxes of photos on the conference table. Pam had given them to Donna after cleaning out a closet at home. Donna wanted to do something special for her "honey -- for Eric" to cheer him up after what had happened with Quinn.

Donna and Katie cooed over a picture of Eric with the twins as young girls. Katie couldn't believe that Steffy was grown with her own children. Brooke had text-messaged photos from the wedding to her sisters, and Donna and Katie remarked upon the beautiful ceremony. Donna said that it had been unusual for a Forrester wedding to take place without drama.

Looking at more photos on her phone, Katie asked if the person she was viewing was Jack. Donna affirmed it. She'd met him the other day at Forrester. She was about to say where he and his wife had flown in from, but she realized that she didn't know. Katie noted that they didn't know much about the Finnegans. Donna was sure that would change. Katie couldn't wait to meet Finn's parents.

Donna gasped, finding an old picture of Sheila. She asked how it had gotten in there. Katie guessed Pam was the ultimate packrat to keep something like that. "And we thought Quinn was bad..." Donna murmured, and Katie moved Sheila's picture into the reject pile.

Katie decided that, of all of Eric's wives, Donna had been best suited for Eric. Donna quipped that Katie talked like Eric had been Henry VIII with dozens of wives. Katie insisted that Donna had been the best match and felt Eric would agree.

Donna didn't want Katie to tell Brooke, but Katie believed Brooke already knew. Donna had to agree with Katie's assessment. Donna said Brooke had been meant for Ridge, and though Donna had respected Stephanie, being a caring wife hadn't been in her wheelhouse. Katie said the same about Quinn and Sheila and couldn't believe Eric had married either of them.

Donna could see why Eric had fallen for Quinn, who was gorgeous, talented, and smart. "But Sheila?" Donna asked. Katie figured they could describe Sheila the same way. Katie noted that she and Donna hadn't been living in town when it had happened.

Donna recalled that Brooke would call and tell them what Sheila had been up to. Katie said they'd been stories right out of a nightmare. Donna added that one could never forget them or put their guard down around Sheila. Katie was certain Sheila could never be trusted again.

Katie asked what Donna planned on doing with the photos. Donna wasn't sure yet. Donna cooed over a picture of Eric and Stephanie and felt inspired to use it somehow in her project. Katie was impressed that Donna wasn't making it just a tribute to her time with Eric.

Donna had thought about doing that, but the point was to remind Eric that he had a lifetime of happy memories to look back on -- fashion shows, vacations, grandchildren, and a few ex-wives. Donna would definitely add more pictures of her time with him, but she wouldn't ignore other parts of his life that had brought him joy.

Pulling out another picture of Sheila, Donna added that she would definitely ignore the painful ones. "No Quinn and no Sheila!" Donna said. Katie joked that there should be a separate album of those women, labeled a retrospective of his bad decisions. She wondered if Eric had started his martini tradition as a way to forget about Sheila.

A flashback played of Sheila holding a gun on Stephanie and Eric. Another played of Sheila shooting Stephanie. There was another of Sheila attempting to drown Lauren in the hot tub. Lastly, a flashback played of Sheila filling Lance's room with bees and watching him die.

Donna said they at least hadn't heard from Sheila in a while. Katie hoped it stayed that way.

The scene from the night Sheila had shot Brooke and Taylor played on the screen. As it did, Katie and Donna spoke of Eric's bravery. Katie said Brooke could have left, but she'd heard the gunshot. Sheila had shot Taylor, and Brooke had risked her life. Donna thanked God that Eric had knocked Sheila out after she'd shot Brooke. Otherwise, all three of them might have been killed.

At the wedding reception, the guests stood in stunned silence as they stared at Sheila and Finn on the threshold of the front door. "Sheila?" Eric said. Taking Sheila's hand, Finn assumed the Forresters had met her already. Finn guessed he probably shouldn't have brought just anyone into Eric's home, "but wait until you hear."

Finn looked up and saw that everyone stood eerily still. Sheila saw Stephanie's portrait and grinned. Ridge stated that Eric minded the issue, and Brooke ordered Finn to get Sheila out of there. Finn asked what was going on.

Sheila guessed she shouldn't have let Finn talk her into being there. She'd already known how the family would react. Backing up, she said she'd just go. Steffy asked what Sheila was doing there on her wedding day. Finn revealed that he had the most exciting news, and Steffy would never believe what he'd just found out. Jack grimaced.

Brooke asserted that Finn didn't know what he was getting himself into. Sheila asked Brooke to stop because she knew things had changed. Ridge asked what had changed. Sheila noted that she'd stayed away. Steffy responded that Sheila was there at that moment. Finn asked what was going on.

Sheila decided to leave. She said she'd let the family tell Finn what was going on, and she hoped he'd someday ask to hear her side of the story. Steffy stated that there was no reason for her husband to contact Sheila. "Or for any of us, Sheila. You're not welcome in this home," Eric added, and Ridge shifted into gear to throw Sheila out.

Finn insisted that they didn't understand, and Sheila belonged there. "Let her stay," Finn said. Ridge didn't know what Sheila had told Finn, but Ridge insisted that Sheila didn't belong there. Sheila contended that she did, and she'd "been hoping..."

Sheila glanced at the sickened looks on everyone's faces. She decided they didn't need theatrics, and she'd leave on her own. Ridge asked if Finn knew that woman. Finn replied that they'd just met. Ridge didn't think Finn ever needed to meet her again and ordered him to get her out.

Steffy pulled Finn aside and said it was their wedding day and celebration. Finn agreed and added that it was a time to celebrate with friends and family. Steffy asserted that Sheila was neither, and Finn looked hurt. Steffy asked him to trust her. Thomas assumed that Sheila had used Finn to crash the wedding. Finn said he knew the reason Sheila was there.

Speaking over him, Brooke asked Sheila how she'd manipulated Finn into allowing her in there. Brooke wanted to know what lies Sheila had told. "Lies?" Finn asked. Sheila swore she wouldn't lie to Finn. Brooke retorted that Sheila didn't know how to tell the truth. Sheila persisted in her stance that she wouldn't lie about something so important.

Steffy tried to reason with Finn, but he insisted that it was important. Steffy asked what it was, and he replied that if she gave him a chance, he'd tell her. Standing by Sheila, he said he wanted her there, and after they heard what he'd learned, they would, too.

Ridge decided that he would walk "this one" off the premises, and Steffy liked that idea. Finn wanted Sheila to stay. Liam said Steffy was trying to protect him, but Finn didn't think he needed it. Brooke told him that he did need it and asked if he wanted to hear what Sheila had done to Brooke in that very room.

Sheila suggested that the Forresters hear Finn out before dredging up ancient history. "Ancient history? Steffy and I spent years without our mother -- " Thomas said. Cutting in, Sheila claimed she'd apologized for that, and she'd meant it. She told Finn that he'd hear some difficult things, but he had to understand that those people had known her a lifetime back, and "so much" had changed since then.

Finn was confused. He said he and Sheila had had an unbelievable conversation, and he wanted them to be happy for him. Li asked him what that woman had said to him. Finn affirmed that Li was always his mother, but he'd had questions over the years about where he'd come from. Jack's glare bored into Sheila as Li wished she had answers, but she and Jack hadn't received any details about Finn's birth parents.

Li knew that Finn had wondered about his birth mother and if she'd remembered him. For Finn, it had been important to know he hadn't been forgotten. "As it turns out, I wasn't," he concluded. Looking at Sheila, he said she'd been thinking about him all those years and had made herself known that day, on his wedding day.

Steffy looked as if she might pass out, and the expressions around the room showed equal disbelief. Finn told them all that Sheila was his birth mother.

"She's lying," Eric said. Li asserted that she was Finn's mother. Sheila expressed her gratitude to Li for giving him the life she had provided.

Brooke didn't believe it, not for a second. Sheila explained she hadn't been in a good place and had done what she'd thought had been best for Finn. Brooke asked when Sheila had ever been in a good place. Sheila said Brooke didn't need to attack her, but Brooke scoffed at the idea that Sheila would put the needs of a child first.

Sheila knew all her mistakes, and of them, the biggest had been giving Finn up. She wasn't there to ruin Steffy's wedding. She was there to meet her son. Finn gazed at her with a hopeful, childlike expression. Ridge assumed Sheila had devised the sick plan after learning that Finn had been adopted. Sheila asked if they wanted a DNA test.

"Uh, yeah! I'm sure that you've probably figured out a way to -- " Brooke said. Finn cut her off, saying he didn't think Sheila was lying. Jack shook his head. Li tried to reason with Finn. She wanted to be happy for him, but from what the Forresters were saying, Sheila clearly had an agenda. Steffy called it a lie and a con.

"No, no, it's not," Jack finally spoke up. "She's telling the truth." Li asked how he could know, and he admitted that Sheila had contacted him years back. Li and Finn were surprised that Jack hadn't told them. Finn asserted that he could have had a name and a picture.

"A mug shot, you mean?" Jack asked. Jack hadn't wanted that for Finn. Jack said the Forresters were not lying, and Sheila wasn't a person who Finn would want in his life. It was why Jack had kept it a secret. He'd wanted to protect his family. Jack admitted that when he'd heard Steffy's name from Finn, Jack had known who Steffy was because of Sheila. Jack hadn't known all the details. He'd known there had been a connection -- most likely a disturbing one.

Jack admitted that he should have told Finn. Jack had prayed Sheila wouldn't show up on Finn's wedding day. Steffy assumed that it was true, and Sheila was Finn's mother. Steffy looked sick all over again.

"You married my son," Sheila stated and smiled, adding, "I'm your mother-in-law, Steffy." Sheila couldn't stifle her grin as she stared triumphantly at Stephanie's portrait.

Finn learns all about his "new" mom Finn learns all about his "new" mom

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

At Forrester, Katie and Donna continued looking through old photos. They came across an old photo of Donna in a swimsuit as well as an old wedding photo of Sheila and Eric. Donna promptly cut Sheila out of the photo and said doing so was "almost cathartic." Katie wished that it had been as easy to cut Sheila out of Eric's life back in the day.

"You married my son," Sheila said as she took a step toward Steffy. "This can't be true," Steffy replied. Brooke called Sheila's proclamation a "convoluted lie." Sheila questioned what she had to gain by lying. She noted that she had no way of knowing that a son she'd given up decades earlier would eventually come into contact with the Forresters, and she denied it was part of some "long-term con."

Sheila said she understood that the situation was a shock to everyone -- herself included. "I got to meet my son today," Sheila said softly, her lips quivering, adding, "And I gained a daughter."

Brooke and Ridge continued to try to wrap their heads around Sheila's unexpected appearance. Ridge pointedly asked Finn if he had ever met Sheila before. He said that he hadn't, but he admitted that he'd fantasized about meeting his birth mother for years. Sheila explained that she'd hidden in the guesthouse because she hadn't wanted to make a scene and had only wanted a private moment to finally meet her son.

"Ambushing him on his wedding day?" Li snapped. Jack told Li that he'd thought he'd made it clear to Sheila that she was to stay away and allow them to raise Finn. Li felt that Jack should have told her sooner. Ridge asked Jack why he'd said nothing to anyone. Ridge labeled Sheila "a lunatic" who was "obviously obsessed" with the Forrester family.

"I've been living with this for a long time," Jack responded. He admitted that he'd prayed that Sheila would stay away because he knew she was unwell. Jack confessed that he did not know the true extent of Sheila's interactions with the Forresters.

Ridge announced that he was going to tell the Finnegans everything they needed to know about Sheila Carter. The first thing, Ridge said to Finn, was that Sheila should be in prison. Sheila countered that she had served her time, though Eric believed she hadn't served enough time in jail. Brooke added that Sheila had been involved in "lies, manipulations, and shootings."

Sensing that neither Jack nor Finn seemed overly surprised by anything that was said, Ridge questioned if Finn had been using Steffy. Li stepped up to defend her son, saying that neither she nor Finn knew anything about Finn's birth mother. Ridge turned his ire to Jack, again insinuating that Jack and Sheila were working together.

Liam and Hope decided it was the right time to make an exit. They said they were going to grab Kelly and Beth and head home. Thomas said he'd get Hayes and take care of him until things calmed down. Sheila became excited when she learned that her grandson was in the house and asked to see him. Steffy defiantly told Sheila to never say Hayes's name and ordered Thomas to use the back staircase.

As he slowly approached Sheila, Eric suggested that Finn might have been better off never knowing his birth mother. Eric shared that Thomas, his grandson, wouldn't be alive if Sheila had had her way. Sheila claimed she would never have harmed a child, and she blamed her past rage on Stephanie Forrester. Eric ordered Sheila to be silent. He then offered the Finnegans a look into Sheila's past with Steffy's grandmother. "You tried to kill her. You tried to drown her. You shot her. You poisoned her. You left her for dead," Eric growled.

Finn turned to Sheila and asked if what Eric was saying was true. Sheila lowered her head and replied that it would be "hard to understand" everything that had happened. She conceded that it was possible that in the past she had been an "evil, horrible person." Sheila continued, explaining that the entire Forrester family hated her for having married Eric.

The news that Eric and Sheila had been married took Jack by surprise. Eric admitted that he'd been the one who had brought Sheila into their lives. "I saw goodness in you -- I thought I did," Eric countered. Eric told Sheila that she was sick, and he turned and walked away.

Finn was visibly shaken and said he was trying to process everything that he had learned. Finn proffered that Sheila might have changed. Steffy argued that Sheila would never change. "You have no idea what this woman has taken from me," Steffy said through tears. Steffy told Finn that Sheila had shot Taylor. "You're saying that my birth mother tried to kill your mother?" Finn asked incredulously. Finn's head snapped to the side to look in horror at Sheila.

"It sounds bad, I know," Sheila replied. "It's really not fair for you to say that I tried to kill her. I never wanted to hurt Taylor. She came into the room, and she started interfering." Brooke clarified that Taylor had only become involved because Sheila had been holding a gun on Brooke.

"I didn't see my mother for years, and it was because of you, Sheila," Steffy snarled. Steffy then declared that it didn't matter that Sheila was Finn's birth mother -- Sheila would never be a part of the family. Jack told Finn that Li was his mother, not Sheila. Sheila became slightly more agitated, noting that Jack and Li wouldn't ever have had a child had it not been for her. "I'm the one who carried him in my womb. I am the one that nourished him. I am the one that gave him life," Sheila stated. She declared, "And that is a bond that you will never break."

Steffy slowly walked toward Sheila. She argued that Sheila hadn't shown up for Finn -- she'd arrived wanting to create chaos. "You're not going to spoil my marriage," Steffy said angrily. "You will never be part of my family. Do you hear that? I never want to see your face again." Without warning, Steffy hauled off and slapped Sheila across the left cheek. Sheila slowly lifted her head up and shook the hair from her face before flashing a big smile.

The Forresters force Sheila out, but she promises they haven't seen the last of her The Forresters force Sheila out, but she promises they haven't seen the last of her

Thursday, August 12, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Hope had put the kids to bed. In the living room, she and Liam reeled from the events at the wedding. Hope wondered if they should have done more, like take Hayes for the night. Liam said Thomas was taking care of Hayes, and the babysitter was also there. Hope added that Paris would be there, too, and Liam said plenty of grownups were caring for Hayes.

Hope called it a horrific ending to a beautiful day. Liam chuckled at how surreal it had been. He said Sheila had proclaimed to be Finn's mother, and they couldn't ever unlearn that. Liam and Hope couldn't think of a worse mother-in-law, but they concluded that Li was really Finn's mother. They laughed at themselves for thinking the wedding would go off without a hitch. It had been a Forrester wedding, after all.

Hope wondered how things had concluded. Liam didn't know, but to him, everyone had seemed pissed. Liam only knew a fraction of what Sheila had done. Hope volunteered to fill him in. Her mother had been telling her the stories for years. Liam started with the fact that Sheila had shot Brooke and Taylor. Hope said the vindictive woman was trying to worm her way into Finn's life.

Hope explained that Sheila had been in and out of jail and psychiatric hospitals for as long as Hope could remember. Liam didn't get how Sheila was walking free. Hope added that Finn wasn't Sheila's only child, either. Liam wondered if Sheila was trying to pull at Finn's heartstrings, and Hope felt that Sheila was doing just that.

Liam said Sheila had hijacked the guy's wedding. Hope noted that it was Steffy's wedding, too. Liam recalled how Sheila had reacted to the mention of Hayes and concluded that she'd been there to meet her grandson. It was a frightening thought for Hope. Liam was sure there wasn't a person who had been in that room who would let her within a mile of the child. Hope was worried for the kids, but Liam asserted that he wouldn't let Sheila near any one of their kids.

Still disappointed in how the wedding had turned out, Liam realized that he hadn't even gotten to dance with his wife. He'd been looking forward to that all day. Liam took Hope's hand and guided her in a dance in their living room.

Liam said Hope looked gorgeous. She asked if he liked the dress. The dress was fine, but it was more about who was in it. Hope replied that the woman in it liked him, too. They kissed, and she expressed how grateful she was for what they had. The day had reminded her of how quickly things could change. Liam thought that Finn had probably never pictured meeting his biological mother that way. "Poor Finn. Poor Hayes," Hope said.

Night had fallen at the mansion. Steffy said the slap was what Sheila got for tormenting Steffy and her family. Ridge told Sheila not to dare think of slapping Steffy back. Sheila replied that she hadn't planned on it. Finn tried to reason with everyone, but Brooke said he had no idea what kind of person he was dealing with. "She's evil," Ridge concluded.

Li couldn't believe it was happening. Steffy stated that Sheila had a lot of nerve to show up at the wedding, and Brooke added that Sheila had done it, claiming to be Finn's mother. Sheila insisted that she'd given birth to him. Brooke replied that Sheila had given him up.

Eric pointed out that "these" were Finn's parents, Jack and Li, who'd raised him. Steffy said they'd made Finn into the man he was that day, the man she'd fallen in love with. Steffy decided that Sheila was not her mother-in-law or Hayes's grandmother. "You are poison, Sheila. You are nothing to us," Brooke concluded.

Everyone figured Sheila knew exactly what she'd been doing that day. Sheila said she'd wanted to see her son, but Eric barked that she knew she wasn't welcome there. Sheila had had no intention of seeing any of them. She'd wanted a private moment alone with -- before she could finish her sentence, Ridge advised her to let it go and said she wouldn't mess with his daughter or family ever again.

Flabbergasted, Finn had had no idea it would have gone that way. Steffy pressed her forehead on his chest. She said it had been the most perfect day until "she" had shown up. "And ruined it," Ridge added. Eric warned everyone not to give Sheila that power, and Jack agreed.

Ridge figured that Sheila was enjoying herself. Brooke added that Sheila loved causing chaos, and it all seemed calculated and premeditated. Brooke hadn't forgotten Sheila's atrocities. "Shooting me, shooting Steffy's mother, and now here you are. You're doing it again," Brooke said. She stated that Sheila was obsessing over another child, but Sheila would never see Hayes, and Ridge and Brooke wouldn't allow Sheila to get near any of the children.

Steffy asserted that everything Sheila had said had been a lie, and Sheila was a liar. Finn said Sheila had communicated with his father, but Brooke figured Sheila could have lied to Jack back then. Steffy understood that Finn was overwhelmed, but she told him that Sheila was a monster. Sheila could not be in their lives.

"May I say something?" Sheila asked. "No!" Brooke and Eric roared back. Brooke didn't want to hear any more lies or excuses. Ridge said they'd been done with Sheila years back. Steffy told Finn that the others were right. "Birth mother or not, you're not allowed in this house! You can't be here!" Eric asserted. He murmured that he couldn't bear to see her in the house. He just couldn't bear it. Ridge said it was time to go, and Sheila would never return.

Asserting that she'd literally taken it on the chin that day, Sheila felt she deserved for them to hear her explanation. "You deserve nothing, Sheila!" Brooke yelled. Sheila insisted that she was there to wish her son well on the day he'd gotten married. She'd wanted him to meet the woman that had given birth to him. She asked if that was a crime.

"As a matter of fact, it is, Sheila," Eric replied. Ridge called her trespassing a crime. It was clear to Sheila that none of them wanted to move on from the past, but she was appalled that they'd take a precious moment and turn it into "this -- "

Cutting in, Steffy asked if Sheila was really playing victim. Denying it, Sheila said she knew how hated she was, and she wasn't there to cause trouble. She hadn't wanted to take the unpleasant walk down memory lane or do anything to hurt Finn. She wanted what was best for her son. She always had. Brooke said that, if that were the case, Sheila would have continued to let Finn live his life without Sheila.

Li added that Finn was thriving and doing well. "And I'm so proud of you, son," Sheila said. Steffy replied, "No, you don't get to take credit for that, for who or what he's become." Jack added that he'd spent his life protecting Finn. Sheila took offense to that. "Protecting him? Jack!" she responded. Brooke asked how knowing Sheila as a birth mother would be any good for Finn.

Steffy ordered Sheila to get out of there. Sheila said she'd told Finn it hadn't been a good idea. Sheila had known they'd all attack her and persecute her. Finn replied that he'd talked Sheila into it. He began to apologize, but Eric said that no one blamed Finn.

Sheila thanked Li for raising an amazing man. Li stated that after all she'd heard, she wanted Sheila to just walk away. Sheila decided she had one more thing that she'd say to the bride and groom. "You tell my grandson that I love him, and you let him know that his grandmother will always be thinking of him," she stated.

"You witch!" Brooke said, lurching forward. Eric held Brooke back, telling Sheila to never return. Ridge prodded Sheila out the front door.

When Ridge returned later, he assured his father that Sheila was off the property. Jack asked Steffy and Finn not to let it affect their relationship. Jack didn't know what to say about Sheila; however, he'd always told Finn that it wasn't about where one had come from; it was who one was and how one lived one's life that mattered.

Jack had been shocked by everything he'd heard about Sheila. He'd known that there had been a connection between her and the Forresters, but he hadn't known that it had been so awful. Jack asserted that Sheila was not a reflection of Finn, and he asked that Finn not be judged based upon Sheila. The Finnegans had done their best to raise Finn right.

Li seemed disconcerted. Jack reminded her that Finn was her boy. Li had cared for Finn as a child and had driven him to school. Li had helped him with his projects and had inspired him to become a doctor -- not Sheila -- Li.

Jack decided that he and Li would leave everyone to digest what had happened, but he wanted Steffy to know she'd married an exceptional man. They'd share a beautiful life and have a bright figure. Jack hated that Sheila had shown up there that day, but he asked the couple not to let it ruin their wedding day for them. "Should we go, Li?" he asked.

Arms crossed over her chest, Li couldn't believe Sheila had contacted Jack, and he'd never said anything. She hugged Finn and apologized for the disturbance. Tearfully, she strode out with her husband.

Steffy said she couldn't imagine what Finn was going through. Ridge replied that it was over, and the two had to focus on their marriage. Eric said they hadn't gotten to congratulate the couple on the beautiful event. Eric and Steffy embraced. Brooke approached and, caressing Steffy's arms, said Steffy looked beautiful. They hugged, and Brooke said she and Ridge wished Finn and Steffy the best.

Steffy looked at Ridge's emotional face and asked him to not "get me started." They hugged and said they loved each other. Eric felt responsible for how the evening had ended. Eric had brought Sheila into their lives, and she was still wreaking havoc.

Ridge said it was done, and Sheila was gone for good. Finn stated that he hadn't had any idea about Sheila, and he wouldn't have brought her back into their lives if he'd known. He told Steffy that he loved her and their son. He asked Steffy to say it wouldn't change them.

Steffy asked if Finn really hadn't known about any of it. Finn affirmed that he'd known nothing. Steffy believed him and said he was her husband. Steffy said that she couldn't fault him for not knowing that Sheila was his birth mother, but that woman was evil. Sheila was vicious, and Steffy asked Finn to promise one thing. "Anything," Finn said.

Steffy asked Finn to promise to never see Sheila again. Steffy wouldn't let Sheila tear them apart. Finn replied that he loved her. Steffy and Finn hugged.

Somewhere outside in some bushes, Sheila was in awe of the day. "My son. Married to Steffy. Stephanie Forrester. Oh, do you really think I'm gonna turn my back on him and my grandson? Do you really think you've seen the end of me?" She asked and chuckled.

Finn breaks his promise to his wife Finn breaks his promise to his wife

Friday, August 13, 2021

In the morning at Forrester, Ridge, Brooke, and Eric were on edge about Sheila. They couldn't let Sheila be close to Steffy's family. Ridge didn't know how much closer Sheila could get than she was already. "Sheila's son is married to my daughter. How is that possible?" Ridge asked.

Brooke couldn't believe they had Sheila back in their lives after getting rid of her for good. Eric said they'd thought that it had been for good, but Ridge insisted that Eric had made sure that Sheila wouldn't be back. Brooke murmured that Sheila had had to see her son. Ridge still cringed over that development and figured it was tearing Steffy up inside that Sheila was Hayes's grandmother. Ridge vowed to make sure Sheila had no place in Hayes's future.

Eric said it should be the happiest days of the newlyweds' lives. Brooke griped that, instead, they had to worry about their safety and the children. Ridge wouldn't let that happen. Ridge couldn't do anything about Sheila's tie to Finn, but Ridge could protect his daughter and grandson. With that, he whipped out his phone.

At Carter's house, Quinn tried to get dressed, but Carter wasn't making the task easy. She reminded him that they had to stay away from each other. She felt she had nothing to lose. Her divorce papers would be finalized any day, and she'd be a free woman. "But you -- " she said.

Carter insisted that he was where he wanted to be. Quinn repeated that Eric had made it clear that Carter couldn't contact her. Carter helped her put on her necklace and kissed her neck.

Ridge's ringtone chimed on Carter's phone, and he put the call on speaker. Carter asked Ridge how the wedding had been. Ridge revealed that it had been great until the reception, and that was why Ridge needed a restraining order. They'd had an uninvited guest, and Ridge didn't want that maniac anywhere near their zip code.

Quinn flashed an expression and gesture that indicated it hadn't been her. Carter asked who the order was for. "Sheila Carter," Ridge announced. Quinn clasped her hand over her mouth to stop herself from having an outburst. Carter asked what Sheila had wanted.

Ridge replied that it was the same thing Sheila had always wanted, which was to creep into their family. Ridge explained that Finn was adopted and had never met his biological parents. "No..." Carter said in a long drawl, figuring out what Ridge meant. Quinn's mouth fell open, and her eyes bulged. Ridge said it was the first time in Sheila's miserable life that she was telling the truth.

Eric chimed in to express his concern about Steffy and Hayes. Ridge said they had to protect those two. Carter affirmed that he was on it. Eric stated that Carter knew the family, and they were trusting Carter to protect it.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn were in their pajamas, kissing. He said he could kiss her forever. She was glad because that was how long they'd be together. She'd loved their wedding, but their reception had been a different story. She figured that they had to talk about Sheila.

Finn hated that they had to deal with it, but Steffy said he hadn't known. He recalled being excited about his birth mother, but he was disconcerted after learning the history. Steffy was sorry about it and said she hadn't known it would happen.

Paris arrived in the living room while Finn and Steffy were hugging. She saw that the honeymoon had moved into the living room. She was sorry to interrupt, but she was there to volunteer to watch Hayes. Steffy said she and Finn wanted to keep Hayes close. Paris looked confused, and Steffy figured they could tell Paris what was going on.

Finn and Steffy explained to Paris that Finn's birth mother had shown up on their wedding day. It had almost felt as if it could have been kismet. Paris wasn't getting that vibe. Steffy revealed that there were bad things in her family history, and much of it had to do with Finn's birth mother. Steffy wished Finn could get to know his birth mother, but Steffy couldn't even wrap her mind around the damage his birth mother had done to her.

Later, Paris had just learned that Sheila had shot Steffy's mother. Paris figured it had been devastating for Finn to learn at the time he'd finally met his birth mother. Finn had been excited to introduce Sheila and hadn't understood why she hadn't wanted to go to the reception.

Paris hoped it hadn't tainted the wedding day for the couple. Steffy and Finn stared lovingly at each other. They claimed to be great and said they wouldn't let it mess with their marriage. Steffy said they'd do what they could to shield the kids and let her father and Eric take care of it. Steffy asserted that Sheila hadn't been in Finn's life and would never be in Hayes's life.

Paris asked if Finn and Steffy would just put Sheila out of their minds. Steffy figured that they had to be on guard because they didn't know what Sheila would do, but she wouldn't affect them. Paris asked if Sheila was still in town. Steffy figured that Sheila knew they didn't want anything to do with her, so there was no reason for her to be around.

Later, Steffy and Finn were alone, and she hoped he hadn't minded that she'd told Paris everything. Steffy hadn't wanted Paris to think the tension was due to problems between them. Finn said that meeting Sheila had been emotional and shocking, but he'd never see her again. He wouldn't talk to Sheila or go near her. He knew that it was what Steffy wanted. Steffy said it was the way it had to be. He claimed to get it.

Steffy went to feed Hayes. Finn flashed back to meeting Sheila.

In her hotel room, Sheila scrolled through a website with news about Steffy and Finn's wedding and grinned dreamily. Researching Finn more on the web, Sheila cooed to herself about how handsome and accomplished her son was. He'd married a Forrester. "If only I could be a part of your life....a part of my grandson's..." she uttered.

Sheila smiled and flashed back to being in the hot tub with Eric. In the flashback, he called her Sheila Forrester. She couldn't get over being his wife. He hoped she never did. Reviewing online pictures of Finn, Steffy, and the baby, Sheila uttered, "Hayes Forrester Finnegan." She kissed her fingertips and pressed them to her screen.

Sheila called the hospital and asked to speak to Finn. The assistant said he wasn't there, and she could transfer Sheila to Finn's service. Sheila lied, saying she was from a lab. She claimed Finn had put a rush on some test results. She was supposed to text them to him, but she couldn't read the phone number. She stated the area code and stammered expectantly, but the assistant said she could not give out Finn's personal number.

Sheila became embarrassed. She wasn't supposed to have food on her desk, but she'd been running late and had taken her child to school. She claimed she'd spilled coffee on her notes, and she was so angry with herself for being unable to read them. The assistant was a mother herself and empathized with Sheila. Sheila said Finn had been counting on her.

The assistant decided to help out just that once. She gave Sheila the number. The assistant asked who was calling, but Sheila had already clicked off the line.

Later, Sheila had packed her suitcase. She picked up her phone and texted Finn. Keith, the assistant manager of the hotel, arrived and announced that he'd called her a car. She closed the door and guessed that it was time to leave.

Back at the cliff house, Finn received the message and read it aloud. Sheila apologized for the previous day, but she'd had to see him. She was proud of the man he'd become, and she wished she could hold Hayes. She knew it wasn't possible, and she promised not to be a problem for Finn. She was leaving town, and he'd never see her again. "Love always, Mom."

Back at the hotel, Sheila's phone chimed. In response to her text message, Finn had sent a heart emoji. "Oh, he loves me!" Sheila cooed with joy. "My son loves his mother."

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