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Finn confided in Paris but asked her not to tell Steffy. Eric ripped up the divorce papers. Quinn and Carter professed love for each other. Quinn returned to the mansion but still slept alone. Sheila warned Jack about ordering her around after she'd kept his secrets.
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Quinn and Carter professed love for each other, but Quinn returned to Eric when he called of their divorce
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Eric makes some startling revelations to Quinn Eric makes some startling revelations to Quinn

Monday, August 16, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn was gazing at the text message from Sheila and the response he'd sent back. Steffy, who'd just put Hayes down for a nap, asked if Finn minded if she went to the office. She wanted to check on the progress of the restraining order. She felt they needed to think about Hayes. Finn looked sad, and she decided to stop talking about Sheila. Steffy preferred to talk about her sexy doctor husband.

Paris trotted through the living room in her bathing suit and shorts, preparing to go to the beach. As the newlyweds kissed, Paris figured she was interrupting. She asked if they were sure they didn't want to take a few days away while she and Amelia watched the kids. Steffy stammered, and Paris guessed it wasn't the right time because of the news from Finn's birth mother. Paris was glad it hadn't put a damper on their romance -- not that anything could.

Later, Steffy had dressed for work. Ameila was on her way. Finn wanted to watch Hayes, but Steffy said Finn had wanted to go surfing. Paris didn't mind watching Hayes, but Steffy replied that Paris had been headed to the beach. Finn stated that he missed his bride already.

Steffy felt terrible about how meeting Finn's birth mother had turned out. Finn replied that he was the one who felt that way for bringing Sheila back into everyone's lives. Steffy said it wasn't his fault, and she asked him to promise he'd stay away from Sheila. Inaudibly, he murmured, "Yep." Steffy kissed him and said goodbye to Paris, who quietly studied Finn.

Later, Finn and Paris entered the house from the kitchen patio door. Paris couldn't get over living in Malibu, and Finn said the sea air had a calming effect. He joked that getting pummeled by waves did the trick, too, but she felt he'd ridden the waves like a champ. Finn said Paris should see Steffy, and he reported that Ridge had called Steffy a water baby.

Finn was about to head to the nursery to check on Amelia and "the kids," but Paris stopped him to say, "If I'm overstepping, please tell me, but how are you doing?"

Later, Finn waved farewell to Amelia and went into the living room. Paris joked that Finn should take Hayes surfing. Finn replied that his son was probably a little young, but he might once Hayes was older. Finn checked his phone. Sheila hadn't responded to his heart emoji.

Paris said that she didn't mean to pry, but he could talk to her if he needed to talk to anyone.

At Eric's house, Eric studied Stephanie's portrait instead of listening to Ridge about the restraining order's progress. Referring to a document on a table, Ridge guessed the divorce papers were on Eric's mind. Ridge said it only took two signatures to get closure.

Eric figured Ridge wanted to say he'd told Eric so. In fact, everyone had. Ridge didn't want to do that. He knew his father didn't take divorce likely. Eric affirmed it and said he never would. Ridge recalled that there had been a time when Eric had been happy with Quinn, who'd been a loyal and loving wife.

Eric was surprised to hear Ridge say that after what she'd done to Ridge and Brooke. Ridge responded that it wasn't about what Quinn had done to him and Brooke. It was about what Quinn had done to Eric with Carter. Eric didn't want to talk about Carter. Ridge didn't get why Quinn had thrown away what she and Eric had worked for.

Eric said she had been unhappy and felt rejected because he'd been unable to give her what she'd felt she should have from him. Eric hadn't been able to give it to her, and sometimes, he thought he'd been the one who'd shoved her toward Carter. "Don't ever say that again. She went to somebody else. It's on her, not you," Ridge stated.

Ridge let Eric know that he wasn't alone, and his family was there for him. Eric murmured that Ridge should go to the office. Ridge hugged Eric, and they said they loved each other.

At Forrester later, Ridge was with his daughter, who couldn't concentrate on a model headshot before her. He said they had to pick a model, but Steffy was still boiling about Sheila. He predicted that they'd have the protective order by the end of the day, and if Sheila went near Steffy or Hayes, Sheila would be in prison, where she belonged.

Steffy wished she could believe it, but she knew how devious Sheila was. Steffy asked how that woman had given birth to such a sweet, innocent man. Steffy couldn't believe Hayes had Sheila's DNA. Steffy would do all she could to make Sheila stay away from Steffy's family.

At Carter's house, Carter ended a call urging a judge to return his call about a restraining order. Quinn thought he was sexy when he took control. Quinn said Sheila had been making the Forresters' lives "hell" for years -- even when "I was married to Eric."

Quinn's phone chimed with a notification that her divorce papers had been finalized. She figured Carter had already known that. Carter replied that he hadn't known how to tell her that it was the day. Quinn figured that the only thing left was for her and Eric to sign the papers, and it would be official. Sadly, she looked down.

Carter stated that he and Quinn had fought hard not to give in to their feelings, but there had been a pull that they hadn't been able to deny. Signing the divorce papers would make her free, and at that point, he didn't want their relationship to be a secret any longer.

Carter didn't want to sneak around anymore, and he was sure Quinn was about to say that Eric would fire him. She asserted that it was true. Carter replied that whatever happened, happened. "Come on, it's not Vegas," Quinn quipped. She asked if he'd sacrifice everything. Carter claimed that he was a brilliant and successful attorney, and he'd find a job somewhere else.

"But..." Quinn said. Carter wouldn't take any excuses. He was tired of hiding, and he wanted the whole world to know what he and Quinn had together. The two kissed.

Later, Quinn prepared to go. Carter knew that it wouldn't be easy to see Eric and sign the papers, but Carter promised to have something special for her when she got "home." She repeated the word, and he said he wanted the place to be her home, too. Quinn kissed him, donned her sunglasses, and left.

Sometime after Quinn had gone, Carter sat on the sofa after a workout. He picked up a bracelet that had been on his coffee table.

Back at Eric's house, Eric slapped the papers and a pen on the coffee table. He gazed up at Stephanie on the wall. Quinn called his name, and he turned, standing. He said he hadn't heard the doorbell. Quinn had assumed he'd been expecting her. He said he had been.

Pointing to the portrait, Quinn said that gave her a hint about the future. Eric explained that it had been up for Steffy's wedding at Steffy's request. The two Stephanies had shared something special. Quinn responded that she and Eric had, too -- "when we were married."

Quinn was done apologizing, but that didn't mean she didn't hate herself for hurting Eric the way she had. She'd never known a man like Eric, who was kind, compassionate, and decent to a fault. Part of her would always love and care about him.

Eric would never completely understand Quinn's relationship with Carter. She claimed that she and Carter hadn't set out to deceive anyone. The circumstances had drawn them together, but hurting Eric, being unfaithful to him, was something she'd regret for the rest of her life. She thought he probably didn't believe her. Eric did. He could hear it in her voice.

Eric also believed that a part of Quinn would always love him. Grinning, Quinn said he'd given her the best years of her life. She'd cherish the memories. Once they signed the papers, their marriage would be nothing but memories. Grabbing the pen, she didn't want to make things harder. She was ready to sign the papers and let him get on with his life.

"Don't, don't, don't," Eric said, and Quinn dropped the pen, looking at him with wide eyes. He'd been thinking a lot about the part he'd played in pushing her away and what she and Carter had done. Eric had shut down emotionally and physically and had denied her the contact that she'd deserved -- that any woman deserved from her husband.

Eric had been thinking of Quinn and what she'd brought to him. He thought about how they'd been alone against everyone in the world. It had been a happy time, and they'd built a happy future, no matter what. She said it had been until she'd messed it up. He figured that everyone deserved forgiveness -- him, too. Eric wanted to forgive Quinn.

Quinn looked confused. Eric said his time with her, all those years, he'd been happier than he'd been at any other time in his life. He'd loved her. He wanted Quinn. He didn't want the divorce. He wanted her back.

Carter is blindsided by Quinn's news about Eric Carter is blindsided by Quinn's news about Eric

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy seemed testy and distracted as they attempted to work. He said they didn't have to pretend that everything was fine because it wasn't. Sheila was using her own flesh and blood to terrorize Steffy, and Steffy didn't deserve it. Steffy deserved to be happy. Steffy claimed to be and said Sheila would never be a part of their family or lives.

Steffy claimed that she and Finn had been planning to take a little honeymoon, but they couldn't go anywhere with Sheila out there. Ridge said Steffy should get security for her house. Steffy was thinking of getting a guard. He knew that she could handle things, but as her father, he would make sure that they were safe. He said Sheila was crazy, and it was just a matter of time before Sheila would reach out to Finn again.

Later, Steffy rolled her eyes away from her phone, and Ridge asked if things were okay. She was thinking of what her husband was going through. Ridge recalled that he'd had a parent show up out of nowhere, too. "Massimo," Steffy said. She stated that Ridge didn't talk about it much, and she wondered how he'd handled it.

Ridge said he'd looked to his family, as Finn would do. Steffy said they just needed to deal with Sheila. Ridge wondered if Finn got how dangerous Sheila was. Steffy said Finn got it and wanted nothing to do with Sheila. Ridge asked if Steffy was sure she could trust Finn and that Finn got what a sociopath Sheila was. Affirming it, Steffy said Finn wouldn't let her and the kids down, and he'd always put them first.

At the cliff house, Finn gazed at the two text messages between him and Sheila. Paris asked how his patient was, and he claimed that the patient was fine. Paris assumed that it would take more than surfing to get a grip on meeting his mother. "Birth mother," Finn corrected.

Finn was still processing things. He'd wanted to meet his birth mother all his life. Paris stated that once he had, he'd learned that his new family hated the woman. It was a lot to deal with, and because Steffy and Finn had been good to Paris, Paris was there to return the favor by being a good listener.

Finn didn't want to dump his problems on Paris, but she insisted that friendship was a two-way street. She knew what Finn was going through because of the crimes committed by her own father. Paris felt guilty about it all the time. Her father had done terrible things, but he was still her father. Reese was in jail, but she wanted him in her life, even if everyone hated him.

Finn understood. He knew he should want nothing to do with Sheila, but he'd wanted to know his birth mother for his entire life. It had finally happened. Finn wondered how Li, his mom, was handling it. He loved his adoptive parents. "But you still wondered," Paris concluded.

Finn thought Paris would laugh at him, but he'd imagined Lucille Ball as his birth mother. Ball had been on his father's favorite show, and that had been what Finn had imagined for himself. Paris asked what it had been like to finally meet Sheila. Finn had been emotional, confused, and angry, but it had also been cathartic. It had been as if his missing piece had found him.

Finn had never imagined he'd have a dangerous birth mother. He didn't know what to think or feel. "Maybe that's okay," Paris replied and asked if he'd ever see Sheila again. He said he wouldn't. She asked if he was okay with that. He figured that he had to be. He revealed that Sheila had sent him a message, and he didn't even know how she'd gotten his number.

Paris asked what it had said, and Finn said Sheila had been saying goodbye. Paris asked how Steffy had reacted, but he replied that he hadn't wanted to tell Steffy and upset her. Paris flashed a disapproving expression, but Finn asked her not to say anything to Steffy.

Paris asked if Finn had responded to Sheila's text. At first, he said he hadn't, but then he admitted to sending an emoji back. Again, he asked Paris not to tell Steffy and said it hadn't felt right to not respond at all. Paris got it, but she said the Forresters were terrified of that woman. Finn knew it and claimed he'd tell Steffy if it happened again. He just didn't see it happening.

There was a knock at the front door. "What if it's Sheila?" Paris asked.

At Eric's house, Quinn asked what Eric was saying. Eric loved Quinn. He'd had a lot of time to think about what had happened. He'd been hurt badly, but he'd recalled their wedding day. He'd promised to protect and defend her, but he'd fallen short in that regard. He didn't want the marriage to end, and he still wanted Quinn to be his wife.

Eric realized that he'd taken a strong stand with Quinn. He'd wanted her out of the company and his life. He'd figured out that he missed her. He wanted to forgive her. He wanted their life and their marriage back. Quinn turned away, expressing shock.

Eric was sorry to take Quinn off guard, but it had taken time for him to reach a place of understanding and forgiveness. Quinn asked what had happened. He had to admit that it had been Sheila coming out of the woodwork. Quinn scowled, but Eric said it had put things into perspective for him. Any mistakes that Quinn had made paled in comparison to what Sheila had done to him and the family.

Eric figured that he had to take responsibility for how what had happened between Quinn, Ridge, and Brooke had driven a wedge between Eric and Quinn. Eric was sorry. Picking up the divorce papers, he said it had made him think twice about the divorce and their history. He didn't really want the divorce. He wanted Quinn to still be his wife. Quinn was astonished to see Eric rip up the divorce papers. He hoped it sent a clear message.

Scoffing, Quinn was at a loss for words. Eric said it was the most challenging time they'd ever had, but it was clear to him that she still loved him. He loved her and wanted to be her husband again. He wanted to rebuild the marriage. He wanted Quinn to stay. He asked her to get some stuff for overnight, and they'd get the rest of her things later.

Eric neared Quinn. He wanted her to move back home. He hugged her.

At Carter's loft, Carter stood on the overlook, recalling memories with Quinn. He trotted down the stairs and gazed at her portrait, propped against the fireplace. He grinned.

Later, Carter set the table. As he folded a blanket on the sofa, he recalled being beneath it with Quinn. He lit candles around the living room and glanced at the wine he'd set out on the table. Again, he gazed at the bracelet on the table and smiled, thinking of Quinn.

When Quinn arrived, she noted that the place looked beautiful. Carter said he'd promised her something special. Her face darkened, and he asked how she was doing -- for real. She wasn't sure. He couldn't imagine what she was going through, and while preparing the evening, he hadn't thought about how painful it had to be to finalize the divorce.

Carter didn't know what their future would look like, but he wanted Quinn in his life. He didn't want them to sneak around, and he was proud to be with a woman like her. He didn't want to hide it. He didn't need her to protect him. He was willing to lose his job at Forrester and connection to the Forresters. It would hurt, but she was worth it to him.

Quinn uttered that Carter didn't understand. Insisting that he did, he repeated that she was worth it. He'd never met a woman like her, and no woman had ever looked at him the way she did. If she'd told him a year back that they'd be friends and lovers, he would have laughed in her face, but he was glad it had happened. Before Quinn had come into his life, he'd been heartbroken and angry. She'd made his life better.

Quinn asked how she could be so lucky. She felt that Carter was genuine, kind, and warm. He knew what she'd done, the people she'd hurt, and that she'd crossed many lines. However, he wanted to be with her for her. "I do," he said, scooting close to her.

Quinn put her hand up to stop Carter's advance. She stroked his chin and said that something had happened at Eric's house -- something unexpected. She revealed that the divorce hadn't been finalized. Somehow, Eric had found it in his heart to forgive her. Eric had said he loved her and didn't want the marriage to end. Eric wanted her back.

Carter shut his eyes and hung his head.

Carter and Quinn say goodbye Carter and Quinn say goodbye

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Steffy and Ridge reviewed a dress design. Ridge was pleased to see Steffy's "newlywed smile." Steffy said that her marriage was "almost perfect" -- except for a dark cloud named Sheila that loomed over them. Steffy reiterated that Finn had promised to cut all contact with Sheila, but she said that everyone would need to remain vigilant until Sheila could be dealt with.

An urgent knock sounded on the front door at the cliff house. Finn told Paris that he was not expecting anyone, leading Paris to worry that it might be Sheila. Eventually, Finn decided to answer the door. When he did, he found an impatient Zende complaining about how long he had been knocking on the door. Zende looked around and realized that both Paris and Finn looked "freaked out" about something.

Finn and Paris filled Zende in on what was going on. Zende understood Finn's desire to want to know his biological parents. Zende stated, "I lucked out when it came to my adoptive parents. And it seems you did, too." Paris agreed that Jack and Li were Finn's parents -- not Sheila. Finn walked to a window and looked out over the ocean. Sensing that Finn was hurting, Paris asked Zende if he would mind if she canceled their plans in order to keep an eye on Finn.

Finn didn't want Paris to cancel her plans, but both she and Zende insisted it was okay. Zende then mused that he had only dropped by to give Paris a kiss. After Zende left, Finn again told Paris that she should be with Zende and not him. Paris explained that because Steffy and Finn had been so kind to her, she wanted to do whatever she could to help out. Finn then asked Paris to not tell Steffy that Sheila had reached out to him.

Paris and Finn had differing opinions as to what Finn's heart emoji response to Sheila's message meant. Finn argued that sending only an emoji would tell Sheila that he didn't care enough to put together a worded response. Paris reluctantly agreed to keep Finn's secret.

"So... Eric doesn't want the divorce?" Carter asked haltingly. Quinn shared that she'd been equally stunned when Eric had torn up the divorce papers. "He says he wants our life and our marriage back," Quinn said. Carter asked Quinn how she felt about Eric's change of heart. "I should be thrilled. Part of me is relieved," Quinn replied, as she listed off all the things that a life with Eric would mean. Quinn rose from the sofa and took several steps toward Carter, looking deeply into his eyes. "Then there is you," she said.

Quinn asked Carter what she should do, but he told her that the decision was one only she could make. "For him to give me another chance, it's a testament to the kind of man that he is," Quinn said. But Quinn noted that Carter had been there for her when she'd been "completely and utterly alone." She added that what she had shared with Carter had been magical and unforgettable. Tears streaming down her face, Quinn told Carter that she wasn't sure that she could leave him.

"I'm so confused," Quinn sobbed, as she gently stroked Carter's cheek and rubbed his shoulders. Carter told Quinn that "deep down," he believed she knew what needed to be done.

Before anything more could be said, Eric, who had been at Forrester Mansion, sipping a martini and recalling the conversation that he'd had with Quinn earlier in the day, called to ask Carter if he still had the portrait of Quinn. Carter, taking the call on speaker phone, told Eric that he'd put the portrait in storage. Eric was overjoyed and asked Carter to return it to the mansion. Eric then excitedly told Carter that he had decided not to divorce Quinn and wanted her back in his life because he still loved her.

Obviously devastated, Carter told Quinn that she needed to "go back... go be Mrs. Eric Forrester." Quinn didn't know how to say goodbye to Carter. "This could be your last chance -- take it," Carter urged, adding, "I know Eric can give you a wonderful, fulfilling life." Carter promised not to tell anyone about the time that they had spent together. "You're right, I love my husband," Quinn said through tears. "Carter, I love you," she declared. Carter told Quinn that he loved her, too.

Sheila's fixation on Finn and Hayes festers Sheila's fixation on Finn and Hayes festers

Thursday, August 19, 2021

At Carter's place, Quinn hadn't expected for her and Carter to end by professing love for each other. Carter said that Eric wanted her back and loved her. "So do you. I always knew that we felt it. We just never said the words," Quinn replied.

Carter guessed he shouldn't have said it, but he'd wanted Quinn to know that it had been real. However, he felt that her marriage wasn't over, and she should go home and be Eric's wife. Carter guessed that Eric was waiting, but Quinn reasoned that they couldn't show up together. Motioning to the portrait, Carter said he'd go first, but Quinn stopped him.

Carter insisted that it was what Quinn wanted, and he reminded her of the things she'd said when she'd talked about her marriage the times she'd been at the loft to intercede for Zoe. Eric's respect and admiration had meant "so much" to Quinn, and she'd gotten it back.

Quinn replied that she'd had something incredible with Carter, too. Carter would never forget it, but he said she loved her husband. She replied that she loved Carter, too, and they kissed and cried in each other's arms. Carter let her go, collected the portrait, and left Quinn sobbing.

At Eric's house, Eric gazed at the blank space above the fireplace and recalled when he'd given Quinn the portrait on their wedding day. Beneath the flowers on the mantel, he found his wedding ring, and he slid it back onto his finger.

Carter arrived with the portrait, and Eric thanked Carter for taking good care of it. Carter claimed he hadn't believed that Eric had really meant for Carter to get rid of it. Eric hated to admit it, but he had meant it; however, he'd realized that it would have been a mistake.

Eric was surprised that Carter hadn't wondered what had changed. Carter admitted that he'd been surprised to hear that the divorce was off. Eric said he hadn't known how much he loved Quinn until he'd had to contemplate a future without her. Eric was sure his family would think he was crazy. Carter stated that the family was protective of Eric and had seen Quinn's involvement with Carter as proof that she wasn't worthy of Eric.

Eric said it wasn't true, and he suspected Carter knew that. "Why else would you have taken such good care of this portrait?" Eric asked.

Eric asked Carter to help rehang the portrait, and later, they inspected their work. Eric said it was perfect and thanked Carter. Carter was glad that he could help and was glad to hear Eric's good news. Eric had wanted to share it with Carter especially. Eric hadn't asked Carter to represent him in the divorce as a test. Eric had wanted to prove his faith in Carter's good judgment, and Carter had proven Eric right by taking care of the portrait.

Carter didn't know how Eric had been able to get past it, but he thanked Eric for the second chance -- and for giving Quinn one, too. Eric said it would last that time. Sure that Eric had a big celebration planned, Carter decided to leave.

Quinn entered as Carter strode through the foyer. She assumed Carter was on his way out. Eric said he'd just told Carter the news. Quinn murmured that the news was surprising. Eric noted that Quinn didn't seem surprised at all to see Carter there.

Quinn said she'd seen Carter's car in the driveway. Eric stated that he'd asked for Carter's help with something. Gesturing to the portrait, Eric explained that Carter had kept it in storage and had been kind enough to help Eric rehang it. Eric was sure it was awkward to have the three of them together, but he felt they needed to move on.

Eric believed that they couldn't do that by ignoring it. He claimed that he had withheld from Quinn what he'd known she'd wanted, and he had pushed her into Carter's arms. Eric didn't want to dwell on it. He wanted to move on. He believed that Quinn and Carter had done so. Eric said that Quinn and Carter had proven their loyalty to Eric, and "so here we are."

Eric stated that they all wanted to put it behind them. Stroking her arm, he said Quinn was returning home to him, and Eric didn't want any residual tension between himself and Carter.

Trying not to react to Eric touching Quinn, Carter replied that there wouldn't be, and Quinn and Eric's marriage would be stronger than ever. Carter decided to go, and Eric said he'd see Carter at the office. Quinn and Carter bid each other goodbye.

After Carter had gone, Eric immediately noted that Quinn was crying. Quinn said it was amazing to see her portrait back and to have a second chance. She didn't know if she deserved it, but she wouldn't take it for granted. She exclaimed that she was still his wife. It was unexpected, and she didn't know what to say. Her tears were tears of joy. Eric accepted that, and they hugged.

At the cliff house, Paris agreed not to say anything to Steffy about Sheila's message but didn't think it was a good idea for either of them to keep it from his wife. Finn believed that Sheila was gone. Telling Steffy about it would just upset Steffy, who'd already hired another guard for the property. Paris agreed to let him handle it the best way he thought he should.

Ridge and Steffy arrived. Steffy asked what was going on, and Paris decided to let everyone talk while she headed to the office. Paris went upstairs, and Steffy asked if everything was okay with their housemate. Finn relayed that he'd conveyed things to Paris, and she understood how it needed to be handled. Ridge asked if Finn and Paris had spoken about Sheila.

A knock at the door startled the people in the cliff house, but it was just Li and Jack, who hoped the newlyweds didn't mind them just stopping by. Jack felt terrible about the wedding day disruption. He had hoped Sheila wouldn't show up and said he hadn't heard from Sheila since Finn had been little.

Cutting her gaze at him, Li couldn't believe that Jack had never told her. He reasoned that he would have if Sheila had bothered them, but he'd never heard from Sheila again. He'd assumed he never would. Ridge warned them to make no assumptions about Sheila. As long as she was out there, she was a threat.

Jack stated that he would have told them about Sheila if he'd known she'd been keeping tabs on them. Steffy said she wouldn't have posted their wedding announcement online. Finn replied that they'd been excited about that, but Steffy replied that she hadn't known it would make their family a target. Li said it made Sheila sound awful.

Jack felt that there were a lot of things he would have done differently if he could. He didn't want it to change the Forresters' opinions of Finn, who was a good boy and would make an excellent husband and father. Steffy said Finn was already those things. Jack had to believe that, after the wedding day, Sheila was out of their lives.

Steffy knew Finn and said there was nothing he could do to change her feelings. Finn intended to protect Steffy and the kids and said he didn't want Steffy to be scared. Jack stated that they should be celebrating the couple's happiness.

Li asked if that woman was as dangerous as people had said. Ridge wanted to know about it if Sheila tried to reach out to anyone. Steffy stressed that they couldn't engage in any form of communication because it was like an invitation to Sheila. Ridge told Jack that they had to shut Sheila down completely. Steffy didn't want Sheila around the family, especially Hayes.

In the design office at Forrester, Zende was working. Paris arrived, and he expressed surprise to see her after he'd left her with Finn. Paris explained that Ridge and Steffy were there with Finn, who didn't want them to worry about Sheila. Zende felt that it was good that Finn had someone like Paris to open up to. Finn needed someone who didn't really know Sheila.

Zende figured that Finn had many questions for Sheila, but she was a terrible person. He said that poor Finn couldn't risk having contact with her at all. Paris nodded.

Alone, Paris looked at proofs of Steffy and Finn's wedding announcement photos. Paris thought of agreeing to keep the secret and seemed troubled.

In her hotel room, Sheila gazed at the text thread on her phone between her and Finn. She grinned, believing that Finn loved his mother. She pressed the phone over her heart. Sheila googled Finn again to see what more she could find.

Sheila was impressed by how handsome her son was. "And he's a doctor. Healing must run in the family!" she marveled. She said that Steffy and Finn had the most beautiful son, Hayes, named after Steffy's mother. Sheila flashed back to telling Finn and Steffy to let Hayes know that Sheila loved him and that his grandmother would always think of him.

"It's my family. It's my son, my family," Sheila uttered smiling.

Sheila checked out a web page about a Forrester charity gala, and she muttered that they'd kicked her out of their family before. She flashed back to the night she'd shot Taylor and Brooke and the argument she'd had with Eric before she'd pulled the gun. Eric hadn't been able to believe he'd ever been married to her. He'd asserted that there was nothing she could do, and she was finished.

Sheila declared that they wouldn't ice her out again. Looking at a web page of Steffy, Finn, and Hayes, Sheila asserted, "No! This is my son, my grandson. This is my family!"

Sheila reveal details of her past... with Jack Sheila reveal details of her past... with Jack

Friday, August 20, 2021

In the evening at the cliff house, the living room was lit with candles, and there was a fire in the fireplace. Steffy, in red lingerie, poured wine as Finn exited Kelly's room. Kelly had fallen asleep before he'd finished the first part of a book he'd read to her.

Steffy guessed their time on the beach had worn the child out. Finn had been worn out from chasing Kelly in a game of tag. Steffy figured that they'd really be tired once Hayes could run. Finn suggested that the kids could chase each other, and the parents would just watch.

Finn asked if Steffy was happy. She was. "I just wish that..." she said. Finn concluded that she wished anyone else was his birth mother. Steffy didn't want to obsess about Sheila. Finn thought it was okay if she did. It had to be shocking that the woman who'd taken so much from Steffy had turned out to be her mother-in-law.

Finn hadn't expected the reaction to Sheila that he'd gotten. Steffy insisted that Sheila had known she'd get such a response, but she hadn't cared because she'd wanted to disrupt their day. He believed that Sheila hadn't intended to see any of them and had just wanted to see him that day and make sure he knew that she loved him.

Steffy understood that Finn wanted to believe Sheila, but Steffy asked him to understand the damage Sheila had caused. Steffy asked him to promise to stay away from Sheila. It hurt Finn to know someone who'd caused the pain that Sheila had.

Steffy was sorry. She knew Finn had had high hopes. He said not to worry about him. He figured that not all dreams were supposed to come true. He suggested they concentrate on their family and future. Steffy echoed the sentiment that it didn't involve Sheila. There would never be room for Sheila there.

Later, as Steffy and Finn cuddled on the couch, she said they'd all warned him. Agreeing, Finn had never thought an infant could be more tiring than med school. Steffy asserted that his wife was right about everything, and she meant "everything." He claimed he'd always listen to his wife. She said he should listen about Sheila, too. Finn included Sheila. He said he wouldn't let Sheila hurt them. He wouldn't let anyone or anything hurt their family.

At Sheila's door, Jack knocked. She opened it and asked how he'd found her. He told her that didn't matter and that she needed to leave town that night. She stated that he couldn't order her to leave, but he didn't know why she'd want to stay. She couldn't have relationships with Finn or Hayes. Sheila didn't know if it would be up to Steffy.

"Well, I'm saying it, too," Jack rejoined. He ordered Sheila to stay away from all of them. He'd known she'd been trouble years back, but after what he'd heard from the Forresters, he knew there was no place for her in his son's life -- none.

Reasoning that Finn was an adult, Sheila believed he could make his own decisions. Jack refused to let her take advantage of her son, since Finn knew the truth. "The truth?" Sheila resentfully said. She asked, "What if I don't want to go?" Jack recalled that she'd known it had been best for Finn when he'd been a baby. She countered that much had changed. Jack yelled that he wouldn't allow her to interfere with his son and that family.

"Tell me what I can and cannot's not a smart idea," Sheila uttered. Jack didn't think interfering with Finn and his family was, either. She reasoned that she'd adhered to the adoption, and she'd kept silent about herself; however, she didn't need to do that anymore, and she could have a relationship with Finn, the way it should be. "Over my dead body," Jack responded. Sheila didn't see why it needed to come to that.

Chuckling, Jack asked if that had been a threat. He ordered Sheila to stay away from Finn. Sheila asked if Jack didn't think she knew why he was there. Jack asked what father wouldn't be when a psycho was worming her way into his son's life.

Sheila asked if that was the reason Jack was panicked or if it had been the hurt look on his wife's face when Ridge had been berating Jack for keeping quiet. Sheila had known Li had been involved, just not to what extent. Sheila thought Jack had given a good cover. Jack said he'd been telling the truth. It amounted to half lies to Sheila because he hadn't had the guts to say what he'd been thinking. "The reason that you have kept quiet about me all these years..." Sheila said.

Sheila noted that Li hadn't known why Jack hadn't told her about Sheila, and Sheila wondered how Li would feel to find out how much there was to know. Sheila thought she deserved gratitude for not embarrassing him. Jack offered to send her a note and flowers if she disappeared and never contacted Finn again.

It sounded just like old times to Sheila. She doubted Jack had forgotten how he'd go to the hospital to see his wife and catch Sheila's eyes. He'd kiss Li on the cheek and sneak into the supply closet with Sheila. He'd pretended to be disappointed about Li's double shifts.

Jack told Sheila to stop it. Sheila said Li seemed like a good woman, and she wondered how devoted Li would be if she found out that Jack had gotten another woman pregnant and had convinced Li to adopt his bastard son. Jack replied that Sheila wouldn't do that, but she stated that he had no idea what she would do or was capable of.

"You don't tell me to leave town. You don't tell me you're going to the Forresters. In fact, you don't tell me anything!" Sheila decided. She was the one calling the shots. She'd kept his dirty little secret. She'd protected Jack, and she'd stayed away from her son. She couldn't do it anymore. "Don't you dare come between me and my son. Don't you do it. Don't you try. Because if you do, you're gonna regret it," she warned.

At Carter's place, Carter was alone, thinking of when he'd urged Quinn to return to her marriage. He recalled them saying they loved each other, and he grimaced.

At Eric's house, Quinn gazed at her portrait. Eric said it was back where it belonged, and so was she. Quinn smiled, but her face darkened when she hugged him. He handed her a martini and said he'd been afraid that she'd turn him down. He'd been afraid that enough time had passed for her to want to move on, but he should have known she'd wanted their marriage to survive as much as he had. "To us," Eric toasted, and they clinked their glasses.

Eric remarked that one good thing out of his time alone had been that he'd played the piano more. He had many songs, most of which he didn't know. He sat at his piano and began to play and sing her a song with the refrain, "I'll be loving you always."

Quinn sat beside Eric and put her head on his shoulder as he concluded the piece. The song had been beautiful to Quinn, who wished she could play or carry a tune to let him know how happy she was to be home. He could see it in her eyes. He'd been married to her long enough to know what she was feeling inside just by looking at her.

Quinn claimed that Eric saw her commitment and devotion, which wouldn't waver ever again. With that, she kissed him. Eric yawned, and she asked if she was boring him. He told her that she'd never be boring, but it had been a long and wonderful day. She knew the perfect way to end it. She wanted to go upstairs and prepare for bed. He said he'd be up shortly.

Eric was so glad he and Quinn hadn't given up on them. Quinn had been afraid she'd have to, and she'd been preparing for a very different life. "But a life without you? No. This is where I'm supposed to be," Quinn concluded. He smiled, but the smile faded as she walked upstairs.

Later, Quinn descended the stairs in a nightgown and robe. She found Eric asleep on the chaise lounge. She covered him with a blanket and told him to sleep well. She gazed at her portrait and glanced off with a faraway look in her eyes. Quinn headed back upstairs. Eric's eyes popped open, and a tear rolled down his cheek.

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