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Eric admitted to Quinn that he had a humiliating condition. Brooke and Ridge were stunned by Eric's marital decision, but Eric defended Quinn. Jack and Sheila pressured Finn to let her see Hayes. Steffy exploded on Jack, Finn, and Sheila when she discovered what they'd been up to.
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Eric revealed he had erectile dysfunction, and Steffy exploded when she returned home and found Sheila holding Hayes
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Sheila strikes a deal with Jack in exchange for her silence

Sheila strikes a deal with Jack in exchange for her silence

Monday, August 23, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy were in their night clothes in the bedroom. Showing Steffy the baby monitor, he noted that there wasn't a peep out of the kids, which meant mom and dad could have some time together. The two kissed. Steffy said she really wanted it, but there was something they needed to talk about. She couldn't help it. It was Sheila.

Steffy needed Finn to know that she didn't blame him for Sheila showing up, and Sheila's actions didn't reflect upon him. Steffy loved Finn, who was nothing like the selfish and deceitful Sheila. Finn said Steffy didn't need to go there that night. The night was about him and her. They kissed and hugged, but Steffy still seemed worried.

Later, Finn spooned Steffy in bed. She gazed at the baby monitor. He offered to check on Hayes, but Steffy said the baby's foot had moved, signifying that he was dreaming and fine. Finn reassured Steffy that he wouldn't let anyone harm their family. Steffy knew that, but they were talking about Sheila, who'd caused much suffering.

Steffy was overwhelmed and noted that she and Finn hadn't even filed their marriage certificate at the courthouse. Finn assured her that everything was okay. They'd raise Hayes and keep him safe. Steffy replied that they were dealing with Sheila, and the only way to keep Hayes safe was to keep Sheila away from their son. Steffy asked Finn to say he understood and wouldn't have contact with Sheila ever. Finn hugged Steffy and flashed back to texting Sheila an emoji.

Later, Steffy had received a message from Hope, reminding Steffy about a meeting the next day in San Francisco. Steffy wished they could postpone it. She didn't want to be away, even if it was just for a day. Finn asked her to repeat after him and say that Finn and the kids would be fine while she was gone. He warned her to say it, or he'd suddenly be tuckered out for the night. Steffy complied, and they fell back on the bed as they kissed.

After Finn and Steffy had made love, he said he was married to the most beautiful woman in the world, the mother of an adorable newborn. He loved her more than he'd thought possible and would make sure no one interfered with their family and happiness.

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila warned Jack not to mess with her. She said he'd had Finn all those years, and it was her turn. She wanted her and Finn to get to know each other, but Jack believed that the more Finn knew, the more appalled he'd be. She felt that once she got to spend more time with her son and tell him her side of the story, it would be different.

Jack asserted that Finn was his and Li's son. "No. He's your son with me. We had the affair, remember?" Sheila asked. She'd given birth to Finn, and Jack had talked her into giving the baby to Jack and Li to raise as their own. Sheila realized that Li knew nothing about it and had no idea that her husband had cheated on her. Sheila wondered how Finn would feel to know he'd been lied to all those years. Sheila had believed Jack when he'd said it had been best for everyone, but she wasn't so sure anymore.

Sheila had kept quiet about the affair and Finn. Jack asked why she was dredging up ancient history. For Sheila, it had been like yesterday that they'd been lovers in each other's arms -- until she'd become pregnant. That had been when he'd convinced her that it had been best to give her child to him. She said she'd never forget that. Jack asked what she wanted from him.

Sheila claimed it was simple. She believed she and Finn could have a relationship if given the opportunity. Jack shot the idea down. The way he did it reminded her of how Jack had told her how it would be when she'd been pregnant with Finn. She'd been vulnerable, and Jack had taken advantage of it. He'd gotten into her head and exploited her.

Jack asked what Sheila was talking about. Sheila recalled that he'd told her how he and his wife hadn't been able to conceive, and Sheila's pregnancy had been a twist of fate. He'd said it had been his and Li's opportunity to raise Sheila's child as their own. Touching her shoulder, Jack said it had been best for everyone.

Sheila shrugged off Jack's touch, remembering that he'd said that back then, too -- repeatedly -- before and after she'd had the child. Jack had arranged the whole adoption, and it hadn't been a regular one. Finn and Li had been living a lie. Jack asked again what Sheila wanted from him, and he demanded to know why she was really there.

Jack regretted ever getting involved with Sheila and betraying his marriage. Sheila said Finn was the good thing born of it, but when she'd reached out after giving Finn to Jack, Jack had shut her down completely. Sheila stated that Jack had watched Finn grow, never contacting Sheila, not even on Finn's wedding day.

Jack reasoned that he and Sheila hadn't spoken in decades. He hadn't known if she'd been alive or dead. Sheila was sorry to disappoint him. Jack realized that he should have told everyone about her sooner. Jack wouldn't be manipulated by Sheila and figured it was time to tell Li and Finn the truth about Jack being Finn's biological father.

Sheila noted that it would destroy Jack's family and relationship with Finn. She was willing to keep the secret, but she wanted just one thing in return for her silence. In order for Sheila to keep quiet and to leave and never return, she wanted to hold her grandson just once.

Jack said it was impossible, and Sheila told him to make it happen. If it did, his secret would be safe, and his life didn't have to change. She just wanted to see Finn once more and hold her grandson. After that, she'd be out of "your" life forever.

Jack didn't know how he could believe Sheila. She swore she was telling the truth and asked how he could deny her after all she'd given up. She wanted to cradle Hayes in her arms and look at that face just once. She wondered if it was too much to ask for all he'd get in return. "I'll speak with Finn," Jack said and left.

Sheila glanced at the heart emoji on her phone. She imagined Hayes in his crib and grinned.

In Brooke's bedroom, Ridge stammered, his eyes bulging, when Brooke stepped out of the bathroom in his dress shirt and heels. After a while, he was able to ask if that was his shirt. He claimed he wanted it back. Brooke wanted something, too. She wanted him to brush her hair.

Brooke handed Ridge a brush and shook her hair loose from its bun. "Tonight is the night that you deliver, Mr. Forrester," she uttered. Ridge sat behind her on a bedroom bench at the end of the bed and eagerly complied. He loved things the way they were. They were happy, their daughters were happy, and there was just one thing to worry about.

Ridge nibbled Brooke's neck. She told him not to stop. He had no intention of stopping. She leaned back, and the shirt fell off her shoulder. She anticipated a kiss. When it didn't arrive, she replied, "You stopped. Is it Sheila?" Ridge couldn't help it. He was angry about that woman's DNA running through his grandson, and he figured Steffy had to be tormented by it.

Later, Ridge was flat on the bed groaning and urging Brooke on as she straddled his back. She was moaning, too, as she massaged him. He asked how they'd gone from hair-brushing to that. Brooke said she was helping him relax. He hinted at something else that would help him relax, but she said that would happen a little later.

Brooke felt Ridge tense up again, and she warned him against doing that. He felt he should be doing more. She replied that he'd done everything imaginable. He'd hired extra security, and Carter was working on the restraining order. Ridge feared that none of it meant anything if Finn wanted to have a connection with that woman.

Continuing to knead Ridge's shoulders, Brooke stated that Finn understood he couldn't be near Sheila. Ridge hoped so, but he didn't trust Sheila. Brooke announced that it was time to stop thinking about it. Unbuttoning her shirt, she said it was time to focus on something else.

Seeing Brooke in her periwinkle lingerie, Ridge readily responded with a kiss. She instructed him to focus "right here" on them. Ridge threw her down on the bed.

Later, Ridge and Brooke lay wrapped in their sheets, and she saw that her strategy to distract him from a certain crazy person had worked. Ridge agreed that it had worked, but Sheila was still there. Brooke urged him to focus on the positive: Steffy was married to an amazing man, and they had a beautiful child. No one would tear that family apart -- not even Sheila.

Eric shares long overdue news with Quinn

Eric shares long overdue news with Quinn

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn returned from a swim. Steffy informed him that Amelia had taken the kids to the park. He wondered if that meant he got to have his wife to himself, especially since she had to go to San Francisco soon. Steffy said that it was only for a night to deal with HFTF. He promised to hold down the fort. Steffy knew he would but was still uneasy about Sheila.

Finn said they'd agreed to stop thinking about Sheila. Steffy replied that it was the power Sheila had over them. Disagreeing, Finn insisted that they were breaking the cycle, and they wouldn't let Sheila ruin another moment of their happiness. Steffy hugged Finn tightly.

Steffy browsed through some photos of the kids from Amelia. Steffy cooed that the kids were her whole world, and she felt guilty for leaving them. Finn said it had been all about the kids lately, but she had a business to run. He felt it would be good for her because she loved her work. Steffy thought it was hitting her harder because of the other stuff going on. Finn insisted that Sheila was gone, and Steffy shouldn't give Sheila another thought.

As Steffy prepared to leave, she asked if Finn would be okay. He claimed it would be a party with imported juice and fine milk. Finn planned to do everything he could to make the kids happy and make Steffy feel confident. Everything he did would be with his family's best interest at heart. Steffy was glad they were on the same page, especially when dealing with Sheila.

Finn said he knew how critical it was to keep Sheila far away. Finn gave Steffy one more kiss and said that she could go. Steffy sighed.

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila recalled the deal she'd made with Jack. Keith, the assistant manager, arrived. He'd been notified that she was extending her stay. Affirming it, Sheila stated that she had to see someone important before she left.

Sheila invited Keith in, and he noted that she was a mysterious person. She assumed he wanted the room back. He replied that she'd been there awhile, and he assumed the person she needed to see was a guy. Sheila affirmed it. He offered to give her some restaurant recommendations, but she didn't think she and the guy would be meeting at a restaurant.

Keith hoped Sheila didn't mind him asking, but he wondered if the guy was younger or older. Sheila revealed that the guy was much younger, and Keith thought that was good for her. He wondered if it had been a long time since she'd seen the guy, but she said they'd never met. Considering it a blind date, Keith asked if they'd met on an app. Sheila said an acquaintance was setting it up, and she couldn't wait to meet the little guy.

In his own hotel room, Jack was thinking about the deal he'd made with Sheila. Li noticed that he was distracted. He apologized. She thought something was obviously troubling him and asked if it had to do with Finn's birth mother.

In Jack's silence, Li told him that it was okay. She believed that he'd been honest their entire marriage -- except for not telling her that Finn's birth mother had contacted him. She was willing to forgive that because she knew that he'd only been protecting the family. She said that she loved him, and they hugged.

Li figured Jack had been shocked to learn who Sheila was. Jack claimed that there hadn't been much on the Internet back then, and he'd only gotten a glimpse of who Sheila really was. It looked to Li as if Sheila had gotten worse over the years. Jack said he couldn't predict the lengths Sheila would go to, and it was only since the wedding that he'd realized how unstable Sheila had been.

Jack would do everything he could to protect the family, and he told Li not to think or worry about Sheila ever again. He wouldn't allow Sheila to be a part of their lives. He loved Li, who'd been patient and understanding throughout the ordeal. Li was glad that it was over. She said Sheila had moved on, and so had they. Jack felt lucky that Li had agreed to marry him.

Li went to the bathroom. Jack received a text message from Sheila. It said that his wife and son would never know his secret if he let her see Finn one more time and gave her the chance to finally hold her grandson. She ordered Jack to make it happen.

Later, Jack arrived at the cliff house as Finn was cleaning up. Finn conveyed that the nanny had taken Kelly on a playdate, Hayes was in the nursery, and Steffy had left for her trip. Jack assumed that meant Finn was on dad duty. Jack was proud of Finn and the way he'd settled into family life. Finn replied that he'd never been happier.

Finn asked where Li was. Jack said she was back at the hotel. Jack was there to apologize again for not telling Finn about his birth mother. Finn believed that Jack should have, but it was over and done. Finn didn't want to dwell on it. All he and Steffy had done had been to talk about Sheila. Jack was sorry about it, but he was convinced that Sheila would soon be out of their lives.

Finn said it had already happened, and Sheila was gone. Jack was silent, and Finn asked if Sheila had reached out to him. Jack affirmed it, and Finn hoped Jack hadn't responded. Jack said he'd seen Sheila, and he'd told her to stay out of their lives. Finn was shocked, but he felt relieved when Jack added that Sheila had sworn she'd stay out of their lives and not cause trouble for their family.

Finn said it was what everyone wanted. Jack added that Sheila had one condition. She wanted to see Finn again and hold her grandson.

Back at Sheila's hotel, Sheila imagined holding her grandson and telling him that she loved him. She glanced down at her arms, but she was only cradling air. She uttered that Jack had better make it happen -- or else. Sheila flashed an unnerving smile.

At Eric's house, Eric recalled pretending to be asleep the previous night. Quinn arrived downstairs, and he apologized for falling asleep on her first night home. He said he'd disappointed her once again. Quinn admitted that she'd had very different plans for the evening. He assumed the martini had gotten to him, and she said it happened to the best of them.

Eric noted that Quinn had been asleep when he'd gone upstairs. She said he could have woken her up. He hadn't wanted to disturb her sound sleep. Sighing, she said it had felt good to be back in their bed. She figured they'd make up for it that night. She wasn't worried about missing out when there were so many nights ahead of them.

Eric was grateful for that and grateful that Quinn had returned. She was glad that he still believed in them. He said he did with all his heart. She got the feeling that something was still wrong, but she was willing to take their time with things. For him, it wasn't about time, and he figured he should have told her something before he'd asked her to return to him.

Eric didn't want to worry Quinn but felt she deserved to know the why of what had happened between them. Eric said it had wrecked him when his coldness had driven her to Carter, but Eric had realized that she'd needed passion. She didn't want to keep bringing it up. She said they were back together, and things were better than ever.

Eric uttered that they could have been better the previous night. Eric wanted her to know how much he desired Quinn. She claimed to know. He thought she was a passionate and beautiful woman. He wanted her. "I always want you, but...I can't," he revealed.

Quinn told Eric that he wasn't alone, and they could handle together whatever it was he was dealing with. She said he'd transformed her life, and she'd show him what he meant to her that night, the next night, and every night after. Eric wanted that, but he couldn't.

Quinn asked why Eric couldn't. He stated that it was humiliating, and he could hardly say the words. He stammered that he had erectile dysfunction, and he couldn't make love to her.

Jack demands that Finn allow Sheila to meet Hayes

Jack demands that Finn allow Sheila to meet Hayes

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

At Forrester Creations, Carter explained a contract to Ridge and Brooke. As Brooke and Ridge praised Carter's business acumen, Carter broke the news to them about Eric's decision to call off his divorce. Brooke was incensed by Carter's announcement and insisted that Quinn had to have connived her way back into Eric's life.

Ridge and Brooke pelted Carter with questions. Carter insisted that the decision was Eric's, and he admitted that he supported Eric and Quinn's reunion. Carter described Quinn in glowing terms, prompting Brooke to wonder if Carter had fallen for Quinn. Carter dodged the question, repeating that he was happy for Eric and Quinn. Ridge said Eric and Quinn's reunion was "unexpected," and Brooke vowed to "talk some sense into Eric."

Once Ridge and Brooke had left, Carter thought back to how he and Quinn had expressed their love to one another.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn was caught off guard by Eric's explanation that he had erectile dysfunction. She had thought Eric hadn't been interested in her sexually because he didn't want her anymore. "I was so ashamed and so embarrassed that I could want you and not do anything about it," Eric said angrily. He added that his affliction was seen as a "punchline." He started to cry as he expressed how badly he wanted to make love to Quinn... but couldn't.

Eric blamed himself for not telling Quinn sooner but said it was a hard subject for him to broach. Quinn stated that all the stresses Eric had been dealing with probably played a role in his condition. She said she was certain that since they were back together, things would be looking up for Eric. "It's not that simple!" Eric yelled, insisting, "You have to know that the man you came home to is not the man you married."

"This doesn't change how I feel about you," Quinn responded. Eric embraced his wife and repeatedly apologized to her. Eric remarked that he hadn't realized that his inability to talk about his health would push Quinn into the arms of another man. Quinn recalled that Eric had recoiled every time she'd made a sexual advance. Quinn promised that she would stand by Eric and help find a doctor or specialist that could help him. Quinn reminded Eric that they were husband and wife, and together, they could take on any challenge that might arise.

At the private jet, Steffy apologized to Hope for arriving late. Hope understood that Steffy had a lot going on in her life. Hope said that it meant a great deal to her that Steffy was even able to make the trip to San Francisco. "I keep imagining all the terrible things that could go wrong," Steffy said, shaking her head.

Hope promised Steffy that they would be back in Los Angeles the following day. Steffy worried that even in a 24-hour period, the most dangerous woman she had ever met could cause trouble. Hope promised to do whatever she could to help Steffy. Steffy became increasingly nervous as the jet idled on the tarmac. The two women were looking over some documents when the pilot announced that they could not take off due to inclement weather conditions in San Francisco. "Maybe this is a sign," Steffy said.

Sheila used a map program on her phone to get directions to Steffy's home in Malibu. She looked in a compact and applied makeup, telling herself that she wanted to "look perfect" when she met her family. "I want little baby Hayes to look up at me from my arms and... just know that that's the face of his grandmother," Sheila said in a voice just above a whisper. Sheila perked up when she received a text message from Jack telling her that she should make her way to the cliff house.

Finn was stunned by his father's request that Sheila be allowed to meet her grandson. "What you are suggesting is crazy," Finn replied. Jack urged Finn to hear him out. Finn countered that Sheila was dangerous and noted that his new in-laws were doing everything they could to keep Sheila away. Jack argued that with Steffy on a plane, it was the only time that they could grant Sheila's wish to see Hayes.

Finn asked why his father was pushing so hard for Sheila to meet Hayes. "So much is at stake -- more than you even know," Jack replied cryptically. Jack reiterated that Sheila only wanted a single visit and pressed Finn to allow it. Jack denied that he was "advocating" for Sheila. He claimed that Sheila just wanted to meet her grandson and said that Sheila would already be gone if the Forresters had just let Sheila meet Hayes at the wedding. "Just let her have this," Jack urged.

Finn stated that he had promised Steffy that he would have no contact with Sheila. "I gave her my word," Finn said sternly. Jack countered that allowing Sheila to see Hayes would protect Steffy's family -- because it would get rid of Sheila once and for all. As the two men argued, a knock sounded on the door. Jack demanded that Finn let Sheila in the house. Outside, Sheila beamed broadly.

Steffy receives the shock of her life when she arrives home

Steffy receives the shock of her life when she arrives home

Thursday, August 26, 2021

On the tarmac at the airport, Steffy was impatient, wondering what kind of weather was holding up the flight. If they waited any longer for takeoff, she and Hope would miss their meeting. Hope said the meeting couldn't start without them, and Steffy wondered why Hope was so zen. Hope explained that she wasn't worried about what was going on at home for once, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case for Steffy.

Steffy admitted that she was still worried about Sheila, and Steffy was starting to think she should miss the meeting and be home with Finn and the kids. Steffy wondered if she was overreacting. Hope didn't think that was even possible. Steffy believed that Finn could stand his ground, but something was telling her to go home and be with the kids.

Hope had been under the impression that they'd seen the last of Sheila. Steffy said there was a blood tie, which meant Sheila would never be gone. Hope thought Finn had agreed to keep Sheila away. Steffy replied that Finn could only try so much, and Sheila was relentless. Hope wondered if Sheila would walk away for Finn's sake and if Finn even wanted to get to know Sheila. Steffy said it couldn't happen, and Finn needed to keep Hayes away from Sheila.

The pilot announced that the flight was still delayed, and Steffy felt the urge to go with her gut and leave. Hope decided to handle the meeting alone. Steffy wondered if she should call Finn, but Hope suggested surprising him.

At the cliff house, Sheila knocked on the front door. Inside, Finn was furious about it, but Jack felt that it was the perfect time, with Steffy gone and Kelly out of the house. "No!" Finn replied. Jack insisted that Sheila would be in and out before Finn knew it, and it was best for Finn's family and for "ours."

Jack opened the front door. An eager Sheila stepped toward the threshold, but stopping her, Jack said he needed more time. He told her to stay put and closed the door in her face. As time ticked by, Sheila wondered how long she was supposed to wait out there.

Inside, Finn asked if Sheila was gone. Jack said she wasn't. Finn wondered if Jack wanted her to be gone. Jack didn't. Jack asserted that Finn needed to allow Sheila the moment, and then Steffy would never have to worry about Sheila again. Jack was just asking for ten minutes to give Sheila her moment. Finn asserted that it couldn't happen, but Jack said it had to.

Finn asked why Jack was so insistent. Jack said it was the way to protect their families. Jack felt that he knew what he was talking about because he'd gotten rid of Sheila before.

Just then, Sheila breezed into the house, saying she hadn't been able to wait any longer. Jack lashed out at her, asking if barging in without being invited would help her cause. Finn said Sheila couldn't be there and had to go.

Sheila was hurt by that but understood. She said that Jack was telling the truth. She just wanted to see Finn and hold Hayes. She noted that they were halfway there. All that was left was for him to put Hayes in her arms. She requested that Finn allow her that one thing.

Finn didn't want to be rude, but he repeated that Sheila could not be there. Sheila got it and was sure Steffy had laid down the law; however, Sheila was there, and Steffy was out of town. Sheila reasoned that Steffy would never know, but Finn said he couldn't betray Steffy's trust. Sheila stated that he was a good and honorable man, and she was proud of him.

It had taken Sheila's breath away to see Finn at the wedding. She'd waited years for that, and even though it had upset people, she wouldn't change a thing about it. She felt that Finn needed to know that giving him away had been the hardest thing she'd ever done. He'd been desperately wanted, but she hadn't been in a position to give him the life he'd deserved.

Finn believed it. Sheila had never stopped loving him or wanting to see him. Excited, she wanted to see her grandson. She bet Hayes was a looker. Finn called the child a miracle. Sheila wondered who the boy looked like, and Finn said it was a mixture of both parents. She wanted to see for herself. Finn was sorry, but he couldn't. Sheila claimed it was all she'd ask. She only wanted to see Hayes just once. She wanted to hold her grandbaby, and she'd be gone forever.

Finn didn't move. Sheila said she was his mom and wouldn't lie to him. She couldn't believe such a handsome and accomplished doctor had come from her. She'd been in a bad place back then. She felt the best thing she'd ever done had been to give him up, so he wouldn't be tainted by her instability.

Sheila saw that Finn had had a great life, and she was grateful because she never could have given Finn what Li and Jack had. Sheila had been too self-centered and confused, but she was no longer that woman. Sheila could and would put Finn's wishes first. She didn't want a permanent place, just a moment with her grandson. She promised it would be like she'd never been there.

Finn asked Sheila to swear she'd leave and that the Forresters would never have to worry about Sheila again. Sheila swore it. Finn gave in. "I really shouldn't do this -- Just -- Fine," Finn said and went to get the baby. Jack told Sheila to hold the baby and disappear forever.

Finn brought the baby out of the bedroom, and Sheila was silently in awe of him. Finn asked Sheila to say she'd leave and never return. Sheila affirmed it, and Finn handed her the baby. Sheila cradled Hayes, mesmerized by his beauty. She told Hayes that she was his grandmother and had been dying to meet him. Hayes took her breath away like Finn had. Sheila thanked Finn.

Outside the door, Steffy fumbled with her keys as, inside, Finn tried to take the baby from Sheila. Sheila wanted to hold Hayes a little longer. She didn't ever want to forget Hayes's face. Steffy strolled into the house, talking about her canceled trip. She almost tripped when she saw the scene in the living room. "Sheila!" Steffy screeched.

At Eric's house, Quinn hugged Eric and hoped he knew how precious he was to her. He replied that if he hadn't known, she was making it clear. She could have walked out the door, and no one would have blamed her. He said she was in the prime of her life and had needs he couldn't fulfill. She asked him to stop talking like it was permanent, but he wondered if it was. Quinn said she'd love him, anyway.

Ridge and Brooke strode into the house with looks of disbelief on their faces. They guessed what Carter had said was true, and Brooke asked how Eric could do it after the way Quinn had betrayed him. Quinn tried to reason with Brooke and Ridge, saying it wasn't the outcome they wanted; however, it was what Eric and Quinn wanted. Quinn asked everyone to be "big people" and let things be as they were.

Brooke was sure Quinn would love for people to forget what had happened. Quinn replied that Eric had forgiven her, but Ridge asserted that Eric shouldn't have. Quinn appreciated that they loved Eric and wanted what was best for him and said Eric had decided it was Quinn. Eric and Quinn weren't getting a divorce, and Quinn wanted them to get off Eric's case because he had enough to deal with.

Gesturing to the portrait, Brooke said Quinn hadn't wasted any time getting that back up there. Standing and taking Quinn's hand, Eric said he'd had Carter bring it back, and Quinn had had nothing to do with it. He thought it was fortunate that Carter hadn't thrown it out. Brooke asked if Eric had forgotten what Quinn had done.

Eric hadn't and was glad his brain was working just fine. "No one is saying anything about your brain!" Ridge quipped. He yelled that Quinn had had an affair with Carter under Eric's nose. Brooke said Quinn had done it for no good reason. Eric said Brooke didn't know what had gone on between him and his wife. Brooke asked if Quinn was justified in sleeping with Carter.

Eric felt that he bore some responsibility for it. Ridge yelled that it wasn't true, but Eric insisted that he'd pushed Quinn into Carter's arms. Brooke didn't want to hear it and said there was no good reason for Quinn to betray Eric like that. Eric insisted that it was more complicated than either of them realized. To him, the point was that Quinn was still his wife. Quinn stated that she and Eric had faced challenges before, and that time wouldn't be different.

Quinn knew how Ridge and Brooke felt about Quinn. Brooke said Eric should never have married Quinn. Quinn asserted that he had -- for better or for worse. To Quinn, that meant they'd face challenges together. Ridge asked if sleeping with another man was just another challenge. Quinn asked if Ridge was saying he and Brooke had never strayed in their marriage. She guessed they didn't want to go there.

Quinn appreciated Brooke and Ridge's concern for Eric; however, Quinn said Eric was a grown man, and more was going on than they knew. Quinn believed that if Ridge cared about his father, he'd let Eric be.

Brooke asked Eric if he didn't remember how hurt and betrayed he'd been when he'd learned that Quinn had had an affair with the man Eric treated like family. Brooke didn't know how he could forgive Quinn for that. Eric claimed a lot went on in a marriage that wasn't for public consumption, and he figured they knew that. He thanked them for trying to protect him, but he asserted that Quinn was his wife. He loved Quinn, who lit up his world. Quinn brought him fulfillment, and he hoped to be able to give that back to her.

Eric thanked Brooke and Ridge for expressing themselves, but it was enough. Ridge asked if Eric was asking them to leave. Brooke implored Eric to think of what he was doing. Eric ordered them to go. Quinn looked impressed with Eric as Brooke and Ridge strode out.

Quinn hugged Eric from behind. She was sorry he'd had to deal with that after he'd finally confessed about the ED. Eric had meant what he'd said. Facing her, he stated that he adored her. She brought him much joy and passion, and he was afraid he couldn't return it in kind. Quinn had meant what she'd said. She felt it was just another challenge, and she and Eric knew how to work through those together as husband and wife. She was sure they'd get through it.

When Sheila doesn't leave fast enough, Steffy takes matters into her own hands

When Sheila doesn't leave fast enough, Steffy takes matters into her own hands

Friday, August 27, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Liam sat down at a laptop. Before using it, he text-messaged Hope that he'd miss her even though it was a one-day trip. He put in his ear buds and began work. The front door opened behind him. Hope crept in and set her bag down. She startled Liam when she covered his eyes with her hands. "Surprise!" she said and revealed herself.

Hope told Liam that she'd gotten his text. In it, he'd said he'd be missing her like crazy, and she couldn't have him go through that. Liam stammered in amazement, presumably at the thought that she'd appeared right after he'd texted her. He asked why she was home.

Hope claimed to be unable to bear a night away from her husband. "Oh, yeah, sure, sure. No, I totally get that," he quipped. She explained the extreme delays of her flight. She said Steffy had bailed on the trip eventually, and after two additional hours, Hope had decided to reschedule. Liam was happy about it. Hope thought it was good for everyone, and the new father, Finn, had probably been relieved to see Steffy walk through that door.

Liam asked when Hope would reschedule. Hope wanted to do it later in the month and give Steffy more time before taking an overnight trip. Hope had sensed it had been bothering Steffy, who had felt the need to be at home. Liam was glad about the delay. Hope figured that she should have called, but surprises were more fun. Liam had a surprise for her, too.

Liam asked if Hope heard that sound. Hope heard nothing, and he explained that the kids were out until after dinner. Liam was thinking a little "sexy time" and a reunion were in order. She noted that she hadn't left town. He said no absence was required, and they kissed.

Later, the living room was lit with candles, and two glasses of wine awaited Liam and Hope on the table. He said he was ready when she was. Hope appeared, wearing an emerald green bra and panties set, covered by an open floral robe. The sight of her left him speechless. Hope decided she should "almost" leave town more often. She tossed Liam on the sofa and climbed on top of him.

Later, Liam and Hope cuddled on the sofa in blankets. She believed she'd made the right decision in getting off that plane. He supported any decision of hers that led to times like that. Liam loved it when a day took a whole new direction. Hope did, too, and he thanked her for being his "unexpected."

At the cliff house, Hayes erupted into cries, and a shocked Steffy demanded to know what was going on. She ordered Sheila to put the baby down. Sheila tried to explain that Hayes had been fine until Steffy had entered. Steffy took the boy and tried to quiet him. Once she'd accomplished it, she said she would put him in his crib, and then she wanted some answers.

When Steffy went to the nursery, Jack opted to take the blame. Wondering what he'd done, Finn said he'd broken her trust, not Jack. Sheila decided that she was the one who'd put Finn in the position, and she could explain things. "No. Please. I think it's best that you leave," Finn said.

Sheila believed that she and Steffy had something in common, and mother-to-mother, Sheila could get Steffy to understand. "Please, son," Sheila said. She'd gotten him into it and wanted a chance to try to get him out of it.

Finn paced, and Jack said Steffy was supposed to have left town. He asked what had made her return home. Finn didn't know and said Steffy should have been on a plane. "Until I had a bad feeling, a feeling I shouldn't be on that plane!" Steffy yelled, returning to the room. It had never occurred to her that she'd be walking in on Sheila holding their son.

Sheila offered to explain and rolled her eyes when Steffy said there was no explanation for it. Steffy reminded Finn that he'd had one job, and he'd vowed to be up to it. She asked how he could do that after all the pain Sheila had caused. "How could you put our son in her arms?"

Sheila began to speak, but Steffy said the woman who'd tried to kill her mother was there, holding her son. Sheila explained that she'd just been holding her grandson and loving him the way any grandmother would. She asked Steffy not to be angry at Finn for giving her that moment.

Jack offered to take the blame because he'd talked Finn into it. Steffy asked why Jack would do that. She noted that Jack had kept Finn secret from Sheila to protect him, and Steffy's son needed the same kind of protection. Jack claimed that he and Finn were trying to do that. Sheila had just wanted to hold Hayes once and would leave. Jack had wanted Finn to let Sheila in so that Steffy wouldn't have to deal with Sheila again.

"You are so na´ve. Both of you are!" Steffy asserted. Finn began to talk about Sheila's promise, but Steffy disbelieved that promises meant anything to Sheila and insisted that one couldn't believe a word Sheila said. Sheila persisted in explaining that she had meant it. She said Jack had sought her out to force her to leave. She'd agreed to it but had wanted something in return. She'd wanted to meet her grandson.

Steffy called bull on the notion that Sheila would see Hayes and be gone forever. Steffy believed Sheila had a plan to infiltrate their lives. Sheila wanted to know her grandson, but there was no plan. She began to talk about "maybe one day," but Steffy cut Sheila off, asking Finn if he saw what Sheila was doing. Steffy believed Finn had fallen for the lies and manipulations and had sneaked Sheila in there while Steffy had been gone.

Finn replied that it hadn't been that way, and Jack again assumed the blame, saying Finn hadn't wanted to let Sheila in. Jack stated that Finn had respected Steffy's wishes, but she disbelieved that, saying Sheila wouldn't be there if it were true. Jack figured that they might have been manipulated, but the chance had been worth it. He wanted Sheila gone, and it had seemed like the way to do it. Steffy shook her head defiantly.

Jack saw that Steffy didn't accept it, but he believed he'd been looking out for their families. He wanted to be rid of Sheila. Sheila said they would be, and she'd meant what she'd said. She'd just wanted to see Finn and hold her grandson. "And then I'll be gone," Sheila said.

Stepping forward, Sheila tried to appeal to Steffy, who Sheila believed had to understand it as a mother. Steffy slanted her gaze at Finn. Sheila asked if Steffy could imagine walking away from her child forever. Giving up her son had been the hardest thing Sheila had done in her life, but there she was, with everyone asking her to do it again.

All Sheila had wanted to do had been to see Finn and hold his son in her arms. She asked if there was anything wrong with it. Sheila believed that Steffy knew that there wasn't. Steffy's boiling gaze narrowed on Sheila, who said Steffy had to know how much Sheila had needed it.

Steffy didn't know how Sheila dared to say that after what Sheila had done to Steffy's mother. Sheila knew that Steffy hated her. Steffy glared at Sheila. Sheila reasoned that she never should have gone to Steffy's wedding or reception. She hadn't meant to cause an uprising or trouble. Steffy quipped that all Sheila did was cause problems.

Sheila didn't want to cause problems for Finn and Steffy. Sheila had intended to leave and never be seen again -- unless Steffy found it in her heart to forgive Sheila. Steffy said there wouldn't be a chance, but Sheila said it would be a good thing for Finn and Hayes. Steffy asserted that Sheila would never hold or see Hayes again.

Steffy told Jack and Finn that she was freaking out because that woman had shot her grandmother and had left her to die. Sheila said Steffy had been too young to understand. Steffy knew that Sheila had kidnapped a child. She said she could have arrived and found Jack and Finn dead in there and Hayes gone. It was unforgivable that Finn had let a criminal hold their son.

Sheila didn't want to upset Steffy more than she already was. It was clear to Sheila that Steffy had a narrow perspective of why Sheila had done the things she'd had to do. It was clear to Sheila that Steffy had worshipped her grandmother, but Stephanie had not been kind to Sheila.

Steffy wouldn't let Sheila turn it around. To Steffy, it was all manipulations, and Sheila was just evil. Steffy could see it in Sheila's eyes and hoped none of the sickness was in Hayes. "Sickness?" Sheila replied. Steffy vowed to protect her son, but Sheila stated that she'd already said Steffy didn't have to protect anyone. Sheila intended to stay away.

Steffy threatened to call the police and send Sheila to jail if she didn't stay away. Steffy announced that they'd get a restraining order, and Sheila would never see Finn, Hayes, or the entire Forrester family ever again. Sheila thought it was harsh to want her behind bars if she wanted to reach out to her son. Steffy replied that Finn was Jack and Li's son, not Sheila's.

Steffy didn't think Sheila cared about Finn, or else she would have reached out to him long before he'd married Steffy. To Steffy, Sheila's motives couldn't be more obvious. Sheila claimed to be motivated by love, but Steffy said that Sheila would stay away if she really loved Finn. Sheila conveyed that she'd been trying to tell Steffy that all along.

Steffy called Finn a good, honest man who'd never let her down -- until then. Steffy asserted that it was her home and family. She wanted Sheila to leave -- and Jack, too. "Steffy..." Finn said. Steffy couldn't deal with the fact that Jack had encouraged it and let Sheila in there. Steffy said Jack and Finn had fallen for it, but she knew what Sheila was capable of.

Steffy accused Sheila of having no feelings. Sheila claimed to have them, but Steffy quipped that homicidal ones didn't count. Steffy ordered Sheila to get out: "Go!" When Sheila didn't move, Steffy screamed, "I said you leave! Get out of here!" She smacked Sheila in the face. Jack began to hustle Sheila out the door as Steffy warned Sheila not to try to take anyone from her.

Once Jack and Sheila had gone, Finn told Steffy that he was sorry, but Steffy just stared with blind rage in her eyes.

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