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Finn and Steffy took time apart, and Steffy couldn't bring herself to finalize their marriage. Paris lent her support to Finn. Sheila passed out in Steffy's living room. Carter admitted that he missed Quinn. Eric overheard Quinn and Shauna discussing Quinn's sacrifice for Eric.
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Steffy said she couldn't finalize her marriage to Finn, and Sheila passed out in Steffy's living room
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Finn offers to give Steffy some time alone Finn offers to give Steffy some time alone

Monday, August 30, 2021

In the design office, Paris and Zende kissed. He said kissing was his favorite distraction, and she wondered how many women he'd kissed. He recalled Debbie Jarrett, the first girl he'd kissed on the cheek at age seven, but Paris was interested in "more recent" kisses. Reasoning that almost every woman there had the hots for him, Paris wondered who he had his eye on.

Zende enjoyed keeping Paris guessing. She named a new model, Clarice, but Zende said he couldn't stop thinking about Paris. Zende had a crazy idea. He asked Paris to move in with him and figured they'd have a lot of fun. Paris replied that she was having fun with Steffy and Finn. She loved how the Finnegans connected. She adored their children -- and Dr. Finn, too.

Zende inquired about her view of Finn, and she gushed about the wonderful doctor and attentive husband. In Paris' eyes, Finn was the total package. "Not to mention, he's not a bad-looking package," Paris added. Zende felt that he'd done well for himself, too, with her.

At the cliff house, Finn apologized to Steffy for letting Sheila hold Hayes. Finn tried to explain Jack's role in it, but Steffy felt Finn should have called the police the moment he'd seen Sheila. Steffy said Sheila could have kidnapped Hayes, and they never would have seen him again. Finn claimed he never would have allowed that.

The house no longer felt like a home to Steffy. She felt violated and said Finn had allowed her one fear to materialize. She recalled the vows he'd made to protect their family, but he'd allowed Sheila into the house, knowing Steffy would never allow it. Finn replied that Jack had thought giving Sheila one chance would get her out of their lives, which Finn knew Steffy wanted.

"You're saying you did this for me?" Steffy replied. She asserted that Sheila had manipulated Jack and Finn. Finn admitted that he'd been hoping. Steffy assumed Finn had hoped Sheila had changed, but that wouldn't happen. Finn conceded that, deep down, he'd wanted to see his birth mother once more. Steffy said that, under normal circumstances, she'd support Finn getting to know his birth mother, but Sheila was anything but normal.

For Finn, that didn't change Sheila being his birth mother or his desire to see her. He'd probably never meet his birth father, and that had been his last chance to connect with the woman who'd given him life. He acknowledged that he'd gone against Steffy's wishes and his better judgment. He saw how betrayed Steffy felt, and he was sorry.

Steffy knew that Finn hadn't intentionally betrayed her, but despite what Jack had thought, enough was never enough for Sheila. Steffy was terrified by the thought that Sheila might plan something else or try to contact Finn again. Finn claimed it wouldn't happen, but Steffy insisted that Sheila would never be satisfied, not after holding Hayes.

Sobbing, Steffy said Finn didn't know all the terrible things Sheila had done to Steffy's family. Steffy had often thought of what life would have been without Sheila. Steffy was terrified at the thought that Hayes would go through the same thing at Sheila's hands.

Steffy loved Finn, and she'd been excited about their future. However, learning about Finn's tie to Sheila and that she'd been there holding their child...Steffy couldn't even look at Finn.

Finn asked if Steffy needed time alone. In her silence, he decided he'd go to the guesthouse for the night. He said he loved her and their family. With that, he left, and she sobbed.

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila shuddered at the thought of the restraining order Steffy had vowed to file. Jack arrived, demanding to know why Sheila was still there. He believed she'd gotten what she'd wanted. He told her to go because she'd caused enough trouble as it was.

"If you're talking about Steffy's reaction when she saw me holding my grandson -- " Sheila began to say. Cutting in, Jack conveyed that Steffy had been livid, and she blamed Jack for pushing Finn into it. Sheila thought Steffy just needed some time. Jack scoffed, asking if Sheila had seen Steffy. He was sure Sheila would never be a grandmother to Finn's son.

Jack griped that Sheila had caused enough trouble for them all, including Li. Sheila replied that she hadn't done anything to his precious Li. Jack was worried Sheila would go to Li about the affair. Sheila said that affairs happened. "Not to me," he replied and claimed to love his wife.

"Coming to my place and throwing me up against the wall. You couldn't get enough," Sheila responded. Jack contended that it had been a lifetime before. She said she'd kept his secrets for all those years. She'd had feelings for Jack, who'd insisted that she'd been in no position to raise a child. He noted that she'd said so herself.

Sheila believed she'd sacrificed for Jack and had let him and Li, unable to conceive, raise Finn. Jack said Sheila had known he'd never leave his wife for her. Sheila added that he'd also never planned to tell Li about his child with another woman. Sheila figured he didn't like the reminder of what he stood to lose, and she was the one holding all the cards.

Jack reminded Sheila that there would be a restraining order with her name on it, and she should walk away while she still could. She quipped that she'd walk away when she was ready.

Jack roared that he was tired of it. Sheila was tired of being attacked, and she seethed that Steffy had had the audacity to slap Sheila twice. After a long pause, Sheila asked, "But since when has violence solved anything?" An imperceptible smile crept onto her lips.

Again, Sheila remarked that she'd given birth to Finn and had let Jack talk her into giving Finn up. Jack replied that she acted like she'd been forced into it, but it hadn't been that way. It had felt that way to her. Tired of going in circles, Jack said Steffy was his daughter-in-law, and after all he'd learned about Sheila, he would not let her ruin Finn and Steffy's marriage.

Jack began to threaten Sheila to leave, but she asked what he'd do if she didn't. He said he'd upheld his part of the deal, and Sheila would in turn uphold hers. He asserted that Sheila would take their secrets to her grave. She grinned.

Quinn tries to help Eric cope with his problem Quinn tries to help Eric cope with his problem

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy was relieved when Ridge arrived after receiving her message. He assumed she was upset about Eric and Quinn's reunion, but Steffy said that wasn't it. Ridge noted that the front door had been locked for the first time in years. He asked where Finn was, and Steffy claimed she'd asked Finn to leave.

Steffy conveyed that Finn was spending the night in the guesthouse. Ridge was surprised to hear it, but he was sure the newlyweds would work things out. She revealed that it wasn't about her and Finn's relationship. It was about Sheila. Ridge asked what it was about Sheila.

Steffy didn't want to blame Finn or make him feel guilty about Sheila being his biological mother, but he'd promised that Sheila would be out of their lives. Ridge asked what had gone on.

Steffy explained that her intuition had led her to cancel the business trip for HFTF. She'd wanted to surprise Finn, but she'd gotten the surprise. She'd walked in, and Sheila had been in her living room. The psychopath had been holding her little baby. Ridge asked where Finn had been, and Steffy said Finn had allowed it.

Later, Steffy tried to tell Ridge that Finn had felt pressured, but Ridge wouldn't accept that as an excuse. He was enraged that Finn had ignored all that the Forresters had said. Steffy added that Jack had been there. "Something's off with that guy," Ridge decided. She replied that they'd been hounding Finn. "Not an excuse," Ridge bit out. He raged that Finn had had one job.

Steffy and Ridge didn't know what Finn had been thinking. Ridge yelled that Finn was a grown man and asked where Finn's backbone was. Steffy said Finn wasn't malicious, but she felt the same way about it that Ridge did. Upset, Steffy conveyed her fears that Sheila had been about to run off with Hayes as the ultimate revenge on the Forresters.

Ridge calmed Steffy down. Steffy was trying to stay strong, but she hated that Sheila was Finn's mother and her mother-in-law. Ridge said Li was Steffy's mother-in-law, but Steffy replied that Sheila's DNA was in her husband and son. All Steffy saw was Sheila when she looked at him. Steffy didn't know what to do. She couldn't escape it.

At the guesthouse on Steffy's property, Paris happened by and was surprised to find a shirtless Finn inside. He said he was giving Steffy some space. He was disillusioned because he'd given Steffy his word that he'd protect her, and he'd failed. He revealed that Steffy had walked in on his birth mother holding Hayes. Paris was shocked to hear that Sheila had been there.

Later, Finn berated himself for even letting Sheila in the house. Paris replied that he hadn't thought it through, but he hadn't meant any harm. Paris figured Steffy had a right to be mad, but Finn had thought it would be the end of Sheila in their lives. Paris tried to get Finn to not beat himself up over it because he was a good guy.

Finn had thought they'd had everything under control. "And what did I do? I went back on my word," he stated. He'd disregarded Steffy's wishes after assuring her that it would be okay. Paris said he hadn't asked to be Sheila's son, but Paris understood why he felt connected to his birth mother. Finn said he'd trusted his father, who'd never steered him wrong.

Paris wondered why Jack had been adamant in assisting Sheila. Finn said Jack had been looking out for the family and might have felt bad for Sheila. Finn wondered why he hadn't told Sheila to leave. Because he hadn't, he was away from his wife, and Steffy had lost faith in him.

Finn said he should have listened to his gut, but Paris assured him that nothing had happened to Hayes. Finn stated that he'd let Steffy down, but Paris said Sheila and Jack had put him in a bad position. Finn admitted that he'd wanted to see Sheila once more. It made sense to Paris.

Finn conveyed that all of his wishes about his birth mother had turned into a big, ugly mess. Paris was no therapist, but the social worker within her sensed that he mourned the idea of who he'd thought his birth mother was and the relationship he'd wanted. Finn felt for Sheila, who'd wanted one memory with her grandson, but he should have stayed true to Steffy.

Paris imagined that Steffy had thrown Sheila out pretty fast. Affirming it, Finn said Steffy was heartbroken and couldn't even look at him. "What have I done?" Finn wondered.

At Eric's house, Quinn suggested a swim and a movie later. Eric turned to go and get a swimsuit. She asked who needed those. It would be just the two of them and a pitcher of martinis. He asked if drinks would help their cause. She doubted it would hurt. She didn't want him to have a care in the world and said they might even have a breakthrough.

Eric appreciated Quinn helping him cope. He'd dealt with it in secret for months. She wished he'd told her sooner. He said he hadn't been ready. She was prepared to help him through it. Eric didn't see a solution. He'd been to doctors and psychiatrists, and it was still hard for him to discuss. She said he didn't have to talk. He just had to let her love him, and they kissed.

To Quinn, Eric was a loving, sexy man. He'd fulfilled her in the past, and she had no doubt he'd do it again. They'd take it as slowly as they needed to. Eric was sorry, but it just wouldn't work. She stated that she was just getting started, and he had to let her work her magic. He loved her magic, but he just couldn't. He was failing them both.

Quinn hinted that there were other ways to reconnect if they were more creative. Eric harped on the fact that he hadn't seen improvement in months, but Quinn insisted that they try. She believed they could do anything together as long as they had love, no pressure or expectations.

Eric kissed Quinn. After a while, he pulled away. She implored him not to, but he insisted that he couldn't. He loved how supportive she was, but he just couldn't. She tried to tell him that every marriage had its challenges, but Eric yelled that it was their marriage. He was angry that he couldn't fulfill her. She felt that he did in every way, but he uttered that he didn't.

Eric yelled that Quinn was trapped with him and no sexual fulfillment. He told her that she should go. Quinn ordered him not to say that to her. She loved him and wanted him. He was as handsome and sexy as he'd always been to her. Nothing would change that. Quinn hugged him, and he apologized over and over.

Steffy tells Finn she can't finalize their marriage Steffy tells Finn she can't finalize their marriage

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy sipped a cup of coffee while looking out the window. She looked down at her unsigned marriage certificate. She sent a text message to someone, asking them to meet her at her home.

In the guesthouse, a shirtless Finn squatted in front of a fan as a text message notification sounded. As he read the message from Steffy, he received a reminder that he had an appointment at the courthouse later in the day.

Paris dropped by on her way to work to check on Finn. Finn told Paris that he hated being away from Steffy, and he wasn't thrilled with the guesthouse not having any air conditioning, either. Paris urged Finn to talk to Steffy. Finn said that he was on his way to talk to Steffy, and he was hoping that filing their marriage license would get things back on track. "She loves you," Paris said, adding, "How could she not?"

Finn went to the main house to meet with Steffy. The tension between the two was palpable. Finn apologized to Steffy, admitting that he'd been wrong to think that he had been protecting his family by allowing Sheila into the house.

Steffy told Finn that she loved him, but she said she could not understand how Finn had allowed their son to be put in the hands of a woman like Sheila. Finn admitted he had no defense for his actions. He vowed that it would never happen again. He then told Steffy that going to the courthouse to make their marriage official was "the perfect reset" for them. As he mentioned filing the marriage certificate, Steffy's eyes widened.

"From the moment I met you, I knew I could trust you," Steffy remarked. She reflected on their wedding vows and how they'd both pledged to be there for one another. However, with Sheila still "out there," Steffy said that she could not file their marriage certificate. Finn didn't understand how Sheila factored into Steffy's decision to not finalize their union. Steffy told Finn that he had given Sheila the green light to continue trying to worm her way into their lives. "I can't think about anything else until I stop thinking about Sheila," she stated, insisting, "I don't want Sheila connected to us."

Carter sat at Forrester Creations, daydreaming about his time with Quinn. He was roused from his thoughts when Quinn entered the office. Carter was surprised to see Quinn back at work. He asked her about her "homecoming." Quinn reflected on her discussion with Eric about his erectile dysfunction. "Eric and I had a lovely evening," Quinn said softly.

Quinn said that she and Eric had spent the night talking. Wyatt popped in the doorway, excited to hear his mother's voice. Seeing Carter, Wyatt asked his mother if he needed to remind her "not to screw this up." Quinn quickly changed the topic to Wyatt and Flo, suggesting that more than enough time had passed for the pair to get married. Wyatt told his mother not to "hound" Flo about wedding plans. Wyatt used a planned lunch date with Flo to get himself out of the conversation. As he left, Wyatt said that it was nice to see Quinn acting like her old self.

After Wyatt left, Carter and Quinn resumed talking about her reunion with Eric. Quinn was frustrated that Brooke and Ridge were opposed to the reconciliation. Quinn asked Carter how he really felt about things. Before answering, Carter closed the office door. Carter insisted that he was happy for Quinn and Eric, but he quickly noted that his happiness didn't mean that he didn't also miss Quinn.

Carter sensed that things were not the same between Eric and Quinn. Quinn confirmed his suspicions, but she didn't offer any details of what had changed. Carter wondered if Quinn had told Eric about their continued dalliance. A nervous Quinn dropped her bracelet, and both she and Carter bent down at the same time to pick it up. Carter handed the piece of jewelry to Quinn, gently brushing her finger as he did.

Quinn told Carter that she had not told Eric anything else about her relationship with Carter. Carter inched closer to Quinn as he told her that he missed holding her, lying in bed with her, and making love to her. Carter apologized for making Quinn feel uncomfortable, and he promised that he would not bring it up every time they were alone together. Quinn stood silently, though a longing expression on her face seemingly spoke volumes.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Paris walked in as Zende worked on one of his designs. Zende sensed that something was troubling Paris. She admitted that she was concerned about Steffy and Finn's relationship. Zende was blown away by the news that Steffy had walked in on Sheila holding baby Hayes. Paris shared that she couldn't believe that Steffy had relegated Finn to the guesthouse. "How are they going to deal with this if she can't even look at him?" Paris asked.

Zende noted that Paris was really invested in Steffy and Finn's relationship. He then reminded Paris that their decision to take a step back had helped make their relationship stronger than ever. He suggested the same could be true for Finn and Steffy.

Back at the guesthouse, Paris again dropped by to check on Finn and see how things had gone at the courthouse. "Steffy canceled the appointment," Finn said. He blamed himself for allowing Steffy to feel unsafe. Paris walked over to Finn and gave him a hug. As she pressed her head against his chest, a smile crept over her face.

Quinn confides in Shauna about her marriage Quinn confides in Shauna about her marriage

Thursday, September 2, 2021

At the cliff house, Ridge was there, checking on Steffy again. He'd heard that Donna would pick up the kids for the day. Steffy confided in her father that she was really worried about her and Finn's relationship. To Ridge, it was more than a relationship. It was a marriage. Steffy, however, revealed that she and Finn hadn't filed the papers to make it official.

Steffy said her worst nightmare had walked through the door -- Sheila. Ridge was confident that it would walk back out the door, and Sheila would return to her crazy life without Hayes, who'd be raised by "us" and would be just like "us." That was scary enough for Ridge.

It was funny to Steffy how quickly things changed. One moment, she was excited to surprise her husband, and the next, she didn't know if she wanted to make the marriage official yet. She wondered if she was being fair and noted that Finn had been there for her during challenging situations, but there she was, doing the opposite and telling him to leave.

Ridge believed Steffy was being fair and needed room to think. He thought they all had to keep their guard up about Sheila, who wanted to destroy anything to do with Forrester. Steffy empathized with Finn, who hadn't asked for it or been looking for his birth mother.

"No, but she found him," Ridge replied. He thought Finn, a good partner for Steffy, was in a tough spot. Steffy had never envisioned Sheila as a part of her family's future. Steffy claimed not to care if Sheila was the biological mother, but Sheila wasn't welcome near Steffy's family.

Ridge said Finn would realize and accept what Steffy was saying, because the Forresters couldn't forgive Sheila after all she'd done. He believed Steffy and Finn would get through it stronger. Steffy wanted that, and she said she wouldn't let anything get between her and Finn.

In the guesthouse, Finn appreciated Paris' support. She was surprised by Steffy's actions and wondered if Steffy wanted to make the marriage official. He was sorry for dumping his problems on Paris in a place without air conditioning. Paris claimed she could handle a little heat.

Paris cared about Steffy and Finn and wanted to do anything they needed. Finn called her a good friend. Paris offered to give her friendly opinion about it. He guessed she'd say he shouldn't have let Sheila in or let her get near Hayes. "No. I think Steffy is overreacting," Paris replied.

Paris didn't intend to bash Steffy and believed Finn would be out of the guesthouse once Steffy started thinking clearly again. Finn replied that Steffy had said she couldn't look at him. "In the moment," Paris reasoned. Finn recalled Steffy's shock and feelings of being betrayed. Paris reasoned that he was caught in the middle and wouldn't be human if he didn't feel conflicted about his birth mother.

Finn asserted that there was no question that his loyalty was to his wife. He'd let his dad get in his head, and he'd allowed something he shouldn't have. He asked if Steffy would always have that look of horror when she looked at him. Paris felt Steffy had to bend a bit to understand his draw to his biological mother. Finn said it would be fine if it wasn't Sheila.

Paris explained that she knew Finn had supported Steffy through tough times. Paris believed Steffy should do the same for him. In Paris' view, they should be working through it together, and it wasn't fair that Steffy was punishing him. Finn didn't deserve that. Paris noted that Sheila and Jack had pressured Finn, and Paris asked who could blame him for wanting to see his biological mother one last time.

Finn thanked Paris for her support. She was impressed by Finn, the healer and devoted dad and stepdad. He treated Steffy like a queen, and Paris couldn't believe Steffy hadn't raced to the courthouse. Paris said Steffy had to realize she was married to such an incredible guy.

In the CEO's office, Carter hoped he wasn't making Quinn uncomfortable. He couldn't help the feelings he was no longer supposed to have. She said she knew the feelings well. Even though Carter and Quinn had been close to having a life together, he was happy for her and couldn't imagine what it was like to be back in her husband's arms.

Quinn flashed back to Eric revealing his ED. Carter sensed something was off and assumed Eric and Quinn needed an adjustment period. Carter advised her to give it time, but she seemed unsettled. He asked if she wanted to talk about it.

Shauna arrived, looking for Flo, and felt as if she'd interrupted something. Quinn claimed it wasn't so. Shauna wanted to know why Carter and Quinn were behind closed doors together, where anyone would misinterpret it. "What are you? The door police?" Quinn asked.

Quinn insisted that she and Carter, who worked together, had just ended up in the same office.

Quinn claimed she'd been telling Carter how happy she was. Carter was glad about it. He left to make some calls, and Shauna noted that it had been an awkward exchange. Quinn accused Shauna of being a naturally suspicious human being. "Only with you," Shauna quipped.

Shauna could tell something weighed heavily on Quinn and asked if her friend was happy to be back with Eric. Quinn insisted that she was. All Quinn had ever wanted was her husband. She claimed she'd lost faith that Eric would ever want her back, and that had led her into an affair.

Quinn couldn't believe that Eric had wanted her back and had ripped up the divorce papers. It showed what a remarkable man he was. Shauna knew firsthand how much Eric loved her and how devoted he was. He always talked of Quinn's vibrancy and passion.

Shauna recalled that Eric and Quinn had had problems in the bedroom but guessed that was over. Quinn's look caused Shauna to ask if Eric still didn't want Quinn. Quinn said he wanted her, but "he can't." Shauna asked what that meant. Quinn wasn't sure she should be talking about it, and Shauna asked who else Quinn would talk to about it.

Quinn conveyed that Quinn had wanted a romantic night with Eric, but she'd found him sleeping on the sofa. Quinn had tried to understand that it had been a long day, but the next morning, Eric had told her that he wanted to be her husband in every way. He just wasn't able to.

Shauna cooed pitifully, understanding what Quinn was getting at. Quinn said her husband couldn't get aroused and might not be able to make love to her ever again.

After Sheila collapses, she hears the magic word from Finn After Sheila collapses, she hears the magic word from Finn

Friday, September 3, 2021

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila tried to compose a text reply to Finn. She wrote that it felt good knowing her son loved her. She erased it and texted that it had been nice to see Hayes.

"At least until Steffy ruined it," Sheila uttered to herself. Sheila recalled over and over the way Steffy had slapped her. Sheila decided Steffy, who was getting between Sheila and her son, was the problem. She recalled holding her grandson. "My grandson. A Forrester," she cooed.

Gesturing to the floor, Sheila asked, "Do you think of that, Stephanie? You looking up from hell right now, even more tormented? Knowing that your namesake gave birth to my grandson? My grandson!" Sheila said Stephanie had tried to get rid of Sheila, but Sheila had become a permanent fixture in the family. She planned to embrace it. Finn and Hayes deserved to be a part of her life, and they would be if it weren't for Steffy. Sheila charged out of her hotel room.

At the cliff house, Steffy was deep in thought. Finn snapped her out of it when he let himself in. He asked if they could talk. He was truly sorry and said he should never have let Sheila near their son. Steffy didn't want Finn to keep apologizing. He intended to do it until she got that he knew he'd been wrong. He refused to let Sheila or anyone get between them.

Steffy said Sheila wouldn't be between them if he'd kept his promise to keep her away. Finn wasn't blaming Jack but said Finn had always trusted Jack's judgment. Steffy said Finn should have trusted her judgment and said Jack had no idea what Sheila was capable of.

Agreeing, Finn said Jack had made things worse. Steffy blinked at Finn, and he rephrased and took the blame for making it worse. He wanted to earn back her trust. Steffy wanted that, but it was difficult. Finn said it didn't help being apart. He didn't want that to be the way they dealt with their problems. It had felt wrong to sleep alone, and he couldn't be away from her any longer.

Finn wanted to move forward. He said Sheila was gone, but he'd always be there for Steffy. Steffy and Finn admitted letting each other down. She said she'd always be there for him, but she couldn't go to the courthouse with everything that was going on. Finn didn't care about all that -- or that the guesthouse had no AC. She joked that it was the real reason he was there.

Steffy and Finn kissed, and Steffy asked if Sheila would really leave them alone. Finn asserted that his commitment was to their family, which didn't include Sheila. They vowed to not let Sheila get between them and agreed that Finn could return to the main house. They talked about celebrating later because she had to go to work.

Steffy left through the front door, and Sheila appeared on the back patio. She left herself in, and Finn asked what she was doing there. She asked him not to be upset. She'd just had to see her son again. She promised not to cause problems, but Finn said she was doing that just by being there. She didn't think Steffy had to know.

Sheila couldn't stop thinking about Finn and Hayes. She wanted to hold Hayes once more. Finn asserted that he couldn't allow it. "But I'm your mother," Sheila said. He corrected that she was his birth mother but said he couldn't have her in his life. "This can't continue, Sheila," he said.

Sheila asked Finn to call her "Mom," but he said he couldn't do that. He reminded her that she'd said she'd never come back. It had been her intention, but Steffy had ruined Sheila's moment with her grandson. She just wanted to hold the baby once more. Finn told Sheila that he and Hayes would never be in Sheila's life.

In an instant, Sheila collapsed. Finn called for an ambulance and checked her pulse. He told emergency services that she was a female in her late fifties. She was his mom. Sheila grinned.

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge were glad they'd found Eric in the CEO's office. Guessing it was another intervention, Eric readily told them to stop looking out for him and questioning his choices -- or his marriage. Sadly, he said there was more going on than they could understand.

Eric decided to leave and go home to his wife, leaving Brooke and Ridge puzzled about how many times Eric would take Quinn back. Brooke noted that Eric wasn't even happy about it and blamed himself for her cheating, which had had nothing to do with Eric.

Steffy breezed into the office, happy that Finn and she were back on track and that Sheila wouldn't be a problem for them ever again.

At the mansion, Quinn had brought Shauna to the house to talk in private. On the topic of Eric's condition, Shauna theorized that performance stress happened at times. She asked if Quinn recalled a valet guy that Shauna had dated. "Which one?" Quinn asked.

Quinn stated that Eric had always been so virile, and ED explained why Eric had been distant and pulling away from her. Shauna wished Eric had said something back then. Quinn claimed she wasn't making excuses, but one of the reasons she'd gone to Carter had been Eric's coldness. Shauna assumed Quinn was thinking of what she'd given up to be back with Eric.

Quinn sighed, but Shauna said she knew what she'd be thinking if she was Quinn. Quinn admitted to thinking of Carter. She loved him, too. "And if your husband can't give you what you need?" Shauna asked. Quinn said it was okay if she missed that part of her life and Carter.

Quinn and Shauna faced the fireplace. As Eric entered the house, Quinn admitted missing Carter a lot. Eric hid behind a plant. Quinn thought there could be treatments Eric hadn't heard of yet. Shauna assumed that Eric had already tried everything. Quinn felt she had to accept that Eric might never perform again, but she didn't care. She'd signed up for it.

Quinn said she and Eric had taken vows for better or worse. She asked if life wasn't about sacrificing for those one loved the most. Shauna asked if Quinn was prepared to give up that part of her life entirely. Quinn was willing to do it for Eric. She loved him that much.

Shauna noted that Quinn had just ended a sexually charged relationship with Carter, and she asked how Quinn would go from that to celibacy. Quinn felt she had to. She wanted to be true to Eric, and she'd be completely committed. She wanted a strong and healthy marriage. If she had to give up passion and sensuality, so be it. She'd do anything for Eric.

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