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Quinn and Carter were disconcerted by Eric's offer. Eric became fed up with his family's prying, but he seemed lonelier than ever after sending Quinn to Carter with instructions for the night. Paris lent her support to Finn and found herself fantasizing about kissing him.
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Eric gave his consent for Quinn and Carter to have sex
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Eric leaves Quinn and Carter to their own devices Eric leaves Quinn and Carter to their own devices

Monday, September 13, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Wyatt had beers. Wyatt was glad Liam was out of jail but ribbed him about how good he'd looked in blue. Wyatt was glad that he didn't have to worry about Liam, Bill, or even Quinn. It seemed to Wyatt that everyone was right where they belonged.

Liam had heard that Quinn and Eric had reconciled. Wyatt noted Liam's skepticism, and Liam said they all had to be a little skeptical after Eric had been about to throw her out. Wyatt replied that Quinn was lucky that Eric had forgiven her, and it proved how deep Eric's feelings ran and how important Quinn was to him. Wyatt believed Eric would do just about anything for her.

Liam guessed he might be wrong about Eric and Quinn. Wyatt said she felt terrible about what she'd done. Liam wondered why Quinn had put her marriage in jeopardy in the first place. Wyatt didn't want to know the details, but he did know Quinn had been a bit starved for affection.

Liam looked confused, and Wyatt coughed, "Issues in the bedroom." Wyatt figured that Eric had been so ticked off by what Quinn had done to Ridge and Brooke that it had made Eric lose interest. Wyatt hoped that was all behind Eric and Quinn at that point.

Liam thought it was a little understandable why Carter and Quinn had done what they'd done, given the situations in their relationships at the time. Wyatt wasn't trying to justify it, but he could see how it could happen after they'd spent time together and connected.

Liam replied that he and Wyatt knew it couldn't just be turned off. Wyatt replied that Carter, Eric, and Quinn had to because they worked together. Wyatt didn't know how they'd done it, but the three had figured out a way to make the relationship work.

At Eric's house, Eric said he'd planned the night for Quinn. Carter tried to leave, but Eric said he had a surprise for Quinn. He wanted Carter to be a part of it. Carter didn't want to intrude on Eric's lovely evening setup. Eric claimed his evening was over, but Quinn's had just begun.

Quinn had thought she and Eric had been having fun. Eric had been. She didn't get why he was being mysterious. Eric didn't mean to be and said it was a serious matter. It was about her needs, the ones Eric couldn't fulfill. She repeated that Eric fulfilled her. He was grateful that he could in many ways, but there were ways he couldn't. He wouldn't ask her to sacrifice.

Eric said he could be her loving husband and attentive partner, but at the same time, "I don't have to spell it out for you, do I?" he asked, looking at Carter. Eric knew how Carter and Quinn felt about each other. They didn't have to hide it. Eric wanted to encourage it. "Encourage it?" Quinn exclaimed. Eric repeated that his sex life was over, but hers didn't have to be.

Quinn thought she and Eric needed to have a discussion alone. Carter agreed, but Eric asked Carter not to leave until he'd heard Eric out. She asserted that there was nothing else to hear, and it wasn't happening. She refused to jump into bed with another man just because of Eric's issue. "This man. This man," Eric said, gesturing to Carter, the man she'd turned to before.

Quinn said she and Eric had almost gotten a divorce over that. Eric insisted that he was doing the best he could. Tearfully, he yelled that he didn't like it. He didn't like that he couldn't fulfill her or do the things for her that a younger man could. "This man," Eric said, looking at Carter.

Carter stated that the suggestion proved how much Eric loved Quinn. Carter respected Eric for it, and he felt for Eric; however, he said Eric couldn't just decide that Quinn and Carter would sleep together. Carter stated that Eric was his boss, and Carter took orders from Eric at the office. In life, Carter was his own man, he wouldn't fall into bed with Quinn because Eric okayed it. He got that Eric was frustrated, but it was wrong to ask Carter to be a stand-in for Eric.

Eric didn't think so, not given how Carter and Quinn felt about each other. Quinn knew that Eric was trying to do what was right for her, but they were married. Eric replied that they'd been married when she'd turned to Carter in the first place, and it didn't need to be behind his back anymore. He wanted there to be some approval there.

Quinn yelled that it was approval for something she and Carter hadn't asked for. She was committed to Eric. She'd vowed to stand by Eric during the challenge. Eric thanked God that Quinn would stand by him, but he didn't want her to give up anything or make a sacrifice. She said it didn't feel like a sacrifice. She was willing to give up anything to be with him.

Eric didn't want Quinn to give up anything for him. He felt he'd benefited "so much" from her sensuality. It was what had drawn him to her, but things had changed. He stated that if they were closer in age, he might not feel as if he was robbing her of anything. Quinn said he'd known the age difference from the beginning.

Eric had been able to keep up with her, but not anymore. Eric told Carter that he knew how Quinn felt about them. They were all adults, and it was okay. "The night is yours if you want it," Eric uttered and went upstairs. Quinn and Carter stared at each other with shock and tears.

At Forrester, the Logan sisters had dinner at the conference table because Katie had had a conference call. They hadn't dined together in a long time and were grateful for the moment. Donna was sure Brooke and Katie had busy lives, but the most excitement Donna got was anticipating the flavor of the month when she took the kids for ice cream.

Brooke remembered when the flavors of the month were men and suggested a new man would spice up Donna's life. Katie stated that it wasn't really a new man. Donna said it wasn't anything actively being pursued, but she'd give it another go. Brooke assumed that it was Justin, and Katie hinted that Brooke was on the right track with ex-husbands. Brooke guessed it was Eric, and Donna replied that he was the one man she should never have let get away.

Packing away takeout boxes, Katie said she understood why part of Donna hadn't let Eric go. Donna claimed she was not pining for him, but Brooke asked how many dates Donna had been on in the last month. Donna repeated that her life had been pretty boring. Katie asked how many dates in the last year. Shrugging it off, Donna didn't know. She didn't even bother with the disappointing apps anymore. No one ever came close. "To Eric," Brooke concluded.

Donna guessed she'd been spoiled. Eric had always made her feel important and desired. Her honey bear hadn't been able to get enough of her. Brooke would never believe that Eric felt for Quinn what he had for Donna. Brooke believed that Donna had lit a fire under him, but with Quinn, Brooke didn't see a fire. "Do you?" Brooke asked. Katie didn't even see smoke.

Brooke had thought Eric would be rid of Quinn, but he was too forgiving. Donna said Eric was loyal to a fault. Donna felt that she'd messed up her relationship with Eric, but it wouldn't happen again if she were given the chance. Brooke asked if Eric knew it was an option.

Donna refused to go there and throw herself at a married man. "Even if everyone knows that you would be better for him?" Katie asked. Donna respected Eric's choices. Brooke stated that no one was asking Donna to sabotage the marriage; Quinn would do that on her own. Brooke was merely advising Donna to let Eric know she'd be there for him if and when Quinn did.

Brooke claimed to not be rooting for the marriage to end. "Yes, you are!" Katie responded. Brooke replied that she didn't want Eric with Quinn, but Eric felt different about it. Katie hoped Quinn knew how lucky she was because there wasn't another man who would have such forgiveness or such an enormous capacity to love.

Carter and Quinn make a decision about Eric's proposal Carter and Quinn make a decision about Eric's proposal

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

At Forrester, the Logan sisters talked about Eric, who didn't seem himself. Brooke believed it was because of the stress Quinn put on him. Though he claimed to be happy with Quinn, they didn't know how he really could be with all the betrayal. Brooke believed that Eric needed a good woman and wife who could be faithful to him. Katie glanced at Donna.

Katie asked how many more chances Eric would give Quinn. Donna said he was more forgiving than she could ever be. Katie felt bad for Eric. She and Brooke agreed that Quinn was always taking and never satisfied. Brooke asked what more he could possibly do to make Quinn happy.

Upstairs at Eric's house, Eric gazed at a photo of himself and Quinn on his phone. He recalled what had gone on downstairs when he'd offered Carter and Quinn a night together. He stared at his empty bed. His phone rang, and he seemed relieved to receive human contact as he answered Brooke's call. He chuckled when he heard Donna and Katie also on the call.

Eric asked what was going on. The Logan sisters had just been thinking of him and their great memories. Getting to the point, Brooke said they weren't fans of his wife. He joked about not knowing that. Brooke asked why he'd taken Quinn back after her affair. Eric didn't want to talk about it. He was ready for bed. Brooke said she and her sisters hadn't meant to dump that on him. They'd just wanted to remind him that he was an amazing, giving man.

Donna chimed in, calling Eric one in a million. She said that any woman should thank her lucky stars to be with him. Agreeing, Katie asked him not to change or lose sight of what was important. Eric was perfect just the way he was. They weren't sure Quinn could give it to him, and they didn't want him to be stuck in an unaffectionate, loveless marriage.

Eric was convinced that he wouldn't live in a passionless, empty marriage. He appreciated their care and concern, but he was on the way to bed. Eric ended the call and climbed into bed.

Back at the office, Brooke wondered if the call had been okay. Donna noticed that Eric had seemed down and alone, but he probably got that Brooke had called because she was worried. Brooke was sure that Eric was sick of hearing it from her. She thought she should let it go.

Katie said the pep talk had been harmless, and they joked that they at least hadn't video-called that late. Brooke was sure Quinn would have grabbed the phone out of Eric's hand. Donna added that it was probably why Eric had sounded off to them. He probably wasn't in bed alone.

Grabbing her phone, Katie wondered whose night they'd make next. Donna deviously replied that they hadn't prank-called people in a long time. Brooke said they were too old for it, but Katie exclaimed that they never were too old for anything.

Katie pulled up a guy's name in her phone. It was Johnny Levantino, and Brooke recalled that Katie had had a crush on him in grad school. Katie had seen his picture, and he still had all his hair. Katie teased that he might be single and ready to mingle. It was worth a shot to Donna.

Brooke was ready to leave her sisters to it and go home to her sexy husband. Donna sneered and said to tell the hot husband hello from the single sister. Brooke was sure Donna would find romance. Donna nodded, but then she sobbed, wondering who she was kidding. There was only one man for her. The true love of her life was Eric Forrester.

In Eric's living room, Quinn and Carter were floored that Eric had made such a request and then had gone upstairs to sleep. Quinn asked if she'd really heard it right -- Eric still wanted to be her husband, but he wanted her and Carter to be together that night.

Carter hadn't imagined it had been what Eric had wanted when he'd asked Carter over there. Carter wondered if it was a loyalty test, but Quinn believed that Eric meant it. She figured it had been a difficult decision for Eric. Carter replied that it proved how much Eric loved her.

Quinn remarked that Eric had finally opened up to her, but she didn't know how he could think that "this" was the solution. As much as Carter wanted Quinn, he respected Eric too much. Carter already felt bad for betraying Eric, and even with Eric's blessing, "it still feels..."

Quinn felt the same way, but Eric apparently believed it was the only way to save their marriage. On one level, it was very loving and selfless, but it was wrong on every other level. Carter didn't disagree. He said they weren't doing it. It killed him because he missed every inch of her. He thought about her all the time. Quinn and Carter held hands.

Admitting she missed Carter, too, Quinn said their time had been incredible but terribly wrong. It had been a betrayal of Eric. Sliding his hand away, Carter said they couldn't go back there, and they wouldn't be able to stop themselves. He stated that he was going home. She thought it was best that they not talk about it again.

Quinn wondered what Eric could be thinking all alone upstairs. Carter uttered that she was an amazing woman, and Eric was lucky to have her. Quinn fought back sobs. She said Carter was an amazing man, incredible in every way.

Back upstairs, Eric was surprised when Quinn entered the bedroom. She sat at the foot of it, and he gave her a look. "No," she replied and looked a little resentful.

Quinn changed for bed, and Eric told her that she looked incredible. She murmured that he was sweet and always made her feel good. He asked what she was thinking of. She was still processing things. She knew that Eric loved her, "but what you did tonight..." Eric insisted that she had a passion he couldn't fulfill. "Yes, you can," she bit out.

Eric insisted that he couldn't, but Carter could. Shaking her head, Quinn said she had everything she needed right there. Eric was enough. He was more than enough. "Goodnight," she said. She kissed him, turned off the light, and rolled her back to him in bed.

At Carter's place, Carter sat in the dark on his stairs, recalling what Quinn had said to him. Carter flashed back on having sex with Quinn.

Carter and Quinn wonder if they should take Eric up on his offer Carter and Quinn wonder if they should take Eric up on his offer

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

As morning broke over Los Angeles, Quinn played back the previous night's events in her mind. She was roused back to the present when Eric approached with a desire to talk. Rather than talk about Eric's proposal, Quinn asked Eric if he'd made any appointments to see doctors or therapists about his erectile dysfunction. Eric indicated that he had not, and he was "being realistic" about both his chances to ever have sex again and Quinn's need to have sex.

Quinn offered to get some breakfast for Eric, but Eric turned her pancake and French toast talk into a discussion about how he could never give Quinn what she wanted and deserved. "Your sex life does not have to be over just because mine is," Eric said, assuring her that it would be the last time he said that to her. Eric gave Quinn a kiss on the lips before heading out to the office.

At the cliff house, Steffy, Finn, Liam, and Hope prepared for a much-needed beach day. Liam used binoculars to check up on Amelia, who he believed had her hands full with Beth and Kelly. Before they could head out, Finn had change Hayes's diaper. Finn returned a few moments later to reveal that Hayes had fallen fast asleep on the changing table. The couples decided to hang out at the house for a while instead of heading down to the beach.

Steffy, Finn, Liam, and Hope chatted about some of the things that had happened since Steffy and Finn's wedding day, including Sheila's most recent uninvited appearance when she'd collapsed and required hospitalization. Liam worried about Kelly being in the same orbit as Sheila, but Steffy insisted that the kids were safe. Hope then jumped in to make sure that Steffy and Finn knew that the kids were always welcome to stay with her and Liam.

Liam praised Steffy and Finn's bond. Finn called Steffy "fearless and fierce" and said that he'd never loved anyone as much as he loved her.

In his office at Forrester, Carter thought back to some of his intimate encounters with Quinn. As Carter zoned out, Ridge walked into the office and instantly recognized the expression on Carter's face. "You're thinking about her," Ridge said matter-of-factly. Carter was initially confused, but he calmed slightly when Ridge mentioned Zoe's name. Ridge flipped through the latest edition of Eye on Fashion and said that Zoe was "killing it."

Ridge asked Carter if he had any regrets. Carter confirmed that he did -- "about a lot of things." Ridge asked Carter to explain, but Carter didn't feel it was necessary to explain. As Ridge pressed for more details, Carter pointedly asked if there was something that Ridge needed. Ridge mentioned that Eric had had some sort of proposal for Carter and wondered what it might be.

Later, after Ridge left, Carter returned to daydreaming about Quinn. Quinn burst into Carter's office and announced that they needed to talk about what had happened the night before. Quinn said that Eric's attitude hadn't changed. Quinn said that she'd told Eric that she'd be willing to forgo sex just to be able to be his wife again. Carter then asked Quinn if she was being honest with herself. "What Eric is giving us permission to do... we can't possibly do what my husband is asking, can we?" Quinn asked.

Ridge was working on a sketch when Eric arrived. Ridge teased Eric for showing up so late for work. Eric countered that the office was his, the drafting table was his, and the company was his... and he could show up anytime he wanted. Ridge took a moment before saying that he had spoken to Carter about Eric's proposal and found it "a little strange." As Ridge prattled on, Eric realized that Ridge was referring to the acquisition of a Berlin boutique and not the proposal he'd made about Carter and Quinn.

Ridge accused Eric of being "fuzzy" and surmised it was from "reconnecting" with Quinn. Ridge asked if Eric was happy that Quinn was back in his life. Eric was surprised by the question, but Ridge felt it was a valid one. He reminded Eric that "five minutes ago -- no, two minutes ago" Eric had been upset that Quinn had had an affair. Ridge said that Eric had given no real reason for calling off the divorce to Quinn and rehanging that "ugly portrait back over the fireplace."

Eric insisted that Quinn would not be in his life if it were not what he truly wanted. Eric admitted that he had not forgotten about Quinn and Carter's affair. That statement drew even more questions from Ridge, who questioned how Eric could invite Quinn back into his bed. Ridge wondered if Quinn was holding something over Eric. Eric denied Ridge's assertion, but that didn't stop Ridge from demanding answers. He took his dad's hand, said how much he loved him, and asked Eric to tell him what was going on.

Eric sends Quinn to Carter with an envelope Eric sends Quinn to Carter with an envelope

Thursday, September 16, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn were alone for the first time all day, and he pulled her from towel-folding duty for a kiss. They agreed they had loved seeing the kids together earlier. Steffy said she and Hope had wanted to be a big, blended family. It hadn't seemed possible, but then Steffy had met Finn. Steffy agreed with Hope that Steffy had never been happier, and it was because of Finn.

The kids were napping, and Finn wanted to take Steffy into the bedroom. Paris walked in on the couple kissing, and everyone seemed embarrassed. Paris figured the couple didn't get to spend much time together, and she decided to go upstairs to her room. Before going, she said it was great to see them like that, and she wondered if they no longer had to worry about Sheila.

Steffy conveyed that Finn had let Sheila know that she was unwanted in their lives. Paris realized she'd brought up a sore subject, but she asked if Sheila had left. Steffy replied that they didn't know where Sheila was, and they all had to keep an eye out, even Paris. Steffy asked Paris to say if she saw anything. It was important that Sheila stayed out of their lives for good.

In the design office, Quinn and Carter discussed Eric's willingness to go along with the arrangement. "But are we?" Carter asked. Carter said Eric wasn't wrong about their connection, but Eric didn't get that if they gave in to their feelings, it could get very complicated.

Wyatt waltzed in, looking for Quinn. Observing Quinn and Carter, Wyatt asked if something was going on. Carter denied it, and Wyatt asked if he should just ignore the way Carter and Quinn had just shoved away from each other when Wyatt had entered.

Quinn tried to claim nothing but work was going on. Carter said they'd been talking about Eric, and Quinn was completely focused on doing whatever it took to make the marriage last. She said Eric was willing to give her everything she needed to make sure she was appreciated and desired, and she had to make sure she gave Eric what he needed from her.

Wyatt was concerned because he knew how great Eric and Quinn were together. Quinn didn't want to make more mistakes with Eric. She said they were trying to create a marriage that worked for both of them. Wyatt thought it was miraculous that Eric had taken her back, and it was a special kind of love. Wyatt didn't want Quinn to miss out on her marriage. "Mom, whatever Eric needs, whatever he asks you to do, just do it," Wyatt said.

In the CEO's office, Eric felt his personal life had been discussed enough at work. Ridge reasoned that, as Eric's son, he was concerned about Eric. Ridge figured that the reunion with Quinn hadn't been all candlelight and fireworks. Eric became defensive. Ridge said Eric's action didn't make sense. Ridge didn't like that no one could talk to Eric about it, either.

Brooke arrived with some samples and realized that Eric and Ridge were in the middle of something. Ridge was trying to convince Eric of Ridge's concern. Eric started to say he appreciated their concern. Ridge interrupted, saying that Eric's next words would be that they couldn't blame Quinn -- ever. Brooke said it was hard not to, and Eric didn't seem happy. In fact, he seemed more troubled since the reconciliation. She asked why that was.

Eric asserted that he'd asked Ridge and Brooke to stop harping on it, and it was annoying. Brooke didn't know why Eric wanted them to stop expressing their concern. They could see that something was wrong, and Brooke had heard it in his voice the previous night.

Eric claimed that he and Quinn had been more honest with each other than they ever had been in their lives together. Ridge thought honesty was good, but trust and companionship were, too. Brooke added warmth and affection to the list. Ridge recalled that each time he and Brooke had found their way back to each other, it had been magical. They hadn't left the house for days. Ridge wanted that for Eric, but the reunion with Quinn didn't seem joyous to Ridge.

Brooke assumed Eric had wanted things to go back to normal. It wasn't wrong to want that, but it might not be possible. Brooke said that Eric valued honesty and integrity, and maybe he'd lost that when Quinn had betrayed him. "Maybe there's no love, no passion. It's gone," she said.

Eric said it was easy to judge from the outside. Brooke claimed not to be judging, but he yelled that she was. She said he didn't have to hide things from them. Admitting a mistake might seem like a failure, she said she thought it was strong and courageous, which was who Eric was. Brooke knew that he always tried to put others first, but it wasn't worth sacrificing oneself to honor a commitment. Eric replied that what went on in his marriage was his business. He claimed that he and Quinn would take care of it themselves. He wanted that to be the end of it.

Eric left, and Ridge concluded that Eric knew what he wanted. Brooke wondered if she should have said those things or made Eric defend Quinn. Ridge was sure Eric had felt on guard to do that since he'd met Quinn. Ridge decided they should just hope that Eric had thought it through.

Brooke asked if Ridge was saying not to worry. He asked if she could tell him not to. She called Eric an amazing man whom Quinn didn't deserve. No man had ever given Quinn what Eric had.

Later, Eric entered the design office, where Quinn was working alone. She admitted to being distracted with a lot on her mind. Eric said he understood, but she didn't think he did. She said he thought he knew what she wanted, but he didn't. He recalled their wedding, saying it had been just him and Quinn because the rest of the family hadn't shown up. The family hadn't known how much he loved her or how far he'd go to give her what she wanted.

Eric said he'd promised to give Quinn happiness, joy, and fulfillment, and he could still do it. Eric handed Quinn an envelope. It contained sensitive material for Carter. Quinn replied that Carter had gone home for the day. Eric knew and asked her to take it to Carter. Touching her cheek, Eric said he'd see her at home. Scowling, Quinn tossed the envelope aside.

Eric went home, made a martini, and gazed worriedly at the portrait. Meanwhile, Carter had a beer at home. He tried to work but only thought of Quinn. He heard a knock at the door and answered it for Quinn, who was on the other side with the envelope.

Carter and Quinn receive written permission from Eric Carter and Quinn receive written permission from Eric

Friday, September 17, 2021

At Eric's house, Eric was having a martini alone when Ridge and Brooke arrived. Eric assumed they wanted to take another crack at him. Eric hadn't signed some documents at work, so they'd brought them to him. Brooke added that they had wanted to check on him.

Noting that Eric was drinking alone, Ridge asked where Quinn was. Eric asked why having a martini alone was cause for alarm. Brooke thought it was strange because Quinn had wanted nothing but for Eric to take her back, but he was there drinking alone.

Ridge asked where Eric's doting wife was. Eric replied that Quinn was out enjoying herself. Brooke and Ridge asked why Quinn couldn't do that with him. Eric felt that he couldn't win with Brooke and Ridge, and they'd have a problem even if Quinn was there. Brooke reasoned that they'd at least know Quinn wasn't with Carter again. Brooke didn't trust Quinn. Eric did, and he reminded them that Quinn was younger than he.

Ridge asked when that had become relevant. Eric stated that he and Quinn were at different stages of their lives, and he didn't want to hold her back. Brooke didn't get it and said Quinn had known what she'd been getting into when she'd married an older man.

Ridge wondered if that had sounded the way Brooke had meant it to sound. She hadn't meant it that way. In fact, she thought he was handsome and sexy. He admitted that there was a time when he'd felt that way. "See? That. What is that?" Ridge asked. Ridge said Eric had never been self-deprecating. He was one of the most confident guys they knew.

Brooke asked if Quinn had taken away his confidence. Brooke insisted that Quinn wasn't good for Eric and was careless with Eric's feelings. Eric claimed it was the opposite, and Quinn had been more attentive to his feelings "lately" than she'd ever been.

Brooke said it was because he'd forgiven Quinn for her betrayal with Carter, but in time, Quinn would do something to disappoint Eric again. Brooke and Ridge felt that Eric deserved better. They were worried about Eric. Eric said he was the problem, not Quinn.

Brooke didn't believe that and said Eric kept defending Quinn. He believed someone needed to. Ridge said they were trying to protect Eric. Brooke said Quinn proved she couldn't be trusted again and again. Eric had just forgiven her for one thing, and she'd gone and slept with Carter.

Aware of that, Eric decided that the conversation was boring him. Brooke said they didn't mean to be tiresome. They just loved him, and he deserved a woman who got everything she needed right there in his home. Brooke didn't think that was Quinn, and for all they knew, Quinn was with someone else as they spoke. Knowing that Eric had been devastated by Quinn and Carter, Brooke didn't want to see Eric hurt that way again.

Ridge said goodnight, but Brooke cupped Eric's face and hugged him. Brooke and Ridge left, and Eric looked upset and in agony. He shut off the lights and gazed sadly at the portrait.

On Carter's doorstep, Quinn entered, saying Eric had sent her to deliver the envelope. Carter asked if she thought that was odd. Quinn said she didn't even know what to think anymore.

Inside the envelope, Carter found a handwritten note that said, "Tonight is yours. Eric." Quinn stared miserably at the paper. She loved her husband, but what made it impossible was that she loved Carter, too. Quinn balled up the paper, and Carter cupped her face with his hand.

Quinn and Carter agreed that the situation was insane, but their feelings were undeniable. Carter had accepted her choice to return to Eric, but Carter missed being with Quinn. In Carter's view, he and Quinn had resisted out of respect for Eric, but because Eric kept pushing them, it would no longer be disrespectful. "Would it?" Carter asked. Carter kissed Quinn.

At the cliff house, Finn emerged from his bedroom in an unbuttoned shirt. Paris left the kitchen when she saw him, and in the living room, he told her that the kids were asleep and Steffy had conked out. Finn said Steffy was a warrior, unafraid of anything -- until Sheila had shown up.

Paris asked if Finn minded her asking a question. "How do you feel about all of this?" she asked. Finn tried not to think about his feelings. He didn't know Sheila, but the Forresters felt that she was a threat and that she might become fixated and try to take Hayes.

Paris reasoned that Sheila might not be the same person as before. "No one believes that," Finn responded. Paris asked if he did. He believed that people could change, but he couldn't say about Sheila. All he could do was listen to his wife and honor her instincts. "Wow, I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you," Paris replied, placing her hand over his.

Claiming not to want to put him on the spot, Paris wondered if a part of Finn wanted to know Sheila. Finn thought it was only natural under different circumstances. She said the desire deserved consideration. Finn repeated that it wasn't the right circumstance, and he figured Steffy had a right to hate Sheila, who'd shot Taylor.

Paris thought Finn could know that and still feel a sense of loss, and it was probably hard for him because he couldn't share that feeling with Steffy due to her and Sheila's history. "Well, thankfully, I've got you," Finn replied, adding that she was a good friend. Paris pledged to always be there for him -- and Steffy -- him and Steffy.

Paris asked if, as a doctor, Finn thought Sheila had faked her collapse. Finn wasn't sure he could be objective, but it didn't matter because he stood by his wife's wishes. To Paris, it spoke to the kind of partner he was, but she was concerned that Steffy had allowed no middle ground. Paris asked if cutting all ties with his birth mother was really how he wanted to handle it.

Finn felt that he couldn't take chances with his child's welfare. He'd been happy to see Sheila on his wedding day, but he'd crashed down to earth once the Forresters had seen her. Paris was sorry it was challenging but said he was an incredible man for standing by Steffy.

Later, Paris sat on the coffee table, leaning into Finn, who sat on the sofa. He was glad Paris had come into his life. "It goes both ways," she said. He replied that he needed her more.

"You need me?" Paris asked. He told her that her understanding and empathy meant a lot to him and had given him a safe place to put the feelings he couldn't burden Steffy with. Touching Paris' face, Finn uttered that there was something "so special" about her. He leaned in to kiss her.

Finn said Paris' name. She snapped out of her fantasy. Finn had just checked on the kids and Steffy in the bedroom. He thanked Paris for being there for him. Walking toward the kitchen, he said, "You're very special, you know."

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