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Quinn and Carter took Eric up on his suggestion. Katie's gentle approach helped Eric open up a little. Ridge unleashed Justin on Quinn, and Justin showed up in Carter's bedroom. Paris' fantasies led her to seek a new domicile. Sheila showed up at the cliff house.
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At Eric's urging, Quinn and Carter had sex, unaware that Ridge had hired Justin to follow Quinn
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Eric is pleased by Quinn's report of her night with Carter

Eric is pleased by Quinn's report of her night with Carter

Monday, September 20, 2021

In Steffy and Finn's bedroom, Steffy said Hayes was finally sleeping through the night. Steffy thought it would be Finn's lucky night if he wasn't too tired from singing lullabies. She thought he'd taken to fatherhood beautifully, and he went out of his way to help others. It was time that she did something special for him.

Finn liked Steffy's soft side. Steffy and Finn thought they were in a better place after what they'd gone through, and she knew he'd do anything for their family. She was grateful for his sacrifice about his birth mother. Finn said life was too precious, and he wouldn't let Sheila or anyone cause problems for them. Steffy couldn't imagine living life without him. She told him to buckle up because it was just getting started.

Steffy dropped her robe and revealed her lingerie. Crawling to Finn on the bed, she wanted to take the time to show him how important he was to her. He claimed he'd forgotten how to talk. That was fine with her because they wouldn't do much talking.

At Eric's house, as Eric recalled telling Quinn her sex life didn't have to be over, Katie knocked on the door. Eric answered it, and Katie said she was looking for Brooke, who had mentioned earlier that she'd stop by Eric's. Katie didn't want to interrupt Eric and Quinn. He explained that his wife was out for the evening.

Katie couldn't help but express her concern about Eric letting Quinn back into the house. Eric stated that Quinn was his wife, and they'd find wonderful ways to improve their marriage in the future. Katie knew that only Eric and Quinn knew what went on behind closed doors; however, Katie thought he was too kind and forgiving. She didn't want him to be taken advantage of.

Katie wanted Eric to be happy. He claimed he was, but Katie questioned him about being home alone while Quinn was out for the night. Katie asked where Quinn was and couldn't imagine why she wasn't with him at every moment. He claimed that he and his wife spent plenty of time together. Katie reasoned that Quinn didn't have any friends to be out with, and Quinn had alienated everyone, including Eric -- or so Katie had thought.

Eric figured it was hard for people to understand that he hadn't been the perfect husband. Katie said that he was about as close to perfect as any man could be, but he felt she gave him too much credit. Katie had never seen Eric that way, and she was worried that Quinn had finally broken him down and made him believe he wasn't good enough for her.

Eric said Quinn didn't make him feel that way. Noting that Quinn had married "well above herself," Katie didn't think Quinn knew how lucky she was. He noted that Katie knew how complicated marriages were. She felt that Eric gave Quinn everything she needed.

"No, not everything," Eric uttered. Katie thought that was crazy and listed all the things Quinn had in her marriage. He replied that it didn't mean something wasn't missing. Katie didn't mean to make him feel uncomfortable, but she wondered if he was hinting at something sexual.

Katie decided that she and Eric didn't have to get into it, but she wanted him to know that she cared. She felt that she'd hit him with a lot of Quinn negativity. He quipped that it ran in Katie's family. Katie said admiration for him ran deep within her family; she and her sisters were big fans. Eric replied that he was a fan of them, too.

Katie needed Eric to know he was loved and said that after Quinn's affair with a younger man, it was only "natural for you to feel like -- " Interrupting, Eric admitted frustration with where his life was, and "I'm living in this house by myself!" Katie guessed he was compromising because he feared being alone. She said everyone felt like that at times.

"You are Eric Forrester. You don't have to compromise!" Katie exclaimed. She asked him to see all he'd done over his lifetime, the children he'd raised, and all he'd contributed to the world. "You're a freaking legend!" she said, and he chuckled.

Katie said Eric was an artistic philanthropist who spoke four languages. Eric was an icon, and his best years were ahead. He didn't have to settle, personally or professionally, for anyone, not even Quinn. Katie hated seeing him that way and asked him to say what was going on.

Eric decided that it was late, but he thanked Katie for listening. He called her a good friend. They hugged, and she said she was next door if he needed anything.

At Carter's house, Carter asked if they were sure. Quinn wasn't sure about any of it. The two resumed kissing, but Quinn still felt guilty, even with a permission slip from Eric. Carter said they could stop, but he didn't want to. They continued to kiss. Carter and Quinn missed each other, and he said it was all he'd been thinking about. She said it was torture, but she loved Carter. He peeled off her dress, and they eased onto the sofa.

Later, Carter was alone. He smiled, recalling making out with Quinn. He uncrumpled the note from Eric and gazed at the words, "Tonight is yours..."

Back at the mansion, Quinn returned. Eric looked down at her from the top of the stairs as she gazed at her portrait. Later, when she climbed into bed with him, he asked how her night had been. "What happened? Did you make love?" he asked.

Shamefully, Quinn affirmed it. Eric said it was good, but she didn't want to talk about it or hurt Eric. Eric wished it had been him. He deeply wished it had been him. He loved her and wanted to give her everything in life. He wanted her to be completely fulfilled. She understood and said he could never doubt how much she loved him. She placed her head on his chest.

Eric gives Carter some rules for the arrangement

Eric gives Carter some rules for the arrangement

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

In the CEO's office, Brooke pressed Katie about why she'd stopped by Eric's the previous night. Katie quipped that it was for the same reason Ridge and Brooke had. Brooke was surprised to hear that Quinn still hadn't been home by the time Katie had been there. Katie said that, after all Quinn had put Eric through, it was unconscionable that she hadn't been home with him.

Brooke agreed, saying Quinn had been out enjoying herself while Eric had roamed the house alone. It just showed Katie how self-centered and selfish Quinn was. Katie didn't get why Eric defended Quinn, and Katie noted that he'd said Quinn had been out with his blessing.

Brooke scowled and asked if Katie had believed that. Katie did and said it was as if Eric trusted Quinn, even though Quinn had given him every reason not to. There had to be more going on, and Katie conveyed that Eric was blaming himself for letting Quinn down.

Brooke said Eric was covering and pretending things were just fine. Katie said Eric thought he couldn't give Quinn everything she needed or wanted. Brooke called Eric the most generous man in the world. Katie said she meant intimacy.

Brooke assumed that Eric and Katie had had quite the talk. Katie said Eric was frustrated with himself. Though he was still handsome and vital, he didn't see it that way, and it was tied to Quinn. Brooke assumed it was due to Quinn's affair with a younger man. "Mr. Eight Pack," Katie replied, attempting to link that to Eric and Quinn's troubles in the bedroom.

Brooke noted that she and Katie didn't know for sure that there was trouble. Katie theorized that Eric might fear comparisons, and he couldn't compete sexually. She also thought he was afraid of being alone and growing old alone. Katie said Eric wasn't himself, and Quinn wasn't making it any better. Katie asked how insensitive Quinn could be to be out while her husband was at home, going through something. "Unless we're all missing something," Katie said.

Brooke didn't think they were missing anything. Eric needed his wife, but Quinn wasn't around to notice. Instead, she was off doing whatever she did. Katie thought it was strange that Eric had started condoning it. He was clearly lonely, and Katie said Quinn had to realize it.

Brooke didn't think Quinn cared because it was always about Quinn's wants and needs. Brooke couldn't believe Carter had gotten caught up in Quinn, and Brooke didn't think Carter would be the last man. Katie asked if Brooke thought Quinn would betray Eric again. Brooke didn't think she could be objective about it.

Katie and Brooke became protective of Eric at the thought of Quinn hurting him again. Katie hoped it wouldn't get to that and that Eric would realize he deserved better. Brooke was glad Katie lived nearby and could check on him. Katie believed there was more to it than he'd told anyone.

At Eric's house, Carter arrived at Eric's behest. Eric stated that he knew Carter had slept with his wife the previous night. In Carter's silence, Eric explained that he'd asked, and she'd told him. Eric was okay with it. He wanted to be the one to fill Quinn's needs, but it wasn't possible.

It wasn't easy for Eric. He never would have entertained or encouraged the thought six months back. Eric loved Quinn and knew that Carter did, too. He figured Carter loved the same things about her -- her energy, sensuality, beauty, and intelligence. However, no matter how Carter felt about Quinn, Eric said that Carter was never to, under any condition, consider Quinn to be Carter's.

Eric declared that Quinn was Mrs. Eric Forrester and would continue to be so in every way but one. He asked if he'd made himself clear. Carter nodded. Eric had one other thing -- no one was to know about the arrangement, especially Ridge. "Of course," Carter said, and he left.

In the design office, Quinn worked and thought of being with Carter the night before. Shauna arrived, saw the look on Quinn's face, and exclaimed that it had happened. Quinn was glowing, and it could only mean one thing to Shauna. "Yes and no," Quinn replied.

Shauna asked what that meant. Quinn didn't want to talk about it, but Shauna said she was Quinn's best friend. Quinn swore Shauna to secrecy. Quinn said she loved her husband, and she'd never question his commitment to her happiness again.

Shauna told Quinn to just spit it out. Quinn said she wouldn't believe it if she wasn't living it, but her husband loved her so much that he didn't want her to give up that part of her life. "You can't possibly mean that..." Shauna said. Quinn replied that Eric had asked her to sleep with Carter.

Seeing Shauna's expression, Quinn said she'd felt that same way. "But now you're having sex. You and Carter?" Shauna gleaned. Quinn replied that it had been the previous night, and it had been incredible. Shauna was amazed that Eric had actually told Quinn to do that.

Quinn stated that Eric was her husband, and she was conflicted. Eric was willing to sacrifice so that Quinn could be fulfilled as a woman. At first, she and Carter had been "like, 'no way,'" but then Eric had set up another encounter. Shauna assumed Carter and Quinn had done it.

"Well, yes! Of course, we did! I love Carter. We can barely keep our hands off each other when we don't have permission!" Quinn exclaimed. Shauna asked if Quinn had spent the night. Quinn replied that she'd gone home to her husband, and he'd been awake when she'd gotten into bed.

It had been awkward for Quinn, but Eric had been happy for her. Eric had wanted to know if she and Carter had had sex. It had been what Eric had wanted, and she and Eric had lain in each other's arms the rest of the night. Shauna hadn't been with a man in a while and said Quinn was living a fantasy. Shauna knew Quinn had always been unconventional, "but this..."

Later, Quinn was alone. Carter entered. He decided to go, but she asked him to stay and lock the door. She couldn't stop thinking about the previous night and couldn't comprehend how Eric had wanted it for her. She loved her husband, but she loved Carter, too. They began kissing.

Ridge hires Justin to tail Quinn

Ridge hires Justin to tail Quinn

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

At Forrester, Katie and Brooke tried to wrap their heads around why Eric had taken Quinn back after her affair with Carter. Katie decided that she would pay another visit to Eric to try to get more details. Katie breezed out the door just as Ridge walked in.

Brooke told Ridge that Katie had stopped by the mansion to visit Eric the previous night and learned that Quinn hadn't been home. Ridge insisted that Eric "wouldn't allow" Quinn to be out all night. Ridge also complained that Eric no longer showed up for work; he simply stayed holed up alone at home. He agreed with his wife's assessment that something wasn't right.

"This is what I want my dad to have," Ridge said as he embraced Brooke, clarifying, "Someone who is there for him. Someone who has his back when everything else falls apart." Brooke stated that Eric was doing just that for Quinn, but she wondered who would protect Eric. "We will," Ridge said confidently.

A knock sounded on the door, and seconds later, Justin Barber walked into the office. Ridge explained that he had summoned Justin to Forrester to make good on their agreement. Since Thomas hadn't pressed charges against him, Justin said that he would help Ridge with whatever he needed. When Ridge commented that Justin had kept a lot of Bill's secrets over the years, Justin smiled. He assumed that Ridge wanted dirt on Bill, but Ridge said that he had no interest in going after Bill.

Ridge told Justin he wanted him to investigate Quinn. "I need a guy who did all the dirty work for Bill. The guy who put my son in a cage like an animal. The guy who threw me out of a helicopter," Ridge stated. Ridge instructed Justin to tail Quinn and report back if Quinn did anything that was "disrespectful" to Eric.

Justin asked if Quinn had done something that raised suspicions. Ridge replied that Eric taking Quinn back was suspicious. Brooke added that Eric should have signed the divorce papers. Justin didn't understand why Ridge and Brooke wanted him to keep tabs on Quinn. Ridge explained that Quinn would never suspect that "the great Justin Barber" was keeping an eye on her.

At the Forrester mansion, a forlorn Eric put down his newspaper to look up at Quinn's portrait. He was roused from his thoughts when Katie walked through the front door. Katie apologized for dropping by unannounced, but Eric said it was always nice to see his "favorite next-door neighbor." Katie said she would leave if Eric and Quinn were spending time together, but Eric told her that Quinn was not home.

Eric knew that Katie had dropped by to check on him. While he appreciated her concern, Eric insisted that he was having a productive day, working from home. Katie told Eric that she was "torn" about Quinn not being home. While she liked that Quinn's absence gave them a chance to talk freely, she found it odd that a just-reconciled couple wouldn't be spending every moment of their time together.

Eric countered that he and Quinn didn't have to do everything together in order to be "connected." Eric stated that Quinn was at work, and he was surprised that Katie hadn't run into Quinn there. Katie sensed that Eric was lonely, even if he claimed not to be and hid behind jokes. Eric knew that everyone believed his and Quinn's relationship was "unconventional," but he explained that he and Quinn had an arrangement that worked for both of them.

"Quinn has a lot of additional chapters to write in her life, and I'm sort of contemplating wrapping mine up. Sort of an epilogue," Eric stated. Katie was blown away by Eric's remark, and she noted that creatively, Eric had never been more innovative. Eric agreed that his business acumen had never waned. He said that he could not bear to think of his life if his business sense had also declined. "Your life should be brimming with things that bring you joy and satisfaction and pride," Katie countered.

Eric told Katie that he was touched that she cared so much about him. Katie recounted her battle with depression, and while she stated that she wasn't implying that Eric was depressed, she said that she could understand how Eric might feel. That led to her pointedly asking Eric if he was happy with his marriage to Quinn. She assured Eric that he could talk to her and that she would not judge him.

Eric turned away from Katie and thought back to when he had told Quinn about his erectile dysfunction. Katie pleaded with Eric to talk to her.

In Carter's office at Forrester, Quinn and Carter shared a kiss. Quinn told Carter that they needed to be careful, even if Eric approved of them being together. Carter agreed that they needed to use discretion -- especially at work.

Carter told Quinn about his it-doesn't-have-to-be-awkward conversation with Eric. Quinn confessed that she'd told Eric that she and Carter had had sex. "He wanted to know," Quinn shared, though she said it had not been easy to tell Eric the truth. Quinn admitted that she had told Shauna about the arrangement with Carter. Carter was shocked. Quinn explained that Shauna was her best friend, and she needed someone to talk to.

Quinn said she was "conflicted" because she was in love with "two incredible and very different men." She called Eric her partner and Carter her lover. The two shared another kiss as Quinn asked if things were too good to be true.

Thomas and Hope discuss his feelings for her.

Thomas and Hope discuss his feelings for her.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn talked about how tired out the kids were after time at the beach. Steffy wondered if they'd tired out Paris, too, but Finn said Paris would be back downstairs. Unbeknownst to them, Paris was on the stairs as they continued to speak.

Steffy thought Paris was a great addition to the house. Finn said Paris was a great friend and made it impossible to be in a bad mood. It was hard for them to imagine life without Paris. Entering the room, Paris warned them about what they wished for. She said she could easily become the guest who stayed for the night and never left.

Paris hadn't meant to eavesdrop, but Steffy said it was no secret how they felt about Paris. Paris said that because of Steffy and Finn, who had given her so much, Paris had a roof over her head, a place in their kids' lives, and a friendship she'd never expected. Paris had been sad about Zoe going, but if Zoe had returned, Paris wouldn't be in that incredible house.

Paris loved the way the house felt and the love and laughter inside of it. She felt lucky to live there, but Finn and Steffy felt they were the lucky ones. Steffy joked that she sometimes got jealous of how Hayes and Kelly adored Paris. Steffy thought it was good to have a strong female presence in the house, and she listed all of Paris' personal and professional talents.

Steffy asked how things were with Zende. Paris said it was a perk to work with him. As Paris and Steffy talked about Zende and Thomas and if they could "play nicely" at work, Finn started looking for his sunblock. He wanted to hit the waves and said he hadn't forgotten his promise to buy Paris a surfboard. He wouldn't take no for an answer, and Paris said she'd take him up on it.

Steffy thanked Paris again for the help with the kids and went into the bedroom for a conference call. Paris asked Finn if he needed help, but he wanted her to enjoy the quiet. He said she always enjoyed the moment, and he asked if she'd always been that positive. "Positive beats negative every time," Paris said. Finn was glad to have Paris' positivity in the lives of his family, and he said she had a special place in their hearts.

Later, Paris gazed at a picture of Finn. Finn announced that he'd found his sunblock. "Get my back?" he asked. Paris sensually rubbed the lotion on him. She said he was all protected. "Why stop there?" he asked, and she began smearing it on his chest and stomach. He told her that she was beautiful. She said he was married and had a beautiful family with Steffy. Finn had never met anyone like Paris and needed her in his life.

Finn snapped Paris out of her fantasy, saying he was headed to the beach. Paris told him that he was the complete and total package, and Steffy was lucky to have him. Paris had something to tell him, and it wasn't easy for her to say. Finn replied that she could tell him.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope worked as Thomas and Douglas played video games on the sofa. Douglas claimed he was the champion, but Thomas was the best designer ever. Hope expressed her happiness with Thomas' work, and Douglas asked Thomas if he'd heard Douglas' mom say that Thomas made her happy. Thomas claimed that it was what he lived for.

Later, Hope ended a call with Liam and told Douglas that he'd had the best idea ever. Douglas exclaimed that Beth got to be alone with Liam, and Douglas got to be with Mommy and Daddy.

Thomas and Douglas went outside to toss a football. When they returned, they overheard Hope on the phone, giving Zende the final say on a design. After the call, Thomas noted that gestures like those were why it was easy to work with her. Hope loved Thomas and Zende's work, and she felt that they'd found the perfect balance for her line. Thomas didn't want Zende to know it, but he felt that Zende had really stepped up his game.

Hope mentioned how happy she was when she and Liam worked with Douglas on sports. Douglas said he loved it when Hope was happy. Hope replied that it was a nice change of pace, and she was sorry about the sad times before. Douglas told Thomas that Hope, Beth, and he had felt bad when Liam had been away. Douglas revealed that he'd heard Hope cry when she'd thought no one had been listening.

Hope was sorry, but Douglas said it was okay to cry. Though Douglas didn't know where Liam had been, Douglas was happy that Liam had returned, and Mommy was smiling again. "And she loves Liam so much," Douglas said, and Thomas gazed at Hope.

Douglas went outside, and as Hope and Thomas watched Douglas from the window, they talked about what a rare and exceptional kid he was. Hope thanked Thomas for sharing his son. Thomas didn't think he could have made a better choice for Douglas. Hope was glad to hear Thomas still felt that way. He wondered why he wouldn't.

Hope reasoned that Douglas had been through a lot. Thomas felt that it had turned Douglas into a wise young man, and Hope should credit herself for it. Thomas said Douglas was right about how happy she seemed. Hope believed that she had Thomas to thank for it. She couldn't thank him enough for helping her get her family back and said he really was a changed man.

It meant a lot to Thomas to hear Hope say that. He admitted that he'd always cared about her and loved her, but his love had become healthy. Hope was the happiest he'd ever seen her, and that made him happy. Hope knew that his feelings were complicated, but he promised not to let his feelings be an issue any longer.

Thomas and Hope valued their new friendship, and Hope thought it had been selfless of Thomas to help Liam return home. Thomas claimed to understand that Liam was Hope's husband and the man she loved. Thomas hadn't understood that before, but he was better. He said that Douglas was happy and secure at the cabin and got to see his father whenever he wanted.

Douglas was Thomas' priority, but Thomas also thought his priority was Hope's smile and keeping it on her face. Hope was happy that things were easy between them. She'd been enjoying co-parenting and working with Thomas. Thomas said he and Hope had had good times together. He'd always cherish those memories.

Ridge unleashes Justin on Quinn and Carter

Ridge unleashes Justin on Quinn and Carter

Friday, September 24, 2021

In the CEO's office, Quinn received a text message from Carter, who wanted to see her again. Quinn looked at a photo of her and Eric and thought of sex with Carter. Eric entered, wondering what was going on. At her hesitation, he guessed it was Carter. Eric wanted them to be completely honest about it, and he said she could go. He wanted it for her.

Ridge arrived as Eric was speaking, and Quinn left, not responding to Eric's attempt to get some type of affection. Ridge asked what that had been about and what was going on between Eric and Quinn. Eric remained defensive about it and ordered Ridge to respect Eric's privacy. Ridge texted Justin to say that Quinn was leaving the building.

Katie arrived as Ridge tried to convince Eric that Ridge wasn't prying. Eric felt that he had a wonderful son and a more wonderful neighbor. He assured them that he wouldn't have taken Quinn back if he didn't want a life with her. Ridge noted that Eric didn't seem to enjoy that life.

Eric asked who said he wasn't enjoying it. Ridge said he did. Eric was moping around. Everyone saw it, and it didn't appear that Quinn brought Eric joy. Eric asserted that she did. Ridge refused to believe it. "This weird goodbye thing you guys had. This almost hug, not looking at each other. I don't know what that is. It's not two people who love each other. It was weird! It was sad!" Ridge yelled. Ridge asked what had happened to Eric.

Katie tried to calm the men down. She told Ridge that Eric was capable of making his own decisions. Eric seconded it, saying it had been true long before either of them had been born. Ridge acknowledged that, but said, lately, Eric had made decisions that caused himself harm.

Katie suggested that the best way to help was to listen and understand. Katie stated that Eric was saying his relationship with Quinn was working for him. Eric thought that Katie was wise, and he'd always admired her ability to be the voice of reason. Katie didn't want Eric to think she wasn't concerned, but she'd just wait and be there if he ever wanted to talk.

Eric noted to Ridge that Katie had said if he ever wanted to talk and wasn't trying to force Eric into it. Eric invited Katie to stop by that evening to talk because Quinn would be out late. As Eric left, Ridge said Eric had to understand something. Eric replied that he loved Ridge, too.

Once they were alone, Ridge asked if Katie had heard that Quinn would be out again. Katie had, and she said it was strange. Katie conveyed that she'd been spending a lot of time with Eric while Quinn had been out -- a lot. Ridge thought it was strange that Eric didn't seem okay with it but was feeding it. Katie agreed that Eric was actively encouraging it. All she knew to do was be there if Eric wanted to reach out to them.

Katie and Ridge agreed that Eric was kind and generous. Ridge said there were people who would take advantage of that. Katie thought it was about loneliness. She was sure he was still hurting over Quinn's affair, but Eric didn't want to be alone. Quinn was familiar, and she and Eric had a routine. Ridge questioned a routine and marriage that involved Quinn always being gone.

Katie asked Ridge not to harass Eric and said she'd go see Eric that night. Ridge hinted that he might find out before then. He revealed that he had someone checking on Quinn.

Outside Carter's door, Justin watched Quinn entered Carter's loft. Once the door closed, Justin rounded the corner in the hall and leaned close to Carter's front door. He could hear Quinn and Carter talking in the living room.

Quinn almost hadn't shown up, but she'd thought she and Carter could talk. Carter laughed. "Then you look at me like that," she said. Carter told her that it was safe. They'd had to stop themselves the other day, so he suggested that they pick up where they'd left off.

Carter and Quinn went upstairs to make out on the bed. Justin appeared on Carter's open balcony, peering through the veiled curtains.

Later, Justin let himself in through the front door with a lockpicking device. He crept up the stairs and threw open the bedroom door. Quinn and Carter shrank back. "You're busted," Justin said.

At the cliff house, Paris wanted to tell Finn something important. Paris seemed emotional, and she started telling him about how happy she was for Steffy and Finn. Finn noted that Paris seemed intense. Steffy strode in, and Paris decided she had something to tell them both.

"It's time," Paris stated. It was time for Paris to leave. She was grateful for the place to stay, but it was best for everyone if she moved out. Steffy and Finn were puzzled by the decision. Paris wanted to leave before it felt like she was taking advantage. They said they'd never feel that way about her, but Paris became worried that she'd begin to feel like that.

Steffy and Finn asked if Paris had a place. She said she had a few leads, and they shouldn't worry about her. They claimed to be worried about themselves, but she said they'd be fine. Paris talked about how Steffy and Finn's commitment was a beautiful thing. Paris promised not to be a stranger, and they stated that she was welcome anytime.

Paris didn't know how long it would be until she found a place, but she had a lead to follow up on. She told them that if it went well, she'd be back to pick up her things. She hugged Steffy and Finn, thanking them for everything.

Alone with Finn, Steffy was bummed out but understood why Paris "had to leave." They agreed with what Paris had said about them as a couple. Finn hinted at wanting to go surfing, and Steffy guessed she should get back to work while the kids were asleep.

Finn went out through the patio in the kitchen. As Steffy retrieved files from her bag, Sheila appeared behind her by the patio door. "Hello, Steffy..." she said. Steffy tossed the files in the air as she whipped around. She asked what Sheila was doing there and ordered her to get out.

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