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Hope offered Finn support, and he hid Sheila's new text message from Steffy. As Zende and Paris grew closer, Thomas became intrigued by her. Ridge, Brooke, and Liam were shocked when Hope invited Deacon to her home. Sheila and Deacon learned they had a lot in common.
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Hope invited Deacon to her home, and Thomas took notice of Paris as she grew closer to Zende
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Sheila takes questionable advice from a new acquaintance

Sheila takes questionable advice from a new acquaintance

Monday, October 4, 2021

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila awaited a text message back from Finn. Keith returned, holding a sweater she'd left in the lobby. Sheila was suspicious about why the assistant manager would deliver it, and Keith replied that they needed her room. She reminded him that she was staying.

Keith asked if Sheila had texted her son. She said she had but with no response. Placing his hand on her shoulder, Keith said that was good for her. Sheila glanced at his hand, and he lowered it. She wondered if the text had been a mistake. Touching her wrist, he advised her to give it some time, and her son would text back eventually. Sheila wasn't in a rush and knew she'd be in her son and grandson's lives, one way or another.

Keith explained that his boss had booked Sheila's room for the next day. Sheila didn't care about that and uttered that she always got what she wanted. Close to her face, he replied that he could see that. He decided to talk to his boss again. He backed away and left the room.

Sheila looked at her phone and urged Finn to text her back. She said mama missed her boys. After a while, she texted that she loved Finn and just wanted a place in his heart.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Finn hugged. They agreed that his situation with Sheila was complicated. Finn felt that it was nice to have someone to talk to about it. Finn wasn't sure about texting Sheila back because Steffy didn't want him to have anything to do with Sheila.

Steffy and Liam arrived, laughing about the fun time they'd had with Kelly, whom they'd dropped off at a friend's house. Finn thought Kelly had earned a good time with her parents after Hayes had been taking up a lot of the attention from adults. Steffy thanked Hope for making the day easy. Hope said they were all family, and family always came first.

Finn, Steffy, Hope, and Liam discussed how much they loved the kids -- even if they had to hear the truck song over and over and over and over. Hope said there was nothing like the connection between a parent and a child. Steffy tended to agree with that -- under normal circumstances. Liam assumed Steffy meant "She-who-shall-not-be-named." Finn flashed an awkward expression.

Steffy thought it was wild that, out of all the birth mothers out there, Finn had gotten stuck with Sheila. "I mean, come on," Steffy said, and Finn awkwardly smiled it off. Steffy stated that Sheila had made it hard and was refusing to give up. Hope conveyed that a mother-and-child bond could be really strong. "With Sheila, it's obsessive," Steffy concluded.

Hope recalled feeling that Beth had been alive even after the doctor had said she hadn't been. Steffy got that, but she recognized Li as the mother who had an amazing connection to Finn. Steffy didn't know why she was talking about Sheila and hoped Sheila never returned to their lives.

Finn's phone whistled, and he silently checked it. Steffy decided that it was time to go. Liam excused himself to take a conference call in the other room, and Finn said he'd be right behind Steffy. Steffy left, and Hope asked Finn if he'd gotten another text from Sheila. He nodded and thanked Hope for not saying anything in front of Steffy. Hope wished Finn luck with everything.

At the mansion, Eric reasoned that it wasn't cheating if he'd permitted it. Ridge exclaimed that Carter had had his hands all over Eric's wife. Eric claimed he didn't want to be alone anymore. Ridge determined that Eric was doing that because he was afraid Quinn would leave him. Quinn replied she wasn't leaving. "You should leave him! That's what he needs!" Ridge bellowed.

Eric shouted that he'd had enough. Ridge affirmed that he, Brooke, Steffy, "the girls," and everyone else would be there, but Quinn needed to be gone. Ridge asked if she thought she was doing Eric some big favor by sleeping with Carter, and Ridge didn't even know how she or Carter could do it. Eric claimed that Carter was a good man and Ridge's best friend.

"He's not my friend at all. He's not who I thought he was," Ridge replied. Eric explained that he'd asked Carter to be there in a way Eric couldn't. Ridge said Carter could have refused. Eric and Quinn spoke at once, stating that Carter and Quinn had declined it. She said they'd fought it. Eric added that he'd pushed it, but Ridge loathed everything he heard. He demanded that Quinn get out of that house -- that very day. Eric refused to let Ridge dictate to him.

Quinn asked Ridge why he was making Eric's difficult time worse. Ridge told her to take responsibility for her actions for once. He insisted she could have declined the offer and supported her husband. Quinn screamed that Eric wouldn't let her, and Eric had pushed her and Carter together. Eric said she hadn't done anything he hadn't asked her to do.

Ridge didn't know how Eric could defend Quinn. "She's having sex with another man!" Ridge yelled. Ridge wanted Quinn to prove she loved Eric by taking that ugly portrait, "and whatever you got," and get out the door. The whole situation was sick and perverted to Ridge. Quinn asked if shaming Eric was helping. Ridge offered to move in or move Eric to Brooke's house.

Eric affirmed that he'd be in his house, and Quinn would be there with him. Ridge said he was Eric's son and wouldn't walk away from the fiasco. Eric yelled that he wanted Ridge to go home. Ridge strode out the door. Quinn watched as Eric gazed worriedly at the portrait.

At Forrester, Katie and Brooke continued to discuss Eric's fragile state. Katie got that sex was a big part of intimacy, "but to give Quinn a hall pass?" Brooke didn't even know how Quinn could agree to it. Katie believed Quinn had jumped at the chance.

Katie said Quinn claimed to love Eric but was in Carter's bed -- again. Brooke didn't believe Quinn would have agreed to such a shocking offer if she loved Eric. Katie added that it was wrong, even if Eric had approved it, and Quinn was disrespecting Eric on a very deep level.

Katie said Quinn didn't have a heart, and Brooke doubted Quinn had been born with one. Katie thought Eric was just doing what he had to do to keep Quinn around. Brooke thought Quinn brought him down and took away his pride and dignity. Katie asserted that it wasn't fair of Quinn to string Eric along, and if Quinn wanted Carter, she should go to him and set Eric free.

Katie wished Eric could see himself the way they saw him. Brooke recalled how handsome and sweet he was, and it was why she'd married him. Katie had been with him a lot, and there was an emptiness that hadn't been there before. Katie believed he was driven by the fear of loneliness. The house had always been filled with people and events, and he probably wondered what he'd have left if he lost Quinn.

Katie wished there was more they could do. Brooke did, too, but was sure Eric was grateful for the support. Katie felt that Eric had experienced great heartbreak in his life and shouldn't be alone. Brooke agreed and added that he also shouldn't commit to a loveless life with Quinn.

Thomas and Paris clear the air about Zoe

Thomas and Paris clear the air about Zoe

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

In the design office, Paris arrived at Zende's behest. She noticed a design he was working on and was flattered to be the first to see it. As she complimented the design, he studied her intently. He said that he saw her lips moving, but all he wanted to do was to kiss her.

Zende kissed Paris, and she asked if there was a company policy about kissing in the office. He joked that it was okay to kiss him. Zende complimented Paris on the work she'd been doing for Forrester. He thought that everyone was impressed by her, but no one more than he.

In the CEO's office, Thomas and Hope reviewed one of his newest designs. Steffy entered and suspected that Thomas was trying to score brownie points with Hope. Handing over the design, Hope said it was working. The design was great, and Hope couldn't wait to see it on the runway.

Hope was grateful for the hard work Thomas was putting into her line. Steffy was sure that Thomas was very committed to Hope and her success.

Thomas asked about his niece and nephew. Steffy noted that he hadn't been out to see the kids. All work and no play made for a boring Thomas, in her view. Steffy thought he needed a healthy social life. He claimed his social life was just fine. Steffy wanted to know if Thomas was seeing anyone, and Hope decided that she wanted to know, too.

Zende and Paris arrived, and Thomas was anxious to change the subject to what was going on with them. They conveyed that Paris had called his newest design divine, and Zende credited her for being the inspiration for it. Zende bragged about Paris' creative input.

Steffy wished she could clone Paris. That way, Paris could work in all the departments and hang out with Steffy at home. Thomas stated that it was good that Steffy liked Paris. Paris had enjoyed her time at the Malibu house with Steffy's family but said it had been time to move on.

Thomas decided that he wanted some of Paris' input on his designs, and he asked Zende and Paris to follow him to the design office. Alone with Steffy, Hope stated that Paris had been a wonderful addition. Steffy responded that Zende was probably Paris' biggest fan.

Steffy figured that Thomas and Hope spent a lot of time together. Hope affirmed it, and Steffy wondered if Hope had picked up on anything or knew if Thomas had a woman he was interested in. Hope was surprised that Steffy was asking her and reminded Steffy that Hope was also trying to get the information out of Thomas.

Steffy asked if Hope really knew and was just covering. Hope offered to swear on a stack of fashion magazines that she didn't know. Steffy believed Hope. Steffy wanted Thomas to find someone and move on. Hope guessed Steffy was worried that Thomas would fall into old patterns.

It was partly that for Steffy, but also, she wanted Thomas to find someone. He was sweet and sort of handsome in her view, and he could be charming. Hope didn't disagree and felt it was only a matter of time before Thomas caught the eye of a lucky lady.

Back in the design office, Thomas laid out some designs. He was happy with one but not sure how to tweak the other. Paris suggested that Thomas raise the hemline and add a contrasting jacket. She loved the amorphous feel of the dress. Thomas smiled, thinking that it would work. Zende stated that Paris approached fashion from a different perspective. Agreeing, Thomas said Paris brought a special passion to all that she did, and Forrester was lucky to have her.

Zende left for a meeting, and Thomas decided that he and Paris should clear the air about Zoe. He admitted that he hadn't treated Zoe the way she should have been treated. He was sorry he'd hurt her and said he'd cared about her. Paris assumed he'd just cared about Hope more.

Thomas revealed that he'd loved Hope and wanted a family with her, but he hadn't been able to stand that she'd wanted that with Liam. Zoe had paid the price for it, but she'd been able to move on. Thomas would always regret what he'd done to Zoe, and he hoped Paris would believe it.

Paris believed it. She said her sister hadn't been a saint, either. Zoe had turned her life around, and it seemed that Thomas had, too. Paris had seen him with his son, and it was beautiful. Thomas said that his son was the most important person in his life. Paris had a feeling about Thomas, and he asked what her instincts said about him.

Thomas decided that Paris didn't have to answer if she didn't want to, but he did want her to. He promised to be an adult about her answer. Paris replied that he wasn't all that bad. He joked that it had been a huge vote of confidence. He could see what Zende saw in her and why his sister and Finn hadn't wanted to let her go.

Paris thought it was enough talk about her. She wanted to talk about Thomas. She figured it had been hard for him to let go of Hope and the dreams of the family he'd wanted with her. Thomas admitted that it had been hard, but work had kept him focused and occupied. Paris understood the struggle to control feelings and emotions.

Focusing back on his design, Paris gave Thomas some more suggestions. He joked that she'd take his place on the line. He looked forward to working with her. She kept him on his toes, and he liked the idea of getting to know her better.

Paris takes Zende on a date to Dodger Stadium

Paris takes Zende on a date to Dodger Stadium

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

In the design office, Paris told Thomas she had thought she'd be lonely when Zoe had left, but Paris was surrounded by an amazing team at work. Thomas respected what Paris had done for the foundation and her input with HFTF. Paris said Thomas and Zende's job was cool. Thomas was grateful for the emotional feedback Paris gave him on his designs. He said she had a special talent and a creative spirit. He was intrigued and looked forward to getting to know more.

Zende arrived and asked if Thomas had finished with his designs. Thomas said Paris had helped transform them into something amazing. She claimed to have only given out a suggestion or two. Thomas told her that she had an eye for it. Paris didn't think it was hard to see something in the gorgeous, groundbreaking work, but Zende stated that she could still somehow see something that would make them just a little bit better.

Zende noted that Paris was full of surprises, and Paris replied that she had a surprise they had to get to right then. He asked what was going on, and she revealed that they were going to a Dodgers game. Zende exclaimed joyously, and Thomas flashed an expression of excitement, too. Paris had another surprise for Zende, but he'd find out about that later.

Zende asked if he'd already said he had an awesome girlfriend. Thomas said he'd be checking out the game and might see them on television. Paris agreed that he might, and they left.

At the stadium later, Zende and Paris walked through the tunnels in their sports gear. He didn't know how she'd pulled it off. She said he hadn't seen anything yet. He wanted to get a hot dog and sit down before the national anthem, but she promised he wouldn't miss a thing.

Just then, Deter approached and greeted Paris. Paris introduced him to Zende, and Deter asked if she was ready. Zende asked what was going on. Deter assumed that Zende didn't know and told him that he was in for a real treat.

Paris walked away with Deter, and Zende was floored when he heard the announcer say that Paris Buckingham, a leader in the philanthropic community and a member of the fashion world, would sing the national anthem.

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Hope talked about Thomas' designs and desire for perfection in the HFTF line. Steffy remarked that her brother was up half the night designing for Hope. Hope understood that Steffy was worried Thomas still had feelings for Hope and wanted him to move on with someone else. Hope stated that she wanted the same thing, too.

Steffy stated that Thomas could have a date every night if he just looked up from his sketchpad. Hope asked if Steffy had talked to him about it, and Steffy wondered if teasing counted. Steffy wanted her brother to know that she trusted him and wanted him to be happy. Hope knew why Steffy was concerned and assured her that nothing was going on.

Liam arrived. He'd finished a meeting early and wanted to pick Hope up. He asked what was going on, and Steffy revealed that they were talking about Thomas. Hope wanted Thomas to find someone but didn't think it was a big deal if he hadn't yet. Liam didn't think Thomas was fixated on Hope anymore. Steffy wanted Thomas to get out more and be happy and content.

Thomas entered and was surprised to see Liam. Liam said he was trying to get Hope to leave early. Thomas offered to watch the kids if they had a date night planned. Steffy interjected that they could return the favor whenever Thomas had a date. Thomas flashed Steffy a look and wondered why he felt like he'd walked in on something.

Liam and Hope left, and Steffy asked how things had gone with Paris. Thomas stated that Paris had been helpful. Steffy was interested in hearing the input directly from Paris, but Thomas said she'd taken Zende to a Dodgers game. "Zende is a lucky guy," Thomas added.

Later, Steffy noted that Paris had really gotten Thomas' attention. Thomas remarked that he thought as a designer, but Paris saw what the design said about the woman wearing it. It was a perspective he believed would benefit HFTF. Thomas thought Zende was right about Paris being full of surprises. Steffy asked what kind of surprises.

Thomas flashed back to Zende and Paris talking about the Dodgers' game. Thomas told Steffy about it. Chuckling, he said he might be jealous. He figured Steffy knew what the Dodgers meant to him, and it was an important game. Thomas turned on the TV and pulled up the game just in time to see Paris on the screen, singing the national anthem.

Steffy's eyes moved from the screen to her brother, and she silently noted how mesmerized he was by the performance. Once it was over, Thomas asked if Steffy had known Paris could sing like that. Steffy had known about lullabies, but nothing like that. Thomas thought the song had been beautiful, and Paris had sung with such confidence and emotion. Steffy said that Paris was beautiful inside and out, and Thomas agreed. Thomas had never met anyone like Paris.

At home later, Liam asked Hope to listen to the silence. The kids wouldn't be back until after dinner, and Liam had helped the kids organize their rooms that morning. Hope suspected that Liam had planned "this" rendezvous. She asked what had happened to his meeting. Liam claimed she'd have the house to herself that night, and she could relax or go down a social media rabbit hole. He even offered to leave and give her "me time." Hope kissed him and pulled him toward the sofa, telling him not to dare.

After Hope and Liam had made love in the living room, Hope announced that it was half days for her from there on out. Liam guessed they had to steal those moments whenever they could. "Or make more time for them," she reasoned. It was important, and Hope needed to show how much she loved her handsome, sexy husband. Liam thought the list of his qualities would be longer, but she giggled, saying they didn't have time for that.

Liam recalled that when he and Hope had been apart, he'd been awake at night, trying to remember every detail he loved about Hope, from her laugh to the way she'd touch his hand in the car. He'd promised himself to never take those things for granted, and he never would.

Hope's family members are shocked by her secret

Hope's family members are shocked by her secret

Thursday, October 7, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Liam wanted more alone time with Hope, but she'd called Ridge and Brooke to the cabin. Hope was nervous about something, but before Liam could find out what it was, Brooke and Ridge arrived, wondering what Hope wanted to see them about.

Before Hope could explain, someone knocked on the door. Hope asked everyone to keep an open mind. She opened the front door, and in walked Deacon Sharpe. "Daddy's home," he said.

Brooke, Ridge, and Liam got upset. Deacon was supposed to be in prison. Liam asked if Deacon had broken out and expected Hope to hide him. Deacon guessed that Hope hadn't prepared them yet. Liam decided to call the police, but Deacon said the police wouldn't care. Deacon had been released due to overcrowding and to make room for real criminals.

Brooke couldn't believe Deacon was out already. Deacon said it had been a lifetime from his perspective. The only good part about his time in prison had been that he'd taken a look at himself. He'd changed. He declared that he was even reformed. "Here we go again," Brooke murmured, and Ridge asked how much it would cost to get Deacon out of there.

Hope said Deacon wasn't there for money. Brooke stated that Hope couldn't trust that man, and he'd always take the low road. Brooke was with Ridge on it and asked how much it would take to get rid of Deacon. Hope said Deacon hadn't just shown up there. She'd invited him.

Brooke and Ridge tried to talk Hope out of trusting Deacon. Liam agreed with them, but Deacon insisted that he wasn't that guy anymore. Brooke told Hope not to be fooled, especially if he started drinking again. Deacon insisted that he'd changed. It had been because he'd wanted to change, and that had made all the difference. He asked for a chance to change their minds.

Liam believed that Hope was setting herself up for disappointment, and Brooke didn't know why Hope wanted Deacon there, anyway. Hope said she wasn't entirely forgiving his past, and she understood where they were coming from. Brooke wanted Hope to send him away, but Hope stated that she couldn't do that. Brooke asked why. "Because he's my father," Hope replied.

Brooke accused Deacon of reaching out to Hope while he'd been in prison and working her. It wasn't true, according to Deacon, but Brooke went on with her suspicions about how Deacon had conned Hope. Liam and Ridge thought it sounded right, and Ridge vowed to protect Hope.

Deacon said Hope didn't need protection, but Ridge insisted that she did. Hope stated that the accusations against her dad weren't true, and she'd been the one to reach out to him. Hope had been writing to Deacon while he'd been in prison.

Deacon showed Ridge, Brooke, and Liam a stack of letters, and Liam asked how long Hope had been secretly corresponding with Deacon. Hope had hated to keep it from them all, but she'd done it the entire time Deacon had been in prison. For Deacon, the letters had been a lifeline and had given him the ability to make it through the days. They'd given him purpose and the desire to be worthy of Hope's care and concern. He said Hope was her name, and that was what she'd given him.

Ridge quipped that Deacon was good, and the Hope name thing had been Ridge's favorite line. Ridge asked Hope if she knew Deacon was playing her. Liam stated that Deacon couldn't show up and start brainwashing his wife, and Brooke declared that Deacon would never be a part of Hope's life. "Tell him, honey. Tell him!" Brooke yelled.

At Forrester, Thomas showed Steffy some changes to his design, all suggestions of Paris. Steffy was impressed with Paris' input around there, and Thomas added that Paris could sing, too.

Zende and Paris arrived, and Steffy asked how the game had been. Zende exclaimed that they'd had an incredible experience, and Paris was a rock star. Steffy revealed that they'd seen the game, and Paris had been incredible. Thomas asked if there was anything Paris couldn't do.

Zende noticed that Paris had been good at keeping the event a secret, and he asked if she was an actress, too. Steffy responded that she and Thomas had just been talking about how lucky Forrester was to have Paris. Zende felt that no one was luckier than he, and he kissed Paris.

Later, Zende was alone with Steffy. He was amazed that Paris had gotten to a point where she was giving design advice. She was across the hall with Thomas at that moment, and he was listening to her feedback. Steffy said they all respected Paris' opinions, and her insight was valuable. Zende said each time her suggestions were incorporated, Paris lit up inside.

Steffy noted that Zende lit up, too. Zende grinned, saying he had his dream job and his dream woman. Steffy guessed he'd fallen for Paris. He admitted that he'd been nervous about it at first because he'd been single and free. Steffy replied that those things were overrated. Zende wasn't knocking the single life, but "this" was better. Paris made everything better.

Steffy was happy for Zende, and she felt the family approved. Zende said the Forresters knew class and grace when they saw it. Steffy figured that Zende had been proud to watch Paris sing out there. He replied that he'd been floored, and he was optimistic about the future.

In the design office, Thomas was impressed by Paris' performance at the stadium. He asked if she'd always been that talented. She explained that she'd sung in the choir. She and her friends had wanted to be the next Destiny's Child. Thomas asked how it felt to sing with passion, emotion, and depth. Paris said it was like opening her soul and letting it ride on a melody.

Paris was thankful to the Forresters and grateful that a designer like Thomas was taking her suggestions. He said her ideas were fresh with an attitude that he loved, and he wouldn't take them if they weren't good. He suggested that she sing at the launch of the new collection.

Paris replied that she was there for what they needed. Waving a design around, she said she couldn't "wait to see this on the runway." She dropped the sketch, and she and Thomas both knelt on the floor to retrieve it. Their eyes met, and they each seemed affected as they stood up.

Sheila and Deacon are surprised by what they have in common

Sheila and Deacon are surprised by what they have in common

Friday, October 8, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn cleaned up and set up a romantic evening. When Steffy arrived, he claimed it was "Steffy Forrester Appreciation Day." The kids were down, and Steffy was glad to be alone with her husband. Steffy and Finn kissed but groaned when Hayes began crying.

Finn put Hayes back to sleep and returned to the living room. Steffy was still in awe of the evening. She felt that she and Finn were good at the marriage and children thing. They'd had bumps in the road, like Sheila, but Steffy was sure Sheila had gotten the message that she couldn't be a part of their family.

Later, Hayes was up again and in the living room with his parents. Steffy and Finn talked about how rewarding it was to be a parent. Steffy said Hayes was helpless and sweet. It put her into mama bear mode. Finn felt the same way. Steffy hoped that was why Finn understood that they couldn't have any communication with Sheila whatsoever. Finn recalled the text message he'd gotten from Sheila that week.

In Brooke's cabin, Deacon claimed he'd done his time and had gotten out of prison for good behavior. Liam asked why Hope had never mentioned anything. Hope said it was because of "this." Ridge claimed to be protecting Hope, but she said Deacon was still her father. Deacon stated that Hope had invited him, and he'd wanted to be there.

Brooke asserted that Deacon wouldn't be there, and she urged Hope to tell him that he wouldn't be in her life. Deacon said Hope was a grown woman and entitled to make her own decisions. Brooke replied that Hope didn't want Deacon around. Ridge stated that no one did. Liam decided that it was a lot to process, but in the meantime, Deacon needed to leave.

Ridge wanted Deacon gone before the kids got home. Deacon said he wanted to see his granddaughter. That was where Liam drew the line. Hope was sorry she'd blindsided everyone, and she hadn't meant to ambush her dad, either. Brooke said no one was blaming Hope for wanting to get to know her father, but Hope couldn't make herself vulnerable to Deacon.

Ridge noted that Deacon hadn't been there or raised Hope. Deacon wished he'd been there more. He'd tried but not hard enough. He wasn't there to make excuses. He was there to see Hope all grown up. She was a mother and wife with her own clothing line. He was proud of her.

Deacon loved Hope too much to cause her pain. He decided he'd take off. He wanted Hope to know that he loved her, and no one could take their bond from each other. Ridge commended Deacon on his speech and asked if he'd rehearsed it on the bus. Brooke told Deacon to just leave. "That's something you're good at," Brooke said, and Deacon exited.

Brooke asked Hope what she'd been thinking, and Liam asked if Hope had thought it was safe to have Deacon in their home. Hope couldn't believe they were trying to talk her out of it. Ridge understood Hope's feelings but said she didn't need Deacon in her life. Liam stated that he hadn't known that Hope had been interested in pursuing a relationship with her father.

Hope wasn't sure she wanted to, but she'd felt compelled to do it once she'd had her own children. She wasn't trying to excuse Deacon's past. Brooke insisted that Hope couldn't count on Deacon. Hope asked if anyone trusted her judgment. Liam said that Deacon had only ever failed Hope, and Liam asked why her family would let Deacon do it again.

Hope said she hadn't told anyone anything because she'd wanted to look into the possibilities on her own. She felt as if her family was acting like she didn't already know her father and hadn't already heard about Deacon's selfish, reckless, and dishonest past. None of it made Deacon irredeemable. Brooke said the only good thing Deacon had done had been to help create Hope.

"But, hey, you tried," Liam told Hope. She said it wasn't that easy for her to give up on Deacon. Brooke insisted that Hope had to and asked if Hope really wanted Deacon causing chaos. Hope stated that nothing Deacon had done in the past changed the fact that he was her father.

At the bar at Il Giardino, Deacon ordered a soda and lime. He thought about it and decided to add tequila to the drink. Sheila sat beside him and ordered a martini. They recognized each other, and Sheila said she'd thought they'd locked him up and thrown away the key. He had thought they'd carted her away in a straitjacket.

Sheila recalled when Deacon had almost gotten her thrown in prison. Deacon asked her not to hold a grudge. She said the Forresters had thought she'd been shooting at Quinn, but it had been another one of his crazy schemes. He called himself a Boy Scout compared to Sheila.

Sheila wondered if someone would show up and drag Deacon back to jail. He informed her that he'd been released, and she asked why he was in a lousy mood. He revealed that he'd gone to see his daughter. He wanted a relationship with her, but Brooke, Ridge, and Liam said it wasn't in the cards. Sheila guessed she and Deacon had a lot more in common than they'd thought.

Deacon conveyed that he couldn't see his daughter, and Sheila said she couldn't see her son. "What did you do? Adopt a turtle?" he quipped. She revealed that she'd given birth to a son a long time back, and he'd married Steffy Forrester. Sheila was forbidden from seeing him.

Deacon couldn't blame "them." Sheila couldn't blame Brooke and Ridge for not letting Deacon around, either. Sheila and Deacon griped about the privileged Forresters, who'd had more scandals than everyone in that restaurant combined. Sheila asked if she and Deacon had really been that bad. She told him not to answer, and he said he hadn't planned to.

Sheila proposed that she and Deacon work together to get what they wanted. Deacon noted that a chill had gone up his spine at the suggestion. "What spine?" she asked. Sheila and Deacon were determined to have relationships with their children. Sheila declared that Deacon would be with Hope, and Sheila would be with Finn and her grandson. She chuckled, saying that the Forresters didn't stand a chance with the two of them together. Deacon looked at her as if she was crazy.

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