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The cash-strapped Deacon had no other option but to stay with Sheila. Paris sublet Thomas' apartment, but Thomas became her roommate when his house deal fell through. Eric asked Quinn to end it with Carter, and Carter asked her to run away with him.
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Eric asked Quinn to end things with Carter, and Carter asked Quinn to run away with him
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Sheila plies Deacon with drinks to woo him to her team Sheila plies Deacon with drinks to woo him to her team

Monday, October 11, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Ridge had gone, but Brooke and Liam were still trying to reason with Hope about Deacon, who'd shown up as if he had a right to be there. Hope replied that she'd invited him there after he'd gotten out of prison. Liam and Brooke guessed that Hope wanted to believe Deacon had changed, but they reminded Hope that Deacon had hurt her over and over again.

Liam brought up Deacon's role in "effectively ruining" the Italy wedding, but Hope said Bill had used Deacon. Brooke insisted that Deacon had proven himself untrustworthy. Having no illusions about her father, Hope reasoned that Deacon's time locked away from everyone had changed him, but Brooke thought that Deacon was the same old manipulator and con man.

Defending her decision, Hope asserted that it hadn't been impulsive, and she was entitled to want a relationship with her father. Brooke said it was about Beth, too. Deacon had wanted to see Beth. Brooke thanked God that Donna had the kids but asked what would happen the next time. Liam said Deacon wasn't a good influence. Brooke asked if Hope knew that Deacon couldn't be in Beth's life. "You know that, don't you?" Brooke asked.

Liam claimed that he didn't know much about Deacon because "most of it" had happened before he and Hope had met; however, it had freaked Liam out that Hope had been secretly corresponding with Deacon. Brooke asserted that Deacon and Sheila were dangerous. They each needed to be kept away from their families at all costs.

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived. Steffy said he had to settle for her because Finn was at the hospital, and the kids were asleep. She remarked upon how happy life was -- besides Sheila, and Ridge replied that Sheila wasn't the only unwanted guest to show up out of nowhere.

Ridge didn't even know where to start. He knew Hope had a great propensity for forgiveness, but he asked how she could allow someone like that in her home. Steffy asked who. "Her father," Ridge replied, and Steffy exclaimed Deacon's name.

Later, Steffy listened as Ridge repeated Deacon's claim that Hope's letters had supposedly changed Deacon's life. Steffy scoffed, but Ridge quipped, "Fathers and daughters, right?"

Steffy replied that Deacon was toxic. It sounded to her like the same kind of thing was happening with Hope as had happened with Finn regarding Sheila. Steffy hoped that Hope could reach the same conclusion as Finn had because Deacon had no place in Hope or Beth's life, just like Sheila had no place in Finn or Hayes's.

At the bar at Il Giardino, Sheila and Deacon slammed back shots, and he asked a nearby woman to go to Acapulco with him for the weekend. The woman cringed and walked off. Sheila laughed, but he believed he'd get his mojo back.

Sheila felt that Deacon wasn't focusing on what was important, but he insisted that he was. She clarified that she was talking about their children. Her mantra was "where there's a will, there's a way." She needed to know that he felt the same way about it.

Deacon didn't want any part of Sheila's schemes. He tried to leave, but Sheila pulled him back down into his seat. She ordered more shots. Deacon frowned, and she said it wasn't like he had anywhere to go. Sheila was sure Brooke had her place surrounded by guard dogs, but Sheila felt that all of that could change if Deacon would just hear Sheila out.

Deacon continued to flirt with the women around him, without success. Sheila laughed at him, and he accused her of cramping his style. Sheila ordered another drink for her "friend," but he said he wasn't her friend. She had a feeling it would end up that way sooner or later.

Deacon told Sheila that she was off her rocker. She asked if it was because she wanted to spend time with her son Finn. "As in Huckleberry?" Deacon asked.

Sheila explained that it was short for Finnegan, and the Finnegans had given Finn a stable home. Deacon replied that she "damn sure" couldn't have done that. She agreed that she wouldn't have been a good influence on him. It had been why she'd stayed away. "Until you found out that old Finny boy was getting hitched to a Forrester!" Deacon concluded.

Trying not to laugh, Sheila asked if Deacon was insinuating that she'd manipulate a situation. Deacon stated that he was saying it flat out; she was the Grand Poobah of manipulations. Sheila claimed it wasn't like that, and Finn was a good man. When she mentioned Hayes, Deacon recalled that name had belonged to Taylor, whom Sheila had pumped bullets into.

"Why does everyone have to bring that up?" Sheila asked. Deacon recalled how desperately Sheila had wanted to be in the Forrester clan. He said she'd finally done it, and that poor innocent baby was half Forrester and half her. Sheila smiled and chuckled. Deacon decided to drink to that, and he told her that it had been nice work.

Deacon went back to flirting with bar patrons, and Sheila refocused him on what was important. He quipped that it was what was important to her, and he didn't have time to listen to her drone on about the Forresters. Sheila reminded him that he'd been doing that himself because they wouldn't let him near his daughter.

Sheila stated that they'd each be seeing their children if the Forresters weren't preventing it. Deacon felt that he couldn't associate with a "Sheila-devil" like her if he wanted a relationship with Hope. Sheila didn't think that hanging out with an ex-con, has-been drunken liar boosted her reputation. He claimed to be a saint next to her.

Sheila decided that it was bad enough to have the Forresters on them; they shouldn't snipe at each other. She affirmed that Steffy was the problem. Deacon felt that Liam, Brooke, and Ridge had triple-teamed Deacon, and it was wrong because Hope had reached out to Deacon first.

Sheila began to suggest working together, but Deacon said that was nuts. He started to leave, but she said she was desperate. She doubted that they could do it alone, but together, they could do anything. "Anything," she repeated.

Sheila figures out that Deacon is homeless Sheila figures out that Deacon is homeless

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy was happy when Finn arrived home from work. He said he'd set a record, racing through sick people to get home. Ridge had sent Finn a message that he'd missed seeing Finn at the house. She conveyed that Ridge had had some gossip, and Sheila wasn't the only unwanted visitor to return to "our" lives. Hope's father was out of prison.

Steffy stated that having Deacon as a father could have messed Hope up, but thankfully, Ridge had taken on the father figure role. Hope's situation was different from Finn's in that Hope had known that the despised and awful Deacon had been her father. Finn wondered how Hope felt.

Later, Finn was in the living room after a shower. He'd been thinking of Hope and said he could relate. Steffy explained that Finn hadn't known Sheila would show up, but Hope had been expecting Deacon and had written letters to him in prison.

Finn understood it and said Deacon was still Hope's father. Steffy replied that Deacon wasn't owed a place in Hope's life and had lost the privilege a long time back. Steffy believed that it wasn't about Hope. It was about the kids. Therefore, Hope needed to set boundaries and keep Deacon away, just like Steffy had done with Sheila. Finn looked conflicted.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Hope talked about their sleeping kids. Hope loved the life they'd created. Liam did, too, and felt they needed to protect it. Hope assumed that was Liam's way of bringing up Deacon. Liam figured she knew it would come back up. He felt it was his job to protect their family. Liam believed that all Deacon did was hurt people over and over again.

Hope asserted that she wouldn't let Deacon take advantage of her. Liam said that Hope wouldn't know if Deacon had a hidden agenda. She reasoned that Deacon might honestly want to be a father and grandfather. She asked why they had to assume the worst of Deacon.

Liam thought it was okay to say a person had run out of chances. He reminded her that her father had abandoned her. Deacon had blackmailed and kidnapped people, and he'd gotten out of prison after serving a sentence for trying to shoot someone. Liam asked if Hope understood why Deacon shouldn't be a part of their lives.

Hope appreciated Liam's worry but assured him that her eyes were open. Liam told her that if they wanted the best for their family, Deacon had to go, and that was just how it had to be.

At Il Giardino, Deacon assumed Sheila was trying to hit on him. She didn't think he sounded interested. Although he admitted she was attractive for a psychopath, he'd been down that road before and didn't want to get thrown over another cliff. Sheila quipped that he was shattering her dreams. He reminded her that she'd been the one to say she needed him. She said she did need him -- almost as much as he needed her.

The drunken Deacon had no plans of going back to prison, and he didn't want to hear about anything that wasn't on the up and up. After all, Sheila did have a reputation. Sheila claimed that the Forresters had maliciously vilified her over the years, but Deacon replied that he was the Forresters' preferred target. "They really can hold a grudge, can't they?" he asked.

Deacon couldn't even remember the last bad thing he'd done to the Forresters, but they were running around with their hair on fire because he wanted a relationship with his daughter. Sheila felt the same way. She said she'd apologized for her mistakes, and it was ridiculous.

Sheila wouldn't let the Forresters tell her who she could have a relationship with. She felt that she and Deacon deserved to be in their children's lives. Deacon said that deserving it didn't mean they'd get it. Sheila thought she and Deacon needed to team up to go after those horrible people. She asked him to imagine what they could accomplish.

Deacon wanted a relationship with his daughter but felt that aligning himself with Sheila wasn't the way to get it. He'd heard the stories about her. Sheila had heard the stories about him, too, and realized that she might be making a deal with the devil. She said that, whether they liked it or not, they needed each other.

Deacon's head was spinning, and it was time for him to go. He opened his wallet, and she swore she saw moths flying out of it. He wondered if they'd let him wash dishes or something. Sheila took the bill and said she'd call him a car to get home. "Home?" he asked. Sheila gleaned that he had nowhere to go. "Well, you do now. You can come stay with me," she said.

Deacon said the only thing that had kept him going in prison was having a role in Hope's life, but there he was in a bar, drinking with Sheila Carter. Sheila asked if he'd thought the Forresters would embrace him. Deacon didn't know what he'd thought.

Deacon whipped out his phone and called Hope. Hope was alone when she answered the call, but when Liam entered the room, Hope said she had to go and clicked off the line.

Sheila said she'd gotten the same reaction from Finn, but it wasn't what Finn or Hope wanted. Ridge, Brooke, and Steffy were influencing Hope and Finn. Deacon asked who the Forresters were to judge. He stated that he'd changed, and he couldn't associate with the Forresters' enemies.

Sheila asked if Deacon would sleep on the beach. She said she had room, money, and plenty of booze. She had everything a man out of prison could desire. Deacon replied that it came at a price.

Sheila said she and Deacon had a right to know their children and grandchildren. Doing it on their own was impossible, but they could do it together. Deacon murmured that he knew he'd regret teaming up with her. Sheila said he wouldn't regret being in his daughter's life. She promised that if he did what she said, they'd get their kids back. Steffy and the Forresters wouldn't know what had hit them.

Sheila becomes enraged by Deacon's "defeatist attitude" Sheila becomes enraged by Deacon's "defeatist attitude"

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sheila loudly banged a spoon against a coffee mug to wake up Deacon. She chuckled as she remarked that she thought a man like Deacon would be able to hold his liquor better. Deacon regretted going back to Sheila's hotel room and grumbled that partnering with Sheila was a "recipe for disaster."

In an office at Forrester, Thomas and Zende shared their differing opinions over a neckline on one of Zende's sketches. When they asked Hope to be the tie-breaking vote, Hope seemed distant. She eventually roused herself from her thoughts and told the two men that her father had been released from prison.

Hope stepped out of the office, allowing Zende and Thomas to chat about Deacon's return. Thomas shared that Hope had an "ability to see the good in people, no matter who they are." Zende thought the statement was a dig against Liam, but Thomas quickly explained that he was referring to himself.

Paris popped into the office and apologized for interrupting. Thomas stared at the ground as Paris greeted Zende with a kiss. She wanted to talk to Hope, but when she realized Hope wasn't there, Paris decided to ask who the "Deacon" was that the men were discussing. Thomas called it a "long, ugly story," with Zende revealing that Deacon was Hope's dad.

Thomas celebrated when he received a message informing him that his offer on a home had been accepted by the sellers. Thomas then offered his apartment rent-free to Paris, though she insisted that she would pay him.

In Eric's office, Hope wrapped up a phone call just as Deacon slipped into the office. Hope told Deacon that he couldn't be at Forrester. Deacon nodded understandingly and swore to his daughter that he was "different now." Hope asked Deacon why she should believe that he had changed. Deacon admitted having a lot of regrets, regrets that he'd thought about while he'd sat in a prison cell. He'd promised himself then that he would "do whatever it takes" to be a part of Hope's life.

Deacon conceded that most -- if not all -- of what people were telling her about him was true. Still, he believed he could be a "terrific father" if given the chance to prove it. Hope threw her hands in the air and admitted that she did not know what to believe. She suggested that she and her dad meet for coffee or a meal first.

Liam entered the office and exploded upon seeing Deacon. Liam ordered Deacon out. Deacon said that he did not want to fight and agreed to leave. Before he did, though, he told Hope that she had grown into a "beautiful, exceptional" woman and that he loved her very much.

After Deacon left, Liam remained furious that Deacon had somehow gotten into Forrester. He apologized for being "overbearing," but worried that Deacon would hurt Hope again. Hope asked Liam if he had considered that he could be wrong -- and that Deacon really could have changed. "Is it that crazy to think that he loves me enough to change?" Hope snapped.

Later, alone in the office, Hope reflected on Deacon's visit.

Thomas showed his apartment to Paris and spoke of some of the neighborhood eateries that he enjoyed. He offered to have the management company send Paris the sublet paperwork if she didn't mind that the apartment wasn't right on the beach like Steffy's house. Calling herself a city girl, Paris thanked Thomas with a hug.

Thomas and Paris stepped out to unload some of Paris' things from her car. While Thomas lugged some of the larger items, Paris e-signed the sublet agreement. She offered to take Thomas to one of the eateries he had mentioned. Before they could leave, Thomas received a call from his real estate agent informing him that the seller had backed out of the sale.

A dejected Deacon returned to Sheila's hotel room. "I know what it's like to be rejected by your child," Sheila said softly. Deacon argued that he had not been rejected. He grumbled that he had to fight Liam Spencer and the Forresters. Sheila growled that she knew what it was like to have to face the Forresters. Deacon wondered if it was time for him and Sheila to admit defeat and move on with their lives.

"You need to stop and realize what you can't control," Deacon urged. Sheila looked at Deacon menacingly. She was perplexed by Deacon's take on their situations and his apparently willingness to walk away. She growled that she hated a "defeatist attitude" more than anything. "When there's blood between a mother and a son, and a father and a daughter -- you don't give up," Sheila said angrily, insisting, "That blood bond is something that cannot be broken."

Sheila stated that she thought she and Deacon could form a united front to make for stronger combatants against the Forresters, but she told him that he was free to crawl back into the bottle he'd come from if that was what he truly wanted. Sheila became more enraged as she declared, "I always get what I want."

Paris and Thomas reach a compromise about their living arrangements Paris and Thomas reach a compromise about their living arrangements

Thursday, October 14, 2021

In the CEO's office, Ridge arrived, and Quinn tried to leave. He wanted to talk, but he didn't want any more sordid details about her marriage. Quinn stated that it had been Eric's idea. Ridge felt that Carter and Quinn hadn't had to go along with it. Instead, she should have refused it and seen the offer for what it had been. "A test. A test to see that if things got really bad, you'd be there for him," he concluded. Quinn hadn't been there for Eric and had failed.

Quinn claimed to love Eric. Ridge figured that she also had feelings for Carter. She didn't deny it. Ridge asked if Quinn had no shame. She wondered if it was better to say she didn't have feelings for Carter. She claimed she and Eric were secure in their marriage. Ridge stated that it was a marriage in which she did as she pleased and called sex with Carter a sacrifice as Eric sat home, waiting for her to show up.

Quinn claimed her connection with Eric was as deep and meaningful as Ridge and Brooke's. Ridge told Quinn to be careful. She claimed that she wasn't the one making Eric feel bad about himself. Grabbing her purse, she left to go home to her husband.

Later, Ridge arrived on Carter's doorstep. "Were you expecting your girlfriend? Oh, sorry, that's rude. Were you expecting my father's wife?" Ridge asked, entering the loft. Carter was okay with talking but wouldn't let Ridge unload on Quinn. "Right off the bat, protecting her," Ridge noted. Ridge didn't know what had happened to his and Carter's friendship.

Carter was sorry Ridge felt that way. Ridge asked what else Carter was sorry about. Carter said Eric had asked Carter not to say anything because it was shocking. Ridge corrected Carter, saying it was because it was wrong. Carter insisted that it had been Eric's idea. Ridge asked Carter to say he'd been fine with it. Carter again said it had been Eric's idea. "Tell me you were fine with it!" Ridge repeated.

Carter claimed it wasn't about who was fine with it, and he and Quinn didn't want to hurt Eric. Carter and Quinn loved Eric, and it was the last thing they'd wanted. Ridge didn't see Carter as the man Ridge had once known and asked how Quinn had gotten to Carter. Carter said not to blame it on her. "If I don't blame her, then I gotta blame you!" Ridge said.

Carter decided that there was no one to blame. He'd been lost after ending the relationship with Zoe, and Eric had been pushing Quinn out for months. Carter and Quinn had bonded.

Ridge said that, after it had happened, Carter had promised to stay away from Quinn. It didn't matter what Eric had told Carter to do because, in Ridge's view, Carter was a grown man and had known that Eric hadn't been thinking straight. Ridge assumed Carter just hadn't wanted to know. Carter said that wasn't fair.

Ridge decided that it wasn't fair that Carter hadn't come to Ridge with the ED problem. Ridge felt that he and Carter could have done something about it. Instead, it had led to them trying to salvage a relationship they'd once had and to Eric barely talking to Ridge. Carter said Ridge was right, and Carter should have told Ridge. Ridge asked Carter how he felt about Eric's wife.

At the mansion, Eric served Katie iced tea. She figured she'd visited him a lot. He said she was always welcome. Katie was touched that he'd been open with her about his marital problems, but she still had problems with what he'd told her about Quinn and Carter. Eric knew it would be hard for Katie to understand, and he wasn't sure anyone outside the situation really could.

Katie stated that Eric professed happiness, but his wife was sleeping with another man. He said Quinn wasn't cheating on him. "Because you know about it?" Katie asked. Eric asked Katie to look around and say what she saw. Katie saw the piano, alive with music at the holidays, and the fireplace, the altar of many weddings.

Eric cherished the memories, but he was lonely. Quinn had brought life back to the house and to him. Katie noted that the couple was sharing the same space, but she asked if the pair really shared themselves. Katie knew that they couldn't physically, but she asked about their love for each other and their plans for the future. Katie had to ask if Eric really loved and trusted Quinn.

Quinn arrived and noted that Katie was becoming a fixture around there. Eric said Katie could stop by anytime. Quinn asked why Katie was there and if it was to share her opinion of Quinn. Katie replied that she only wanted Eric's happiness and asked if Quinn could say the same.

Quinn said Katie didn't need to worry about Eric's happiness or hold Eric's hand. Quinn claimed that no one cared more about Eric's well-being than Quinn. Katie said that the information about Carter and Quinn had made Katie skeptical. Quinn said it wasn't Katie's business.

Eric told Quinn that he'd been open with Katie. Quinn hoped Katie wouldn't take it the wrong way if Quinn asked Katie to leave, so Quinn could be alone with her husband. Quinn grimaced as if her patience was wearing thin, and Katie left.

Quinn assumed Katie had told Eric what a horrible person Quinn was. He stated that he didn't let anyone talk about Quinn that way. Quinn replied that Ridge hadn't gotten the memo. Quinn claimed to be confused about all that had happened, and she needed to know it hadn't damaged their marriage. Eric said he'd defended her against everyone, and no one would score points by treating him like a fool who didn't know his mind.

Eric knew that Quinn had feelings for Carter and that the connection was powerful. Quinn replied that it was that way between her and Eric, too. He asked if it would be enough for her to leave her feelings for Carter behind.

Quinn asserted that her feelings for Eric were all that had ever mattered to her, and no one understood how much being Eric's wife meant to her. No one understood why Eric had done what he'd done. She didn't even understand it half the time. Being his wife was the greatest gift she'd ever received. She cherished every moment she'd spent with him. She didn't take any of it for granted. She hugged Eric and told him that she loved him.

In Thomas' apartment, Thomas was upset that the real estate deal had fallen through. Paris decided to call her friend about her old room, but Thomas said she'd already signed the sublet paperwork. Paris agreed to unsign the agreement. She didn't want Thomas to feel bad and said the day had been a roller coaster for him, too.

Thomas replied that the house would have been a step into the next phase of his life. Paris called it a temporary setback. Thomas didn't want it to be so for her, too, and said he could stay with his father or sister. Paris said Thomas shouldn't move twice.

There were two bedrooms in the apartment, and Paris decided that she'd only stay there if Thomas stayed, too. He turned it down; however, she insisted, saying she was paying forward Finn and Steffy's kindness. Paris refused to kick Thomas out of his own apartment.

Thomas considered himself to be a great roommate, and Douglas thought Thomas was a great chef -- even though Douglas' favorite foods were chicken tenders and grilled cheese. Thomas guessed his stay would be temporary, and he figured it would be nice to have company.

Carter asks Quinn to run away with him Carter asks Quinn to run away with him

Friday, October 15, 2021

At the mansion, Quinn claimed that she'd spent the best years of her life feeling secure and content with Eric. She missed that and felt as if she'd been put right back on the defensive with his family. Eric believed it was because of what he'd set in motion between her and Carter. It had been a mistake, but it was one that Eric thought they could rectify.

Eric asked if Quinn could make it clear to Carter that any involvement with him was over. Quinn readily agreed to do it, and Eric said to go to Carter and tell him that it was over for good.

Later, Eric was alone at home sketching when Ridge arrived. Ridge was still trying to wrap his head around how Eric could encourage his wife to be with Carter. To Eric, it had seemed like the best idea at the time. He hadn't wanted his wife to be unhappy and just go off and be with some stranger. "How about this? How about no affair with anybody?" Ridge asked. Eric conceded that it would have been a better idea, but the other alternative had seemed like the best idea for himself and Quinn.

Ridge quipped that it had been the best idea for Quinn; she got to go out and have fun with Carter. Eric said to stop it, but Ridge replied that it had to be painful to watch a wife go off and do that. Eric didn't want Ridge to get down on Carter and Quinn, who hadn't even been on board with it at first. Ridge noted that they'd certainly been quickly convinced.

Ridge asserted that Eric's wife should have been there for him while he was going through something, but she'd run off with Carter. Eric knew that there was a strong connection between Quinn and Carter. Eric admitted that he wasn't okay with it, and it was wrong. He announced that Quinn was with Carter right then, making it very clear that it was over.

At Carter's place, Quinn arrived, saying that she and Carter had unfinished business. She'd thought of the loft as their sanctuary until Justin had barged in and destroyed it. Carter wanted more than to just see her from a distance. He felt that she should be there with him.

Quinn stated that Carter had been a wonderful surprise after Eric had made her feel so unwanted in the time after she'd targeted Ridge and Brooke's marriage. She'd been vulnerable and open to Carter, and she cherished every moment she'd spent with him. Carter hadn't thought he'd find love again, but there Quinn had been. It had been an unexpected connection that had turned into a love like he'd never known. Quinn said she hated to give him up.

"Then don't. We don't have to hide in the shadows anymore," Carter said. The secret was out, and the world hadn't ended. It was their chance to be together. Carter suggested packing up the car and running off together to be free to own how they felt. He gave her two choices: she could return to being Mrs. Eric Forrester, or she could go away with Carter and be free.

Quinn couldn't believe Carter was saying it. She stated that she was a married woman. He said she'd been married the entire time. He knew that he was asking her to give up position, money, and her portrait on the wall, but he wondered what meant more than how they felt about each other. He said they owed it to themselves to take the chance and grab their life together. He asked her to say she wanted it as much as he did and to say she wanted a life with him.

In the design office, Katie was surprised to see Bill in the doorway. She said he couldn't just show up there. Bill conveyed that they had been apart too long. He couldn't take the distance between them. He wanted her back and needed her in his life.

There was a hole in Bill's heart where Katie and Will had been. Bill missed their son. Katie did, too, but Will loved boarding school and could focus without distractions. "Like his father going to jail?" Bill surmised. Katie still had a problem with what Bill had done and claimed it had frightened her. Bill said she knew the lengths to which he'd go to protect his family.

Katie replied that Bill took everything to the extreme and did reckless and dangerous things. She noted that Bill had left a man on the side of a road and orchestrated a cover-up. It was too familiar to Katie. As usual, Bill threw their lives into flux on an impulse, and when it all blew up in his face, he went to her because he knew she'd always be there for him. In those moments, she became the woman he loved more than any other. Katie had always wanted to believe she was.

Bill told Katie to believe it because she was the woman he loved like no other. Katie wasn't sure it was true. Bill thought they'd gotten past Brooke. Katie said she'd forgiven, but she couldn't forget. "You loved her. You were my husband. She was my sister. The thought of you two together will always hurt me," Katie explained. Bill deeply regretted it.

Katie stated that Bill always did -- after the fact. She'd pondered why she'd put herself in those demeaning situations and if she deserved better than that. The tearful Bill believed she did deserve better. She was the only woman he wanted, but he had a knack for tearing down what was most dear to him. He asked for just one more chance to make her believe it.

Katie had needed time and space to figure out her feelings. They'd been apart for a while. Part of her was ready to move on, and part of her was relieved not to always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Bill hated to be the cause of her pain. He refused to live without her. He was sorry for taking her for granted, but he'd learned his lesson. He asked for one more chance and swore that he wouldn't let her down.

In Thomas' apartment, Thomas and Paris shook on their temporary agreement to room together until he found another house. Zende arrived with a housewarming gift, and Paris apprised him of the new plan for her and Thomas to live together. Thomas said he'd be out of there before they knew it. "And in the meantime, you'll be living here with my girlfriend," Zende concluded.

Paris asked if Zende had a problem with that. Zende decided that a temporary situation like that made sense. Thomas added that he'd be looking out for Paris -- not that she needed it. Zende called Paris a "badass" and said it was why he was crazy about her. He gave her a kiss.

Thomas decided to take off to look at other houses, but before he left, Paris asked Zende once again if he was comfortable with the situation.

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