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Deacon went along with Sheila's dating scheme but was enraged by Sheila's plan for Finn and Hope. Quinn went off on Donna after Brooke told Eric to be with Donna, who'd aroused him when Quinn couldn't. Carter was intrigued when Katie said she cared about him.
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Quinn confronted Donna after overhearing that Donna helped Eric become aroused
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Eric rushes home to test out his rejuvenated mojo

Eric rushes home to test out his rejuvenated mojo

Monday, October 25, 2021

In the CEO's office, climax theme music played as Eric realized that he was more than remembering. Eric couldn't believe it. He felt something he'd thought he'd never feel again in his life. He couldn't tell Donna how much it meant to him. He asked if he could hold her, and she readily agreed to it. She'd been waiting for that moment "for so long."

Eric exclaimed that it was a wonderful day in his life. He'd thought he'd tried everything, and he'd never thought he'd feel that way again. He felt vital and alive. "And sexy," Donna added. He repeated, "And sexy!" He remarked about the way Donna looked at Eric with such affection and sweetness, never judging. It had changed his life. He had to get home and tell his wife.

Donna said she'd do anything for her honey bear, and Quinn was a lucky lady. He kissed Donna's forehead and rushed out.

In the design office, Brooke, Charlie, and Pam all agreed that Quinn couldn't be trusted. Pam wondered if anything had happened. Brooke hinted that one shouldn't disrespect or betray their beloved. Pam felt that Eric deserved much better, and she questioned whether they really knew how Eric felt about Quinn. Brooke didn't think Quinn knew the meaning of love.

Charlie stammered, saying that Quinn actually loved Eric in her own, unique way, and no one could doubt her love for Wyatt. Brooke conceded his point about Wyatt but said one didn't do the things to a loved one that Quinn had done to Eric, and Brooke believed Pam and Charlie's jaws would drop to the floor if Brooke divulged it. Pam thought nothing could surprise her about Quinn. Brooke didn't know what bound Quinn and Eric together but refused to believe it was love.

Later, Brooke returned to the CEO's office, where Donna was alone. She asked if Donna had told Eric. Donna replied that Brooke would be proud. Brooke was delighted that Donna had made an impact. Donna said not to get excited. She and Eric had had a wonderful moment, but he'd returned home to his wife -- as he should.

Brooke had hoped Eric would find his senses and understand the difference between a mere commitment and true love. Donna replied that she was happy for him if he wanted to be with Quinn. Brooke believed that Donna was holding something back. Donna didn't want to get into the details, but Brooke prodded Donna to say what it was.

Donna gave in. She said she'd told Eric how she felt and that he was the love of her life. Donna revealed that Eric had seen a honey bear bottle in her purse, and Brooke asked how Eric had reacted. Donna wanted to keep that part to herself. She said she and Eric had had a private exchange, but he'd gone back to his wife.

Brooke decided Donna needed to be more assertive. If it were Brooke, she'd do anything to get Quinn out of Eric's life. Donna wanted Eric to be happy and insisted that he was a married man.

At the mansion, Quinn was with Shauna, talking about how Eric's condition had remained unchanged. Quinn claimed she'd be with Eric no matter what, but Shauna asked about Carter. Quinn stated that, despite everything, she still thought about Carter. She'd always love him, but they couldn't be together.

Shauna felt that it had to be difficult knowing Eric wouldn't be able to make love again. Quinn said there was more to it. She and Eric talked and danced, and he played the piano for her. Shauna said companionship held relationships together, but no one could deny the importance of an active sex life.

Quinn was fine with living without sex so she could be with the man she loved. Shauna thought it was grown-up of Quinn. Quinn said she wasn't resigned to a life of just holding her husband's hand. She was optimistic things could change and said it could happen as early as that night.

Later, Eric whisked into the house, eager to see Quinn. She hurried downstairs, where he asked to get a nice, long look at her. Quinn sensed a change in him. He responded that she knew him well, and he hadn't been able to wait to get home to her. She thought it was time for martinis and dinner.

Eric wasn't interested in dinner. Instead, he passionately kissed Quinn and asked to go to the bedroom. "Really?" Quinn wondrously asked. He asked her to show him the way.

Once in bed, Quinn asked what had made Eric head straight to the bedroom. He replied that he'd had a great day, personally. He hadn't felt that confident in a long time. He believed that the old Eric was back, and he was glad to see him. He said she'd been "so patient" with him. They kissed. She had waited a long time to feel his passion. She wanted him to make love to her.

At Il Giardino, Hope couldn't believe what she was seeing or hearing. "You and my father in love?" Hope said to Sheila. Hope wasn't buying it, not even for a second. Finn agreed with Hope but wondered why their parents would lie about it. "Because it's Sheila," Hope replied.

Sheila explained that she hadn't been looking for it, but Deacon had seen her. She'd seen him. Deacon agreed that it had happened fast. Hope wondered about the coincidences surrounding Sheila. First, she just happened to be Finn's mother, and next, she just happened to fall for Hope's dad. Sheila said it made life exciting and precious. One never knew what was around the corner, and one should hang in there. Life could change on a dime.

Hope snickered at the idea of an optimistic Sheila. Sheila didn't know why she wouldn't be. Finn had given her a grandchild. That was hope for her, and she'd found love with Deacon. Finn and Hope still didn't believe it, no matter how much Sheila doted on Deacon.

Sheila said that love didn't just announce itself. She was glad Finn and Hope knew about it and wondered if they could be happy for Sheila and Deacon, who'd served their time and paid their debts to society. Sheila said they had a chance to make up for their wrongs. They just wanted opportunities to be with their children and show they deserved love. Deacon agreed.

Eric realizes why he had a breakthrough

Eric realizes why he had a breakthrough

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

At the mansion, Eric was dressed and deep in thought. Quinn entered and called him her gorgeous, sexy husband. They hugged, and she told Eric not to be sad. Quinn asked him to focus on the fact that he'd even been excited enough to try again.

Shauna arrived, and Eric left for the office. Shauna was eager to hear how it had gone the previous night. Quinn had thought she and Eric would have a breakthrough, but nothing had changed. Quinn wanted to know what Eric had had for lunch that had made him raring to go. Unfortunately, it had just fizzled out. Shauna replied that there was always the next night.

Quinn said she'd never give up on Eric. She and Eric had made it through hoop after hoop, and her affair with Carter had reconnected her with Eric even more -- much to his family's dismay. Shauna urged her friend to focus on the potential and what had almost happened with Eric. Quinn said she didn't know what had caused the change in Eric, but she was grateful for it.

In the corridor at Forrester, Brooke noticed that Donna was at work early. Eric wasn't there, and Donna figured that he'd had a big night with Quinn. Brooke asked why Donna would say that, and Donna responded that Eric had been upbeat when he'd left work the previous evening.

Brooke thanked Donna for putting a smile on Eric's face, but Brooke was sure it had gone away the moment he'd returned to his dreadful wife. Donna said one never knew, and Quinn and Eric could have reconnected. Either way, it had been good for Donna to see him so happy.

Later, Brooke was working alone in the CEO's office when Eric arrived. Brooke conveyed her belief that he'd had a big night the previous night, according to Donna, who'd been at work early, looking for him. Eric was surprised that Donna had said that. Brooke was sure that Eric's "issue" frustrated him. She believed that he'd overcome it, but Eric seemed dismal about it.

"What if it isn't you? What if it's Quinn?" Brooke asked. Eric called it ridiculous, but Brooke said she'd known Eric to be a passionate man -- until he'd been with Quinn. Brooke reasoned that he might have an emotional or mental block. She believed he enjoyed Quinn's companionship but didn't really love Quinn. Brooke asked how he could after the things Quinn had done to him.

Brooke revealed her knowledge that Donna had told Eric about her feelings. Brooke contended that Donna could bring joy and passion back into his life. Donna entered and told Brooke not to put Eric on the spot. Brooke relented, but she advised Eric to open himself up to Donna.

Alone with Eric, Donna said she didn't want him to feel pressured. Eric noted that Brooke had said Donna had been at work early, looking for him. Donna stated that he'd been on her mind, and she'd been unable to sleep. Eric had thought about Donna, too, the previous night. Donna hoped he hadn't told Quinn about the breakthrough, and he affirmed that he hadn't.

Donna was sure Quinn had been overjoyed. Taking Donna's hand, Eric thanked her for always being supportive and wanting the best for him. He always felt understood by her. She replied that he was her honey bear. "Yes, I am," he affirmed.

Donna pledged to always have Eric's back, and Eric said he had hers. She was the bright star in his dark skies those days. He wished he had better news, but he hadn't had the breakthrough with his wife that he'd wanted. "I only had that with you. With you, Donna," he said.

At the cliff house, Hope arrived at Finn's behest. She was glad he'd invited her over because she'd been eager to flesh things out before going to Liam. Finn hadn't mentioned anything to Steffy yet, either. "What the hell was that, Hope?" Finn asked. Hope wondered if Finn thought it was really true that Deacon and Sheila had become a couple.

Finn recalled that Deacon and Sheila had been going at it right in the restaurant. The pair had arrived before Finn and Hope, so they couldn't have known Finn and Hope would be there. Finn knew that they had to be careful, but he did believe Deacon and Sheila were being truthful. Finn didn't know how the two would benefit from faking a relationship but said time would tell.

Hope disclosed that she and Liam had agreed not to keep secrets "since...." Finn said it was the same for him and Steffy. Finn recalled that he'd also asked Hope to keep quiet about Sheila's text message. He didn't want to ask Hope to keep anything else quiet. They concluded that it was best if Liam and Steffy heard about Deacon and Sheila from them. The only question that remained was whether Sheila and Deacon were being honest about it.

In Sheila's hotel room, Deacon woke up, and Sheila asked how the couch was treating him. Although it beat sleeping on the streets, he knew she was only letting him crash there to get him to sign on to her crazy scheme. Sheila said they were a mother and a father and had "rights."

Deacon asked what it had to do with Sheila's stunt kiss and why they were acting like they were in a romance novel. Sheila didn't have a plan, and she'd improvised the kiss. He didn't get it, and she asked how many times she had to tell him that they were better together. He quipped that, together, they made a toxic waste dump. He liked his chances on his own.

Sheila doubted he'd get by Brooke and Ridge. As for Liam, he was the gatekeeper. Deacon replied that his daughter had a mind of her own. Sheila asked if Hope was calling him or hanging up the phone on him when he called her. Deacon still didn't get Sheila's plan.

Sheila asked if Deacon had seen what she'd seen. "My son and your daughter. Imagine if they were involved. Imagine if they were together," Sheila said. She believed that she and Deacon could be with their kids and grandkids as much as they wanted to if Hope and Finn were a pair.

Deacon thought Sheila was talking crazy. He didn't want to cause his daughter more problems, but she believed it was exactly what he needed to do. Sheila theorized that Finn and Hope would have to defend their parents' relationship, and that would cause problems in their marriages. Finn and Hope might wind up seeing each other with a fresh pair of eyes.

Upset, Deacon said their kids were married to others and had families and children. Sheila thought their kids were beautiful together, but Deacon yelled that Finn had a newborn at home. Deacon affirmed that Hope wasn't a homewrecker or cheater. Hope had morals.

Sheila insisted that it would pave the way for her and Deacon, but Deacon said, "All you do is think of you, yourself, and you again." Seething, Sheila denied being that way. Deacon's eyes widened. She told him that she'd never said it would be easy, but they needed to work together.

Hope and Finn tell Steffy and Liam about Deacon and Sheila

Hope and Finn tell Steffy and Liam about Deacon and Sheila

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

In their shared hotel room, Deacon listened as Sheila explained why he should help her torpedo Hope and Liam's marriage. Deacon struggled to understand Sheila's logic that their kiss would somehow "magically transform Hope and Finn into a couple."

Sheila called Deacon a "loser" and blasted his negativity. She touted the "fringe benefits" that would come along with her plan. Sheila backed Deacon against the wall and reminded him of his time in prison without female companionship. She wondered if he wanted to have his way with her... or if he would rather she have her way with him. Just as Deacon seemed to embrace the idea, Sheila burst into maniacal laughter.

Deacon realized that Sheila had been toying with him and remarked that he hoped he was never on the receiving end of one of her plots. Sheila returned to explaining why her plan to get Hope and Finn together would work. She believed that as Finn and Hope defended them to their respective spouses, it would create tension in their unions.

Deacon called the idea of him and Sheila being a couple "nuts," but Sheila believed that the buzz surrounding their "dating" had already begun to create a stir. Sheila produced a photograph that she had Photoshopped that showed her, Deacon, Hope, Finn, Hayes, and Beth standing together before an autumn-decorated hearth. Sheila vowed that she would make the photo come true and that "nothing and no one" would stand in her way.

At the cliff house, Finn and Hope discussed how they would break the news of Sheila and Deacon's kiss to Steffy and Liam. They had yet to craft a plan when Steffy and Liam showed up. Finn started the discussion about his dinner with Hope at Il Giardino, but Steffy interrupted with questions about the restaurant's new menu. Hope and Finn quickly directed the conversation back on topic by revealing that they had seen Sheila and Deacon together.

Steffy was outraged and hoped that neither Finn nor Hope had spoken to Sheila. Finn stated that under normal circumstances, he and Hope would have left. He added that they had not left because Sheila and Deacon had been there "together together." Seeing that neither Steffy nor Liam had any clue as to what Finn was saying, Hope chimed in that Sheila and Deacon were in love.

Liam and Steffy both believed the purported Deacon-Sheila pairing was a "sick game." As Finn and Hope explained why they believed Sheila and Deacon's relationship was legitimate, Steffy became furious and left the room. Liam urged Finn and Hope to stay clear of Deacon and Sheila.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn told Shauna of her near-lovemaking session with Eric. Shauna wondered what had changed with Eric that he'd suddenly felt like he could make love to Quinn. Quinn looked fondly at an old photo of her and Eric together. She wished she could go back to a time when they were happy and smiling and Eric was feeling "like his old self."

In his office at Forrester, Eric expressed his disappointment that he was unable to perform for Quinn. He felt that he needed to tell Quinn about his intimate encounter with Donna and her bear-shaped container of honey. Donna made it clear that Quinn was not one of her favorite people, but she admitted that she wanted Eric to be happy -- even if it meant him being with Quinn.

Donna said that she'd looked into her crystal ball and seen that it would not be long before Eric could be intimate with Quinn again. Eric called Donna a "breath of fresh air," which he noted was exactly what he needed. Donna told Eric that she would always love him.

Eric stated that Ridge, Brooke, and Katie all believed that he stayed with Quinn because he did not want to be alone. He admitted that he sometimes wondered if that might be true. "You will never be alone," Donna said softly. She vowed to always be there for him. The pair tenderly embraced. As they did, Eric's face once again lit up.

Quinn overhears disturbing news

Quinn overhears disturbing news

Thursday, October 28, 2021

In the CEO's office, Eric hoped Donna didn't feel uncomfortable about what had happened between them -- again. Donna replied that they'd been married once, and he'd just had a natural reaction. It was a reaction he'd never thought he'd have again. Eric loved how comfortable she was with herself and said she put others at ease. The thought of intimacy had been stressful for him, but she'd reminded him that it could be fun. It was exactly what he'd needed.

Katie and Brooke arrived, and exchanging pleased looks, they offered to return later. Eric announced that he was the one leaving. Brooke asked if something was wrong. He revealed that the day hadn't started out great, but Donna was a real breath of fresh air. He decided that he needed to get home to his wife. He thanked Donna and left.

Katie and Brooke prodded Donna to say what was going on. Donna said they were acting all "high school" about seeing her talk to Eric. Donna knocked over something, and Katie teased her about being nervous. Brooke sensed that things had changed after Donna's profession of love to Eric. Donna pointed out that Eric had just gone home to his wife.

Katie threatened to call Eric and ask him, and Donna admitted that something had happened. Donna thought Quinn would kill Donna if Quinn found out. Brooke said she hardly even talked to Quinn. Donna revealed that more had happened than her profession of love. It could have been embarrassing, but Eric had gone home to Quinn. Donna stammered that it had kind of just happened again. Brooke and Katie looked puzzled.

Donna explained that she and Eric had hugged, and he'd had a reaction. Katie asked what sort of reaction. Donna murmured that Eric's problem had momentarily resolved itself. "With you?" Brooke asked, wondering, "So, the two of you have been..."

Donna said it wasn't like that. She and Eric had just been reminiscing, and they'd relaxed around each other. She believed it was how he'd been able to. It wasn't weird or uncomfortable because she'd seen how happy and hopeful he'd been. Brooke said Donna had triggered it.

Donna conveyed that nothing had changed between her and Eric. He'd rushed home to be with Quinn again. Donna was okay with it and said, "Maybe this time...." Katie and Brooke surmised that it hadn't worked with Quinn. Donna revealed that nothing had happened between Quinn and Eric. Brooke wasn't surprised. She said Eric didn't love Quinn; he loved Donna.

Wanting her sisters to stop, Donna said they were reading too much into it. Brooke and Katie didn't think it was a fluke that Eric felt more with Donna than with Quinn. Donna figured it was because there was no pressure with her, and it wasn't like it was going anywhere. Katie wondered if it could, but Donna said she wasn't a homewrecker.

Brooke figured that Eric's problem wouldn't go away because his problem was Quinn. Brooke decided that Eric should be with Donna, not Quinn, and Brooke left the office. Donna wondered why Brooke had to get involved in everything. Katie said Brooke was just trying to help, and Katie believed that Eric might really love Donna.

At the mansion, Eric arrived. He was looking for his wife. Quinn noted the smile on his face and pep in his step. She asked if something had happened at the office. She'd had no idea that budget meetings could be so scintillating. Things had been heavy between them, and Quinn liked the playfulness. Eric replied that things were different.

Quinn hadn't been discouraged. She'd sensed Eric's desire and willingness to try. Eric believed that he'd be the man he'd once been. "All that passion I used to feel. I wanted to bring it home to you," he said. Quinn hugged him, and Eric looked as if the magic wasn't happening.

Later, Eric was alone when Brooke arrived. She wondered if Quinn was there. He said Quinn was out for the moment. Brooke thought that was good because she had something sensitive to discuss. Brooke admitted that she and Katie had dragged some information about Eric out of Donna.

Eric wished Brooke hadn't done that. Brooke said it was great news, and he should be relieved. She was overjoyed for him and said he'd had a glimpse of what life beyond "this" was like. He said Brooke was misinterpreting things, but Brooke said his psyche was telling him something.

At the top of the stairs, Quinn listened. Brooke said it wasn't that Eric didn't have passion or desire -- he just didn't have it with Quinn. Brooke knew that Eric thought he'd be alone if he gave up Quinn. Brooke said he'd loved Quinn in the past, but not anymore.

Brooke reasoned that if Eric did love Quinn, he would have been able to show Quinn the previous night. Brooke asked him not to blame Donna for revealing that it hadn't happened with Quinn, but it had happened with Donna twice. To Brooke, that meant the woman who could make Eric happy was Donna.

In the design office, Zende and Thomas disagreed on design styles for a sketch. Zende thought that the one thing they did agree on was that they each wanted what was best for HFTF. Just as Paris arrived, Thomas added that they also agreed upon how special Paris was.

Paris volunteered to call Pam in as a referee for Thomas and Zende. Zende said they'd been critiquing each other's designs and talking about Paris. Paris had heard, and she said Thomas and Zende were special, too. "Especially my sexy boyfriend," she added and kissed Zende.

Zende assumed the roommates were getting along. Paris said things were fine, and she and Thomas were hardly home. Thomas believed he saw Paris more at work than at home. Zende felt that he wasn't a good boyfriend if Thomas was seeing Zende's girlfriend more than he.

Paris said Zende was a fine boyfriend. Zende didn't think that anything he'd done compared to what she'd done for him, and he asked if Thomas had heard about the scholarship. Thomas snootily said "The Zende Forrester Scholarship Fund." Zende was happy that it benefited his old orphanage. He said Paris always made things better, and he was blessed to have her in his life.

Paris and Zende made plans for the evening. Thomas offered to clear out of the apartment, but Zende said they'd use the guesthouse. Thomas watched as Zende and Paris kissed.

Quinn demands that Donna stay away from Eric

Quinn demands that Donna stay away from Eric

Friday, October 29, 2021

At the mansion, Shauna hastily arrived and asked the distraught Quinn what was wrong. Quinn said that her marriage was under attack again by the Logans. Shauna asked what Brooke had done that time, but Quinn revealed that it was Donna.

Quinn explained that she'd overheard Brooke talking to Eric the previous day. Quinn was irate about what Brooke was encouraging Eric to do and couldn't believe he'd hurt her that way. Confused, Shauna stated that cheating wasn't an option for Eric. Quinn replied that it was. He couldn't achieve what he wanted with Quinn, but he could with Donna.

Quinn stated that Brooke had said Eric was with Quinn because he didn't want to be alone, and the fact that he could become aroused with Donna but not Quinn was proof that Eric shouldn't be with Quinn. Part of Quinn wanted to be happy for Eric. Shauna assumed it broke Quinn's heart that it hadn't been she, and Shauna asked if Donna and Eric had had sex.

Quinn replied that it had sounded innocent; however, Brooke had said Eric's body was sending him a sign, and if Eric wanted to be happy, he'd spend the rest of his life with Donna. Quinn was upset that Brooke was filling Eric's head with ideas just because Donna had the magic touch.

Quinn headed toward the door, and Shauna asked if Quinn would confront Brooke. Quinn declared that Brooke would get hers, but Quinn had to get rid of Brooke's ammunition first. Quinn said that Donna thought she could flirt with Eric, but she wouldn't get a reaction out of him a third time.

At Forrester, Donna wished Brooke hadn't gone to Eric. Donna didn't want Brooke or anyone making things more difficult for him. Eric arrived. He appreciated Donna's thoughtful words. Brooke started in on Eric, but Donna said Brooke had to stop putting him on the spot.

Brooke thought what had happened with Donna but not with Quinn had spoken volumes. Brooke was happy for Eric and the idea that he might know love, trust, and commitment again. Donna was glad Eric knew how she felt, but she refused to cause trouble in his marriage.

Eric knew that about Donna but said something significant had happened between them that hadn't happened between his wife and him -- yet. Eric intended to tell his wife about it because he didn't want Quinn learning from anyone else. Before he went home, he wanted to spend time with Donna. Brooke left, saying the more time he spent with Donna, the better.

Alone with Eric, Donna said Brooke didn't stop. Eric replied that it was an adorable trait, and it came from a good place. Donna was happy for Eric but didn't want it to complicate his life. She said what had happened had given him hope, and he was grateful to Donna. She was grateful to him, too, for the memories and for being gracious about her admission.

Eric stated that Donna's admission had given him a lot to think about. She was the woman who'd helped him bounce back. She'd reached him in a way he'd needed. No matter what happened going forward, it was something he'd never forget.

Back at the mansion later, Brooke arrived as Eric was waiting for Quinn. Brooke asked if he'd really tell Quinn. He replied that Quinn needed to know, and he wondered if Brooke no longer believed in honesty. Brooke said the problem was Quinn. Quinn usually went ballistic about things, and Brooke stated that they didn't know how Quinn would react.

Back at Forrester, Donna was alone when Quinn slammed the door and startled Donna from her thoughts of Eric. Donna tried to go out the door, but Quinn blocked the way. Donna didn't know what was going on there. Quinn revealed that she knew what Donna had been up to with Eric.

Donna assumed Eric had told Quinn the good news. Quinn was sick of the Logan women interfering in her marriage. Quinn said Brooke and Katie wanted to talk Eric to death, but Donna had taken it to a different level. Donna guessed Eric hadn't explained things well.

Quinn wanted to talk woman to woman and asked if Donna had any idea how difficult it was to watch Eric suffer, unable to be the husband he wanted to be. She was sure Donna thought Quinn had been a nagging wife, but Quinn believed she had been supportive beyond understanding. Donna tried to explain her history with Eric, but Quinn didn't care about the history. To her, all the Logan women saw in a married man was a challenge.

Donna stated that it had been innocent, but Quinn asked how stupid Donna thought Quinn was. Pushing aggressively on a chair between them, Quinn asked if Donna got it that she'd never see Quinn's husband again. Quinn shoved the chair until she pinned Donna between it and the desk, repeating that Donna would never see Eric again.

At Il Giardino, Carter arrived to meet Katie at her table. He asked why she'd wanted to see him and guessed it was for legal advice. Katie said it wasn't for her; it was for Quinn and Eric. Carter thought Katie might want someone else, due to his complicated history with them. Katie replied that she'd reached out to Carter because he should know something that had happened between Eric, Quinn, and Donna.

Katie conveyed that a sweet, tender moment between Eric and Donna had made Eric react. Carter was amazed that an embrace with Donna had done it for Eric, but Carter asked why Katie was telling him. Katie stated that if Eric went to Donna, it could open up possibilities for Carter, and Katie wondered how Carter felt about that.

Carter couldn't believe Katie was matchmaking him with Quinn. Katie replied that she wasn't doing that; however, she cared about him, and there were things he deserved to know. "You care about me?" Carter asked. Katie affirmed it. She said they'd known each other for a while, they worked together, and they were members of the Lonely Hearts Club.

Carter joked that his dues had been paid in full. Katie replied that they were lifetime members. He told her not to say that. Touching her hand, he said he didn't feel lonely with her.

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