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Thomas made a bold move with Paris that his trusting cousin Zende didn't see coming. Quinn confessed to Eric what she'd learned about herself. Sheila gave Jack life-changing advice, and Jack put everything on the line when he revealed to Li and Finn that he was Finn's biological father.
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Jack told Li and Finn that he was Finn's biological father, and Thomas made a move on Paris unaware that Zende planned to propose to her
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Sheila tells Jack that Finn won't stop asking questions Sheila tells Jack that Finn won't stop asking questions

Monday, November 15, 2021

At Il Giardino, Finn didn't think he should even be sitting with Sheila, but he needed to know who his biological father was. He figured she was the only one with the information he needed. Sheila replied that she didn't have it and couldn't tell him who his biological father was. She was embarrassed to say she'd been young. She didn't know with whom she'd conceived Finn.

Finn asked if Sheila could narrow it down. Sheila replied that he had Jack, and she and Jack loved Finn. Finn decided to leave Il Giardino, despite Sheila's efforts to get him to stay. Once he was gone, she returned to her table. Jack sat with her and remarked that it had been too close.

Sheila recalled that Jack had been the one to suggest meeting at that restaurant. He replied that he wouldn't make that mistake again and noted that the talk with Finn had seemed intense. Jack wanted to know every word that had been said. Sheila revealed that Finn wanted to know who his biological father was, and Jack demanded to know if she'd told Finn.

Sheila said Jack didn't have to worry because she'd looked into her son's eyes, and she'd lied to him. She'd told Finn that she didn't know who his father was. Relieved, Jack touched her hand and thanked her for covering for him. She said he'd once known that she wasn't as bad as the Forresters made her out to be, and she and Jack had once been close.

Sheila could still recall the night that Finn had been conceived. She credited Li and Jack for the man Finn had become. She was glad that if she hadn't been able to raise Finn, Finn had at least been with his father. Raising Finn had been Jack's privilege. Sheila respected Jack's loyalty to his family, but she noted that Finn wouldn't stop asking questions.

Jack asked what Sheila was getting at, and she stated that it might be time to tell Finn the truth. She suggested that it was time to tell Finn that Jack was Finn's biological father.

At Forrester, a shipping emergency delayed Steffy's lunch plans. Once she'd handled it, Thomas steered her back to the thought of surprising Finn for lunch. Steffy had changed her mind and said she needed to relieve Amelia back at the cliff house. Thomas noted that Steffy was happy. Steffy said she was fulfilled and grateful that there hadn't been any Sheila sightings.

Later, Steffy returned home and was surprised that Finn was there. He quipped that he'd lost his appetite, and he needed to be honest with Steffy about something. He revealed that Sheila had been at the restaurant. Upset, Steffy accused Sheila of stalking him.

Finn explained that Sheila had already been there when he'd arrived. He assured Steffy that there was no question that his loyalty was to Steffy and the kids; however, he'd had to ask Sheila who his birth father was. Steffy was surprised to hear that Sheila didn't know.

At the mansion, Brooke arrived as Eric sketched. She explained that before arriving, she'd already made sure Quinn wouldn't be there. He guessed Brooke wanted to yell at him, but she asked if he'd condoned Quinn banishing Donna. Eric said he hadn't, and Brooke guessed she'd been right about it being all Quinn.

Brooke thought it had been unfair because Donna hadn't had ulterior motives or planned a seduction. Eric had merely had an unexpected reaction with Donna -- one he couldn't have with his wife. Eric affirmed it and said that everything was the same with Quinn. Brooke figured that reality had set in on Quinn that she was the problem, not Eric.

Brooke thought Eric was a wonderful, kind man who was loyal to a fault, which was his problem. She explained that it was possible to be loyal without having to love a person. She recalled that he and Donna had been a great couple. Eric said he hadn't forgotten, and it had been some of the best times of his life. Brooke believed he'd had great times with Donna, and he loved her. His body had sent him a clear message, and Brooke believed that he didn't get that message from his body with Quinn because he didn't love her.

Brooke felt that Eric had given Quinn "so much," but Quinn had given him nothing but betrayal in return. There was a woman out there for him, and she wasn't far away. He guessed she meant Donna. Brooke affirmed it, saying Donna wouldn't betray him or look at another man. According to Brooke, it was time to show Quinn the door for good that time.

In the design office, Carter interrupted Quinn as she stared into space. She didn't want him to leave on her account. In the awkward silence, she remarked that she missed how easy it had been between them. They'd been good friends, and she was sorry she'd hurt him.

Carter didn't think it was productive to talk about it. He wanted to leave it at them being over, and he asked how things were with Eric. Quinn conveyed that she and Eric were getting along fine, and it wasn't horrible. They were still working things out -- just not in the bedroom. Carter figured it couldn't be easy after what had happened with Donna.

Quinn was shocked that Carter had heard about that, but she guessed it had been one of the Logans. Quinn admitted that it still hurt. She hadn't given up on her husband but wished the Logan sisters would give them a little break. Quinn had done some soul-searching. She'd taken a look at herself, and she'd realized that the issues in her marriage might lie with her, not Eric.

Quinn explained her amazing ability for self-sabotage. She attracted goodness in her life, but she ruined it by being selfish, reckless, and impulsive. Carter assumed she was talking about Eric, but she said she was talking about Eric and Carter, who'd both loved her.

Carter replied that Eric had forgiven her. Quinn stated that she had been sure that the ED problem had been all Eric's, but Donna had made Quinn see that the problem might lie with her. Quinn asked who would want to make love to someone he didn't trust. She'd lost Eric's trust all on her own. She hated to agree with Brooke, but Brooke might be right that Quinn had been reckless with Eric's love. Quinn regretted it but vowed to make it right.

Jack decides to tell Li the truth Jack decides to tell Li the truth

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy didn't buy that Sheila had no idea who Finn's biological father was. Finn stated that if Sheila couldn't narrow it down to a few guys, he'd take matters into his own hands. He hoped he wouldn't regret discovering who the man was. Steffy understood why Finn wanted to find his biological father, but she said he might never locate him.

Finn understood the risk and said he would be fine if he didn't find the man. He felt lucky to have his adoptive parents, and he already had the best father he could ask for. Finn stated that Jack Finnegan was his father in every way that counted. He reasoned that he just wanted the option to know about his father and take the uncertainty out of the equation. He added that he might not even try to find the guy if Sheila did give him a name. He didn't want to hurt Jack.

Steffy figured Jack would understand. Steffy doubted that the guy would be as bad as Sheila or that there would be some dark, ugly secret. Finn felt that he'd been privileged to grow up with Li and Jack. Steffy said they had a bond that couldn't be broken, and Steffy would support him.

Finn conveyed that Jack and Li had gone on a romantic trip up the coast to reconnect, and Finn believed that Li was trying to put the Sheila chapter behind her. "Aren't we all?" Steffy said.

At Il Giardino, Sheila doubted Finn would give up on finding his birth father and told Jack that there was only so much she could do to put it off. She advised Jack to admit that he was Finn's biological father. Jack and Sheila agreed that it would be disastrous for his marriage and his relationship with "my" son. Correcting Jack that Finn was "our" son, Sheila replied that Finn knew her story, and it might be time for him to learn Jack's.

Jack needed to leave to meet Li at "the hotel room." Sheila stated that leading with the truth would be the best decision. She suggested that unburdening himself might give him some relief. Jack didn't want to hurt Li and Finn. Sheila stated that the truth always came out, and she asked if it would be better for them to hear it from Jack instead of someone else.

Later, Jack arrived back at the hotel. Li wondered where he'd run off to. He claimed he'd been reflecting on their life together and how great the last few days had been. She said it had been a lovely trip, and they should do it more often. Jack stated that he had something to tell her, and he desperately hoped she'd understand.

In the design office, Katie hand-delivered a packet to Carter from Ridge. Carter said she hadn't had to do that herself, but she replied that she'd wanted to do it. Katie recalled walking in on Carter and Quinn, and he said he and Quinn shouldn't be having those talks. Katie was curious about where things stood with him and Quinn, whom he'd come in second best with.

Katie knew what that felt like and believed that she and Carter got to know each other on many levels. He said that being understood by someone like Katie had been good and eye-opening for him. He was just as ready as Katie was to move on with his life.

Later, Katie giggled, unable to imagine Carter being alone. He told her how he ate alone, watched television alone, and went to sleep alone. It sounded familiar to her, and he guessed she felt his pain. They chuckled. It had been over with Quinn for a while, and their connection had been based upon a betrayal. It wasn't the best way to start a romance, in Katie's view.

Carter said one would think he'd know that going in. He claimed to have been blind, but he saw it "now." He insisted that he wasn't putting all the blame on Quinn; it was both of their faults. He'd found himself doing things in that relationship that he'd never found himself doing before. Katie knew how Quinn operated and felt that Carter was a good, upstanding man.

Carter and Katie determined that neither of them was second best. Katie said she'd really needed to hear that, and he told her that she was unlike anyone he'd ever met.

At the mansion, the frustrated Eric tossed his sketchpad aside. Quinn arrived and noted that he'd been lost in thought. He said he'd been thinking about himself and Quinn. She had, too. She stated that they'd lost their way and needed to find a way back. "Together?" he asked.

Quinn wondered what kind of question that was. Eric emphasized the importance of checking in with each other, and they agreed that communication was key. She said she loved him from the depth of her soul and was sorry for hurting him. Quinn conveyed that she was mad at Donna for crossing a line, but Quinn felt she had to take some of the blame.

Quinn noted that Eric had been suffering for months, thinking his body had failed him, but she suggested that maybe it was really her. She felt she had to take a hard look at herself and try to understand how he could get excited by Donna but not his own wife. She believed it was the key to repairing their marriage and making it whole again -- if that was what he wanted.

Later, Eric handed Quinn a martini. She said he'd transformed her life and exceeded her expectations, but she'd taken it all for granted. Eric tried to speak, but she said she'd messed up the greatest gift of her life. She didn't want to be that woman anymore. She yearned for stability and dignity. It was what had drawn her to Eric and what he deserved. She wanted to make Eric happy again and put a smile back on his face.

Quinn offered to leave, but she said she'd rather stay and work on the relationship. She claimed that Eric was her priority, and no one else. She asked if he knew that. Eric drank his martini and looked away. She told him that he didn't have to say anything. She turned to walk out of the house.

Piano music wafted in the air. Quinn swiveled around to see Eric at the piano, playing and singing, "It had to be you." Touched, Quinn leaned on the piano, listening. He asked if she remembered "this." He played another tune, and at the right time, she hit certain keys during the short piece.

Once it was over, Eric told Quinn that she was his wife, and "this" was where she belonged. The two kissed.

Jack begs for Li's forgiveness Jack begs for Li's forgiveness

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Hope, Thomas, and Zende prepared for a run-through of the Hope for The Future fashion show. Paris noted that the runway show was a long way off, and she asked if they always did a run-through so far in advance. Zende explained that they didn't often have so many looks ready so early.

When Paris commented on a design that she liked, which turned out to be one of Thomas', it set off a series of "friendly" jabs between Zende and Thomas. Paris pried about the showstopper, but Zende vowed that no one would see the design until the preview show. Quinn poked her head into the office and told Zende that she was ready to work with him.

Paris found it odd that Zende was working with Quinn on something. Hope assured Paris that there was no reason for her to be suspicious. Hope said she was happy for Paris and Zende. Thomas echoed the sentiment and revealed that he was a bit jealous of Zende for having "a woman as special" as Paris.

In the design office, Quinn asked Zende what he needed to talk to her about. "Would you believe my future?" Zende asked. Quinn assured Zende that his future at Forrester was secure because everyone loved his work. Quinn rolled her eyes when Zende revealed that he was referring to his future with Paris. As Zende twittered on about how amazing Paris was, Quinn realized that Zende wanted her to make an engagement ring for Paris.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn awaited the arrival of Finn's parents. Finn remarked that his parents seemed to be in a good place. He also shared that he'd run into Sheila and tried unsuccessfully to get more details from her about his birth father. Finn wondered if it were better that he not learn the identity of his biological father, considering how much drama had been stirred up by Sheila being his biological mother.

Steffy urged Finn to be honest with himself, suggesting that she was sure Finn wanted to know. Finn said that becoming a father had made him reflect on his own life. He insisted that it did not matter to him that Li had not given birth to him and that Jack was not his biological father. "Nothing's ever gonna change that," Steffy stated, assuring her husband that it was perfectly normal for him to wonder about his birth father.

Finn questioned why Sheila would knowingly keep the identity of his biological father from him. Steffy rhetorically asked why Sheila did anything that she did. Finn praised his parents' "open and honest" marriage. He added that Jack and Li had never let him down and never would.

Jack paced around the hotel room nervously. Jack told Li that he loved her and said that their marriage meant a great deal to him. "I've always known that," Li replied, confirming, "We've had a wonderful life together." Li feared that Jack's solemnness foreshadowed news of some sort of health crisis. Jack assured her that he was in good health.

Li tired of Jack's hemming and hawing. She grabbed her purse and said that they shouldn't keep their son waiting. "Our son," Jack said softly. Jack asked Li if she remembered the "immense joy" that they had felt the day they had taken Finn home. Li wondered why Jack was bringing that up. Jack explained that Finn wanted to know the identity of his birth father. Li surmised that Sheila knew. She was stunned when Jack revealed that he also knew the man's identity -- and that he had known for some time.

"How long?" Li asked pointedly. "All of Finn's life," Jack replied. Jack insisted that his silence had been a way to protect his wife. Li demanded to know the man's name, but Jack repeatedly delayed parting with the truth. He looked up at the ceiling, tears welling in his eyes, and said, "It's me. I'm Finn's biological father."

"You had an affair with Sheila Carter?" Li gasped. Li struggled with the idea that Jack had known all along that he was Finn's birth father. Jack insisted that he hated that he had betrayed Li. Li snapped back that Jack has betrayed their marriage and their son. "Or should I say, your son," she said coldly.

Li asked Jack if he had considered how Finn would respond to Jack's lifelong lie. Li recalled the many nights she and Jack had lain in bed, wondering why Finn's birth parents had given him up. "What does it matter? A father is a father," Jack said breathily, stating, "I was there for him. I loved him." Jack insisted that he had done everything he could to be a good father to Finn. Li countered that she had never said Jack was not a good father.

Jack walked toward Li, but Li took a step backward with every step he took toward her. Jack told Li that she and Finn were his world. He begged her to forgive him. Li did not offer her forgiveness, instead asking Jack if he believed that Finn would forgive him.

Finn learns that Jack and Li know the identity of his birth father Finn learns that Jack and Li know the identity of his birth father

Thursday, November 18, 2021

In their hotel room, Jack and Li continued their conversation about him being Finn's biological father. Li was outraged that Jack had had an affair with that monstrous woman. Jack was sorry for all of it but not sorry about Finn. Jack didn't expect it to happen quickly, but he did expect Li to forgive him. Li replied that the question was whether Finn could forgive Jack.

Li wasn't interested in talking about forgiveness. She was worried about how it would affect Finn. She received a text message from Finn, asking what was keeping them. Jack said he wanted to be honest with Finn and answer his lifelong questions, but he feared it could ruin his and Finn's relationship and destroy Finn's faith in him. Li asserted that it was a risk Jack had to take because that day was the day that Jack would confess to Finn.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn noticed that his parents were running late, and Finn wondered what could be keeping them. Finn asked if they could omit talk of his birth parents or him trying to find his birth father during Jack and Li's visit. Steffy got that he didn't want to hurt them. Finn was curious about his birth father because he wanted to learn more about himself.

Steffy wondered if it was possible that, like Jack knew about Sheila, he might know something about Finn's birth father, too. Finn didn't think so but had sensed that Jack was insecure about it. Finn wanted Jack to know that Finn knew that Jack was his father, no matter Finn's DNA.

Just then, Li and Jack arrived, and Jack offered Finn a bottle of wine from Jack and Li's trip. Steffy was sorry the kids weren't home yet, but Li said it gave them a chance to talk. "Isn't that right, Jack?" she asked. Finn offered to open the wine, but Li said there would be no wine for them.

Steffy offered to order some food, but Li didn't have much of an appetite. Finn complimented Jack's clean-shaven face and asked about the trip up the coast. Li asserted that it would be a long time before they did a trip like that again.

Finn was glad his parents had had time away from the Sheila problem. Li replied that ignoring the problem was no way to heal it, and avoiding the truth didn't make it less painful. Li thought they needed to be candid with each other. Finn didn't think that was a problem for Li and Jack and had just been telling Steffy how understanding his parents were toward each other and Finn. Steffy shared that Finn understood the Sheila thing had been stressful for all of them.

Li stated that Finn had always had questions about his birth parents, and she and Jack had promised to be honest with Finn. Li regretted how Finn had learned about his birth mother and said it hadn't had to be that way. To her, it was only natural that Finn wanted to know about his birth father. Li announced that it was time Finn found out.

Jack didn't think it was the time to bring it up, but Li said the questions wouldn't go away. Finn expressed how he felt for Li and Jack, who'd taught him how to be a parent. He felt that they were connected, and he hadn't gotten it until he'd become a parent. Finn loved Hayes and Kelly very much, and he figured it was how Li and Jack had felt about Finn in his youth. He was grateful that he'd grown up with a father who'd never let him down. Jack was tearful, but Finn said nothing would get between them.

Li and Jack exchanged looks, and Finn asked what was going on. Li said that Jack had something to tell Finn. Jack stated that he had always looked out for Finn and had never wanted to let him down. He knew that Finn was curious about his birth father and that Finn wanted to see his father and know if they were alike. Jack said that he and Li knew who Finn's birth father was. Smiling, Finn asked who it was.

In the design office, a model flirted with Zende. After the model had gone, Hope noted how models were clamoring to work on the line and with a certain designer, even though he had a girlfriend. Zende didn't need reminding about Paris, and he knew how lucky he was to have a woman like her in his life.

Hope thought it was nice that Zende and Paris were taking their time, building a strong foundation. He noted that he and Paris were busy and wished they could spend more time together. Hope added that Thomas was staying at the apartment. "For now," Zende replied.

Hope asked if it was going okay. Zende replied that he and Paris weren't complaining. Hope said that, to Thomas' credit, he was trying, but the market was crazy. Zende hinted that if Thomas didn't find a place soon, Zende would take matters into his own hands. Zende saw a future with Paris, but not while Paris was Thomas' roommate.

Hope asked if Zende was thinking about asking Paris to move in with him. Zende said nothing was set in stone, but he wanted to be with Paris as much as possible. Hope approved of the couple, and she enjoyed seeing them happy. Zende conveyed that he saw Paris in his future.

In the CEO's office, Paris was moved by the applications for the scholarship fund. Thomas said that it was thanks to her that the kids could try for their dreams. She noted that it was Zende's fund, but Thomas stated that it had been another of her brilliant brainstorms. She didn't know about all that, but he insisted that it was true. He'd enjoyed getting to know her and was surprised by how well they had gotten along as roommates.

Thomas was still looking for a place and offered to tell Paris about his search over takeout that night. Paris wasn't sure about that and said Zende might have something planned for them.

Carter entered. Seeming to sense something, he said he hadn't meant to interrupt, and he could return later. Paris said he wasn't interrupting, but the feeling persisted within Carter that he was. Thomas decided to let Carter and Paris meet, and as he left, he said he and Paris could order in whenever it was a good time for her. Carter's curious expression remained on his face after Thomas had gone, and Carter asked if it was awkward being roommates with Thomas.

Later, Carter and Paris' meeting seemed to be wrapping up, and he complimented her. Talk drifted to her living with Thomas, and Carter remarked that Thomas had had troubles of his own. Paris figured it was in the past, and Thomas had been a good roommate, even though they didn't see much of each other. She said she might have seemed off earlier because she didn't know Zende's plans and didn't want Thomas expecting her home if she wouldn't be there.

Carter was glad to hear that Paris and Zende were doing well. Carter knew how hard it had been when Zoe had gone. Paris admitted that it had been hard, but for the first time, she felt settled. She was no longer living out of boxes and had a place to unwind and be herself. "Even if you're sharing the space?" Carter asked. Paris replied, "Especially then." Carter offered to be there for Paris if she ever felt unsettled or needed a friend to listen.

Thomas makes a move that Zende doesn't see coming Thomas makes a move that Zende doesn't see coming

Friday, November 19, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn were amazed that Li and Jack had gotten the information out of Sheila, but it meant that Sheila had lied about not knowing who Finn's birth father was. Li quipped that Sheila had definitely known for years. Finn asked if his parents had a name or picture. "We can do better than a picture, right, Jack?" Li asked. Jack stated that it wasn't easy.

Finn let Jack know that it wouldn't change anything between them, just as Sheila hadn't taken Li's place in Finn's life. Li understood Finn's curiosity to meet his birth mother. She was sure it had intensified his desire to meet his birth father. "We can make that happen," Li said.

Steffy assumed that meant the man was in the Los Angeles area. "You're looking at him," Jack stated. Finn didn't know what Jack was talking about. Jack explained that he was Finn's father through adoption and genetics. "Oh, my God. You? And Sheila?" Steffy asked with a gaping expression. Jack swore he hadn't known how crazy Sheila was. He said he should have told them, but he "couldn't." "Couldn't?" the steaming Li quipped.

Steffy asked if Sheila had blackmailed Jack. Jack said it hadn't been that. It had been the fear of losing Li. Finn stammered, "You adopted your own son?" Finn asked if it was true that Jack had been lying to Finn, knowing how desperate he'd been for information about his birth parents.

Jack was sorry. He was ashamed of having an affair, but it had been worse when Sheila had become pregnant. Jack had feared losing Li and the baby. When he'd discovered that Sheila hadn't been in a position to raise a child, the answer had become apparent. He stated that he'd adopted Finn and pretended that Finn had had no connection to them.

Finn assumed that Li hadn't been in on it. Li replied that she hadn't known she'd adopted her husband's love child. She'd just learned about it that day. Finn accused Jack of having a sick affair behind Li's back, and instead of being truthful, Jack had compounded the lie.

Jack knew it had been a mistake, but it had seemed like a reasonable thing to do at the time. Jack had been able to keep his marriage and son, and it hadn't been difficult to convince Sheila that it had been the right thing for Finn. It had felt like the best thing for Jack. Finn declared that his life had been a lie, and Jack should have told Finn and Li the truth years back.

Finn was upset that Jack had betrayed Li at a time when she'd been putting in many hours at work and had been unable to get pregnant. Li had told Finn that he'd been the miracle in her life. Finn yelled that it had turned out to be a big manipulation. Jack shouted that he'd been trying to protect them. Finn replied that Jack had been protecting himself.

Jack admitted that it had started out that way, but he'd heard Sheila's name more and more in the news. It had never been good, and he'd thought he'd been doing the right thing. Finn roared that Jack could have told the truth while keeping Sheila at bay. Jack hadn't wanted to risk destroying Li, their beautiful life, and the family he prayed he still had. Jack reasoned that it didn't change anything, and Jack was still Finn's father. Jack asked Finn to forgive him.

In the CEO's office, Carter worked at the conference table. Zende arrived, looking for Paris. Carter believed that Paris had gone home for the day. Zende guessed he'd worked too long on a fitting. Zende hadn't made firm plans with Paris and joked that she'd gotten a better offer.

Carter believed he knew where Paris was that evening -- having dinner with Thomas. Zende wondered why Carter would think that. Carter conveyed that he'd heard them talking about ordering in earlier. Carter asked if it bothered Zende and assumed Zende had to have some issues with it. It wasn't Zende's dream living situation for Paris, but he trusted her and his cousin.

Carter conveyed that he was over it, but he would never have imagined what had happened with Zende and Zoe. As Zende's friend, Carter was advising Zende to keep his eyes open. Zende believed that Paris was a good influence on his cousin and said he should encourage the two to spend even more time together. "Don't go overboard, man!" Carter replied, chuckling.

Zende guessed he didn't really mean that, but he was proud of the influence Paris had on people. Carter felt the same way and said he'd told Paris that she could talk to him if need be. Carter stated that if he couldn't be fortunate in love, at least his buddy could be.

In Thomas' apartment, sensual music played. Thomas set out wine and glasses beside plates on his coffee table. Paris entered. Checking out the scene, she asked what "this" was all about. He recalled that they'd talked about having dinner, and he'd figured he should make it special, since they might not have many nights left as roommates.

Paris said she'd thought she'd be hanging out with Zende that night. Thomas didn't want to step on Zende's plans, but she figured Zende might be working late. It seemed as if Thomas had gone through a lot of trouble, and she was hungry and glad to get home and relax a bit.

Thomas and Paris settled down on separate sides of the sofa. He was kind of bummed that they hadn't had a lot of roommate time, and it would end as soon as he found a place. She told him that he didn't have to rush. Thomas said he was hoping to get to know her better that night.

Over wine, Thomas confessed that he'd had a whole plan to cook for Paris, but he'd wound up getting takeout. Paris said he'd already discussed picking up her favorite noodles. Thomas believed that he'd gotten all of her favorites. Paris was surprised that Thomas knew what all her favorites were. He said he didn't have a list, but he'd picked up on a few things.

Paris replied that she'd discovered some of Thomas' favorites, too. As a result, she wanted him to know that she had a boyfriend. "You get that, right?" she asked. Thomas knew that and said he told Zende that he was lucky all the time. Paris conveyed that she'd thought she'd been catching a vibe from Thomas. Thomas stated that she had to notice that he was impressed by her, and he asked how he could help himself from enjoying her qualities.

Paris gently suggested they circle back to her boyfriend statement. Thomas claimed to merely feel admiration and was sorry he wasn't stating it right. He respected Paris and Zende's relationship. Thomas was happy that they were moving forward -- if that was what she wanted. "'If?'" Paris repeated. Thomas stated that Paris could have another option if the feeling was mutual. He wanted to tell her how he felt before it was too late.

Thomas was deeply indebted to Paris for all the changes she'd brought to his life. Paris was appreciative, but she didn't know what he was talking about. He said she lit up his world, and Douglas was crazy about her. Thomas was, too. He wasn't afraid to say he was falling for her or to be vulnerable and honest with her about his feelings. He asked if a future with him was something she could be open to. He didn't want to be friends. He wanted to be much more.

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