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Brooke and Hope found themselves at odds with their family over Deacon. Brooke welcomed Deacon into her home, but Ridge advised Hope to move out if she needed Deacon so much. A broken lunch date caused Carter to reevaluate his instincts. Sheila sneaked in to see Finn.
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Brooke welcomed Deacon into her home, but Ridge didn't and ordered Hope to move out
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Ridge expects Brooke to support him throwing Deacon out

Ridge expects Brooke to support him throwing Deacon out

Monday, November 29, 2021

At Brooke's house, Ridge couldn't get over how his wife got sexier and sexier. With the house to themselves, Brooke began to hint about getting romantic, but Ridge was frustrated by Hope's insistence that Deacon be in their lives. Brooke shared Ridge's frustrations, but she couldn't dictate who her daughter could see or not see. Ridge said that he and Brooke had a right to say who could be on the property, and it was best to tell Hope that Deacon couldn't be there.

Brooke replied that Hope wasn't a little girl who had to do everything her mother said. Ridge felt that Deacon was manipulating Hope and guessed Brooke was okay with the relationship. Brooke wasn't saying that. Ridge wanted Brooke to remember that Deacon represented the darkest period in her life, to get angry about it, and to keep that predator from their family.

Brooke stated that Deacon was Hope's father. "He's not her father. He gave her life. That's it," Ridge contended. Brooke replied that Hope thought Deacon had changed. Ridge asked what Brooke thought. Brooke conveyed that she'd told Hope how she felt, but Hope didn't care. Ridge didn't think it was like Brooke to just give up, and he was surprised that he had to convince her to insist to Hope that Deacon was bad news.

Brooke disliked arguing about Deacon. Ridge claimed that they were just discussing it. He was certain Deacon would take advantage and wind up living in the cabin. Brooke insisted that they not let Deacon become a problem for them. She asked that they trust Hope's judgment and believe that Hope wasn't naïve like she'd been the last time Deacon had been around.

Ridge claimed that he'd calmed down. Brooke kissed him and went upstairs to get some notes for a conference call. The moment she'd gone, he left the house.

In Brooke's cabin, Deacon thanked Hope for having him over but continued to insist that he didn't want to cause problems in her family or marriage. It meant a lot to him that she'd give him another chance, and he intended to be worthy of her faith and belief in him.

Deacon regretted that he hadn't been a good father. Hope said that they could only learn from the past and do better going forward. He didn't think she realized what she'd done for him. She'd brought light into his world when he'd been in hopelessness and despair. The letter she'd sent him, asking to know him, had changed his life, but he didn't want to complicate her relationships with her husband and mother.

Hope said that Brooke seemed to be coming around. Deacon really wanted Brooke to see him in a new light. Hope told him not to give up; it wasn't impossible. Deacon noted that she felt that way about Liam accepting him, too. Hope advised Deacon to be consistent and convince the others that he wasn't running a scheme. Deacon thanked her for giving him a chance.

Hope had to get to the office. Deacon asked if he could hang out and make some calls. He was trying to line up things in his life, like a job and a place to stay. Hope told him that he was welcome there. She believed they'd make it work because they were all family.

Hope left, but when the front door opened again, he asked if Hope had forgotten something. Ridge entered, saying Hope had forgotten to throw Deacon out. Ridge figured she'd want him to do it for her. Unable to figure out why Deacon was in someone else's house, Ridge assumed Deacon had broken in. Deacon claimed he'd been invited, but Hope had left.

Ridge didn't buy that Hope had allowed Deacon to stay. Deacon reminded Ridge that she'd opened her home to her father. Ridge asserted that it was the guesthouse, and he wanted Deacon off the property. Deacon said it wasn't Ridge's call to make. Ridge saw Deacon as the same leech he'd always been and suspected he was there to get money from Brooke or Hope. Deacon said he only wanted Hope's love and respect, and he intended to earn it.

Ridge asserted that Deacon caused heartache wherever he went, but Ridge would protect Hope, whose daddy had never been around. Ridge would protect Hope, Brooke, and the children. Deacon said Ridge couldn't throw Deacon out of his daughter's home.

Ready to test that theory, Ridge grabbed Deacon by the collar. Brooke walked in and asked what Ridge was doing. He said he was taking out the trash, and he needed her to back him up.

At Forrester, Liam and Steffy arrived after leaving their kids with Donna. Steffy said they had to talk to Kelly about her bossy streak. Liam expressed his relief that he and Steffy were always on the same page about the kids, including keeping them away from people like Deacon.

Liam and Steffy understood Hope and Finn's feelings. Though they agreed that Deacon wasn't as bad as Sheila, Liam and Steffy felt that Deacon dragged trouble with him everywhere he went and couldn't be trusted to do the right thing. Liam asked how many times Hope would let Deacon let her down. Steffy figured it had to be putting a strain on Hope and Liam's marriage.

Liam felt that he and Hope had been in a good place, and he might feel different about it if kids weren't involved. Steffy didn't believe Deacon was above using the kids, which she claimed put her kids at risk. That was why Steffy wanted Liam to do everything within his power to stop Hope from pursuing a relationship with Deacon.

Liam said he was walking a tightrope and wouldn't be the husband who dictated to his wife. Steffy claimed that he'd be protecting his wife. She stated that Ridge was in the same situation with Brooke. According to Steffy, Brooke's involvement with Deacon had been the lowest time in Brooke's life and a painful reminder for Brooke and Ridge.

Steffy asked if Hope could see how it was affecting "her parents'" marriage. "I don't mean to put you in a difficult position between Hope and me," Steffy said. She was frustrated that Hope would take a stand over Deacon. Liam said that deep within Hope was that girl who still wanted a dad. Hope was forgiving and loving, and Liam didn't trust Deacon to do right by that.

Outside the office, Hope heard Steffy asking how many times Deacon had to show himself to Hope. Steffy told Liam not to let Hope's tunnel vision put his family at risk. Hope entered the office and said she really didn't appreciate Steffy saying things to Hope's husband that could cause problems in Hope's marriage.

The family rift over Deacon deepens

The family rift over Deacon deepens

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Ridge wanted Brooke to condone him throwing Deacon out, but she asked what Deacon was doing there and where Hope was. Ridge figured Brooke knew why Deacon was there and that it would end in another crushing disappointment. Deacon told Ridge to stop treating him like the big bad guy trying to infiltrate Ridge's family. Deacon said that Hope trusted him, and Brooke could, too. Ridge grabbed Deacon, but Brooke said to leave Deacon alone.

Brooke decided that it was Hope's home, and there was really nothing Brooke and Ridge could do. Ridge believed that he and Brooke had a say. Deacon asserted that Ridge couldn't barge into Hope's home. Brooke asked Deacon to let her and Ridge talk, but Deacon said Ridge was acting like Deacon had broken into the place. Deacon warned that if Ridge kept pushing, he'd force Hope to make a choice. That sounded like a threat to Ridge.

Deacon said it wasn't, and it wasn't what he wanted. Ridge assumed Deacon wanted what he'd had before when he'd convinced Ridge's wife to betray her daughter. Ridge said Bridget had loved that snake, and Brooke had slept with him. Ridge asked if Brooke really wanted that constant reminder in her life. Deacon asked why Ridge had brought that up.

Ridge didn't want Brooke and Hope involved in whatever Deacon had going on. Ridge asked Brooke to look at him. She did, and he asked why it was so hard to understand. Brooke looked away again. She said she hated what it was doing to them. Ridge said Brooke could stop it, but Brooke replied that Hope would leave with the kids if they didn't allow Deacon into the family. Brooke didn't want to be the one to drive Hope away. Ridge said it was Deacon. Brooke asked if Hope could be right and if Deacon could have changed.

Deacon offered to prove it. Ridge told Deacon to prove it by leaving. Deacon felt that was what everyone expected him to do, but he refused to let Hope down and disappear on her. He sensed that Brooke and Hope believed in him. He said Brooke might only believe in him because of Hope, but he could see that it was true. Ridge asked if it was true. Brooke wanted to talk to Ridge, but Ridge decided he needed to leave before he said something he'd regret.

In the CEO's office, Hope hadn't expected Steffy to fuel Liam's insecurities about Deacon. Liam claimed that Steffy was concerned about the effect Deacon could have on their lives, and she was encouraging Liam to keep trying to get through to Hope. Hope believed that Steffy wanted Liam to change Hope's mind. Steffy said that Liam was the only one who could.

Hope asserted that Liam was her husband, and what happened in their marriage and family was their business. Just as Steffy had asked Hope to respect those boundaries on the topic of Sheila, Hope was asking Steffy to do the same thing and not interfere with Hope's marriage.

Steffy claimed she wasn't interfering in Hope's marriage, and Liam said it wasn't about their marriage. He said it was about Deacon's effect on everyone. Steffy asked when Deacon had ever done anything but disappoint Hope. Steffy didn't want him to hurt Hope again and called him a threat to the family. Hope wasn't worried about it at all.

"That's what scares us," Liam replied. Liam didn't want Deacon around the kids if he was still the same guy. Liam said Hope could still write letters and send pictures, but it was best if Deacon left town and never returned. Hope maintained that her father would be in her life if she chose to have him. Liam said she was making that choice for a lot of people.

Steffy added that they couldn't even question it because Hope was supposedly the only one who knew Deacon. Hope replied that Steffy hadn't even tried to get to know Deacon. Steffy felt she knew enough and that Hope should, too. Hope believed that everyone deserved a chance to prove themselves, but Liam felt they needed to think of the kids.

Hope insisted that she would never put the kids in harm's way, and she didn't want the kids growing up afraid, thinking people were incapable of change. Liam wanted the kids to be as compassionate and loving as Hope was, but he felt there was a time to be reasonable and cautious when warranted. Steffy said that Hope normally was, "but -- "

Hope took offense, and Steffy claimed she wasn't trying to argue with Hope. Liam said he wasn't, either. Hope replied that it wouldn't get any easier if Liam kept treating her father like a monster. Deacon merely wanted love and a connection. She was determined to give him that.

Liam claimed to get it. His father was no paragon of virtue, either. Hope pointed out that Liam was still glad he'd gotten to know Bill. Liam claimed it was because it had made him aware of who Bill was. Steffy said she was in the same situation with Sheila and Finn. Hope conveyed that Deacon was nothing like Sheila, but Steffy said it was causing the same tension.

Steffy claimed that she and Finn had gotten through it, and Hope and Liam would, too. Steffy asked what would happen if Deacon went back to his old ways and started drinking or asking for money. In her view, things could get really bad. Deacon was always on the brink of crashing and burning. Liam reasoned that all it would take was one little bump to send Deacon spiraling.

Hope replied that it was why she wanted to give Deacon some stability. In Liam's mind, Liam wasn't trying to control Hope, Steffy wasn't trying to pick fights, and Ridge wasn't just being a jerk. He insisted they were looking out for Hope and the kids. Liam didn't get why Hope wasn't hearing him.

Hope said she'd heard that Liam didn't trust her or her judgment. In her mind, Liam didn't think she knew what was best for herself or her family. It wasn't surprising coming from Steffy or Ridge, but coming from Liam, it was hurtful and disappointing. With that, Hope walked out.

Later, Liam returned to the office, astonished that Hope had just left. He claimed it wasn't what they did. They talked things out and listened to each other. Steffy stated that she should have given them time to talk. Liam appreciated it but said it affected Steffy, too.

Ridge strode in. Liam and Steffy conveyed what had transpired with Hope. Steffy blamed herself for Hope walking in on Steffy and Liam talking about Deacon. Liam said Hope had gone into defensive mode. Ridge revealed that it was getting that way with Brooke, too, as she'd just defended Deacon when he'd been at the cabin.

Liam was surprised that Deacon had been in his home. Ridge explained that Brooke hadn't let him throw Deacon out. Instead, she'd wanted to defend Deacon, just like Hope. Ridge was starting to wonder if Deacon was there to reconnect with his daughter only. Ridge believed that Deacon was getting into Brooke's head and said it wouldn't end well.

Back in Brooke's cabin, Deacon said he hated putting Brooke in such a position with Ridge. Brooke disliked being at odds with Ridge but couldn't change what Hope wanted. Deacon didn't like being a problem for Hope and Brooke. He desired to live up to the faith that they'd put in him.

Hope arrived as Deacon noted that Brooke had raised Hope to be the most forgiving person he knew. Hope added that Brooke had taught her not to give up on people. Deacon thought he'd been doing Hope a favor by being absent, but it was the biggest regret of his life. He believed he had his last shot at redemption. No one would get in his way, not even Ridge.

Brooke mentioned that Ridge had been there. Deacon was stoked that Brooke had defended him and had asked if Hope might be right about Deacon being changed. Hope was thrilled but figured Ridge hadn't reacted well to it. Hope felt that others needed to hear it so that the family could have peace. She said Ridge, Liam, and Steffy's resistance was demoralizing. Hope felt that they didn't trust her judgment. Hope needed Brooke's support and said Deacon did, too.

Carter has an epiphany about his love life

Carter has an epiphany about his love life

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

In the design office, Carter gushed over the ads Katie had created for Forrester Creation's international markets. Carter suggested that they continue their discussion over lunch at Il Giardino. Katie smiled and accepted the invitation. Paris burst into the office and immediately apologized for interrupting.

Katie received a text message from Bill asking to talk. She wasn't sure what he wanted, so she excused herself from the room to give Bill a call. After Katie left, Paris noted that Carter seemed "a little weird." Carter shared that he was a little concerned for Katie because of all the things that Bill had put her through. Paris pursed her lips and looked on in amusement as Carter explained that Katie was "a friend."

Paris shared that she believed Katie and Carter would be a cute couple. She suggested that they "crunch the numbers" on her financial situation over lunch, but Carter revealed that he had already made lunch plans. Paris thanked Carter for taking time out to help her, though Carter assured her he always had time for her. "You're the kind of person that can literally lift someone up just by walking into a room," Carter said with a broad smile.

Sometime later, Katie returned to tell Carter that she had to cancel their lunch plans because Bill had unexpectedly arranged a video call with Will. Carter told Katie that he understood her decision and agreed that her son had to come first.

As Carter sat at his desk, presumably stinging from his canceled luncheon plans, Paris returned to the design office and asked why Carter wasn't at lunch. Carter was reluctant to discuss the matter with Paris, but he eventually agreed to share what was on his mind.

"I've been doing some self-reflecting, and I think I'm beginning to realize the reason I've been a perpetual bachelor isn't because of the women I've been choosing but the choices I've been making," Carter replied. He recounted why he believed that things had not worked out with Maya, Zoe, and Quinn. Paris praised Carter's "big heart" and said that his "superpower" was rescuing people. Paris said that she would always be there for him. Carter smiled and told Paris that he wanted to take her out to lunch.

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Ridge told Liam and Steffy how Brooke had blocked his plan to throw Deacon out of the house. Steffy was stunned that Brooke had taken Deacon's side. Liam explained that Hope was convinced that Deacon could be the father she had always wanted. Liam said that he was unsure how to get through to Hope, and Steffy added that Hope was "completely unreasonable."

Steffy wondered if Hope was trying to recreate the "sweet happy family" fantasy that she had held on to for years. Ridge took umbrage at Steffy's insinuation that Brooke wanted to normalize her relationship with Deacon. Steffy argued that Deacon had succeeded in creating a rift between Brooke and Ridge that gave Deacon "a wider space to come through." Steffy wondered "what damage" Deacon had to inflict before Hope and Brooke would see the truth.

Brooke and Deacon took turns explaining that the people Hope believed had turned against her were really just looking out for her. Deacon confessed that if the situation were reversed, he'd probably feel the same as Ridge. Hope thanked Brooke for supporting her. Brooke admitted that it was not easy to support her daughter and stated that there was good reason for everyone -- herself included -- to not trust Deacon.

Brooke continued, explaining to Hope that Deacon simply being sorry for the things he had done was not enough to make everyone forget what he had done. Deacon promised that Brooke's faith in him was not misplaced, vowing that he would not "screw it up." Hope reminded Brooke that the three of them were family, and there was nothing that Ridge, Liam, or Steffy could do to change that.

Later, Liam returned home and found Hope alone. They made small talk about Douglas' spelling test and Beth's upcoming pediatrician appointment. The tension palpable, Liam decided that he had to remind his wife that he felt an obligation to be protective of her and the kids. Hope understood but asked that Liam try to understand that she knew what she was doing when it came to Deacon.

In the living room of Brooke's house, Ridge told Brooke that he hated arguing with her. He asked why Brooke had taken to defending Deacon. Brooke stated that it was ultimately Hope's decision about how Deacon would fit into Hope's life. Ridge disagreed and asked why Brooke would allow a man who had "caused nothing but pain and heartache" back into her life. Before Brooke could respond, Ridge asked her if she still had feelings for Deacon.

Deacon presses Brooke to recall their good memories

Deacon presses Brooke to recall their good memories

Thursday, December 2, 2021

At Il Giardino, Paris wondered who Carter's original lunch date had been. She mentioned Katie, but when Carter flashed her a look, Paris decided to mind her own business. He admitted that it had been Katie, and Paris asked if something could be brewing between them.

"Could be" was the operative phrase, according to Carter. The way Katie had had to cancel on him in order to hop on a call with Bill and Will had reminded Carter that he kept choosing women who weren't truly available. He wondered why he put himself in those situations. He guessed he wasn't good at relationships. Sarcastically, Carter figured Paris was glad she'd chosen to have lunch with him. "Actually, I am," she replied, and they exchanged smiles.

Carter said his involvements with women never went well, and Zoe had even left town, never to return. He thought he needed to look in the mirror and see the common denominator in his failed relationships. Paris didn't buy that he couldn't make a relationship work, and she said he wasn't bad to look at. She believed that someday soon, he'd fall madly in love, and the woman would, too. At that point, he'd realize that he'd found the right woman to build a life with.

In Sheila's hotel room, Deacon arrived frustrated because he had no job or place of his own, and he was strapped for cash. Sheila didn't feel sorry for him because at least he got to see Hope. Sheila, on the other hand, couldn't go near Finn, thanks to Steffy. Sheila ranted about "Miss High and Mighty" Steffy, who just had to hold on to old grudges.

Interrupting, Deacon didn't want to be dragged into Sheila's business. He had his hands full with Ridge. Deacon asked if Ridge really thought Deacon had some strange hold on Brooke and Hope. As he drank a beer, Deacon was thankful that Hope was receptive to him and that Brooke had stopped giving him the cold shoulder. He said he only wished he could get a job and a place of his own.

Sheila wanted the same thing with her son, but Finn had a Rottweiler of a wife guarding him. Deacon assumed Sheila was admitting defeat. Shoving a chair, Sheila denied it. She was just frustrated because Steffy was trying to run her out of town. Deacon said Steffy's old man was trying to do the same thing to him. Sheila thought it was time to team up and take action.

Deacon said he'd told Hope and Brooke that he was cutting ties with Sheila, and he intended to keep his word. Sheila said to relax. All she wanted to do was come up with something to throw Ridge and Steffy off kilter, and Sheila already had an idea brewing.

At Brooke's house, Ridge claimed he wasn't attacking Brooke. It was just the way she looked at "that man." She replied that "that man" had a name. Ridge roared that he knew Deacon's name, and Ridge knew that Deacon was using Hope to get to Brooke. Ridge wanted Brooke to say there was no way she'd ever have feelings for "this guy."

Brooke said she'd already told Ridge that she didn't have feelings for Deacon. She asked if the issue was that Ridge didn't believe her. Ridge had noticed that Deacon had worked on Hope until he'd become "Father of the Year," and Deacon was after Brooke's acceptance. Ridge could see that it was working, and he saw pain and heartache on the horizon.

Ridge brought up what Brooke had done to Bridget. Brooke didn't understand why he was doing that. She asked if he was trying to hurt her. Ridge claimed he'd never want to do that, but he couldn't stand on the sidelines and let Deacon hurt Brooke or Hope again.

Brooke recalled that it had been a terrible time, and Ridge had been with Taylor. Brooke didn't want to keep dredging it up. Ridge claimed he was only reminding her of what Deacon was capable of, and Ridge vowed to protect their family -- whatever it took. Ridge told Brooke to never forget how much he loved her, and he left to take care of something.

Brooke flashed back to Deacon telling her that the only thing worth living for, dying for, and fighting for was love. "I waited until Ridge left," Brooke heard. Looking up, she saw Deacon on her doorstep. She told him that he couldn't be there, but he said he'd needed to talk to her.

Brooke didn't think that was a good idea. Deacon thanked Brooke for not standing in his way the way Ridge was and for allowing him to forge a relationship with Hope. She said Hope was grown. Deacon believed that if Brooke had come down hard, things would be different. Brooke replied that Hope would have moved off the property, so Brooke was trying to support Hope.

Deacon felt that Brooke's support of Hope was also support of him. His dreams were beginning to come true, and he said he'd be lying if he said part of his dream wasn't about seeing Brooke. She scoffed. He knew that his presence complicated things, and seeing him brought up difficult memories; however, there had been amazing memories, too, and they'd created Hope.

Deacon recalled that his and Brooke's chemistry had been nuts, and they'd fought it for as long as they'd been able. He hated that they'd hurt Bridget, but he hadn't forgotten one moment of their connection. He asked Brooke to say she hadn't forgotten, either.

At Forrester, Finn visited Steffy before his shift. Finn said that Jack was still trying to reach out to Finn and Li, hoping they'd become a family again. Finn was still struggling with the way Jack had lied Finn's entire life. Finn didn't know if he could trust someone like that again.

Finn revealed that Sheila had been the one to urge Jack to be honest. Steffy asked why Sheila hadn't told Finn herself. Finn assumed Sheila had thought it was Jack's responsibility, but Finn liked that Sheila had been advocating for what she thought was best for him.

Steffy thought Finn was giving Sheila more credit than she deserved and said Sheila only did things that benefited her. Finn knew it, but "maybe this one time..." Finn shrugged. Steffy understood the turmoil he was in but warned that Sheila would try to take advantage of it.

Later, Finn was working in his office at the hospital when Sheila slipped in, wearing scrubs and a face mask. She removed the mask, and he told her that she couldn't be there. Sheila knew. She'd wanted to check on him after he'd found out about his biological father and her involvement with Jack. She'd wanted to make sure that Finn was okay.

Ridge orders Hope to pack her things and move out of the cabin

Ridge orders Hope to pack her things and move out of the cabin

Friday, December 3, 2021

At the hospital, Finn was upset that Sheila had sneaked into his office in scrubs. Trying to ameliorate matters, Sheila noted that she hadn't gone to his house. She'd been trying to respect Steffy's boundaries, but Sheila had been worried about him after Jack's confession.

Finn affirmed that it had been difficult for him to learn that his father had lied to him for his entire life. Sheila was glad Jack had taken her advice and said he should have told Finn years back. Finn replied that she could have told him. She said she'd wanted to, but she'd promised Jack. She also knew that if Finn had heard it from her, she would have been accused of lying, manipulating, and interfering in Jack's marriage. Therefore, Finn had needed to hear it from Jack.

Finn agreed, and as upsetting as it had been, he was glad to finally know. He thanked Sheila for what she'd done to get Jack to admit it. Finn decided that he needed to get to his patients, and Sheila offered to be there if he needed to talk. Finn thanked her but said she knew that wasn't possible. Sheila accepted that it was that way then, "but in the future..."

Sheila said that if it could happen for Deacon and Hope, it could happen for Finn and Sheila. Finn called the situations different. Disagreeing, she admitted envying Deacon's chance to bond with Finn. She noted that even Brooke was opening up to Deacon.

At Forrester, a model flirted with Thomas. Once she'd gone, Steffy said she was glad Finn wasn't around models all day. Thomas figured Finn was surrounded by nurses. She claimed not to be the jealous type, but there was one woman she didn't want around Finn.

Thomas and Steffy discussed Finn and the effect Jack's revelation had had on him. Thomas figured Sheila had been smart to get Jack to reveal the truth, thereby causing Finn to be grateful to her. Steffy said Finn was thankful but not naïve, and he knew he could never trust Sheila.

At Brooke's house, Brooke laughed at Deacon. "Oh, please," she said in response to him recalling how "good" they'd been together. For her, it had been a betrayal and the worst time of her life. He reminded her that they'd made Hope. Brooke said she'd never regret Hope.

Brooke desired to support her husband. For the most part, she did; however, she also wanted to support her daughter, and Hope wanted Deacon in her life. "So, in that case..." Brooke stated. Brooke's words meant a lot to Deacon, but she clarified that she supported Hope, not him.

Deacon claimed to get it and didn't want to cause problems for Brooke or her marriage. Brooke felt the need to be sensitive to Ridge's feelings but said Ridge had to accept reality. If Hope wanted a relationship with her father, it meant that Brooke and Ridge had to have one with him, too. Brooke decided that it meant that Deacon was welcome there.

Deacon had never thought he'd hear those words. Brooke said she'd retract them if need be. She warned him not to mess it up and to stay sober. She instructed him to be careful whom he associated with -- Sheila or other psychopaths. It was a done deal for Deacon, who didn't want to cause any problems. Brooke thought that was good as long as he had no hidden agendas.

Deacon confessed to one hidden agenda -- to see Brooke happy. He didn't know how she could be with Ridge, and he recalled the back and forth between her and Taylor. Brooke replied that it was ancient history, but he asked how she put up with Ridge's ego. Brooke advised Deacon not to worry about her happiness; she and Ridge would be just fine.

Deacon asked when Ridge would be back. Brooke didn't know, but she didn't want a confrontation. Deacon thought it was unavoidable, since he was welcome there. He said that Ridge would have to eventually admit that Deacon wasn't the bad boy he'd once been.

Brooke thought "bad boy" was one way to describe it. Deacon recalled that she'd once wanted the bad boy. He figured that, after all that time, she could admit that the bad boy had been a turn-on. "Best sex of your life," Deacon uttered.

Brooke decided that was Deacon's cue to leave. She suggested that they leave the past behind them and that he focus on Hope -- not Brooke or their memories. Sexy memories flashed through Deacon's mind, and Brooke asked if he was even listening. She suggested he visit Hope and be the father he claimed he wanted to be. He promised not to let Brooke down. Brooke didn't want him making promises to her. "Don't let Hope down," Brooke said.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope heard Ridge at the door and told him to come on in. Ridge entered and told her that Deacon was not welcome there -- not in their home or in their lives. Ridge called Deacon a con artist, but Hope said Deacon was a former con artist looking to make amends.

Ridge asserted that Deacon had been a troublemaker since before Hope had been born. Ridge didn't get how no one remembered that. He implored Hope to listen and to do the right thing. Hope felt that Ridge had said all there was to say, but her choice was to have her father in her life. Ridge said he could accept that Hope wanted her father around her. "But am I going to have him around me and my wife? Absolutely not. But, like I said, there are options," Ridge affirmed.

Hope asked what that meant. Ridge explained that they lived in a house with rules. The number one rule was to keep the family safe. Having Deacon around wasn't safe for anyone, so if Hope wanted Deacon around her, there were plenty of other places to live.

Hope assumed that meant Ridge was suggesting that she move off her mother's property. He figured that if she wanted to be around Deacon so much, she should move on. Ridge loved having Hope and her family there. Brooke did, too, but if Hope needed Deacon in her life, then she should go. Hope asked if it was about her needs or Ridge's.

Ridge said it was a bit of both. Ridge figured he'd been honest about it. He couldn't be around Deacon. "I despise the kid," Ridge said. He admitted that when he saw Deacon, all he could see was Brooke's biggest betrayal. Ridge didn't want to get into it with Hope and thought it was best to just say it was about their marriages and his sanity. Hope could be with Deacon in her own home, not Ridge's.

Ridge had been racking his brain to find a solution. It had occurred to him that Hope didn't need anyone to warn or protect her because she was an adult. If Hope wouldn't let him protect her, then he'd protect himself, Brooke, and the life they'd built. He wouldn't share his life with Deacon. Hope could do it if she wanted, but not there.

Hope asked if Ridge had discussed it with Brooke. Ridge planned to, but he'd wanted to talk to Hope, who'd brought it up first. Hope said she'd brought it up, but it was different from being told to leave and being told that she, her husband, and her kids weren't welcome there.

Outside the door, Deacon listened in as Ridge claimed he hadn't said that. He loved Hope and her family. They'd always be welcome there, but Deacon wasn't. Ridge couldn't have a man he despised there, pretending it was his house. It was affecting Ridge's relationship with Brooke, and Ridge wouldn't let Deacon come between him and Brooke again. Ridge planned to fight tooth and nail for his marriage, and he needed to keep his sanity.

"What you are asking -- " Hope began to say. Ridge replied that he wasn't asking. He told her to grab her husband, her kids, and her stuff and move on.

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