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Sheila poked fun at Deacon's new job and living arrangements. Deacon and Hope's new hobby further divided Brooke and Ridge. Thomas was taken aback when Taylor asked when Douglas would move in with him. Steffy and Taylor commiserated about the Logans.
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Deacon and Hope's closeness continued to divide Brooke and Ridge, while Taylor's return seemed to be a unifier
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Brooke confides in Katie as Ridge catches up with Taylor

Brooke confides in Katie as Ridge catches up with Taylor

Monday, December 13, 2021

At Brooke's house, Brooke let Katie in and thanked her for stopping by. Katie noticed that something was on Brooke's mind, but Brooke wanted to hear about Katie's personal life first. Katie wondered what personal life, and Brooke specifically asked about Bill. Katie conveyed that Bill was doing all he could to win her back, but she wasn't sure what the future held.

Katie asked what was going on with Brooke, and Brooke stated that she didn't know if she needed to be worried about herself and Ridge. Katie said the marriage was solid, but Brooke replied that it had been until Deacon had returned to town.

Katie asked if Deacon was up to no good. Brooke responded that he hadn't been doing anything but trying to show her and Hope that he was a different man. Katie asked what Brooke's gut told her about it. Brooke suspected that he was tired of his old life and hustling to get by, and she imagined that his time alone in prison had scared him.

Katie asked if Deacon had changed, and she noted that Ridge probably didn't think it was possible. Agreeing, Brooke said she'd also been upset about Deacon's return, but it was up to Hope whether she wanted a relationship with him. Katie surmised that Brooke was trying to support both Hope and Ridge. Brooke conveyed that it seemed impossible. Brooke and Ridge had very different viewpoints, and she hoped it didn't get between them.

The topic turned to Hope threatening to move out over Deacon. Brooke and Hope had gotten beyond that; however, Ridge had ordered Hope to cut ties with Deacon or leave the property. Brooke said she wouldn't allow it. Brooke asked what she could do. Brooke would move mountains for Hope but also didn't want to alienate Ridge.

Brooke didn't know if Ridge was overreacting or if she was being insensitive. Brooke questioned what was wrong with her, given that she knew how Ridge felt. Deacon did remind everyone of the scandal. Katie said Ridge had been married to Taylor when Hope had been conceived.

Even though Katie was skeptical, she thought that it was important that Hope had a father who wanted to be in her life, someone she could depend upon. Katie recalled how abandoned and betrayed they'd felt when Stephen had walked out on them. Brooke didn't want the cycle to repeat itself, nor did she want to stand in the way of Hope getting to know her father. Katie decided that Brooke wasn't wrong or being insensitive. Brooke was a mother who wanted to give her child something Broke had never had growing up.

At Forrester, Thomas tried to go over fabrics with Steffy, but she wasn't paying attention. He was sorry he'd called her away from home with Finn. Steffy conveyed that Finn hadn't been there, but she bet Thomas would never guess who had been there instead. Thomas guessed for a while, and eventually, Steffy revealed that their mother had returned.

Thomas said he'd just talked to Taylor the other day, and she hadn't said a thing about returning. Steffy wanted to plan a dinner and said their father might come, too. Thomas said he would love to have them all in the same room.

Thomas and Steffy discussed how he'd spent more time with Taylor when he'd been going through "all that stuff with Hope." Steffy thought they were lucky to have a compassionate, loving mother who was a world-renowned psychiatrist. Thomas and Steffy thought Taylor always put others first and needed to focus on herself. Steffy conveyed that other things had kept Taylor away. Thomas assumed Ridge, but Steffy replied that she was really talking about Brooke.

Thomas didn't know if the wondering about what their family would have been would ever go away. Steffy said it wouldn't as long as Ridge was with Brooke.

The siblings talked about how Ridge had picked up the slack when Taylor had moved to Paris, and then Taylor had started traveling all over the world with her fellowship. Ridge had wanted to make sure Taylor had had nothing to worry about with their kids. Thomas said Ridge and Taylor had been broken up for a while but had maintained a friendship for the kids and grandkids.

"If he hadn't chosen Brooke over Mom...could you imagine?" Steffy said. Thomas said Brooke had room for improvement, but she wasn't an awful, evil person. Steffy guessed he was saying that Brooke was no Sheila. Steffy said that Ridge loved Brooke, but deep down, he was still in love with Taylor.

At the cliff house, Ridge and Taylor hugged, and she announced that his ex-wife had returned. Taylor noticed that Ridge had cut his hair. She'd always liked it short. He said he remembered. Taylor explained that she'd made her visit a surprise. Ridge replied that it was a surprise, and she'd been missed.

Later, Ridge and Taylor checked on the kids, and Ridge suspected the kids would be very happy to see Taylor when they awakened. Taylor felt lucky to have such great relationships with her three grandchildren due to Steffy and Thomas keeping her updated and having regular video chats. Ridge claimed that Kelly, Hayes, and Douglas talked about Taylor all the time.

Taylor said she always prayed for good Wi-Fi, so she could read them stories and sing them songs. In her view, nothing compared to being there in person. The topic turned to Douglas, who was into space exploration. Ridge said that Douglas might be the smartest Forrester. Taylor laughed, and Ridge said he'd missed that smile.

Taylor claimed that she and Ridge had made beautiful children, and those children had children of their own. They talked about how much Hayes looked like Ridge, and Taylor was honored that the boy had been named after her. Taylor was proud of Steffy and wished she'd flown in for Hayes's birth. Ridge said Taylor had had a seminar; she'd been making the world a better place.

Ridge assumed it was gratifying work and that Taylor had met amazing people along the way. Affirming it, she said she'd met dedicated and compassionate people, but she was glad to be home. She'd missed her kids -- and Ridge.

Taylor felt that she'd missed many milestones, but Ridge said the kids understood and were proud of her. He was, too. She said it had been the most meaningful work she'd ever been a part of. She'd thought it had been the right time to pack and leave Los Angeles. The kids had been grown and out of the house, and it had been her duty as a doctor to make a difference.

Taylor claimed to not be trying to put herself on a pedestal. Ridge said she'd always been humble. "That's one of the things I love about you, Doc," he added. Taylor was touched and said she hadn't heard that name in a while. He apologized, but she said it felt good.

Thomas and Steffy witness an embrace

Thomas and Steffy witness an embrace

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

At Forrester, Thomas and Steffy continued to marvel at the return of their mother. Thomas wondered if Ridge had seen Taylor. Steffy didn't think so, but she figured it would be a significant moment for Taylor. Steffy had gotten the sense that Taylor still loved Ridge.

The topic turned to Thomas agreeing to let Taylor help him in therapy. Steffy thought he was better for it. He attributed it to Taylor and wished work hadn't kept Taylor away. Steffy said Taylor had stayed away because it had been hard to see Ridge living his life with Brooke. Thomas said that Steffy might be right, and Taylor might still be in love with Ridge on some level.

At the cliff house, Ridge was glad that Taylor was there. It meant a lot to her that he'd said that. She believed she'd stay a while, and he said he couldn't tell her how glad he was to hear it. Ridge said that when he'd walked in, he'd felt one way, but he'd become happy. It was because of Taylor, and he was glad she'd stick around for a while.

Later, Taylor began discussing the honor it was to be there for people. Ridge said she'd always been selfless. Disagreeing, Taylor stated that the reason she'd returned home was all about her. He asked what that meant, and she claimed she'd wanted to see her kids and be with her grandkids. Video-chatting had been fine, but it had been time for her to be there in person.

The topic turned to Thomas. Ridge felt that Thomas was in a good place and doing excellent work. Taylor asked about the relationship with Hope, and Ridge said it was fine, and there were no problems. Taylor was relieved, but Ridge said Thomas was where he was due to Taylor.

Taylor said Thomas had done the work, but she was concerned about Douglas. Ridge felt that Douglas was doing great, but she didn't know why Thomas didn't have his son back by yet. She said no one should forget that Douglas was a Forrester, and her concern was that he was living at Brooke's with Hope, surrounded by "all those Logans" at an impressionable age.

Claiming not to be ungrateful, Taylor thought Hope had been wonderful to Douglas, and Brooke had opened her door to the child. Taylor was sure he was very happy. Ridge said the boy was happy, and he asked why she thought Douglas didn't see his father. Taylor noted that seeing Thomas wasn't the same as living with him. Douglas was living at Brooke's with Liam and Hope.

Taylor asked where the biology was. Ridge said it was he, and Douglas' sexy grandfather was there for him. Taylor thanked God for Ridge. She guessed she shouldn't be talking about it. She didn't want to cause any problems for him and Brooke.

Ridge shifted awkwardly, and Taylor asked if there was trouble in his marriage. Taylor retracted the question, but Ridge didn't want to pretend that she couldn't read him. He admitted that he and Brooke weren't agreeing on someone: Deacon Sharpe, who was out of prison and sniffing around Hope. Taylor didn't think Brooke could be okay with that.

Ridge felt that no one was listening to him. He said Brooke was buying the new version of Deacon, and it was troubling. Taylor agreed with Ridge, given Brooke and Deacon's past. Ridge couldn't believe Brooke wanted Deacon in her life after all he'd done to her. Taylor was sorry he was going through it, and as she hugged him, Thomas and Steffy entered the house.

At Brooke's house, Katie said she believed that Brooke was caught in the middle, and Brooke said there was no give on either side because Ridge and Hope were each adamant about their positions.

Brooke conveyed that Hope had shared some of Deacon's prison letters with Brooke, and the letters had made Brooke see that Deacon was committed to being a good and present father. Katie recalled that it was something they only could have wished for from their father while growing up. It had taken a lot of work, but Katie felt that she and her sisters had a great relationship with Stephen. Katie believed Hope deserved the same opportunity.

Brooke had been conflicted about Deacon not being there for Hope when she'd been young. It had probably been the best thing for her, but Brooke had still been angry that Deacon could hurt Hope that way. Katie said it had been a terrible thing to do to a child, but if the missing parent really wanted to make amends, he should have the chance.

Katie recalled being unable to enjoy the holidays as a child because she and her siblings had always been waiting for that phone call or postcard from Stephen. She said it was cruel to leave one's kids and never look back, and that pain was a part of her, like Storm's heart was a part of her. They felt they'd forced Storm into a fatherly role. Katie said Hope had a shot for her wounds to heal, and no one should make Brooke out to be wrong for supporting that. It was something to celebrate.

Brooke agreed and wished Ridge would see it that way. She thanked her sister for her support. She didn't get much of it when it came to Deacon, but she believed that people could change and evolve. Katie believed that, too. Brooke said that she and Hope didn't have blinders on, and so far, Deacon had been nice, genuine, and loving. "Things aren't missing," Brooke joked.

Katie remembered reconciling with Stephen and building an outstanding relationship with him. Brooke didn't want her and Ridge to be the reason Hope didn't have a relationship with her dad. Katie reasoned that letting the past go was difficult but doable, and forgiveness was never wrong when it was about family. Brooke hoped that Ridge would find the same conclusion.

In the cabin, Hope was practicing martial arts when Deacon arrived. He hoped it was okay and noted that Liam's car hadn't been in the driveway. Hope replied that Deacon was always welcome. The two peeked in on Beth and Douglas, and back in the main room, Deacon thought it was cute that Douglas was drawing while Beth napped. Hope was excited that Deacon would get to know Beth more, and he was thankful Hope and Brooke had given him the chance.

Deacon wished he could go back in time and make better choices where Hope had been concerned. Nothing that had gone on in his life made up for the time he'd lost with her. Hope chose to focus on the present. Deacon promised not to let Hope down.

Deacon noticed the self-defense class Hope was taking on her laptop. He announced that they had something else in common. He thought video classes were fine, but real martial arts required discipline, focus, honor, and respect. He offered to teach her a few things.

"Bow to your sensei," Deacon said. Hope did as commanded, and he hit her on the head. He said the first lesson was "eyes here," and there was nothing more important than what was right in front of her.

Brooke and Ridge share happy family moments -- but not with each other

Brooke and Ridge share happy family moments -- but not with each other

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

As she poured herself a cup of tea, Brooke commented that she believed Ridge knew "what it takes to hold a family together." She added that if one had "enough grace and enough forgiveness," they could get through anything. Katie asked if Brooke thought that Ridge would ever be able to forgive Deacon and welcome him into the family.

Settling into one of her living room chairs with a big sigh, Brooke replied that she hoped so. Brooke said that she did not want to think about what could happen if Ridge didn't. Brooke confessed that she had initially been skeptical of Deacon, but she noted that Deacon had given her no reason to doubt that he truly wanted a relationship with Hope.

Katie wondered if Hope saw Deacon's return as a chance for the three of them -- Hope, Brooke, and Deacon -- to be a family. Brooke called that a complicated situation and said that she did not want Ridge to feel "threatened." Brooke added that both she and Ridge had children from previous relationships, stating that she did not feel threatened by Thomas or Steffy.

Deacon told Hope that "being a rat in prison can get you killed." However, he said that another "rat" could keep a person safe --- Rapid Assault Techniques. Deacon showed off a series of moves that intrigued his daughter. They took a brief break so that Deacon could ask Hope what had spurred her interest in self-defense. "Maybe it's in my DNA," Hope quipped.

Hope assured her father that she had not taken it up because of any kind of threat. Rather, she had wanted to make sure that she would always be able to defend herself. The two talked about their mutual love of martial arts before resuming their workout.

Brooke popped into the cabin as Deacon and Hope were sparring and jokingly said that she didn't know if Deacon and Hope were "getting along or trying to knock each other's heads off." Brooke expressed her concern that Deacon and Hope could get hurt. Hope insisted she wouldn't get hurt, but she wasn't so sure about Deacon. Deacon smiled broadly as he noted that he would need to stay on his toes with "Lightning-fist Logan."

Hope suggested that Deacon show Brooke a few self-defense moves, but Brooke politely declined. Deacon said that Brooke didn't need martial arts because she could "stop a guy in his tracks with just a giggle." Brooke blushed slightly and replied that she didn't do that to just anyone. A few moments of awkward silence ensued before Brooke giddily agreed to learn some of Deacon's moves.

Brooke struggled to pick up some of the moves she was shown, but Deacon praised Brooke for having a "black belt in overcoming obstacles." Deacon remarked that he was glad that Hope had taken after Brooke.

As she stood in the doorway, prepared to enter her home, Steffy cleared her throat to announce her and Thomas' presence. When Taylor and Ridge broke their embrace, Steffy asked if she and Thomas could "get in on [the] family reunion." Taylor gushed as she gave Thomas a hug, brushing his cheek as if to make sure that he was real. Ridge said it was "a beautiful sight" to see the family all in one place.

Thomas floated the idea of getting Douglas out of school early, but Taylor said it wasn't necessary because they would have plenty of time to spend together. Taylor expressed her surprise that the custody arrangement between Hope and Thomas had not been amended to allow Thomas to spend more time with Douglas. Taylor reminded Thomas that Douglas was a Forrester, not a Logan.

Sensing that her comment created some tension, Taylor started to backpedal. Steffy chimed in that Taylor was not the only one who believed that Thomas should spend more time with his son. Thomas said that he would be forever grateful to Hope for stepping up and filling a void in Douglas' life. Thomas stated that he needed to "regain [his] balance and make some healthy changes" in his life before he could be a full-time dad to Douglas.

Ridge thanked Taylor for believing in Thomas when no one else had. Ridge remarked that Taylor always seemed to pull the family together when she was around.

Taylor peeked in on the still-sleeping kids. She said that she could not wait to meet Finn when he wrapped up his long shift at the hospital. Steffy stated that she and Finn were in a good place and that she could not wait for him to meet Taylor. Taylor expressed her regret over not having been around to be attend Finn and Steffy's wedding or help Steffy deal with Sheila's return.

Taylor started to yawn and said that she should head to her hotel to try to sleep off her jet lag. Steffy refused to let her mom stay in a hotel. Taylor realized that arguing with Steffy would do no good. Taylor looked at Steffy and Thomas and marveled that her children were raising children of their own. The four shared a group hug, with Ridge looking longingly at Taylor.

Deacon waltzes in at the wrong moment

Deacon waltzes in at the wrong moment

Thursday, December 16, 2021

At Il Giardino, Deacon mopped, and Paul walked by, reminding him about the bathrooms. Sheila asked if Deacon used a sponge or toothbrush on the toilets. She was still puzzled by why he wanted to stoop to such lows just to get close to Brooke. He said he wouldn't call an honest day's work "sinking low." Deacon replied that he was trying to clean up his act for his daughter, but Sheila suspected that it was about Brooke, too.

Moving on to clean the bar, Deacon stated that he just wanted a relationship with Hope, and it was going well. He had just learned that he and Hope shared martial arts as a hobby. Sheila swiped at him, and he dodged it. She chuckled in delight. She'd thought the sport would be too structured for him. Deacon credited martial arts for straightening him up as a kid. He said people thought he was bad, but he could have been a lot worse. Sheila suspected that the karate could come in handy with Ridge.

Later, Sheila said that Deacon would be nowhere with Hope, as Sheila was with Finn, if Deacon hadn't gotten Brooke on his side. Deacon said the difference between Hope and Finn was that Hope was ready for it. Sheila believed Finn was ready for it, too, but Steffy was in the way.

Deacon felt for Sheila, but he couldn't get involved and blow it with Hope. Sheila figured he was closer to Brooke, and it was driving Ridge crazy. Deacon wasn't out to rattle Ridge's cage. Sheila assumed it didn't bother Deacon that it was causing problems with Ridge and Brooke.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge canoodled on the sofa. He was sorry he'd walked out the other day. Brooke suggested that they take a little trip up the coast and focus on themselves and recharge. Ridge agreed, but he needed to tell his kids. He explained that she'd been asleep the previous night, so he hadn't been able to tell her that Taylor was back.

Later, Brooke thought it was strange that Taylor had arrived without apprising Steffy first. Ridge quipped that Taylor wasn't a college roommate stopping by, and she could show up whenever she wanted. Brooke asked if he'd seen Taylor. He said it had been nice, with Thomas there, too.

Brooke was happy that Ridge and his kids had gotten to spend family time together, and she bet Taylor had been excited to see her grandkids. Ridge had received a picture of Taylor with the kids that morning and asked if Brooke wanted to see it. "No, that's okay," Brooke replied, but she was sure it was lovely. Ridge said it was hard for Taylor because of work, but what she did was impressive. Agreeing, Brooke asked when Taylor would go back to her impressive work.

Ridge said Taylor had missed a lot, and she might stick around. "Oh," Brooke murmured. He stated that it might be a longer visit. Brooke asked about Taylor's work. He claimed that it wasn't as if they didn't need therapists in Los Angeles, and Taylor missed her kids. Brooke wondered about the timing and if Taylor hadn't missed her kids all along.

Ridge sensed something off about Brooke. He said, of all the uninvited people who'd shown up there, Brooke had a problem with Taylor. Brooke conveyed that she hadn't said that, but she didn't think she needed to remind him of her and Taylor's long and complicated history. Brooke was happy that they'd all gotten together as a family, and she assumed Douglas was thrilled.

Ridge thanked Brooke for understanding. Brooke thanked him and said that if she could be understanding, he could be understanding about Deacon. "Oh, no. We're not doing that," Ridge said. Ridge claimed that Deacon and Taylor were incomparable to each other.

Brooke chuckled and said Ridge was conveniently forgetting the pain Taylor had caused her. She didn't want to argue. She knew that the Deacon problem had caused issues. She didn't want that because she loved Ridge. Kissing her, Ridge said he loved her, too, but he didn't need to be constantly reminded of the pain Deacon had caused her.

The front door opened, and in walked Deacon with a bag, asking if Brooke was ready for karate lessons. Ridge asked what was going on, and Brooke began to explain that when Deacon had given Hope karate lessons, Brooke had joked with Deacon. Cutting Brooke off, Ridge surmised that Brooke had been joking with Deacon, and then Deacon had just waltzed into the house. Ridge asked if they were a "cute little family now."

Deacon said that he, Brooke, and Hope were a family and had been a happy one the previous day. Ridge asked if Brooke didn't see how "this clown" was trying to weasel his way into Brooke's life. Deacon replied that he'd made his intentions known. Ridge knew Deacon wanted to redeem himself to Hope, and Ridge hoped it never happened. Ridge asserted that the rest of the plan was to be with Brooke. "You want to be with my wife!" Ridge yelled.

At the cliff house, Steffy conveyed that she'd been happy to see Taylor with the kids that morning. Finn, who'd arrived home from work after everyone had been asleep the previous night, strode in to hug and welcome Taylor into his and Steffy's home.

Over coffee, Finn reaffirmed Steffy's decision to let Taylor stay at the cliff house. Steffy said that if it were up to her, Taylor would never leave, and it was very good to have her back.

Later, Taylor finished telling a story about the twins, involving frosting. As he left, Finn joked about bringing frosting home after work. Steffy said not to talk that way in front of her mom, but circling her finger over her lap, Taylor said there was nothing she and Ridge hadn't done.

Taylor had never seen Steffy so happy. Steffy was but said that, as good as things were, there was always a dark cloud over them, and it was the reappearance of Deacon and Sheila. Taylor thought it had to be an emotional roller coaster for Finn, and she offered to be there if he wanted to talk. Finn said he might take Taylor up on that, but he was more concerned about his mother.

Taylor asked if Finn was adjusting to his biological mother being -- "A sociopathic criminal?" Steffy asked. Taylor added that Deacon was back. Steffy replied that it had put a strain on Ridge's marriage. She didn't know how Brooke could allow Deacon back into their lives.

Taylor replied that it was hard on Ridge. She claimed to remember that time well and said Stephanie had had a horrible nickname for Brooke during that time. Taylor also claimed the scandal had rocked all of them, especially Ridge. Steffy said Brooke had welcomed Deacon back, and it wasn't fair to Ridge.

Ridge walks out on Brooke again

Ridge walks out on Brooke again

Friday, December 17, 2021

At Brooke's house, Brooke told Ridge that he was overreacting, but he refused to keep his blinders on about Deacon, who was living with Sheila. Deacon stated that he wasn't doing that anymore, and Ridge wondered where Deacon could be staying with no money for an apartment and no job. He asked if Hope was paying for karate lessons.

Claiming that he'd never do that, Deacon said that if Ridge really wanted to know, Deacon was staying in a storage room on a cot in a bar. Amused, Ridge called it perfect. Deacon explained that it wasn't like that, and the bar owner had hired him to clean. He wasn't drinking; he was working, and he wasn't shacking up with Sheila anymore. He was sleeping with a mop.

Brooke asked Ridge not to make Deacon feel bad. Ridge quipped that Deacon was sleeping on a cot at the bar to eliminate having to find a park bench. Deacon asked Brooke not to say anything, but she felt that someone needed to defend him as he tried to rebuild his life.

Deacon decided that things didn't need to get out of hand, and he left to go to the cabin to teach Hope another karate lesson. "Thank you, Deacon," Brooke said. After Deacon had gone, Ridge mocked Brooke for thanking Deacon and asked why she couldn't see what Ridge saw.

In the cabin, Deacon and Hope prepared for a lesson. It was a nice day, and she wanted to do it on the terrace. He warned her that things were tense at the house. When they arrived on the terrace, they overheard Ridge and Brooke inside, talking.

Brooke promised that Deacon would be out the door if he hurt Hope. Brooke noted that Deacon and Taylor were back. Ridge replied that Brooke couldn't compare the two. Brooke felt she could. She and Ridge had children with Deacon and Taylor, Ridge had issues with Deacon, and Brooke had some with Taylor. Ridge said Taylor "comes and goes" because she was helping people all over the world, but Deacon had just gotten out of prison.

"Yeah, she comes and goes, all right," Brooke quipped. Ridge asked what that meant, and Brooke said Taylor usually left them with issues to deal with regarding the children and grandchildren. Brooke asked where Taylor had been when Thomas had started having issues; when Caroline had died, leaving Douglas without a mother; or when Steffy had been taking pills. Hope had had to step in and take care of Taylor's grandchild.

Ridge felt that was something that needed to be revisited. "Excuse me?" Brooke asked. Ridge stated that Thomas was better and should be the primary caregiver. Brooke asked if it was Ridge or Taylor talking. Brooke figured Taylor had brainwashed him, but he said the only brainwashing going on was by Deacon. Ridge was concerned that Brooke wouldn't listen.

Deacon and Hope continued to listen to Ridge and Brooke bickering about them. Brooke felt that Ridge should be glad Deacon was teaching Hope to defend herself since, at one time, she had been a victim. Ridge didn't appreciate the dig at Thomas and said Hope could learn karate anywhere in the valley and didn't need an ex-con who was hanging out with Sheila to do it.

Brooke said Deacon wasn't hanging out with Sheila. Ridge didn't know why they should believe Deacon, but Brooke replied that Deacon was harmless. Ridge didn't know how to protect Brooke and Hope, and he could no longer deal with it.

Brooke wanted to find a way to get through it as a family, but Ridge said she didn't listen to him at all. He asked if he'd have to keep walking out. He was about to do it again, according to him, because he didn't know Brooke anymore. He said he was going to get some air.

Ridge left, and Deacon and Hope entered. Brooke asked how the workout had been, but Hope revealed that they'd overheard the argument. Brooke hated arguing with Ridge like that. Hope said she was sorry. Brooke silently strode upstairs.

Deacon hated seeing Brooke that way. He felt that he was the problem and should go. Hope believed that she was the reason that Ridge and Brooke were at odds, but Hope had to have faith that their love would get them through it.

At the cliff house, Steffy didn't know why she was wasting precious time with Taylor worrying about Brooke, but Taylor was worried, too, saying that what Brooke was asking of Ridge wasn't fair at all. Steffy wished for something, but Taylor said they couldn't go back. Steffy wondered if Taylor would talk sense into Brooke, but seeing Ridge's ex wasn't on Taylor's list.

Atop Taylor's list of people to see was Eric, especially after what he'd gone through. Taylor couldn't believe Quinn had had an affair. Steffy asked her mom not to get her started on that. Taylor didn't know how he'd gone from Stephanie to Quinn. Steffy didn't know if Quinn or Brooke was worse. The topic turned to Sheila, and Steffy said she was glad Taylor hadn't had to confront Sheila at the wedding.

Taylor didn't want to talk about that time in her life and steered the conversation to memories of Phoebe and Stephanie, who'd seen who Brooke was and had tried to keep her away. They missed Stephanie, and Taylor figured she'd be a proud, doting great-grandmother.

Taylor became emotional about having a grandson named after her. She was happy for Steffy and thought that Finn was a great find. She was happy that Steffy had gotten out of the dysfunctional thing with Liam and Hope. Taylor thought it had taken a lot of strength, and Taylor was proud of the life Steffy was creating. Steffy said she was grateful.

Steffy and Taylor thought it was "so crazy" that both of them had lost their husbands to Logan woman. "Stolen by," Taylor said, claiming it was the Logan way. Steffy insisted she wasn't complaining, and she was genuinely happy for Hope and Liam. Taylor asked if that was true.

Claiming that she was for the most part, Steffy felt bad for Liam because being married to Hope meant having to deal with Deacon. All Hope cared about was having a relationship with Deacon. Ridge had it bad, too, because the Logan women were sticking together on it at the expense of everyone else. Taylor said that Ridge was paying the price.

Steffy believed Ridge needed their help. Taylor replied that it wasn't their place. Steffy insisted that Ridge needed Taylor, and Taylor smiled. Steffy claimed that Taylor had put him behind her, but it was written all over Taylor's face. Taylor admitted it and said Ridge was the love of her life and always would be. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

Later, as Brooke tried to call Ridge, the call went to voicemail. Ridge arrived and found Taylor alone. She grinned at him.

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