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Taylor admitted her long-standing feelings about Ridge. Brooke extended an olive branch to Taylor. Sheila's bitterness about Deacon's progress with Hope reached a boiling point, but it simmered down when Finn and Steffy invited Sheila to a Christmas Eve gathering.
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Brooke extended an olive branch to Taylor, and Finn and Steffy invited Sheila to a Christmas Eve gathering
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Taylor tells Ridge how she feels about him

Taylor tells Ridge how she feels about him

Monday, December 20, 2021

At Forrester, Steffy arrived. Thomas worked behind the desk. The two were happy about their mother's arrival in town, and Steffy had no doubt that Taylor was still in love with Ridge. Thomas asked for an exact quote from Taylor, and Steffy said Taylor had admitted that Ridge would always be the love of her life. Thomas felt bad for Taylor because Ridge was married to Brooke.

Thomas claimed that in a perfect world, Ridge never would have left Taylor for Brooke, but there they were, watching Ridge being unable to do anything about another of Brooke's messes. Thomas thought Taylor had great timing to be there for Ridge because Taylor was someone he'd admired, respected, and loved. Taylor had had a positive effect on Ridge.

Steffy claimed that Taylor had had a positive effect on everyone, and she'd devoted her life to healing. Thomas said it had cost her time with her family. Steffy agreed with Thomas about Taylor's timing being perfect because Ridge was miserable about Brooke and Deacon.

Steffy didn't blame Ridge. Brooke supporting Deacon and not Steffy and Thomas' father was infuriating to them. Thomas said Deacon was practically shacking up there, which was salt in Ridge's wound. Steffy wanted to give Brooke a piece of Steffy's mind, but it would make things worse. Steffy believed that Ridge needed Taylor more than anything.

Later, Steffy and Thomas wrapped up some work, and Steffy asked when Thomas would bring Douglas by to see Taylor. Thomas had forgotten about some of Douglas' activities, but he promised to talk to Hope. Steffy said he didn't need Hope's permission. Thomas said he'd take care of it, and Steffy could let Taylor know that he and Douglas would see her very soon. As Steffy left, she said she'd hold him to it.

At the cliff house, Ridge was upset. He'd gone for a drive to clear his head. Taylor noted that he'd wound up there. She asked what had happened, and Ridge explained that he'd walked out on Brooke again. He felt bad for letting Deacon reel Hope in and didn't want Brooke sucked into the vortex; however, whatever Ridge did seemed to make things worse.

Ridge ranted about Deacon, a complete drunk, living in a bar. Even that wasn't a red flag for Hope and Brooke, who saw it as a reason to pity Deacon. Taylor guessed it was taking a toll on Ridge. He said it was, and he was glad to have someone to talk to, someone who understood him. Taylor replied that listening to him was her life's passion.

Ridge felt it was nice to have someone listen. Taylor wondered if he felt unheard. Ridge recalled that she'd always been great at listening. He said she'd been great at a lot of things. Taylor remarked that she'd missed his smile, and he said that with her back, he might smile more.

Ridge didn't want to lay it all on Taylor, but she reasoned that it might be what she was there for. He corrected that she was there for her kids and grandkids, not his complaints. She stated that he wasn't complaining and asked what she could do to help. He wanted her to make Deacon disappear, but she joked that she wasn't a magician.

When Ridge recalled that she never could make anyone disappear, Taylor made an explosive noise and berated herself. She was trying not to live in the past, but she had so many special memories of their family. Ridge replied that the family was there, and "we" aren't going anywhere. She touched his hand, and they exchanged looks.

Taylor remarked that she'd shared memories with Steffy about how protective Stephanie had been of Ridge and Taylor. Ridge recalled that his mother had loved Taylor like a daughter and had seen the goodness in her. Ridge believed that Taylor was a remarkable woman.

Taylor replied that he was in a challenging situation. She figured she shouldn't criticize Brooke, "but I'm going to. I have to." Ridge turned away, but Taylor said that, for years, Brooke had been giving him high-highs and low-lows. Giggling, Taylor said it was all he got. Taylor wanted time. She said the time they'd shared had been the happiest of her life. She'd always love them, and she'd always love Ridge. Ridge hugged her.

Steffy saw the hug through the front windows and smiled to herself.

At Brooke's house, Hope wanted to check on Brooke, but Deacon thought Brooke needed some space. Deacon guessed it was pretty hard for Ridge to accept his inability to convince Brooke to see Deacon the way Ridge did. Hope wished Ridge could get her mother's view.

Brooke descended the stairs, and Hope asked if her mother had talked to Ridge. Brooke stated that Ridge wasn't answering her calls, and she wondered where he could be. Hope explained that she and Deacon had overheard the raised voices. She asked if her mother was okay. Brooke didn't know what she was and hated that Ridge had left again.

Deacon blamed himself for it. Brooke understood Ridge's feelings and that he wanted her to put a stop to "this." Hope asserted that no one could stop her from wanting a relationship with her father, and Ridge just wanted Hope to do it away from the house. Deacon quipped that Ridge didn't want to be contaminated by Deacon's lowlife presence. Brooke felt that Ridge was doing the best that he could in a difficult situation. Hope insisted that it was obvious that Brooke was bending over backwards to be sensitive to his needs.

Deacon had overheard that Taylor was back in town. Brooke affirmed it. Hope knew that Taylor had a history of coming and going and asked if it was a quick visit. Brooke had gotten the impression that Taylor might be sticking around. Hope guessed Brooke wasn't thrilled about it. Brooke said it was no secret that she and Ridge were having difficulties, and she was sure Taylor had heard all about it.

Deacon believed it was his fault. Hope asked if Brooke thought that Taylor would take advantage. Brooke hoped not and said Taylor had better not disrespect Brooke's marriage. Hope recalled the tensions between the women and figured Taylor thought she'd lost out to Brooke a few times. Brooke was hoping it was all behind them. Hope wondered if Taylor hadn't moved on.

Brooke replied that it would be Taylor's problem. Brooke didn't know what was going on with Taylor, but Brooke believed in Ridge, her husband, and their relationship. Brooke wasn't na´ve. She knew that Taylor and Ridge had children and grandchildren. Brooke wanted to see it as one big family, but Taylor focused on her, Ridge, and her children. Brooke said that was fine, as long as that was all it was. Brooke couldn't help but have the feeling that, after all the years Brooke had been married to Ridge, Taylor was still in love with him.

Brooke extends an olive branch to Taylor

Brooke extends an olive branch to Taylor

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

At the bar at Il Giardino over club soda and nonalcoholic beer, Sheila was surprised Deacon had wanted to be seen with her in public. Deacon was eager to share his big news. Someone was back in town, and he figured she'd never guess who. Sheila wasn't in the mood to play twenty questions. He asked which Forrester woman hated Sheila more than Steffy.

Sheila stared blankly, and Deacon announced that Taylor was back in "La La Land." He figured the women weren't on great terms after Sheila had shot Taylor. Sheila insisted that it had been an accident. She was distraught, saying it was all she needed, having Taylor in Steffy's ear, making it worse. "You're giggling with Brooke, doing karate with your daughter," Sheila noted. Sheila, on the other hand, couldn't be in the same room with her son due to Steffy.

Sheila figured Deacon loved it, but he said it didn't affect him either way. Sheila knew he'd love it if it put a crack in Brooke's marriage. Deacon replied that Ridge had dented it up enough on his own. Sheila envied Deacon, who had the chance to make something with Hope. Sheila said Taylor would make it that much harder for her.

At Brooke's house, Katie was surprised to hear that Taylor had returned. Brooke couldn't blame Taylor if she'd gotten burned out, but it was a bad time for her return because of all the tension. Brooke wasn't threatened but was concerned because of Ridge's feelings about Deacon. Brooke and Taylor had had their differences, but Brooke didn't wish ill will upon Taylor.

Brooke eagerly supported Taylor in spending time with her kids and grandkids, but Brooke was bothered by how coincidental the timing was with the tension between Ridge and her. Katie was sure Brooke and Ridge would overcome it, but Brooke noted that he'd already walked out a few times. Katie said it was natural to get frustrated. Brooke guessed she should be more patient and understanding with him. Katie didn't think it could hurt, especially with Taylor back in town.

At the cliff house, Steffy entered, guessing she wasn't the only one to miss Taylor's hugs. Ridge said Taylor smelled nice, which was a bonus, and Taylor acknowledged wearing the same perfume since their wedding. Steffy asked if it had been the first or second, and Ridge said it had been the same for all of them. For Steffy, it couldn't get any better than her parents smiling together.

Ridge stated that he'd been telling Taylor about his trouble at home. Steffy said it was Brooke, but he corrected that it was his frustration with Hope wanting Deacon around the house. Brooke supported it, but Ridge thought it was a bad idea. Taylor also wanted to be honest and revealed that she'd told Ridge that she'd always love him. She claimed to not want to cross any lines and said she respected his marriage.

Ridge replied that no one thought that, and he liked how open Taylor was. Taylor figured that life was short, and one should express how she felt while there was time. She didn't have expectations, but she was learning how to speak "my truth" and not hide feelings. It was her job to be authentic and vulnerable, and she had to be the same.

"Besides, who couldn't love this guy, right?" Taylor said, and Ridge agreed. Taylor asserted that "we had the happiest years together." She said he'd given her the happiest memories of her life. Ridge claimed to remember all of them. She said he was going through a rough patch with Brooke. Taylor hated that he was in turmoil and just wanted him to be happy.

Later, Taylor was alone, going through photos, when the front door opened. Brooke entered, saying to look at who was back in town. The two chatted each other up about Taylor being in town to see the kids. Brooke was surprised by the visit, but Taylor didn't know why, since her family was there. Brooke asked about Taylor and her work, which Brooke had always admired.

Taylor said she had been grateful to be involved in her projects and had been working round the clock. Brooke asked if Taylor had had time for anything else. Taylor asked what Brooke was getting at. Brooke said that Taylor was attractive, and men would be interested in her. Taylor couldn't tell if Brooke was trying to set Taylor up on a date or learn if she was seeing anyone.

Brooke asked if Taylor was dating. Claiming she'd just said she wasn't, Taylor stated that she'd said she hadn't had time because she'd been busy. Claiming it was hard for Brooke to wrap her head around it, Taylor decided to make it easy. "I don't need a man to define me," she said.

Brooke scowled. Taylor purported not to be judging her, but Brooke said it sounded judgy. Taylor said Brooke didn't like to be alone, and Brooke told her to speak for herself. Taylor stated that she'd done a lot of soul-searching and work. She'd found happiness within herself.

Brooke said it was wonderful. Taylor didn't have it down completely. She still missed and needed Thomas, Steffy, and Ridge. Taylor didn't know if she'd go back and change things, and her kids were in happy places. Brooke agreed, and the topic turned to Finn. Taylor liked Finn, and Brooke said if it was crazy about Sheila Carter being Finn's mother.

Taylor said it was the only downside, but it was good that Sheila wasn't in their daily lives. Brooke also thought it was good that Steffy had moved on from Liam and was happy with Finn. Taylor stated that Brooke was with Ridge, and Hope had Liam. "Hope's a real winner, Brooke, just like you," Taylor said. Brooke got the feeling that Taylor might still be upset "about that."

Brooke recalled what Taylor had just said about her singleness, but Brooke wasn't sure if Taylor was still bothered by Brooke's marriage to Ridge. Brooke sensed that Taylor saw it as Steffy losing out to Hope, and Taylor losing out to Brooke. Brooke didn't look at life like that, winners and losers. Brooke believed they all created their own destiny. Brooke wanted to extend an olive branch. Taylor laughed. Brooke said she didn't want to argue with Taylor or have a competition or conflict. Brooke said they shouldn't fall back into old patterns. Brooke wanted to be friends and asked if it was possible after all those years of being at each other's throats.

At Forrester, Steffy gave some design tips on a gown, and Ridge wondered what had led to her great mood. Steffy was happy to work with him and have her mother. Ridge claimed that Taylor would do anything for Steffy. Steffy beamed about how beautiful Taylor was, and Steffy admired Taylor for living her own truth. Steffy didn't think "we" were really doing it right. In fact, "we're" doing it all wrong, according to Steffy. Steffy hated the way Brooke disrespected Ridge and asked if he ever thought about what life would be like if he was with Taylor.

Taylor and Brooke revisit their past and discuss their future

Taylor and Brooke revisit their past and discuss their future

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, Steffy asked Ridge if he had ever thought about what life would have been like if he had not left Taylor. Ridge asked his daughter to stop. He admitted that he had "amazing memories" of the past, but he reminded Steffy that time had moved on and that he was with Brooke.

Finn arrived and asked why Steffy was smiling so broadly. She replied that she was enjoying the "holiday magic" and the idea of having her mother back in town for Christmas. Finn agreed that it was nice having Taylor around.

Shortly after Ridge left the office, Finn received a text message. Steffy knew immediately from the expression on her husband's face that the message was from Sheila. Finn told Steffy that Sheila wanted to see him on Christmas.

Steffy called Sheila's message "a ploy." She added that the last thing that Taylor should have to think about at Christmas was that the woman who had shot her was nearby. Finn assured Steffy that he understood because it was not something that he wanted to think about, either.

At Il Giardino, Sheila grumbled that every time Deacon opened his mouth, he seemed to spout bad news. Seeing that Sheila was feeling defeated, Deacon tried to offer he encouragement. "Where's that psycho 'I get what I want' attitude?" Deacon asked. Sheila argued that while Taylor's return might be good news for Deacon, it would make Sheila's efforts to connect with Finn all the more difficult.

Deacon insisted that Sheila was off base because he was not wishing for Brooke's marriage to "implode." Sheila jokingly suggested that Deacon had written a letter to Santa, asking for a future with Brooke and Hope. Deacon warned Sheila that he would ask Santa to put her on the naughty list if she continued trying to make trouble. "Unless, of course, you're already a lifetime member," he quipped.

Sheila told Deacon that the only gift she wanted for Christmas was to be able to spend the holiday with her son. Deacon commented that Sheila did not strike him as the "festive type." Sheila admitted that holidays were a sore spot for her because she thought of all the many holidays and birthdays that she had not gotten to spend with Finn. It was the first time, she explained, that it would be possible for her to spend Christmas with Finn.

Deacon called Sheila's holiday vision "heartwarming," but he told her it was not likely to happen. Sheila insisted that Finn would not allow her to spend the holiday alone. Deacon said that he did not believe that the Christmas spirit, no matter how strong it might be, would get Sheila invited to any Forrester event at which Taylor -- a woman Sheila had shot -- would be present. Sheila countered that she did not need magic. She needed her son.

Sheila took out her phone and composed a text message to Finn, asking to see him on Christmas. When Finn did not respond immediately, Deacon again asked Sheila to temper her expectations because he did not want to see her have a blue Christmas.

At the cliff house, Taylor was taken aback by Brooke's suggestion that they try to be friends. "We spent so many years at odds with each other... maybe it's time we follow our daughters' examples and make peace," Brooke said. Brooke explained that she and Taylor were no longer rivals, and, in fact, they shared grandchildren together. Brooke asked Taylor to imagine how their children would respond if she and Taylor made peace.

Taylor stated that her visit had been different than any of her previous visits. She admitted that video calls with her family were not the same as being with them in person. Taylor also confessed that it was painful for her to know that Douglas had been getting more hugs from Brooke than from her, Douglas' actual grandmother. Brooke was confident that Taylor would be getting plenty of hugs from Douglas during her visit.

Taylor told Brooke that, speaking as a professional, she believed that Douglas should be spending more time with Thomas. Brooke agreed that it was important for children to spend time with their fathers. The conversion segued to Deacon's return. Brooke acknowledged that she and Ridge had different opinions about Deacon being in Hope's life. Brooke expressed her confidence that she and her husband would work through it. Taylor was silent for a moment before cocking her head to the side and replying, "I hope you do."

Taylor noted that Ridge and Brooke always seemed to have had obstacles that they needed to get past. "One in particular," Brooke replied with a devilish smile. Brooke told Taylor that she missed Stephanie, in spite of the rocky past that they had shared. "But in the end, we realized that any two people could have a friendship," Brooke said. Taylor called Stephanie one of the most "wise and resilient people" she had ever met.

Brooke said that Stephanie had always admired Taylor and that she had been proud of all the help Taylor had given to people around the world. Brooke asked Taylor where and when her next adventure would begin. Brooke quickly added that she was not rushing Taylor out of town.

"I think I am going to stay," Taylor said. Taylor admitted that she had never spoken openly about wanting to return to Los Angeles permanently. Taylor stated that her work overseas had taught her "the importance of forgiveness and letting go." She continued, "It's the horrible suffering and the hardships that we want turn away from and we want to shield ourselves from, but when we do that, we miss out on the truth [and] the indomitable power and beauty of the human spirit."

Brooke invited Taylor to join her and the Forresters for Christmas, but Taylor politely declined. Taylor said that she planned to spend the holiday with Steffy, Finn, and her grandchildren. Brooke told Taylor that if she changed her mind, she was more than welcome to drop by the Forrester mansion.

As Brooke prepared to leave, Taylor realized that she had never given an answer to Brooke's question about whether or not they could put the past aside and be friends. "I'd like to think we can," Taylor said.

Taylor convinces Steffy to open her home to Sheila

Taylor convinces Steffy to open her home to Sheila

Thursday, December 23, 2021

At the cabin, Liam was with Hope, Douglas, and Kelly, picking out presents to give to less fortunate kids. Hope sent the kids to the main house, where their grandmother was making cookies. Hope looked forward to going to Eric's for Christmas Eve. Liam was happy their kids would grow up with holiday traditions. His Christmases had always been small with just him and his mother, and he loved that their kids would have the full family experience.

Liam asked Hope about Deacon. Hope indicated that she wanted to see Deacon on Christmas Eve. Desiring to be respectful of Liam's feelings, she suggested that he be at the main house with the kids or drop them off and visit Bill while Deacon was at the cabin.

Liam decided that, before the festivities started, he'd pay tribute to his beautiful wife. Christmas always reminded him of his wife's kind and giving attributes. He called her the beating heart of the family and presented her with a flower-shaped locket with their children's names inside it.

In Sheila's hotel room, Deacon arrived, anxious to give her a gift and leave without being seen with her. She asked if he'd spend the holiday with Hope. He hoped so and asked if Sheila had heard back from Finn. Sheila replied that she hadn't even gotten an emoji. Deciding that she was done waiting, Sheila whipped out her phone and instructed him not to step behind her.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy placed a first Christmas ornament on the tree for Hayes. Steffy was excited about Christmas because her mother was home. She was sorry he couldn't celebrate it with Sheila, but Finn said there were no worries.

Finn received a video call from Sheila, and Steffy said he could answer it. Taylor listened in by the door as Sheila asked if it was too much to want to see her son for Christmas. Steffy said that it was, and Sheila asked for just a few minutes at Christmas. Finn told Sheila it wouldn't happen, but he told her to have a good holiday. After the call, he hoped that would do it.

Taylor entered. Steffy went to check on Hayes, and Taylor asked how Finn felt about not being with Sheila for the holidays. Finn began to talk about Steffy, but Taylor wanted to know about him. He said it didn't matter, but she believed it did.

Steffy returned to the room, and Taylor conveyed that she and Finn were talking about how he felt about not seeing Sheila over the holidays. Steffy claimed that Finn was fine with it.

Disagreeing, Taylor said there were complex emotions involved. She guessed that Steffy understood the instant connection between a mother and child. The feeling never went away, and neither did the urge to connect with a biological parent. Finn sublimating it didn't mean it wasn't there. Steffy asked where Taylor was going with that, and Taylor said they should seriously consider inviting Sheila over for Christmas. "What?" Steffy replied, insisting, "No way!"

Taylor understood Steffy's reaction. Taylor had had the same one until she'd heard Sheila's voice on the phone. Steffy stated that Sheila had shot Taylor. Taylor knew it, but she didn't think it was healthy for Finn to deny the feelings he had for his birth mother. Steffy asked if Taylor had forgotten how dangerous Sheila was. Taylor said it was why they had to manage the situation very carefully, and the first step was inviting Sheila to be with her son on Christmas Eve.

Steffy balked at the idea, but Taylor thought it was best to keep one's enemies close. It also wasn't Finn's fault that his birth mother had done horrible things. It was Finn's first time knowing his biological mother, and she was within arm's reach. Taylor thought opening the door a little would go a long way. Taylor wanted to look Sheila in the eye and claimed she'd know if Sheila was reformed or as dangerous as ever.

Back in Sheila's hotel room, Deacon said he'd been there. He'd been told not to let the door hit him on his way out, and he was sorry she was going through it. Sheila blamed it on Steffy and asked where the holiday compassion was. He tried to give Sheila a tissue, but she knocked it away, insisting she didn't need his pity. Deacon stated that it wasn't just Steffy. "Finn's a grown-ass man," Deacon noted, but he didn't see Finn stepping up for time with Sheila.

Deacon suggested that they go for a walk, but Sheila wasn't in the mood. She said Steffy wouldn't have her husband or child if it hadn't been for Sheila, and Steffy should be rolling out the red carpet for Sheila. Deacon said that wasn't going to happen. Sheila was bitter about Deacon getting to spend time with Hope and possibly Beth, but Sheila was frozen out. "I swear, if she weren't married to Finn!" Sheila exclaimed.

Deacon urged Sheila to keep the faith that Steffy would come around, and he said Sheila needed to be on her best behavior. Sheila felt that with Taylor in town, giving her "professional" opinion, Sheila might never see Finn again. Sheila didn't want Deacon to make fun of her, but she'd been hoping for a miracle. She'd been hoping magic would melt Steffy's cold heart.

Deacon hugged Sheila. She received a video call from Finn and Steffy. Sheila assumed something was wrong, but Finn said he and Steffy had changed their minds. Steffy stated that her mother had convinced her to invite Sheila over to spend some time with Finn on Christmas Eve. Sheila said she'd love to come. She asked Steffy to thank Taylor. Sheila was astonished that she'd get to spend her first Christmas with her son.

Deacon and Sheila get exactly what they want for Christmas

Deacon and Sheila get exactly what they want for Christmas

Friday, December 24, 2021

At the cabin, Beth, Douglas, and Kelly's stockings hung over the fireplace. Douglas was excited to get to Eric's house, and Liam went to get Beth ready to take off. Douglas asked if Hope was coming as soon as she could. Hope guaranteed it, but first, she'd visit with her father.

Later, Hope was alone when Deacon arrived with gifts for Beth, Douglas, and Hope. Hope didn't have a gift for Deacon, but he said she'd given him the best gift ever by being with him on Christmas Eve. Deacon asked her to give those receptive to it his best, and he said they'd do it again the next year. He didn't take his chance for granted and wouldn't let Hope down.

At the cliff house, Thomas watched Finn and Kelly talk about Santa coming down the chimney. Steffy still couldn't believe that Taylor had convinced her to invite Sheila. Steffy put Hayes down, and Kelly went to color. Thomas was amazed that Sheila had been invited and said it could make his mother uncomfortable. Taylor explained that she'd suggested it.

Thomas asked why. Taylor reasoned that keeping Sheila at bay would feed her obsessive personality, and it was best to keep an eye on Sheila, defusing her tendencies. Taylor could study Sheila in a safe setting, and if Sheila was reformed, Taylor would know.

Someone knocked on the door, and Steffy tensed when Sheila walked in. Sheila greeted everyone. She thanked Steffy for the invitation and Taylor for encouraging it.

Steffy took Sheila aside to give her the rules. Sheila only had a few minutes with Finn and Hayes, and then Sheila would leave. Sheila agreed to the plan but said she'd win Steffy over. Finn brought Sheila a drink, and she asked where Li was. Finn said Li and Jack were together, trying to work things out. They'd invited them over, but Jack and Li needed time alone.

Sheila gushed about it being the time of year for forgiveness. She had high hopes that they'd all be together, celebrating like a family, the following year. Sheila had spent many holidays alone, but she was finally celebrating it with her family.

Later, Taylor announced that she was staying in Los Angeles for good. Thomas and Steffy hugged her, and then Steffy went to check on Hayes. Sheila thanked Taylor for giving her a chance. She said it really meant a lot. Sheila stated that she'd been a different person back then. Taylor said they both had been.

Steffy brought Kelly and Hayes out and offered to let Sheila hold him. Sheila took Hayes into her arms, wished him a merry Christmas, and kissed him.

Later, Sheila was making an appetizer plate and overheard Taylor wishing something about Ridge to Steffy. Taylor decided not to even talk about it. Steffy announced that the food was ready, and Sheila figured that was her cue to leave. Steffy nodded. Sheila thanked everyone, especially Taylor, for including Sheila. She'd never forget it. It was the best Christmas she'd had in a long, long time.

At Eric's house, Eric handed Paris and Zende some eggnog. Across the room, Quinn, Brooke, and Ridge talked about Rick and R.J.'s ski trip. Brooke was bummed about it, but Ridge said she'd see them on the Christmas video chat. Ridge went to greet Carter, and Quinn said, "Before one of us says something that's going to set the other off -- " Brooke interjected that they wouldn't, not that day, and Quinn decided that it was a deal.

When Douglas arrived, he eagerly greeted Paris. Carter offered to help Hope unload the car, but Liam said she was visiting with her dad. Ridge quipped that Hope had at least refrained from inviting Deacon to the mansion.

Later, Eric and Quinn canoodled under the mistletoe and giggled about all the places he'd stashed mistletoe, including the kitchen. She said there were many kissing opportunities, but they'd exhausted the kitchen. The two kissed more.

Nearby, Paris and Carter noted how strong the eggnog was, and Zende said he was just having one. He wanted to be up early for the Forrester tradition of helping at the shelter.

On the sofa, Ridge held Beth and Douglas as Brooke read them a story. Eric handed Brooke some nonalcoholic champagne that he'd gotten just for her. It was the closest thing to being Champagne, he'd heard. Ridge tried it and said one would never know it wasn't the real thing. Eric called everyone together to toast to Christmas Eve.

By the time Hope arrived, Quinn was announcing that dinner was almost ready. Brooke spoke about being happy that everyone was together to put their differences aside for at least one night. Quinn seconded it. Others chattered about the good food they'd eat.

After dinner, Douglas rushed to the tree, wanting to open gifts. Eric spoke of Jesus, the greatest gift of all, and said they were celebrating his teachings. "Like helping others," Douglas replied. Hope affirmed it, remarking that they'd be at the shelter the next morning. Eric added that they could do it more than one day of the year.

Ridge said they'd treat people with respect and kindness and make the feeling a part of themselves. It was how they should deal with people and the planet. "Merry Christmas!" everyone cheered.

A montage of Christmas fun played out on the screen. Quinn crowned Zende and Paris with paper hats. Eric taught Douglas to play the piano. Ridge exchanged gifts with Carter. Later, the group gathered around the piano and sang "Jingle Bells."

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