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Sheila, Steffy, and others continued to puzzle over what could be bothering Brooke. Brooke lied about drinking alone, and Hope put Taylor and Steffy on notice about Ridge's marriage. Deacon professed his love for Brooke. Steffy declared that the Logans and Forresters were at war.
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Grace Buckingham arrived in Los Angeles, and Steffy declared that the Logans and Forresters were at war
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Paris' mother arrives in town

Paris' mother arrives in town

Monday, January 10, 2022

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila smiled at a Christmas photo of herself, Hayes, and Finn. She heard Brooke's warning in her head and flashed back to switching the champagne bottle labels. Sheila said no one would keep her from a life with her son and grandson, especially not Brooke.

At the cabin, Hope was upset that she'd missed the signs with Brooke. Noting that Ridge had taken Brooke to an A.A. meeting, Liam assured his wife that her mother was a fighter who'd get through it just fine. Hope blamed herself for stressing Brooke into drinking. Liam denied that was it, but Hope asked him to tell her why it was, then, that Brooke had started drinking again. He insisted that there was nothing Hope could have done.

Hope reasoned that they could have taken Ridge's advice and moved to alleviate the stress. To top it off, Taylor was back in town. Hope didn't believe her mom was threatened by Taylor, but Hope was sure it added some stress. Liam was skeptical about that, but Hope was certain that something or someone had pushed Brooke over the edge.

Hope offered to let Liam say, "I told you so," but Liam said he'd never say that. She admitted that she'd been selfish about Deacon being in their lives. Liam said that wasn't it, and everything would be okay. Brooke going to a meeting was a great sign. Hope was grateful that her mother was getting help and that Brooke wasn't keeping anything from them.

Liam continued to reassure Hope that she would have caught it if there had been something to catch. Hope recalled how scared Brooke had been that her life was completely out of her control, and Brooke had no idea why it had happened.

At the A.A. meeting, Brian asked if Brooke had been alone when she'd drunk. Brooke sighed and took a long time to answer. Everyone in the room glared at her. "Yes...yes, I was alone when I drank," she finally said. Ridge took her hand, and Brian asked what had triggered her to drink.

Brooke didn't know what had triggered it, only that the feeling hadn't come from nowhere. Brian reasoned that it had been subconsciously building. Brooke assumed that could be the case, and she was ready to fight it with her husband's support.

Later, Brooke and Ridge returned home, and eyeing the bar, Brooke flashed back to drinking with Deacon. Glancing at the sofa, she remembered kissing him. Ridge hugged her, and she asked what she'd do without him. He told her that they were in it together. Brooke was scared and had no idea what had happened or how she'd made such a mistake.

Brooke didn't ever want that to happen again or to lose Ridge. "For better or for worse, right?" he asked. He believed they could face anything as long as they were honest with each other.

Later, Ridge returned inside, saying that had been the last of the bottles. He'd cleared out the bar and said they didn't need temptation in the house. Ridge called Brooke the hottest, strongest, most courageous woman he knew, and he said she'd been honest with him because she trusted him. Brooke wondered how he could trust her, especially when she didn't even know why she'd begun drinking again.

Ridge said it was a one-time thing. Brooke stated that it only took once, and she had to start all over again. Ridge felt guilty for not being there, but she insisted that it wasn't his fault. He pledged to never leave her again. "Good," she replied, and they hugged.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Paris zoned out, flashing back to kissing Carter. Her phone chimed, and as she checked it, Zende entered, asking for her opinion on a design. It was the third time he'd done it in two days, according to her.

Zende admitted that some of the things she'd said on New Year's Eve had thrown him. He respected her for being straightforward with him. Paris was glad he felt that way. She glanced at her phone, and he asked what was going on. Paris had just gotten a text message from her mother, and it had made her realize how much she missed her mom.

Paris' mom had sent a childhood photo of Paris in one of her mom's dresses at their "tea party." Next, she'd sent a picture from the last time they'd been together. With Reese and Zoe gone, it was hard for Paris being without family. She missed her mother.

"I miss you, too, Paris," Grace said from the doorway. Paris looked over and exclaimed, "Mom?" The two hugged, and Paris couldn't believe her mother was in town. Paris guessed that Zende knew about it and really hadn't had a design for her to look at. Zende grinned, and Grace thanked him for helping her arrange the visit. He said he'd do anything to make Paris happy.

Zende left the women alone together. Grace said the city was good for Paris, the rock star whom Grace had seen singing at the stadium. Grace was proud of Paris' career and said her desire to help others had paid off. Grace said she was blessed to have Paris as her daughter.

Paris asked how long Grace would stay and wondered what the hospital would do without Grace. Grace revealed that she'd actually resigned. It had been time for a change, and the other reason for her visit was that she had some offers in town, even one from a nearby hospital. Grace wondered how Paris felt about her mother moving there. Paris was all for it and would love for her mother to stay in Los Angeles.

In the design office, Carter flashed back on kissing Paris. A grinning Zende arrived, and Carter asked why he was all smiles. Zende beamed about the surprise he'd pulled off with Paris. Carter asked what had happened, and Zenda announced that Paris' mother was in town. Zende had been excited to see Paris happy, and that was all he cared about -- making Paris happy.

Zende revealed that he'd asked Quinn to make an engagement ring for him. Carter had heard and remarked that Quinn had been proud of it. Zende had planned to propose to Paris for New Year's Eve. He'd taken her to her favorite restaurant, and he'd rented out a private rooftop to watch the fireworks. Zende explained that he and Paris hadn't even gotten to dessert.

Zende had really wanted to give Paris the ring, but he was no longer sure about how she felt about him. He explained that Paris had talked about being young and single, and it had seemed out of nowhere. Carter was sorry to hear it. Zende assumed he might have competition due to all her talk about not being tied down and all the things left to experience. Zende kind of felt like there was someone else. "If it's not me, I wonder who it could be," Zende stated.

Hope seeks an understanding with Steffy and Taylor

Hope seeks an understanding with Steffy and Taylor

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke flashed back to swearing Deacon to secrecy. Ridge noticed her introspective look and guessed she was thinking of that night again. As he checked his phone, she asked if he had somewhere to be. Ridge decided that he was right where he needed to be.

Ridge was sorry that he hadn't been there before. Brooke lamented her lost years of sobriety, but he said she'd do everything within her power to make sure it wouldn't happen again. He was proud of her for going to the meeting and telling the truth. He didn't know where she got her strength, and he asked her to stop beating herself up about it.

Brooke couldn't imagine her life without Ridge. She knew she hadn't made it easy on him. He felt that he hadn't made it easy on her, but they were still together after all those years. He felt it said something about their love story, and they'd deal with what life handed them. Brooke appreciated his support more than anything -- and Hope's, too.

Brooke thought of Hope and didn't like Hope feeling responsible for what had happened. Ridge insisted that it wasn't Hope's fault; it was no one's fault. Brooke was upset because she still didn't know what had triggered it. Ridge was proud of Brooke and said that Hope was, too. He was sure they'd figure it out as a family, and once they discovered the trigger, they'd deal with it. It would make their family stronger. Brooke nodded, and they hugged again.

Later, Brooke again mused about tossing drinks back with Deacon. Ridge handed her water. He was sorry that it had happened to her, but he felt that they needed to focus on the future. The two kissed, and Ridge held Brooke in his arms.

At the cliff house, Taylor cooed over Steffy's banana cream pie. It was Ridge and Taylor's favorite dessert. Still confident that there was something between her parents, Steffy had text-messaged him to entice him to show up.

Hope arrived, looking for a football Douglas had left there. Steffy directed Hope to the patio, but Taylor asked Hope to join them for dessert. Steffy mentioned that Ridge would be there, but Hope didn't think he'd make it. Steffy asked why, and Hope said his wife needed him.

Steffy checked her messages and said Ridge was spending time with Brooke at her house. Hope replied that it was his house, too, and Steffy claimed she hadn't meant anything by that. Taylor asked if everything was okay with Brooke. Hope seemed reluctant to speak. "You know you can tell us, Hope," Steffy claimed.

Hope revealed her view that she'd put additional stress on Brooke and Ridge's marriage regarding Deacon. Taylor had heard that Ridge and Brooke were working through those issues. Hope acknowledged that, but she didn't want Taylor to see it as an opportunity. Taylor asked what kind of opportunity Hope was talking about.

Steffy decided that Hope had arrived to confront Taylor, not find a football. Denying it, Hope said she hadn't meant to have a confrontation, but it did need to be said. Taylor asked what needed to be said. Hope conveyed that Taylor hadn't left town just because of her job; it also had had to do with her feelings for Ridge. Hope understood that Taylor had had a life and a family together with Ridge. "We still do," Steffy claimed.

Hope acknowledged it but knew that Taylor blamed Brooke for somehow stealing it from her in some way. Steffy told Hope to get to the point. Hope was glad that Taylor was back in town but hoped that Taylor and Steffy remembered that Ridge was married to Brooke, not Taylor.

Steffy snickered and rolled her eyes. She didn't know what was going on with Ridge and Brooke, but she felt that the ultimate decision was Ridge's. Hope replied that Ridge had made the decision and had married Brooke. Steffy said that she and Taylor knew that, but Ridge and been through a lot. Most of it was because of Hope and Brooke.

Hope assumed Steffy was talking about Deacon. Steffy said Brooke and Hope welcomed Deacon despite Ridge's feelings. Steffy got that Hope couldn't be objective but didn't get why Brooke, after being involved in a scandal with Deacon, had allowed him back into her life. Taylor tried to stop Steffy, but Steffy said Ridge's choices, in the long run, were up to him, not Hope or Brooke.

Hope reiterated how great it was for Taylor to be back in her practice. Hope asked that Steffy and Taylor respect Brooke and Ridge's marriage. The couple was in love, and they'd all been in a good place. Hope wanted to keep the peace and asked if Taylor and Steffy understood.

At Forrester, Grace told Paris that she'd missed her and never would have pulled off the surprise without Zende's help. Going on about what a great guy he was, she teased about what she'd do if she were a few years younger. She'd been following Zende on social media ever since Paris had mentioned dating him, and Grace believed that Paris had a good person with a good heart. His family had embraced Paris, and that made him a winner for Grace.

Paris' expression grew long, and Grace asked if there was something she should know about. Paris changed the subject to Grace's job opportunity at University Hospital. She thought it would be cool for Grace to live in Los Angeles and hang out with Paris. Grace said that Paris had her hands full with the Foundation and her relationship with Zende. Paris stated that she'd always make time for her mother, and she and Grace hugged.

Grace expressed how proud she was of Zoe and Paris. Grace praised Paris' work on the Foundation and decided to give her advice about picking a mate. Grace didn't want Paris to make the same mistakes Grace had and advised Paris to pick a mate from a good family with morals and integrity. It wasn't just about money and status. It was about finding the right foundation to build a future on. Grace asked if that man could be Zende.

In the design office with Carter, Zende became adamant that he had competition for Paris' affection. Zende wanted to know the man's name and learn the man's intentions toward her. He vowed to always look out for her and said there was no way he'd give up and step aside.

As Carter flashed back on text-messaging Paris, Zende said it had seemed as if someone had tipped her off about the marriage proposal. He guessed it didn't matter because Paris' answer would have been the same; Paris just wasn't ready for marriage. Carter remarked that Zende was. Zende appreciated Paris' honesty, but it had been a big kick in the gut.

Zende didn't want to sound like he was throwing himself a pity party. It didn't sound that way to Carter. Zende still believed in a future with Paris, but he thought he might have been moving too fast. He was glad that he'd get time to get to know Grace, Paris' mom. Zende was also appreciative of what a good friend Carter had been to him and to Paris. Zende said that Paris thought highly of Carter. Carter flashed back to kissing Paris.

Carter meets Paris and Zoe's mother, Grace

Carter meets Paris and Zoe's mother, Grace

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

At the cliff house, a defiant Hope warned Steffy and Taylor not to try to take advantage of the "challenging time" that Brooke and Ridge were facing. As the temperature rose, Taylor stepped in to try to cool things down. Taylor said that she was unaware of what was going on with Brooke but promised that she would be there if Brooke needed her.

Hope thanked Taylor for her offer, but she said that the only thing Brooke needed was "stability and security." Steffy offered her own translation of what Hope had said and suggested that Brooke felt threatened by Taylor being back in town. Hope insisted that was not the case.

Steffy reminded Hope that Ridge had two families. Hope countered that she had thought they were all "one big family" because that was what they had been telling their kids. Taylor again interrupted the bickering. She told Hope that she was back in Los Angeles and would inevitably cross paths with Ridge. However, Taylor asserted that she had not returned to Los Angeles to break up Ridge and Brooke.

After Hope left, Steffy apologized to Taylor for squabbling with Hope. Steffy blasted the way that Brooke seemingly flaunted Deacon's return to Los Angeles. Steffy insisted that Ridge could not be happy in his marriage to Brooke. Steffy questioned why Ridge did not want to get back together with Taylor.

Taylor did not take issue with Ridge wanting to help with whatever Brooke was going through. Steffy said she did not want anything bad to happen to Brooke but quickly added that "odds are [Brooke] brought it on herself." Steffy said that she wanted and needed Ridge and Taylor in her life. Steffy assured Taylor that she was not asking her to "compete for a man," but she urged Taylor to fight for her family and Ridge. "He needs to be with you, me, [and] Thomas," Steffy said. She added, "Not the Logans. Dad needs to be with the Forresters."

In the living room of her home, Brooke pleaded with Ridge not to reschedule his appointments. She insisted that she did not need to be babysat. Ridge repeated his vow to never leave Brooke again. Brooke assured Ridge that "what happened on New Year's [was] never going to happen again."

Ridge eventually agreed to head to the office. Before he left, he told Brooke that he was glad that they had a marriage in which they told each other anything. Brooke thanked Ridge for his love and support. Outside, Hope listened in on the conversation and watched the couple through the curtains.

At Forrester Creations, Grace marveled at how amazing the sprawling fashion house was. She also gushed about how "charming and handsome" she found Eric Forrester. Paris rolled her eyes. Carter entered the office and closed the door behind him. "Carter. Carter Walton. We finally meet," Grace said as the smile disappeared from her face.

Carter extended his hand to Grace, but she stood in place, staring at him. Grace eventually shook his hand and mentioned that she had heard a lot about Carter -- from both of her daughters. Carter said that he hoped Zoe was doing well. Grace confirmed that Zoe was doing quite well and was working, traveling, and "moving on with her life."

Grace said that she had missed Paris and had decided that a visit to Los Angeles had been in order. When Carter commented that Paris missed having family around, Grace shot him another glare. Paris informed Carter that her mother was thinking about staying in Los Angeles. Grace stated that she had been fielding some "interesting offers."

Carter praised Paris' work on the foundation and said Paris had a "huge fan club" at Forrester. Instead of celebrating the kind words, Grace seemed concerned by the looks that Carter and Paris were giving each other.

A chipper Ridge breezed into the executive office because he wanted to meet the "special guest" Eric had told him about. After Paris introduced them, Grace offered an apology for her ex-husband Reese's involvement in the baby-swapping debacle. Ridge thanked Grace for the apology and told her that they had all moved on and decided to focus on more positive things.

Paris refused to let her mother stay at a hotel and invited Grace to stay with her. Grace was thrilled to be able to spend even more time with her daughter. As the two women exited the office, Grace once again gave Carter a stern glance.

After Ridge headed to Forrester, Hope and Brooke sat down in Brooke's living room and had a cup of tea together. Hope denied that she had stopped by out of any sense of obligation to keep watch over Brooke. She did, however, say that she felt that Brooke was not telling her everything. Hope said that she had not heard from Deacon since New Year's Eve. She asked if Brooke somehow blamed Deacon for her relapse.

Steffy asserts that the Logans and Forresters are at war

Steffy asserts that the Logans and Forresters are at war

Thursday, January 13, 2022

In the CEO's office, Carter and Ridge discussed the success of the Foundation. Ridge said Paris had been a good employee recommendation. Carter replied that he'd just had a feeling about her. Ridge remarked that she was special.

As Carter repeated what Ridge had said, Paris walked into the office. Ridge and Carter inquired about Grace, who Paris said was resting at Paris' place after the long flight. Ridge suggested having a formal dinner for Grace. As Ridge turned to leave, Carter commented that he'd been looking for Brooke. Ridge replied that Brooke wouldn't be there. Carter expressed concern, and though Ridge said everything was okay, in the hallway, Ridge paused in thought.

Later, Paris and Carter were alone, talking about how her mother had found her place charming, even if there wasn't enough food stocked up for Grace's liking. Carter figured Grace was proud of Paris for having a place. Paris was hoping to keep Grace there for good.

Carter was surprised with how friendly Grace had been to him after what had gone on with Zoe. Paris figured Grace knew that he hadn't been treated the way he'd deserved to be, and if Grace didn't know it, Paris would make sure Grace did. He was glad to know Paris had his back.

Paris' plan was to make Grace fall in love with Los Angeles and stay forever. Carter said Paris was a selling point, and every hospital was clamoring to hire Dr. Buckingham. Paris figured that things with her mom would fall into place. Next, she had to figure out what to do about Zende.

Paris felt that she had a lot to experience before marriage. She was just starting out. She wanted to travel and hold onto every bit of her independence. She wasn't cut out to be tied down right then. Carter figured that it had been a good thing that Zende had decided against proposing marriage to her. Not wanting to lead Zende on, Paris didn't know what to do. Carter said Zende was a solid guy, but she had to follow her gut. Carter figured that she'd figure it out.

At the cliff house, Steffy asserted that Ridge and Taylor loved each other. Steffy believed she and Taylor had to help him get out of "there." Taylor hated to see Steffy so upset but said it was what it was, and she and Steffy had to accept that Ridge's life was with Brooke and the Logans. Steffy said that Taylor couldn't give up. Taylor replied that she didn't intend to spend the second half of her life hoping that things turned out differently.

Steffy reasoned that it was a new chapter. They could save Ridge from all the drama and reunite their family. Steffy was convinced that something big was going on with Brooke. It would come out, and that was when they'd bring Ridge back "here with us," Steffy concluded.

Steffy believed that Ridge was happy to have Taylor back, and they obviously cared for each other. Taylor said it hadn't been easy, but she and Ridge had managed to remain friends over the years. Steffy thought it was more than a parenting connection, and Ridge and Taylor had a "dance" in their eyes when they looked at each other. Taylor giggled. Steffy said it was good, pure, and beautiful, and it highlighted what they'd been missing -- Taylor.

Taylor admitted she'd missed time with her kids and grandkids. Steffy asked Taylor to think of what it would do for the grandkids to see their grandparents reunited as a strong, powerful Forrester family. Steffy felt that they'd been wonderful as a family, and Ridge wasn't in a healthy relationship because of Brooke. Taylor said that she and Brooke had their differences.

Steffy claimed that Brooke had robbed Taylor, like Hope had robbed Steffy. Steffy claimed that she was happy to be married to Finn and that they had a baby together, "But let's be real. She took Liam away from me -- just like Brooke took Dad away from you."

In Steffy's mind, it was a sick cycle, perpetuated by the Logans. "True," Taylor said, but she decided that she and Ridge had grown apart. Taylor wouldn't blame Brooke for all their problems. Steffy said that if Brooke wasn't in the picture, Taylor and Ridge would be together right then, living in that house in Beverly Hills. Steffy asked if she was wrong, and Taylor looked away.

Steffy insisted that the Logans kept infiltrating their lives, and Hope just put on a sweet act to get what she wanted. Taylor replied that Hope had some good qualities. Steffy said that Hope was a good mother and great with Kelly, but Brooke had molded Hope since Hope had been a child. There was something seriously wrong with them, and there was trouble brewing at Brooke's house.

Steffy couldn't accept the Logans winning out in the end. Taylor said that Ridge was committed to his wife. Steffy said he was paying the price with his own sanity. Taylor replied that it was hard to have two families, but Ridge was doing the best he could. Steffy said her parents had taught her to take the high road when the "Logans" would manipulate and take what they wanted.

In Steffy's view, the Deacon situation had gone beyond. Taylor remarked that Ridge had been a saint. Steffy claimed that Ridge was being made to feel like a guest in his own home while Deacon worked his way in. Steffy and Taylor were shocked that Deacon had been allowed to be there on New Year's Eve. Taylor thought Brooke felt caught between Hope and Ridge.

Steffy had had enough. "Don't you want to get back at Brooke?" Steffy asked, saying Brooke didn't even care that her actions affected Taylor. Taylor said Brooke never would. "We are in a war, Mom. The Logans vs. the Forresters," Steffy said. She believed the best days were ahead, and the Forrester family would triumph. Steffy and Taylor hugged.

At Brooke's house, Hope pressed to find out why Brooke didn't want Deacon around and wondered if something had happened between Brooke and him. Brooke didn't want to get into it, and Hope questioned Ridge's role in the decision. "Ridge isn't the one who's done anything wrong," Brooke stated. Hope said Brooke hadn't done anything wrong, either. Hope knew that Brooke was disappointed in herself, but drinking wasn't unforgivable.

Later, Hope wondered what it was about New Year's Eve that haunted Brooke. "Everything," Brooke replied. Hope asked if it had been something more -- if it was Taylor's return or Hope's pressure regarding Deacon. Brooke said those things weren't it. Hope wanted Brooke to know that she could talk to Hope, and it would stay between them.

Ridge arrived and sensed he was interrupting something. Brooke told him that he hadn't had to return home early. He claimed that he'd wanted to order food, but Brooke insisted that he hadn't needed to check on her. She was okay, and "it" would never happen again. Hope affirmed that she and Ridge wanted to be there every step of the way. Ridge volunteered to keep going to meetings with Brooke and said they'd handle it as a family, no matter what.

Hope said Deacon had struggled with drinking, and Hope had just been asking Brooke something. Before Hope could say what she'd been asking, Ridge asked why they were talking about Deacon. Hope explained that Deacon had been MIA, and she'd wanted to make sure that everything was okay. Ridge raged that Deacon had been MIA for large chunks of Hope's life, and it was what he did.

Brooke didn't want to talk about Deacon. Instead, she wanted to thank Hope and Ridge for their support. She said they shouldn't have to put up with it. Ridge and Hope wouldn't hear of it. They wanted to put up with it. Brooke felt lucky, and she didn't want to lose them. She didn't want to lose the beautiful family she had.

Deacon professes his feelings for Brooke

Deacon professes his feelings for Brooke

Friday, January 14, 2022

At Il Giardino, Deacon told Paul that he might be rushing through the mopping because he needed to see someone special. Paul left, and Sheila approached, asking if the someone special was Hope or Brooke. Looking at his bare wrist, Deacon told Sheila that he had to go. She asked if it was a new watch. He glanced at the non-existent watch and said it was made by "Mind Your Own Business." Sheila guessed that meant he was going to see Brooke.

Sheila guessed it had been some New Year's Eve. Deacon didn't get Sheila's fixation on that holiday. She asked him to throw her a bone. She was living vicariously through Deacon, who was miles ahead of her in his relationship with Hope. Not knowing about that, he revealed that he hadn't seen Hope or Brooke since the turn of the new year. Sheila asked why that was.

Deacon tried to get rid of Sheila, but she was perplexed about why he'd stay away from Brooke and Hope. He replied that he hadn't said he was staying away. He mumbled that he had work obligations. Sheila scoffed at the idea that he would put off Brooke and Hope to mop. Sheila wondered if staying away from Brooke's house was Brooke's idea, not his. Deacon decided that Sheila could go have lunch and finish her stalking session elsewhere because he had to go.

Once alone, Sheila chuckled that it had to have been "one hell of a party." Sheila sat down at the bar and wondered if she'd succeeded in getting Brooke to drink again. She flashed back to Brooke's threat and to changing bottle labels. Sheila said that Brooke's guarantee to destroy Brooke's life had only guaranteed that Sheila would destroy Brooke's.

At Brooke's house, Brooke flashed back to drinking with Deacon and him swearing nothing had happened. Ridge wondered why she hadn't said anything on the ride home from the meeting. Brooke said she had been taking in the stories that had been shared at the meeting and hearing that she wasn't alone in the struggle. He asked if she was struggling right then. "Not really. I don't know," Brooke replied. He guessed she was still thinking about New Year's Eve.

Brooke believed it would always haunt her because she'd been sober for such a long time. Ridge didn't have the answer, but the meetings were indicating to him that people just slipped up. She knew that, but she still had regrets. Ridge did, too, like not being there when Brooke had needed him most. He was sorry for it and promised that she'd never feel that kind of loneliness ever again.

Later, Brooke was alone, working on a laptop. She flashed back to drinking shots and kissing Deacon. Deacon entered, and she blasted him for just walking in there. She said she wouldn't stop him from going down to see Hope, but he wasn't welcome in her home. Deacon told her not to worry. He'd called to check, and Ridge was at Forrester.

Brooke yelled that she'd told Deacon not to be there. Deacon said he had wanted to respect her wishes, but he couldn't stop thinking of what had happened. She wanted to put it out of her mind. He said banishing him wouldn't do it. She said it would help, but he stated that it wouldn't help him.

Deacon couldn't think about anything except kissing Brooke. Brooke replied that she'd done it because she'd been drunk. She wasn't blaming him and wished she could blame anyone but herself. She didn't know what had happened, and it didn't make sense. Deacon urged her to go to a meeting, and Brooke said Ridge had been to some with her.

Deacon was surprised that Ridge knew, but Brooke clarified that it was only about the drinking, not Deacon spending the night there. Deacon said he'd just been sleeping it off. "In my bed!" Brooke yelled, asking if he really thought Ridge would understand that -- or understand Deacon kissing her. It was why Deacon couldn't be there.

Deacon reasoned that he should be coming around more. He stated that banning him was just raising suspicions, and Hope was already text-messaging him about it. He was sure Ridge and Hope would connect the dots. In Deacon's view, the best thing to do was to allow him back.

"Absolutely not!" Brooke asserted. She felt she was doing what she had to do. Deacon stated that they'd kissed for a reason. "Because we were drunk!" she exclaimed. He told her not to guilt-trip herself about one kiss. For Brooke, it had been one kiss too many.

Brooke didn't know why she'd drunk, but Deacon thought it was obvious. He asked how many times Ridge had let Brooke down. Deacon added that Taylor was in town. Brooke was sure Taylor was waiting in the wings. That was why Brooke was so mad about what had happened.

Deacon believed that some inner desires had been released. Brooke scoffed at that and said there had been no inner desire. He knew what he'd felt. She asked why he was saying those ridiculous things, things like he'd said in the past. She asked him to remember how it had turned out. He said they'd created Hope, who'd love to see her parents together.

Brooke told Deacon to stop. Brooke said she loved Ridge and wanted to be with Ridge. She feared that Ridge would leave her if he knew what had happened. Deacon exclaimed that he'd buried his feelings for as long as he could. He'd told himself not to bother Brooke, but he was done. He grabbed Brooke and said he loved her. He'd always loved her, and he always would.

In the CEO's office, Thomas and Steffy worked with a model in a design. The model said Brooke had wanted to see the dress. Steffy said she'd send Brooke photos. After the model had gone, Thomas expressed concern because Brooke had missed more than one meeting and hadn't been at work the past couple of days. He asked if Steffy knew what was going on.

Steffy didn't know, but Hope had said Brooke had been acting strange since New Year's Eve. Taylor and Steffy suspected Brooke had had a problem with Ridge not being there for the event. Thomas thought it was petty to be so upset about it that she wouldn't go to work. Steffy said it was petty, even for Brooke. Thomas asked what another reason could be. Steffy believed that, as co-CEO, she needed to be told about anything going on with Brooke that affected work. Thomas was sure Ridge would tell them if it was serious.

Ridge entered and asked what was going on with Thomas and Steffy. Thomas and Steffy expressed their concern that Brooke was a no-show again and asked what was going on. Steffy offered to let Ridge say it wasn't their business, but she and Thomas were concerned. Thomas said it wasn't like Brooke to miss appointments, and Ridge had mentioned that Brooke was struggling with something. Ridge sighed. Steffy conveyed that Hope was worried about Brooke, and Steffy claimed that she and Thomas wanted to help.

Ridge appreciated the concern but said he and Brooke would be fine. Thomas assumed that meant something was going on. Steffy brought up Brooke's choices about Deacon, saying Brooke had opened up her home without giving Ridge any say. Steffy claimed that Brooke had opened herself up to Deacon, which meant they didn't know what Brooke would do next.

Thomas asked if it was the best choice for Ridge to be over there at Brooke's place, where Deacon had become a regular fixture. Thomas thought Ridge could be around people who cared about him. Thomas said he missed Ridge. Steffy said she and Taylor did, too.

Ridge said he loved his kids and asked what the "miss you" drama was about. Thomas said Ridge was with the grandkids, and his kids saw him at work. "But, Dad, you got home to Brooke and the Logans, and now Brooke, Hope, and Deacon," Steffy claimed. Steffy said that it was just a matter of time before Brooke was in another scandal, but they didn't want that for him.

Thomas insinuated that Taylor might have returned to town to keep Ridge from another one of Brooke's scandals. Steffy urged Ridge to take control of his life before Brooke brought him down again.

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