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Eric, Hope, and Liam urged Brooke to fight for her marriage. After Steffy overheard Thomas talking to Sheila about Sheila's plot against Brooke, Steffy confronted Sheila in the alley behind Il Giardino. A shot rang out, and as Finn lay dying in the alley, Sheila turned the gun on Steffy.
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Steffy confronted Sheila, and Finn jumped in front of Steffy as Sheila pulled out a gun and fired
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Steffy delivers a stern warning to Sheila

Steffy delivers a stern warning to Sheila

Monday, March 28, 2022

At Forrester, Thomas was trying to work, but a call from Sheila interrupted him. Thomas told her that she had to lay off. Carter and Ridge arrived, and Thomas hastily hung up on Sheila. Ridge asked if Thomas was having a problem with someone. Denying that there was an issue, Thomas said he was merely trying to find the right way to handle a situation. Ridge said that people didn't always do what was right, but if someone else could benefit from what Thomas was doing, it might be worth the risk.

Later, Carter had gone to a meeting, and Ridge told Thomas that if Ridge seemed concerned about Thomas, it was because Ridge wanted Thomas' happiness. Thomas felt the same thing about Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy. Thomas recalled that his family had helped him during his tough times, and he wanted to make sure that Ridge also ended up happy, which meant making sure that Ridge and Taylor wound up together. Thomas wanted his father to be fulfilled and said Ridge could count on Thomas.

At the cliff house, Steffy woke up to her husband gazing at her. Finn had gotten the kids off with Amelia so that he could spend the rest of the morning alone with Steffy -- unless she needed to check on Thomas. Still preoccupied with why Thomas had been in the alley with Sheila, Steffy expressed that she had a bad feeling. She needed to know what was going on.

Later, Steffy and Finn had gotten dressed. Steffy said that Finn and Taylor were already keeping an eye on Sheila, so Thomas didn't need to do it, too. Steffy didn't like the body language she'd seen in the alley. Flirting with Steffy, Finn asked what his own body language was saying.

Steffy and Finn agreed that his feelings had been apparent since the first day. Finn thought they had a long future ahead, and he was in it for the long haul. A flashback played of Finn proposing marriage to Steffy. Finn stated that he was blessed to be with a woman like her. Steffy said she felt as if she was the lucky one. She said it could only get better, but it would be tough to top their wedding and Hayes's birth.

A flashback played of Finn and Steffy bringing Hayes into the world. Finn stated that, at that moment, he'd changed and known that there was nothing he wouldn't do to protect his family. He said that he would sacrifice anything to keep her and the kids happy and safe. Steffy replied that she and the kids were grateful for Finn and the family. She'd tell her brother the same thing when she saw him, and she'd let him know there was no reason to hide anything.

In Sheila's hotel room later, Sheila grinned as she scrolled through pictures of Finn and Hayes. To her surprise, Steffy arrived. Sheila greeted Steffy, who immediately said she knew what Sheila was up to. Sheila asked how Steffy had found Sheila, and Steffy guessed that it wasn't fun to have someone just show up unannounced on her doorstep.

Steffy dared Sheila to be honest about her desire to make inroads with Taylor and Finn. Steffy guessed Sheila wanted one more time at Steffy's house. Sheila stated that Taylor was kind and generous. "I'm not as forgiving," Steffy replied. Sheila believed that she and Steffy wanted the same things -- what was best for Steffy's family.

Steffy asked if Sheila thought the best thing was for Steffy's family to know Sheila better. Sheila revealed that the best thing was Ridge and Taylor's reunion. Sheila said Taylor had a real chance with Ridge, and Sheila wanted that for Taylor. Claiming she wasn't the enemy, Sheila added that Steffy had no idea what Sheila would do to bring Steffy's family together.

Sheila knew that Steffy didn't like to hear it, but Sheila already felt like part of the family. Sheila said that Finn and Hayes were her flesh and blood. Steffy asserted that Sheila would never be a part of their lives. Steffy added that Sheila wasn't Taylor's friend and never would be, and Steffy ordered Sheila to stay away from Steffy's entire family, including Thomas.

Revealing that she'd been there and seen Thomas with Sheila in the alley, Steffy demanded that Sheila say what had gone on there.

At Brooke's house, Brooke had coffee and smiled to herself as she thought about her dream of dancing with Ridge. "If only it were true," she said. Eric arrived at her behest. Brooke, who'd needed some company, was glad to have him there. Brooke didn't want to keep laying everything on Hope, who felt guilty about Brooke's predicament.

Eric asked what Brooke's sad mood was about, and Brooke said, "I let him go." Brooke admitted that she didn't know why she'd set Ridge free, but she'd tried to fix it by begging Ridge to return. Brooke said she didn't know what she was doing anymore, but she was adamant that she couldn't lose Ridge.

Over coffee with Eric, Brooke conveyed that Stephanie would be disappointed in Brooke, just like Ridge and Eric were. Eric replied that he wasn't, and he wanted her to stop making her pain worse with all the guilt. Brooke replied that she knew that she had to stop replaying the past.

Eric, who'd spoken with Ridge, conveyed that Ridge was confused but still loved Brooke. Eric said that Ridge and Brooke shared something unique. It was being tested, but it wasn't broken. "It never will be," Eric affirmed.

Eric inquired about Brooke's urges to drink. Brooke said she hadn't had any since that night, which was what had made it all more puzzling to her. She remarked that she was a mess, and yet, "I don't have that urge. I don't have that temptation. Not like I did that night, so it doesn't make any sense." Brooke said she was going to meetings, but resisting the urge wasn't a struggle for her -- not like it had been that night. She was confused by why that was.

Brooke stated that she'd taken full responsibility for it, but she didn't think Ridge wanted to hear it anymore. Eric said it felt like a lost cause, but it wasn't. Eric felt that Ridge and Brooke's connection was still there, even though Taylor and Ridge's children meant a great deal to Ridge. "You're his soul mate," Eric concluded. Brooke didn't know how to get through to Ridge.

Eric replied that Ridge and Brooke had lost their way before, and they'd find their way back. Brooke stated that Ridge was the love of her life. Eric drew her into a hug.

Steffy discovers what Thomas and Sheila have been hiding

Steffy discovers what Thomas and Sheila have been hiding

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

At Brooke's house, Eric encouraged Brooke to have faith in her relationship with Ridge. Brooke couldn't fathom losing her marriage over Deacon, a man she didn't care about further than sharing a child with him. Eric advised her to stay the course and fix what she'd broken.

Brooke asserted that she was willing, but it was hard because, intentional or not, it seemed that Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas were doing everything they could to pull Ridge away from Brooke. Eric urged Brooke not to let that bother her and to believe that she and Ridge would reunite.

Brooke still couldn't believe it had happened. She said she and Ridge had been happy. All of their problems had been behind them -- until she'd done what she'd done. Unable to believe her own actions, Brooke asked who'd been the stupid woman who'd sacrificed everything that night. She felt as if there was an outside force doing all it could to keep her and Ridge apart.

In Sheila's hotel room, Steffy confronted Sheila about why she'd been in the alley behind Il Giardino with Thomas. Sheila saw no use in denying it, since Steffy had seen it for herself.

Sheila said that whether Steffy liked it or not, Finn was Sheila's bloodline, and Hayes was her grandson. Sheila wished Steffy would accept Sheila for who she was that day -- or at least give Sheila a chance to prove herself the way Taylor had. Steffy asked where Thomas fit into it.

Sheila explained that Thomas had influence over Steffy. Sheila had theorized that if she could convince him that she'd changed, then he might be able to convince Steffy of it. "He can't," Steffy flatly responded. Sheila vowed to find another way to reach Steffy. Sheila refused to give up on her family. "That's what you are, Steffy. I get choked up even thinking about it. Family. I finally belong to one, and I love you all so very much," Sheila stated.

Steffy responded that Sheila's profession scared Steffy more than anything. Reaching for Steffy, Sheila said she hadn't meant to scare her daughter-in-law. Steffy warned Sheila not to touch her. "I love you, your entire family," Sheila stated, but Steffy insisted that Sheila would never be welcomed into Steffy's family. Sheila vowed to earn her place, and she looked forward to the day that Steffy would trust Sheila enough to take Hayes to the park or the beach.

"Are you delusional? You're never gonna be alone with my son," Steffy replied. Sheila conceded that Steffy felt that way at the time, but Sheila planned to work on it. Steffy insisted that it would never happen, so Sheila might as well make her way back to Genoa City.

Sheila smiled and submitted the smile as proof that she'd changed. She said that the old Sheila would have been insulted and would have lashed out ten minutes back. Instead of exhibiting that behavior, Sheila had chosen to take whatever Steffy dished out so that Sheila could gain acceptance into the family she was already a part of.

Sheila called herself an asset and said Steffy didn't know what a friend Sheila had already been to Steffy and Taylor. Disagreeing, Steffy asserted that Sheila would never be a friend, and if Sheila wanted to do Steffy's family a favor, she'd stay away from them.

With that, Steffy strode out of the hotel room. Alone, Sheila seethed that Steffy would be a lot nicer if she only knew what Sheila had already done.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge was puzzled when Thomas conveyed that it was his turn to look out for Ridge. Thomas said he owed it to Ridge to contribute to Ridge's happiness in any way that he could. "You owe me that because I'm your dad? I did that for free," Ridge replied.

Taylor arrived at the office as Ridge was saying that he understood Thomas' stance that Ridge would be better off with Taylor. Taylor told Thomas that it was enough of the "Parent Trap" thing. She felt that she and Ridge didn't need their children to decide for them. She advised Thomas to ease up. Ridge figured they should let it go because there were worse things than spending time with Taylor. Taylor quipped that romance wasn't dead, after all.

Ridge left for a meeting, and once alone with Thomas, Taylor remarked that someone else also thought Ridge and Taylor should be together, and it was someone unexpected -- Sheila. Thomas gleaned that Taylor had been talking to Sheila. Taylor quipped that Sheila was the one who'd do all the talking during her visits to Taylor's office, which had become more frequent.

Thomas didn't like the idea of Taylor being alone with Sheila, but Taylor said it was okay. In her view, Sheila was a fascinating case study. Thomas quipped that a serial killer was, too, but one shouldn't put oneself in a cage with a killer. Taylor insisted that it was fascinating to watch Sheila's wheels turn. Taylor divulged that Sheila wanted Ridge and Taylor to be together, but Taylor believed that Sheila's animosity for Brooke was fueling that desire.

Taylor claimed she'd told Sheila not to lash out. Taylor said she had also asserted that whether her family was at odds with Brooke or not, they'd stand behind Brooke against Sheila any day of the week. Taylor stated that Sheila understood that. "I hope she does," Taylor added.

Later, Thomas was alone when he received a call from Sheila. He admonished her about calling whenever she felt like it. A man opened the office door, looking for Carter, but left upon seeing Carter wasn't in there.

Outside the office, Steffy strode up to the closed door. She heard Thomas inside the office, saying that keeping Sheila's secret was weighing on him. Slowly, Steffy opened the door to listen as he told Sheila, "After what you did to Brooke? It was evil. It was disgusting and diabolical. You made Brooke think that she was drinking nonalcoholic champagne. You switched the bottle labels. She was drinking real booze, which led her to then drinking vodka, which led her to making out with Deacon and spending the night," Thomas said.

Steffy's eyes widened in shock as she continued to listen in. Thomas told Sheila that Brooke had a disease and was an alcoholic. Thomas was adamant that Sheila had sabotaged and poisoned Brooke, and he said Brooke still had no idea why she'd drunk that night. "But it was you, manipulating everyone, and you expect me to keep this secret? You're the one trying to tear apart my father's marriage so you can have a place in Steffy and Finn's lives," Thomas concluded.

In the design office, Ridge ended a call and worked on a dress hanging from a dress form. He flashed back to having a family hug with Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas. Next, he thought of Brooke asking him to return home. Just then, Brooke arrived, saying she'd had to see him.

Glad that Brooke was there, Ridge said he'd been thinking about them and how bad the timing for everything had been. He said she was in that big house alone, and he was concerned about her. He wanted her to be okay. "I want us to be okay," Brooke replied.

Brooke said that she'd made a mistake by telling Ridge that she wanted a divorce. She'd only offered the divorce because she'd thought it would make him happy. Taking it all back, Brooke said she wanted him to return home. She offered to let him stay in the guest wing if he wanted to, but she needed him to be at home to work it out. She shared her belief that an outside force was keeping them apart, but she was adamant that "this" could not be their fate.

Steffy confronts Sheila with the truth

Steffy confronts Sheila with the truth

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Steffy's eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly as she overheard Thomas accuse Sheila of having "traded Brooke's sobriety for a future" with Finn. Thomas suggested that Ridge and Brooke deserved to know the truth. Sheila warned Thomas that he could "kiss [his] family's future goodbye" if he told anyone the truth. "What good is reuniting my family if it's built on a pack of lies?" Thomas asked.

Sheila was about to tell Thomas some information that he did not know, but Thomas abruptly ended the call because Taylor walked into the executive suite. Alone in her hotel room, an angry Sheila declared that she would not allow Steffy to ruin her relationship with Finn.

Taylor and Thomas briefly discussed Taylor's relationship with Ridge. Taylor downplayed talk that she and Ridge were going to jump right into a relationship. Taylor explained that the situation wasn't right to be able to do that. Thomas pointed out that Ridge and Brooke's relationship had always been toxic -- even before the New Year's Eve slip-up with Deacon. Taylor admitted that Ridge and Brooke had always had challenges in their relationship, but she noted that Brooke was still Ridge's wife.

Thomas told his mother that he and Steffy would do anything for her. Taylor praised the man that Thomas had grown into. While gathering up his sketches, Thomas said that Taylor and Ridge had been kept apart for too long "for all the wrong reasons." Taylor assured Thomas that things would work out the way they were meant to. She embraced her son and posited that there was probably nothing Thomas would not do to help her and Ridge get back together.

In the design office, Ridge asked Brooke to stop beating herself up over her mistake. Brooke began to cry as she announced that she could not move on with her life until she figured out why she had suddenly decided to throw her marriage away. Brooke reminded Ridge that prior to New Year's Eve, they'd both been happy and content with their life together.

Ridge asked Brooke not to lose sight of who she was, but Brooke replied that her life meant nothing without Ridge in it. "I never should have set you free," Brooke said as she pledged that she and Ridge would somehow find their way back to one another. Ridge wished that Brooke could see herself the way that he saw her. Brooke became more intense, telling Ridge, "There's no way I'm ever gonna let anybody or anything come between us."

Sheila paid Deacon a visit at Il Giardino to tell him that she was beginning to question her decision to move to Los Angeles and get to know her son. Deacon was caught off guard by Sheila's seemingly defeated attitude and asked "what happened to that plucky, albeit evil genius" that he knew.

At the hospital, Steffy dropped by Finn's office, unannounced. Finn was pleased by the surprise visit, but he quickly realized that something was wrong. Steffy blurted out that Sheila was back to her "old manipulative ways." Finn wasn't sure that he wanted to hear what Steffy was about to tell him, but he definitely wasn't prepared for Steffy's exclamation that Sheila had "attacked Brooke."

Finn didn't understand how his mother was involved in what had happened to Brooke. Steffy explained that Sheila had swapped the label on Brooke's non-alcoholic champagne. Finn asked Steffy how she could possibly know that Sheila had done that. Steffy said that she had overheard Thomas talking to Sheila. Steffy could not explain why Sheila would go to such great lengths to hurt Brooke. Finn told Steffy that he hoped it was all one big misunderstanding, but before he and Steffy could discuss things more, Finn was paged because one of his patients was being transferred to the ICU.

Once Finn left, Steffy phoned Sheila and asked if she was available to talk. Sheila replied that her availability depended on whether or not Steffy was prepared to show her a little respect. Steffy told Sheila that it was urgent that they speak, and Sheila ultimately revealed that she was at Il Giardino.

The sun had set by the time Steffy arrived at Il Giardino. She approached Sheila, who was sipping a drink and daydreaming about the life she wanted with Finn and Hayes. Sheila forced a smile. "Did you find a small space in that big heart of yours for me?" Sheila asked. Steffy told Sheila that on her drive to the restaurant, she'd thought about what she'd wanted to say. "It would be really nice for my kids to be close to their grandmother [and] for Finn to have a real connection to his roots," Steffy said softly.

Sheila vowed that she was a changed woman and only did things that were for the "greater good." Steffy countered that Sheila was "worse than ever." The smile disappeared from Sheila's face. Sheila announced that she had had enough of Steffy and stormed off. Steffy quickly chased after her.

Steffy caught up to Sheila in the alley behind Il Giardino. There, Steffy confronted Sheila with everything she knew about Sheila's role in what had happened to Brooke on New Year's Eve. "There's no hope for you. You are never getting better," Steffy growled. Steffy told Sheila that she would make sure that everyone would know what Sheila had done. "You will never have a place in our lives. Not ever," Steffy added. Sheila's expression turned cold as she stepped closer to Steffy. Steffy, who had been defiant, suddenly seemed less confident as she swallowed hard.

Steffy and Sheila's faceoff takes a violent turn

Steffy and Sheila's faceoff takes a violent turn

Thursday, March 31, 2022

At Brooke's house, Liam and Hope were with Brooke, discussing the visit Brooke had had with Ridge earlier at the office. Brooke believed that even though Ridge cared about her, he still might not get past what had happened. Liam replied that Brooke's self-flagellating wouldn't help.

Brooke noted that Ridge had said the same thing, but she couldn't help but believe that he was happy at Steffy's house and felt safer with Taylor. Hope stated that as long as Brooke was still married to Ridge, Brooke had a chance. Brooke sensed that Ridge was torn about it despite his children pressuring him at work and at home to be with Taylor and to end things with Brooke.

Later, Brooke received a call from Bridget. Bridget informed Brooke that Bridget wasn't in New York. She was working out of University Hospital in Los Angeles for a while to help with restructuring and shortages. Brooke thought that was wonderful and hoped to see Bridget soon.

After the call ended, Hope squealed, happy that her sister was in town, which meant she had backup. Hope said Steffy and Thomas' actions didn't matter; only Ridge's love mattered. "Even if there's an outside force working against us?" Brooke asked. Liam asked what Brooke was referring to. Brooke replied that something or someone was working against her. It was as if Ridge and she were up against more than they realized.

In the CEO's office, Ridge arrived as Thomas was inside the office, asking Taylor if she wanted to reunite with Ridge. Taylor decided to leave to let Ridge and Thomas work, but Ridge wouldn't let her leave without answering the question. "What do you think?" she asked Ridge.

In the silence, Taylor said she'd already made her feelings clear, but she'd also told Thomas and Steffy that Ridge needed time to heal, without pressure from anyone. Taylor asked if Ridge felt pressured. He joked that he didn't -- except a thousand times a day by the kids. Thomas admitted that he and Steffy had been a little vocal. "A little? A lottle," Taylor joked.

Taylor told Thomas that he and his sister needed to ease up. No one knew what would happen, and Ridge could go back to Brooke at any time. Thomas said he got that Ridge had to want to be with Taylor of his own volition, not due to pressure from his kids. Taylor asked if Thomas would end the "Parent Trap" and refrain from interfering with Ridge's decision about his marriage to Brooke.

Thomas seemed hesitant, and Ridge asked if there was something Thomas wanted to say. Thomas asked if Ridge still had feelings for Taylor. Embarrassed, Ridge said that he did. Thomas said he saw amazing potential with his parents. To him, it seemed meant to be.

In the alley behind Il Giardino, Steffy revealed that she knew what Sheila had done to Brooke. Steffy declared that Sheila's chances with Finn and Hayes had ended because Steffy had proof that Sheila was the same manipulative psychopath she'd always been. Sheila tried to deny it, but Steffy revealed that she'd overheard Sheila and Thomas discussing the label switches. Steffy asserted that Brooke had been drunk because of Sheila.

Admitting that she'd done it, Sheila said. "You should be on your knees, Steffy, thanking me profusely. It's because of me. I'm the one that got your father away from Brooke. Yet, here you stand, lashing out at me! Judging me, telling me I will have no place in my son's life? No! If anything, I just solidified my place in his life, in yours."

Bringing her face within inches of Steffy's, Sheila uttered, "You're welcome." Steffy doubted she should thank Sheila, but Sheila said she'd taken action while the Forresters had watched Ridge waste his life away on a drunken slut. "You mean an alcoholic in recovery," Steffy corrected, adding that Brooke hadn't been tempted to drink in years until Sheila had tricked Brooke into it.

Sheila claimed that she'd allowed Brooke to have what Brooke had really wanted, and Sheila had allowed Brooke to stop suppressing Brooke's desire to drink and to cheat. Sheila said that because of Brooke's slip-up, Ridge was living at Steffy's house with Steffy's mother, a woman he'd always admired. Sheila wanted Taylor and Ridge's reunion for Steffy's deserving family.

Sheila stated that Steffy was Sheila's family, too. Steffy tensed. Sheila knew Steffy didn't like to hear it and had a hard time dealing with it. Sheila believed Steffy would accept Sheila someday the same way Taylor had. Sheila praised Taylor for giving Sheila a chance and for seeing the change in her. Steffy replied that Sheila's plot against Brooke proved that Sheila was just as dangerous and manipulative as ever. Steffy vowed to put an end to it. "To what?" Sheila asked.

"You," Steffy responded. Stepping to Sheila, Steffy said there would be no more visits with Taylor or meetings with Thomas. In Steffy's view, Sheila was done. Sheila told Steffy that Steffy couldn't tell anyone why Brooke had drunk. Sheila urged Steffy to think of Taylor, who wanted a chance with Ridge after spending years on the sidelines.

"Years you took away! You took her away, and now, you think you can spike a few drinks, and all is forgiven?" Steffy asked. Steffy said that Sheila really was insane. Steffy asked how long Thomas had been involved and if he'd helped Sheila.

Sheila revealed that Thomas had just learned about it, and she'd also urged him to see the wisdom in what she'd done. She asked if Ridge deserved to be free of Brooke. "He does, but not like this," Steffy responded. Steffy said that her parents should be together out of their own desires, not because Sheila had done something sick. Steffy stated that everyone would know the truth, and Sheila would never have a relationship with Finn.

Sheila warned Steffy not to get between Sheila and Finn. "You keep your mouth shut," Sheila ordered Steffy. Steffy doubted that Sheila would make inroads in that manner. Sheila said it was as if Steffy was baiting Sheila to do wrong. Sheila didn't believe Steffy had ever given Sheila a chance, not even after Taylor had been open to the possibility of Sheila's reform.

Steffy said that Sheila's entrapment of Brooke had shown Steffy that Sheila was far from reformed. Sheila asked what Steffy would have done if Brooke had been in Steffy's face, telling Steffy that she'd never be a part of her son's life. Sheila hadn't been able to let Brooke get in the way. "And I won't let you, either," Sheila added. Steffy guessed that was a threat.

Sheila stated that Finn was Sheila's only hope and the only child she could have a life with. "A life I could have had with you, too. I really wanted that, Steffy, an opportunity to love you," Sheila said. Steffy didn't know who'd want the curse of Sheila's love. Steffy said it was a curse Steffy would make sure Finn never knew because Steffy would make sure he saw what a criminal Sheila was.

"No!" Sheila raged and slammed Steffy against a Dumpster. She said that if one of them wasn't meant to be in Finn's life, it was gonna be Steffy. "It's gonna be you, Steffy. You," Sheila concluded.

Finn takes a bullet meant for Steffy

Finn takes a bullet meant for Steffy

Friday, April 1, 2022

At Forrester, Taylor and Ridge were alone, and Taylor said she wished Thomas would ease up. Ridge, however, liked that their children didn't hide their feelings. She replied that Ridge shouldn't let it influence him because their kids' happiness didn't hinge on Ridge and Taylor being a couple. Ridge stated that he liked to pretend that it did.

Taylor wished Thomas would focus on his own love life. Ridge wondered if Taylor meant like Steffy, who had a husband and kids but still found the time to meddle in her parents' lives. Taylor expressed pride in their daughter. Taylor admitted she had been worried about Steffy, who'd been stuck in a cycle with Liam. In Taylor's opinion, it was the same cycle Ridge and Taylor had been in.

"Here we go," Ridge replied. Taylor replied that Steffy had watched it as a child and had gotten into it. Taylor wasn't worried anymore because Steffy had found Finn. Ridge said Finn would be perfect if it weren't for Finn's mother. Taylor wondered if Sheila had truly changed.

"Do you really believe that?" Ridge asked. Taylor said she would like to believe it for Finn's sake, and she claimed she'd invited Sheila for Christmas Eve for Finn's sake. Taylor promised that her guard was always up with Sheila, though. Ridge replied that Sheila was incapable of being a normal person and was as dangerous as she'd always been.

Ridge asked about Taylor's communications with Sheila. Taylor replied that Sheila would just show up at Taylor's office and want to talk. To Taylor, Sheila seemed really happy about Ridge and Taylor's relationship, but Taylor didn't get how the relationship could benefit Sheila. Ridge believed that Sheila was mean and selfish and had ulterior motives.

Taylor guessed that it could be that Sheila was absolving herself of guilt for shooting Taylor. Ridge refused to believe Sheila felt guilty for anything. In his view, she thrived on causing pain. Taylor believed that Sheila wanted to change. "I'm a psychiatrist. It's what I do, so I want to see people change," Taylor stated. She believed Sheila could change.

Ridge said Taylor believed in a lot of things, like unicorns and finding treasure beneath a rainbow, but he wanted her to promise to be careful. Taylor promised -- just not about unicorns. Ridge told her to stop joking. She tried to joke again, but when he got upset about it, she claimed to know firsthand what Sheila was capable of and said she was on high alert because they shared a grandson.

Ridge recalled that Steffy had thought of walking away from Finn because of Sheila but hadn't. Ridge felt that Finn was more than his DNA. Taylor was happy for Steffy and felt that it would get better and better for Steffy. Taylor cooed about Finn and Steffy being a great team. It was everything Taylor had ever wanted for Steffy.

Also proud of Steffy, Ridge felt that Steffy was ready to take over the company. Taylor replied that Eric and Ridge would roam those halls until they died. Ridge figured that they would after, too, just like Stephanie was roaming the mansion. "You're good at ghosting," Taylor quipped.

Taylor and Ridge continued to gush about Steffy and how strong she was. Taylor said that Steffy's future was bright. Ridge couldn't wait to see what Steffy did next.

At the hospital, Finn checked his phone and saw that Steffy was at Il Giardino. Wondering why she was there, Finn asked a nurse to get another doctor to cover for him for a while. Finn hopped in his car to head for the restaurant. In his mind, he flashed back to Sheila promising she wouldn't let him down. He thought of what Steffy had revealed to him about Sheila and Brooke. He said Sheila was evil and would never change, but she'd better stay away from Steffy.

In the alley behind Il Giardino, Sheila slammed Steffy against a Dumpster. Steffy asked Sheila to let go, but Sheila countered that Steffy needed to let go of the idea that she had a say in things. Steffy stated that she didn't want to fight with Sheila. Backing down, Sheila said she didn't want to, either. Instead, Sheila wanted her son's wife to love her, accept her, and allow her in.

"Never," Steffy replied, adding, "Never accepted, never loved. Not by me, and certainly not by Finn." Steffy revealed that Finn already knew what Sheila had done to Brooke. Sheila guessed that she had explaining to do, but Steffy replied that Sheila would never see Finn again.

Sheila reasoned that it wasn't too late, and the secret could remain between the few who knew. She said that they could say something later down the line after Taylor and Ridge were married and Brooke had moved on. Steffy refused to let her parents move forward based on a lie.

Sheila ordered Steffy to think of what she'd be giving up. Sheila yelled that she'd done it for Steffy and her family, but Steffy asserted that Sheila had done it for herself. Steffy figured Sheila had done it because Brooke had put her foot down about Hayes and Finn. Sheila claimed it had just been an added bonus, but what mattered was that Ridge had left Brooke for Taylor.

Steffy guessed she was supposed to thank Sheila, the psychopath. Steffy decided that the thanks belonged to Brooke for standing up to Sheila. Sheila asked if Steffy was suddenly Team Brooke. Steffy claimed to be on anyone's team but Sheila's, and Steffy would join anyone willing to help her get Sheila away from Finn and Hayes. "The losing team," Sheila concluded. She said that no one would keep her away from Finn and Hayes -- not even Steffy.

Steffy remarked that Finn hadn't wanted to believe the worst about Sheila. He'd thought it had been a misunderstanding, but she was sure that he'd hate Sheila once he heard what she'd done and how she'd spoken to his wife. Sheila asked why Steffy had to fight Sheila instead of caring for Sheila the way Sheila cared for Steffy. Steffy wanted nothing to do with Sheila and said Sheila's feelings for Steffy's family were Steffy's worst nightmare.

Steffy still didn't forgive Sheila for shooting Taylor -- even if Taylor did, and Steffy felt that Sheila's time behind bars hadn't done Sheila any good. Steffy stated that Sheila had hurt Brooke to get to Finn and Hayes, but Sheila never would get close because Steffy was in control. "Know when to give up," Steffy told Sheila.

"Never," Sheila responded, but Steffy insisted that everyone would know the truth. Sheila replied that if she had to, she'd stop Steffy, and she figured Steffy knew how it felt and would do anything to protect her child. Steffy declared that Sheila would never see Hayes and Finn again.

The words echoed in Sheila's mind. The delivery door to Il Giardino opened. Steffy turned and saw Finn rushing past her. Sheila raised a gun, and Finn dashed in front of Steffy. Sheila fired her weapon, striking Finn in the gut. Sheila cried out as Finn collapsed onto a pile of trash bags.

Sheila fretted, wondering what she'd done. Steffy tried to rouse Finn. Eventually, he spat up blood, awakened, and asked what had happened. Steffy ordered Sheila to call emergency services. Steffy assured Finn that he'd get through it, but Finn began talking as if his life was over.

Finn asked Steffy to make sure Hayes was taken care of. As Finn said that he loved Steffy, he passed out again. Steffy yelled and screamed, laying her head on his chest. She cried for him not to go. She said she and Hayes needed him.

"Your only son," Steffy said to Sheila. Sheila cried that she hadn't known Finn had been there. Believing that Sheila had been about to kill her, Steffy grabbed her phone. Sheila ordered Steffy not to dial. Steffy pressed 9-1, but before she could press the final 1, Sheila pointed the gun at Steffy and said, "Don't you dare."

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