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Sheila shot Steffy and staged a robbery scene in the alley. Stumbling upon Finn and Steffy's bleeding bodies, Deacon called for help and informed their loved ones of the tragedy. Finn succumbed to his injuries, and Sheila went to the hospital to check on her surviving victim.
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Sheila shot Steffy and staged a robbery scene in the alley, Finn was killed, and Steffy clung to life
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Sheila agonizes over the gruesome mistake she made

Sheila agonizes over the gruesome mistake she made

Monday, April 4, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Bill visited Liam, who was fixing a scooter. Bill, who'd arrived to keep Liam company while Hope was out with her friends, said he loved seeing Liam in his element. Liam offered to let Bill help Douglas with a science project. Bill joked about hiring people for that, but then he said he'd loved helping Will with homework. Bill hadn't been able to do that with Liam because Bill hadn't known Liam had existed until Liam had grown up.

Liam said it was the way his mother had wanted it, but Bill had made up for it. Bill declared he was proud of Liam and the father he'd become. Liam felt that his kids couldn't have asked for better mothers than Hope and Steffy. Bill noted that Liam's kids were his priority.

Liam felt that Bill had drilled "family" into the heads of his sons. Liam asked how Will was. Bill stated that Will was thriving at boarding school, and Bill and Katie video-chatted with Will often. Liam reminded Bill that he owed Beth a bedtime story because Beth was sleeping.

The Spencer men's discussion turned to Kelly, and Bill expressed his pride in the huge role Liam played in her life. Liam thanked Steffy for it, saying Steffy had been supportive of Liam's relationship with Kelly. Liam felt lucky to have Steffy and Kelly in his life.

Bill asked who Liam thought Kelly would be more like, Liam or Steffy. Bill thought Kelly's parents were very different, and Kelly was lucky to have parents who brought strength and sensitivity to her life. Bill was glad Steffy and Liam supported each other, too, and was sure it was easier said than done. Liam admitted that it was hard due to the history, but at the end of the day, Hope, Liam, and Steffy's bottom lines were the kids.

Liam felt that the kids made it easy, and Bill joked that Liam would change his mind when the kids were teenagers. Liam thought Beth and Douglas would be fine, but Kelly would be a handful. "Just like her mom," Bill said. Liam replied, "And I love them both." Liam figured he'd always love Steffy.

Bill realized how much Liam loved his family with Hope, but Bill also knew how special Liam's life with Steffy had been to him. Bill stammered that Steffy had brought things out in Liam that Hope couldn't. Liam suspected criticism of Hope on Bill's horizon, but Bill said he respected Hope, who made Liam happy. "But she's not Steffy," Bill added, saying that Liam's marriage to Hope wasn't the same as what his marriage to Steffy had been.

Liam asked what Bill's point was. Bill replied that even though Liam was married to Hope, he'd admitted that he'd always love Steffy. Liam affirmed it, adding that he and Steffy had shared a great deal, and she'd changed his life in profound ways. Although he wasn't with Steffy, he couldn't imagine his world without Steffy in it.

In the CEO's office, Taylor and Ridge continued their conversation about Steffy and what a force she was. Ridge said Steffy reminded him of Taylor. As the conversation continued, Taylor and Ridge recalled a time when Steffy had harassed Thomas to teach her baseball. Thomas arrived, and having heard his parents' conversation on his way in, asked who'd want his tomboy sister around all the time when she could pitch better than he could. Thomas recalled that Steffy could always stand up for herself and hadn't needed his help.

Ridge and Taylor were in agreement that Steffy never backed down and that Stephanie hadn't, either. Taylor didn't think Steffy would be who she was without that fearlessness. Ridge said that even though Steffy was fearless, he was glad she had Finn in her corner, and Ridge believed that Finn had brought joy into Steffy's life. Ridge didn't even know why they were dealing with Sheila, who'd already caused many problems. He didn't want her to cause any more.

Thomas preferred not to talk about Sheila. Seconding it, Ridge wished Sheila was out of their lives forever. Taylor doubted it would happen because Sheila's son and grandson were in town. Taylor began to talk about her hope that Sheila had changed, but Ridge cut Taylor off. He knew that she wanted to see the best in everybody, "But this...this is..."

Taylor got that it was annoying. She said Ridge could sue her for wanting people to be happy, but she also knew that some people were too deeply wounded for therapy. Thomas asked if Sheila was one of those people. Taylor replied that Sheila had never been a patient of Taylor's. "Maybe she should have been?" Taylor reasoned, adding, "It feels like Sheila just wants to be my friend."

Ridge asked what Taylor was talking about and if she even heard herself. He asked how she could say those things after what Sheila had done to them and their family. Ridge asserted that tragedy followed Sheila wherever she went.

In the alley behind Il Giardino, Sheila trained a gun with a silencer on Steffy. Steffy yelled that Sheila had shot her own son and would go to prison for the rest of her life. Sheila insisted she hadn't meant to do it and hadn't known Finn had been there. Steffy picked up her phone, and Sheila ordered Steffy to put the phone down. Steffy pressed the last number for emergency services, and Sheila fired her gun.

Later, Sheila lowered her gun. Steffy and Finn lay beside each other on some trash bags. Steffy had blood spatter around her neck. Sheila asked if Steffy could hear her. She checked Steffy's pulse and got blood on herself. Sheila put on some gloves and touched Steffy's bloody neck again before reaching into Finn's pocket for his wallet. Sheila removed Finn and Steffy's jewelry, kissed Finn upon the lips, and sobbed before exiting the alley.

When Sheila arrived back at her hotel, she tossed items from the alley, including Finn's wallet and the stolen jewelry, into the trash bin. She sobbed, scrubbing blood off her hands. She tried to wipe blood from her face, and in her own horror, she wailed as she stared in the mirror.

Later, Sheila had just showered. She placed the clothes she'd been wearing into a suitcase and zipped it up. She scrolled on her phone to a picture of Finn, Hayes, and Steffy. In her mind, Sheila heard the gunshot. She asked herself what she'd done. She collapsed on the bed, crying.

Back in the alley, Deacon took out the trash and discovered Finn and Steffy lying in the alley. Deacon panicked and quickly checked to see if either one of them had a pulse. He called emergency services, imploring them to respond to a shooting in the alley. He named the victims as John Finnegan and Steffy Forrester and ordered the ambulance to hurry up.

As sirens blared in the distance, Steffy and Finn lay together, unmoving.

Steffy's life hangs in the balance

Steffy's life hangs in the balance

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

In the alley, Deacon asked if Steffy or Finn could hear him. Deacon instructed Steffy to hang on. Staring in disbelief, he asked himself how it had happened.

After a while, emergency services arrived. Deacon told them that Finn didn't have a pulse, and Steffy hadn't been moving. Deacon divulged who Steffy was and that she was in her thirties. EMTs secured Finn and Steffy onto stretchers. Steffy's blood pressure was dropping. Deacon asked if they'd be able to save Finn, but a police officer's arrival interrupted the conversation.

The devastated Deacon explained to the officer that he'd found the victims, and the male didn't have a pulse. As the paramedics wheeled Finn away, they covered his head with a blanket. Deacon said Finn couldn't be dead, and he asked why no one could help him.

The officer said Deacon could help by answering questions, starting from the beginning. Deacon recalled that he'd seen the victims when he'd been taking out the trash. He hadn't seen anyone else in the alley, and he hadn't heard any gunshots. As Deacon watched the paramedics wheel Steffy away, he wondered who'd done it.

Deacon realized that he needed to tell Steffy's family. The officer offered to send over a car, but Deacon said there wasn't time. He didn't know if Steffy would make it after already losing her husband. The officer allowed Deacon to make the call, but he had Deacon put it on speakerphone. Deacon braced himself and called Ridge's number.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Thomas worked together at the conference table. Taylor recalled that Ridge had always wanted his kids to run the company with him. Ridge was proud of his kids and said all he and Taylor could want was for their kids to live happy lives.

The discussion turned to how well Steffy could get the job done. Ridge said Steffy was a doer like her mother, and Taylor added that Stephanie had been that way, too. Ridge joked that Stephanie had gotten other people's things done, too, and hadn't been able to stay out of people's business. "I loved that woman," he added. Ridge concluded that when Steffy put her mind to something, she was unstoppable.

Taylor said she loved living with Steffy and Finn. Taylor believed that the couple had a strong relationship and were good for each other. Ridge praised Finn for being a good father. Ridge had liked Finn from the moment he'd seen Finn. Ridge wondered where Finn's good qualities had come from, because he had a psycho for a mother.

Ridge's phone rang. "Seriously? It's Deacon. What does he want from me?" Ridge wondered. Answering the phone, Ridge rasped, "What do you want?"

Deacon asked Ridge not to hang up on the call because something terrible had happened. A ball of nerves, Deacon barely kept it together, explaining that there had been a shooting at the restaurant. Steffy and Finn had been shot. Ridge gasped. Deacon further explained that Finn hadn't made it, and Ridge had to get over to University Hospital for Steffy.

Ridge ended the call. Mortified, he said Steffy and Finn had been shot, and he, Taylor, and Thomas needed to go to the hospital. Without hesitation, they all rushed out of the office.

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila said she couldn't have done what she'd done. She flashed back to the argument she'd had with Steffy before Sheila had raised a pistol with a silencer and shot Finn. Sickened by her actions, she ran to the trash bin and vomited.

Rocking herself on her bed, Sheila sobbed that she hadn't meant to hurt anyone, and Finn hadn't been expected there. "No, not my son..." Gazing in the mirror, she angrily brushed her hair, saying that she'd killed them both. She'd killed her own son. "Steffy wouldn't listen. Now they're both dead," Sheila uttered.

At her door, Deacon arrived. Sheila put on a smile and joked that if he'd been earlier, he could have taken a shower with her. Deacon brushed by her as he entered, and he tossed back a mini bottle of booze he'd had in a bag. He asked Sheila to sit down. She asked if something was wrong. Deacon replied that it was terrible. It was Steffy and Finn; they'd been shot.

"Shot?" Sheila silently said. Deacon said it had happened at Il Giardino, and it was a suspected robbery. Turning to the door, Sheila asked if Finn and Steffy were at the hospital. Deacon stopped her. "Sorry," he uttered. Sheila's face crumbled into tears as Deacon told her that Finn hadn't made it. Sheila collapsed on the bed, sobbing.

At the hospital, a single female in her thirties with a gunshot wound to the upper chest, "through and through," was wheeled into emergency services. "Steffy!" Bridget exclaimed. Switching back into doctor mode, Bridget listened as the paramedics gave her the rundown of Steffy's condition.

Later, Bridget exited Steffy's room as Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas rushed into the lobby. Bridget explained to them that Steffy had been shot in the chest. Steffy was in grave condition with a lot of blood loss. They were awaiting the results of x-rays and a CT scan. Bridget's team was trying to raise Steffy's blood pressure in case she had to have surgery, and they were checking Steffy for brain damage. "You know about the opioids? She can't," Ridge uttered.

Taylor begged to see Steffy, and Bridget let the family into Steffy's room, urging them to only stay a few minutes. Ridge and Thomas let Steffy know that they were there. Steffy's family urged her to pull through it. Taylor told Steffy that Taylor was right there, and the family was there. She asked Steffy to keep breathing. It was all Steffy had to do at that moment.

Taylor said she'd been where Steffy was, and even though everything felt far away, it wasn't. Steffy was right there and would pull through because her babies needed her. Taylor implored Steffy to fight with everything within her to return to the life she'd created. Ridge held Taylor and comforted her.

Sheila learns that Steffy is still alive

Sheila learns that Steffy is still alive

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

In Sheila's hotel room, Deacon tried to comfort a distraught Sheila. "I know how much you loved them," he said as he sat down on the bed beside her. "Don't say loved," Sheila admonished through tears. Deacon wasn't sure what he could say to help ease Sheila's pain. Deacon knew that Sheila had only wanted a place in Finn's life and called it "unbearable" for her to lose him.

Deacon placed his jacket over Sheila like a blanket and lay next to her. Out of Deacon's sight, Sheila's face suddenly tensed up. Her eyes shifted back and forth as she asked Deacon if he had seen "anything else" -- something that might give a clue to the shooter's identity -- when he had discovered Finn and Steffy's bodies in the alley behind Il Giardino. Deacon indicated that he had not then asked, "What kind of lowlife shoots two innocent people in cold blood?"

Sheila sat up on the bed, her face glistening from her fallen tears. She said that it did not make sense for Steffy and Finn to have been in the alley behind Il Giardino. "He was... he was my life... my future... and now he's gone," Sheila sobbed.

Deacon told Sheila that he had called Ridge to tell him about the shooting. He surmised that Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas had "made a beeline" to the hospital to try to "will" Steffy into pulling through. "Will her back? Steffy's alive?" Sheila asked. Deacon confirmed that Steffy was still alive. Sheila was noticeably unnerved but forced a smile.

At the cabin, Liam and Hope took full advantage of being alone for the first time in a long time. As they began to undress each other, Brooke burst into the cabin. Hope hurriedly put her shirt back on as Brooke covered her eyes. Brooke apologized for interrupting but said she had a "feeling" that there was "something terribly wrong" with Ridge.

Liam and Hope tried to lessen Brooke's fears, but there was not much they could say, since Brooke only sensed that something was wrong and did not have any proof. Brooke thought it might be good for Ridge to spend time with Steffy because, according to Brooke, Ridge felt as though he had not been "there enough" for Steffy when Steffy had been younger.

A knock sounded on the door. Liam opened the door and found Deacon standing outside. Deacon said that he wanted to make sure that Hope was okay. Hope shrugged and said she was fine. Deacon realized that Hope, Liam, and Brooke did not know about the shooting. Deacon remained quiet for what seemed like an eternity. His silence caused Hope to become concerned. Deacon told everyone to brace themselves for a shock before revealing that Finn and Steffy had been shot.

At University Hospital, Thomas, Taylor, and Ridge sat vigil around Steffy's bed. They all questioned how Steffy had become a shooting victim. "I'm gonna need you to do something for me -- for all of us," Ridge said softly as he leaned toward Steffy. "All right, my fierce, determined daughter. I want you to take all the strength you have and come back to us."

Thomas found it hard to see Steffy, someone he described as "always in motion," in a hospital bed, attached to wires and machines. "You're my best friend. You always pull me up when I fall down," Thomas said through tears as he begged his sister to fight. Bridget entered the room to examine Steffy, and Thomas, Taylor, and Ridge stepped out of the room.

In the corridor, Thomas, Taylor, and Ridge tried to process everything that had happened. They all agreed that it was difficult to wrap their heads around the fact that Finn was "gone." Taylor questioned what type of "monster" would shoot Steffy and kill Finn.

Taylor suddenly thought of Sheila and how Sheila would react when she learned what had happened to Finn. She wept openly as she thought of the pain that she and Ridge had endured when Phoebe, Steffy's twin sister, had been killed. Ridge embraced Taylor and assured her that everything would be okay.

Moments later, the elevator doors opened, and Sheila stepped off. Thomas noticed Sheila first and called out to his mom and dad. Sheila remained stoic as she approached. She asked about Steffy but made no mention of Finn. Taylor walked over to Sheila and took Sheila in her arms. Still emotionless, Sheila said softly, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Sheila then tightened her embrace of Taylor and began to cry.

Li says that she -- not Sheila -- is Finn's mother

Li says that she -- not Sheila -- is Finn's mother

Thursday, April 7, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke, Liam, and Hope were mortified to hear from Deacon that the Finnegans had been shot in an alley, and Finn hadn't made it. Liam frantically asked about Steffy, and Deacon conveyed that she was in bad shape. Deacon revealed that Ridge knew about it, and Liam rushed off to the hospital. Brooke and Hope remained in disbelief, and Brooke said her heart was breaking for Ridge and Taylor.

Hope said that Steffy had to be okay, and Hayes couldn't lose both of his parents. Brooke believed that Steffy was tough enough to make it. Deacon couldn't believe that Finn's life was just over. Hope said her heart went out to Sheila. Brooke believed that Sheila would be crushed. Deacon said he'd told Sheila the terrible news about Finn. Deacon knew that Sheila wasn't anyone's favorite, "but, I mean, my God. She lost her son tonight at the hands of a lunatic."

Deacon asserted that it was a high-profile case, and the cops wouldn't stop until they caught the culprit. He was confident that the shooter would go down. "If they can find him," Brooke said. Brooke asked if Hope had heard from Liam. Hope figured he was probably just arriving at the hospital. She was sure Liam was worried sick about "the mother of his child."

At the hospital, Ridge consulted with someone at the nurse's station, and Thomas watched Taylor talk to Sheila. Sheila cried that she wanted her boy back, and she was "so sorry."

Taylor went into Steffy's room. There, Steffy was asleep and receiving blood. Taylor urged Steffy to wake up for her kids. Taylor recalled that she and Ridge had been talking about how fearless and strong Steffy was. Taylor asked Steffy to keep fighting because Taylor needed Steffy to wake up. Taylor said she'd lost Phoebe. Taylor refused to lose Steffy, too.

In the corridor, Li arrived and scowled, making a beeline for Sheila. Ridge intercepted Li to hug her and said that he was sorry. Thomas hugged her, too. When Sheila said Li's name, Li cut her eyes at Sheila. Sheila said that she wanted to see her son, but Li snipped that Finn was Li's son. Sheila claimed to know Li's heartache and said none of it should have happened.

Li turned to Ridge and said she was praying for Steffy. Ridge replied that they'd all loved Finn and would keep Finn's memory alive. Li asked Ridge to tell Steffy that Li was rooting for her.

Ridge and Thomas went to get coffee, and Sheila told Li that Sheila wanted to see her son one more time. "No. I'm looking after Finn now," Li asserted. Sheila felt that the incident never should have happened. "It was a terrible accident," Sheila stated.

Li repeated the word "accident" and asked how Sheila could say that. Li stated that her son had been shot in cold blood. He'd been left in an alley to die while his wife lay bleeding beside him. Li called the perpetrator a vicious monster and said she'd make the person pay. "Of course," Sheila agreed, "How could they even live with themselves after -- after taking our precious boy? We both lost a son tonight."

Li quipped that "we" hadn't lost anything, and Finn had never accepted Sheila. Sheila contended that she and Finn had been making progress. Li stated that she'd adopted Finn, raised him, and supported him. Li proclaimed that she was his mother.

Back in Steffy's room, Ridge entered as Taylor was singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to Steffy. It was a song Taylor had sung to Steffy when she'd been afraid at night as a child. Ridge recalled that the song had been one of Steffy's favorites. He said he'd been remembering when Steffy had been young and innocent with her whole life ahead of her.

Taylor hugged Ridge and went to the door. Leaning on it, she listened to him tell Steffy to rest and return to them. He said they wouldn't waste another moment. He still didn't understand it all, and he wondered what had happened.

As Taylor entered the corridor, Li was telling Sheila to "stay the hell away" from her. Taylor hugged Li. Having also lost a child, Taylor empathized with Li's pain. Li wished Steffy wasn't in danger, and Li hoped for the best for Steffy.

Sheila asked if Steffy was improving. Taylor said that Steffy was hanging in there and needed prayers. "If she wakes up...When she wakes up, she's gonna be able to solve this case, find the person that did this," Sheila said.

Taylor replied that her family was focusing on Steffy's health and just wanted Steffy to be okay. Because Taylor was also a mother, Sheila figured Taylor would understand why Sheila wanted to see Finn just once more. "No. I told you. I'm taking care of my son now. The way I always have," Li responded.

In an area nearby, Liam rushed in, asking Thomas about Steffy's condition. Thomas uttered that she was still with them, but her condition was critical.

Back in Steffy's room, Ridge was also with Steffy. He recalled that Taylor had sung to the children all the time. Taylor's aim had been to keep them in a safe bubble of sound. "I don't sing. You know that," he stated. He asked if Steffy remembered John Surguy, a little English kid she'd had a crush on in the fifth grade. Steffy had been giddy because he'd wanted to study with her after school. She'd gotten all dressed up, but the boy had never shown up.

Ridge claimed that Taylor had called him at work, and Ridge had wanted to hang the kid off the balcony by his ankles. Ridge figured it was immature, but his point was that when Steffy hurt, he hurt. "Every cut finger, every bruised knee, every boy that lets you down...every time you're embarrassed, every time you get knocked off your motorcycle, and every time you end up in here, it leaves a scar on me," Ridge stated.

Ridge felt that he was so scarred up that he didn't like the person he'd become. He'd become the guy who couldn't protect his daughter. He couldn't protect Steffy or her kids. Neither could Finn. So, it had to be Steffy, Steffy's music, and Steffy's bubble that kept her kids safe. Ridge said Steffy had to return. He didn't think the world would be that cruel.

Thomas confronts Sheila with his suspicions

Thomas confronts Sheila with his suspicions

Friday, April 8, 2022

At the hospital, Liam and Thomas talked in a waiting room. Thomas was worried that Steffy would end up like Phoebe. Liam insisted that it would never happen, and Steffy wouldn't leave her kids without a mother. Thomas asked why it had happened.

In Steffy's hospital room, Ridge told Steffy that she should be home with her kids, making an ordinary end to an ordinary day. He asked why someone had pulled a gun on Steffy and who would do something so horrible. He was sure Steffy would soon open her eyes, but at that moment, he asked her to rest, get better, and know that he was there.

In the corridor, Li ordered Sheila to stop saying she was Finn's mother. "You were never a mother to him. You can never be a mother to him," Liam seethed. Sheila asked Taylor to reason with Li. "It's not gonna make a difference. I'm not changing my mind," Li decided. Sheila asked to see Finn one last time, but Li said, "Absolutely not."

Taylor attempted to reason with the women, but Sheila cut in, saying she hadn't gotten to be with Finn or to watch him grow up. Sheila asked if she deserved one final goodbye. Li replied that Sheila had done that when she'd given Finn away. Li insisted that Sheila respect Li's wishes and let Li be the mother who loved him, supported him, and who'd always been there for him. Li stated that Sheila wouldn't know anything about that.

Behind them, Liam strode into Steffy's room, and moments later, Ridge exited the room. He heard Sheila, Taylor, and Li arguing and asked what was going on. Li replied that her son had been shot, and "this woman" kept pressuring her. Taylor began to speak, but Li ordered Taylor not to tell Li how to feel. "I realize you're a psychiatrist, but that does not give you the right -- " Li began saying. Ridge cut in, stating that they were trying to help.

Li replied that Ridge and Taylor couldn't help. There was nothing any of the Forresters could do. She exclaimed that her son was dead, adding, "He'd dead. He's dead to all of you!"

Thomas strode up with Deputy Chief Baker. Ridge asked Baker to say he'd found the animal who'd done it. Baker offered to speak to the family in private. Assuming Baker didn't know Li, Ridge introduced them and called Baker a friend of the family. Baker murmured that he hadn't meant Li. Sheila stood, gleaning that he meant her. Sheila revealed to Baker that she was Finn's birth mother, and Li scowled.

Baker described the scene in the alley as a random act of violence. It appeared to be a robbery, since Finn's wallet and Steffy's purse were missing, but Baker was puzzled by why the couple had even been back there, since there was no parking in the alley.

Thomas asked if there had been cameras or witnesses. Baker didn't answer the question. Instead, he repeated that the evidence indicated a robbery. He asked if anyone knew of a person who might have a vendetta against Finn or Steffy. No one could think of anyone. Baker gave Li his word that the perpetrator would be brought to justice.

Later, Li was alone when Taylor and Ridge approached. Li guessed it was time for her to go, since she knew how Steffy was. Li agreed when Taylor said Finn had been Li's world. Li added that he'd been a doctor, just like her. Ridge said they knew how proud Li had been of him. "How proud I am of him," she corrected, saying she'd always be proud of Finn.

Taylor said they'd make sure Hayes knew what a wonderful father he'd had. Ridge asked if they could do anything for Li. Li advised them to take care of Steffy. "I will take care of everything for my son," Li stated.

In another part of the hospital, Sheila was seething to herself about her exchange with Li. Thomas approached Sheila, but Sheila said it wasn't the time or the place. "Yeah, it is," he replied. Sheila wanted to know if Li was still there. Sheila refused to let Li prevent Sheila from accessing Finn. Thomas replied that Li was grieving. "And I'm not?" Sheila asked.

Thomas informed Sheila that he was not on her side. In fact, while thinking of the awful thing she'd done to Brooke, Thomas had to wonder, "could you have something to do with this? Are you involved at all with what happened to my sister?"

Back in Steffy's room, Liam let Steffy know that her favorite "pain in the ass" was there. He wasn't sure she could hear him, but he decided to assume she could, because that was the way he wanted it to be. He figured she'd ask why he was there if they weren't together or married. He replied to himself that it didn't mean that he and Steffy weren't parts of each other. He said they always would be through Kelly, their experiences, and their struggles.

Liam claimed that he and Steffy had beaten all their struggles. It was evident to him in the way the way they cared about each other, supported each other, and loved each other. He was having a hard time imagining his life without her, and he refused to accept a world without her in it. He said that meant she had to "come on back. Come on. Because we can't lose you."

Liam told Steffy that there was no one like her in the world. He got choked up as he talked about the kind of person she was. He spoke of Steffy's motherly side, and he expressed how grateful he was to have Kelly with Steffy. He said they could look forward to watching Kelly become a woman, but Steffy had to return to them first. He said that when she returned, she'd make many people happy, but no one more than he.

Liam stated that he and Steffy had hit a lot of milestones. There were weddings, holidays, and Kelly. A montage of scenes depicting Liam and Steffy's romance up to their second wedding played on the screen. Liam said there were more memories to make, and she had to be there for them. He insisted that she would not be taken from them. He wouldn't let her.

Grasping her hand, Liam said the kids needed their mother, "and I need my -- I need you, too." He asked her to come back and said he'd always love her -- always.

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