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Sheila contemplated ending her life, and Taylor and Sheila bonded after Taylor's near-death experience. Steffy awakened but couldn't recall the events of the shooting. Ridge ordered Sheila out of the hospital, but Taylor said that Sheila was a part of them after saving Taylor's life.
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Sheila contemplated ending her life, Taylor had a near-death experience, and Steffy awakened
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Sheila stands on a ledge, crying out to Finn

Sheila stands on a ledge, crying out to Finn

Monday, April 11, 2022

At the hospital in the morning, Ridge noticed that Taylor had found a change of clothes in her office. Steffy had made it through the night. Ridge offered to let Taylor go home for a while, but she refused. Noting that Liam had also stayed all night, Ridge said Liam and Steffy's relationship wasn't what it had been, but Liam still loved Steffy very much.

Bridget strode up. Sorry that she couldn't deliver more news, Bridget let Ridge and Taylor know that Steffy was still in critical condition. Next, Brooke arrived, and Bridget hugged her mother before returning to work. Taylor thanked Brooke for being there and for her concern.

Brooke said she hadn't called the previous night because she'd figured that Ridge and Taylor had been going through a lot. Brooke asked about Finn's parents, and Ridge and Taylor explained that Li had been there and hadn't allowed Sheila to see Finn one last time. Brooke replied that, as much as she despised Sheila, she could understand that Sheila was "going through hell."

Taylor said Sheila wished she could go back and stop the shooting, just like the rest of them did. Taylor decided to find Thomas and give Ridge and Brooke some time alone.

Brooke informed Ridge that she had brought him a change of clothes and said she could only imagine how he felt. Ridge replied that he was upset and scared. The doctors were working hard, but he didn't know what he could be doing. Brooke said he just had to be there for Steffy and for Taylor.

Ridge shared with Brooke that he'd always told himself that the worst had already happened with Phoebe, and it couldn't happen again. "I can't lose Steffy," he uttered. Reminding him that she was still his wife, Brooke said she was there if he needed anything. The two hugged.

In another waiting area, Hope dropped off food and a change of clothes for Liam. He informed her that Steffy was in critical condition. Liam couldn't stop thinking of the kids and how they couldn't lose both Finn and Steffy. Liam said he was dismayed by the way Steffy looked while hooked up to the machines. Hope couldn't imagine what Taylor and Ridge were going through.

Hope assured Liam that Steffy was a fighter and that the kids had everyone in the family for support. Hope intended to do everything she could for Steffy and her children because they were all family. She said that, differences aside, the only way they'd get through it was together.

Hope said she'd worried that she and Steffy would always have their differences, but Hope still respected Steffy as a mother and admired Steffy's work at the company. Hope said she had been thrilled for Steffy and Finn, but Steffy's whole world was shattered. Liam replied that they'd help Steffy pick up the pieces. Hope empathized that the man Steffy loved was dead, and the amazing future they hadn't in front of them -- "You just always think that you have more time..."

Liam told Hope that he believed the first step was Steffy waking up. He asked if anyone had said anything to the kids. Hope said that the family was waiting until they knew more. Liam noted that Finn had dealt with that type of thing at work all the time -- and then there was Steffy. Hope said Steffy had had her share of loss and tragedy. Liam recalled that Steffy had been in a good place in her life, but some "rando monster" had taken it away for some cash.

Liam struggled to remember the last conversation he'd had with Steffy. Upset at being unable to remember, he wondered if he'd said enough and if he should have said more. Hope said Steffy knew how much Liam cared and what a devoted father he was. Liam replied that he'd been stuck all night with memories of things he and Steffy had done and places they'd gone together, and "the truth is, even if Steffy pulls through, nothing's going to be the same ever again."

In another part of the hospital, Thomas tracked Sheila down to finish their conversation. He asked again if Sheila had had anything to do with Steffy and Finn's shooting. Sheila asserted that her son was dead. Thomas replied that he wasn't trying to be cruel, but he figured she knew why he was asking. The police had asked if Thomas knew anyone who hated Steffy enough to shoot her. "Are you that person, Sheila?" he asked.

Sheila claimed to be just as afraid of Steffy clinging to life as Thomas was. Sheila was sickened by the way Finn had lost his life and asked if Thomas really thought she could shoot her own son. "What kind of animal would that make me, Thomas?" she asked.

Taylor arrived and asked what was going on, and Thomas frankly replied that he'd asked Sheila if she was responsible for what had happened to Steffy and Finn. Taylor couldn't believe what Thomas was suggesting. "Neither can I," Sheila replied. Sheila said people did and said crazy things when they were worried about a loved one. She figured that they should focus on whether Steffy would remember what had happened whenever she woke up.

Taylor said Sheila didn't have to think about that, but Sheila replied that she couldn't stop. Sheila kept picturing it and wondering how it could have happened. "Why was Finn in that alley? Why was he there?" she cried. Sheila stated that she'd finally met her son.

Sheila said she'd arrived in Los Angeles to tell Finn how proud she was of him. Crying, she said she'd never forget Christmas Eve. It had brought her joy. She and Finn had been so close, but he'd been ripped away from her forever. Taylor said she was sorry, but Sheila responded that Taylor couldn't help Sheila. Sheila's son was gone, and she'd never see him again.

Sheila stormed off in tears. Upset, Taylor told Thomas that he didn't have to like Sheila, but he should remember that they were all struggling. Taylor dashed off to check on Sheila.

Back outside Steffy's room, Ridge had changed clothes and was still with Brooke. When Thomas arrived, Ridge said Taylor had been looking for Thomas. Thomas shared that he'd been with Taylor, and she'd run off after Sheila, who'd been upset. It was weird to Thomas that Sheila was always hurting people, but that time, Sheila was in pain.

On the hospital roof, Sheila looked down and recalled shooting Finn. She sobbed, wondering why Finn had been there. She said she hadn't wanted to hurt anyone. She'd just wanted to be loved. She asked why Steffy hadn't given her the chance to be with her son and grandson. "All the horrible things I've done in my life. But this...Taking my own son's life," she said.

Sheila flashed back to meeting Finn at the wedding. "I can't go on without you. I'm coming! I'm coming, Finn!" She cried, stepping onto the ledge.

"Sheila! Don't do it! Don't jump! Don't!" Taylor screamed.

Taylor slips over the edge while helping Sheila

Taylor slips over the edge while helping Sheila

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Outside Steffy's room, Thomas and Ridge discussed Taylor running off after Sheila out of concern for Sheila. Liam and Hope arrived, and Thomas went to see Steffy. There, Bridget and a nurse were attending to Steffy, who'd experienced no change. As Bridget and the nurse left, Bridget advised Thomas to tell Steffy to fight and to express what she meant to all of them.

Alone with Steffy, Thomas said there was only so much Bridget and the hospital could do. The rest was up to Steffy. He told her to muster some courage and strength to pull through. He considered that Steffy might be playing a joke on them and would open her eyes at any moment. "What I wouldn't give for that," he uttered.

Thomas urged Steffy to show him the fighter within her. He said it had just been the two of them since Phoebe had gone. He cried that Steffy couldn't leave him like Phoebe had, and many people needed Steffy. He brought up Kelly and Hayes, who needed their mother. "Do you know? Did you see it? Do you know? Do you know that Finn's gone?" Thomas asked. He sobbed that he was sorry and vowed to make the culprit pay.

Back outside Steffy's room later, Ridge was growing irritable and antsy without any answers. Liam said they needed Steffy to wake up and tell them what had happened. Ridge urged Bridget to give him some answers. Bridget hugged her brother, saying she'd tell him if she had any news. For the time being, it was just a waiting game.

Thomas emerged from Steffy's room, and Hope decided to go in to see Steffy. Thomas advised Hope to brace herself because it wasn't easy seeing Steffy like that. Hope went into Steffy's room, and Liam said Steffy was "the" mother of his child, and he didn't know how to do it. He didn't know how they'd all live life without Steffy.

In Steffy's room, Hope told Steffy that it was hard to believe what Steffy was going through. Hope said that people were praying for Steffy, and Hope hoped Steffy could feel how loved she was. Hope didn't understand how anyone could be so cruel as to "take a gun..." Hope asked how the person could have done it to Steffy.

Hope stated that things had been strange between them, and there had been a lot of tension between their mothers. Hope didn't want that anymore and never had wanted it. It all seemed pointless, and she recalled that they'd pledged to be united for the children. Hope believed that if anything happened to her, Steffy would take care of Beth, and Hope vowed that everyone would be there for Steffy when she woke up.

Hope said that when she thought about her and Steffy and what they meant to each other, Hope didn't think about the bad moments or competitiveness. Hope only thought of the remarkable experiences they'd shared together, and there were more memories to make. Hope said she'd always admired Steffy's courage, strength, and tenacity. Hope implored Steffy to use it to fight for her children because "we can't lose you. We can't."

On the roof at the hospital, Sheila stood upon the ledge. Taylor burst through the door to the stairwell and yelled for Sheila not to jump. Taylor approached Sheila. Sheila cried that she'd given Finn up so that he could have a better life, but he was gone; it was all Sheila's fault. Taylor replied that Sheila hadn't done any of it. "Please, don't blame yourself for this," Taylor said.

Sheila murmured, "If only I had stayed away." Taylor said it wouldn't have prevented a robbery. Taylor began to talk about Phoebe's death, but Sheila spoke over Taylor, saying Sheila hadn't wanted it to happen. She'd finally started to get to know Finn after all those years of "watching and waiting," but he was gone. Taylor said Sheila didn't have to be gone.

Taylor urged Sheila to step down and talk to her. Sheila didn't want to talk or to feel. Sheila asked what she had. She cried that she had nothing, and it was too late. She'd wanted to show Finn how she'd change and that she'd become a better person. She wondered why she'd become better and said it hadn't done any good, anyway. Sheila sobbed, saying her son was dead, and she wanted to be dead, too.

Although Taylor didn't think it would be easy for Sheila to stick around, Taylor believed it would be worth it. Hayes needed his grandmother. Taylor said Finn would live on through Hayes, and Sheila shouldn't want to miss that. Taylor also believed Steffy would wake up. Sheila said she knew how it had to end. Taylor offered her hand and said it could end with Sheila going back inside with Taylor.

Sheila responded that all she had to live for had died with Finn. Sheila had nothing but pain, regret, and guilt. Sheila knew how it had to end. "There's only one way," she said. Sheila asked Taylor to tell Hayes how much Sheila loved him. Taylor asked Sheila to stay there and show Hayes her love. Sheila believed Steffy would never allow it.

Taylor reminded Sheila that Steffy had opened her home to Sheila during the holidays. Taylor was glad for it because she'd witnessed Sheila becoming a different person, who'd grown. Sheila replied that she hadn't, and she had no future. Taylor offered to help with it and said it was what Finn would want. Sheila cried that she'd only wanted a place in Finn and Hayes's lives.

Taylor replied that it had all been ripped away from Sheila, and it was unfair. Taylor was sorry it had happened, but she asked Sheila to stay and help bring "the bastard" who'd done it to justice. "Justice," Sheila uttered and leaned over the ledge.

Taylor grabbed Sheila, and in a tussle, somehow Taylor wound up flipping over the edge. Sheila held onto Taylor, who screamed for Sheila not to let her go.

Ridge bargains with God for Steffy's life

Ridge bargains with God for Steffy's life

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Atop the hospital, a frantic Taylor begged Sheila not to let her fall. The two women struggled, but eventually, Sheila was able to pull Taylor to safety. When Taylor set both feet on the hospital roof, she immediately embraced Sheila and burst into tears. "You saved my life," Taylor sobbed.

The two women sat down to catch their collective breath. Sheila apologized to Taylor for having put her in such a dangerous situation. Taylor said that Sheila deserved a "happy life" and pledged to be there for Sheila. Sheila was surprised by the statement. Taylor explained that "old Sheila" would never have saved her life. Taylor urged Sheila not to blame herself for the tragedy that had befallen Finn and Steffy.

"Finn would be so proud of you, so incredibly proud," Taylor beamed. Taylor told Sheila that they did not have to tell anyone what had happened on the roof. Sheila began to cry as she tilted her head to the side so that her head rested upon Taylor's.

Inside the hospital, Ridge, Liam, and Thomas each found their own ways to pass time as they waited for an update on Steffy's condition. Ridge paced back and forth, hoping that Hope would race out of Steffy's room with news that Steffy was okay. Liam sipped coffee, and Thomas sent a text message to see how Taylor was doing.

In Steffy's room, Hope pleaded with Steffy to "come back" to them. "It's not your time, Steffy," Hope said as she fought back tears. Hope shared that she had always looked up to Steffy when they'd been growing up because Steffy had always had "an innate strength."

Hope exited the room and shared that there had been no change in Steffy's condition. When Ridge left to sit by Steffy's bedside, Hope told Thomas that she was trying to "hold it together in front of Ridge," but she found it incredibly difficult to do so. Later, Hope tried to comfort Liam.

Back inside Steffy's room, Bridget examined Steffy and encouraged Ridge to continue talking to Steffy. Once Bridget left, Ridge sat down and took Bridget's advice. Ridge told Steffy that it was time for her to wake up. "I don't know what to do," Ridge said softly. He paced around the hospital room for a moment before resettling in the chair by Steffy's bed.

Ridge looked upward for a moment as he tried to compose his thoughts. "Hi," he began. He continued, "I know we haven't talked in a while, and that's partly my fault, [but] we need your help." As Ridge continued his prayer, he asked that Steffy be given the strength to pull herself through. Ridge wondered if it was a "numbers game" and suggested that his life be taken and Steffy's spared. "I don't need to be here anymore -- she does... help her find her way back," Ridge said as he fought back tears.

Suddenly, Steffy's hand twitched, and her head began to move. Her eyes opened slightly. An elated Ridge looked upward again and said, "Thank you." Ridge urged Steffy not to struggle too much. Bridget returned to the room, and Ridge told her that Steffy was "waking up."

Sheila and Taylor returned to the waiting area outside Steffy's room. When asked why she had not answered her phone, Taylor said that her phone had to have been silenced. Thomas sensed that his mother was rattled by something, but Taylor insisted that she was fine. Sheila remained quiet.

Eventually, Sheila asked about Steffy's condition and if Steffy had been able to tell anyone who had shot her. "Not yet," Thomas replied coldly. Ridge burst from the room with news that Steffy had woken up. Taylor and Thomas raced into the room, leaving Sheila alone in the corridor to process what was happening.

In the hospital room, Bridget told Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas that she wanted to run some additional tests on Steffy. Steffy struggled to speak, uttering what sounded like the word "mom." As the family rejoiced, Sheila quietly entered the room. Ridge told Steffy that she was in the hospital and had had surgery. Steffy struggled to focus, her gaze eventually landing on her loved ones.

After a moment or two, Steffy groaned the word "no." Taylor asked her daughter what was wrong. Steffy replied, "She... la." Ridge and Taylor turned around and saw Sheila standing by the door.

Ridge anxiously questions Steffy about the shooting

Ridge anxiously questions Steffy about the shooting

Thursday, April 14, 2022

In the hospital corridor, Liam was paranoid when he saw that none of the family was waiting outside Steffy's hospital room. Bridget approached, surprised that Liam and Hope hadn't heard the good news that Steffy was awake. Liam hugged Hope. Bridget said it was a positive first step. Liam reminded Bridget about Steffy's bout with opioids, and Bridget left, saying she'd keep them in the loop about Steffy.

Paris and Zende arrived. Liam was happy to tell them that Steffy's condition had improved. Zende remarked about how shocked they'd all been when they'd heard. Hope realized that she'd forgotten to call the office. Paris replied that they'd been in the middle of a tragedy. Zende asked what had happened, and Paris asked if Finn was really dead.

Hope nodded, and Paris inaudibly gasped. She'd hoped people had been mistaken about that. Zende thanked God they hadn't lost both of them, and he uttered that Finn had been a good man. Paris asked what had happened. Liam said it had been a robbery and noted that Steffy's purse, Finn's wallet and cell phone, and their rings had been taken. Paris asked why the couple had been in the alley. Zende guessed there had been a long valet line, so they'd parked in the back.

Paris asked if Steffy knew that Finn was dead. Liam replied that no one knew what Steffy was aware of yet. Zende stated that it was awful, and Paris wondered who would do something like that. She figured it had had to be a stranger. Zende imagined the couple had had dinner, left the restaurant out the back for some reason, and walked into something unanticipated.

Paris asked how Ridge was. Liam replied that Ridge was being strong for his family. Zende stated that Steffy was the light of his uncle's life. Hope said they couldn't count Steffy out. Paris replied that Steffy would never leave her kids. Zende figured it was a nightmare for Liam. Liam said there was a lot of history there, and the thought of Steffy not being around to see Kelly grow up was something he wasn't mentally prepared for.

Hope assured Liam that Steffy wasn't going anywhere. Zende stated that Steffy and Finn were good people, and he asked who'd shoot them and disappear into the night. It wasn't real to any of them, and Paris couldn't believe that Finn was just gone. Zende couldn't imagine Steffy without Finn. Liam didn't think he'd ever told Finn how much Liam appreciated Finn loving Kelly.

Hope believed that Finn had known. Liam said he didn't know how to tell Kelly. Hope figured that once Steffy was up to it, "we'll find" a way to tell Kelly as a family. Liam groaned because Finn had died in such a senseless way. Figuring that the couple would have handed over their money, Paris asked why the person had shot Finn and Steffy. Hope wondered if Steffy could reveal anything about it. Liam hoped Steffy could identify the person who'd done it.

On her cell phone, Paris gazed at photos of Finn and Steffy. Paris couldn't imagine moving on without Finn. Zende recalled that Paris and Finn had been close. Paris described Finn as alive and full of laughter and goofiness, and she said he'd been a kind healer and great husband to Steffy. Paris felt that Finn hadn't deserved to be shot dead and left in an alley.

Hope was sad because Steffy had just then been at her happiest. Liam thought of how Steffy would feel "once she realizes..." Zende and Paris pledged to be there for Steffy. Liam said that Steffy was a fearless person, and he didn't want it to change her. Hope said she didn't think it would.

Liam grumbled that he wanted to be in a room with the guy who'd done it. Paris murmured her agreement, but Hope steered them toward focusing on the positive. Paris asserted that they'd be there for Steffy. Zende wondered who'd want to shut Steffy down that way.

In Steffy's hospital room, Steffy glared at Sheila in the back of her hospital room. Ridge believed that Steffy had been guided back after he'd had a conversation with "the Man Upstairs." Steffy seemed out of it, and she asked what had happened. Ridge said it had appeared to be a robbery. Taylor decided they needed to give Steffy time, but Steffy asked what had happened.

Thomas gleaned that Steffy didn't know why she was at the hospital. "You were shot," Ridge told her. Steffy became confused. Sheila flashed back to the shooting. Taylor said it was too much for Steffy. Agreeing, Sheila advised them to take things slowly because they didn't want to jeopardize Steffy's recovery. "Hey, Sheila. Thank you. I think we got it," Ridge barked.

Taylor said Sheila was just trying to help, but Ridge replied that they didn't need Sheila's help. He insisted that Steffy's family knew what was best. Sheila said she hadn't meant to offend anyone and was merely saying that there was plenty of time for Steffy to remember. Surprised, Ridge said he'd thought Sheila wanted to find the shooter. "Shot...Why...?" Steffy slowly asked.

Ridge asked if Steffy remembered anything, if she had seen a face or a car. Taylor tried to deter Ridge, but he said there was a lunatic running around with a gun. He didn't want anyone else shot. Sheila reminded them that she was a trained nurse. She said they didn't want to do anything to cause Steffy to regress, and the most important thing was her recovery.

"Steffy, try to remember," Ridge said, ignoring Sheila. He asked her to remember anything that could have put her there. Steffy glanced at Sheila. Ridge gently pressed Steffy, but she uttered that she didn't remember. Sheila tried to intervene, but, saying that it was between him and his daughter, Ridge instructed Sheila to please be quiet. "Her..." Steffy uttered and winced in pain. She moaned the word again, and Sheila began to fidget.

Ridge tells Sheila to go, but Taylor wants Sheila to stay

Ridge tells Sheila to go, but Taylor wants Sheila to stay

Friday, April 15, 2022

In Steffy's hospital room, Sheila squirmed as Ridge and Taylor asked Steffy who'd shot her. Steffy groaned. She spoke, but no one could make out her words. It sounded as if she was saying "water." Thomas suggested that Steffy write it down. Sheila tried to interject something, but Ridge snapped that no one had asked for her opinion.

Finally, Steffy's family members figured out that Steffy was asking for water, and Sheila sighed in relief as Taylor gave Steffy some. Thomas left the room, and Taylor suggested they get Steffy some ice pops. Taylor informed Steffy that the doctors were giving her medication to keep her calm, but no opioids.

Bridget arrived. She asked if Steffy knew why she was there. "Shot," Steffy said. Taylor was concerned that Steffy wasn't saying much, but Bridget thought Steffy being responsive at all was a good sign. Bridget wasn't surprised that Steffy hadn't recalled what had happened to her, and Sheila asked if Steffy would ever remember what had happened.

Bridget advised that the memory loss could be temporary or permanent. She said Steffy might only partially remember, or it might all flood back at once. Bridget said it was hard to predict, but she wanted to run some scans. She said Steffy's brain and body were extremely fatigued. Taylor was sure Steffy would want justice, but at that moment, all Taylor cared about was Steffy being awake.

As Steffy slept, Sheila asked if Steffy was improving. Bridget replied that Steffy was stable at that moment and was responding well to treatment; however, Bridget couldn't say there wouldn't be challenges ahead. Taylor thought Finn would be happy to know that his wife had a great doctor. Bridget was grateful that she could be there for Steffy.

Later, Taylor and Ridge were outside Steffy's room, expressing their excitement for her recovery. Sheila was there, saying that they shouldn't get ahead of themselves because Steffy's condition was still touch and go. Ridge scowled at Sheila. To Taylor, he joked that he'd made a deal with God, so there might be a price to pay. Taylor wondered how they'd tell Steffy about Finn.

Ridge turned to Sheila and said his family felt for Sheila and hoped she found peace; however, it was time for Sheila to go. "It's family business," he said, pointing to himself. Stopping Ridge, Taylor said it was okay; Sheila could stay. Sheila was Hayes's grandmother and a part of "us." Taylor said Sheila belonged there.

Ridge stated that he didn't want to be the bad guy, but Sheila wasn't a part of their family. Sheila uttered that her son was dead. Ridge said he was in mourning for Finn, but Sheila had to mourn with her family and friends, not his. Ridge felt that his family had to focus on Steffy, and he didn't think Steffy would want Sheila there.

Taylor replied that Steffy would if she knew what had happened. Sheila nodded her approval for Taylor to speak, and Taylor told Ridge that Taylor had found a despondent Sheila on the roof earlier. Ridge asked Sheila if she had really been about to end her life. Taylor explained that something had happened up there, and Sheila had saved Taylor's life.

Becoming emotional, Taylor explained that Sheila had been about to jump, and while trying to stop Sheila, Taylor had slipped and had been dangling off the ledge. Taylor didn't know how, but Sheila had found the strength to pull Taylor back onto the roof. Taylor was adamant that she wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for Sheila.

As Ridge and Taylor gazed at each other, Sheila stared over Taylor's shoulder at Steffy, whom Sheila could see through a slit in the blinds in Steffy's viewing window.

In a waiting area elsewhere in the hospital, Paris, Hope, Zende, and Liam were hopeful about Steffy. Liam admitted that he had worried that the moment of Steffy's awakening would never arrive, but then he'd realized that it was Steffy; of course, she'd pull through. Liam knew that Steffy had a long way to go, but he was relieved that she had another chance.

Later, Hope ended a call with Brooke and reported that Brooke was thrilled but keeping her distance out of respect for the family. Paris wondered if Steffy knew who'd shot her.

Zende spread the good news in a call to Carter at Forrester, and Carter said he was on his way. Thomas emerged from Steffy's room and reported that Steffy was a little out of it but had asked for water. Zende guessed Ridge and Taylor were relieved. Hope stated that Bridget was still closely monitoring Steffy. Thomas replied that Steffy had won the battle, but there was still a war to help Steffy through. Thomas hoped there weren't any new surprises.

Liam was optimistic but cautious. Paris replied that they were all feeling that way. Thomas was sure Steffy would tell them to stay positive. Zende wanted Steffy to know that the office had been celebrating when they'd heard she'd awakened. Liam asked about Steffy's memory. Thomas replied that Steffy was groggy and didn't remember anything.

Later, Liam and Hope went in to visit with the sleeping Steffy. They said they'd heard the good news and had wanted to see it for themselves. Hope added that Zende and Paris had been there, and everyone from the office was thinking of her. Liam let Steffy know that Kelly and Hayes were in good care until Steffy could be there herself.

As Hope and Liam exited, Steffy slowly opened her eyes and watched them leave.

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