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Steffy struggled to remember the shooting, but Bridget decided that Steffy was ready to hear the truth about Finn. Taylor expressed her glee that Liam would see Steffy through her recovery. Sheila concluded that she had to take Steffy out before Steffy's memory returned.
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Steffy remembered Finn shortly before being told he was killed, and Sheila plotted to kill Steffy
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Sheila contemplates how to deal with Steffy

Sheila contemplates how to deal with Steffy

Monday, April 25, 2022

At Forrester, Eric and Quinn were in the CEO's office, discussing the shooting. Quinn said she could understand why Eric had been distant. "You have a lot on your mind," she concluded.

Carter entered, and Eric guessed Carter hadn't expected to see Eric there. Eric said he'd been working from home a lot, and he was unnerved not to see Steffy at the office. Quinn told Eric that everyone was praying for Steffy. Eric said he had an appointment to get to, but he'd see Quinn that night. He kissed her cheek, and she replied that she looked forward to it.

Alone with Carter, Quinn conveyed that Steffy's shooting was taking a toll on Eric. She believed that it was affecting her husband more than he let on. Carter asked what was going on. Quinn revealed that she and Eric had been working on their relationship and had found solid ground. "But who knows? Maybe I'm kidding myself. Maybe my marriage is never going to be the same after my affair with you," Quinn reasoned.

Carter claimed that everyone could see Eric's love for her. Carter assumed that Steffy being in the hospital was a lot for Eric. Quinn said she knew it. Carter mentioned Ridge and Brooke's problems, too, which had to be on Eric's mind. Quinn knew about those things but feared that Eric wouldn't be able to love her or trust her the way he once had.

In a hospital waiting area, Hope, Liam, and Brooke arrived. Taylor had no new information to report to them. She said Steffy was continuing to regain her strength but still had fragmented memories of the shooting. Taylor said they should be patient because Steffy hadn't been able to recall much of anything. "Including who her husband is and isn't," Brooke added. Brooke asked if it was wise to let Steffy believe Finn had never existed.

"Ah...well, that's not what we're doing," Taylor replied in a disingenuous tone. Brooke said Steffy believed she was married to Liam with just one child. Taylor stated that they couldn't force Steffy to conjure up memories just because they thought she was ready. Taylor refused to jeopardize Steffy's recovery for anything, but Hope wondered at what point letting things go on with Liam and Steffy would become a detriment to Steffy's recovery and to the kids.

Brooke asked how long Taylor would hide the truth from Steffy, and Taylor said it would be as long as it took Steffy to recover the truth safely herself. Liam said it was an unexpected turn of events, but what he wanted was for Steffy to identify who'd shot her and Finn.

Later, Taylor had gone. Brooke said she felt that she, Liam, and Hope could speak privately, and Brooke said Liam had to understand how absurd the plan was. "Steffy can't go on thinking that you're her husband," Brooke concluded. Brooke didn't believe the lie was sustainable and said Steffy needed to know the facts about the husband and son whom Steffy had no recollection of.

Hope replied that that poor boy needed his mother. Brooke asked how long they were expected to play along. Hope wondered whether, deep down, Steffy would want to know. Hope uttered that Liam knew the answer just as well as she did. Brooke said someone needed to tell Steffy, and Hope said that, if anyone should tell Steffy, it should be -- "Ridge," Liam said. At the same time, Hope was saying, "You." She stated that Liam should tell Steffy that he was not her husband.

In Steffy's room, Deputy Chief Baker asked if Steffy was ready to pick up where they'd left off the other day with her recollection of who'd shot her. Baker stated that she'd said she'd been having some memories. He asked if she knew who'd shot her. In her mind, Steffy saw blurred flashes of the alley. Sheila entered as Steffy said she was starting to remember.

As if peering into her thoughts, Steffy asked why she saw Sheila. Ridge and Baker's gazes flew over to Sheila in the doorway. Steffy said it was Sheila's face, and Steffy didn't want Sheila there. "What she's done to our family," Steffy stated. Ridge told Sheila to go. Sheila said she was more sorry than Steffy would ever know, and she left.

Steffy asked Ridge why Sheila was back in their lives. Ridge promised to get into it later, but at that time, he wanted Steffy to focus on recreating what had happened in the alley. Steffy was trying, but she couldn't remember anything. Ridge suggested that they take a break.

Deciding that he'd return later, Baker went into the corridor. There, he saw Sheila pacing. He asked to talk with her for a moment. Baker was astonished that, given Sheila's history with the Forresters, they'd let her near them. Sheila asserted that her son was dead. Baker expressed sorrow for her loss. Sheila said it was a nightmare that her son had taken his last breath in an alley he hadn't been meant to be in.

Sheila repeated that Finn hadn't been meant to be in the alley, and she was devastated that he was gone. Sheila asked if Baker had more questions. He said he was done for the time being, but before going, he asked Sheila to think about who would have shot Finn and Steffy.

Back in Steffy's room, Steffy said she had thought she'd been getting close, but all she'd seen had been shadows. Everything seemed hazy. Taylor entered, and they informed her that Steffy was still having fuzzy images. Taylor replied that they were more than Steffy had had the previous day, and that was progress. Steffy didn't know if it was real or if she was creating memories from what she'd been told.

Taylor said Steffy would remember when she was ready, and Ridge added that once Steffy did, they'd put that person away forever. Taylor suggested that Steffy focus on healing and said the rest would fall into place. Steffy conveyed that she just wanted to go home. Steffy wanted to get back to Kelly and Liam, the reasons that Steffy kept fighting. Ridge rolled his eyes. Taylor said she knew, and Ridge and Taylor left to let Steffy rest.

In the corridor, Ridge expressed worry for Steffy, who remembered some things but nothing about Finn and Hayes. Ridge wondered how long it would take, and Taylor asked him to be patient. Ridge stated that it had been a long day, and he took Taylor for coffee.

Sheila reentered the waiting area from a door across the room just in time to see Taylor and Ridge leave. She sneaked into Steffy's room and peered at all the monitors. In her mind, Sheila recalled Steffy saying that everyone would know what Sheila had done and that Sheila had to know when to give up. Sheila recalled ordering Steffy to put the phone down.

Sheila touched the I.V. tube that connected Steffy with her monitoring machine.

Steffy finally learns the truth about Finn

Steffy finally learns the truth about Finn

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

In a hospital waiting area, Brooke and Hope continued to try to reason with Liam about letting Steffy think she was his wife. Brooke said Steffy was becoming more emotionally dependent upon him as the days went on. Hope was worried that Steffy didn't remember Finn or Hayes.

Liam replied that they were preaching to the choir, but he wondered if Steffy's memories weren't far behind as Steffy continued to get stronger. Hope replied that it could take weeks, months, or even years, and she reasoned that Steffy should be kindly told the truth. Liam replied that they'd heard what Taylor had said. Hope reasoned that while letting Steffy believe Liam was her husband might seem compassionate, it was delaying the inevitable. Hope said it would be kinder to help Steffy come to terms with reality. It also might help Steffy recall who'd shot her and Finn.

Bridget arrived, and Brooke explained the leeriness she and Hope had about Liam playing along with being Steffy's husband. Bridget, who'd just gotten done consulting with other doctors, said Steffy's stats were looking really good. Bridget believed that Steffy could handle hearing the truth at that point. Hope said it was great news.

Thomas and Ridge arrived, and Hope told them that Steffy was ready to hear the truth. Brooke said Steffy was getting stronger, so they didn't have to keep going on and on about it. Bridget told Ridge that there was no pressure, and Taylor and Ridge could talk it over. Thomas said that his mother was a doctor and didn't want to rush into anything. Liam replied that it wasn't rushing, and no one wanted to jeopardize Steffy's recovery.

Hope brought up Liam telling Steffy, and Thomas asked why Liam would be the one. Thomas grew concerned about how much Liam would tell Steffy. Liam said the decision was up to Ridge and Taylor. Hope chimed in that they all wanted what was best for Steffy. Ridge concluded that he wanted to be there when Liam spoke to Steffy.

In Steffy's hospital room, Sheila touched Steffy's I.V. tube. She stroked the buttons on the machine beside it, wondering why Steffy had had to fight Sheila instead of letting Sheila in. Sheila thought of her dead son. "Now you've given me no other choice," Sheila uttered and raised her hand to press one of the buttons. "Sheila," Taylor called from the door.

Sheila turned to Taylor and tried to explain what she was doing there, but Taylor claimed to know. Taylor believed Sheila was trying to make sense of Finn's death. Taylor stated that Sheila had Finn's son, and soon, Steffy would remember who'd done it to her and Finn.

Taylor asked if Sheila wanted that, too. Just then, Steffy woke up. Liam entered with Ridge, Bridget, and Thomas. Steffy looked at Sheila and asked why Sheila was there. Liam replied that Sheila was there because she'd also suffered a loss.

Taylor asked what Liam was doing, and Bridget chimed in that, given Steffy's test results and progress, it was time. Disagreeing, Taylor said Steffy was too fragile. Steffy asked what was going on. She asked Liam, her husband, to tell her. Liam stated that Steffy had some things she couldn't recall, and everyone felt it was time to help her fill in the blanks.

Back in the waiting area, Hope was worried that she'd pushed Liam, but Brooke said Liam understood Hope's feelings. Brooke added that Bridget had said that Steffy was on her way back, and carrying on the married charade wasn't good for anyone, especially Steffy.

Bridget approached, and Hope asked if Bridget should be in there while Steffy's family was talking to Steffy. Bridget said she wouldn't be far away in case she was needed. Brooke asked how Taylor had reacted, and Bridget indicated that Taylor hadn't been pleased. Bridget, however, added that she had explained to Taylor why it was time. Bridget said the reality was that no one could protect Steffy from what she was about to hear.

Later, Hope had checked in with Amelia, who'd reported to Hope that Kelly and Hayes were doing well. Hope said Kelly had thought of Finn as a second father, and Hayes had barely had any time with Finn. Brooke believed that Steffy would let Hayes know that Finn had loved him and would be there if possible. Hope raged that a maniac with a gun had made it impossible.

Hope hoped that Steffy could help with the case and that a killer wouldn't get away. Brooke doubted Ridge would stand for that and said he'd track the killer down himself if he had to. Hope felt sorry for Steffy and said Steffy's "hell" wasn't over yet.

Back in Steffy's room, Steffy's loved ones spoke of how well she was doing. Liam said there were things she hadn't remembered yet. She assumed it was about the night she'd been shot. Ridge said they'd find who'd done it to both of them. "Both?" Steffy asked. Liam explained that someone else had been with Steffy that night. "Finn. Dr. Jonathan Finnegan. Does that sound familiar to you at all?" Liam asked.

Taylor said Finn had arrived in Steffy's life when she'd needed him most. Liam asked if Steffy remembered. Blurry images of Finn flashed in her mind. Ridge gave Liam a phone, and Liam showed Steffy her and Finn's wedding picture. Steffy saw an exchange of rings in another blurry flash. Liam said he'd always love Steffy and Kelly, but Steffy had another child, Hayes, a child she shared with Finn. Liam said he wasn't her husband, and "you're married to Finn."

Steffy said Finn's name as a question, but suddenly, she spoke it as a realization. She exclaimed that she remembered Finn, her husband, and her son, Hayes. Steffy wanted to see them. Liam let Steffy know that Hayes was in good hands. Steffy assumed that Hayes was with Finn, but Thomas replied that Hayes was with Amelia. Liam explained that he'd been going over to the house to be with Hayes and Kelly, but Hayes was "usually with Amelia."

Steffy asked where Finn was and why he wasn't there. Ridge reminded her that she hadn't been alone in the alley. He said Finn had been brave and had protected Steffy. Behind Ridge, Sheila sobbed. Thomas said Finn had been completely devoted to Steffy until the very end. Steffy asked why they were using those words, and Taylor revealed, "Finn is gone..." Ridge said Finn had been shot and hadn't survived. "Finn's gone?" Steffy asked. She sobbed uncontrollably as she repeated that Finn was gone.

Steffy has another memory, one involving Sheila

Steffy has another memory, one involving Sheila

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

At University Hospital, Ridge and Taylor tried to console a grieving Steffy as the heartbroken Thomas, Liam, and Sheila looked on. "How could I forget Finn?" Steffy sobbed. Steffy apologized to Liam for thinking that they were still married. Liam promised to always be there for Steffy. Sheila, who had been quiet, stepped forward and also offered to help Steffy with anything that she might need.

Steffy stared uneasily at Sheila for several moments before turning her head and looking off into the distance. "I remember," Steffy remarked. Sheila fidgeted slightly, unsure of what Steffy would say next. "You're Finn's mother. You gave birth to him," Steffy continued. Steffy began to cry again as she offered her condolences to Sheila.

"I don't know if I'll ever understand it. How could this have happened? It was my last chance to be part of a family, to be accepted," Sheila said as she fought back tears. Sheila expressed regret that Hayes would grow up not knowing his father. Taylor shared that even as they all grieved together, they would all also make sure that Hayes knew the type of man that Finn was.

Sheila announced that she was going to leave. Before she got to the door, she turned around and thanked Steffy for her kindness. "You could have told me to leave, that I didn't belong, and that I was never Finn's mother," Sheila said as tears steadily streamed down her cheek. "You chose kindness, and coming from you, Steffy... That little bit of an understanding means a lot."

Outside in the corridor, Brooke expressed her relief that Steffy had finally been told the truth and that Steffy would no longer believe that Liam was her husband. Brooke wondered if there was something that she could do to help Ridge. Bridget and Hope took turns assuring Brooke that she and Ridge were "far from over."

Later, Bridget popped into Steffy's room to check on her condition. Thomas shared that they had told Steffy about Finn. Steffy asked to see Hayes, but Bridget responded by encouraging Steffy to get some rest. Taylor assured Steffy that she would get to hold her son soon.

Still in the corridor outside Steffy's room, Brooke continued to express her unease with Steffy and Liam spending so much time together. Hope wasn't as concerned as her mother and remarked that Liam's compassion was one of the things she loved most about her husband.

Liam exited Steffy's room and told Brooke and Hope about Steffy's reaction to learning of Finn's death. Liam expressed relief that Steffy had pulled through and questioned what would have happened to the kids had Steffy also succumbed to her injuries. Even with Steffy pulling through, Liam worried about the "radically different" lives that Kelly and Hayes would live. Hope vowed to be by Liam's side to help with Steffy and the kids. Hope also noted that Steffy had a large circle of loved ones who could help out.

Elsewhere in the hallway, Taylor, Ridge, and Bridget discussed whether or not the rest of Steffy's memories would return soon. As they talked, a nurse approached and told Bridget that Steffy's chart indicated that she was due for additional medication for pain management. Bridget said that they should hold off on any medication because of Steffy's past struggle with addiction. Nearby, Sheila, who had been reading a magazine, perked up as she listened to the discussion.

Brooke tracked down Ridge in a waiting area. She sat by his side, embraced him, and pledged her support to him "as a wife should." Brooke said that she wanted to be "an anchor" for Ridge but admitted that it was difficult for her to do that, since she and Ridge were not living together. She asked Ridge to return home to her.

Sheila entered Steffy's room and hovered over her bed. "I'm running out of time, aren't I?" Sheila thought to herself. Sheila worried that when Steffy next opened her eyes, she might remember the night of the shooting. "I can't let you send me back to prison," Sheila thought. Sheila recalled Bridget's comments about Steffy's addiction. Sheila realized that the answer to all her problems would be Steffy overdosing on painkillers. Sheila called it "an unfortunate end, but a necessary one."

Liam thwarts Sheila's newest plan to silence Steffy

Liam thwarts Sheila's newest plan to silence Steffy

Thursday, April 28, 2022

In a hospital waiting room, Brooke told Ridge that Steffy was his priority, and nothing went before Steffy, who'd need her father. Brooke expressed her desire to be there to help him. She felt that she couldn't spend another night without him. Ridge said that "this" was where he needed to be.

Agreeing, Brooke said that soon, Steffy would go home, and everyone would be there for the children and Steffy. Brooke added that she and Ridge had been apart for too long, and she needed him to return home. She asked him not to go back to Steffy's house with Taylor.

Brooke stated that Steffy and Finn would never get another day together as husband and wife. Finn would never go home to his wife, but Ridge could. Ridge asked Brooke to stop. He got what she was saying, but what had happened "here" had turned everything upside down. Agreeing, Brooke said it had made her realize that life was too short and too precious.

Ridge conveyed that he knew what Brooke was saying. He was grateful that she was there. She said she wanted to be by Ridge's side and to fix things, but she didn't know how to get him to agree to it. She said she missed him and wanted him back. He admitted that he missed her, too, and he'd thought they'd been in a good place. He promised that they would have that conversation, but at that moment, he had to concentrate on Steffy. "Okay," Brooke replied.

In a hospital waiting room, Hope reassured Liam about Steffy. Taylor arrived, heavy with thoughts about how difficult things would be for Steffy. Liam suddenly felt the need to visit Steffy, claiming, "I'm getting a..." He left, saying he wouldn't wake her.

Hope said she didn't want to keep Taylor from checking on Steffy, but Taylor said she'd give Liam and Steffy time. Taylor asked how Hope was. Hope replied that she was supporting Liam and taking care of the kids. Taylor said she couldn't thank Hope enough for it. Hope claimed she was happy to do it.

Taylor said that Steffy and Liam shared incredible history, and Steffy would need a lot of support from people she trusted, "like Liam." Hope agreed that Steffy would need "all our support," and Hope was sure Steffy would soon remember the details of the night she'd been shot. "That's why I'm just so happy that Liam has promised to be there for her," Taylor beamed.

Brooke and Ridge approached and asked if everything was okay. Taylor said she had just been telling Hope how wonderful it was that Liam still cared so much for Steffy.

Later, Hope and Brooke were alone, and Brooke asked if Taylor had been insinuating that Liam and Steffy should be together. Hope didn't want to believe Taylor was doing that. "But you got a feeling," Brooke said. Hope replied that Taylor might just be trying to find anything to help Steffy.

Brooke hated to say it, but she didn't trust Taylor. She shared that Taylor had said many times that she hadn't returned to town for Ridge, but she was with him. Brooke reasoned that with Finn gone, Taylor would want Liam with Steffy. Deciding that Brooke wasn't helping, Hope left to find Liam.

At Steffy's bedside, Sheila, in an internal monologue, wondered how long it would be before the sleeping Steffy remembered everything. Sheila reached out to touch the buttons on Steffy's I.V. machine. Stopping herself, Sheila asked why Steffy made Sheila have to do things she didn't want to do. Sheila told herself she had wanted to be better than "this," but Steffy had robbed Sheila of that chance. She said there was just one way out of it.

Sheila reasoned that people would just think Steffy had gotten ahold of more meds somehow. Sheila reached for the button again, but Liam arrived. Surprised, he asked what Sheila was doing there. Sheila claimed to be checking on Steffy. Liam didn't know what Sheila was checking on because Sheila was not family, nor was she on the medical team. Sheila said she was a nurse.

"You're not her nurse," Liam replied. Sheila said Liam acted like Sheila couldn't care about Steffy. Although he empathized with the difficult time she was having, he said she wasn't involved in Steffy's treatment. Sheila claimed to be deeply invested in Steffy's recovery. Liam suggested that Sheila ask the family about Steffy's progress and leave the care to the doctors.

Sheila asserted that Liam had no idea what it was doing to her. She said she was there daily, the outsider looking in, pacing the halls and waiting for something to happen. Sheila claimed she'd wanted to do something for Steffy, who was getting stronger and starting to remember things.

Steffy woke up. "You again," she said, looking at Sheila. Sheila offered to go, but Steffy stopped Sheila, saying she'd lost Finn, too. "We're both grieving," Steffy uttered. She said that she and Sheila shared "this," but it didn't make them friends. "If you could have just given me a chance, Steffy, things could have been so different," Sheila stated.

Liam said no one would play the "what if" game. Sheila decided to leave but said she'd be back. In the corridor, Sheila murmured that she had to put an end to it, and Steffy could never remember the truth about Finn's death. Damning Liam for interrupting, Sheila seethed that she could have put an end to it once and for all.

Taylor approached Sheila and asked if Sheila was okay. Sheila cooled her anger and said she was feeling a little helpless. Taylor replied that it had to be torture. Sheila said it just kept getting worse and worse. Taylor assured Sheila that "they" would find who did it to Finn and Steffy.

Back in Steffy's room, Liam remarked that it was weird that Sheila had been there the whole time. Steffy said she assumed Sheila was grieving. Steffy said Finn's death bad been so awful that she'd blocked out her life with him. Liam replied that it was a miracle that she'd remembered anything, and if she didn't want Sheila there, Sheila wouldn't be there.

Outside the door, Hope listened as Steffy told Liam that she just wanted to go home. Steffy said missed her babies and didn't know how it would affect any of them. She admitted she didn't know how to explain it to the kids. Liam said he didn't know, but she wouldn't do it alone. Steffy stated that her family had been destroyed, but Liam reasoned that it would live on in their memories.

Steffy said that Hayes wouldn't get the chance to do things with his father that Kelly did. Liam replied that Hayes was a part of "us" and could go anytime he wanted, and Steffy could, too. Liam said it was impossible to imagine a life without Finn, but Steffy, the survivor, would do it. Liam told her that she had many people to support her, including him.

"What about Hope?" Steffy asked. Liam said Hope would, too, but Steffy stated that it wasn't what she meant. Liam said Hope wasn't what Steffy needed to worry about. Liam affirmed that he'd always be there for Steffy. He said he was married to Hope, but Steffy would always be a huge part of his heart; he'd "be damned" if he let Steffy go through it alone.

Steffy is cleared to go home

Steffy is cleared to go home

Friday, April 29, 2022

In her hotel room, Sheila paced, recalling the death of her "beautiful son." Apologizing to Finn, she said that it had been a horrible accident. With Finn gone, Sheila had to find a way to survive. To her, that meant Steffy could never remember what had happened.

Deacon stopped by. Immediately, he recognized the look in Sheila's eyes and asked who she had in her sights that time. Sheila asked what he meant. He remarked that she just seemed more intense than usual, but to him, it was understandable. He assumed she'd been at the hospital when he'd attempted to visit earlier, and he asked how Steffy was. Sheila gave a positive report, and Deacon exclaimed that it was great. Sheila flashed an unhappy look.

Noticing the look, Deacon said Sheila wasn't a Steffy fan, but Steffy was "your girl Taylor's daughter" and grandson's mother. He said Sheila had to be grateful for Steffy's improvement. Sheila became aloof, and he added that, while he wasn't Mr. Sensitive, he wanted to be supportive because she had to be suffering if she'd wound up on the rooftop.

Sheila stated that the pain was unimaginable. She said she didn't know why Finn had been in that alley. It made no sense to her, and she said Finn should be with them. Deacon offered to let Sheila take out her pain on him. He said she could even hit him. "Don't tempt me," she replied with a chuckle. He promised not to judge her and said she could tell him everything.

Sitting on the bed with Sheila, Deacon prodded her to tell him all about it. Sheila recalled seeing Finn for the first time and seeing herself in his eyes. She said that for the first time, she'd felt whole and complete, and she'd believed in her redemption because of Finn and Hayes; however, she'd lost her son, and she was afraid she'd lose everything else.

Deacon couldn't believe he'd heard defeat from his friend. He reluctantly acknowledged that Sheila was a friend. He said she wasn't down for anyone's count. Unsure of that, Sheila said he couldn't begin to understand how the horrible thing had changed her. Deacon didn't think Finn would want her to give up. Deacon believed the police would find the killer, and that killer would pay.

Outside Steffy's hospital room, Hope listened as, inside the room, Steffy said Liam was sweet to say the things he'd said, but he had his own family with Hope. Affirming it, Liam replied that he'd be there for Steffy, too. He stated that he was Hope's husband but would also be there for Steffy always. Hope twitched her lips and continued to listen.

"I need you so much, Liam," Steffy stated. Liam said she could count on him. He wasn't going anywhere and would be in her life, whether she liked it or not. Steffy didn't know how she could do it or how Finn could be gone forever. She cried for Hayes and said she just wanted to hold him. Liam said he'd make it happen.

In a small waiting area, Taylor informed Brooke that Steffy was awake, and Liam was still in with her. Brooke asked how Steffy was, and Taylor conveyed that Steffy was holding up well. Taylor was happy that Liam was there for Steffy, who took more comfort in him than in anyone else.

Brooke stated that a lot of people loved Steffy, so the responsibility of her comfort shouldn't lie solely on Liam. Taylor said she was just very happy that Liam was willing to be there for Steffy. Brooke applauded Liam for it, too, but wondered if she had to remind Taylor that he was Hope's husband, not Steffy's. Taylor claimed not to be trying to matchmake Liam and Steffy, and Brooke asked that Taylor keep it that way.

Ridge arrived and noticed the tension between the women. He asked them to remember that the focus was Steffy and her recovery. Bill rushed in next, apologizing for not getting there sooner. Bill was in disbelief about what had happened but glad Steffy had pulled through. The topic turned to Steffy's memory, and Taylor still insisted that Steffy not be pushed. Brooke and Ridge contended that the sooner they found the shooter, the better.

Hope arrived and hugged Bill, sure that Liam would be happy to see Bill. Liam arrived and hugged Bill, too. Bill said his private investigators were already on it. Liam told Taylor that he was going to run to the house to grab Hayes. Taylor offered to go, saying Steffy needed Liam there. Brooke side-eyed Taylor, and Ridge decided to walk Taylor out. Liam asked Hope how she was doing, and Hope nodded with a nervous smile.

Later, Hope sat alone behind Liam, listening to him tell Bill how it had been for Steffy. Bill wished he'd been there, but Liam said all that mattered was that Bill had gotten there that day. Bill asked how Hope was holding up. Hope replied that it was an awful situation, and the perpetrator was walking around free. Liam was disturbed by the randomness of it.

Bill said it had to be frightening for Liam, and Bill knew what Steffy meant to Liam. Hope looked away. Bill suggested they focus on the good news about Steffy's recovery. He said that all that was left was for Steffy to get her memory back, so they could find the "bastard" who'd shot Finn.

In Steffy's room, Bridget took Steffy off oxygen. Ridge arrived as the women discussed pain levels. Steffy said her pain was constant, but it was nothing she couldn't handle. Bridget said the doctors were being cautious, but she could give Steffy some relief. Steffy declined it. She just wanted to get back with her kids.

Bridget left, and Steffy told Ridge that she wanted to see Hayes. Ridge informed her that Taylor was picking him up. Ridge asked if Steffy had had another memory flash. Steffy wanted the monster caught, and she wanted to remember. He asked her to put herself back in the alley. Steffy saw more blurred flashes. Frustrated, she wondered why she wouldn't remember. Ridge believed Taylor's theory that Steffy's brain was protecting itself.

Taylor arrived with Hayes, and Ridge and Taylor held each other as they watched Steffy's emotional reunion with her child. She told Hayes that he'd never be alone, and she'd always be right there to protect him. Steffy said that she, Hayes, and Kelly would be a family again. She noted how much he looked like his father.

Bridget returned to the room with good news. Steffy had improved so much that Bridget had decided to release Steffy that day. Bridget left to fast-track Steffy's discharge. Steffy assured Hayes that she'd be home, but then she looked uncertain.

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