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Sheila attempted to escape Steffy's house, but the police converged on her, revealing their sting operation. Word spread about Sheila's guilt, and Ridge moved to Eric's house. Taylor and Ridge confronted Thomas about his secret with Sheila, and Brooke paid a jailhouse visit to Sheila.
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Sheila was arrested, Brooke learned why she'd drunk on New Year's Eve, and Ridge moved to Eric's house
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Sheila is arrested

Sheila is arrested

Monday, May 16, 2022

At the cliff house, Sheila was confident that she wouldn't go to prison due to an accident. She asked what jury would convict a grieving mother. "Any jury! You killed your own son. You tried to kill my daughter!" Ridge yelled. Taylor was disgusted that Sheila had been at the hospital, soliciting pity for her loss. Taylor concluded that Sheila deserved no sympathy. Ridge stated that Sheila deserved jail, and Steffy said it was precisely what Sheila would get.

Calling them all cruel, Sheila said they'd lured her there with lies, making her think she'd see her grandson. Sheila felt as if she'd been burdened with guilt because of Steffy. Steffy said Sheila had pulled out a gun. Mockingly, Sheila asked if she'd gone after Steffy. Sheila asked if she'd gotten in Steffy's face or dictated whose life Steffy could be in. In Sheila's recollection, she'd tried to leave, but Steffy had pursued her and berated her, making Steffy just as guilty.

Ridge yelled at Sheila, ordering her to shut up. He felt that she should be in an institution. He charged toward her, but Taylor stopped him, saying Sheila wasn't worth it. Ridge wanted Sheila to pay. Steffy said Sheila would rot behind bars for the rest of her miserable life.

Sheila asked Steffy to think about something. "I know that's going to be very difficult for you because all you always do is think about yourself. But I want you to try, okay? What would Finn do if he 'were' standing here right now?" Sheila asked. Steffy said Finn wasn't there and never would be again. Sheila believed Finn would tell Steffy to have compassion for Sheila's mistake.

Steffy asserted that Sheila believed her mistake had been killing Finn instead of Steffy. Steffy said Sheila could keep telling herself Finn would have compassion for her, but it was a lie. Sheila asked Taylor to do something. Taylor said not to view her as a friend. Taylor refused to take Sheila's side ever again. Ridge said it brought him joy that Sheila would die in prison after all the pain she'd caused his family. "I hate you. I hate everything about you," he told Sheila.

Steffy cried, saying "this" was why she'd wanted to keep Sheila away from Steffy's family. Steffy had seen through Sheila's lies, but Steffy said that Finn hadn't. Steffy stated that she hadn't been able to protect her husband, but she could protect her son, who would grow up without a father.

Sheila was sorry about that, but she swore she wouldn't go to prison. She headed for the front door. A police officer entered the house, causing Sheila to pivot and head for the back door. At the back of the house, more police flooded in, including Deputy Chief Baker, who announced that Steffy could remove the wire.

Steffy peeled a wired mic off her chest as police officers wrestled to cuff Sheila. Baker announced that Sheila was under arrest for murder and attempted murder. As Baker read Sheila's rights to her, Sheila begged to speak her peace. Steffy said Sheila would never get peace.

Sheila stated that everyone had been certain that she'd been out to harm people; however, she'd merely wanted to meet her son and be in his life, but Steffy had refused to let it happen. Steffy hadn't even let Finn speak for himself. Sheila yelled that Steffy had been relentless. Sheila told them that none of them would understand what it was like to love someone and have unconditional love in return. She felt that they took it for granted, but she didn't.

Sheila said she had believed her chance would be Finn, but he was gone. She cried that she would never hurt Finn. She loved Finn. Doubting Finn would want Sheila's toxic love, Steffy said Sheila was a reminder of where Finn had come from, something he'd tried to forget. Steffy said she had to forget Sheila, too. Steffy vowed to rebound stronger than ever and to raise her son to be exactly like Finn and the opposite of Sheila. She said Hayes would never know Sheila's name or that Sheila existed. "People like you are not loved. You're forgotten," Steffy said.

As the police hustled Sheila out of the house, she vowed to return. She said Hayes would love her regardless. She vowed that they hadn't seen the last of her, and she'd be back.

Later, Taylor tried to assure Steffy that Sheila wouldn't get out of jail. Steffy expressed her dislike for what Sheila had said about Hayes. As awful as the truth was, Steffy was glad to have her memory back and to have answers. Taylor said they knew what had happened to Brooke. Taylor suggested that Ridge tell Brooke. "I'm not leaving you guys, not after today," Ridge replied. Taylor and Steffy insisted that Brooke needed to know, and Ridge exited.

Steffy still couldn't believe Sheila had shot Steffy and Finn over a confrontation about Brooke. Taylor figured that Sheila believed that Brooke had deserved what Sheila had done. Steffy began to worry it could change things for Ridge and Taylor.

At Brooke's house, Deacon had gone, and Hope and Brooke were together and still talking about Sheila becoming a part of Steffy's family. Brooke said there was no way Ridge would ever accept Sheila. Brooke wished she could be there for Ridge and felt bad for betraying his trust. Brooke was desperate to figure out what had made her drink. Wondering if it mattered, Hope asked if it was about the drinking or if it was about what the drinking had led to.

Brooke felt that her actions with Deacon had been wrong and never would have happened if she'd been sober. She said she could start forgiving herself if she knew why it had happened. Hope stated that her parents had kissed, and Deacon had helped Brooke to her bed. Nothing more than that had happened, according to Hope.

Brooke said she still regretted defending Deacon. She said she hadn't given up on Ridge, even though she'd been thinking he might be better off with Taylor. Brooke knew that it wasn't true, and she believed she and Ridge would find a way through it.

Later, Brooke was alone when Ridge rushed in. His anxiety scared Brooke, and she asked what the problem was. He conveyed that Steffy's memory had returned. Brooke guessed that meant they'd find the killer. Ridge said they had already found her -- Sheila, who'd made it look like a robbery. Brooke exclaimed her disbelief and asked if Sheila was in police custody.

Ridge affirmed it, saying Sheila would spend her days behind bars and wouldn't hurt Steffy, Taylor, or Brooke again. Brooke replied that Sheila hadn't hurt her in years. Ridge said it hadn't been years, and Steffy had remembered confronting Sheila about New Year's Eve. Brooke didn't understand what he meant by what he was saying.

Ridge reminded Brooke that she'd thought there had been a trigger for her drinking. He explained that Sheila had switched Brooke's non-alcoholic champagne for the real thing. Brooke exclaimed that she'd known it -- she hadn't started drinking on her own. Hugging Brooke, Ridge said Sheila had done it to Brooke, and he was sorry.

Ridge expresses regret for not being there for his wife

Ridge expresses regret for not being there for his wife

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

At the cliff house, Taylor berated herself for missing all the signs with Sheila. Taylor realized that even though she'd wanted Hayes's grandmother to have a chance at redemption, Sheila was too dangerous. Steffy said they needed to track Li down and tell her that Sheila had killed Finn.

Steffy admitted that she still expected Finn to walk through the door. She felt she could accept his death better if his killer had been a stranger desperate for money, but for Steffy, it was even more senseless because it had been at the hands of Sheila. Steffy couldn't even remember the last thing she'd said to Finn or if she'd told him that she'd loved him.

Taylor believed Finn had known that Steffy had loved him. Steffy cried, wishing for one more day with her husband. Steffy said that it had been horrible to watch him take his last breath. Taylor believed Steffy's presence at that time had comforted Finn. Steffy talked about how hard it would be to go on without Finn. She said it had been helpful for her to have her parents with her, and it had been good for the kids. Steffy figured it had been good for Taylor, too.

Taylor said Ridge would always engage with Steffy and her kids. Steffy knew that, but she said that Taylor wasn't wrong or selfish to worry about a future with Ridge. Steffy figured it had to be hard for Taylor, who had to wonder what Sheila's actions against Brooke meant for Taylor and Ridge. Steffy didn't think that what Sheila had done would change Ridge's feelings for Taylor.

Taylor said that it had been wonderful for her and for Ridge to spend time with their family. Steffy didn't believe her parents' relationship was just about their kids. She said there was a mutual attraction between Taylor and Ridge that had nothing to do with their kids. Taylor said she'd missed laughing with Ridge, and she hadn't realized how much.

Steffy, who enjoyed seeing her parents together, remarked about the little looks Ridge and Taylor gave each other over coffee. Steffy claimed Ridge woke up 20 minutes early just to make Taylor coffee. Steffy felt that everyone could see how connected Ridge and Taylor were.

Taylor didn't doubt Ridge's feelings for her, but she noted that he was still married to Brooke. Taylor believed that his heart had to go out to Brooke, who was also Sheila's victim, and only Ridge could answer how it would affect the three of them.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was in disbelief about what Ridge was telling her about Sheila. Ridge said Sheila would spend the rest of her days in prison and wouldn't terrorize Brooke any longer. Ridge added that Sheila had conned Brooke into drinking; the whole time it had been Sheila. Brooke didn't want to think of herself, not after what Steffy had gone through.

Ridge thanked Brooke for thinking of Steffy, but Brooke didn't know how she couldn't think of Steffy after Steffy had lost her husband. Ridge thought it was unbelievable that Sheila had been the shooter and had also been responsible for the shame Brooke had been drowning in. He noted that Brooke had said that outside forces had been at play, but he hadn't paid attention. He announced that Brooke had been right -- it had been Sheila.

Later, Ridge and Brooke tried to piece together how Sheila had developed her plan. Brooke assumed that Sheila had been nearby when Brooke had talked about the non-alcoholic champagne, the kind she'd pre-ordered from Il Giardino. Brooke thought Sheila's label switch explained everything about the taste and effects of the non-alcoholic champagne.

Ridge said it had been Brooke's trigger. Brooke, who'd never suspected Sheila, recalled that Sheila had shown up for a visit with a wicked smile on her face after Brooke had told Sheila that Brooke had drunk and that Deacon had stayed the night. Ridge explained that Sheila had justified it because Brooke had tried to keep Sheila away from Finn and the baby.

"If we had just kept her away somehow..." Brooke stated. Ridge concluded that Finn would be alive, and Ridge and Brooke wouldn't be in their predicament. Brooke added that Steffy's beautiful family would be intact, and Ridge and Brooke would be together in their home.

Brooke appreciated that Ridge had arrived with the news about Sheila. Brooke noted that Ridge had a lot on his plate. He wondered who would do such a thing to Hayes and Steffy, and "to us." Brooke said Sheila had made it clear that she'd wanted him with Taylor. Ridge thought he should have known someone had been behind all of it.

Brooke asked Ridge not to blame himself, but Ridge yelled that he knew Brooke better than that. "I've known you all my life! I should have known better. I should have listened to you, but I didn't," Ridge concluded. "I wasn't there for you. Your husband wasn't there for you," he added.

Brooke replied that Ridge just hadn't known. She said they couldn't change what Sheila had done, but they could stop her lies and manipulation and restore their life together. Brooke stated that she'd always believed that she and Ridge could get past it. She asked if that was why he was there and if he was going home to her.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam remarked that Wyatt and Bill had timed their visit well. Liam's kids were asleep, and his wife was having a girls' night out. Bill quipped that Hope had gotten "cabin" fever. Suspecting that Bill was making a dig at his home, Liam said he and Hope liked their cozy place, and Hope enjoyed being near her mother, about whom Hope was concerned.

Later, Bill, Liam, and Wyatt discussed Ridge's presence out in Malibu. Liam and Wyatt felt it was needed there. Bill said that Ridge should be with his wife, consoling her, but Ridge couldn't because his poor little ego had been bruised. Bill asserted that Brooke should have kicked Ridge to the curb awhile back.

Wyatt could see Ridge's point of view, but Bill asked if Wyatt would really leave his wife over a drunken kiss. Liam interjected that it was the entire history of Brooke and Deacon. "So, they have a kid together? Big deal!" Bill responded. He added that setbacks happened, and Brooke had handled it responsibly by getting back into meetings.

Liam stated that Ridge felt that Brooke had been making excuses for Deacon, and Liam suspected that it would "piss" Bill off, too, if Bill were with Brooke. Bill insisted that Brooke and Deacon's actions had been G-Rated, but Ridge hadn't shown any sympathy for his alcoholic wife. Instead, Ridge had done what he always did -- he'd gone crying to Taylor.

Bill couldn't fathom why Brooke would take back "Mr. Holier-Than-Thou" after the way he'd treated her. Wyatt replied that she and Ridge had each made mistakes, but Bill defended Brooke, who never would have kissed "that convict Sharpe" if she'd been sober. Liam agreed, and Bill said Ridge was blinded by his own self-righteousness. Bill doubted that things would work out as long as Ridge played Ping-Pong with the woman as if he was God's gift to females.

Wyatt quipped that Bill was supposed to be God's gift to women, and Bill replied that the truth would set everyone free. Liam figured that they all could agree that they wanted Brooke to be happy. Bill, however, didn't believe Brooke could find happiness or anything else with Forrester as long as Taylor was in town.

Ridge asks how he can choose between ''two great women''

Ridge asks how he can choose between ''two great women''

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Taylor sat down on the sofa next to Steffy and offered her a cup of tea that promised to help calm her. Steffy thanked her mom for being with her. Taylor praised the strength Steffy had shown in confronting Sheila, calling it "amazing to witness."

Steffy wondered how Taylor was doing since the truth about why Brooke had drunk on New Year's Eve had come out. Taylor tried to dodge the question, but Steffy assured Taylor that it was okay to talk about it. Taylor appreciated Steffy's concern. Steffy worried that she had planted "seeds of doubt" about Taylor and Ridge's relationship. Taylor said that Steffy had done no such thing, but Taylor admitted that any seeds of doubt she'd had had "sprouted... the second your father walked out the door."

Steffy didn't believe that Ridge would "rush back" into Brooke's arms because Ridge could not have a "real lasting peace and happiness" with Brooke. Steffy insisted that Ridge would be back because he had come to realize that he was "appreciated and supported" by Taylor.

At the cabin, Liam received a text message from Hope stating that she was on her way home. Bill wasn't sure that Hope would want to see him when she returned because he and Hope didn't always see eye to eye on matters. Bill shared that both he and Hope wanted Brooke to be happy. Bill, however, said that Brooke "ain't gonna find that happiness with Ridge."

Moments later, Hope entered the cabin and admitted that she had not been expecting "a full house." Wyatt shared that they had been discussing Brooke. "Brooke is groveling for a man that has repeatedly proven himself not worthy," Bill proclaimed. Surprisingly, Hope agreed with Bill. Hope shared that she did not understand why Ridge was unable to move past Brooke's "for the most part innocent" transgression with Deacon.

Bill mused that he had gotten whiplash by how fast Ridge had run to Taylor. Before things got too heated, Bill and Wyatt decided that it was time to leave. Before leaving, Bill implored Hope to talk to Brooke because Hope could appeal to Brooke in a way that no one else could.

Later, Liam and Hope chuckled about Bill's "big personality." Hope admitted that she appreciated the way that Bill had stuck up for Brooke. Liam explained that both Brooke and Ridge's takes on the New Year's Eve situation were valid. Liam stated that he felt it was "hypocritical" for Ridge to have run to Taylor so quickly. Hope said that she was not ready to give up on Brooke and Ridge.

Brooke thanked Ridge for being supportive. Ridge expressed his anger over what Sheila had done, but he also shared his regret that he had been unable to get home on New Year's Eve. If he had, he said, he would have been able to protect Brooke and prevent Sheila's plot from unfolding. Brooke reminded Ridge that he had protected her because he had helped her find the support that she'd needed in the aftermath of her drinking. Ridge vowed that he would always protect Brooke.

Brooke asked Ridge to tell her that he would be "coming home." Brooke stated that a huge weight had been lifted, and she wanted to move on and forget that New Year's Eve had ever happened. "I really believe that we can make up for lost time by just moving on together," Brooke said softly. Ridge said that he was not sure that they could do that because, despite Sheila's label-swapping scheme, Brooke had still turned to Deacon.

Brooke and Ridge both agreed that he needed to "break the pattern" and "start fresh." Ridge questioned how he was expected to choose between "two great women" in his life. "You're asking me to hurt one of them," Ridge snapped, asking, "Which one?" Brooke conceded that she had not been "absolved" of all wrongdoing in the wake of learning about Sheila's bottle tampering. "But I never would have kissed Deacon if I had not been drinking," Brooke insisted.

Admitting that it sounded a bit odd, Ridge suggested that he might love Brooke even more after learning what Sheila had done to her. However, Ridge said that he needed some time to figure out what to do. Ridge said that he would be moving back to the Forrester mansion because it was "not right" for him to continue living at Steffy's. "We are soul mates," Brooke replied, insisting, "I always believed that." She told Ridge that he was her destiny. The two kissed.

Quinn and Eric unite to help the Forrester family in their time of crisis

Quinn and Eric unite to help the Forrester family in their time of crisis

Thursday, May 19, 2022

At Eric's mansion, Eric left his martini and sketchpad on the table. He twisted the ring on his finger that Quinn had given him, and he flashed back to telling Donna that she was exactly what he needed in his life. Quinn walked in, offering to give him one of her famous back rubs.

Skirting the offer, Eric said there was something that she needed to know about Steffy. Eric had spoken to Ridge, who'd informed Eric that Steffy had regained her memory. Eric revealed that Steffy had realized that Sheila had been responsible for the shootings.

Quinn wasn't sure why she was shocked to hear it and said it was diabolic on another level to shoot one's own son. Eric explained that the bullet had been meant for Steffy, but Finn had stepped in front of it. Eric added that Sheila had then shot Steffy, anyway.

Later, Eric filled Quinn in on the news about Sheila manipulating Brooke and causing her to drink again. Eric didn't know all the details of it yet, but he was sure Sheila had had a smile on her face as she'd watched Brooke's life fall apart.

Revealing that he hadn't pressed his son for details yet, Eric informed Quinn that he'd agreed to let Ridge stay at the mansion while Ridge sorted through things. Quinn assumed Ridge had to think about Brooke and Taylor. Eric said that he was delighted that Taylor and Ridge had reconnected, but Eric was convinced that Brooke and Ridge belonged together.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope \handed Liam a glass of wine, but instead of taking it, Liam hugged her. He seemed sad, and she asked what was going on. Liam began to reply that it had to do with Steffy, but he was interrupted when Brooke apologetically arrived, saying they wouldn't believe what had happened with Ridge. Brooke announced that Steffy had finally remembered.

Liam and Hope asked if the shooter had been caught, and Brooke replied that the shooter had confessed. Hope and Liam asked who it had been. "Sheila," Brooke responded.

Later, Liam was flabbergasted that Sheila, the shooter, had been with them at the hospital the whole time. Brooke said Sheila might have tried to kill Steffy again if given the chance. Liam recalled that Sheila had been in the room alone with Steffy once when he'd entered, and he was certain Sheila had been "futzing" with Steffy's I.V. He said he'd called Sheila out on it. He wondered if Steffy's life had been in danger at that very moment.

Hope said that Sheila was in custody for the moment, but Sheila usually got away with everything. Brooke replied that it wouldn't be that way again. Brooke was sure Sheila wouldn't see the light of day. "And there's something else," Brooke added. She revealed that the reason she'd drunk on New Year's Eve had been because of Sheila.

Later, Hope and Liam were upset to learn that Sheila had performed the label switch on Brooke's New Year's Eve bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. Brooke said Sheila had done it because Brooke had vowed to protect Steffy and her family, and Sheila had known Brooke would team up with Ridge to accomplish that goal. Assuming Sheila had wanted to tear Brooke and Ridge apart, Liam asked what Sheila's overall plan had been.

Brooke didn't know but said whatever it had been, it had worked and imploded Brooke's life. Hope hated Sheila, who'd gotten away with hurting people for years. Brooke believed that Sheila would be locked away for good. Hope hoped Ridge realized that Brooke was Sheila's victim, too, and Hope asked if it meant that Ridge was finally returning home.

Liam suggested that they might be getting ahead of themselves. Brooke said that she and Ridge loved each other, but he wasn't returning to her. Hope was sorry to hear that. Brooke stated that Ridge would live with Eric for the time being, but the good news was that Ridge wouldn't be at Steffy's house. Brooke chose to keep the faith that Ridge would have a life with her, not Taylor.

At the cliff house, Steffy caught Taylor anxiously gazing out the back window, and she assured Taylor that Ridge would be there. Just then, Ridge arrived, and Taylor asked if he'd tell them what had gone on with Brooke. He said that it had blown Brooke's mind to learn what Sheila had done to her own son. Steffy said she'd hate Sheila for the rest of her life.

Steffy wondered if Ridge had told Brooke about the label switch. Affirming it, Ridge stated that it had been hard to watch Brooke realize that Sheila had turned Brooke's life upside down. He said Brooke had thought she'd been weak, but she'd been manipulated by Sheila's revenge.

Taylor couldn't believe that she hadn't seen that Sheila was incapable of change. Steffy told Taylor not to blame herself. Taylor described her feelings as more like regret. Taylor said she had wanted to believe Sheila had been ready to change, but Taylor realized that she'd been wrong. Taylor and Steffy claimed to feel for Brooke. "But, please, Dad, don't tell me things have changed between you and Brooke and you and mom," Steffy added.

Taylor asked Steffy not to pressure Ridge, but Steffy said all Ridge had to do was say that nothing had changed. Ridge replied that "whatever this is" wouldn't go away, and that was because they were Steffy's parents and her family. Steffy said she didn't mean the family; she meant the love and connection Taylor and Ridge had. Steffy said it had been nice for her as she'd watched her parents reconnect. Steffy said they were happiest when sharing their lives together. Steffy wanted Ridge to say it wouldn't be erased due to what Sheila had done to Brooke.

Steffy reasoned that Brooke had kissed Deacon and let him sleep in Ridge's bed. Taylor asked Steffy not to rehash that. Ridge stated that it had been great to stay at the cliff house, but he needed some space at that point. He informed Steffy and Taylor that he'd stay at Eric's.

Steffy balked at the idea, but Taylor agreed with Ridge that it was best for him to take some space. Taylor pointed out that Ridge needed time to process things and that Brooke had suffered, too. Taylor told Ridge that, whatever happened, their time together had been a beautiful reminder of who they were together. She claimed that Ridge was her best friend. She loved him and always would, no matter what. Ridge hugged Taylor.

Brooke confronts an unapologetic Sheila

Brooke confronts an unapologetic Sheila

Friday, May 20, 2022

In the CEO's office, Eric noted that Ridge had left the mansion early that morning. Eric guessed it had been hard for Ridge to move out of Steffy's house. Ridge remarked that it had been the right thing to do. Joking that Ridge had brought a lot of bags to the mansion, Eric asked if Ridge was sure it would just be a few days. The men chuckled, and Eric asked how Steffy was.

Ridge said Steffy was struggling. He was glad that Sheila was in custody and would stop hurting the people he loved. Eric advised Ridge not to blame himself for Sheila sabotaging Brooke's sobriety, and Eric said the family would get through it as they always had.

Eric said he had a meeting, and Ridge indicated that he did, too. Once Eric had gone, Taylor arrived. She hoped Ridge was settling in at Eric's, and she remarked that Ridge was "so missed" at the cliff house. She informed Ridge that Liam was with Steffy, helping her tell Kelly and Hayes about Finn. Taylor said they'd all been prepared to help Steffy with her loss and had never thought "that Thomas..." Ridge asked why Thomas had lied and kept things from them.

Just then, Thomas arrived, noting that his parents had asked to see him. He added that Steffy hadn't been returning his calls, and Taylor said they'd asked Steffy to let Ridge and Taylor speak to Thomas first. Ridge revealed that Steffy had remembered who the shooter was -- Sheila.

"That's insane. Finn is her son," Thomas responded, amazed that Sheila had shot Steffy and had killed Finn. Thomas asked why. Ridge said he and Taylor believed that Thomas knew why.

Upset, Thomas asserted that he would have gone to the police if he'd known anything about who'd shot Steffy and Finn. Taylor revealed that Steffy had overheard Thomas talking to Sheila and had gone to confront Sheila about what Steffy had heard. Thomas looked devastated. Ridge added that Steffy and Sheila had argued, and Thomas knew how it had turned out.

Thomas grimaced, sorry that Steffy had overheard him talking to Sheila about what she'd done to Brooke. He said he'd known he shouldn't keep that to himself, but seeing how happy his parents had been, he'd wanted them to have more time together. Ridge asked if Thomas didn't think Ridge had needed the information. Thomas said Ridge would have gone back to Brooke.

Ridge yelled that it hadn't been Thomas' call and that Thomas should know better than anyone what it meant to keep secrets from the family. Ridge insisted that Thomas should have told him. "Brooke is my wife. Like it or not, she's my wife!" Ridge yelled.

Thomas stated that he'd been about to tell the secret, but Steffy had wound up in the hospital. Finn had died, and they'd been trying to take care of the kids. Thomas had had no idea that Steffy had overheard him or that the "stupid secret" had been the reason Finn had been shot.

Taylor said they weren't putting it on Thomas. She believed that it was all Sheila's fault. "But I'm the reason he and Steffy were there," Thomas concluded. Ridge replied that Sheila had attacked Steffy, Finn, and "my wife." Ridge insisted that Thomas should have talked to Ridge, and Ridge could have helped Brooke -- instead of watching her suffer. "I could have helped her, but you didn't give me that chance. It didn't have to end like this," Ridge said.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was getting ready to go out. Hope expressed her disbelief about what had happened to Finn at the hands of Sheila. Brooke asserted that she would go to the jail, look Sheila in the eye, and confront Sheila about all of her crimes. Hope wasn't sure it was a good idea, but Brooke, who'd already arranged it with Deputy Chief Baker, left the house.

Moments later, Deacon strode in, chuckling that Brooke had breezed by him on a mission. He asked what was going on. Hope stated that Steffy had remembered who'd shot her and Finn; the culprit was someone that Deacon knew -- Sheila.

Later, the disillusioned Deacon was full of questions about what Hope had just told him. Hope explained that Steffy had learned something that Sheila had been hiding, and Steffy had been able to prove that Sheila hadn't changed. He asked what Sheila had done, and Hope revealed that Sheila had gone after Brooke. Hope said Brooke had drunk that night because of Sheila, who was responsible for what had happened ever since New Year's Eve.

Later, Deacon ascertained that Sheila had switched the labels on the bottles to get Brooke drunk. Hope said it had been because Brooke had threatened Sheila's relationship with Finn. Feeling like an idiot, Deacon apologized because he'd had no idea. He assumed it changed everything for Brooke and Ridge, but Hope said Ridge wasn't ready to go home yet.

Deacon couldn't believe it when Hope said Ridge needed more time to figure things out. Scoffing, Deacon figured it was Taylor. "But she's not Brooke Logan," he added. Hope gave him a look, but he said it wasn't about that. He called Brooke kind, loyal, understanding, and devoted. He said Brooke could have written Ridge off, but instead, she was fighting for her marriage. Deacon didn't get how Ridge didn't know how lucky he was to have Brooke's love.

At the jail, Sheila tugged on her arm, which was cuffed to the table in the interrogation room. She refused to answer any questions, but Baker said he didn't have any. Believing they had all they needed to prosecute her, Baker announced that he was allowing Sheila a visitor.

Sheila only wanted to talk to her attorney. She claimed that the events in the alley had been the result of a tragic accident. Baker asked why she'd taken a gun. She replied that she hadn't wanted to use it and never would have turned it on her own son. "Right. You were there to shoot Steffy Forrester. I don't think that defense is gonna be a winner for you," he quipped.

A buzzer sounded, and an officer let Brooke into the room. She thanked Baker for making a deal with her. He advised Brooke to keep her distance from the prisoner and that a guard would be standing outside the door. Baker left, and Brooke told Sheila that what she'd done to Brooke hadn't been as horrifying as what Sheila had done to her own son; however, Brooke still wanted Sheila to know that she wouldn't get away with it.

Brooke asked if Sheila had anything to say, and Sheila quipped that she had the right to remain silent. Brooke decided she didn't want to hear Sheila's excuses, anyway. Sheila asked why Brooke had had to threaten Sheila, who'd just wanted a life with her son. "What are you talking about? You killed your son!" Brooke said. Brooke added that Sheila had destroyed Hayes's family, and Hayes would never forgive that.

Sheila claimed she'd never meant to hurt that family; she'd been trying to help it. "By interfering with mine!" Brooke replied. Sheila guessed that, for Brooke, it wasn't really about Finn being gone or about Steffy's shattered life. "You want me to feel sorry for what I did to you?" Sheila asked, and she called Brooke pathetic. Brooke asserted that she just wanted Sheila to pay for it all.

Sheila stated that she was haunted by that night, and if she could, she'd make it so that it had never happened. "But I will never, never, apologize for what I did to you," Sheila uttered. Sheila called for a guard, but Brooke figured that Sheila should go ahead and spend a few moments with Brooke before spending an eternity behind bars.

Though Brooke didn't compare her loss to Steffy's, Brooke said Sheila had nonetheless impacted Brooke's life by making her drink and setting horrible events in motion. Brooke acknowledged Sheila's lack of remorse but asserted that Sheila would regret it.

"I came here to look into your eyes and tell you that you are no longer going to terrorize Steffy or her family -- or me or the Forresters -- ever again. You don't belong out there in society with the good people, the normal people. You belong in here, Sheila. For the rest of your life, and I'm gonna make sure that happens," Brooke vowed.

Sheila said that Brooke never learned and shouldn't threaten Sheila. Brooke contended that Sheila was the one who never learned. "I mean, look where you are!" Brooke said, declaring that Sheila would never threaten Brooke again. As the guard took Sheila away, Sheila said Brooke hadn't won, and Ridge, Brooke, and Steffy hadn't seen the last of Sheila.

Brooke shuddered, hearing Sheila's laughter echo in the vacant hallways behind the sliding barred doors.

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