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Paris rose to the challenge when she found Carter behind closed doors with Quinn. Unbeknownst to Finn's loved ones, Li held a big secret about Finn. Eric ran interference between Brooke and Taylor over Ridge.
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Unbeknownst to Steffy or anyone else, Finn survived the shooting and was being cared for by Li
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Steffy and Taylor are taken aback by Li's behavior and unaware she's keeping a secret

Steffy and Taylor are taken aback by Li's behavior and unaware she's keeping a secret

Monday, May 23, 2022

In Brooke's cabin over coffee, Hope asked Liam how Hayes and Kelly were after hearing about Finn. Liam said that it had been harder on him and Steffy than the kids, but he could tell that Kelly had been processing it. Hope was glad Steffy wasn't alone and had her family, which was a great support system for Steffy. Liam claimed that he wasn't taking for granted that, unlike Steffy and her spouse, he could touch his wife and be with her.

Hope recalled giving Sheila the benefit of the doubt when Sheila had wanted to be in Finn's life. Hope said she'd understood it because she was a mom. Hope was upset that, instead of getting to know Finn, Sheila had killed him and shot Hayes's mother. Hope didn't think Sheila deserved to see the light of day ever again.

To Liam, it was a shame that Hayes would grow up without a father. Liam felt that Finn had been a good man who'd stepped up as a stepfather. Liam stated that he'd always be grateful for that, and he wished Kelly had had more time with Finn. Liam hugged Hope and left for Steffy's house.

As Liam rushed out, Bill was walking in, and Bill asked Hope where Liam had been going in such a hurry. Hope replied that it was to Steffy's house, and Bill asked if Hope was okay with that. Claiming to be, Hope said Steffy needed all the support she could get.

Bill asked if something new had happened. Hope realized he didn't know that Steffy had remembered who'd shot her. Bill asked who it had been, and Hope said it had been Sheila. Blown away, Bill asked how the kids were. Hope said Kelly was still processing it, and Hayes was still pretty young but probably felt his father's absence.

Bill was livid that Sheila had done that to Finn's family. Hope said Finn's instinct had been to save his wife. Bill replied that Finn had gone out a hero -- if that was any consultation. Hope stated that Liam had gone to check on Steffy because he was very worried about her.

Bill advised Hope to think of it as Liam "being on loan for a bit." Bill had no doubt Steffy would rebound better than ever but just needed extra support in the meantime. "It's a lot," Hope replied. Bill was sure Liam would do whatever he could.

At the cliff house, Steffy said she sometimes wished she'd never regained her memory because then, she wouldn't have to recall Finn's death. Steffy and Taylor agreed that Finn should be there with the family, and Taylor asked how the kids had taken the news about Finn. Steffy replied that Kelly had been confused upon hearing that Finn wouldn't be back, but they'd told her that Finn would always be in their memories.

Taylor asked if Steffy had thought about a memorial service. Steffy said she wanted to do it and to honor Finn. She hoped Li would be a part of it. Taylor responded that she'd contacted Li, who should be on her way to the house. Surprised to hear it, Steffy said Li hadn't responded to Steffy's calls. Steffy stated that Li had taken on all the end-of-life details and disappeared. Steffy hadn't even seen Finn before he'd been cremated.

At that time, Li arrived, saying she was sorry she hadn't been in touch. Steffy claimed it wasn't a problem. She reported that the kids were with a babysitter, but Li could see Hayes any time she wanted. Li recalled that Steffy had said she had some news about the shootings.

Steffy announced that they had news about the person who'd killed Finn. She said her memory had returned, and she wished she hadn't remembered. Li asked who'd done it, and Steffy revealed that it had been Sheila. "That woman! How could she shoot him?" Li yelled.

Li asked why Sheila had done it, and Steffy explained that she'd been confronting Sheila in the alley about Sheila's manipulations, and Finn had shown up in time to jump in front of Steffy before Sheila had fired her gun. "He saved my life. He's a hero," Steffy concluded. The sullen Li wasn't surprised. "That's my boy," she said, calling Finn a protector and healer with "so much love" to give. Steffy said that Sheila was in custody and had to answer for what she'd done.

Li recalled that everything had been fine. She and Jack had been together, and Finn had been married to Steffy. Li asserted that Sheila had ruined everything and upended Finn's life. Li couldn't imagine life without her son and said she would give anything to have him back.

Steffy and Taylor told Li that she'd been a wonderful mother to Finn, and Sheila couldn't take that away. Steffy broached the idea of a memorial service with Li, but Li didn't want to go there yet. Li said Steffy could do it at any time, but it didn't have to be right then. Steffy began to talk about scattering Finn's ashes -- if Li hadn't already done so. Picking up her bag, Li asserted that she couldn't have that conversation, and she refused to think of Finn being gone from the world.

Steffy got that but said she wanted to honor Finn's life. Li stated that she would take care of everything about her son. She strode out of the house, and Taylor hugged Steffy.

Steffy and Taylor thought Li's behavior was curious, but Steffy figured there were no rules about how to grieve the loss of a loved one.

Liam arrived. He said the kids had been dropped off with Amelia, but he'd wanted to return to see how Steffy was doing and if he could do anything. "Just be with me," Steffy said.

Alone with Liam, Steffy asked how she'd move on. Liam didn't know, but he was sure she'd figure it out. She didn't know if she could that time. She said she and Finn had been just starting their lives together. "Sheila robbed us," Steffy stated, saying Finn and Hayes deserved more.

Liam suggested that Steffy ask what Finn would want. Sobbing, she said he would have wanted her to go on and have the best life. She didn't know if she could do it. Liam insisted she could because she had an amazing family who'd do anything for her. Liam said he was willing to show up day or night.

Steffy thanked Liam, sure she'd need it. She sobbed that Finn would never be back, and she leaned over to cry on Liam's shoulder.

In a dark hotel room, Li picked up a framed photo of Finn. "Sheila Carter..." Li muttered. Putting down the photo, Li wondered if Finn was better off where he was. She refused to give up hope as long as there was a chance. Li placed a cloth on someone's head. The camera panned, revealing Finn asleep in a hospital bed, hooked up to monitors.

As Steffy grieves Finn's death, Li urges Finn to wake up

As Steffy grieves Finn's death, Li urges Finn to wake up

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

At the cliff house, Liam held Steffy's hand and assured her that she wouldn't go through "this" alone, no matter what. Steffy wasn't sure of what she needed, but she said just having him there, helping her navigate the grief, was enough. She wondered how she'd move on without Finn.

Liam made tea, and Steffy thanked him for helping her talk to the kids about Finn. Liam remarked that Hayes would have father figures in his life, like Ridge and Thomas, but because Hayes was Kelly's younger brother, Liam was willing to step up, too. Steffy thanked him.

Liam said that Hope had inquired about any help Steffy would need with a memorial service. Steffy appreciated that, but she was mindful of Li, whom Steffy wanted to be involved.

Deputy Chief Baker arrived with a bag of personal effects. Inside were the couple's wedding rings, Finn's wallet, and Steffy's purse. Steffy sobbed upon reviewing the items, angry that Finn had been reduced to just things. Before leaving, Baker apologized for upsetting Steffy.

Steffy broke into tears as she slid Finn's wedding band on her finger. She held his wallet, recalling that she'd gotten it for his birthday. Liam advised her to keep it for Hayes, who would want it. "'Until death do us part'...It wasn't supposed to be this soon," Steffy uttered. Steffy decided she'd keep Finn's ring, too, and Liam said Finn would live on in his loved ones.

Steffy flashed back to Finn proposing marriage to her, and she grinned, recalling her wedding day. "If you had told me how little time we had..." Steffy uttered. She said they'd thought they'd grow old together, but Finn had gone. She said she had to accept that Finn was dead.

In Li's hotel room, Li tended to her unconscious son, who was hooked up to hospital monitors. Crying, she refused to give up on him as long as there was the slightest hope. Li told Finn that Sheila had done it to him, but that awful woman would never hurt him again. Li stated that she'd saved Finn and done all she could to keep him there. "It's time to come back, Finn. Please, come back," she implored him.

Li recalled that "they" had tried to tell her that Finn had been gone. She figured she might have to admit someday that it was true, but she hadn't been willing to that night. A flashback of Finn arriving at a hospital played out on the screen. Li was on duty and looked on in horror at Finn as someone told her that they'd gotten a weak pulse in the ambulance. Finn had had no brain activity, and the person had told Li that there had been no chance to revive Finn.

Li told Finn that she'd refused to give up on him. She knew that he could hear her and that he was just as determined as she was. She urged him to keep fighting. She said the ambulance had taken him and Steffy to different hospitals. Li had been working at the one they'd taken Finn to, but Finn's attending doctor hadn't had faith Finn would pull through.

Li had smuggled Finn out of there and signed the death certificate. No one knew that Finn was with her or that he had gone. Again, she said she refused to give up, "not this mother." She asked if he remembered how proud she'd been that he'd graduated medical school. She asked how it had gone wrong. She said it was because he'd gotten caught up in Steffy's world with the Forresters and all their baggage. It had drawn Sheila to contact Finn.

Li was infuriated that Sheila had shown up demanding to be in Finn's life, a life Sheila had tried to take. Li said Finn was there with his mother, and she'd always protect him, no matter what she had to do. She said she would never give up on Finn.

At Forrester, Taylor was sitting on the CEO's desk, talking to Ridge about Thomas. Leaning on the desk and cupping Taylor's hand over her knee, Ridge was furious that Thomas had lied to them again, but Taylor believed Sheila had manipulated him. Taylor also believed Thomas had intended to reveal the information, but the shootings had happened before he could. Even though Ridge and Taylor didn't agree about Thomas, Taylor hoped they could agree to keep it secret. Ridge agreed that they could deal with Thomas discreetly.

Just then, Brooke arrived. Taylor gasped, asking how long Brooke had been standing there. Ridge and Taylor got off the desk. Brooke was glad to see Taylor and said it had to have been unnerving to go through making Sheila confess. Brooke still couldn't believe that Sheila had shot Steffy and killed Finn, and she offered to do anything she could to help Steffy.

Brooke offered to keep the kids, but Taylor figured that having the kids nearby comforted Steffy. Brooke was sad for Hayes, who wouldn't remember his father. Ridge replied that they'd make sure Hayes knew that Finn had been a hero and had saved his mother.

Brooke decided to take off, but before she did, Taylor expressed her gratitude to Brooke. Brooke asked why Taylor was grateful. Taylor said Brooke's main concern seemed to be Steffy and her kids, and Sheila had done a nasty thing to a recovering alcoholic. Because Brooke wanted to be there for Taylor's kids, Taylor wanted to be there for Brooke, too.

Ridge was happy Taylor and Brooke could find a way to put their differences behind them for Steffy's sake and for the kids. Ridge said Steffy and the kids needed everyone to be united as a family, and Steffy needed to know she wasn't alone.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Due to CBS News coverage of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, May 26, and picked up where the Tuesday, May 24, episode concluded.

Li hopes Finn's sacrifice for Steffy was worth it

Li hopes Finn's sacrifice for Steffy was worth it

Thursday, May 26, 2022

At the cliff house with Liam, Steffy twisted Finn's ring between her fingers. Having his things made it more real to her that he'd never return home, and it was due to the sick woman who'd taken Finn from them all. Steffy realized that she didn't have closure and didn't know where Finn's ashes were. Liam suggested that she reach out to Li again, but Steffy didn't think Li wanted to deal with Steffy. Liam reasoned that Finn's wife deserved some answers.

In a hotel room, Li tended to Finn, remembering that the other doctors had given up on him. She'd known that he'd just needed time to heal. She said he'd soon regain consciousness and be able to live his life again. Li wished it didn't have to be that way, but she believed that it was the only way that she could protect him.

Li received a call from Steffy but pretended to be too busy to talk. Steffy insisted that they needed to sort some things out about Finn. Li said it wasn't a good time, but Steffy offered to go to Li. Li decided that she'd head back over to Steffy's place.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy recalled that it had been a little tense the last time that Li had been at the house. Liam said it was understandable that Li would feel that way after learning that Sheila had killed Finn. Steffy stated that Li and Jack were estranged due to Sheila. Steffy said she had talked to Jack, and he was a wreck. Liam guessed that meant Li was alone.

Steffy wished that she and Li could lean on each other and mourn together. Liam remarked that Li had a problem accepting that Finn was no longer with them. Steffy said Li didn't want to discuss the memorial, but they needed to do it in order to heal. Liam decided to leave to give Li and Steffy time alone. As Liam hugged Steffy, Li stared at them through the front window.

Later, Li was cold to Liam, who set down a mug before her on the coffee table and expressed sorrow for Li's loss. In her silence, he said he'd leave to give Steffy and Li time alone. Li scowled as Liam went into the kitchen, where he stood out of Li's sight, listening.

With Li, Steffy discussed how hard it was to let Finn go. Li asked if the kids knew. Steffy replied that they'd had to tell them because Kelly had started asking questions. Li was shocked when Steffy expressed a desire to see Finn. Steffy said Li had had him cremated while Steffy had been unconscious, and Steffy didn't know where he'd been laid to rest or if Li had already scattered his ashes. Steffy wanted to plan a memorial, but Li refused.

"My son's still with me. I can't see him as gone. I refuse. I won't let him go. I love him too much. There's nothing I wouldn't do for Finn. Nothing at all," Li said, and she hurriedly took off, claiming that a patient needed her.

Later, Steffy wondered if she was imagining Li putting up walls between them. Liam said he'd definitely picked up on a vibe. Steffy wished she and Li could lean on each other, but she said Li was pushing her away. To Steffy, it was almost as if Li was keeping something from Steffy.

Growing teary-eyed, Steffy said she was broken. She didn't know how she'd wake up every day without Finn. Liam hugged her.

Back in her hotel room, Li tended to Finn, who was getting stronger. She was confident that he'd return to her. She said she hadn't seen Hayes and was concerned about him. Li hated to see how much Steffy was hurting. Li said everyone thought Finn had died, but Li hadn't been able to let him leave her. She thanked God that Hayes was too young to understand what he'd been told.

"As for your wife, you took a bullet for her. You saved her life. I certainly hope she remains worthy of your commitment," Li murmured.

In Brooke's cabin over coffee, Hope was glad Brooke had started going back to the office. Excited about it, Brooke said she'd gotten to see the new collection. Brooke remarked that Taylor had expressed empathy for Brooke, but Brooke had said her plight was nothing compared to Steffy's. Hope figured Ridge was glad that Taylor and Brooke had shared that moment together, and Hope said they just needed to get Ridge home again.

As a mother, Brooke was empathetic toward Taylor and Steffy and wondered how they'd put Steffy's life back together. Hope said everyone had to support them, including Liam, who was at Steffy's house at that very moment. Brooke was surprised to hear that Bill and Hope had spent time together in Liam's absence, and she noted that Bill and Hope were like oil and water.

Hope admitted to her mother that she and Bill had agreed upon some things, like about Sheila, who was the reason Hayes was without a father, Steffy had been shot, and Brooke had drunk. Hope added that her father and Bill also agreed that Ridge had overreacted. "I'm just saying that you have two exes who are very team Brooke," Hope said.

Brooke replied that it felt good to have the men in her corner, but her focus was on Ridge and helping him help Steffy adjust to a life without Finn. Hope felt the same way about Liam, adding they'd be there for Steffy and the kids in any way possible.

Hope explained that Liam and Steffy had told Steffy's kids about Finn's death, but it wasn't sinking in with Kelly. Brooke didn't think Hayes would comprehend it, either. Brooke said it was a big loss for Kelly. Hope said Liam was doing his best to help Kelly cope with it. Not sure if she should bring it up, Brooke cautiously suggested that Kelly spend more time at the cabin. That way, Liam could balance out his two-family life.

Hope replied that Liam was doing a good job with maintaining harmony in their blended families. Brooke said they didn't want Liam to feel pulled in different directions. Hope figured it would be tough for a little while, and Liam couldn't be in two places at one time, "but..."

Brooke asked if Hope thought Liam would spend even more time at Steffy's house. Hope said it sounded selfish, but Brooke thought of it as Hope guarding her family and the needs of her children. Hope asserted that her family was fine; they hadn't suffered a devastating loss, but Steffy and hers had. Refusing to feel insecure about it, Hope said she trusted her husband.

Brooke indicated that she wasn't saying Hope shouldn't. Brooke pointed out that Steffy had plenty of support that she could rely on. Steffy's mother lived there, Ridge checked on Steffy daily, and then there was Thomas. Brooke added that Liam was over there all the time. Hope said it wasn't true, but insisting that it was, Brooke said she didn't want it to become a problem.

Hope snapped that it wouldn't be a problem if they didn't make it into one. Brooke implored Hope to be realistic, despite her huge heart. "Steffy and Taylor -- they have a way of evoking sympathy," Brooke stated, noting the way they'd gotten Ridge to move onto Steffy's property. Hope snarkily asked if Liam was in the market for a beach house.

Brooke replied that Steffy was vulnerable and had welcomed Liam to be there as much as he wanted to. Hope said she loved her mother, "but I'm telling you, there's nothing to worry about Liam spending time with Steffy. We don't need to worry, okay? We don't; we don't; we don't!"

Eric warns Taylor and Brooke to play nice

Eric warns Taylor and Brooke to play nice

Friday, May 27, 2022

At the cliff house, Taylor and Thomas were alone, discussing his regret for keeping Sheila's secret. Thomas assured Taylor that he wouldn't backslide, and he asked if she'd seen Ridge.

Thomas believed that Ridge would be happier with Taylor, not Brooke. Taylor insisted that she didn't need her kids' help with Ridge, especially not to the lengths Thomas had gone. Thomas apologized, saying he never should have done that, but he still believed that Taylor couldn't just sit back and wait. He urged her to go to Eric's house instead of letting Brooke dictate how it would go. "Don't let her win, Mom," Thomas asserted.

At Eric's mansion, Quinn tried to make lunch plans with Eric, but he had an appointment that day. She was happy that he was staying healthy and still wearing the ring she'd given him. Before leaving, Quinn said she loved him and would see him at the office.

As Eric stood alone, gazing at Quinn's portrait, Brooke arrived. Eric said Ridge wasn't there, and Brooke stated that she was there to see Eric. She said she'd waited until Quinn had gone, but Eric said Brooke was always welcome there. Brooke said she needed Eric's help with Ridge.

Later, Brooke and Eric had discussed what Sheila had done to Brooke, and Brooke asserted her belief that she would still be with Ridge had it not been for Sheila. Eric wondered what Brooke would do. Brooke felt that after all the time Ridge had spent with Taylor, he needed to be with his wife. Brooke didn't want to put Eric on the spot, but she felt it was time for Ridge to go home. "Instead of being here with Quinn and me," Eric gleaned.

Brooke stated her awareness that Ridge wanted his time and space to figure things out. "But you think you know better," Taylor said, striding into the house. Taylor decided that Brooke was trying to get Eric on her side, enlisting his help to get Ridge back home with Brooke.

Eric asked that things not get contentious. Taylor said they wouldn't as long as "we" gave Ridge space. Brooke guessed Taylor's "we" meant Brooke. Taylor began assuming that Brooke wanted to get Eric to help her gang up on Ridge.

Interrupting Taylor, Eric said each woman was there with an agenda about Ridge. Eric had one, too, but he refused to take sides. Taylor quipped that Brooke would like it if Eric would take sides. Eric decided he had to get to the gym. He asked the women to play nice, and he exited.

Taylor accused Brooke of putting Eric in the middle, but Brooke replied that Taylor would have Stephanie pleading Taylor's case if Stephanie were alive. Taylor quipped that Stephanie had wanted Brooke in her final moments, but Taylor felt she didn't need anyone to plead her case.

Taylor felt that Ridge knew the life he could have if he chose her, and she insisted that no one should pressure him. Brooke said no one was doing that -- except Taylor's two grown children. Brooke asserted that she and Ridge were still married. She didn't think she needed to remind Taylor of that. "Or maybe I do..." Brooke concluded.

Taylor claimed Brooke didn't have to remind Taylor, even though she knew Brooke liked to. Brooke replied that she wasn't trying to lord it over Taylor, but if Sheila hadn't done what she'd done, Ridge and Brooke would still be living together. Taylor stated that Sheila had been just a catalyst. Brooke took responsibility for her mistakes and owned up to them.

Taylor figured Brooke felt that meant everything should return to the way it had been and that Taylor should go away; however, it wouldn't happen. Taylor said Ridge knew how she felt, and she'd always love him. Brooke reminded Taylor that she was talking about Brooke's husband.

Noting that Ridge hadn't returned to Brooke, Taylor said he was figuring out what he wanted, and it might be happiness and stability. Taylor believed she could provide it. Brooke was sure Taylor could provide stability and predictability but said Ridge would never really love Taylor. "Because what Ridge wants and craves is passion," Brooke decided. She believed she understood the artist side of Ridge, and he'd return to his wife.

In the design office, Paris daydreamed about sex with Carter. Grace arrived, hoping Paris' smile was due to her thoughts of Zende. Paris tried to pretend she didn't have time for her mother's surprise visit. Grace closed the door, hoping Paris' thoughts were about Zende, not Carter.

Paris asked if Grace ever stopped. Grace said she wouldn't when it was about wanting the best for her daughter. Paris replied that she cherished Zende's friendship, but as much as Grace might not want to hear it, Carter was the man Paris wanted to be with.

Paris wished her mother would accept that she and Zende weren't meant to be. Grace implored Paris to choose Zende, not Carter, who'd cheated on Zoe. "Mom, do not get in the middle of this. You're supposed to care about me and what I want, and what I want is Carter. And I'm gonna have him, too," Paris affirmed.

In the CEO's office, Carter gazed at a picture of Quinn and thought of the passion between them. Zende entered, prepared to discuss Paris, a topic he'd been putting off for a while. "Paris told me she's got a thing for you," Zende said.

Sure that Carter knew about the feelings, Zende said he could make things awkward for them all, but he wouldn't do that. Instead, Zende decided to let Paris and Carter be free to pursue each other. Carter said that he couldn't be with Paris even if she wanted to. Zende asked if there was another woman, but Carter denied it. Zende wondered what was stopping Carter and Paris.

Quinn observed Zende and Carter from the doorway. In Carter's silence, Zende said he just wanted Paris to be happy. "And if it's you..." Zende said. Zende turned to leave, and as he passed Quinn in the door, he said Carter was all hers.

Quinn closed the door behind Zende, surprised that he'd just given Carter permission. Carter said it would never work with Paris and him, not feeling the way he did. Carter added that Zende wanted Paris to have what she wanted, but it wasn't in the cards.

Clawing the air, Quinn wondered if Paris was still on the prowl. Carter assumed Quinn didn't like that. Quinn said it was for reasons he knew, and he quipped it was for some he didn't know, as well. He asked how she and Eric were. Quinn said they were good.

Carter asked if Eric knew about the ring. Quinn replied that she didn't want Eric to think she was worried about him. She said she knew that Eric was in good shape for his age, and she wanted him to stay that way. She said she wanted Eric to be fit, healthy, and happy. Carter asked how Eric could be unhappy when Quinn was all a man could want and much more.

Paris, who'd opened the office door in time to hear Carter's last statement, asked if she was interrupting something. Quinn assumed Paris thought something was going on between Quinn and Carter. Paris asked Quinn not to get defensive. Claiming not to be, Quinn asserted that she and Carter were friends and co-workers.

Paris recalled that it hadn't always been the case, and she'd be the one to know. Quinn rejoined that Paris had definitely been the one to blab to Brooke, who had outed Quinn and Carter. Paris said she hadn't blabbed. Quinn claimed she hadn't forgotten what Paris had done, and Paris admitted that the closed doors made her curious about whether something was still going on between Carter and Quinn.

Quinn pretended that it was scandalous that Paris had opened an unlocked door and found Quinn in there with her co-worker. "Scandal. That's something you know a lot about, huh, Quinn?" Paris asked. Quinn warned Paris, the employee, to be careful about what she got herself involved with, especially where the boss's wife was concerned. Quinn claimed she loved her husband, and what had happened between her and Carter would stay in the past.

"Do you get it?" Quinn asked. Paris said, "Oh, I got it. I hear you loud and clear. I just hope you're telling the truth. Both of you."

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