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Quinn attempted to talk an emotional Carter out of sacrificing himself as a way to preserve her marriage. Taylor and Ridge convinced Steffy to leave town with the kids to process Finn's death. Ridge turned Brooke away, asking her to understand that he and Taylor needed time together.
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Steffy left town to seek time to mourn and heal, and an emotional Carter confessed he hadn't gotten over Quinn
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Carter mulls committing to Paris to prove he's over Quinn

Carter mulls committing to Paris to prove he's over Quinn

Monday, May 30, 2022

In a bedroom at the health club, Donna stretched out on the bed in her lingerie and sighed. Stroking her leg, Eric said he shouldn't be there, but there was no place he'd rather be. Donna asked what the point of visiting the club was if he didn't leave feeling better than when he'd arrived. Eric said that his troubles disappeared when he was with Donna, but it didn't change the fact that he was deceiving his wife.

Later, Donna emerged from the bathroom in a robe. She guessed he still loved Quinn. Eric replied that he'd thought his and Quinn's love would be enough for them to rebuild their trust and find that part of themselves again. Eric felt that he hadn't been honest with himself about it. In truth, Quinn's affair had ruptured the marriage, and that was why he kept returning to Donna.

Eric and Donna said they loved being together in their little oasis. Donna loved that he made her laugh. She said she'd missed that after she'd had to leave Forrester. Eric asked if Donna was sure that a young, vivacious woman like her wanted to be doing "this" with him.

Donna responded that nothing about it felt wrong, sneaky, or tricky. She believed that she was making beautiful new memories with the most fascinating man she'd ever known. She said she loved Eric very much. She was willing to be with Eric in any way that she could, but she become concerned that he was saying that he wanted their relationship to end.

In the design office, Carter sat with Quinn to talk about Eric. Carter refused to let anyone hamper what Eric and Quinn had, but Carter was concerned that Paris and her suspicions about his feelings for Quinn might be an issue. Quinn didn't see Paris as a problem because nothing was going on between Quinn and Carter. Quinn was devoted to her husband and to fixing her marriage, and she felt that she and Carter weren't doing anything wrong.

Carter thought it was all about Paris' perception. Amused, Quinn said Paris was young and inexperienced and had no idea how complicated relationships could be. Feeling that it was exactly the point, Carter said Paris had in it her head that it could happen again.

Carter began murmuring to himself. He said Paris' suspicions hadn't been there when he'd been with Paris. He reasoned that he could have handled things better and that Paris had asked him to try again. He added that they did have a lot in common. Gleaning that he was talking about getting back with Paris, Quinn recalled that Carter had said it wouldn't work. Carter figured his attitude had been why Paris had gotten the wrong idea about him and Quinn.

Quinn recalled that Carter had called Paris a rebound. Carter affirmed that it had been that way in the beginning when he'd been trying to get over his feelings for Quinn. Quinn asked if he'd gotten beyond the rebound stage and wanted to be in a relationship with Paris. He replied that Paris wanted to be with him, but Quinn asked if he wanted to be with Paris.

Carter figured that he should. He said Paris was passionate, exciting, and available. Quinn asked if he'd be with Paris just because it was what Paris wanted. He asserted that he wanted it, too. He wanted a relationship. Citing Steffy and Finn, Carter said their time had been short, but they'd built something. Carter wanted that, too. In the past, he'd told himself to be patient, but he wondered what he was waiting for. He said that if he wanted love and a family, he could have it with Paris. "Can't I?" he asked.

Quinn said she didn't know where all of it was coming from. Carter stated that he was tired of being stuck. He claimed he was ready to move on, and he felt he could move on with Paris. He said the commitment would send her a message to stop asking questions about his feelings for Quinn.

In the CEO's office, Ridge listened from the design table to Thomas apologize to Steffy as she worked behind the main desk. Sorry for not telling anyone about Sheila's secret, Thomas reasoned that Steffy and Finn might not have been in the alley if he'd told.

Steffy didn't want to put that on Thomas. She said she'd gone to work to get away from it, but she couldn't escape the fact that her husband would never be back. As Steffy worked, she grew flustered and found it hard to concentrate. Ridge told her that she only needed to concentrate on her family. With a sob, she admitted that she couldn't do any of it without Finn.

Thomas let his sister know that she wasn't alone, but Steffy said it didn't replace what had been taken from her children. "I have to be everything now," she stated. Disagreeing, Ridge told her that she just had to be a mom. Steffy asserted that she and Finn had been a team and had made each other stronger. Ridge reasoned that she didn't have to be a rock. He said everyone knew she was grieving. Steffy hated that everyone knew and pitied her. She'd wanted to go to work and not feel the huge hole in her chest.

Taylor arrived, saying that Ridge had messaged her. "This is what I mean. Everyone is treating me like I'm broken," Steffy responded. Thomas explained that Steffy wanted to do it on her own and didn't want anyone to see her as broken. Taylor assumed Steffy thought she could push through the grief and return to work. Steffy asked what was wrong with that.

Shaking her head, Steffy asked her mom not to be "all shrink" on her. Thomas advised Steffy to listen and said Taylor had helped him. Taylor said that it was okay to not be okay, but Steffy would get through it. Steffy asked how. Taylor replied that Steffy was already doing it by talking and asking the hard questions. Steffy apologized, but Ridge didn't want her to do that.

Steffy was heartbroken and worried about the kids. She felt that Kelly had been there for Hayes, who sensed that Finn wasn't around. Taylor wondered if it might help if Steffy got a new perspective by taking the kids out of town for a bit. Ridge and Thomas said they'd just told Steffy the family would be there for her.

Steffy affirmed that she wasn't going anywhere. Steffy said Taylor had just told her not to hide from her emotions, but it sounded like Taylor was telling her to run away. Taylor said she didn't see it as running away. She said it was to find time and space for healing. Taylor said Steffy had been shot, too, and hadn't even begun to process that.

Thomas asked if Steffy should be doing that with her entire family. Taylor agreed but insisted that a little time away with the kids would help Steffy avoid a barrage of memories and triggers. Steffy, however, didn't want to avoid her memories because they were part of her. Steffy felt that she couldn't leave because she hadn't even had a chance to say goodbye to Finn. "If only I could see Finn one more time," Steffy uttered.

In Li's secret room, Li read a book as Finn slept. She said that he'd be himself again, and "this" wasn't how his story ended.

Quinn demands to know if Carter really loves Paris

Quinn demands to know if Carter really loves Paris

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

In Li's hotel room, Li watched over Finn. Bitter that his birth mother had shot him and left him for dead, she said that Finn never should have been in that alley.

At the cliff house, Steffy was home with Ridge and Taylor. Thomas had taken the kids to see Douglas. Steffy said she felt disconcerted and alone without Finn, and Taylor once again suggested that Steffy take a trip out of town. Leaving didn't feel right to Steffy, who was adamant that she could grieve there. Taylor urged Steffy to take her time instead of trying to barrel through the grief. Taylor wanted Steffy to give herself permission to take a break, get away, and gently process her loss. Ridge said it might be exactly what Steffy needed.

Steffy joked that her parents were trying to get rid of her, but Taylor insisted that it would be wonderful to get away with the kids. Taylor said Steffy could take her time, answer all the kids' questions, and reconnect with them as a family. Steffy insisted that her family no longer existed; it had been destroyed when Sheila had taken Finn from them.

Taylor hated that Finn wasn't there. She assured Steffy that Steffy would find a way to cope with it. Taylor and Ridge believed that leaving might be the way to do it. Taylor thought Steffy was forcing herself to stay. Steffy said leaving would be abandoning Finn, to whom she hadn't been able to say goodbye. She felt as if she'd reached out to Li too late, and Finn was gone forever.

Ridge comforted Steffy, who said she'd hate Sheila for the rest of Sheila's life. Steffy was upset that she'd watched Finn die. She wished she could have changed it, but Taylor and Ridge said there was nothing Steffy could have done. Taylor and Ridge continued to urge Steffy to get away for a while.

Steffy reasoned that her parents might be right. She said Finn was everywhere in the home and at the beach. She felt as if he'd answer if she said his name. "Oh, Finn..." Steffy uttered. As she said Finn's name, back at Li's hotel, Finn's eyes moved beneath his eyelids.

At the health club, Donna said she didn't mind carrying on just the way she and Eric were forever; however, because he was married, she was worried that he wanted them to stop seeing each other. Eric made it clear that he didn't want to end things with her because the moments with her were precious to him. Overjoyed, Donna cried, and they hugged.

Donna felt lucky to still have Eric in her life after all that time. Eric felt as if he'd never lost his connection to her. She said he made her feel warm and loved, and his words made her happy. He said that happiness was the least she deserved. Holding Eric, Donna said that being with him that way was heaven. He admired how she appreciated the simple things. She claimed not to need a lot, just her Honey Bear; nothing else mattered to her.

Eric hated to say it, but he had to go. Donna wished that he didn't. She said she lived for those moments. She told him that she had no expectations, wouldn't make demands, and wouldn't pressure him. She only wanted to make him happy. He said she did it without even trying.

At Forrester, Quinn was in disbelief that Carter wanted to start back up with Paris. Quinn urged him not to do something like that on an impulse. She was sure that once he walked through a door like that, Paris would not walk back out. He replied that there were worse things than being tied to Paris, who did love him. Quinn said she'd agree if he loved Paris, too, but Quinn had never heard Carter say that he did.

Quinn asked Carter not to be rash. "All I'm saying is that I won't let Paris' questions about my feelings for you undermine your marriage to Eric," Carter responded. Quinn insisted that she'd never ask him to compromise any part of his life on her behalf, and it was a huge compromise for him to be with a woman he didn't love just to keep that woman's nose out of Quinn's business.

Carter admitted that he had expressed love to Paris. Quinn questioned if he'd said it at the spur of the moment. Avoiding the question, Carter refused to allow Paris' jealousy to undermine Quinn's marriage, and Carter felt that he could get back there again with Paris if he worked on it.

Quinn asserted that Carter shouldn't have to work on it. She knew him as the passionate man who'd asked her to run away with him. Carter reminded her that she'd turned him down. He wondered if things with Paris hadn't worked because he hadn't been all in, but Quinn reasoned that he hadn't been feeling it. Carter said he'd been holding back because of Zende. "Although Paris and me are not you and me," Carter added. Quinn thought that should tell him something.

Carter figured that it told him that he'd be alone forever if he waited for what he'd had with Quinn to come around again. He didn't want to be a bachelor and felt it wouldn't be difficult to reconnect with Paris. Quinn asked if he cared about Paris or if he'd just be doing it for Quinn. Quinn was frustrated because she and Carter weren't even together again.

Carter admitted that he still felt guilty about the affair. Quinn said Eric had forgiven them. Carter wanted it to stay that way but insisted that Paris could tell how much he'd always care for Quinn. Quinn replied that she'd always care about him, but she didn't want him to make life-changing decisions because of her. Carter said he didn't regret being with Quinn, but he regretted hurting Eric.

Carter insisted he wouldn't do it again. He believed that if he was with Paris, Eric and Quinn could be happy without interference. Quinn asked about Carter, but he said it wasn't about him. Disagreeing, Quinn said he'd be trapped in a relationship with a woman he didn't love, and Quinn would not let him put that on her. Reasoning that there were many ways to love, he asked who'd say his feelings weren't viable. Quinn scoffed at that.

Carter said he was tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone move on with their lives, including Quinn. He asked how many weddings he'd presided over while he remained alone. "I want to be a husband in the worst way! I want a family," he tearfully said. Quinn was confident that he would become the best husband anyone could ask for. "Yeah, to Paris," he said.

Quinn refused to let Carter sacrifice his future for her. She asked him to say he loved Paris with all the passion he had inside of him. If he could, she'd wish him well. Quinn asked him to say that Paris was the woman he really loved. "We both know the answer to that," Carter replied.

Steffy tells Liam that she's leaving town

Steffy tells Liam that she's leaving town

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

At the cliff house, a fully dressed and made-up Steffy looked at photos of her and Finn. Taylor asked how Steffy was doing and if she was having second thoughts about going out of town. Steffy said that she still felt it was important to get out of Los Angeles to find "time to heal [and] reconnect with the kids."

Steffy admitted that she worried that getting out of town could be misconstrued as "trying to forget Finn." Taylor looked Steffy in the eyes and warmly, but firmly, told her, "Finn is going to be with you always. Always." Taylor embraced her daughter as Ridge entered. Ridge assured Steffy that everything was going to be "all right."

Ridge and Taylor offered to drive Steffy to the airport, but she politely declined their offer. Ridge and Taylor went over a list of things that they wanted to make sure Steffy had, ranging from headphones to activity books for the kids. Steffy assured her parents that she had everything under control. "I don't want to say goodbye," Taylor said as she appeared on the verge of tears. Steffy gave her mom a hug.

Liam and Hope discussed what Kelly knew of Finn's death. Liam explained that Kelly was sad, but it was unclear if Kelly fully understood what it meant that Finn was "gone." Hope assured Liam that she would help him with whatever was needed. Steffy phoned Liam to ask if he could stop by the cliff house. She offered no details but said that it was important that she speak to him. Hope urged him to go, but she appeared uneasy about the situation.

Later, Thomas dropped by with some things that Douglas had left behind. Hope told Thomas that Liam had gone to see Steffy. Thomas began to express his concerns about how doting Liam was toward Steffy, but Hope cut him off mid-sentence. Hope was blindsided when Thomas shared that Steffy was headed out of town with Kelly and Hayes. After she'd had a moment to process things, Hope said, "I hope that Steffy finds the peace that she is looking for."

Thomas recounted his grief after Caroline's death and how he had not known what to do for Douglas. He told Hope that he would "forever be grateful" for the way that she had stepped in to be a mother to Douglas. Hope said that it had been easy to be there for Douglas because she loved the boy. Thomas replied, "He loves you, too. We both do." Hope smiled but quickly turned her glance away from Thomas.

At the Forrester mansion, as a way to distract themselves from thinking about Steffy leaving, Ridge and Taylor discussed Eric's sudden interest in playing Pickleball. However, they could not avoid the topic of Steffy's departure. Taylor shared that her heart ached knowing that Steffy was in so much pain.

Back at the cliff house later, Steffy remembered how Finn had proposed to her. When Liam arrived, he immediately knew that Steffy was going somewhere. Steffy announced that she needed time away and that she would be taking Kelly and Hayes with her. Steffy explained that being in her home was not the healing tool that she'd thought it would be. Instead, it served as a constant reminder that Finn was gone and would never be returning. She begged Liam to tell her that he understood.

"I trust you. And if leaving is what's best, for now, then... I support it," Liam replied. Steffy confessed that part of her wanted to stay in Los Angeles, but she knew that there were too many painful memories surrounding her. Liam told Steffy that after a rocky start, he had come to realize what a good man Finn had been. He wished that he could do something to take Steffy's pain away. Steffy began to cry, prompting Liam to embrace her. Liam said, "Just know something. It doesn't matter how many miles apart we are, I'm there with you. Always."

By Finn's bedside, Li posited that Finn had to have been feeling "so scared and so confused" by what had happened. She vowed that she would never give up on Finn. She was certain that Finn was still fighting because his eyes had twitched and his "consciousness spiked." As Finn's heart monitor continued to beep regularly, his fingers twitched slightly.

Taylor asks Ridge to tell Brooke he needs time with Taylor

Taylor asks Ridge to tell Brooke he needs time with Taylor

Thursday, June 2, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke was thinking of when Ridge had last been there. Deacon arrived. He figured that he shouldn't be there, but he'd had to see her. He said they hadn't talked, and she'd been ignoring his calls and texts. Brooke explained that it was because they couldn't be seen together; Ridge wouldn't approve, and she couldn't risk ruining a reunion with Ridge.

Deacon asked if Brooke had blocked him on her phone. Brooke said she hadn't, but it just hadn't felt right to her to respond to him. She wasn't trying to hurt Deacon, but she wanted to respect Ridge. Deacon knew it, but he felt they needed to talk about why she'd drunk that night.

Deacon was upset with himself for not realizing what Sheila had done. He recalled that she'd been around, talking intensely in circles, but he hadn't picked up on the warning signs. He wished he'd protected Brooke more. He said he'd thought Brooke had been having fun that night, and it had been one stupid kiss. He hadn't realized what the fallout would be.

Deacon was angry that Sheila had taken Brooke's sobriety. He knew how hard Brooke had fought for it, but he felt he'd let Sheila stomp all over it. Brooke concluded that neither of them had been thinking that night. He asked if Ridge had forgiven her. Brooke's gaze saddened, and Deacon said Ridge didn't deserve her. Figuring he was the problem, Deacon wished he's shut things down on New Year's Eve. Brooke replied that Ridge couldn't get over her kissing Deacon.

Deacon asserted that Ridge should get over it because Brooke had apologized a thousand times -- especially after Ridge had learne the whole story. Brooke said Ridge just needed to figure out what was next. Deacon didn't know what there was to figure out. For him, it was as simple as Brooke had gotten played by some maniac. He felt that Ridge should be sticking by her.

Brooke appreciated Deacon's support and said she was on her way to see her husband.

At Eric's house, Eric gathered that Ridge wasn't ready to move back in with Brooke. Ridge said he still needed time to figure out his future. Eric said he loved having Ridge there and said not to worry about Quinn. Ridge felt he had to worry about Eric's wife. Eric received an alert and said he had to go to the club. Ridge remarked that it seemed like a lot of Pickleball.

Taylor arrived with takeout as Eric left. Ridge stated that her visit was a nice surprise. Ridge was anxious to eat, but she was worried about whether Steffy leaving was the right thing. Taylor felt she'd miss Steffy and the kids. Ridge figured that he and Thomas weren't chopped liver. Taylor grinned. Stating that he loved her smile, he asked if they could eat.

Later, Taylor was still missing Steffy and said she hadn't thought Steffy would go so far away. Taylor had been thinking Steffy would go somewhere locally, but she'd gone overseas. Taylor figured the kids would love the new sights and sounds and experiencing different cultures.

Ridge's mind shifted to Sheila, but Taylor didn't want them to consume themselves with that woman. Instead, Taylor wanted to focus on the positive, like how she got to hang out with her handsome best friend. With his hand on her thigh, Ridge said he was hungry again.

Ridge figured Taylor knew the way to a man's heart, and he was impressed that she had remembered and gone all the way to San Gabriel for him. She said he could use love from his favorite Chinese place. He stated that she always knew what he needed, and she replied that she liked to think so.

As Taylor offered to heat the food up for Ridge and wondered what her tip would be, Brooke arrived. Wondering what was going on there, Brooke reminded Taylor that Ridge had moved there for time to think. Brooke asked if Taylor could leave him alone for a second.

Taylor scoffed because Brooke was there, too. Taylor claimed she was there because Steffy had just left town with the kids to heal. Taylor asked if Brooke could understand how hard it was on Taylor and Ridge's kids and grandkids. Brooke did and said her heart went out to Steffy.

Brooke noticed the food on the table. Taylor said she'd picked up Ridge's favorite. Noting that Ridge and Taylor were having dinner together, Brooke asked how long Taylor planned to stay. Taylor claimed that she and Ridge needed a little time to process Steffy's situation, too. "Right, Ridge?" Taylor said, asking if he wanted to tell Brooke that Taylor and Ridge needed time.

At Forrester, Carter arrived in the CEO's office as Quinn examined her jewelry on Petra. Carter applauded it and deemed it another Quinn Fuller masterpiece. "Perfection," he uttered, gazing at Quinn with admiration. Quinn ended her meeting with Petra, who left, closing the door behind her. Quinn asked if Carter needed the office for something.

Carter said he'd just wanted to see her. Quinn said it killed her to see him that way. Feeling the same way, Carter stated that he couldn't get Quinn out of his mind. He didn't know what he was doing, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stop thinking about Quinn or wanting her. Quinn replied that Carter had to put his game face on because it was just as it had to be.

Carter said he missed Quinn like crazy, but Quinn said he knew the consequences. "We can't. It's not even an option," she insisted, adamant that they could never betray Eric again. Carter said he couldn't stop thinking about the moments they'd had. Quinn insisted that he had to -- they both had to. He asked how he could forget.

A montage of scenes from Quinn and Carter's affair at his apartment played on-screen. Carter, said he'd never felt such a connection with any woman and that he respected and admired Quinn's dedication to her marriage. "I would be lying if I said I wasn't moved by you, the way you look at me, your words...your love," Quinn said. She admitted it was nothing she'd ever felt before, but she was wholly dedicated to Eric the same way that Eric was committed to her.

At the club, Eric received a message that Donna was stuck in traffic. He poured wine and grinned to himself.

Ridge asks Brooke to understand he needs time with Taylor

Ridge asks Brooke to understand he needs time with Taylor

Friday, June 3, 2022

At Eric's house, Taylor didn't think it was too much to ask that Ridge and she spend some time alone together. Brooke figured that Ridge and Taylor were concerned about Steffy's trip and that Steffy might need support, but Brooke asked why Taylor hadn't just gone with Steffy if that was the case. Scoffing, Taylor guessed Brooke was suggesting that Taylor had ulterior motives.

Brooke asked if there was something behind Taylor visiting Ridge with food in hand. Taylor claimed Brooke was putting Ridge in the middle again. "He's not in the middle. He's still married to me," Brooke replied, adding that he'd be living with her if it hadn't been for Sheila.

Taylor decided to "pretend" that was true, and she asked if Brooke would still be upset if Ridge wanted to spend time with Taylor because something terrible had happened to their daughter, who'd left town. Respectful of Steffy's situation, Brooke understood the reason for concern; however, Brooke reasoned that Steffy hadn't fallen off the face of the earth, and all Taylor had to do was pick up the phone and call if she wanted to speak with Steffy.

Brooke stated that everyone would be there for Steffy, no matter where she was, but with Steffy gone, Ridge had time to spend with himself and focus on his future, a future he'd committed to with Brooke. "...when we exchanged our vows with one another," she added, looking at Ridge.

Taylor claimed that she didn't need a reminder that Ridge had made a commitment to Brooke. Brooke disagreed because of what she'd walked in on. Ridge cut in, saying he'd moved there because he was trying to figure out his life. He hadn't asked anyone to wait for him to make a choice. It was a lot to process, according to him, especially for Taylor and him after all that had happened with Finn and Steffy.

Ridge stated that his and Taylor's family had been turned upside down, and Taylor and he, as parents, needed to spend time together. Brooke claimed that she got it and figured he was asking her to leave. He replied that he was asking her to understand, and he said he'd see her at the office. " lovely husband," Brooke declared, striding out of the house.

Later, Taylor and Ridge finished dinner on the sofa. He thanked her for feeding him, and they joked about Quinn's nonexistent cooking abilities. Ridge said squatters couldn't be choosey. Taylor thanked him for telling Brooke that he and Taylor had needed time together. Ridge said he liked to spend time with Taylor, whether discussing things or just sitting there quietly.

Taylor and Ridge joked about teaching Thomas to use chopsticks when he'd been a kid. Taylor handed out fortune cookies. Her fortune said that if she really wanted to find herself, she'd play hide-and-seek alone. Ridge's said, "to have a best friend, be a best friend."

Taylor called Ridge a good man who didn't want to her hurt her or Brooke. She said Ridge had to sort out his life, and he knew that doing so was risky because Taylor might pack up and return to her old life. He didn't want her to leave and said his world was better with her in it. Taylor said that being there was exactly what she'd imagined that their lives would be like if they'd stayed married. She knew that Ridge loved her, and she said he knew she wasn't going anywhere. Taylor said she believed in "us" and liked "us" a lot. Ridge smiled.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was alone when Deacon arrived. He'd been at the cabin, waiting for Hope. He noted that Brooke hadn't been gone very long, and he assumed that things hadn't gone well with Ridge. Brooke replied that she'd been hoping to spend time alone with Ridge. She'd had a lot to say to him. Deacon asked what had happened.

"Taylor happened. She was there when I arrived and there when I left," Brooke said. Deacon was outraged that Ridge had sent Brooke away, but she replied that Ridge and Taylor had been discussing Steffy. Not caring what they'd been talking about, Deacon said Brooke was the man's wife. Deacon was adamant that he wouldn't forget that Brooke was his wife, and he "damn sure" wouldn't send her away. He'd want to be with her and have her at his side every moment.

At Forrester, Carter confessed to Quinn that he thought of her all the time. He dreamed of her and wanted her to want him, too. He assumed he sounded crazy, but she said he was just telling her how he felt. He stated that she'd moved on, but he was stuck. His feelings for her wouldn't allow him to move forward. Quinn was sorry about it. "I'm not," he replied.

Carter stated that he hadn't felt more alive than when he'd been with Quinn. Quinn hated how hard it was for Carter, but her commitment was to Eric. Carter said he understood that, but his feelings for her were driving him more and more crazy every day. Quinn was adamant that Eric deserved loyalty in return for his feelings, and she refused to hurt him again.

Carter admitted that he was thinking of Eric, and Eric was the reason Carter wasn't holding Quinn and never letting her go. Carter admitted that he was struggling to deny his feelings. Quinn didn't want to dissolve back into sneaking around. She didn't want to do that to Eric, a man she trusted with her whole heart. Quinn believed that there was a person out there for Carter, who'd bring him the same intensity and passion that she had; however, that person was not Paris.

Carter said that, even if there was such a person, it wouldn't replace his moments in the loft with Quinn. Quinn replied that it would be easy to get swept up in it again and to get swept up in Carter, but she couldn't. "I can't be with you, Carter," Quinn said. Quinn was adamant that she owed Eric loyalty and fidelity.

At the health club, Donna arrived in a coat. She opened it, revealing her lingerie. Eric was glad to see her. She noticed that something was bothering him, and she attempted to cheer him up. Sighing, he said he couldn't help wondering what he was doing or thinking about Quinn.

Donna decided that thinking was overrated. She encouraged more laughter and less thinking. She said she enjoyed being there with him, sharing laughter, joy, and love with him.

Donna admitted to loving Eric and said he was the great love of her life. Although she had no expectations and only wanted a sliver of him and his time, she often wondered if they could be more and have a beautiful future together.

A montage of the wonderful moments Eric and Donna had shared over the years played on the screen. Donna stated that she'd loved Eric for a long time, and it would never change. She said she wanted him to be happy, but she could see that he wasn't. She stated that she wasn't a homewrecker. "I guess what I'm trying to say is...leave her, Eric. Leave Quinn," Donna said.

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