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Quinn failed to talk Carter out of reuniting with Paris. Grace hurtled serious accusations at Carter. Though Eric found it hard to let go, he ended his affair with Donna. In a bid to reunite with Ridge, Brooke barred Deacon from her house. Sheila saw a familiar face at the jail.
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Eric ended his affair with Donna, Li visited Sheila in jail, and Brooke barred Deacon from her property
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Quinn's phone alerts her to Eric's elevated heart rate

Quinn's phone alerts her to Eric's elevated heart rate

Monday, June 6, 2022

At the club, Eric and Donna cuddled in bed, and Donna gathered up the courage to ask Eric to leave his wife. Eric, who was fully dressed, got out of bed. The lingerie-clad Donna asked if Quinn made Eric happy. He admitted that he didn't know. Donna asked if he should know it.

"She used to," Eric uttered. Donna felt that life was too short and that he deserved to be happy and fulfilled in a life she could give him. He didn't know what to think, and she reminded him not to think too much. She asked if he was in love with Quinn. "Because if you're not..." Donna stated.

Eric assumed Donna would say he should cut his losses and run. Reminding him that his wife had a mean streak, Donna assumed running would be best. They laughed and kissed. He said her name sadly, but she didn't want to talk anymore. "Just feel...just feel..." she said, kissing him.

Interrupting the kiss, Eric said he shouldn't be there. He admitted he had almost not shown up, but he'd made it because he'd wanted to tell Donna in person that they couldn't do it anymore.

At Forrester, Carter said that Quinn was a remarkable woman, and he admired her commitment to Eric. Quinn said that it was the easiest thing in the world to be committed to Eric, whose commitment to her had never wavered and never would.

Carter asked how the smart ring was working out for Eric. Quinn said Eric loved it. She did, too, even though she hadn't told him about the purpose of it. She said she didn't want Eric to suspect that she thought he was weak or fragile. She said Eric was important to her, and she didn't know what she'd do if she lost him. Carter said that Eric was lucky to have her. She called herself lucky that Eric had forgiven her.

Carter said things could have been different; Eric could have fired them and divorced Quinn. "Of course, that means, you and I..." Carter uttered. Quinn stated that things weren't perfect between Eric and her, but she had to believe they'd get back on track with each other. She hated the thought that he might still be hurt by what she'd done.

A loud, sonar-type sound emitted from Quinn's phone. It was the ring monitor, signaling that Eric's heart rate and blood pressure were through the roof. She said that Eric was at the club. It wasn't far from the office, and she wondered if she should go there.

Back at the club, Donna and Eric were naked in bed, panting after sex. Eric said he needed to catch his breath. He guessed he wasn't good at breaking up. Donna chuckled.

At Brooke's house, Deacon was enraged by Ridge's treatment of Brooke. Appreciating Deacon's help, Brooke said she wanted him to believe that Ridge was committed to her and would return, no matter how much takeout Taylor got for him. Deacon promised that he'd be there for Brooke if Ridge disappointed her again by doing things like telling her to leave so he could be with Taylor.

Brooke explained that Ridge and Taylor had needed to talk about all the important things going on with Steffy; however, seeing Deacon there unannounced twice in one day had gotten Brooke to think. "I know what I have to do," she said.

Grabbing her keys, Brooke stated that Taylor had had enough time with Ridge, who was Brooke's husband, not Taylor's. Intending to see Ridge again, Brooke said he'd return to her, and it might even happen that night.

At Eric's house, Taylor and Ridge expressed how grateful they were for their moments together. Ridge said he was thankful for the takeout and for having Taylor in his life. Taylor said she was glad to be able to give Ridge a smile in such trying times, and she knew he didn't want to hurt anyone. "She's my wife," he replied. Taylor stated that no matter what happened, she felt that Ridge had a huge heart, and it was the reason that she and Brooke loved him.

At the cliff house, Taylor was there when Thomas arrived. She said she had been about to call Thomas because she wanted to have dinner with him and Douglas soon, and she said all of her grandmotherly attention would be on Douglas, the only grandchild of hers still in town. Thomas wondered how she was doing in the house alone. Taylor said it had a different vibe, as she'd been used to spending time with Ridge and the kids there.

Taylor remarked that she'd just seen Ridge for takeout at Eric's house. Thomas said Ridge should be at the cliff house with Taylor. Taylor said Ridge needed to figure out what he wanted in life. He'd moved in with his father, not Brooke, which was a big step for Ridge.

Thomas said that things were moving along well, and he hoped Taylor and Ridge had more memories to make. Taylor bragged about the time she'd had with Ridge -- after Brooke had left Eric's house. Taylor said Brooke hadn't been happy to see her, especially because Ridge and Taylor had been about to share a meal. "As if that's any of her business," Thomas said.

Taylor bitterly reminded her son that Ridge and Brooke were married and had taken vows. Thomas was sure that the vows had said not to make out with other people. He was surprised that Brooke hadn't grabbed a fork to join in. Taylor was sure Brooke would have if she could have, but smiling, Taylor said Ridge had asked Brooke to leave.

Thomas was surprised to hear it. Taylor stated that Ridge had said he and Taylor had needed time together. Taylor guessed that Ridge was starting to see the cycle that he and Brooke were stuck in, and Taylor wasn't sure he could get past the thing with Deacon.

Back at Eric's house, Ridge trotted downstairs and grinned when he saw Brooke in the living room. Brooke said she respected that he and Taylor had had a lot to talk about, but Brooke figured that she and Ridge did, too. Brooke couldn't wait another day to tell him that she missed him, and she knew that he missed her, too.

Ridge said he missed Brooke and their home. Brooke was there to see him because she wanted him to be at peace in their home without concern or angst. "And definitely not a place where Deacon stops by," she added. Brooke said she'd pushed for Hope's relationship with Deacon without listening to Ridge. Brooke believed she should have been there for her husband and considered what he'd been feeling. "So, that's what I'm gonna do," Brooke decided.

Brooke stated that Sheila had played a role in getting Brooke to drink, but Brooke took responsibility for kissing Deacon and letting him stay the night. Brooke vowed to listen to Ridge from then on and to hear what he had to say, and Deacon would no longer be welcome in her and Ridge's house. Brooke said Hope and Deacon could have a relationship elsewhere.

Stroking his hair, Brooke said she loved Ridge and wanted him to return home. She wanted him to believe that they still had a future together and that they could still be husband and wife.

Brooke sets new ground rules in order to get Ridge back

Brooke sets new ground rules in order to get Ridge back

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

At Eric's house, Brooke and Ridge stood close. Her hands were behind his neck, and his hands were on her waist. Brooke vowed to make sure Deacon and Hope understood that Brooke wouldn't have a relationship with Deacon. "I'm gonna make it very clear," Brooke stated.

Brooke stated her intention to tell Deacon that he was no longer welcome on the property. She said that, afterward, she and Ridge could go back to being the fun-loving couple they'd always been. She couldn't wait to show Ridge how much she'd missed him. She promised to make him wonder why he'd been gone for so long, and she said they made up better than anybody.

Agreeing, Ridge said it was because they'd had so much practice. Brooke didn't know if they could try anymore because their lives would be perfect. She said she wouldn't let anything stand in the way of their future. She was sure he remembered some of their past experiences.

Ridge and Brooke's destiny song played over a flashback of the couple's memories. He said he'd never forget who they'd been. Brooke believed they'd have new experiences and make new memories, but Deacon wouldn't be a part of their lives whatsoever.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Liam entered after a swim at the pool. Liam had gotten a message about Kelly, who'd been making lists of castles she wanted to see in Europe. Just as Hope and Liam began canoodling, Deacon entered, looking for Brooke.

Feeling terrible that Brooke had been Sheila's victim, Deacon was miffed that the truth hadn't changed things for Ridge. Deacon stated that Brooke was passionate and amazing. He said she had everything going for her but felt like a failure because her husband wouldn't return. Deacon felt that she deserved a guy who appreciated her. "A guy like you?" Liam asked.

Deacon said that neither Hope nor Liam needed to protect Brooke from Deacon. Brooke's happiness was all Deacon said he cared about, but he didn't think she'd be happy with Ridge.

Just then, Brooke arrived. She asked why Deacon was still there. Deacon was sorry he'd returned. Deacon was upset about the way Sheila had targeted Brooke and that Ridge didn't seem to care. Deacon told Hope and Liam that Ridge had sent Brooke away so that he could be with Taylor. Brooke said it hadn't been like that, but Liam questioned whether it was true.

"I went away so that Taylor and Ridge could talk about Steffy," Brooke said. Brooke had a feeling Ridge would be home, but after seeing Deacon there for the third time that day, Brooke realized she had to do something she should have done awhile back. "I don't want you on this property anymore," Brooke told Deacon. Deacon and Hope exchanged surprised looks.

Brooke said Deacon could spend time with Hope, but not there in Brooke's home with Ridge. Deacon didn't think Brooke meant that. He said Ridge had tried it before. Brooke asserted that it was her decision, not Ridge's. Brooke wanted Hope and Deacon to have a relationship, but Brooke couldn't have Deacon coming and going whenever he pleased. Brooke asked them to respect her wishes because she wanted her husband back home with her.

At Forrester, Quinn was concerned about the blood pressure reading from Eric's smart ring. She wondered if she should go to him. Carter thought Eric would contact her if something was wrong, but she became concerned that Eric might not be able to. Quinn noticed that Eric's heart rate was going back down, but she still thought he was in danger. She contemplated calling his doctor or Bridget. Carter advised Quinn to call Eric himself.

At the club, Eric and Donna panted as they settled back into bed after having sex. She noted that his heart was racing, and he said that it should be after what they'd done. She stated that he still found ways to surprise her. Eric replied that he'd love to keep trying, but he couldn't; they couldn't keep doing it, and their affair had to end. Eric said that it wasn't fair to either woman, but Donna replied that he didn't hear her complaining.

Eric received a call from Quinn, who wanted to know if he was okay and had enjoyed his match. "My match?" he replied. Quinn, who didn't know what to call Pickleball rounds, asked if he'd gotten his blood pumping. Affirming it, Eric said that it wouldn't be long until he'd cooled down enough to go home for the evening.

Later, Donna and Eric had gotten dressed, and she wondered if Quinn suspected anything. Eric didn't think so. Donna said that if it was the end, then Quinn never would. Donna asked if it was the end. He replied that it wasn't the end of what Donna meant to him or the gratitude he felt for her. Attempting to smile through her tears, Donna said she'd cherish the moments, and it had been an unexpected adventure. She said she'd never want to hurt her honey bear.

Back at the office, Quinn told Carter that Eric was okay, and the workouts were good for Eric, who even had a spring in his step. Carter said she could take credit for that, and Eric was lucky to get to go home to Quinn and spend the night with her in his arms. She decided not to tell Eric that Carter had said that. "But you're flattered that I did," Carter replied, and Quinn left for home.

Later, Carter was alone, daydreaming of intimacy with Quinn. Ridge arrived, and Carter asked how Steffy was. Ridge said she'd made the right decision for herself, and he had to make the right one for himself and Brooke. Carter could see that Ridge missed Brooke. Ridge affirmed that he did miss Brooke, and part of him wanted to return home. Ridge said Brooke had told him that Deacon wouldn't be in their lives. "We'll see," Ridge said.

Back at Eric's house, Quinn was ready with martinis when Eric arrived. He was surprised to see her. She said she'd wanted to be home when he arrived. She admitted she'd missed him a lot. Noting that he'd been at the club often, she asked if he'd been enjoying himself. Eric said he had been, but he realized that it was taking him away from her.

Quinn said she was glad that Eric had taken up a sport. She could see a change in Eric, who seemed more relaxed. Eric said his conversations with Quinn were important, too, and exciting. He said that in the beginning, he'd been drawn to her as an artist, and he was glad that they could share that.

Quinn said it was important that she and Eric had been able to inspire and encourage each other. She said they had overcome many challenges. Eric said he hadn't had that with anyone else, and he admired Quinn. She was grateful that he'd given their marriage another chance and that she was married to a decent, loyal, and loving man.

Bill offers Ridge unsolicited advice about his marriage

Bill offers Ridge unsolicited advice about his marriage

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Deacon and Hope were stunned when Brooke repeated that it was her decision, not Ridge's, to bar Deacon from her property. Brooke acknowledged that Ridge had previously asked that Deacon not be permitted in her home. "I should have listened the first one hundred times he said it," Brooke said.

Deacon noted a potential problem: Hope lived on Brooke's property. Brooke nodded in agreement but noted that "L.A. is a big place" with a lot of places that Deacon and Hope could "meet up." Brooke insisted that she did not want to impede Hope and Deacon's relationship in any way. However, Brooke expressed her desire to focus on repairing her marriage, and keeping Deacon away from her home was the first step in that process.

Hope asked if there was a compromise that could be reached. Deacon pleaded for a few moments to talk to Brooke. Liam and Hope offered to stay so that Brooke would not have to be alone with Deacon. Reluctantly, Brooke agreed to give Deacon five minutes of her time. Once Liam and Hope had headed back to the cabin, Deacon pleaded with Brooke to reconsider.

"With the exception of one little... mishap, you and I have been great," Deacon stated. Brooke was surprised that she had to explain the situation to Deacon. She said that their "mishap" would never have happened if she had listened to Ridge in the first place and not allowed Deacon into her home. Deacon countered that banning him from the property was not going to magically fix Brooke and Ridge's relationship, and he asked that she not allow Ridge to "dictate" her life.

Deacon continued, stating that Ridge should be "groveling on the ground," begging Brooke to take him back. Brooke told Deacon that she'd heard him out, and it was time for him to leave. Noting that Deacon claimed to love her, Brooke asked that he not cause trouble for her and Ridge. "Let me choose my life, my marriage, my husband," Brooke said firmly.

In the cabin, Liam asked Hope how she felt about Brooke "laying down [the] law" with Deacon. Hope questioned if it mattered how she felt. Liam and Hope quickly realized that they were home with no kids around and decided that talking about other people's problems was not what they wanted to be doing. The two kissed passionately before making love on the floor.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge was working on a sketch in the executive suite when Bill Spencer made an unannounced visit. "Don't be that way," Bill grumbled when Ridge groaned in displeasure at seeing him. Bill asked, "Is this how you treat all your visitors?" Bill eventually backed off from needling Ridge and explained why he had dropped by: he wanted to "reiterate" how sorry he was about what had happened to Steffy and her family.

Ridge thanked Bill for his kind words. Bill claimed that Sheila had always been "an unqualified nut," but he said that shooting Finn and Steffy made Sheila a "special brand of evil." The two men seemed surprised that they agreed on something. Any good will quickly faded away when Bill shared his displeasure with the way Ridge had been treating Brooke since learning the real reason why Brooke had drunk alcohol on New Year's Eve.

Ridge did not disagree with Bill's assertion that Brooke was also Sheila's victim. "If you know that, why are you living at your daddy's house, sucking your thumb like you're the injured party?" Bill asked. Bill then urged Ridge to go home and be with his wife. Ridge said that he did not have to explain his relationship to Bill. "Go back to your wife while you still can. Don't be freaking stupid," Bill replied.

Later, alone in the office, Ridge remembered his conversation with Brooke in which she had asked him to return home. At the same time, Brooke placed a call to Ridge to tell him that she had been thinking about him. Brooke told Ridge that it wasn't right for them to be on the phone because they should be together and talking in person. Brooke relayed that she had told Deacon and Hope that Deacon was no longer permitted on the property. "I'm not letting anyone or anything keep us apart ever again," Brooke said with an intense tone.

Brooke told Ridge that she loved him, and she wished him "sweet dreams" before ending the call. Brooke thought back on some of the memorable romantic moments that she and Ridge had shared. At Forrester, Ridge looked at photos of him and Brooke.

Sheila meets a new enemy and an old ally in jail

Sheila meets a new enemy and an old ally in jail


Thursday, June 9, 2022

In the interrogation room at the jail, Sheila thought her attorney had summoned her for a meeting. Deputy Chief Baker didn't think there was much her attorney could do for her, anyway, but he did let her know she did indeed have a visitor. Sheila didn't want to see anyone but her son. Baker quipped that she should have thought of that before she'd killed him.

A buzzer sounded, and Li entered, intent upon bearing witness to Sheila's incarceration in that "hellhole." Li vowed to make Sheila pay for what she'd done to Li's son. Baker expressed his sorrow for Li's loss and left the women alone. Sheila advised that Li save it, but Li quipped that she hadn't even begun to give Sheila a piece of her mind.

Sheila claimed that she was paying for her crime and owning up to her mistakes. Li replied that Sheila had no other choice. Sheila said she was struggling without support. "I, I, I. Me, me, me, me," Li retorted. Sheila claimed to be haunted by what had happened. She said she'd been starting a relationship with Finn, but her precious boy was gone forever. She insisted that it had been an accident. She said she couldn't live with herself, knowing she'd taken her boy's life.

"He is my boy," Li replied. She said Finn would always be hers, and there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. Sheila said she'd never said farewell to Finn or seen his resting spot. "And you never well," Li replied. Li figured Sheila was angry that Steffy hadn't died, leaving Hayes with no parents. Sheila replied that she would have raised her grandson.

Scoffing, Li said it was a horrifying thought, but Sheila said she wasn't a monster. Li replied that no one believed that. Sheila contended that Finn had thought she was a good person up until the last moment. Li called Sheila delusional. Li, who'd wanted to see Sheila before Sheila got shipped to a federal facility to await trial, said Sheila belonged in a cold cell behind barbed wire. Li vowed to testify and ensure that Sheila rotted in prison until the day she died.

Slamming her hand down on the table, Sheila asserted that Li was getting on her nerves. Not caring, Li said that Sheila had done something purely evil. "Finn is a wonderful young man!" Li stated. "'Is'? Don't you mean 'was'?" Sheila asked. Affirming it, Li said Finn was gone because of Sheila, but he was in a place where Sheila could never hurt him again.

A guard said that time was up. As Li left, the guard said, "Come on, Sheila." Sheila tilted her head, recognizing the voice. "Mike," she said, grinning upon seeing Mike Guthrie behind her.

In the CEO's office, Carter told Quinn that he and Zende were filling in for Steffy while she was away. Quinn said Sheila had done the unspeakable to her own son. Carter conveyed that it had made him realize that one couldn't waste a moment, so he was moving on, starting that day.

Carter understood that Quinn wanted to make her marriage work, so he was letting Quinn go. Quinn asked if that meant he'd go back to Paris. Carter said that Eric had forgiven them, but it didn't mean Carter still didn't want Quinn. Carter refused to give Eric any reason to doubt Quinn, so Carter had to shut Paris' fears down. "So, you're gonna sacrifice your happiness by getting involved with a woman you don't love? No, don't do it, Carter," Quinn pleaded.

Quinn said that Carter didn't love Paris. He figured Quinn knew whom he really loved, but he understood that it couldn't happen. Quinn thought it would be just another betrayal, and she asked if Ridge or Eric would forgive Carter for stealing Zende's girlfriend. Carter claimed he could handle it, but Quinn didn't know why he was putting himself on the line like that when he could have any woman on the planet.

Carter asserted that Paris had many amazing qualities, and he had to give it a shot. "No, you don't!" Quinn exclaimed. He told Quinn not to stand there, knowing how he felt about her, telling him whom to be with. He was adamant that he and Paris had had something, even if he had been and might still be burying his feelings for Quinn.

Quinn said she hated that she'd hurt Carter so badly. Carter claimed to be happy for Quinn, but he wanted happiness for himself. He insisted that he had to get on with his life.

In the design office, Grace, looking over Zende's shoulder, approved of the photo of him and Paris that he was viewing on his phone. He expressed surprise that Grace was there. Grace took his phone and scrolled through more photos. He said he and Paris had had good times together. Grace stated that they could make more; she could see how much he loved her daughter, and she let him know that it wasn't over.

Zende asserted that Paris wasn't interested. Grace believed there was potential there, unlike with the silly crush Paris had on Carter. Zende wasn't sure it was just a crush. Grace insisted that it wasn't good for Paris. Recalling that Carter had almost destroyed Zoe, Grace said a good mother knew what was best for her child, and that was Zende. She asked him not to give up and vowed not to let her daughter make a life with Carter.

Zende believed that Carter was the man that Paris wanted and said it wasn't for Zende to decide otherwise. Grace wished Paris would get her head out of the clouds, but Grace feared that Paris had been sucked in just like her sister had been.

As Grace urged Zende not to give up on Paris, Paris arrived. She asked her mother to stop. Paris said that Zende knew how Paris felt about Carter. Paris was embarrassed that her mom was in their business and pressuring Zende. Zende claimed it was okay, but he felt that he needed to let Paris and Grace talk. Grace said he didn't have to leave, but he replied that he had things that he had to get done.

Zende exited, and Paris expressed how mortified she was that Grace was in her business that way. Paris said that Grace was only making things worse on Zende. Grace claimed that she was only trying to help. Unable to hear it that day, Paris said Grace had to go. Grace agreed to leave, but she warned that Paris was headed for trouble.

Later, Paris was alone and finding it hard to work. She stood up to pace. Just then, the door opened. "Carter?" she said as he marched across the room and swept her into a passionate kiss. Grace strode up to the door and grimaced.

Back in the CEO's office, Zende worked at the table beside Quinn. He was talking about how they all had to pick up the slack with Steffy gone. Quinn thought Steffy was too young to be a widow and said Sheila was next-level psychotic. Quinn hoped they never had to see or hear from Sheila Carter again.

Grace accuses Carter of workplace misconduct

Grace accuses Carter of workplace misconduct

Friday, June 10, 2022

At Brooke's house, Katie and Donna arrived with brunch for Brooke. Since Brooke was at a meeting, Katie and Donna ate with Hope. Katie said she'd loved working at International and spending time with Will, but she felt like she'd been a terrible sister for not being around for what Brooke had gone through. Donna said Katie had kept in touch. Katie loathed what Sheila had done to them all, including Finn and Steffy, and Katie hoped Ridge and Brooke would reunite.

Donna asked if Bill was still trying to woo Katie back. Affirming it, Katie said Bill seemed sincere, but she was still guarded. Donna asked if Katie still loved Bill. Katie didn't feel it was an issue of love. Loving Bill was a part of who she was, but she wondered if he really wanted Brooke.

Hope and Donna seemed surprised to hear it, but Katie said it was just a fact of life. Noting that Hope lived on the property and was married to Bill's son, Katie asked if Bill had been around in Ridge's absence and if Bill might want Brooke back. Katie said she had been geared up to talk to Brooke about it, but Brooke wasn't there, so Katie turned to Hope for an answer.

Hope assured Katie that Bill hadn't been around, hoping for Brooke. Hope felt it would be pointless, anyway, because Brooke was devoted to Ridge. Katie knew that but said Bill always loved a challenge when he saw an opening. Hope was adamant that there was no opening.

Katie turned the topic to Donna and asked what special person was in Donna's life. Donna began naming off family members, and Katie took it as a hint not to pry. Katie predicted that the man of Donna's dreams might be closer than Donna thought.

Donna flipped the topic back to Katie and Bill. Hope urged Katie to go for it because life was short, and one never knew what could happen. Hope noted that Eric had taken Quinn back after what she'd done. Donna squirmed in her seat as Hope said it was the perfect example of a loving and committed man, and Hope asked if Donna agreed with Hope's assessment of Eric.

Donna said Quinn was lucky to be Eric's wife, just as Ridge was lucky to have Brooke. Hope said they wanted Donna to have a life-long love. Katie stated that Bill was the love of her life, and Eric was the love of Donna's. "It's just so sad that he's with Quinn," Katie concluded.

In the CEO's office, Quinn and Ridge went over her jewelry line numbers, which had doubled. She was glad to hear it, but she had other things on her mind. Ridge thought it was good that she and Eric were doing well. Shrugging, Quinn admitted that she didn't see Eric often because Eric was busy at the club. Ridge suggested that she take up Pickleball to be closer to Eric.

"To be fair, you're lucky to be spending time with him at all after what you did with Carter," Ridge quipped. Quinn asked if Ridge thought she didn't know that. She said she felt grateful that she hadn't married a vindictive man, and she knew that Eric would never hurt her the way she'd hurt him. Ridge admitted he'd been giving Quinn a hard time, but he knew she really cared for his father.

Grace entered as Quinn exited. Grace was upset that her daughter was being harassed at work. Ridge asked who was doing it, and Grace said it was Forrester's COO, Carter Walton. Ridge called it a very serious accusation. Inconsolable, Grace claimed she'd seen it with her own eyes; Carter had had his lips all over her little girl again. "Again?" Ridge asked.

Grace said it had happened at Carter's apartment, too. "Not even here?" Ridge questioned. Grace stated that Carter was manipulating her little girl's feelings, but she wouldn't let Carter treat Paris the way he'd treated Zoe or Eric's wife. "Carter's gotta be stopped," she said.

In the design office, Paris and Carter kissed. Taken aback, Paris asked what it was about. Carter said he'd needed to do it. Figuring he wasn't making sense, he admitted that his feelings were all over the place. Not knowing what to make of it, she said he was usually more together.

Carter stated that it was that way at work, not in his personal life; however, he was finally beginning to see how things had to be. Paris asked why Carter was coming to her like that all of a sudden. He replied that he couldn't keep putting his life on hold, and he needed to move forward. Paris questioned whether that meant he wanted her back.

Carter figured it was coming out of nowhere after he'd been adamant about them not being together, but he said they had to be. He said he needed it more than she could ever know. Glad she hadn't lost hope, Paris said they could make Grace and Zende understand and be happy for them. Paris said she had a meeting to get to. She kissed Carter, eager to be alone with him again later.

Alone, Carter gazed at Quinn and Eric's photo on a shelf. Ridge entered, saying he'd had a talk with Grace, who'd claimed that Carter had been making out with her daughter. "Tell me she's wrong," Ridge said. Carter couldn't say that. "Oh, come on!" Ridge exclaimed, saying Carter knew how Zende felt about Paris. "This is starting to be a pattern. Is there something wrong with you?" Ridge wondered. Carter said he didn't know anything except that he needed to move on.

Carter was tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else get married and start families. "So, now you want to start a family? With Paris?" Ridge asked. Carter said he wasn't sure. Ridge told Carter not to think about starting a family if he wasn't sure. Ridge said that Paris was a nice woman, and he asked if Paris was the one with whom Carter was in love.

At Eric's house, Eric thought of Donna. Quinn arrived home and hoped the happy look on his face was about her. Quinn figured she sounded like an insecure wife, and it was ridiculous. He replied that everyone needed to know that they were appreciated and loved.

Deciding to be honest, Quinn said things hadn't been the same between her and Eric since she'd betrayed him. She took full responsibility for it and admitted she couldn't apologize enough. Claiming to be patient, she told him to take his time and do what he needed to do to get past it. She believed in their marriage and said their future was possible because he'd opened his heart to her again. Hugging him, she said she was fortunate to have a loyal and loving husband.

Alone later, Quinn flashed back to passion with Carter. She admonished herself and insisted that she focus on her husband, the man who was devoted to only her.

Eric approached and hugged Quinn from behind. Quinn said that she loved sharing Eric's home with him; he'd brought a peace and happiness into her life that she'd never known as a shut-off, walled-up single mom who'd surrounded herself with the wrong people and men. She said it had all changed when she'd met Eric, her loyal husband.

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