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Ridge was outraged when Baker revealed that Sheila had escaped. It terrified Li to see Sheila on her doorstep, but when Finn's eyes fluttered open, Li tried to convince Sheila that he needed both mothers. Hope confronted Donna and Eric about their affair.
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Hope confronted Donna and Eric about their affair, and Sheila escaped from prison and learned that Finn was alive and well and being cared for by Li
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Li receives a shocking and unwelcome visitor

Li receives a shocking and unwelcome visitor

Monday, June 13, 2022

In Li's hotel room, Li injected something into Finn's I.V. She said that Finn needed rest, but she felt that he was getting stronger. She said that others hadn't thought he'd survive; however, they hadn't known what a force he was or how hard she'd fight to keep him alive.

At Forrester, Ridge took Carter into the CEO's office to talk behind closed doors. Floored to hear that Paris was supposed to be Carter's future, Ridge asked about Zende. Carter replied that Zende was okay with it. Ridge sarcastically guessed that should make it okay. Ridge didn't like all the secretiveness and asked what was going on with Carter. Carter admitted that his life was in limbo. Carter said that what he wanted was right in front of him, but he couldn't have it.

Just then, Taylor arrived. Carter decided to take off, but Ridge said they'd finish later. After Carter had gone, Taylor asked what that had been about. Ridge updated her on how quickly the dating scene changed at Forrester and said Paris was with Carter, not Zende. Ridge noted that Carter didn't seem happy about it, and Ridge was worried about Carter.

Ridge said he felt that all he could do was worry about his friends and family. Thinking of Steffy, Taylor said the trip was good for Steffy and her kids, but it was hard to imagine them being forced to live a life without Finn. Sitting on the desk, Taylor wondered about Li, who hadn't responded when Taylor had left a message about Steffy's trip. Ridge figured people grieved differently.

Taylor stated that Li shouldn't have to do it alone. "We're family," Taylor said. Taylor decided that they should call Li and let her know that they were there for her. Taylor called Li, put her on speakerphone, and asked how Li was. Li said she was keeping busy. Ridge asked if Li was back at work. Li explained that an outside case was giving her a sense of purpose.

Taylor said she hadn't heard from Li after leaving a message about Steffy. Taylor asked if Li needed anything. Li replied that she had all she needed with her. Taylor claimed she didn't mean to be insensitive, but she thought it would be wonderful if they could get "some of Finn's ashes for Steffy." Taylor thought it would be wonderful if Steffy could have a memorial.

Li assumed they wanted to say their goodbyes, but Taylor and Ridge said it was to celebrate Finn's life. Li replied that Finn had had an amazing life before he'd gotten mixed up in "all of this." Hearing pain in Li's voice, Taylor offered to be there to talk or to suggest a grief counselor.

Li asserted that she wasn't grieving, and her son would always be with her. There was the sound of a phone clicking. "Did she hang up on you?" Ridge asked. Taylor was stunned that Li wouldn't allow Steffy to have closure. Ridge deduced that Li wasn't accepting Finn's death. Taylor figured that Li, a doctor, hadn't been able to save her son.

In a rush, Deputy Chief Baker arrived with urgent news about Sheila Carter.

Back at Li's hotel room, Li assured Finn that he'd recover. Li said she knew Finn wouldn't want Steffy and her family grieving while he was still there, but she couldn't focus on that. She said he'd done what he could for Steffy, and he had to take care of himself. Finn's eyelids began to flutter, and Li asked if he could hear her.

Later, Li spoke into a recorder, detailing her findings about Finn. He'd had eye movement but no change in his responsiveness. Li took Finn's hand and urged him to keep fighting.

Someone knocked on her door. Li left Finn behind closed doors and opened the main doors to the suite. "Hello, Li," Sheila said, standing on the threshold, demanding, "Where is my son?"

At Eric's house, Quinn said that Eric didn't have to hide his feelings or worry about his family. She was concerned that he kept saying everything was okay, and then he'd run off to the club. Eric didn't want to burden Quinn, but she said that she was his wife.

By the door, Hope appeared, shuffling papers and sketches. Eric saw her, and she figured that it was a bad time to get his input on the next collection. Eric agreed that it wasn't a good time. He was headed to the club, but he offered to discuss things at a later date. Quinn asked if Eric would be home later. He affirmed that he would and that he'd text message her.

As Quinn said she loved him, Eric closed the front door behind him. Hope gazed at the crestfallen Quinn and asked if everything was okay. Quinn said it was fine. Hope started to say she'd overheard Quinn and Eric earlier, but Quinn asserted that everything was fine. Hope replied that Eric seemed good, but she was asking about Quinn.

Carter arrived and was surprised to see Hope. Hope said she'd tried to catch Eric, since Pam had said he was working from home. Quinn quipped that catching Eric was hard to do those days, and she asked if Carter was looking for him, too. Holding up some papers, Carter affirmed it, and Quinn conveyed that Eric had headed to the club.

Hope stated that she was headed to the club to give Douglas, who was at a pool party, something he'd left at home. Hope was sorry for what she'd walked in on, but Quinn insisted that Hope hadn't walked in on anything. Quinn admitted that she and Eric had experienced a stumble in the marriage, but they were working hard to overcome it.

At the club, Eric and Donna were in their private room, discussing their Pickleball outfits. Donna joked that he looked like he actually played. He claimed that he did play -- just not as much as they purported. He was sure he'd be club champion if he did. She was glad he hadn't "retired" from the sport. Eric said it was hard to give up something that made him feel so good. Donna had been surprised to get his message and wondered if he still felt guilty about Quinn.

Eric said he hadn't been able to give Donna up, despite his guilt. He confessed that whenever he was stressed or worried about his family, all he could think of was Donna and being with her. He said he couldn't give up the lightness and levity she brought to his life.

Eric recalled that Donna had said their location was their oasis, but he wondered if she wanted to go out to dinner or an event. Donna claimed not to need those things to know she was important to him -- as long as they didn't run out of honey.

Eric conveyed that that was impossible because Donna was his honey. He joked that he was stuck on her. "That is so corny!" Donna exclaimed, socking him with a pillow. Suddenly, a pillow fight erupted between them.

Outside the door, Hope walked by, but she stopped when she heard voices and exclamations coming from a room. "Eric?" she said. She looked through a crack in the door and saw Eric and Donna kissing.

Back at Eric's house, Quinn told Carter that he couldn't keep showing up that way. Carter said he'd needed to talk to her in private. She asked if he'd given up his crazy idea to be with Paris, but he insisted that he had to do it because he couldn't be with Quinn. Just then, Quinn's phone chimed with an alert from Eric's smart ring. Quinn exclaimed that Eric's heart rate was spiking again.

Sheila makes an astonishing discovery

Sheila makes an astonishing discovery

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

At Forrester, Ridge and Taylor were stunned to hear from Deputy Chief Baker that Sheila had escaped police custody. Baker said Sheila could be anywhere after a prison guard had helped her escape. Ridge and Taylor were appalled, and she thanked God that Steffy wasn't around.

Baker asserted that Sheila wouldn't be on the loose for long, but he wanted to know if Taylor and Ridge had any idea of where Sheila could have gone or whom Sheila might want to see. Ridge was outraged that Baker had lost Sheila and was there asking where she could be. Ridge and Taylor said Finn was the only family Sheila had had, and he was dead because of her.

Later, Baker had gone, and Ridge and Taylor were still outraged by Sheila's escape. They were glad Steffy's whereabouts weren't widely known. Ridge said they had to find Sheila and put her away before anything else happened.

At Li's hideout, Li was astonished to see Sheila on her doorstep. Sheila entered, asserting that no one and nothing would keep her from her son. Looking around, Sheila noted that the place was quite a hideaway. She admitted it had been challenging to find Li; however, Sheila had found the place because she'd been determined to learn where her son had been laid to rest.

Li exclaimed that Sheila should be behind bars. Sheila revealed that a friend had helped her escape. Li tried to leave to go to the police, but Sheila blocked the exit. Sheila said she hadn't escaped just to have Li turn her in. Sheila merely wanted to say goodbye to her son. Li replied that there would be no need for that if Sheila hadn't shot Finn. Sheila roared that it had been an accident, but Li snickered. Sheila asked if Li had buried Finn or spread his ashes.

Li ordered Sheila to get out, but Sheila refused to leave without knowing where her son was. "My son," Li said, but Sheila yelled that she'd given life to him. Sheila said she had only wanted to have love and a relationship with Finn; it was all she'd lived for, and she asked why she'd deliberately ruin it. She was still haunted by the events of that night. Li replied that Sheila should be.

Sheila said she hadn't seen Finn there, and by the time she had, it had been too late. Appalled, Li said Sheila had fired a gun at Steffy, intending to kill her. Sheila replied that Steffy had refused to stop and had said Sheila would never have time with Finn and Hayes. Sheila stated that Steffy had sided with Brooke, whom Steffy didn't even like. In Sheila's view, Steffy had done it to hurt her, and Finn's death was Steffy's fault. Li hoped Finn's death would haunt Sheila forever.

A heart monitor beeped, and Sheila demanded to know what that sound was. Sheila guessed it was Jack, but Li said she and Jack were no longer together, thanks to Sheila. Li accused Sheila of taking a wrecking ball to Li's life, but Li said she wouldn't allow Sheila to hurt "us" again.

Li ordered Sheila to get out, but Sheila asked how many times she had to say she wouldn't go anywhere. The monitor beeped again. Li blocked the bedroom door. Sheila flung Li away, and Li tumbled over furniture and hit the floor. Sheila tore open the doors and was incredulous upon seeing Finn. "'re alive," Sheila said.

Li entered the room, and Sheila said her son had been alive all that time.

At the club, Hope peered through a barely open bedroom door and watched Eric and Donna canoodling inside the room. Inside, Eric said he hated that he had to leave. Donna said she went through serious withdrawals whenever he did. He promised he'd see her soon.

Hope slipped away from the door as Eric exited. Once he'd gone, Hope waltzed into the room, asking, "Did I really just see that? You and Eric?" Donna wondered what Hope was doing there, but Hope said that wasn't the pressing issue. Hope asked Donna to say she wasn't having an affair with him. Donna stammered that she sort of was, and Hope said he was married.

In disbelief, Hope said that she wasn't Quinn's biggest fan, but marriage should be respected. Hope guessed Quinn didn't know about it. Affirming it, Donna begged Hope not to tell Quinn. Hope was amazed that after all Eric and Quinn had done to stay together, Eric was cheating on his wife with Donna. Donna saw that Hope was disappointed, but she asked Hope not to say anything to Quinn or Brooke.

At Eric's house, Quinn informed Carter that Eric's heart rate was spiking again, according to his smart ring. It seemed more concerning than a game of Pickleball. Carter said Quinn's heart would need monitoring if she got upset every time Eric exerted himself at Pickleball. Quinn, who'd set the monitor herself, didn't know what heart rate was too high.

Figuring that she knew who would know, Quinn decided to call Bridget. Carter remarked upon how lucky Eric was to have Quinn.

Later, Bridget arrived, and Carter left to give the women time to talk. Quinn revealed the issue with Eric's heart rate, which she'd been monitoring with a smart ring. Bridget raised her brows, but Quinn explained that she'd been doing it out of love. Quinn claimed men would be at death's door before seeing a doctor. Bridget understood and agreed not to tell Eric.

Quinn asked why Eric's heart rate could be elevated. Bridget explained that it could be anxiety, exercise, or another form of excitement. Getting Bridget's hint, Quinn said she and Eric had been going through a difficult time, so "that" wasn't one of the things she was concerned about being the reason for his elevated heart rate.

Bridget reasoned that there was such a thing as setting exercise goals, and Eric might be meeting or surpassing them. It sounded to her like his heart was getting stronger. She said she'd talk to him about his new routine but wouldn't mention the ring.

Eric arrived. Surprised to see Bridget, he noted that it was rare that Quinn and his daughter were together. He asked what the occasion was. Quinn admitted that she'd called Bridget because Quinn was worried that he was overdoing it at the club.

Sheila and Li argue over how to best care for Finn

Sheila and Li argue over how to best care for Finn

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Quinn insisted that she supported Eric's desire to remain active, but she admitted that she worried that he was overdoing it. Eric questioned why Quinn would think that and why she had felt the need to involve Bridget. Bridget, who had been pacing about, stopped momentarily and shared that Quinn was worried about the amount of time Eric had been spending at the club.

Eric insisted that there was "nothing to worry about" and that his workouts at the athletic club had "energized" him and made him happy. Quinn was pleased to hear that, but she reminded Eric that he wasn't 20 years old anymore. Bridget asked Eric if he had any shortness of breath or tightening in his chest. Eric insisted that he was fine. After listening to Eric's claims that he never overexerted himself, Bridget gave her dad the green light to continue what he had been doing.

Quinn walked Bridget out and thanked her for not revealing that Eric was unknowingly wearing a fitness tracker. Bridget said that she knew Eric would not wear the tracker on his own and asked Quinn to let her know if Eric experienced any other unusual spikes in his heart rate.

Later, Quinn told Eric that she needed to head to the office. Before leaving, she asked Eric if he was upset that she had reached out to Bridget. Eric claimed that he understood Quinn's concern. She embraced him as Eric looked up at the portrait of Quinn that hung above the fireplace.

At the athletic club, Donna bristled at Hope's use of the word "affair," saying that it did "not sound like an accurate description." Donna became emotional as she tried to describe what Hope had observed. "It's about love and joy and connection. It's nothing sordid," Donna explained, clarifying, "It's just two people trying to find comfort with one another." Hope interrupted Donna by stating that what Donna had described was an affair.

Donna begged Hope not to say anything to anyone. "Never in a million years did I think that I'd be sneaking around with Eric," Donna said, her voice breaking. Donna explained that she understood Eric was married, but she claimed that when Eric was feeling down, he turned to her -- not Quinn. "I'll never feel about another man the way I feel about Eric," Donna said softly. She confessed that she had always believed that she and Eric would end up together.

Hope struggled with how to react to the situation. She declared that while everyone deserved the chance to feel joy and love, everyone also deserved honesty. Hope said that she wanted to talk to Eric to see where his head was and how he felt about his marriage and Donna.

At Forrester, Ridge and Taylor panicked about Sheila's escape from prison and the potential danger that she posed to Steffy. As the pair argued over what to do next, Zende entered the executive suite and asked what was going on. Ridge filled Zende in on Sheila's escape. Taylor called Steffy to alert her to Sheila's escape. Taylor then realized that Li needed to be warned.

A stunned Sheila looked around the room and asked Li what she had done. Li insisted that Sheila needed to leave. "Finn's alive," Sheila gasped. Sheila gently caressed Finn's forehead. Sheila's joy ended abruptly when she realized that Li had allowed her to "grieve [and] suffer" over Finn's supposed death. A defiant Li declared that she had been caring for Finn "as a mother should."

Sheila said that she had seen the life drain out of Finn's eyes after the shooting, and she asked how Li had been able to save Finn. "His pulse came back in the ambulance," Li explained. She said that she had been nearing the end of her shift when Finn had arrived at the hospital. Sheila recalled that no one at University Hospital had said anything about Finn. Li said that only Steffy had been taken there and that Finn had been taken to the unnamed hospital where Li worked.

The doctors, Li said, had given up on reviving Finn, so she had decided to "take over." Sheila marveled at how Li had done everything on her own and allowed everyone to believe that Finn was dead. "Oh, my God," Sheila said as she stared across the room at Li. Sheila declared, "You're even crazier than I am." Li argued that she wasn't crazy. Sheila turned her attention back to Finn and reveled in the opportunity to make things right with him. "Thank you for keeping him alive," Sheila said as she cast a glance back to Li.

Sheila asked Li what Finn remembered about the shooting and if he said anything when he was conscious. Li stated that Finn had not regained consciousness. Sheila demanded that Finn be taken to a hospital, where he could get the care he needed. Li adamantly refused to move Finn.

Li's phone began to ring, and Sheila raced over to prevent Li from answering the call from Ridge. The two women continued to squabble over how and where Finn should be cared for. Li growled that it would be only a matter of time before Sheila was back behind bars. Noting that Finn wasn't dead, Sheila claimed there would be no reason for her to be taken back to jail.

Before Li could comment, Sheila again expressed her concern about Finn not being in a hospital. Li reminded Sheila that the doctors at the hospital had given up on Finn. "I haven't been nursing him back to life, day and night, for you to just swoop in," Li snapped. She stopped when Finn began to struggle to speak.

An elated Li begged Finn to open his eyes. As his eyelids fluttered, he saw a fuzzy image of his mother's face. Without warning, Sheila clobbered Li, sending Li falling to the ground. Sheila then brushed Finn's cheek and said that she could not believe that Finn was alive. Finn saw a fuzzy image of Sheila hovering over him as she declared that she loved him.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air


Thursday, June 16, 2022

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Friday, June 17, and picked up where the Wednesday, June 15, episode concluded.

Li convinces Sheila that Finn needs both of his mothers

Li convinces Sheila that Finn needs both of his mothers

Friday, June 17, 2022

At Eric's house, Hope arrived to talk to Eric. He assumed that she wanted to discuss the collection, but Hope said that she knew the real reason he'd been visiting the athletic club. Hope revealed that she'd seen and overheard Eric and Donna. Eric grimaced, and Hope asked what he was thinking to have an affair.

Hope explained that she'd visited him because she'd wanted to hear his side of things. She believed in the sanctity of marriage, and she thought he did, too. She asked what had happened. Eric replied that he wasn't a bad person, and he and Donna knew that it was wrong. He didn't think he could explain exactly how he'd gotten there, but "here is where I am."

Eric admitted he wasn't comfortable cheating on his wife, but he couldn't deny what Donna brought to his life. Hope asked if it was about Quinn's affair. Hope said she had thought he'd forgiven Quinn, and he affirmed that he had. Hope wondered if his feelings about the deception still lingered.

Hope said she wanted to make sure that Eric wasn't taking advantage of her aunt, who'd loved Eric from afar. Eric said he couldn't forget about what he and Donna had shared in the past. Hope asked if her aunt was the one who'd gotten away, and Eric admitted that he thought so at times.

Hope deduced that Eric's marriage hadn't been the same since Quinn's affair with Carter. Eric replied that he hadn't been the same. Though Hope understood being drawn to someone because one felt safe with that person, Hope urged him to figure out what he wanted. She said it wasn't fair to either woman, and she could see that the guilt was eating him up. She said that they both knew there was a decision to be made about his marriage.

Eric thanked Hope for her understanding and called her a wise woman. Hope replied that the most important thing was that the truth be told.

In the design office, Quinn was working when Carter arrived, saying that no gem sparkled the way she did. He admitted that he shouldn't compliment her, but he couldn't help it. He asked how things had gone with Bridget. Quinn said Bridget, who'd promised not to tell Eric about the ring, hadn't detected an issue with Eric. Quinn felt bad about keeping secrets from Eric.

Excited about her newest shipment of gemstones, Quinn walked over to a table display and gushed about the way some of them stood out. She and Carter reached for the same stone at the same time. He said she was at the top of her game, and she revealed that she'd been feeling inspired. She showed him a black diamond ring and noted the setting she'd been working on. She said the ring would make a woman happy someday.

Carter slipped the ring on Quinn's finger and gazed at her. Quinn said she and Carter couldn't. He insisted that he loved her. Frustrated, Carter said he couldn't live "like this" or take it anymore; he needed to move on. He attempted to flee the room, but she halted him at the door.

In the CEO's office, Ridge was upset that the police had lost custody of Sheila. He was anxious and didn't want to just wait around for information. Taylor stated that Sheila couldn't hide forever.

Ridge called Deputy Chief Baker to ask if there were any updates about Sheila. Baker didn't have anything. Ridge asked if they'd caught anything on camera. Indicating that they were reviewing everything they had, Baker shared that Sheila hadn't returned to her hotel, Deacon hadn't heard from her, and it appeared that a guard had helped her escape during a prison transfer. Baker vowed to catch Sheila. Ridge asked that it happen before someone else got hurt.

Later, Taylor had an eerie feeling, despite Ridge's increase in security. Ridge asked if they should be worried about not hearing from Li. Taylor figured Li was saving someone's life.

At Li's place, Finn began to open his eyes. Sheila told the awakening Finn that his mother was right by his side. Finn struggled to keep his eyes open. His eyes fluttered closed, and she urged him to wake up. When he wouldn't, she turned to Li, whom she'd knocked on the floor.

Li groaned, looking up at Sheila. Overjoyed that Finn had been awake, Sheila claimed that he'd called her mom. Sheila ordered Li to get up because Finn needed her help. Li struggled to her feet and asked Finn if he could hear her. Sheila urged Li to do anything she could to save Finn because Hayes needed his father.

Mortified, Li glared at Sheila. Li's gaze softened, and she asked if Sheila really loved Finn. Affirming it, Sheila said it had been an accident, and it pained her to know she'd caused it. Li didn't know how Sheila could claim to love him when she'd almost taken his life; however, observing Sheila, Li was beginning to see that Sheila really did love Finn, "our son."

Sheila asked if Li meant that. Li said she wouldn't have Finn if it hadn't been for Sheila. Li felt that she had to be grateful for that. Sheila said Li's words meant a lot to her, and she admitted she'd wanted to die when she'd thought she'd killed Finn. Sheila said she was sorry that she'd hit Li, but Sheila had done it because she'd thought Li would go to the police.

Li claimed she didn't care about the police; she only cared about "our son's" well-being. Li said she'd been keeping Finn alive, but Sheila had created him. Sheila replied that, as his mothers, they had something in common. Sobbing, Sheila said Li had saved their boy's life.

Sheila hugged Li and asked if Finn would ever be the same. Li said she wasn't sure; Finn had been oxygen deprived for a while that fateful night. Li said Sheila had arrived to learn about Finn's grave, but instead, she'd learned that Li had kept him alive. Sheila said she owed Li.

Li said Finn needed help, but Li was running out of supplies. Li promised not to become Sheila's enemy by calling the police. Li claimed that she could also go to jail for signing Finn's death certificate and smuggling him out of the hospital. Li had her reputation, medical license, and freedom at risk. She said she couldn't be separated from Finn, who needed her. Finn needed Sheila, too, Li added.

Finn groaned, and Li and Sheila began urging him to fight. Finn opened his eyes, and Sheila said they were both there. Li added that both of his mothers were there.

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