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Paris and Carter forged ahead with their impromptu wedding with a rather short guestlist. Quinn and Bridget caught Eric in bed with Donna, and Eric set Quinn free to stop Carter's wedding.
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Quinn walked in on Eric and Donna, prompting Eric and Quinn to realize their marriage was over, and Eric urged Quinn to stop Carter's wedding
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Quinn and Bridget make a stunning discovery at the club

Quinn and Bridget make a stunning discovery at the club

Monday, June 27, 2022

At Brooke's house, Ridge arrived in a casual suit. Katie was there but said he'd missed Brooke, who'd had an appointment. Assuming that he was going to the wedding, Katie revealed that Hope had told her about it. Katie said she hadn't known Paris and Carter had been dating, "much less" getting married. Ridge said he'd attend, but he thought the whole thing was weird.

Katie agreed, saying it hadn't been far back that Paris had been with Zende, and Carter with Quinn. Katie thanked God that chapter was over for Carter. Ridge said he wasn't sure it was.

With a knock, Donna opened the front door and pranced in, wondering where Brooke was. Katie noted that Donna looked amazing, and Katie wondered if Donna would go to the wedding. Donna replied that she had an "engagement." Katie asked if "this engagement" involved someone special.

As Donna grinned, Katie realized that Donna really was seeing someone. Donna admitted it and said the man was special to her. Deciding not to pry, Katie replied that she was really happy for her sister. Donna, who was late to meet the man, took off, and Katie said she hadn't seen Donna that happy since Eric. "And Eric hasn't been happy in a long time," Ridge noted.

Katie asked what was weighing Ridge down. Ridge admitted that he had reservations about the wedding. Ridge revealed that Carter wasn't running toward a future with Paris; Carter was running from his feelings for Quinn.

Later, Katie said Carter had sworn to her that he'd never go back there with Quinn. Ridge replied that he didn't think Carter had gone back there again. In Ridge's view, Carter had completely lost it. Ridge said he didn't feel Paris deserved it, but Ridge had been unable to get through to Carter or talk him out of marrying Paris that day.

At Eric's house, Eric was headed to a Pickleball game, and Quinn wondered if she should take up the sport or let him teach her. Eric said he had assumed she'd go to Carter's wedding. Eric revealed that he hadn't planned to go himself, out of respect for Zende. Quinn doubted Carter wanted her at his wedding. Eric figured it was due to her disapproval of it. Quinn said she and Carter didn't see things the same way, but she hoped he found what he was looking for.

Quinn attempted to make dinner plans with Eric, but he said it had to be another time. He stated that he didn't want to be late for his meeting. Quinn replied that she thought he was playing Pickleball. "That's what I meant," he said, turning to leave.

Quinn delayed Eric, expressing her interest in spending more time with him. She guessed she had to share him with Pickleball, but she was glad to be the only woman in his life.

In the CEO's office, Carter was on the phone, telling someone that the wedding had to be elegant, refined, and perfect. Paris arrived as the call ended. Although she knew they shouldn't see each other before the wedding, she said she just couldn't stay away. Paris hugged Carter and said he was the dream she'd never known she'd wanted.

The topic turned to wedding guests. Carter asked if Paris had spoken to Zende. She said she hadn't, and Carter decided that it might be for the best. Paris, however, said Zende was Carter's friend, and she really wanted him to be there. Carter asked about Grace. Paris admitted she hadn't heard from her mother, but she wouldn't let it stand in the way of the best day of her life.

Later, Carter was with Charlie, thanking him for agreeing to conduct the wedding. Charlie joked that Carter couldn't marry himself. Because Sheila was on the loose, Charlie promised to keep both eyes on the entrance to the wedding. He said Ridge had ordered extra security.

Charlie relayed Pam's best wishes to Carter. He said Pam wanted to be there for the event, but she had a knitting retreat to attend. Charlie insisted that he and Pam wanted the day to be special for Carter and Paris. "After all, Pammy and I know all about true love," Charlie concluded.

Alone later, Carter recalled Quinn professing love for him.

In the design office, Paris arrived as Zende was finishing up a design. They stammered at the same time, and Paris let him go first. Zende said Grace had told him that Paris and Carter were getting married. "I'm really happy for you. Congratulations," Zende said.

Paris thanked Zende and said that it meant a lot. She revealed that she was getting married that day, and she and Carter wanted Zende to be there. Paris said she'd understand if it was too difficult for him. Zende claimed he'd meant it when he'd said all he wanted was her happiness. He agreed to attend the wedding, and he and Paris hugged.

Later, Paris returned to the CEO's office, and Carter guessed she wanted more superstitious bad luck. Paris replied that she'd wanted to tell him that Zende would attend the wedding. She said Zende was a great guy, and Carter replied that Zende really was.

Carter seemed to go into deep thought. Paris asked if he was okay. Carter said that he was. He said he'd been waiting a long time to build a life with someone, but he'd been looking in the wrong places. She told him that he could stop looking, and they hugged.

In their candlelit bungalow at the club, Eric admired Donna in her lingerie. She said she hadn't been sure he'd wanted to see her after Hope had found out about things. He said that he shouldn't be doing it, but he couldn't stay away from Donna. Donna felt the same way. She said she loved him very much but felt guilty for being with a man who wore two rings from his wife.

Eric said it wasn't the man he wanted to be. He admitted that Quinn deserved to know the truth, and Eric intended to tell her. He stated that he loved Donna too much to let her go. Donna was amazed that Eric was leaving Quinn for Donna. "I choose you. I choose you if you'll have me," he said. Donna affirmed that she would, and as they kissed, Eric laid her on the bed.

At a restaurant at the club, Quinn and Bridget were having a meal on the patio. Quinn said Eric didn't know she was there, but she liked Bridget being nearby in case he had another spike in his heart rate. Bridget told Quinn that she'd have to let Eric know about the ring sooner or later.

Quinn said she'd made the ring because Eric was too busy caring for others to care for himself. She said Eric loved her and cared for her in ways she couldn't articulate, and she'd do anything for her husband. Bridget asked if Quinn had ever played Pickleball with Eric. Quinn replied that the club was his domain, but she was impressed by how the sport made him seem like a new man.

The waiter arrived to take drink orders, and Quinn asked if the waiter knew her husband, Eric Forrester, who'd been there often. The waiter awkwardly acknowledged that he knew Eric, and then the waiter left to fill the orders.

Bridget remarked that she knew about Quinn and Carter's past, and Brooke had told her that Carter was getting married that day. Quinn said it wasn't her concern, and her focus was on Eric. The ring app alert went off, signifying that Eric's heart rate had spiked.

As Quinn panicked about Eric's heart rate, the waiter returned. She asked if he knew what Pickleball court Eric was on. The waiter said the courts were closed for resurfacing.

Confused, Quinn demanded to know where her husband was. "He could be having a heart attack as we speak!" she yelled. The waiter divulged that Eric had been spending time in bungalow 24. Quinn raced out of the restaurant, and Bridget followed her.

Back in Eric's bungalow, Donna and Eric were canoodling in bed. They heard Quinn's voice outside the door. She asked if Eric was in there. Donna hid beneath the covers as Quinn and Bridget entered and flipped on the lights. He asked what they were doing there. Quinn asked why Eric was in bed and what was going on in there. Slowly, Donna revealed herself.

"No," Quinn whimpered.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, June 29, and picked up where the Monday, June 27, episode concluded.

Quinn breaks down as she realizes her marriage is over

Quinn breaks down as she realizes her marriage is over

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Carter paced around Il Giardino, looking at the setup for the wedding. He received a video call from Paris telling him that she could "not wait to be Mrs. Paris Walton." As the call was ending, Ridge approached and commented that Paris sounded like "an excited bride." Carter agreed. "What about the groom?" Ridge asked. Carter was uncharacteristically quiet.

Ridge looked around at the décor for the wedding -- a French motif -- and seemed puzzled by it all. Carter claimed the theme was his idea, and he announced that he would be taking Paris to Paris for their honeymoon. Ridge was unmoved by the witty display of affection. Ridge asked Carter what he was doing because he knew, or rather believed, that Carter did not love Paris.

In a room elsewhere at the restaurant, Hope marveled at how Paris would be a married woman by the end of the day. Hope explained that Liam couldn't attend the wedding because he was out of town on business. Paris appreciated Hope's support but wished that Grace supported her decision to marry Carter. Paris commented that Hope might be the only one in attendance that truly supported her choice to get married. Paris shared that she had invited someone else to the ceremony -- Bill Spencer.

Hope was surprised that Paris would invite Bill, but Paris explained that Bill was a big supporter of her work with the Forrester Foundation, and she thought Bill might want to attend. Zende popped his head into the room and asked if he could have a moment alone with Paris. Hope nodded and left the two to talk.

Zende apologized for showing up early. He told Paris that he wanted to give her "something old school" for her wedding, a corsage. Paris thanked Zende for being there for her. Zende was disappointed to hear that Grace would not be attending the wedding. As if on cue, the door to the room opened, and Grace stepped inside. Grace said nothing, instead walking straight to Paris and giving her a warm embrace. Grace said that she loved her daughter, but she admitted that she was worried that Paris might get hurt by Carter.

"Carter is becoming my husband, the father to my kids, your grandchildren," Paris replied. Grace insisted that she was trying to protect Carter. "That man is running from something," Grace snapped. Paris demanded that her mother stop. A knock sounded on the door, and Hope announced that it was time for the ceremony to start.

In a separate room, Ridge continued to ask Carter about his decision to marry Paris even as Carter was putting on his tuxedo. "You're my best friend. I want to make sure you thought this through," Ridge said. Carter robotically replied "I'm ready. I want a family, I want a partner, and I'm not getting any younger, right?" Without ever mentioning love or Paris' name, Carter then added, "I want this. I need it."

Elsewhere, Charlie walked around the transformed dining area at Il Giardino and marveled at how beautiful everything was. In particular, he loved the Eiffel Tower cookies. He wished that Pam could have been there to see it and bemoaned the "knitting retreat" that she had gone on.

Charlie was surprised when Bill showed up, as was Zende when he walked into the dining area. Bill was somewhat surprised to see Zende in attendance. Zende shared that Paris was "special" to him, and he wanted to support her.

As Quinn stared in disbelief at Eric and Donna in bed together, she slowly put the pieces together that linked Eric's supposed interest in Pickleball and his rapid heartbeat. "I'm sorry you had to find out this way," Eric staid nonchalantly. "I was worried about you," Quinn shouted, ranting, "You're not playing Pickleball, you're having an affair with Donna."

Eric and Donna eventually got out of bed and put on their clothes. Eric insisted that he had planned to tell Quinn, a statement that Donna backed up. Unable to make eye contact with her husband, Quinn said, "You've been lying to me for weeks." Eric asked Quinn what she'd meant about his heart rate having been elevated. Quinn grabbed Eric's hand and removed the ring that she had given him.

Bridget, who had been silent, informed her father that the ring Quinn had given him was a smart ring that had been tracking his heart rate and other vital statistics. "All this time, I thought you were in danger," Quinn said as she fought back tears, adding, "You were betraying our marriage." Quinn struggled to understand why Eric had chosen to step out on their marriage. "How is this okay when I... when I've been working so hard to fix what happened between us?" Quinn asked. Eric insisted that he had forgiven Quinn for her affair with Carter. "[What] I've been struggling with [is] the fact that you're in love with somebody else," Eric replied.

"Everything's easier with Donna. I trust her," Eric said. Eric asked Donna and Bridget to leave the room. They did, but as Bridget exited, she looked back in disbelief at her father. Eric buttoned up his shirt as Quinn burst into tears. "Is this really it? Is this really the end of our marriage?" Quinn asked.

Eric and Quinn both confessed that they'd thought they would always be together. "How is this fair? I've been begging you," Quinn said angrily. She said, "I've been working so hard -- I've been doing everything possible. Here you are doing the exact same thing to me that broke us apart in the first place!"

Eric said that he hated being "this man who cheats on his wife." He swore that he had planned to tell Quinn about Donna later that day. "I'm completely and utterly shattered," Quinn sobbed, stating, "I thought you were the most loyal man in the world." Eric replied, "I thought I was, too." Eric explained that everything had changed when he'd tried to talk to Quinn about Carter's wedding. Eric said, "That's when I realized... the more you tried to keep our marriage together, the more I was drawn away from you. I'm realizing that I have to let go of my love story with you." Eric urged Quinn to realize that she had to let go of hers, as well.

"We were meant to be together... until we weren't," Eric said. Eric admitted that sneaking off to be with Donna was wrong, but he declared that the feelings he had for Donna were not wrong. Eric told Quinn that her feelings for Carter were also not wrong. Quinn said that she wasn't sure that she knew how to let go of Eric. Eric told her to focus on the fact that she loved Carter. Quinn closed her eyes and nodded, acknowledging for the first time her true feelings for Carter. She breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that she no longer had to fear hurting Eric or how his family would respond.

Eric told Quinn that he had cherished their time together. "You charmed me with your wit and your beauty and your talent [and] your intellect. I'm proud I was your husband," Eric said softly. Eric asked Quinn to see the beauty in their heartbreaking situation. Eric then told Quinn, "Right down the beach, this man that you love is about to make the biggest mistake of his life." Quinn slid off her wedding and engagement rings. "I think I'm gonna keep the big diamond," Quinn said with a slight smile. "And so you should," Eric replied.

"You're meant to be with Carter. If you hurry, you won't be too late," Eric added. Meanwhile, at Il Giardino, the "Wedding March" began to play.

Quinn bikes her way to Carter hoping to arrive before it's too late

Quinn bikes her way to Carter hoping to arrive before it's too late

Thursday, June 30, 2022

In Eric's bungalow, Eric advised Quinn that their marriage was over, but what she had with Carter didn't have to be. Quinn said Carter was marrying Paris at that moment. "Not if you hurry," Eric replied.

Eric said that he and Quinn had had a wonderful marriage and had been meant to be together, but there was no going back. He stated that there was still time for her and Carter. Eric urged Quinn to go. Quinn strode to the door. She gazed sadly at Eric. He motioned that it was okay, and she rushed out.

Later, Donna arrived and found Eric gazing at a ring. Donna, who'd seen Quinn run out, asked Eric if it was really over between him and Quinn. Tossing Quinn's wedding ring aside, he said it was as definite as it could get. He added that Donna had known that before Quinn had even walked in because Eric had already told Donna that.

Eric stated that he was ready to be with Donna. Donna replied that she'd been ready for an embarrassingly long time. Eric was glad that he'd caught up to her.

The discussion turned to Quinn. Donna said she had seen Quinn running out of there and was glad Quinn hadn't gone after her instead. Eric explained that Quinn had other things on her mind. He'd never doubted Quinn's love for him, but he'd known that she'd fallen in love with Carter. Eric said that Carter was getting married just down the beach. Eric hoped Quinn would get there in time to stop it and tell Carter how she felt.

At the valet stand, Quinn was unable to find an attendant. She tried, to no avail, to pick the lock on the key box. Checking the time, she gave up and hurried down the street. She called Carter and left him a voice message, imploring him not to marry Paris. Quinn said something had happened that changed everything, and she needed to tell him about it.

Quinn stopped by a bicycle stand. The attendant there assumed that she wanted to rent a bike. Quinn decided that she did, and as she hopped on one, the attendant asked what her name was. Taking off on the bike, Quinn yelled that he could charge it to Eric Forrester.

Riding along, Quinn swerved to avoid a man wheeling a tote on the sidewalk. As she did, a rogue volleyball from a nearby game hit her, knocking her off the bike and into the sand. She dusted herself off and hopped back onto the bike. Thoughts of Carter filled her mind as she rode on, and she smiled with glee.

At the wedding, the "Wedding March" played, and everyone rose for Paris, who sashayed down the aisle in an ivory and ombre pink wedding gown. Charlie commenced the ceremony and realized that saying "dearly beloved" made him feel powerful. He said he finally knew why Carter loved officiating, and he'd try to make Carter proud.

Charlie told everyone that he'd taken off from his duties as head of Forrester security to help out a friend. Charlie said it was his pleasure to do it. Charlie welcomed everyone to the wedding and said that, before they proceeded, he had to ask an unpleasant question -- if anyone objected to the wedding. Carter was pensive as Charlie asked that dissenters speak or forever hold their peace.

No one spoke, and Charlie, who hadn't expected to hear any objections, moved on to the speeches. Hope rose and thanked Carter and Paris for asking her to speak in that moment that was rather unexpected "for most of us, I believe." Hope said the moment was like love, which could sneak up on a person. "When true love arrives, you know," she stated. Hope was thrilled and assumed that the rest of the guests were, too, that Carter and Paris had found it in each other. The looks on Ridge, Zende, and Grace's faces belied Hope's words.

Next, Charlie read a Bible verse. Carter zoned out, thinking of his times with Quinn. Charlie asked the bride and groom to join hands for a prayer, but Ridge stood up, deciding that he needed to speak. Charlie wanted to stay on schedule, but Ridge insisted upon talking.

Ridge said that he knew who Carter was. Carter was strong and methodical, not impulsive, like the wedding. Ridge guessed that if Carter were impulsive, it should be with an amazing woman like Paris, who'd charmed them all. Ridge called her a great asset to Forrester and said she deserved true love, someone who'd love her completely. "We all deserve that. We shouldn't settle for anything else," Ridge said. Carter cut Ridge off and thanked him. Charlie picked back up where he'd left off, asking everyone to bow their heads.

Later, Charlie moved on to the vows portion of the ceremony. Paris went first, still stunned that the wedding had happened so fast. She said it had all been unexpected, but she'd fallen for him. She said that he was an attractive, magnificent man. Zende looked away, and Paris continued, saying she hadn't even been thinking about marriage until Carter had proposed. She said everything felt as if it made sense, and things were falling into place. She was excited about the adventure with Carter, the good, the bad, the richer, and the poorer. "Bring it on," she said.

Carter stated that he was ready, too. He was ready to do something with the deep, abiding love he'd been carrying around, "and, Paris, you're the answer. You're my way out, my way forward after being stuck for so long." Carter stated that people thought the marriage was happening fast, but he didn't know why it had taken him so long to figure out what he needed.

Charlie asked if Carter had the rings. Carter presented them, and Charlie prompted Paris to give one of them to Carter as a token of her affection. Ridge pitifully shook his head.

Back outside, Quinn made it to her destination. She dropped the bike by a sign for Il Giardino and ran off in the direction of the restaurant. When she made it to the restaurant, the exhausted Quinn slid over the threshold and witnessed Paris and Carter smiling together at the altar.

Quinn professes her love for Carter and Carter kisses Paris goodbye

Quinn professes her love for Carter and Carter kisses Paris goodbye

Friday, July 1, 2022

At Il Giardino, Paris and Carter began the exchange of rings. Quinn arrived on the threshold of the patio. Carter turned and said, "Quinn?" Apologizing for interrupting, Quinn asserted that nothing would stop her from saying what she needed to say and what Carter needed to hear.

Informing Quinn that she needed to leave, Paris prompted Charlie to continue the ceremony. Charlie asked the distracted Carter if Charlie should continue. Ridge shook his head. "This is gonna be good," Bill uttered under his breath. Paris asked Carter to tell Quinn to leave and said they couldn't let Quinn spoil their special moment.

Quinn refused to leave until Carter heard her out. Quinn stated that many things had happened, and it had changed everything. Her love for him, however, hadn't changed. Paris blinked in stunned disbelief as Quinn said she loved Carter more than anything and couldn't let him go.

Quinn guessed it was the last thing Carter had expected, but Quinn couldn't let him go through with a marriage that they both knew he really didn't want. "You did not just say that! Tell me she didn't just say that!" Paris yelled. Done with the theatrics, Ridge asked what it was all about. Quinn said she loved Carter. Ridge asked about her marriage to his father.

Holding up her ringless left hand, Quinn announced that her marriage was over, and Eric wanted to be with Donna. Ridge expressed shock. Quinn said Ridge should be happy about the news. "I'm not saying I'm not happy -- " Ridge began to say. Quinn cut in, asking if she could explain things to Ridge later. At that moment, she wanted to tell Carter how she felt.

Quinn said that Carter was the man for her. She was hopelessly in love with him. She stated that they'd been working hard to do the right thing and not hurt the people they loved. She was done running and hiding. She loved Carter, and she didn't care who knew or what anyone else had to say. Quinn wanted to make her life with him.

Paris asked Carter not to listen to Quinn, who was trying to stop him from moving on. Paris said Carter belonged with her, not Quinn. Ridge said Carter and Quinn should talk alone, but Paris said she and Carter wouldn't let Quinn get in the way of their special day. "Will we?" she asked. In Carter's silence, Paris asked Carter to make it clear to Quinn that his future was with Paris.

Quinn told Carter that she loved him more than any man on the planet, and she was her best self with him. He made her feel calm and at peace. She said he was the man she wanted to kiss before she went to sleep and the man she wanted to wake up with every morning. She said she wanted to love him every moment of every day for the rest of her life.

"Just a few more words, and we will be husband and wife. Carter, please, let's make this happen," Paris implored Carter. With one look in his eyes, she sighed in disbelief. He kissed Paris' hand, turned to Quinn, and nodded. Quinn and Carter ran to each other and kissed. He spun her around.

At Brooke's house, Katie was surprised that Donna had returned. Brooke was still out, but Katie was there working. Katie said she got a lot done when it was nice and quiet. Donna noted that the place was like Fort Knox. Katie said that, because Sheila was on the loose, Ridge had put round-the-clock security on Brooke and Taylor.

Katie suspected that Donna hadn't just stopped by to see if Brooke was back. Donna giggled, and Katie figured it had to do with the new man in Donna's life. Donna affirmed that it had everything to do with him, but he wasn't new. "It's Eric," Donna revealed.

Later, the amazed Katie said she'd had no idea about Donna and Eric. Donna replied that they'd been discreet. "Until you were caught by Quinn and Bridget," Katie quipped. Donna added that Hope knew, too, and Katie asked how. Donna offered to explain it all later.

Hesitantly, Katie said marriage should be respected, but in that case, Quinn had already cheated on Eric with Carter. Donna explained that Eric hadn't been able to move beyond it; Quinn had fallen in love with Carter and was at that moment trying to stop his wedding.

Donna didn't know what would happen with Quinn and Carter. Although Donna believed people thought she and Eric were wrong, Donna said their relationship hadn't been sordid. Donna felt that they were best friends and made each other happy; it was really beautiful. Katie called it love. Donna replied that she loved Eric, and he loved her. She didn't know what would happen, but she believed her future would be with Eric.

Donna couldn't believe Quinn had been suppressing her feelings for Carter that whole time. Katie thought Carter deserved better but said that Eric was free, at least. Katie felt sorry for Paris. Donna believed that Carter had been running from his feelings for Quinn, and Donna suspected that Quinn and Carter might reunite, as well.

At the cliff house, Taylor was reading when Thomas entered from the patio. He'd been surfing, but he'd wanted to check on Taylor. Thomas, who'd been staying with Taylor despite the extra security, said that until Sheila was caught, Taylor had herself a temporary roommate.

Taylor was upset with herself for not seeing that Sheila hadn't changed. "If I wasn't so busy having a Kumbaya moment with her -- " Taylor started to say. Cutting her off, Thomas said Taylor's actions hadn't caused what had happened. Thomas wondered how Sheila lived with herself after killing her own son.

Taylor, who was working from home until Sheila got caught, was glad for the quality time she got to spend with Thomas. Thomas asked if she'd spent any with Ridge. "Parent trap," Taylor said, coughing. She told Thomas that if it happened, it happened, but if it didn't, Ridge was the biggest dummy in the world. Thomas said Ridge didn't have to be forced to realize anything, and Ridge would see on his own that his future was with Taylor, not Brooke.

Taylor showed Thomas pictures of Steffy and the kids. It saddened Taylor that, even though Steffy would recuperate and be a great mother for the kids, life wouldn't be the same. Thomas said it would be just as good, just different. He remarked that his father could have a better life moving forward. Thomas felt that the odds were good that Ridge would realize that his life was better with Taylor.

At Li's hideaway, Sheila asked Finn to open his eyes. She wondered why he wouldn't wake up. She told him that his mother was right there, and she couldn't lose him. Frustrated, Sheila asked why Li had had to lie to Sheila. Sheila claimed she had never wanted to hurt Li. Sheila pulled herself together and sat beside Finn, telling him that Mama would always be there.

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