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Finn flatlined, but Sheila used everything within her power to shock him back to life. As he remembered what had happened in the alley, he realized he was alone with a crazy woman. Carter jilted Paris at the altar, and Taylor finally learned where she stood with Ridge.
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Finn remembered the night he was shot by Sheila, Carter jilted Paris at the altar, and Ridge told Taylor that he moved back in with Brooke.
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Quinn and Carter reconnect, and Finn flatlines

Quinn and Carter reconnect, and Finn flatlines

Monday, July 4, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Hope said that if she'd arrived sooner, she wouldn't have missed showering with Liam. Liam quipped that if he'd arrived sooner, he wouldn't have missed the wedding fireworks. He was shocked that Quinn had stopped Paris and Carter's wedding. Liam guessed he should have figured something had been up when Bill had text-messaged him, saying weddings with the Forresters were never dull.

Liam said people should be glad it hadn't been Sheila busting up the wedding. Hope mentioned the security Ridge had hired for the event, and Liam asked if she'd seen the big dudes at the front gates on Brooke's property. Hope said it was the same at Steffy's house and Forrester.

Liam was glad that Steffy and the kids weren't around for it, but Liam felt bad because Steffy and Finn had really wanted to go to Monaco together. Hope said it was crazy that Sheila, who'd robbed the couple of that, was still out there. Hope wondered what Sheila would do next.

At Il Giardino, Quinn sat on Carter's lap, unable to believe she'd stopped his wedding. Carter doubted that Paris was feeling the way he and Quinn were. He guessed he should talk to Paris. Quinn replied that she'd be waiting right there, and Carter said he liked the sound of that.

In Paris' dressing room, Grace consoled her daughter and said Paris had finally seen the kind of man Carter really was. Grace stood up when Carter arrived, guessing he was the last person they wanted to see. Grace smacked him in the face and sat back down to hold her daughter.

Carter said he figured an apology would sound hollow. He admitted to not being honest about his love for Quinn, but he claimed he'd wanted to make Paris feel happy and respected, things she deserved. He believed it would happen, and Paris would find the man who truly deserved her.

Later, Carter had gone, and Paris said she felt like a fool. Grace didn't want Paris to feel that way. Grace believed that Paris always saw the good in people, and Grace didn't want Paris to lose that and become a cynic. Standing in the doorway, Zende lent his agreement to Grace.

Zende urged Paris to believe she'd bounce back better than ever. Grace thought it was kind of Zende to say. She decided to load the car, and Zende asked if he could take Paris home. Paris told Zende that he didn't have to feel sorry for her. Zende replied that Carter was the one Zende felt sorry for because Carter had given up the best thing that could have happened to him.

Back in the dining area, Carter told Quinn that Paris wasn't okay but would be. He stated that he'd had to be honest. Quinn replied that there was a lot of honesty going around that day. Offering his hand to her, Carter said, "Let's go home."

Later, Quinn and Carter were in his bedroom. She'd just had a shower and thanked him for letting her freshen up. He thanked her for telling him about what had happened with Eric and about her feelings for him. She asked if he remembered the first time they'd said they loved each other. It had been in the loft. They recalled that the first time they'd kissed and made love had been in that loft, too. They began kissing.

Quinn said she couldn't believe she'd thought she could live without "this." She admitted she'd tried to for a long time, but she'd known from the moment that she'd let Carter into her heart that she loved him. He replied that he loved her, too, and they kissed.

Quinn said Carter got his wish of what their life would be like if they'd run away together. She reasoned that there had been biking, not running, and she'd fallen down a lot. Carter replied that it was the future they'd always dreamed about. Slowly, they began making love.

In Li's hideaway, Mike arrived as Sheila was caring for Finn. Sheila had asked him to be there because she needed his help. She led Mike into Finn's room, and Mike saw a man on a bed. "Is that Finn? Your son? That you killed?" Mike asked.

Sheila explained that she'd thought she'd killed Finn, but his adoptive mother had been taking care of him. Mike was amazed that he'd sprung her from jail for murder, but she wasn't even guilty. Sheila felt that she'd never been guilty because it had been an accident, but Mike asked about her shooting Finn's wife and escaping jail; those weren't accidents in Mike's view.

Sheila replied that she never would have seen her son again if Mike hadn't helped her escape. She said she needed Mike's help to keep Finn alive. Mike replied that she was the nurse, not him. He didn't know what he could do. Sheila reasoned that he could access the prison infirmary.

Mike wondered about Finn's adoptive mother, the big-time doctor. Sheila said Li couldn't help anymore, and Mike asked why that was. In Sheila's silence, Mike guessed that she'd done something. "I didn't intend to kill her," Sheila replied. Flabbergasted, he said, "Kill her?"

Sheila explained that Li had lost control of her car, and it had been an accident. He reasoned that "those" happened around Sheila a lot. "And I might want to remember that," he added.

Sheila said she needed Mike. Mike replied that those were three words he couldn't resist. A flashback played of Mike and Sheila tampering with samples for Bridget's paternity test. Next played a flashback of Sheila siccing a Doberman on him.

Sheila said that Mike was the one person she could depend upon. Mike replied that they'd been through a lot together, but he hadn't broken her out of jail so she could go on a crime spree. Sheila said she could have run away, but she'd risked her future to take care of her son. She asked if a monster or sociopath would do that. She insisted that she'd changed.

"With all due respect, Sheila, you shot your son and your daughter-in-law, and then you killed his adoptive mom. I don't think you changed that much," Mike reasoned.

Beside Sheila, Finn began murmuring. Unsure of how to help Finn, Sheila began fretting about Li, saying that Li should be there. Mike replied that Li wasn't, and Sheila had seen to that. Sheila asked if a body had been found or if anything had been on the news. Mike said he hadn't heard anything. Sheila said it didn't make sense to her, and she wondered if Li had been washed out to sea.

Mike said that Sheila should be more worried about people finding her than finding Li. Mike said her escape was the prison buzz, and her capture would get a big bonus. He said she'd promised she'd behave, but someone else was dead.

Sheila promised that no one else would die, but Mike didn't think Finn looked good. Sheila stated that Li had been an amazing doctor, and Sheila hadn't meant to kill her. Sheila admitted that she needed Li, but Mike replied that Li wouldn't be back.

Finn began to go into convulsions, and he flatlined. "Oh, no! I killed him again!" Sheila wailed.

Steffy continues to mourn as Finn regains consciousness

Steffy continues to mourn as Finn regains consciousness

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

In Paris, Steffy sat at a desk, scrolling through digital pictures of Finn. She shuddered as a weird feeling seemed to come over her.

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived to check on Taylor. She thanked him, but he said he'd do it as long as Sheila was loose. Ridge was frustrated because Deputy Chief Baker had nothing on Sheila's whereabouts. He felt that Taylor had made the right call in convincing Steffy to go abroad. Ridge loved Taylor for her intuition, but she wished it had been better about Sheila.

Ridge and Taylor decided to video-call Steffy. During the call, Steffy admitted that she was sad and thinking a lot about how the trip could have been if Finn were there. She said the trip was good for the kids, but she was still getting used to being without Finn.

Taylor hoped her daughter was letting the grieving process happen. Steffy said she was allowing herself to feel whatever she was feeling. She said she wanted to hold on to her memories and had never thought Finn would be taken so soon. Steffy still couldn't believe that Sheila had just sailed out of prison. With his arm around Taylor, Ridge promised Steffy that Sheila would be caught.

Steffy advised her parents to stay safe, and Taylor remarked about the security Ridge had gotten. Ridge offered to get Steffy whatever she needed, but all she claimed to need was Finn, whom no one could bring back.

Later, the call had ended, and Taylor was upset because Steffy didn't deserve any of what was happening. Taylor couldn't imagine it if Steffy had to be there with Sheila on the loose. Ridge asserted that Sheila should be behind bars. Taylor didn't know how Sheila even woke up in the morning after what she'd done, let alone how she'd planned an escape from jail.

Taylor wondered how Finn had turned out to be a wonderful man. She said he'd never completely shut the door on Sheila because he'd been a good and kind man. Taylor was glad she'd lived with Finn and Steffy and witnessed firsthand how happy they'd been. Ridge replied that Finn had given Steffy a beautiful life and child, and hopefully, one day, Steffy would heal.

Back in Paris, Steffy flashed back to Finn proposing marriage to her. She recalled their vows on their wedding day. She sighed, heartbroken as she gazed at his picture.

At Li's hideaway, Sheila did chest compressions on the flatlining Finn. Mike didn't think it was working. He and Sheila began bickering with each other about whether she knew what she was doing or should be doing it, but Mike stopped when he saw her wheeling out a defibrillator. Asking if she knew how to use "that thing," Mike noted that she'd kill Finn if she didn't. Sheila forged ahead, determined not to lose Finn again.

Mike begged Sheila to call for help, but she said no one could know Finn was alive. "He won't be if you start shocking him with those things!" Mike contended. Sheila ordered Mike to get Finn's shirt off. Mike found some scissors and cut the garment. "Clear!" Sheila yelled and pressed the paddles to Finn's chest, causing Finn's body to jolt.

Mike feared that Sheila would kill Finn -- again -- but Sheila refused to stand by while Finn flatlined. She thought the machine needed more charge. "Based on what? Some TV show you've seen?" Mike asked. Sheila ordered him to turn up the machine, but he refused to be an accomplice. "You're already here!" Sheila yelled and zapped Finn again.

Mike urged her to let it go, but Sheila shocked Finn again and again, begging him to come back. After a few moments, the heart monitor detected a heartbeat. Sheila gasped and cried on Finn's chest, relieved that she'd brought him back.

Sheila stated that "we'd" done it, and Mike replied that all he'd done had been to offer moral support. Sheila replied that she and Finn had done it while Mike had stood there, gripping his pearls and predicting doom. Mike called her a warrior who'd refused to give up, but Sheila replied that she was a mother who'd saved her son's life. "Now, if I can just get him to open those beautiful eyes," Sheila stated.

Mike asked if she'd thought of what would happen when Finn woke up. Mike assumed that, barring a neurological issue, Finn would wake up knowing what had happened in the alley -- that she'd almost killed him and the mother of his son. "And that doesn't put a dent in what you did to his mother," Mike added. Sheila asserted that she was his mother, but Mike didn't think that compared to the mother who'd raised him.

Sheila asked if she could just enjoy the moment. She said she'd brought her son back, but Mike was trying to take Finn away again. Mike said that he was just thinking one step ahead, such as about what had happened to Li's body. Mike figured Li's car would be at the bottom for a long time, but they didn't know if her body had been thrown from it or not.

Finn groaned. Sheila ordered Mike to leave, saying Finn couldn't see him there. Mike replied that he didn't need to be told twice. Like a shot, he was gone. Sheila gently urged Finn to come back and said Mama was right there waiting.

Finn moved his hand and groaned. Slowly, his eyes opened. Sheila explained that he was back. Finn's vision was blurry as he gazed at Sheila. "Mom?" he murmured. Sheila affirmed that she was by his side and loved him. He tried to ask a question, but she told him not to even try. She said he'd been somewhere else for a long time. "Thank God for your moth -- me for bringing you back," Sheila said. She claimed that it was a miracle that her son was alive.

Finn remembers the night of the shooting

Finn remembers the night of the shooting

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

At the cliff house, a concerned Taylor asked Ridge how he thought Steffy was really doing. Ridge insisted that Steffy was doing okay "because she's strong, and she's going to continue to be strong for her kids." Ridge added that "that lunatic Sheila" would not take anything else away from them ever again.

Taylor was relieved that there had not been any "incidents" involving Sheila. Both Ridge and Taylor sensed that it was only a matter of time before Sheila popped up somewhere to wreak havoc. "What if Sheila found out where Steffy is?" Taylor asked. Ridge noted that Sheila had no passport, identification, or credit cards to travel to get to Europe. Taylor responded that no one had thought that Sheila would have been able to break out of jail -- but she had.

Ridge assured Taylor that everything would be fine. He told Taylor that he needed to go check on Brooke, something that didn't sit well with Taylor. Taylor expressed her disappointment in herself for how Sheila had "played" her. Taylor said that she wished she had not been on the rooftop the day that Sheila had contemplated jumping. "The world would be a better place," Taylor snapped.

In the cabin on Brooke's property, Liam and Hope both expressed their concern that no one had been able to locate Sheila. "I feel like I am just going to be on high alert [and] pins and needles until Sheila is found," Hope said as she anxiously paced back and forth. Liam suggested that they start a new habit of waking up each morning and reminding themselves of the things they were able to control and also those things that they were grateful for.

Liam quickly changed the topic to Eric and Donna getting back together. Hope countered with Quinn and Carter's unexpected reunion. Both were left shaking their heads over how things had turned out. Liam turned the conversation back to Sheila and asked if he and Hope should move to the main house so that they could keep an eye on Brooke. Hope smiled and thanked Liam for being a "thoughtful, sweet, caring, attentive husband." Hope said that she had already made the suggestion and been rebuffed by Brooke.

Hope vented her frustration that Ridge had chosen to continue living at the Forrester mansion rather than with Brooke. "What does she need to do to get Ridge to come home?" Hope asked.

In the main house, Brooke was alone in the living room when the lights flickered. Suddenly, the power went off, and there was the sound of the front door opening. She was relieved when Ridge entered the house. Brooke explained that, unfortunately, she had tripped going up the stairs and was unable to put weight on her foot. Ridge offered to look at it, but Brooke pulled away.

Ridge told Brooke that he had tried texting her several times but gotten no response. Brooke said that she couldn't find her phone and that she had probably put it into silent mode before misplacing it.

Finn slowly regained consciousness. As his eyes fluttered, he caught a fuzzy image of Sheila and groggily asked, "Mom?" Sheila beamed broadly and replied, "Honey, yes -- it's Mom!" Finn mumbled something, but Sheila was not able to understand him. She urged him to try to focus his energy on his words so that she could help him.

Finn slowly looked around the room and saw the various monitors and medical devices. Finn was able to muster enough strength to say the word "hospital." Sheila explained that he was not in a hospital; she was taking care of him. Finn then asked, "Where's Steffy?" Sheila became increasingly frantic and moved about the room as she told Finn that Steffy was okay. She insisted that Finn conserve his energy and focus on healing.

Sheila called Finn's waking up "a miracle" and vowed that she would not lose him. "What happened?" Finn asked several times. Sheila sat down on the bed beside Finn and said she'd explain to him everything he needed to know. "The reason that you're in this condition is because you were shot. And I'm so, so very sorry," Sheila said softly. Speaking haltingly, Finn tried to convince Sheila that he needed to be in a hospital. Sheila reminded Finn that she was a "trained nurse" who was more than capable of giving him the care he needed.

Sheila again referenced Finn's shooting but called it a "terrible accident." Finn began to recall the events that had led up to his shooting. As he did, he eyes widened. Sheila told Finn that she loved him "so very much" and claimed her life had been hell since the shooting. Sheila asked Finn if he remembered anything about the night of the shooting. Finn began to breathe rapidly as he remembered arriving at Il Giardino just as Sheila had been about to shoot Steffy. "You. It was you," Finn mumbled, clarifying, "You shot me!"

Ridge asks Brooke a life-changing question

Ridge asks Brooke a life-changing question

Thursday, July 7, 2022

At Brooke's house, Ridge lit candles around the dark room, sorry that he'd startled Brooke. Brooke replied that she'd thought he'd been Sheila arriving to get Brooke. Brooke was grateful that Ridge was there. He fetched her some pain relievers and said he'd called their neighbors down the road, who were also without power. She figured that they were in for a long night -- just the two of them, cut off from the rest of the world.

Ridge said that he could think of worse predicaments. Brooke thought the house was safe and cozy, and it was thanks to Ridge. "I'm here for you," he replied, adding that she didn't have to worry about Sheila as long as he was around. Brooke stated that Ridge was all she needed. She said that when he was there, things were fine, "but when you're not..."

Brooke explained that it had been hard to live with herself and what she'd done, breaking her sobriety and kissing Deacon. The worst part of it for her had been seeing Ridge in pain. Ridge explained that it was why he was there. The thought of something hurting her made it impossible for him to sleep. "I'll always be there," he told her.

Ridge remarked that the past few months had been tough, dealing with Finn and Steffy and being away from Brooke. Brooke said she'd never meant to betray him. Ridge replied that it had been tough, even the days leading up to the event. Brooke replied that she never would have kissed Deacon if she'd been sober.

Ridge knew that, and he said he just wanted to help Brooke. Brooke thought it was sweet that he wanted to help with her broken ankle. He clarified that he wanted to help her because she'd been hurt, but he hadn't been there. He asked what she'd say if he told her that he wanted to be home. She guessed she'd say they were the words she'd been waiting to hear for a long time.

"I want to come home -- if you'll have me," Ridge uttered. Brooke said, "Of course, of course," and the two kissed. Brooke thought they were taking a step in the right direction. "Well, maybe not 'step,'" she decided. Ridge said he'd hobble anywhere with her. They agreed to live in the moment, and the two kissed again.

At the cliff house, Thomas arrived with flowers for his mother. Taylor appreciated it and was glad to have her son around. She'd just been looking at pictures of Finn and Steffy. Taylor wished that Finn was alive. She remarked that Ridge had been there earlier, and they'd talked to Steffy. Thomas and Taylor both said they missed Steffy but were glad she was out of town for her own safety.

Thomas received a call from security, and they reported that Jack had arrived. Thomas opened the front door for the morose Jack, who said he'd tried calling before arriving. Taylor said it was okay. She noted that it had been a few days since she'd last spoken to him. Jack explained that he'd been laying low, but he found it comforting to be at Finn's home.

Taylor told Jack that he was always welcome there. Jack remarked upon the security at the cliff house and expressed his frustration with Sheila being on the run. Sobbing, he said that he missed his boy very much. Jack admitted that some days, he couldn't even get out of bed. He said that since he had told Li about his affair with Sheila, Li had completely cut him out of her life, and he didn't know where Finn's final resting place was. He wanted to see it and asked if Taylor knew where it was.

Taylor explained that Li had handled it after Finn had wound up at a different hospital than Steffy. Taylor said Li hadn't divulged the details and had even gotten angry, but Steffy deserved to know. Jack wanted to see Li and grieve with her. Taylor was sure Li was drowning in grief.

Later, Jack had gone, and Thomas said it had been tough witnessing Jack that way. "If only Finn hadn't been taken from Steffy," Taylor said, and Thomas hugged her.

In Li's hideaway, Finn recalled that Sheila had shot him. Sheila pleaded with him to believe that she hadn't meant to hurt him. Finn flashed back to Sheila ordering Steffy to put the phone down. "You were going to shoot Steffy," Finn recalled. Sheila said she could explain.

Finn grunted, trying to lift himself, to no avail. Sheila claimed that Steffy hadn't let up or listened and hadn't given "your mom" any slack. Sheila said Steffy shouldn't have tried to keep Sheila from Finn and Hayes. Finn asked about his son. Sheila assured him that his son was strong and happy. Finn asked where Steffy was. "We are going to talk about it later," Sheila uttered, but Finn persisted, asking if Sheila had hurt his wife.

Sheila revealed that Steffy was fine and was vacationing with the kids. Sheila figured it was confusing for him, and she didn't want to hinder his recovery; however, she had to tell him that everyone thought he was dead. Finn tried to get up again, but Sheila pressed him back against the mattress. She said he'd injured his lumbar spine and couldn't get out of bed yet.

Finn groaned, saying he needed a hospital, but Sheila said it was too complicated. She assured him that she was taking care of him, and he'd see his wife again. Finn insisted that he needed his wife and a hospital. Sheila raged about those people at the hospital leaving him for dead and said his mother had saved his life. He asked if she meant herself.

Sheila affirmed that she'd saved Finn. Finn asked where "Mom," the doctor, was. Sheila replied that she was his mother. Sheila said he'd flatlined, but she had brought him back and had never given up on him. "Mommy's here, and she's gonna take care of you. Does that sound good?" Sheila asked. Finn said Steffy's name.

"Damn it, Finn! Just do what Mommy says!" Sheila yelled. Finn became startled, and Sheila apologized for losing control. She told him that it had been a stressful, confusing situation, but it was also a miracle. She stated that he had his whole life to live and to see Steffy and Hayes. "Now," Finn asserted, but Sheila denied him. She repeated that he had his whole life to spend with them, but at that moment, he was there with his mother.

Inside his head, Finn thought, "I'm stuck here with a crazy woman. But I'm alive. I have to find a way out of here. Get home to Steffy. Soon, Steffy...I will see you soon..."

Ridge tells Taylor that he's moved back in with Brooke

Ridge tells Taylor that he's moved back in with Brooke

Friday, July 8, 2022

In Carter's bedroom, Carter rubbed suntan lotion on Quinn as she wondered if he'd ever thought they'd be a normal couple, grilling on his rooftop. She couldn't believe they were together. He said they were, but happy to convince her of it, Carter kissed her.

Quinn said that she'd spoken to Wyatt, and he was cautiously happy for her if she was happy. Quinn said she was -- but she wasn't thrilled with Eric and Donna. Quinn was disgusted that Donna had lured Eric in with a bottle of honey. Quinn said that she promised herself that she wouldn't think about it, and she'd let it go. She'd made her choice, and Eric had made his, so she intended to focus on the super-hot body in front of her.

"Well, honey," Carter said, chuckling. Quinn told him that he was never allowed to call her that. He wished he'd seen her tearing down the beach. She pointed out that if she hadn't stopped the wedding, he'd be on a miserable honeymoon with Paris at that moment.

Carter felt sorry for Paris, but Quinn said the young and talented Paris would be fine. He asked if he was supposed to let himself off the hook after leaving Paris at the altar. Quinn said he should because he and Quinn, who'd had to fight their feelings for so long, could be out in the open. She couldn't imagine a future without him and said she was lucky she didn't have to.

Carter started to head up to the roof, but lying on the bed, Quinn suggested that they work up an appetite first. Carter joined her on the bed.

Later, Quinn and Carter decided that they hadn't lost their touch in bed. He felt that they were more than lovers. In his view, they were friends and confidants. Quinn said she'd never been happier in her entire life, and she couldn't wait to see where their love story took them.

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived and wondered if Taylor was alone. Taylor said Thomas was picking up Douglas, and they were having a feast later. She invited Ridge to join them, but he told her that he had plans. She urged him to stay for a little while, thinking his plans couldn't be a barbeque. "It is a barbeque. Brooke and I are hosting one. I moved back in with her," he said.

Taken aback, Taylor assumed that Ridge's separation was officially over. She asked when it had happened and why. Ridge explained that Brooke had broken her ankle. "Well, there's a reason to give a marriage another go," Taylor quipped. Ridge said it was more than that, but he was going to be there for his wife, who needed his help. He added that they'd live in the moment and give it another shot. He knew that it wasn't what Taylor wanted to hear.

"No. No. Really?" Taylor asked. Ridge stated that Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor were also his family, and he wouldn't turn his back on them. Taylor admitted that it wasn't the "end game" she'd been hoping for, but she'd been expecting it after they'd learned what Sheila had done to Brooke and about Sheila's manipulations to reunite Taylor and Ridge. It was a tough pill for her to swallow, but she believed that what she and Ridge had shared had been real.

Ridge moved forward as if to hug Taylor, but she knocked a bowl of fruit on the floor. Taylor picked the fruit up, murmuring that she hated Sheila. Ridge replied that it wasn't about Sheila. He said he'd keep Taylor safe, and he'd always do that. Taylor responded that she was trying to keep his heart safe from Brooke, who would hurt him again -- like Brooke always did.

Taylor asked if Ridge was okay with all of Brooke's mistakes -- Bill and Deacon -- and knowing that Brooke would turn to another man. Ridge said he and Brooke were just living in the moment. Taylor reminded him that it was what Taylor and Ridge had done. "Can you just maybe get a different phrase to refer to you and Brooke? That would be awesome," she said.

Taylor stated that, as his ex-wife, his best friend, and a world-renowned psychiatrist who couldn't seem to fall out of love with him, she wanted to point out something about his long road to destiny. Interrupting her, Ridge said it wasn't necessary. "Really?" Taylor asked. She decided he was right, because the marriage was filled with heartache and disappointment. She said he'd made his choice, but it would be hard for her to watch because she just wanted him to be happy.

Ridge said he knew Taylor wanted that, and she'd always have his back. He loved her for that. He tried to hug her, but she stepped back, saying, "No." Silently, he walked out of the house.

At Brooke's house, Brooke hosted an afternoon party for her family. Paris meekly raised her glass when Eric toasted to the day and began quietly talking to Zende. Hope figured it had to feel good to Brooke to host her first official event since Ridge had moved back in.

Brooke said that she and Ridge were living in the moment. "Ridge is concerned about me -- and now my ankle," she added. Eric thought Ridge's move was reason to celebrate. Donna remarked that Ridge and Brooke would be fully committed in no time. Liam said Brooke and Ridge were "the stuff of legend." Brooke quipped that it made them sound ancient. Hope wondered when Ridge would be there. Brooke said it depended on how Taylor took the news.

Later, Eric informed everyone that Donna had agreed to return to Forrester Creations. Brooke and Hope called it wonderful, and Hope said she felt lucky to celebrate all the love in the room.

As the party went on, Zende asked if the festivities were too much for Paris. Paris said that being around couples and happiness gave her hope. They joined Eric's conversation with Liam, Donna, and Hope. Eric noted that Liam had made the chili. Hope bragged that it was award-winning chili, and Zende asked if Liam had been the sole competitor in the competition.

Brooke ended a call with Bridget, who'd be there soon. Hope approached her mom, saying Bridget would be happy to hear about Ridge and Brooke. Hope said Ridge and Brooke were taking baby steps, but Hope recalled that Brooke always said a certain thing about Ridge. Brooke replied that Ridge would always be her destiny.

Later, Paris and Zende saw Eric and Donna canoodling nearby. Paris told Zende that she was happy for the couple, and Zende assumed it was because Quinn was out of Eric's life. Paris replied that no one could expect her to be gracious about Quinn. Zende felt that Paris had a right to still be upset, but he believed that Paris would forget all about it once she was blissfully married to another man.

Nearby, Donna said she hoped that Eric was feeling it, too. He asked what she meant, and she indicated that it felt good to be in the open. He agreed and apologized for not doing it sooner. She said she didn't want him to be sorry, but she wanted the whole world to know that she was more in love with him than ever. He stated that he wanted the whole world to know it, too.

Later, Ridge arrived. Brooke was alone in the living room, but they could hear the family partying out by the pool. Brooke said she'd stayed behind to wait for him because she'd figured that he'd want to talk. She asked how it had gone. He shrugged, and she said she was sorry. She admitted that she knew that he cared about Taylor. Ridge revealed that he more than cared about Taylor. "I have kids with her. I had a life with her. To tell her that I'm back with you just wasn't..." he said, shrugging.

Brooke guessed it had been hard for Ridge to say and hard for Taylor to hear; however, Taylor was a strong lady. Ridge agreed, adding that Taylor was safe and had Thomas with her. Brooke said she worried about Taylor, too, and it would be awful if Taylor fell into the wrong hands.

At Il Giardino, Taylor arrived and eyed the empty bar. She gazed around and sighed. Deacon approached the bar as she turned as if about to leave. Deacon called to her, and she guessed she was the last person he'd expected to see. Deacon replied that he'd figured she'd want to stay away from there after what had happened to Finn and Steffy.

Taylor said she was trying to figure things out, and she'd thought "maybe if I..." Taylor sighed. She said Steffy was out of town with the kids, and Taylor was trying to figure out how Sheila had escaped. Deacon replied that the cops hadn't found Sheila yet. Taylor explained that it had occurred to her that Sheila might have contacted him, or he might know where Sheila was. "And if you do, you need to tell me," Taylor added.

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