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Deacon sat down for an appointment with Taylor but wound up doing the counseling. When Finn struggled to get out of bed, insisting upon seeing Steffy, Sheila injected his I.V., causing him to pass out. Quinn sulked about Eric choosing Donna over Quinn.
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Sheila caught Finn trying to get out of bed, and Deacon and Taylor bonded over rejection
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Taylor informs Deacon of Ridge and Brooke's reunion

Taylor informs Deacon of Ridge and Brooke's reunion

Monday, July 11, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge snuggled on the sofa. Brooke said that they'd needed the party they'd had earlier. She said that things had almost felt normal. She concluded it had been a good day for everyone -- except Ridge. Ridge replied that it had been for him, too.

Ridge said that his talk with Taylor had been necessary, and she got why he had to be there to protect Brooke. Kissing Brooke, he murmured that he was happy to be home. Brooke said she didn't take it for granted that she and Ridge were there, but she could tell that he was worried about Taylor.

Later, Brooke shared that R.J. had sent a message, saying he was cautiously optimistic about Brooke and Ridge. Ridge gave her some pain pills and noted that Eric and Donna were happy for Ridge and Brooke, too. Nodding, Brooke said Eric and Donna were happy for themselves, too.

Ridge thought of how tough it was to move on when one hadn't made the choice to do so. He was thinking about Steffy and her kids. "And Taylor," Brooke added. Nodding, Ridge said he and Brooke had a lot to look forward to, but Taylor didn't. He figured it was a tough place to be.

Brooke reasoned that Sheila had set it in motion, and Taylor hadn't blamed Ridge for going home. Ridge agreed that those things were true, but he said Taylor was upset. Brooke replied that it didn't mean he wouldn't have any contact with Taylor or their family. He said he'd told Taylor that. Brooke was sure he'd follow through, and that was why she loved him. She said it would be an adjustment, but no one could handle change better than Taylor.

Ridge agreed that Taylor was strong and resilient; however, he said she was vulnerable, and he didn't want anyone taking advantage of her. Brooke asked if he'd worried about Taylor when she'd been halfway around the world. He replied that it seemed like a long time back. Brooke reasoned that Taylor hadn't changed and was capable of taking care of herself. Brooke ordered Ridge to get over to her for a kiss, and he gladly complied.

At Il Giardino, Deacon offered to take a break if it was hard for Taylor to be there. Taylor replied that it was awful to be there where Steffy had been shot and Finn murdered. Taylor insisted that Sheila needed to be caught. Deacon said that he hadn't heard anything from Sheila. Taylor wanted to believe him, and he said that she could and that he was still haunted by it all, too.

Deacon said he was sorry for what Taylor's family was going through. He admitted it kept him up at night, and he always thought about what could have happened if he hadn't been in the alley at the right time and seen Steffy. Taylor replied that she'd never thanked him for what he'd done, and if it hadn't been for him, Steffy would have lost her life. Deacon wished he'd done more.

Taylor got it but said that thinking of what one should have done was never healthy. Deacon laughed and said he'd remember that one. He stated that Hope had said that Ridge had been a rock for Taylor when Steffy had been in the hospital. Taylor said that was sweet but probably not all Hope had said. Deacon promised not to bash Ridge, the guy Taylor wanted back. Figuring Deacon would hear about it, Taylor divulged that Ridge had moved back in with Brooke.

Taylor explained what had happened with Brooke's ankle, and Deacon joked that it was as good of a reason as any to rekindle a marriage. Taylor chuckled because she'd said the same thing. She stated that it hadn't been the only reason, and she remarked that Ridge had said he and Brooke were living in the moment, the same thing he'd said when he'd been living at Steffy's.

Deacon guessed it would be harder to see his daughter. He mentioned that he didn't have a place yet, and Brooke had banned him from the property so she could get Ridge back. "Well played, Brooke," Taylor murmured. Deacon guessed that Ridge and Brooke had gotten what they wanted, but it didn't seem fair.

Deacon said that he shouldn't be pouring his heart out at work. Taylor said it was okay because she'd listen, and it was in her line of work. He quipped that she was off the clock, but Taylor didn't think she ever was off the clock. She said it wasn't news that either of them had wanted to hear, but Deacon said that, if he was being honest, he'd seen it coming.

Taylor replied that she'd seen it, like a light in a tunnel -- a train. Deacon stated that Ridge had left Brooke. Taylor added that she and Ridge had reconnected. Deacon guessed it had been like old times. "You, too?" Taylor asked. He confessed that it had been so in his head. He revealed that Brooke had been about to let Ridge go. Taylor said Brooke would never give up, and Ridge would always go back to her; that was just how it was.

Taylor decided that relationships were like roller coasters, and the view was beautiful before the plunge. Deacon thought it would be wonderful to just stay at the top.

In Li's hideaway, Finn thanked Sheila for the drink she'd helped him take. She told him not to thank her, because she'd been the reason he was in that state. Insisting it had been an accident, she asked him to say he believed her.

Finn said Steffy's name, and Sheila explained she'd just snapped because Steffy had threatened to keep Sheila away from her family. Sheila promised it wouldn't happen again and said he had to believe his mother. In Finn's mind, he thought that she was evil, and he vowed that, once he was free, Sheila would never get near his family again.

Finn claimed to be tired. Sheila said she'd let him rest, but as she continued to plead her case to him about what had happened in the alley, Finn wasn't listening. All he could think of was getting out of there and getting back to his family. Sheila asked him to forgive her and believe her. Finn stated that he believed that Sheila loved him. She said that Mama loved him more than anything in the world.

Later, Sheila changed Finn's I.V., and he asked what was in it. She explained that it was for pain, inflammation, and infection. Finn mentioned the hospital, but Sheila said they'd given up on him there, something his mother hadn't done. "I would never give up on you," she said.

Finn wondered how long he'd been there, but Sheila asked him to stop with the questions. She said he needed to conserve his strength and trust her to take care of him. Inside his head, he said he'd never do that, but aloud, he replied that he wanted to. He uttered that she'd saved his life. Sheila affirmed it, saying she'd do it again. She said she'd do anything for him.

"Medicine," Finn said. Sheila said that she knew where to get it, but she hadn't wanted to leave the unconscious Finn alone. Finn replied that' he'd be okay, and he could tell her what to get. "Please," he said. Sheila didn't think she should leave Finn there alone.

Finn tried to get up to get the medicine himself, but Sheila pushed him back onto the bed. She said he had a long road ahead, and he'd be back to normal soon. "I need more medicine now. Please. Mom," he said.

Moved by the name he'd called her, Sheila asked if Finn was sure he'd be okay if she left. She kissed his forehead and said she wouldn't be long. Sheila exited the bedroom. Finn stared at the door, which seemed miles away. He struggled to move, telling Steffy that he would get to her. His heart monitor's pace quickened. After a minute of painful straining, Finn sat up in bed.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, July 13, and picked up where the Monday, July 11, episode concluded.

Deacon and Taylor bond over their ''not losers'' status

Deacon and Taylor bond over their ''not losers'' status

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

At Il Giardino, Deacon asked "if Brooke and Ridge are each other's destiny, why is it such a struggle for those two to stay together?" Taylor explained that it was "not about them staying together;" it was about Brooke and Ridge "getting back together because they break up and get back together and break up and get back together..."

Taylor broke from the levity of the moment and asked Deacon how he felt about Brooke and Ridge getting back together. Deacon admitted to being surprised that Taylor cared about how he felt. The two commiserated on their failed "slow and steady wins the race" philosophy. Deacon admitted that he wasn't happy that Brooke had gone back to Ridge, but he shrugged it off as "it is what it is."

Deacon told Taylor that it was nice talking to her, though he figured that Taylor probably didn't feel the same way because of his reputation. Still, he felt that, as a psychologist, she felt an obligation to listen to him. "I'm basically a saint," Taylor quipped. Deacon thanked Taylor again for listening. Taylor pointed out that Deacon hadn't really expressed how he felt. "Probably the same as you do," Deacon replied. "Like a loser," he said.

Taylor leaped to her feet, put down her drink, and insisted that she and Deacon were not losers. She demanded that Deacon say aloud, "We are not losers." After some initial objection and a zinger about Taylor charging patients $500 per hour, Deacon did as he was told.

"Brooke and Ridge are together. Big whoop," Taylor said. Deacon tried to hide his amusement over Taylor's use of "big whoop." When he could no longer hold in his laugh, he chuckled as he said, "Fiddlesticks!" Deacon praised Taylor's ability to make it seem like anything was possible.

The conversation turned to Sheila. Deacon said that he'd never thought that Sheila could have been capable of killing her own son. Taylor confessed that she had been duped by Sheila. Taylor announced that she needed to be going. Deacon seemed disappointed that she was leaving so soon. Before leaving, Taylor made Deacon promise that he'd call her if he heard from Sheila.

Alone, Finn tried to will himself the strength to sit up in bed. As he struggled, Sheila returned unexpectedly and asked Finn what he was doing. Finn claimed he was "just testing" to see if he could move. Sheila told Finn that she needed to "lay down some ground rules" and ordered him not to do anything that could compromise his recovery.

Finn asked Sheila if she had been able to get him the medicine that he needed. Sheila shook her head and said that it was too risky because she was a "wanted fugitive." Sheila shared that she had called a friend for help. Moments later, a knock sounded on the door. Sheila stepped out of the room to answer the door. Sheila opened the door, greeted Mike, and told him that she had a job for him.

Mike was unwilling to help Sheila and mused that she should try to make some new friends the next time she was "in the slammer." From the other room, Finn strained to listen in on Sheila's conversation. When he heard Sheila say Mike's name loudly, Finn wondered who Mike was and what his connection was to Sheila.

Mike questioned if it was "a mistake springing [Sheila] from the pokey." Sheila asked Mike if he remembered what had happened to him the last time that he'd tried to cross her. Mike paused and recalled Sheila siccing a Doberman on him at Forrester Creations years earlier. He claimed that he had been able to tame the dog before he had sustained any serious injuries -- the same way that he had been trying to tame Sheila over the years. Sheila demanded that Mike get the medicine that she needed for Finn.

In the living room of Brooke's home, Ridge vowed to take care of Brooke and "protect" her while her broken ankle mended. He paused awkwardly as he tried to figure out how to tell Brooke that he also felt an obligation to make sure that Taylor was protected. When he did, Brooke told him that she understood and fully supported his decision.

Ridge expressed concern that Sheila might target Taylor and worried that Taylor might be "too trusting" -- even with "a psychopath like Sheila." Ridge was outraged that Sheila had broken out of jail. He phoned Deputy Chief Baker to find out if there were any updates on Sheila Carter. When Ridge learned there was nothing new, he lashed out.

Later, Baker showed up at Brooke's house so that Ridge could "berate" him in person. Ridge apologized for sounding disrespectful. Baker insisted that finding Sheila was his number one priority. That did little to soothe Ridge's fury. Baker shared that "Guthrie," the lead guard on duty the night of Sheila's escape, had indicated that Sheila's escape had been an inside job. The name of the guard made Brooke perk up and question why that name sounded so familiar to her.

Finn refuses to comply with Sheila's instructions

Finn refuses to comply with Sheila's instructions

Thursday, July 14, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke thought there was something about the name Guthrie, which belonged to the security guard who'd been on duty during Sheila's escape. Ridge asked Deputy Chief Baker what the guard knew. Baker pulled up Guthrie's public statement and let Ridge read it. Ridge complained that Guthrie had merely said he didn't know and didn't recall.

It sounded to Brooke as if Guthrie took no responsibility for an escape on his shift. Ridge yelled that they just wanted to know how Sheila had escaped. Baker said they all wanted to know that.

Later, Baker had gone, and Brooke wondered why there were no leads if the escape had been an inside job. It terrified Brooke that Sheila, capable of killing her son, was on the loose. Holding Brooke, Ridge promised that he'd always keep her safe.

In Li's hideaway, Sheila tried to convince Mike to pick up some medications for Finn, but Mike offered to get her a wig instead. She didn't see how a wig would help an escaped convict. Mike reminded her that she'd escaped due to him. He declared that she should be the one doing him favors. He said he didn't know why he let Sheila talk him into things.

Fingering Mike's collar, Sheila said she'd owe Mike big time. He replied that she didn't know how many crazy things he'd done over the years for love. "'Love?'" she repeated. Mike told her not to pretend she didn't know how he felt about her and had always felt.

Finn began groaning, and Mike realized that Finn had been awake and listening the entire time. Sheila asked Mike to listen to the pain in Finn's voice. She crammed a list into Mike's hand and rushed him out the door to retrieve Finn's medications.

Finn called Sheila into the room and asked who that person had been. Sheila said it had been a friend. Noting that the friend had said he'd helped Sheila escape, Finn asked why she'd been in jail. She said it had to do with what she'd done to Finn. She claimed it was a good thing she'd gotten out because she'd taken care of him and brought him back.

Finn thanked Sheila. Sheila promised to make Finn whole again. She said it would take time, but he'd have his life back. "Steffy," Finn stated. Sheila claimed she'd reunite Finn with his wife, and she truly hoped that Finn saw how much she really loved him. She said everything she was doing was a big risk because she could return to prison. She guessed it was where she belonged, and she'd be okay with it as long as Finn was healthy and happy.

It took great effort for Finn to speak. He asserted that he needed to see Steffy and his son. "Now," Finn insisted. Sheila tried to get Finn to calm down, but he worked himself into a tizzy, saying he needed his wife. Sheila yelled that what he needed to do was to listen to her and to obey his mother. Calming down, she said he had to trust her because she knew what was best for him. In his mind, Finn yelled that she was crazy.

Finn said he'd trust Sheila if she did the right thing and called Steffy. Rattling the foot of the bed, Sheila refused to do it. She said he wasn't well enough. He replied that it was his choice, but she said he didn't have a say in it. She advised him to knock it off until she figured out a way to bring Steffy back into it. Finn was upset that Steffy believed he was dead. He said it was cruel.

Sheila contended that it was cruel to get Steffy's hopes up if Finn didn't pull through. Sheila stated that she'd bring Steffy there, just not yet. Sheila claimed she wouldn't risk his health. She asked if it was too much for him to show a little appreciation. She said she was the reason he was alive. Finn retorted that she was the reason he'd been shot; she'd wanted his wife dead.

Sheila said Finn had no idea how hard it had been to see him get shot. "Instead of Steffy?" Finn asked. He knew that was who Sheila had tried to kill. He asked what had happened after he'd passed out. "Tell me!" he screamed. Sheila, however, refused to let him get agitated.

Finn asked if Sheila had hurt Steffy. Sheila said Steffy was fine. Finn ripped his oxygen tubes out of his nose and tried again to get out of bed. As Sheila held him down, he vowed that he'd get out of there and get to Steffy.

In the CEO's office, Eric figured that there was no reason to throw a lot of money at lawyers, since Quinn and he seemed to be handling the divorce themselves. He gathered that from her decision to keep her engagement ring. Quinn agreed, but she wanted to be smart about it. She didn't think he'd take advantage of her, but she also hadn't thought he'd have an affair. "Really, Eric? You're really leaving me for Donna?" Quinn asked.

Wyatt arrived, and Quinn informed Eric that Wyatt knew everything that was going on. Wyatt advised her to keep things amicable. She stated that things could be both amicable and humiliating. Eric said he hadn't meant to hurt her, just as she hadn't meant to hurt him when she'd fallen in love with Carter. Quinn contended that it didn't make it any easier, especially when she had to see Donna at work. Quinn wasn't thrilled with Donna's reinstatement.

Wyatt reminded Quinn to be amicable. Eric decided that their attorneys should talk. He promised to be more than fair. He remarked that they'd made beautiful memories, and he'd hate to see a divorce tarnish them. Eric exited, and Quinn quietly fumed, "Donna. Donna!"

Quinn claimed that she didn't want Eric back and was glad to be starting up with Carter again. Wyatt asked what exactly "starting up again" meant. Quinn assumed Wyatt wanted to label it, but she said she and Carter were not talking about marriage or specifics about their future. They were just taking things as they came and enjoying their ride.

Noting Quinn's double standard with her life versus Eric's, Wyatt decided that Quinn couldn't accept that Eric had chosen Donna over Quinn. "Why should I?" Quinn asked. Wyatt replied that it was who Eric wanted. Quinn insisted that the Logan sisters had no morals, and Donna was the antithesis of Quinn. In Quinn's view, Donna was vampy and vacuous and carried honey wherever she went. "That is who Eric has left me for!" Quinn exclaimed.

Wyatt reasoned that Quinn had ended things a winner. Quinn had gotten Carter and shouldn't let Donna stress her out. Wyatt urged Quinn not to say or do anything she'd regret.

At the Sky Lounge, Pam was thrilled that Donna was back and with Eric again. Charlie handed Donna her badge, and she noticed that it mistakenly read Donna Forrester. Charlie explained that he was saving the headache of making a new one after she and Eric "renuputalized."

Pam hoped it would happen really soon. She said she'd once thought Donna had been all wrong for Eric. "And you were when Stephanie was alive," Pam emphasized. Pam stated that a lot had changed, and she could see how devoted Donna was to Eric -- a heck of a lot more than "you know who." Pam called Quinn the wicked witch of Forrester. Charlie said Quinn would still park her broom there, but it was a relief to know that it wouldn't be as the boss's wife.

Pam handed Donna a gift bag, saying Donna had had to clean her desk out before and didn't have office supplies. Pam didn't want Donna to be without her favorite office supply. From the gift bag, Donna pulled out a honey bear bottle. Cooing, she said it was "so sweet."

Eric strode up, happy to see the best receptionist team of all time together again. Pam asserted that it was about time. As Charlie took off, he said that Eric had done good. Pam, who'd tried to respect Eric's feelings in the past, was glad she could finally say that Quinn was a lunatic, and Pam was glad that he was finally free of Quinn.

Later, Eric and Donna were alone. She was happy about her return and floored that she'd gotten gifts from Charlie and Pam. Donna noted that everyone had been nice to her, but she hadn't run into Quinn yet. Eric said not to worry about it. Donna replied that she was way too happy to let anything worry her.

At the entrance, Quinn appeared and ducked away when she saw Eric kiss Donna's forehead. Eric asked Donna to meet him for lunch, and he took off for a meeting. As Donna gazed at the honey bottle from Pam, Quinn returned, calling Donna the woman who was getting everything she wanted. Donna asked how Quinn was, and Quinn quipped that she was "pissed."

Donna suggested meditation or yoga, but Quinn didn't think those things would help her at all. Quinn thought confronting the woman who'd slept with her husband would.

Taylor offers Deacon advice, but he does all the counseling

Taylor offers Deacon advice, but he does all the counseling

Friday, July 15, 2022

In Taylor's office, Taylor was on the phone with Dr. Russo, inquiring about Steffy. Taylor agreed with the doctor that there was no way to rush the grieving process.

After the call, Taylor was startled by a knock at her office door. She asked who it was, and Deacon swaggered in, grinning. He said her assistant hadn't been at the desk. Taylor said that she had an appointment with a new patient. Deacon asked what the patient's name was. Taylor didn't want to reveal it, but he figured he would not know the person. "Ima," she stated.

"Ima Losar?" Deacon said. Taylor was astounded that he knew the patient's name. "As in, 'I'm a loser,'" he added. Taylor chuckled, figuring out that he'd made the appointment. Deacon stated that he'd wanted to stop by because he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her.

Taylor decided that Deacon would retire the word "loser" from his vocabulary. Ridge moving back in with Brooke didn't make either Taylor or Deacon losers in her mind. She said they'd wish the couple well and move on once and for all. Deacon replied that he should have sought therapy for his infatuation with Brooke. Taylor stated that he wouldn't be the first to need it, and she liked to call it "Logan Logic." He guessed Taylor needed a few minutes on the couch, too.

Taylor figured that it was true, but her focus was on helping Steffy. Taylor revealed that she'd just talked to Steffy's grief counselor. Deacon inquired about how Steffy was doing. Taylor said it broke her heart that Steffy needed a grief counselor. He replied that Steffy was lucky to have Taylor, and the one good thing was that Sheila couldn't find Steffy in Europe.

Taylor wanted to track Sheila down and make her pay for what she'd done, but she didn't want those thoughts to consume her. Deacon said he'd never judge Taylor. Taylor was enraged that Sheila was out there, free to hurt whomever she wanted.

At the Sky Lounge, Donna wondered if she could help Quinn with something. Quinn quipped that Donna had decided to be considerate after naked-pillow-fighting with Eric. Disgusted, Quinn shuddered as she picked up the honey bottle. Donna said it had been a gift from Pam and Charlie. Donna remarked that she'd just been telling Eric how understanding Quinn had been about everything. "About you stealing my husband?" Quinn replied.

Quinn stated that Donna needed to think again if she believed Quinn was cool with Donna sleeping with the man Quinn was married to. Donna could understand Quinn's feelings, but noting that Quinn was back with Carter, Donna said Quinn should be celebrating. Donna declared that it had all worked out in the end, and Quinn wasn't alone.

Charlie strode into the lounge and said to alert the media that Donna and Quinn were about to kiss and make up. He admitted that he was teasing, and he knew they wanted to tear each other's hair out. Donna said she didn't have a problem with anyone, and Quinn seethed that it was because Donna was so perfect. Charlie said everyone knew the dirt, and the fact of the matter was that true love had won out. Quinn asked what that was supposed to mean.

Charlie explained that Donna was back with Eric, and Quinn had her hunky COO. Charlie figured that it was all good, no harm, no foul. Donna replied that she was saying the same thing. Quinn told Charlie and Donna to shut up.

As Carter arrived, Donna grabbed her things, and as she left with Charlie, she hoped that Carter could talk some sense into "this one."

"What did I just walk in on?" Carter asked after Donna and Charlie had gone. Snickering, Quinn said Donna thought she'd done nothing wrong just because Carter and Quinn were together. Carter stated that they wouldn't let "them get to us" because he and Quinn had too much to be happy about. He told her to forget about them, but Quinn scowled.

Continuing to rant, Quinn said Carter had arrived at the right time. She claimed that Donna was infuriating. "How can Eric choose her?" Quinn asked. She called Donna basic and complained about the bag full of honey Donna had with her. Carter said he'd heard rumors. Quinn asked again, "Why would he choose her?" Quinn stated that she was a successful jewelry designer, and Donna barely understood how to send an email.

Carter said no one could compete with Quinn, and he even got intimidated sometimes. She asked why she was letting Donna get to her. Carter thought that was a good question. Complaining that it was the wrong answer, Quinn said Donna always acted "so innocent." Quinn did an impression of Donna, and he said Quinn was cute and sexy when she got mad.

Quinn called Carter the perfect man for her. She asked what she'd do without Carter, who knew just how to take the edge off. Apologizing, she said she wasn't putting her best foot forward. He thought she was and that it was normal that she was mourning the loss of her marriage. Quinn said the breakup had been the best for all of them. She claimed she got to spend the rest of her life with Carter. She guessed true love won out in the end, but she warned him not to tell Charlie that she'd said it.

In Li's hideaway, Finn fought Sheila, struggling to get out of bed, but Sheila kept him pinned against the pillows. Finn was upset that his family thought he was dead, and he couldn't believe he was there. "Because of me. The doctors, they gave up on you, honey. They left you for dead!" Sheila replied. She retrieved his death certificate from the drawer and said the doctors had left him for dead, but she'd given him life, just like the day he'd been born.

Finn asked Sheila to let him go and to let Steffy know that he was alive, but Sheila said Steffy would be with him every day for the rest of his life. Sheila, on the other hand, only had that moment before she'd probably head back to prison. She asked him to let her treasure the precious time with him and let her make him well. She claimed that she'd give him everything he wanted if he was patient. Finn yelled that he wanted Steffy, and that was all he needed.

Sheila tried to convince Finn that being upset wasn't good for him and that all he needed was Sheila, the nurse. He screamed that he needed his wife. Sheila pulled up a wedding photo of Steffy and Finn and exclaimed that his wife was right there. She showed him pictures of Hayes, but it made Finn more adamant about seeing Steffy and Hayes that very day.

Sheila said Finn had a spinal injury, and if he kept hurting himself, he'd never get out of that bed. Finn continued to struggle against Sheila, but she said that, as a doctor, he should know better. "You're crazy!" he yelled. She asked what he'd said. He yelled it again. "Oh, no. You don't get to behave like that, young man! I love you and have been nothing but nice to you!" she raged.

Finn began to yell for help. Sheila filled a syringe. "This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you," she uttered, injecting it into his I.V. Finn begged her not to do it, and he sobbed for Steffy until he passed out.

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