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Brooke and Ridge grilled Mike about Sheila. Finn was enraged upon learning what fate had befallen his mother, Li. Bill found a disheveled Li in an alley at the wharf. Deacon provided Taylor with an outlet for her feelings. Steffy's family learned that Steffy had checked herself into a clinic.
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Brooke and Ridge grilled Mike about Sheila, Sheila told Finn that Li was dead, and Bill found a disheveled Li near the wharf
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Mike contemplates the future... with Finn dead

Mike contemplates the future... with Finn dead

Monday, July 18, 2022

In Li's hideaway, Sheila stood over the passed-out Finn with a syringe in her hand. Mike walked in, saying "Oh, my killed your son again?" Sheila asked if Mike really thought she'd kill her own son. Mike reasoned that it had almost happened twice when she'd shot and shocked Finn. Sheila explained that she'd given Finn a sedative.

As Sheila inventoried the medicine Mike had brought, Mike expressed how uncomfortable he was with the situation. Sheila said she was the one who'd go back to prison. Mike quipped that she at least hadn't murdered anyone -- unless they counted Finn's real mother. Sheila asserted that she was Finn's real mother and that what had happened to Li had been an accident.

Sheila reported that she had scoured the Internet and had heard nothing about a body or about Li's car. She said she hadn't meant for Li to die. Sheila wondered why those things kept happening to her. She grabbed Mike's phone. He asked what she was doing. "I'm calling Li," she replied.

Mike stated that the dearly departed usually didn't answer phones. Sheila said the phone call had gone to voicemail. Finn began to groan in his sleep. Mike asked what she intended to do with her son, who'd be irate that she'd pumped him with sedates and was keeping him from his family. Sheila said she was protecting Finn, and once he was with his family, he'd forget about "all of this." Mike replied that she was still headed back to prison.

Behind them, Finn opened his eyes just enough to see Sheila and Mike. Sheila figured she belonged in prison. Mike asked about himself, her accomplice. Mike said it wasn't like Sheila had taken care of Finn for years. Holding up the death certificate, Mike advised Sheila to cut her losses. "We could be real good together, you and me," he added.

Sheila asked if Mike was suggesting that she leave her son to die and run away with Mike. Mike said Finn already had a death certificate, and it might be best to just let it be. Inside his mind, Finn told himself that he had to get out of there before it was too late.

In Taylor's office, Taylor decided that it felt good to vent. Deacon said that if anyone deserved to do it, it was Taylor. She reminded Deacon that what they were discussing was confidential, and he jokingly asked what kind of practice she thought he was running there.

Taylor wondered if Deacon had any idea where Sheila could be. Deacon insisted that he was telling the truth when he said he knew nothing. Taylor said she believed him. Deacon called it was a "kick in the head" because he was used to people not believing him.

Changing the subject, Deacon asked if Taylor and Ridge had talked about going to see Steffy. Taylor said they had before Ridge had returned to Brooke. Deacon guessed that would make a trip a little awkward. Recalling that Taylor had advised him to talk about his feelings for Brooke, "Dr. Deacon" urged Taylor to discuss her feelings about Ridge and Brooke's destiny.

"You can't beat my price," Deacon added. In her silence, Deacon said he didn't blame Taylor for not wanting to open up to a guy like him. Taylor replied that it wasn't him; it was that the thought of Brooke and Ridge's destiny was laughable. She said the couple might be together forever, or the bridge they were building would burn down because the woman who wanted to save it wouldn't stop playing with matches.

Deacon quipped that she should say what she really thought. Taylor stated that it felt good to open up to someone about her feelings. Deacon remarked that he and Sheila had been friends on some level, and he didn't have any other friends -- except Taylor. He said he didn't have any fancy degrees, but he had a sturdy shoulder if Taylor needed it. Taylor thanked him and said all she could focus on were her daughter, her grandkids, and what Sheila had done to them.

At Brooke's house, Ridge had just received a message from a security guard outside Taylor's office. Brooke guessed that he was still worried about Taylor. Although Ridge claimed to love being with Brooke, he said it was just another thing for Taylor to adjust to.

Brooke said she was adjusting to Ridge being back, too, and they kissed. Hope strode in, squealing about how good it was to see Ridge and Brooke back together. Hope guessed she was interrupting, but Brooke dismissed the idea, saying Hope was always welcome. Ridge agreed but added that a little notice would be nice.

Brooke asked about Hope's kids. Hope said they were at play dates with their security details. Hope said she was trying to keep the kids' lives as normal as possible while Sheila was on the loose. Ridge wondered if Deacon had said anything about Sheila. Hope was surprised by the question but said Deacon didn't know anything. Hope guessed Ridge didn't believe that, though.

Ridge replied that he didn't believe anything Deacon said and never would. Brooke tried to change the subject, but Hope said she understood that Ridge was looking out for his loved ones. Ridge called Deacon an operator who'd lied about being involved with Sheila, and he asked if it was asking too much to ask that Deacon not have contact with anyone Ridge cared for.

Apologizing, Ridge admitted that it had been a long few months, and he hadn't meant to take it out on Hope. Brooke suggested that they all relax. She knew it was hard to do while Sheila was biding her time. Hope wondered what Sheila could be plotting and said Sheila had to have a death wish to come up against Ridge's security. Brooke thanked Ridge for giving her and Taylor peace of mind. Ridge said Sheila would never hurt anyone in her family again.

At Il Giardino, Liam remarked that Bill had picked a "hell of a restaurant," and they were feet away from where Steffy had been shot. It didn't seem real to Wyatt, and he wondered who could do something like that. Bill said he had known Sheila's return would mean trouble, but he'd never imagined what had actually happened. Wyatt wondered when Sheila would ever get hers.

Bill asked what Liam knew about the situation. Liam admitted that he only knew that Ridge had hired a legion of security guards to protect his family. Bill gave Ridge props for that, and though Bill wasn't Ridge's cheerleader, Bill did respect Ridge's love for his family. Wyatt guessed Liam missed his daughter. Liam said he did, but he knew Steffy's family needed the space to heal. Liam was sure Steffy wouldn't let the kids forget Finn, and he said the loss was enormous.

While the Spencer men ate salads, Bill glanced around, looking for Deacon with his mop and pail. Bill said one had to love that Deacon was working at a bar. Wyatt reasoned that Deacon wasn't working a scam, but Bill believed that once a con man, always a con man. Bill remarked that Deacon had lied about steering clear of Sheila, and he wondered if Deacon was still connected to her.

Liam said it wasn't so, according to Hope. Liam said Hope had told him that Deacon had been disenchanted with Sheila and didn't expect to hear from her. Liam said he wanted Sheila to be locked up before Steffy returned, so that Steffy could start rebuilding her life -- as hard as it would be without Finn.

Fed up, Finn takes his life into his own hands

Fed up, Finn takes his life into his own hands

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

At Brooke's house, Hope finished a call with security, who had stopped Donna from leaving with Beth. Liam apologized for not giving the guards the schedule, but Ridge apologized for the inconvenience of having guards. Brooke said it was necessary, and Liam asked if the police had leads on Sheila. Ridge said they didn't, and Hope didn't understand how Sheila could disappear.

Liam said that Sheila could be anywhere, but Brooke theorized that Sheila could still be in town. Agreeing, Ridge noted that Sheila could have easily left before she'd been discovered as the shooter because she'd had money and a passport. Ridge asked where she could go without those things. Liam assumed that meant Steffy and the kids were safe while out of town.

Ridge shared that Baker was on the way over to question them again. Brooke added that she and Ridge had an idea about how Sheila had escaped from prison. Brooke stated that the police believed the escape had been an inside job, and she believed an old friend had set Sheila free.

Baker arrived, assuming Ridge had called him there about Sheila. Baker said he had given his last meeting with Ridge and Brooke a lot of thought, and he'd gone back over Guthrie's statement. "Richard Michael Guthrie," Baker said, and he asked if the name meant anything to Brooke.

Brooke was astounded that "Mike" had been the guard on duty during the escape. Baker said the guard's name was Richard. Ridge explained that they'd called him Mike when he'd worked security at Forrester. Hope recalled that she'd heard "all those stories" about Mike. Ridge likened Mike and Sheila to Bonnie and Clyde. Liam asked if that meant they'd committed crimes together. "Yes! Yes," Ridge and Brooke said in unison.

Ridge asked how Mike had wound up working in a prison. "We're looking into it," Baker replied, adding that, at the moment, they had no evidence that Mike had helped Sheila. Baker said he needed video evidence or witnesses. Ridge asked if Baker believed that Sheila's henchman being on the job during her escape was a coincidence. Baker quipped that his beliefs were not evidence.

Ridge asked if Guthrie's connection to Sheila wasn't reason enough to question him again. Baker said Guthrie had a spotless work record. Ridge asked if Guthrie had been working that day. Baker reported that Guthrie was on the next shift. Ridge suggested that Brooke and he go down to the jail, and he promised that when Guthrie saw them, he'd have a lot to say.

Later, Liam and Hope discussed Mike and wondered why he'd risk his job. Liam said that if Brooke and Ridge were right about Mike, they'd basically solved the case.

In Li's hideaway, Sheila was alone with Finn, telling him that she loved him. She said all she'd ever wanted was for him to love her back. She touched him, stirring him awake. She asked how he was feeling and if there was anything he needed. "Steffy," he responded. He asserted that his family thought he was dead, and he needed to see them.

Mike arrived with coffee and advised Sheila not to get Finn wound up. Sheila said that she'd been telling her son that his family needed him to recover. She promised that she'd take care of him and reunite him with his family. "Today! Today! I want to see Steffy today!" he yelled. Sheila slammed her coffee to the ground, but undaunted, Finn insisted that it would be that day.

"Your prisoner -- I mean, patient -- seems agitated," Mike noted and recommended sedating Finn again. Sheila claimed that she wasn't holding Finn hostage. "Yes, you are!" Finn exclaimed, adding that he was trapped in the bed. Sheila said she'd been treating his injuries. She stated that she loved Finn, and everything she was doing was for him.

Mike asked if Sheila wanted Finn to go "nighty-night." Sheila replied that she just wanted Finn to be good for Mike while she took a shower. Mike complained because he wasn't a babysitter. He told her to make it quick because he had to go to work.

Sheila went to the bathroom, and Mike spoke on Sheila's behalf, saying she'd risked it all for her son. "If that's not love -- " Mike started to say. Finn replied that it wasn't, and if Sheila loved him, he'd be in a hospital, with his family by his side.

Finn asked Mike why he'd helped Sheila escape. Mike assumed his uniform had been the giveaway. Mike said that there was something about Sheila. "Maybe it's her eyes. Like a wild animal, the way she looks right into you," Mike reasoned. Finn replied that Sheila would ruin Mike's life, and the police wouldn't stop until they found her. Finn asserted that Sheila would go back to prison, and so would Mike -- unless he helped Finn get out of there.

Finn reckoned that Mike could be the hero if he listened to Finn. Mike replied that he'd have to make Sheila the villain, but Sheila hadn't been trying to kill or kidnap Finn. "She saved your life," Mike claimed, and he said he'd seen for himself how desperate Sheila had been to bring Finn back. Mike believed that as soon as Finn was better, she'd let Finn return home.

Finn asked what would be next and if they'd pretend none of it had ever happened. Mike contemplated going on the run, but Finn insisted that Mike and Sheila would be found. Finn offered to help Mike and speak on his behalf if he let Finn go.

Sheila emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered, and asked what was going on. Mike murmured that nothing was going on, and he had to get to work. After Mike left, Sheila remarked about how fast he'd left. She wondered what Finn had said to Mike. "Are you planning something, Finn?" she asked. Finn told Sheila that she was making a mistake keeping him.

Sheila claimed to be just trying to take care of Finn. Finn wanted to use Sheila's phone, and she assumed Finn had been talking to Mike about that. Finn said he'd tried to get through to Mike. She assumed it hadn't worked because Finn was asking for her phone.

Finn told Sheila that she couldn't hold him there forever. Sheila insisted that she was taking care of him instead of running. She said all she'd ever wanted was to spend time with her son, who'd been kept away from her. She wondered if it was too much to ask. "Yeah, because I don't want to spend another second with you," he responded. He said he wanted to go home to his family, who thought he was dead. He asked if she knew how cruel it was to do to them.

"Damn it, Sheila. I'm not asking you! I'm telling you! You need to let me go now!" Finn screamed. Sheila asked why he was talking to her in that tone when she loved him. Finn began ripping off the wires attached to him. He struggled to get out of the bed and shoved Sheila out of his way, yelling, "I'm going to see Steffy now! I'm going to my family!"

At the jail, Mike told a guard that he was late because he'd been checking on a friend. The other guard advised him that people were waiting to see him. When Mike went into an interrogation room, he stopped short upon seeing Brooke and Ridge. Baker introduced himself as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department and said they had questions. Mike asked what it was about, and Ridge said it was about how Mike had helped Sheila escape.

Baker, Ridge, and Brooke interrogate Mike

Baker, Ridge, and Brooke interrogate Mike

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Hope paid Deacon a surprise visit at Il Giardino. She shared that every time she visited the restaurant, she could not help but think of Steffy and Finn being shot. Hope apologized for being "such a downer." Deacon assured her that he understood and admitted that he was still haunted by the shooting.

When Hope mentioned that there was a new lead on who might have helped Sheila escape, Deacon sensed that his daughter was once again trying to determine if he had heard from Sheila. He insisted that he had not. However, Deacon said that he needed to "give credit where credit is due" and praised Sheila as an "unbelievable con artist."

Hope mentioned that there was reason to believe that a guard named Mike Guthrie had helped Sheila escape. The name seemed familiar to Deacon. He wondered if Mike was a "bad apple" or "some dumb schmuck who is hung up on Sheila." The idea repulsed Hope, but Deacon explained that to some men, Sheila was a form of catnip. Hope shared that Mike was being questioned even as they spoke, and she expressed her hope that they'd soon have answers.

At the prison, Ridge blamed Mike for Sheila's escape. "I don't know why I'm being accused here. I was as surprised by Sheila's escape as anyone," Mike retorted. Baker snarled that Mike and Sheila had been "partners in crime back in the day," and he blasted Mike for not having mentioned it.

Mike said that he understood why Ridge and Brooke were unnerved by Sheila being on the loose. Baker vowed that it would only be a matter of time before Sheila was "found, captured, and returned to custody." Baker added that "anyone who abetted" Sheila would also be locked up. Mike nodded in agreement. Baker noted that if the person who had helped Sheila escape were to cooperate, that cooperation would be taken into consideration. "I get that," Guthrie replied meekly.

Baker directly asked Mike if he had helped Sheila escape. Before Mike could answer, Baker said that no one was perfect, and he indicated that he would understand if Mike were to "miscalculate or make a mistake." Baker said there "would be a price to pay" if Mike had helped Sheila escape, but he reiterated that he would do what he could if Mike chose to cooperate. "I didn't do anything wrong," Mike said.

Ridge and Brooke, who had been silent, took turns laying into Mike over his past dealings with Sheila. "I'm one of the good guys now. Protect and serve," Mike retorted. Ridge demanded that Mike tell them the truth, but Mike did not waver. Brooke took a decidedly softer approach, asking Mike if there was someone that he loved and how he would feel if that loved one were to be threatened by "a psychotic monster."

Mike continued to deny that he knew where Sheila was. Baker again urged Mike to make the right decision. Ridge chimed in that Mike would no longer be working at the prison; he'd be living in it.

"I have to get to Steffy," Finn growled as he struggled to get out of bed. Sheila found herself experiencing a whirlwind of emotions -- shock that Finn had the strength to get out of bed, concern that he might be overexerting himself, and fear that any chance of having a relationship was her son had all but evaporated. Finn continued laboring toward the door until he unexpectedly collapsed.

Finn hit the ground hard, and Sheila raced to help him back into bed. Finn brushed off Sheila's assistance, telling her that if she wanted to help him, she should allow him to call Steffy. "I'm not gonna let you go backwards -- not after how hard I've worked to save you," Sheila replied. Finn demanded that Sheila stay away from him.

Sheila asked Finn why he didn't trust her. "Are you serious?" Finn fired back. Sheila promised that when Finn was well enough, she would make sure that he got back to Steffy. Sheila tucked Finn back into bed and mused that he had gotten his stubbornness from her. Knowing that he was still weak, Finn relented. He asked Sheila if his death certificate was real and how, if he had truly been dead, Sheila had been able to bring him back to life.

Sheila explained that Finn's "mother" had never given up on him, even after the hospital had declared him dead. Finn was shocked that Sheila had somehow gotten him to his location all by herself. "You're full of questions, aren't you?" Sheila replied. Sheila said it had been her "honor and joy" to watch Finn get better under her care.

Finn asked Sheila to explain all the specific steps, treatments, and medications that she had used to bring him back to life. Sheila ran her fingers through her hair and avoided eye contact with Finn. As his questions became more intense -- asking how Sheila had fed him while he'd been unconscious and how she'd known how many calories to give him -- he ultimately arrived at that conclusion that Sheila had not been the one to save him.

Sheila eventually admitted that someone else had helped. Finn asked who had helped and how many other people knew that he was alive. "It was Li -- your adopted mother," Sheila blurted out. "Mom saved me?" Finn asked. Sheila corrected Finn, saying that she, not Li, was Finn's mother. Finn demanded to know what Sheila had done to Li. Sheila crouched down at the end of the bed and stared directly at Finn.

Bill makes a startling discovery at the wharf

Bill makes a startling discovery at the wharf

Thursday, July 21, 2022

In Li's hideaway, Finn doubted Li would have handed him over to Sheila, so he ordered Sheila to say what she'd done to Li. Opting to begin at the beginning, Sheila told him that she'd wanted to escape jail and be free, but she'd needed to find him first. It made no sense to Finn that she'd want to find him after he'd been presumed dead. She elaborated that she'd wanted to see his final resting place, but when she'd found Li, she'd learned that her beautiful son was alive.

Finn told Sheila to give him the truth about Li. Sheila instead spoke of her own state of mind and grief. She'd been in jail, realizing that she'd never get to say goodbye to Finn or place flowers on his grave, so she'd escaped to find Li and make Li take her to Finn's grave.

"'Make her?'" Finn questioned. Sheila asked Finn not to make it sound that way. Sheila described Li as being edgy when Sheila had arrived. Sheila suspected that Li had feared that Sheila would uncover Li's secret. Sheila stated that Li had called Sheila names, but Sheila had stood her ground. Sheila thanked God that she'd heard. "'Heard?'" Finn replied.

Sheila explained that she'd heard the equipment that had been keeping Finn alive. A flashback played of Sheila knocking Li to the ground. Sheila conveyed how relieved she'd been to learn that she hadn't killed her son. She said it had been the most profound moment of her life.

Finn said he didn't care about Sheila's feelings. He demanded to know about Li. Sheila said she'd tried to get Li to take Finn to the hospital, to no avail. Sheila said she had been determined not to lose him again. She said he'd awakened, and Li and Sheila had been happy to see him open his eyes. Finn asked why he didn't remember. He assumed Sheila was making things up.

Sheila insisted that Li had been there, and Sheila had been thankful for the care that Li had given him. Finn asked why Li had stopped doing it. Sheila explained that Li had given off the impression that she understood Sheila's feelings, and Li had said that Finn had been "ours."

Finn replied that Li would have gone right to the cops. Sheila told him that Li had said she could go to prison, too, but that the two of them could take care of Finn together. Sheila bitterly stated that Li had lied to her and had betrayed her. She said Li had gotten on her phone to call for help.

Sheila asked why Li had done that and why it always happened to her. "Is there no one that I can rely on?" Sheila asked. She wondered why people made her do things she regretted. Finn warily asked what Sheila had done to his mother.

Sheila stated that it could have been "so different" if Li had just believed Sheila. Sheila revealed that Li had taken off in a car. Finn repeated that Li would have gone to the cops. Sheila yelled that Li hadn't made it to the cops. Sheila said she'd followed Li and had been chasing Li when Li had lost control of her car. Sheila claimed not to know what had happened, but the car had exploded. She said she'd seen Li go into the water, sinking. Finn asked if his mother was dead. "Baby, I'm so sorry. Li is dead," Sheila said.

At the cliff house, Thomas arrived after surfing as Taylor was leaving a message for Steffy, who hadn't been returning her calls. Ridge arrived. He noted that he hadn't heard from Steffy, either. Thomas figured Steffy was dealing with the kids and would call back soon enough.

Ridge announced that there was a new lead on Sheila. He asked if Mike Guthrie's name meant anything to Taylor. Taylor said it did, and Ridge asserted his belief that "that idiot" had had something to do with Sheila's escape. Ridge believed Mike had to know something.

As Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas talked, Dr. Flavia Chevalier called from Monaco with news about Steffy. The doctor worked at a depression rehabilitation clinic where Dr. Russo had advised Steffy to check in. Taylor asked how Steffy was doing and where the kids were. Flavia said that Steffy was struggling. Flavia divulged that Steffy had a nanny at the clinic, which was more like a home or a resort. Flavia assured Taylor that Steffy and her kids were well cared for.

Taylor wanted to speak to Steffy, but Flavia said the clinic discouraged contact with anyone "close to the cause" at the beginning of the rehab. Flavia offered to keep Taylor updated on Steffy's progress, and Flavia stated that Steffy was receiving excellent care.

After the call, Thomas was near tears over the pain his sister was in. Ridge said it was all because of Sheila.

On the wharf, Bill met Wyatt at Wyatt's favorite new seafood restaurant. Bill said he'd pick the next restaurant they'd try, and Wyatt mentioned that Bill had been spending a lot of time with Wyatt instead of some lucky lady. Wyatt was curious about what was going on with Katie.

"Are you familiar with the term 'nothing'?" Bill asked. He stated that he was continuing to give Katie the space she needed without dwelling on his lack of progress. Wyatt replied that life was too short to dwell on things, and Bill murmured that they'd learned that the hard way.

As they ate, Wyatt and Bill discussed Steffy's loss. Wyatt was glad Steffy had gotten away to grieve, and he thought the distance was good for her. Bill replied that it wasn't distance; it was time. For Bill, the loss drove home the point that life was fleeting.

Wyatt said he had never heard Bill speak with such compassion. Irritated, Bill said it was what his boys had done to him. "You're welcome?" Wyatt skeptically replied. Bill stated that he wouldn't say that his sons had changed him, but they'd helped him grow and see what was important in life.

Wyatt poked fun at Bill, but Bill said Wyatt would find out someday if he was dumb enough to have his own children. Bill claimed that all parents did was worry about their children, and they wanted to protect their children. "Unless you're Sheila Carter," Wyatt quipped. Bill wished he'd been there to protect Steffy and Finn from that psycho.

At the end of dinner, Bill paid, and Wyatt noted that Bill didn't always have to get the check. Bill said he didn't mind and that he hadn't been able to do anything for his sons when they'd been growing up. Bill said it made him feel good to do it. Wyatt asked if Bill was okay and offered to hang out more.

Bill sadly said he was fine and had to get home, too. Wyatt left, stating that he'd see Bill in the morning. Alone at the table, Bill sighed.

Outside the restaurant, Bill heard a noise in an alley as he strode to his car. He warned whomever it was that they'd find trouble with him. He heard a woman groaning. On the ground, he discovered a disheveled woman with her face covered. He wondered if it was a setup then asked if she needed help. The camera panned to the woman's face. The woman was Li.

Unaware of her identity, Bill tries to gain Li's trust

Unaware of her identity, Bill tries to gain Li's trust

Friday, July 22, 2022

At the cliff house, Ridge and Taylor were in somber moods as they discussed Steffy. They said that they'd been trying to call their daughter for days with no response. Ridge said he had thought Steffy had been busy, but he said that at least Steffy was taking care of herself by checking into a clinic.

Sobbing, Taylor said she shouldn't have let Steffy go alone. Ridge asked Taylor not to do that to herself. Figuring that it didn't matter whether Steffy was "here or there," he stated that it would take time for Steffy to deal with and fill the void Finn's death had caused.

Using her phone, Taylor checked out the clinic that Steffy was in and said it was reputable. Ridge wished they could see her. He asked Taylor to call so they could hear Steffy's voice. Taylor replied that Steffy knew they supported her and would be there if she needed them.

Ridge was ready to hop on a plane because he believed Steffy did need them, but Taylor thought about what Flavia, the doctor, had said about interrupting Steffy's treatment. Ridge expressed his frustration about being unable to take Steffy's pain away. He stated that she'd told them that she'd been getting better. Taylor said it was what Steffy did -- Steffy tried to be strong for everyone, but it had taken a toll on her. Taylor said Finn was the love of Steffy's life.

Taylor turned the topic to Hayes, who'd never see his father again. She said Steffy also had to deal with the grief of her children. Taylor thought Steffy and Finn had been "so cute" together. Ridge and Taylor laughed about the corny jokes Finn had told. Taylor wished that Finn could be alive and light up Steffy's heart again.

In Li's hideaway, Finn demanded to know what Sheila had done to Li. Claiming not to have done anything, Sheila explained that Li's car had been sinking in the bay, and there had been nothing Sheila could do. "You're saying she's really dead? You killed my mother?" Finn raged.

Sheila insisted that she hadn't touched Li. Instead, Li had lost control of her SUV. Finn yelled that it was because Sheila had been hunting Li down like an animal. Sheila replied that she'd been keeping Li from going to the police, and Sheila had been protecting "us." Sheila admitted that he'd been in a bad place, but instead of retrieving his medications, Li had betrayed Sheila and tried to go to the police. Finn yelled that it was because Sheila had escaped prison.

"What about her? Hiding you? Making everyone believe you were dead? She was no saint. If only she had let us care for you together -- " Sheila said. Finn cut her off, bellowing that he didn't want to hear it; his mother was dead, and it was because of Sheila. He concluded that she was obsessed with him. Sheila asserted that she'd move heaven and earth for her son. She asked if he thought she'd risk all she had risked for just anyone.

"I hate you, Sheila!" Finn replied. Sheila guessed that it was the frustration talking, but he added that she was just a crazy woman he wished he'd never met. "No, you don't talk to me like that! You do not talk to your mother that way!" Sheila seethed. Finn responded that Sheila had given birth to him, but Li was his real mother.

Finn called Sheila a murderer, but Sheila insisted that she hadn't killed Li. Calling it an accident, Sheila figured that Li had been driving too fast and had taken her eyes off the road. "Just like shooting me was an accident?" Finn asked. Sheila replied that it had been an accident. She said she loved Finn, and she asked why she would purposely hurt him. She added that she'd needed Li, who'd been a doctor, to take care of Finn. Sheila admitted that she'd chased Li to convince her not to go to the police, but Sheila hadn't wanted Li to die.

Finn refused to believe a word Sheila ever said. Sheila vowed to prove herself to him. She advised him to stay calm, so she wouldn't have to sedate him again. Finn asked where Steffy was. Sheila replied that Steffy was traveling. He asked if Sheila had done something to Steffy. In her mind, Sheila heard herself telling Steffy not to make that phone call and then the sound of a gunshot. Finn asked again if Sheila had hurt his wife.

Becoming emotionally overwrought, Finn insisted upon getting out of there and seeing his wife. He asked how long Sheila would make him stay there. Sheila claimed it would take a few more days to get him back in good health. Finn figured that it wasn't about him; it was about Sheila staying out of prison. Sheila insisted that she'd make things up to Finn.

Finn began removing the monitoring wires from his body, but Sheila leaned forward, trying to stop him. Finn clenched her elbows and roared, "You killed my mom. You killed my mom!"

On the wharf, Bill peered down at an injured woman. "Wow, you need some help," he murmured. The soot-covered Li cowered from him, but he said he wouldn't hurt her. He introduced himself and asked for her name. She didn't reveal it, and he told her that she didn't have to be afraid. He asked if she'd let him help her.

Li whimpered, and Bill asked what had happened to her. She cried, and he considered calling an ambulance. She shook her head. He inquired if she was hungry or sick. Noting that she was in bad shape, he asked her to let him do something to help. He understood her fear and said that he got afraid sometimes. "Help me...please..." Li stammered.

Since Li wouldn't let Bill call an ambulance, he decided he'd take her to his house. He said he had everything she needed there, and he promised that she could trust him. Bill reached out his hand and assured her that it was okay. Li took his hand.

Later, at Bill's house, Bill led Li, wrapped in a blanket, into his living room. She sat on his sofa. He assured her that she was safe, and he had security all over the place. He stated that he wanted to give her refuge and help her get better. He believed she needed to see a doctor. Shaking her head, Li sobbed, and he told her that they'd just stay put.

Bill asked if she could give her name. He wondered if she wanted food or water. "Look at me," he said, and she turned her eyes his way. He wanted her to trust him just a little and tell him who she was and what had happened to her.

Bill gave Li some water. He told her that if she didn't talk to him, he couldn't help her. He asked how she'd wound up in the alley and if he could call anyone for her. He wondered if she had family or children. When he asked if she had a son, she whimpered. Bill gleaned that she had a son. Li struggled to speak. "Ma -- Ma -- " she said. Bill listened as she continued to stammer, and he attempted to guess at the words she was trying to say.

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