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Liam identified Bill's new houseguest as Li Finnegan, and Li convinced Bill to help her save Finn from Sheila. As Bill and Finn boarded a jet for France, Mike conked Li on the head, facilitating Sheila's escape. Finn reunited with Hayes and Kelly in France.
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Liam identified Bill's houseguest as Li Finnegan, Li took Bill to where Sheila was holed up with Finn, and Bill flew Finn to Monaco to be reunited with Steffy and the kids
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Bill calls in a favor to get his unknown houseguest checked out

Bill calls in a favor to get his unknown houseguest checked out

Monday, July 25, 2022

At Li's hideaway, Sheila struggled to get Finn back in bed, but Finn pushed back, telling her to shut up. He said he was going to do to her what someone should have done awhile back. He intended to go home to his wife -- but not before he made Sheila pay for what she'd done to him, to Steffy, and to his mother -- the woman Sheila had killed.

As Finn advanced on Sheila, she backed into the closed bedroom doors. She said Li's death had been an accident. Recalling that his shooting had supposedly been an accident, Finn said Sheila had meant to kill his wife. "Someone should have put a bullet in your head that night, but since they didn't, it's up to me to take matters into my own hands to make sure justice is served, Sheila!" Finn roared, wrapping his fingers around her throat.

Sheila reached for a syringe on a table and stuck Finn in his side with it. Immediately, Finn went limp and dropped to the ground.

Later, Sheila put the sleeping Finn back in bed. Mike pounded on the front door, and Sheila let him in. Upset, Mike entered the foyer, divulging that he'd been questioned by the police, Brooke, and Ridge. Mike believed they were onto him.

"And you decided to just come straight here? What were you thinking?" the enraged Sheila asked. Mike said he'd made sure that no one had followed him. Sheila mocked him for his certainty, but he told her not to take that tone with him when he was trying to alert her of the situation. Mike said the walls were closing in, and they had to act quickly to save themselves.

As Finn stirred in his room, Mike heard sirens outside, and Sheila told him to get a grip. He didn't think she could continue to stay there, playing the doting mother to a man who hated her guts. She said Finn didn't hate her. Deciding to ask Finn himself, Mike yelled Finn's name. Sheila covered Mike's mouth and said Finn was resting.

Mike barged into Finn's room, but by that time, Finn's eyes were closed again. It looked to Mike like Finn was doing more than resting. "You harpooned him with another syringe, didn't you?" Mike asked. Sheila admitted it, saying Finn had gotten upset when he'd learned about Li.

Mike said only Sheila could have told Finn that. Sheila replied that Finn deserved to know the truth about what had happened to Li. Sheila had never seen her "baby" more enraged. She said she'd had to do something to calm him down. Mike urged her to see that things were out of hand. Mike declared that there was "no freaking way" he'd be there when the cops busted in. As he marched out of the hideout, Sheila warned him not to bring the police to her doorstep.

Alone with Finn, Sheila touched his forehead. Finn snatched her wrist, and his eyes popped open. He said that it was just a matter of time before she was caught, and she'd finally pay for everything she'd done to him, Steffy, and his mother. Sheila snatched her hand back.

At the seafood restaurant, Wyatt was with Liam, who was talking about Hope putting the kids down faster than he could. Wyatt didn't know how Hope and Liam managed it all. Liam said it was teamwork, based on love and respect. Liam asked if Bill and Wyatt had just been dining at that place. Wyatt affirmed it and said he wouldn't eat again, but he had just wanted Liam to try it.

Knowing that Liam worried about Steffy, Wyatt asked how Liam was holding up. Liam reported that Steffy was in a depression clinic in Europe, and even though the nanny was there, Liam was still concerned. Wyatt guessed they all knew who to blame for it.

Later, Liam and Wyatt discussed Sheila's escape via a guard that Ridge and Brooke had said had prior connections with Sheila. Liam told Wyatt that the guard had denied everything, and Baker had felt as if he couldn't do anything without video footage, a witness, or hard evidence. Wyatt replied that the guard got off scot-free, and Sheila was still out there.

Liam asked how dinner had gone with Bill, and Wyatt expressed concern for Bill, who was suddenly empathetic and compassionate. Liam looked startled. "I know!" Wyatt responded. Wyatt said he was worried about Bill in that big house all alone.

At Bill's house, Bill offered Li some water and figured she'd been looking for food in the alley. Li wouldn't speak, and Bill wished she'd let him take her to a hospital. Li shook her head. Bill opened up about himself, saying he had two grown sons and a son in boarding school. As he wondered if Will would be a business tycoon or doctor, Li became agitated.

Later, Bill brought Li a sandwich and some juice. She timidly ate the food. She stiffened when someone knocked on the door. Bill said it was a doctor friend of his that he'd called because she hadn't wanted to go to the hospital. He promised her that it would be okay.

Bill went to the front door and answered it for Dr. Jordan Armstrong. Jordan said he was glad that Bill had pulled him out of a boring fundraiser. The doctor introduced himself to Li, saying he and Bill went way back. He noted cuts and abrasions on Li and asked if she'd had an accident. Li flashed back to her fight with Sheila and the car chase but remained unresponsive to questions.

Dr. Armstrong checked Li out and conferred with Bill. The doctor didn't see any broken bones or internal injuries. He wanted to run tests at the hospital, but Bill said she wouldn't go. Dr. Armstrong had found glass shards in her hair, and her cuts and abrasions were consistent with Bill's guess that she'd been in a car accident.

Dr. Armstrong assumed that the woman had been through an ordeal that had shocked her so badly that she wouldn't even talk. He recalled that Bill had said she had no identification on her. Bill replied that she had nothing, but she'd responded when he'd mentioned having a son. Dr. Armstrong commended Bill for helping the woman. Bill asked who wouldn't feel for such a vulnerable person. He wondered what her story was and wished she'd tell him her name.

Later, Bill was alone with Li when Liam, who was still with Wyatt, called. Liam detected that Bill was in a weird mood, and Bill said that he had someone there with him. Liam asked who, and Bill stammered. Liam put Bill on speakerphone, and Wyatt asked if Bill was okay. Bill replied that he was fine, but the woman he'd found in the alley after their dinner wasn't.

"What?" Liam and Wyatt said in unison. Bill explained that she'd refused to go to the hospital, so he'd taken her home with him, and his doctor friend had examined her. "You were not kidding," Liam said to Wyatt, taking Bill off speakerphone. Liam told Bill to be careful because one never knew what one was getting into.

Bill said to never mind him. He wanted to know about Steffy, who was struggling because she'd lost Finn. Behind Bill, Li became animated, and Bill clicked off the line with his sons. He asked Li what was upsetting her.

Li flashed back to helping Finn. She recalled hugging Finn. Bill asked if it was her son. He offered to bring her son to her, and Li became more agitated. Bill asked what her son's name was, and she struggled to speak.

Liam helps Bill solve the mystery surrounding Bill's houseguest

Liam helps Bill solve the mystery surrounding Bill's houseguest

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

At Forrester, Ridge was on the phone with Taylor about their trip to Europe to see Steffy. Taylor said she had another doctor covering her patients, and Ridge told Taylor that he'd see her at the airport. After the call, Zende arrived to see Ridge, but Ridge was on his way out the door. Guessing that Ridge was going to visit Steffy, Zende asked that Ridge give her Zende's best.

In Taylor's office, Deacon arrived and joked about her bodyguard not being out front. Taylor said "we" didn't need the guard because she and Ridge were going out of town to check on Steffy. Taylor had hoped the time away would be good for Steffy, but Steffy had been hiding how she was really doing. Deacon said he'd be thinking about Taylor while she was gone.

"That's really sweet," Taylor replied, adding, "You know, I don't think we should see each other like this when I get back." She explained that she wasn't trying to be mean or insensitive. Deacon responded that he was a big boy, and he wouldn't push. She said it didn't have to do with him or his past. Deacon asserted that it had to do with Ridge. Taylor stated that Deacon knew how Ridge felt about him. "And you're still hung up on him," Deacon concluded.

Taylor claimed that she was trying not to be. She said she was focused on her kids and grandkids, and she didn't think she could handle any more conflict of any kind. She knew that her children couldn't after all they'd been through. Deacon concluded that Taylor thought Ridge would ditch her like he ditched Brooke when Brooke had gotten too close to Deacon.

"You get how messed up this is, right? Why does he have to make up all the rules?" Deacon asked. He understood that she and Ridge had kids together; however, the reality in Deacon's mind was that Ridge had moved back in with Brooke, which meant that he was "thisclose" to recommitting to Brooke. Deacon didn't get why Ridge got to dictate who Taylor saw.

Deacon stated that he wasn't trying to tell Taylor what to do. He didn't think anyone should, and that was the point of what he was saying. She called it a "Sharpe point," but Deacon guessed it wasn't sharp enough to get her to change her mind. "Nope. It's not," Taylor replied. She said that Steffy would need her parents like she never had before to get out of depression.

Deacon believed that no one was more qualified than Taylor to help Steffy. He said that when Steffy was better, he and Taylor should give "whatever this is" a shot. Taylor asked what he thought it was. "Friendship, compatibility, something," he responded. Motioning to his body, he asked if she wasn't just a little curious about "all of this."

Taylor chuckled at his corniness. She said he'd been great, but "this thing" couldn't -- Deacon interrupted, noting that there was a "thing." Taylor insisted that whatever it was couldn't happen because she was about to board a plane with Ridge. "You really think that's going to change things?" Deacon asked. Taylor claimed that she was only focused on Steffy. Stammering, she asked Deacon to go. "I have things..." she murmured, walking away from him. He grinned.

On the jet later, Ridge waited with the pilot. Taylor arrived. The pilot said they'd be in the air as soon as possible. Taylor stated that Steffy needed them, and she wished they were there already. Taylor text-messaged Flavia to let her know that they were on the way.

In Li's hideaway, Sheila painted her toenails. Finn awakened and asked what she'd done to him. Sheila apologized for sedating him. She said he had to stop working himself up before he hurt himself. She said they needed to set ground rules because outbursts would only cause him setbacks. She was sure he didn't want that. Finn replied that he wanted to see Steffy that day.

Sheila told Finn to stop behaving like that because he was still recovering. He replied that she wasn't listening. He said Steffy thought he was dead -- because of Sheila -- and his mother was gone -- because of Sheila. Sheila told him that he was twisting what she'd said. Finn asserted that she'd chased his mother, and Li had been fleeing from Sheila when she'd died.

Sheila insisted that she and Li had been teaming up to make Finn well again. "She lied to me, but my love is true, Finn," Sheila told Finn. Finn dared her to prove it by sending him home. Sheila affirmed that she was doing it all for Finn. Finn didn't want it. He said she'd left a path of destruction in her wake, and it had to stop. Sheila insisted that she hadn't wanted any of it; all she'd wanted to do had been to meet Finn at his wedding. She'd never meant to hurt anyone.

Finn told Sheila to show him by letting him go home. Sheila refused to let him jeopardize his progress and asked why he couldn't be grateful for what he had. "I am," she added. Finn told her that she wasn't being kept from her loved ones. She replied that she was right there with him. Finn told her that his family was hurting and needed to know that he was alive.

Finn asked for a little mercy. Sheila snickered about the "mercy" Steffy had shown when she'd tricked Sheila into meeting at Il Giardino and had followed Sheila into the back alley to berate and threaten her. Sheila said all she'd wanted had been some consideration and compassion and a chance to show that she could be good; however, Li and Steffy had used it against her. Sheila had trusted them, and they'd lied to her.

Finn reasoned that he was telling the truth; his wife and child needed him. He said he'd never see Li again, but Sheila needed to give his wife and son back to him.

At Bill's house, Li sat on Bill's new sofa, recalling caring for Finn in her hideaway. She snapped out of it when Bill brought her some coffee. He noticed that she'd cleaned herself up. He hoped that she'd slept well. In Li's silence, he was optimistic that they'd have a breakthrough that day.

Bill suggested that he tell Li more about himself -- which was his favorite subject -- and then she could tell him more about herself. When Bill mentioned his three sons, Li hopped up and rushed down the hallway beneath the staircase.

Just then, Liam arrived, anxious to know more about the total stranger whom Bill had invited into his home. "She's in her room," Bill replied. Liam asked, "She's got a room now?" Liam wondered who Bill was and why Bill was behaving as he was. "It's because I found this woman in an alley alone," Bill replied. Bill said the woman had been in bad shape, and he'd decided to help her. Bill thought Liam, of all people, would understand that.

Liam replied that it just didn't feel "very Bill." Bill noted that he gave money to charity and had given money to the Forrester Foundation for years. Liam said it had been to stick it to Ridge.

Agreeing, Bill said that, with the woman he'd found, he could be impactful on a single person. Bill felt that there was a story inside the woman. Bill didn't know why, but he had to figure out what it was. His "Spency senses" were tingling. Liam stared in disbelief, but Bill insisted that his instincts had built an empire. Liam said Bill had clearly connected with the woman.

In the foyer, Li listened as Bill said he needed to help the woman. Not wanting to discuss it further, Bill asked to hear about Steffy's struggles. As Liam told Bill about Steffy checking into a depression rehab facility, Li entered the living room. Liam turned to see her.

Gesturing to Liam, Bill said it was his son. "Li!" Liam exclaimed and introduced himself as Kelly's father. He asked what had happened to her and if she was okay.

Bill was surprised that Liam knew the woman. Liam said she was Steffy's mother-in-law. Bill stated that he'd never met her before. Liam asked Li if she'd been attacked or had been in an accident. Bill told Li that Finn had been helping raise Bill's grandchild, and Finn's death had impacted them all.

Li flashed back to her fight with Sheila, the car chase, and the plunge off the pier. "Sheila. Sheila. My son, Finn!" Li exclaimed. Liam replied that it was a tragedy that Finn had died. "Finn's not dead. Finn's alive. My son's alive!" Li declared. Liam looked worriedly at Bill.

Sheila tells Finn she won't stop him from leaving

Sheila tells Finn she won't stop him from leaving

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Aboard the private jet to Monaco, Taylor and Ridge expressed their concern for Steffy's mental health. Ridge worried that the only person who could ever fully heal Steffy -- Finn -- was dead. Ridge and Taylor reaffirmed their commitment to take care of Steffy and their grandkids.

Taylor became perturbed when the plane's WiFi went out. She said that she had been "social media stalking" Li to see if there was any indication as to her whereabouts.

Liam and Bill exchanged concerned glances as Li insisted that Finn was alive. Rather than tell Li that she was wrong, Bill took a more tactful approach and suggested that Li had suffered some "significant trauma" that had impacted her memory. Liam reminded Li that Sheila had shot and killed Finn. Li became increasingly agitated and shouted that her son was alive and with Sheila.

Bill wrote off Li's claims as confusion brought up by an accident, but Liam seemed willing to listen to what Li had to say. Bill had Li sit down on the sofa and asked that she explain to them what she was saying. Li shared how she had "smuggled" Finn to a safe place after the hospital had given up on trying to save him. "I was nursing Finn back to health, but Sheila broke out and somehow tracked me down," Li explained.

Suddenly, Liam realized why Li had been so opposed to a memorial service and tombstone. As Liam tried to process what he was hearing, Li shared some of the details of how her car had crashed into the ocean. Bill called the turn of events "unreal," but he cautioned Liam from telling anyone about Finn being alive until they were able to get Finn away from Sheila.

Li told Bill that she would recognize the building where she had stashed Finn if she were to see it. Bill offered to drive Li around while Finn reached out to the police.

In the secret location where Li had been tending to Finn, Finn questioned how he could ever believe that Sheila loved him when all she seemed to do was take away the things that he loved. Sheila insisted that it had never been her intention to hurt Finn. Finn asked Sheila to imagine the grief Steffy had to be enduring. He then asked her to imagine his own pain, pain from knowing that he would never see his mother again.

Sheila bowed her head and remained silent. Sheila eventually rose to her feet, turned her back to Finn, and claimed that she was checking the readings on the medical equipment. "I came back to L.A. with nothing but good intentions," Sheila said. "I wanted to meet my son. I wanted to look you in the eye and tell you that I was your mother and [that] I never stopped loving you," she explained. Sheila claimed that things could have been different had Steffy accepted her.

Finn blasted Sheila for constantly blaming others for her own faults. Sheila refused to back down, asserting that if Steffy had given her even the smallest of chances, things would have been different. Sheila accused Steffy of having been "hellbent" on making sure that Finn never got to know his birth mother.

Sheila reasserted that she had never meant to shoot Finn and begged him to not close the door on their relationship as mother and son. "I don't wanna lose you. I don't want to go to prison for the rest of my life, thinking that I am never gonna see you or Hayes again," Sheila pleaded as she called shooting Finn an "accident" that was "the worst thing" she had ever done.

Sheila was furious that she received no credit for saving Finn's life when his heart had stopped. Finn countered that if Sheila had truly saved his life, she should allow him to live his life by setting him free. Sheila insisted that she had never intended to hold Finn prisoner and did not want to deny him the opportunity to be with Steffy, Hayes, and Kelly. What she wanted, however, was the chance to spend some time with Finn.

The explanation didn't sit well with Finn, and he told Sheila that he would not allow another day to pass without being reunited with Steffy. Sheila questioned how she always seemed to land herself in such unfortunate predicaments. She hoped that the "kind, compassionate" Finn would be able to forgive her one day. Finn vowed that Sheila would never get the chance to know Hayes nor would she ever be able to terrorize Steffy again.

Finn started to remove the monitors attached to his body and rise from the hospital bed. Sheila instructed Finn to get back in bed. "How are you going to stop me?" Finn asked. "Are you going to shoot me again? Are you going to stick me with a needle?" he suggested. Finn declared that his time with Sheila was over. Sheila stepped aside and said she would not stop him.

Finn staggered to the door and walked out of the room. Sheila followed behind him. She put her hand on his shoulder and said his name, but when Finn turned around angrily, she slowly pulled her hand away. Suddenly the outer door swung open, and Bill Spencer appeared in the doorway. "You really are alive," Bill gasped. Bill told Finn that he was safe and slowly inched toward him. Seconds later, Li appeared beside Bill.

"Mom?" Finn asked weakly. Li cast a glance in Sheila's direction before returning her focus to Finn. "Oh, thank God," Li exclaimed as she raced to Finn and pulled him into an embrace.

Sheila kisses Mike before fleeing the hideout

Sheila kisses Mike before fleeing the hideout

Thursday, July 28, 2022

On the jet, Taylor told Ridge about her dream of Finn being alive at a bonfire. In the dream, a clown had been making s'mores. Taylor wished she could go back to the dream. Ridge sadly kissed her on her head, and Taylor later fell asleep on his shoulder.

After a while, the pilot announced that the WiFi would be out until they landed. Taylor couldn't wait to be with Steffy. "I know that I'm the one who said she should go..." Taylor said. Ridge asked Taylor not to do that again. In his view, it was best for Steffy to be away while Sheila was on the loose.

Later, the pilot announced that he was preparing to land. Ridge asked if Taylor was ready. Taylor said she wasn't, and he decided that they'd be unready together.

At Bill's house, Hope arrived as Liam was talking to Deputy Chief Baker on the phone. Liam was informing Baker that Bill and Li were on the way to Sheila's hideout. Li didn't know the address, but she'd been at the hideout with Sheila -- and Finn. "With a dead man?" Baker asked.

Hope's eyes widened as Liam disclosed that Finn was actually alive, and Li had nursed Finn back to health. Baker didn't know what was more incredible -- that Finn was alive or that Bill was chasing Sheila without police backup. Baker instructed Liam to call Baker on his cell phone the moment Bill got the exact address.

Later, Liam and Hope discussed his revelation about Finn, whom Li had been keeping at a secret apartment until Sheila had muscled herself in. Hope wondered what Sheila had done to Li. Liam didn't know, but he said Bill had found Li in an alley, barely able to speak. Liam hoped Bill didn't do anything stupid while pursuing Sheila.

Liam received a text message with the address of Li's apartment. He immediately called Baker to relay the information. Next, Liam and Hope tried to reach Steffy and Ridge, to no avail. Liam exclaimed that Steffy needed to know that Finn was alive.

At Li's hideaway, Bill and Li rushed in and saw Sheila and Finn standing in the foyer. "Mom?" Finn said, and Li swept him up in her arms. Finn was astonished that Li was alive, and she said nothing and no one could stop her from getting back to him. Sheila stammered in disbelief and asked how Li had survived "that." Sobbing, Finn said Sheila had said Li had crashed her car.

Sheila asserted that she'd seen the car blow up, and there was no way Li could have survived. Li replied that she had survived, just like Finn had, and the mother and son would overcome whatever Sheila threw at them. Li doubted Sheila could throw anything else from prison. Bill said that Sheila would never hurt anyone else ever again.

Sheila claimed she'd never wanted to hurt anyone, nor had she wanted to see Li drive off a bridge. Li accused Sheila of chasing Li. Sheila asked what she should have done to stop Li from going to the police. Sheila denied causing Li's crash, but Li said Sheila had had everything to do with it. According to Li, Sheila was the reason Li had been in the car, but Li had refused to let Sheila stop her. "Next thing I knew, I was going over a bridge," Li stated. She said that, somehow, she'd survived.

Sheila tried to make a run for it, but Bill swung his arm out and nabbed her before she got out the door. Bill tied Sheila to the hospital bed in the back room, and she implored Finn to tell Li and Bill that Sheila had saved Finn and nursed him back to health.

Li yelled that Sheila had shot two people. Finn asked what Li was talking about, and Li said Sheila had shot him and had turned the gun on Steffy. Finn grew upset, but Li added that Steffy had survived. Sheila began to say that Steffy had threatened her. Finn rushed the bed, but Bill held him back before he could attack Sheila.

Bill said they all wanted to take Sheila out, but Finn had more important things to do, like finding Steffy. Finn asserted that he'd never waste another breath on Sheila, nor would he ever speak to her again. Finn asked to go to Steffy, but Li explained that Steffy was out of the country.

Bill said they'd all take his jet as soon as the police arrived. Li asked Bill to leave right then, but he wouldn't leave her alone with "this crazy bitch." Li said it was okay because Sheila was tied up.

Bill called Liam to inform him that Finn was alive and to find out if the police were on the way to get Sheila. Liam affirmed it, and Bill stated that he'd take Finn to Steffy. After the call, Finn asked Li if she was okay with "this." Li urged him to find his beautiful wife.

As Finn left, Sheila yelled, asking him to wait. Li glared at Sheila and asked if Sheila had really thought she'd get away with it. Sheila claimed she hadn't wanted to get away with anything, but she'd gotten exactly what she'd wanted. Sheila said her son was alive, recovering, and on his way to reunite with his wife. She asked what more she could have wanted.

Behind Li, Mike entered the apartment. Li stated that Sheila wasn't fooling anyone. Li said she knew that Sheila wanted Finn to adore her like some mother of the year, but instead, Finn hated her. Mike whacked Li over the head with a flashlight and asked Sheila what was going on. Sheila urged him to cut her loose. She said they had to get out of there immediately.

Mike found some scissors and cut Sheila loose. She thanked him and kissed him on the lips. As Mike swooned, Sheila said they'd leave separately and meet up later. Sheila rushed out the door, and Mike sadly asked how he'd know where to find her.

Mike began to walk to the door, but Li grabbed him by the leg and tripped him. "What the hell, lady?" he asked. Irritated, Li asked how he could let "that psycho" go. He ordered her to get out of his way. "Make me," Li responded. Mike asked if she wanted to end up back on the floor.

Just then, Baker burst in with his officers. Mike groaned and put his hands up.

On Bill's jet, Bill let Finn know that they'd take off at any moment. Finn didn't know how to thank Bill, but Bill said Steffy's reaction would be thanks enough. Finn used Bill's phone to call Steffy. Finn got her voicemail. He told Steffy that he was alive and on a plane to get to her, and he couldn't wait to see her, Hayes, and Kelly. He said they'd be together soon.

News of Finn being alive makes the rounds as Finn reunites with Kelly and Hayes

News of Finn being alive makes the rounds as Finn reunites with Kelly and Hayes

Friday, July 29, 2022

In the evening at Forrester, Liam and Hope told Brooke, Eric, and Thomas that Finn was miraculously alive. Eric and Thomas asked if Steffy, Ridge, or Taylor knew, but Liam said he and Hope hadn't been able to reach anyone yet.

Later, Liam and Hope had told Thomas, Brooke, and Eric everything they knew about Finn and Li's saga. Grateful that Bill had found Li, Brooke said things could have ended differently. Eric was tickled to think of how Steffy would react to seeing Finn. Eric guessed the kids would be overjoyed. Liam replied that Kelly would flip out.

Over pizza, Liam said he suspected that Bill's jet had landed in Monaco. Eric admitted he had never imagined that there could be a happy ending. Thomas stated that Steffy's world was about to change. Brooke said she could imagine how Ridge and Taylor would feel after watching Steffy suffer such loss.

The group at Forrester talked about how happy everyone would be to learn that Finn was alive, especially Finn's colleagues. Eric was sure Finn would want to get back to work and a normal life, but Eric believed that Finn needed to take time with his wife and kids first. Brooke thought it was amazing and a beautiful blessing that Steffy had her husband back.

On Bill's jet, Bill advised Finn to get some sleep, but Finn was too excited to sleep. He said Steffy and the kids had been the only things that had kept him going, but Sheila hadn't let him contact Steffy. Bill figured it had been "hell." Finn stated that it wouldn't be much longer.

Finn noted that Steffy hadn't returned his messages, and Bill offered his phone for Finn to try again. Finn wound up leaving another message for Steffy, telling her that he really was alive. He said he was on a plane, headed for her, and they'd be together soon.

After a while, Bill learned that the jet would soon land. He grabbed his phone to try Ridge again.

In Monaco, Ridge and Taylor met with Flavia. They were anxious to see Steffy, but Flavia didn't know where Steffy was at that moment. Flavia explained that Steffy sometimes took private time away to help with her healing, and Flavia didn't know where Steffy had gone.

Ridge showed Flavia out of the hotel room, and Taylor and Ridge became antsy about where Steffy could be. Ridge's phone rang, and he griped when he saw that it was a call from Bill. Taylor said to answer it. When Ridge did, he asked Bill what he wanted. Bill asked Ridge to put the call on speaker, but Ridge said he didn't have time for Bill's games.

Bill insisted, and Ridge complied. Taylor asked Bill what was going on, and Bill explained that he was on his jet, headed their way with a special passenger -- their son-in-law. Handing Finn the phone, Bill decided to let Finn speak for himself.

Taylor and Ridge were stunned when they heard Finn's voice. He said Li had kept him alive, and it was a long story that he'd definitely explain. At that moment, though, he was desperate to find Steffy. Ridge and Taylor said they couldn't reach Steffy, either, but they'd relay their hotel information to Finn via text message and have Kelly and Hayes there when Finn arrived.

After the call, Bill gleaned that Steffy wasn't with her parents. Finn assured Bill that Finn would find Steffy, and they'd be together soon.

Back at the hotel, Ridge and Taylor were still in gleeful disbelief about Finn. Finn and Bill arrived, and Ridge pulled Finn in for a tight hug. Taylor hugged Finn, too, and said that God was good. Bill turned to leave, but Finn stopped Bill to thank him. Shaking Finn's hand, Bill said that no thanks was needed. Ridge thanked Bill and said he was in Bill's debt. Bill started to agree, but then, Bill stopped short, saying he was just glad he could help.

After Bill had gone, Ridge and Taylor were full of questions for Finn. Finn promised to answer them all, but he needed to see Steffy, Hayes, and Kelly. Someone knocked on the door, and as Ridge answered it, Taylor cried joyously about Finn. Ridge got their attention as he returned to the room with Hayes and an older Kelly. Finn gathered the children into his arms.

Taylor put Hayes down for a nap. Finn said he couldn't believe how big Kelly had gotten. She asked him to promise to never leave again. Kelly wondered if her mother knew that Finn was there. She said her mother had been very sad. Taylor stated, "Well, Kelly, we have all been sad without your daddy here." Ridge said it was over, and there would only be happy faces.

Kelly asked why her mother wasn't there. Finn replied that he had to go find her mother, and then they'd all be together as a family. Kelly hugged Finn. He asked to borrow a phone and said he was headed to check out a favorite spot Steffy had mentioned.

Later, Taylor, who'd just gotten off a call with Flavia, found Ridge and Kelly drawing together. Kelly had drawn a picture of Finn, Steffy, Hayes, and herself. Ridge stated that they'd be a family again -- as soon as "Mommy and Daddy" found each other.

On a pier in Monaco, Steffy stood alone. Steffy walked along the coast, stopped to gaze at the view of the water, and asked, "Why, Finn? Why?" She opened a locket and gazed at the photos of her family inside.

Later, Finn made it to the same spot on the pier and saw a woman with dark hair. Her back was to him. "Steffy," he uttered and grinned.

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Meet new DAYS' star Elia Cantu (Jada Hunter)
B&B's Sean Kanan returns to The Karate Kid franchise
GH's Parry Shen sidelined by oral surgery
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B&B's Sean Kanan returns to The Karate Kid franchise
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Allison Lanier opens up about Y&R's War of the Moms
The Young and the Restless: The Best and Worst of 2022 (so far)
Y&R grants Peter Bergman a new five-year contract
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