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Li was unapologetic when Steffy confronted her about concealing Finn's recovery. Hope's anxiety escalated when Thomas suggested taking Douglas full-time. Displaying a severed toe, Sanchez pronounced Sheila dead. Steffy urged Ridge to be with Taylor.
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Detective Sanchez said Sheila was killed by a bear, Steffy confronted Li, and Thomas suggested that Douglas live with him
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Li remains defiant as Steffy questions Li's actions

Li remains defiant as Steffy questions Li's actions

Monday, August 8, 2022

At the cliff house, Finn let Steffy know that he had a doctor's appointment at the hospital. Li arrived, and Finn greeted her with a big hug. Li was happy to see Finn back with his family. Crediting Li with his return, Finn said that if she had given up on him, he wouldn't be there. Li replied that she'd never let anything or anyone take him from her ever.

Li asked how Finn's medications were, and Finn said he was actually on his way to a doctor's appointment. Steffy intended to go to it, as well, because she didn't want him to take on too much too soon. Finn replied that if he could search Monaco for her, then a doctor's appointment wouldn't be too taxing. Steffy told him to call her every ten minutes, and Li stated that he could contact her if the doctor had questions about his care.

Once Finn had gone, Li guessed Steffy had questions. Steffy did, but first, she wanted to thank Li for keeping Finn alive. Steffy said the belief that Finn had died had sent her into a deep depression, and she never wanted to go there again. "That being said...what the hell, Li?" Steffy asked, continuing, "You let all of this time go by. All of this family was torn apart. You could have taken that all away, but you didn't. I am his wife. I deserved to know what you were doing. Why didn't you tell me?"

Steffy asked how Li could be so cruel. Steffy asked if Li had thought about the children. Li said she hadn't meant to harm the kids, but Steffy said it was exactly what Li had done. Steffy asked why Li would do it. Li said that Steffy had thought of her children and the futures they could have. Steffy affirmed that she had. Li stated that she was proud of all Finn had accomplished. She said Finn had had a future "so bright"..."and then he met you..."

Steffy frowned. Li asked if Steffy thought Li wanted her son in a family that was always swept up in the tabloids. Li said she had tried to hope for the best. Steffy asked if Li had only pretended to be supportive at the wedding. Li replied that she hadn't been lying. She'd felt that if Finn had been happy, she'd be happy; however, she stated that she'd been right to be concerned.

Li surmised that Sheila never would have been in Finn's life if he hadn't met Steffy. Li said she had almost lost her son. She admitted that, in her despair, a part of her had blamed Steffy and her family. Li said that she'd kept the secret for a good reason. She disclosed that Finn had needed her complete attention, and involving Steffy would have been a distraction Li couldn't have afforded.

Steffy said she would have helped Li and would have been just as determined. Li was sure Steffy would have demanded that Finn return to the hospital and to the people who'd written him off as dead. Li stated that she would have said something to Steffy if Finn had survived, but at the time, Li had been laser-focused on Finn. "If you're looking for an apology, you won't get it. I won't apologize to you or anyone for what I had to do to save my son," Li asserted.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Hope canoodled. He said he felt extra affectionate and wasn't taking anything for granted. Hope and Liam agreed that there was a lot of love, joy, and gratitude in the air, and it was about time. Hope admitted she had heard Liam and Kelly on the phone earlier. Liam said Kelly was overjoyed and had been exclaiming that Hayes's daddy was home.

Hope became pensive, and Liam asked what the problem was. Hope said she'd done something pertaining to her own father, and it might have affected her mother's marriage.

Later, Hope said she hadn't meant any harm by it, but she hoped that once Brooke explained the reasons behind the photo, Ridge would understand. Hope said she'd been happy to take a photo with both of her parents. She asked how often she got to do that in her life.

Liam said he got it, but he understood why Brooke had asked Hope to remove the photo. He remarked that Ridge detested Deacon, and Ridge and Taylor had been traveling and bonding over Steffy and Finn's reunion. Liam guessed it wasn't a good idea to remind Ridge of the past issues.

At Brooke's house, Brooke said she was happy for Ridge that Steffy and Finn had reunited. Brooke asked how it had been to be swept away in that magical moment. Ridge flashed back to hugging and kissing Taylor. Brooke noted that Ridge's mind had wandered off somewhere, and she believed she knew where. She assumed he'd seen the selfie Hope had taken with Brooke and Deacon. Ridge acknowledged that he had seen it.

Brooke assumed Ridge was upset. Ridge said he wasn't thrilled. He stated that she'd said she wanted to stay away from Deacon, but "five minutes" after Ridge had left town, she'd invited Deacon to Forrester. Brooke asserted that she hadn't invited Deacon; Hope had, and Hope had had every right to. Brooke guessed she should have left the moment Deacon had arrived.

Ridge asserted that he'd seen the photo, and he hadn't liked it. "Can we just leave it there?" he asked. The most important thing, according to Ridge, was that Finn had returned. Agreeing, Brooke stated that she couldn't imagine the euphoria Ridge and Taylor had to have felt.

Later, Hope and Liam arrived. Brooke said Ridge had just gone to the office. Brooke couldn't stop smiling about Finn. Hope wondered if Ridge had mentioned the photo. Brooke replied that Ridge had, but it wasn't a problem. Brooke believed that, though Ridge wasn't pleased, his focus was on Steffy and Finn. Hope was happy to hear that Ridge wouldn't hold the photo against Brooke. Brooke said Ridge was focused on the good things that were happening.

Brooke claimed that she wasn't being na´ve, and she intended to remain cautious. Hope replied that Ridge had moved back in. Brooke clarified that it had only been to take care of her. She said that Ridge wasn't fully committed yet, but after all they'd been through, she felt that there was no way it would end.

At Forrester, Taylor propped herself on the CEO's desk, telling Thomas about what had happened in Monaco. Thomas said it was crazy to think about how the family's sadness was evolving, and he was starting to believe that there was hope out there. Taylor flashed back to kissing Ridge in Monaco, and she agreed that there was hope.

Zende arrived and hugged Taylor. Zende congratulated Taylor about Finn. Zende still couldn't believe it. Thomas replied that the professionals had thought Finn had been dead, but Li had kept Finn alive all that time. Thomas wondered why Li hadn't told anyone.

Zende said that was messed up. Ridge arrived, agreeing that it was messed up; however, he said they'd get answers in time. The most important thing, according to him, was that Finn was back due to Li.

Later, Taylor and Ridge were alone, thinking of the happiness Steffy had felt when Finn had returned. "The smile on her face...I'm never going to forget that," Ridge said. Taylor replied that what they'd experienced there had made her think that anything was possible.

Brooke questions Ridge about what's going on with him

Brooke questions Ridge about what's going on with him

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

In the CEO's office, Taylor and Ridge talked about how wonderful it was to celebrate Finn being alive. For Ridge, it didn't get any better than that. "Or does it?" Taylor asked and questioned whether he wanted to talk about that kiss. Ridge stammered, and Taylor wondered if they should forget it had ever happened. Ridge replied that he couldn't do that.

Ridge returned to the topic of Steffy finding her family again. He and Taylor discussed the love that had radiated from Steffy. Taylor stated that they all had much love for each other, "Kelly and Hayes. You, me, Steffy, Thomas, Phoebe." Taylor declared that the kids would always be the best part of them. She said that she and Ridge had done well, and Ridge agreed.

Even though Taylor had said she'd give Steffy and Finn time alone, Taylor was anxious to check on them. Ridge advised her to go, and he reminded her that she'd said that times like those made it seem as if anything was possible.

At the cliff house, Li asserted that she'd fought to keep her son alive. Although Steffy was grateful, she asked how cruel it was to keep her and her kids in the dark about Finn. "You want to talk about cruel?" Li asked. Li contended that cruelty had been having doctors give up on one's only child and having to deal with Sheila while healing Finn. Li was sorry for Steffy's grief but would never apologize for doing what she'd had to do to save her son.

Steffy said she didn't want an apology. She just wanted to know why Li hadn't told Steffy about Finn. Steffy asked if Li knew what a difference it would have made for her to know about it while she'd been recovering. Li replied that Sheila had been in the picture by then.

Steffy got that there were extenuating circumstances, but Steffy said her grief had been so thick, she might not have made it through. Li replied that her focus had been on Finn. She said she'd thought Steffy had said she was grateful. Steffy repeated that she was grateful, but in her view, it didn't justify letting her and the children suffer.

Li told Steffy that she had to understand what Finn's life had been like before Steffy had brought to it the chaos and drama. Steffy said Sheila had done that, but Li replied that Li had been within a breath of losing her son. Steffy was upset that Li hadn't seen fit to tell anyone that she'd saved Finn, and Steffy felt that if Li were to tell anyone, it should have been Steffy.

Li conceded, in hindsight, that she should have done things differently, but at the time, she'd been focusing on keeping Finn with them, a feat she'd accomplished. "Why don't you focus on that?" Li exclaimed. "Your husband is with you. Hayes has his daddy. That's all we should be concerned about," Li concluded.

Taylor arrived, and Li rolled her eyes as Taylor asked if everything was okay. Wordlessly, Li picked up her purse and walked out. Taylor assumed Steffy had confronted Li about Finn. Steffy divulged that part of her wanted to scream at Li, but Steffy questioned whether Li knew the grief Steffy had been in. Steffy said Li had gotten to touch Finn and hear him breathe. Li had had hope, but Steffy hadn't. Steffy asked how she could forgive Li.

Taylor asked what Li had said. Steffy reported that Li felt that Steffy and her family had complicated Finn's life. It was the craziest thing Steffy had ever heard. Steffy claimed her family wasn't responsible for Sheila and Jack's affair or Sheila being Finn's birth mother.

Taylor said she and Ridge had questions for Li, too, but in the end, Li had saved Finn's life. Taylor said they should focus on that miracle. Steffy was grateful for it and said her greatest nightmare was her greatest joy -- she had her family back. On the verge of crying, she said her future couldn't be brighter.

Later, Steffy turned the topic to what was going on with Taylor. Taylor acted elusive, but Steffy threatened to nag. Taylor admitted that it had to do with Ridge and her. Taylor explained that she and Ridge had gotten swept up in a moment while in Monaco. A flashback of Taylor and Ridge kissing played. Taylor said she and Ridge had been feeling connected after their experience with Finn, and they'd just kissed.

Steffy thought it was wonderful and said Taylor already knew what Steffy's next question would be. "What does this mean for you and Dad?" they said in unison.

At Brooke's house, Brooke told Hope she was confident that Ridge's focus was where it should be, and when things settled down for Steffy, they'd settle down for Brooke and Ridge. "Okay," Hope replied in a circumspect tone, prompting Brooke to assert that Ridge was still Brooke's husband. She said he was there taking care of her, and she felt the love; nothing or no one could keep them apart.

Hope said she hoped that Brooke was right, but "what you were saying earlier about Ridge not having recommitted to you yet..." Brooke claimed she'd meant to say that he'd do it soon; he just wasn't quite there yet. Brooke stated that they still had a marriage; they just hadn't had time to focus on it. She desired for Ridge to spend time with his other family, especially in light of Finn's return.

Brooke was certain that Ridge was committed to her and said nothing could change it. She added that she and Ridge had talked things out about the photo, too. Hope asked if Brooke was sure. Liam told Hope to take the "W" and stop looking for trouble. He said that they should be celebrating. Hope agreed, but she did wonder about one person -- Li. Hope wondered how Steffy felt about Li keeping the truth from Steffy all that time.

Liam suggested throwing a party once Finn and Steffy were settled back in. Entering the house, Ridge said he was up for that. Everyone stood up, excited to see Ridge and to express how happy they were for Finn and Steffy. "But also for you and Taylor," Liam added.

Ridge thanked Liam for being kind to Steffy when she'd been grieving and for putting Steffy first by allowing her to take Kelly out of the country. Ridge was also grateful to Bill for helping Finn. Hope asked if it meant Bill and Ridge were best friends. Ridge joked that he and Bill were thinking of getting a place together.

Hope said the reunion had to have been quite a moment. Brooke said Li had single-handedly kept her son from slipping away. Liam stated that Li would do anything for Finn, but Liam didn't get why Li had kept the truth from everyone for as long as she had. Hope was sure Li had had her reasons, but it would create a strain in Steffy and Li's relationship.

Later, Liam and Hope had gone, and Brooke asked Ridge how it felt not to worry about his kids for once. He said she knew how it was to always worry about kids, but he stated that a weight had been lifted. The flirty Brooke wanted to celebrate Ridge's return. Ridge leaned over the back of the sofa and kissed her. He walked around it and sat next to her. She said she knew him better than anyone. She asked what was going on with him.

In Brooke's cabin later, Hope and Liam arrived. Liam was still talking about Li's decision regarding Finn. Unbuttoning Liam's shirt, Hope said she didn't want to talk about it anymore. The kids were out of the house, and Hope said he knew what that meant.

Steffy urges Taylor to fight for Ridge

Steffy urges Taylor to fight for Ridge

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

At the cliff house, Steffy was surprised to learn that her mom and dad had kissed in Monaco. Steffy insisted that the kiss had to "mean something." Taylor replied that a kiss "always means something," but revealed that she and Ridge had not talked about the kiss since it had happened.

When Taylor tried to dismiss the kiss as "one really long kiss," Steffy countered that the kiss was a kiss with the man Taylor loved -- and it had taken place in one of the most romantic places in the world. Taylor reclassified the kiss as "a moment" and called the situation complicated. Steffy said that labeling something complicated was "a cop-out," and she urged her mother to get what she wanted. Taylor praised her "brave, adventurous girl" and called Steffy her inspiration.

Taylor and Steffy abruptly stopped talking when Finn returned home from seeing the doctor. According to Finn, he was doing "remarkably well." He joked that he had almost missed his appointment because so many people had stopped him in the hall to talk to him. Finn sensed that he had walked in on something. Steffy smiled broadly and commented that her mom had some "wonderful news."

"Unexpected reunions are breaking out all over," Finn quipped when he learned about Taylor and Ridge's kiss. Taylor said that she did not want to get wrapped up in thinking about how things could be. Taylor asked that Finn and Steffy not wish anything for her. "My heart's desire is right here in front of me," Taylor said. Taylor said that she was going to leave and give Steffy and Finn some much-needed privacy.

Once Taylor was gone, Finn shared a kiss. He shared that the doctors had told him he was free to "resume normal activity." Steffy smiled seductively. "After how long we've been apart? Normal activity means something a little... different to us," she said. The two began to kiss passionately. Steffy paused when she took off Finn's shirt and saw the scar where he'd been shot. She vowed "never to take another month with [Finn] for granted."

At Brooke's house, Brooke sensed that something was troubling Ridge. Ridge rose from his spot next to Brooke on the sofa and started pacing around the living room. Ridge recalled the moment he'd seen Finn in Monaco. He added that he and Taylor had gotten "swept up in it." Brooke surmised that what Ridge and Taylor had shared in Monaco had to have been very special.

Down at the cabin, Liam started to undress Hope as they began to take full advantage of having the cabin to themselves. After the two made love, they prepared for another round of passion. Before that could happen, Brooke dropped by for a visit.

Brooke explained that she had decided to let Ridge and Taylor have "a moment" to share the special, life-changing events they'd experienced in Monaco. Brooke wasn't sure what that would mean for her marriage, but she insisted that she did not want to force Ridge to choose between the family he had with Brooke and the family he had with Taylor.

Later, in the executive suite at Forrester, Ridge thought back the kiss he had shared with Taylor in Monaco. He was brought back to the present when Taylor stopped by to see him. Ridge told Taylor that he had just been thinking about her and what it had to be like at Steffy's house. Taylor told Ridge that he was always welcome at the house.

Taylor marveled at how Finn and Steffy had been given a second chance. She wondered aloud if she and Ridge were due for their own second chance -- "or whatever number" they might have reached.

Sanchez reveals that Sheila met with a "grizzly" demise

Sanchez reveals that Sheila met with a "grizzly" demise

Thursday, August 11, 2022

At Forrester, Brooke was working when Detective Sanchez called, looking for Ridge. She notified Sanchez that Ridge had left his phone behind when he'd gone to a meeting, but she expected Ridge to return soon. She asked if she could help Sanchez with something. Sanchez said he had an update on Sheila and that Baker, who was tied up in court, had asked Sanchez to speak to the Forresters. Brooke offered to gather the family together at the office to meet him.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn basked in their amazement about the previous night. They both said they couldn't believe it had really happened. Steffy said she'd stared at him all night and had touched him to make sure he was real. She said they were lucky that they were a family again.

As Finn and Steffy kissed, Li arrived. Finn let her in and said the kids were at the park with the babysitter and security. Li replied that one couldn't be too careful with Sheila on the loose. Steffy received a call from Brooke, who asked if Steffy could meet at the office to hear news about Sheila. Steffy said she was on her way with Finn and Li and would inform Taylor about it, too.

Later, Eric, Brooke, and Taylor were in the CEO's office when Li, Finn, and Taylor arrived. Eric mentioned how great it was that Finn and Steffy were together, and Taylor asked why Li hadn't told Steffy that Finn had been alive. Li replied that, looking back, she might have done things differently, but she hadn't meant to hurt or deceive anyone.

Detective Sanchez arrived, and Eric informed him that Ridge was on his way. Sanchez revealed that the police had located the fugitive Sheila Carter. Sanchez explained that Sheila had been hiding out in the city, but at some point, she'd left Los Angeles. A security camera had captured Sheila at a convenience store somewhere outside of the Sierras.

Sanchez showed the group stills from the camera footage, and Eric and Finn believed it was Sheila. Sanchez revealed that they'd found an abandoned car that had contained Sheila's fingerprints. At a campsite in the Sierras, a park ranger had found some disturbing evidence.

Sanchez showed the group some photos. As they grimaced at the pictures, he said someone had been attacked by a bear at a campsite. He revealed that they were viewing photos of what was left of Sheila and some of her personal belongings. Li noted that everything was in shreds.

Sanchez described it as a chilling scene. He said they'd found Sheila's driver's license and a broken cell phone. He pointed to something in one of the pictures, saying it was an evidence bag that contained some of Sheila's hair and torn clothing. Steffy asked if they were sure it was Sheila. Sanchez said the DNA evidence pointed to one person only.

Everyone was in disbelief, and Taylor asked how the police knew it was Sheila. Sanchez replied that the blood and all the evidence at the campsite belonged to Sheila. "Sheila Carter's deceased," Sanchez declared. Unconvinced, Brooke wanted more proof than hair, a phone, bloody clothes, and an ID. Sanchez had one more thing. From an envelope, he pulled out a sealed Petrie dish.

"What is this?" Eric asked. In the dish was a severed toe with a black polished nail on it -- like the nail polish Sheila had painted on her toes when Finn had been passed out in the hideaway. Sanchez said it was Sheila's middle toe, and Brooke cringed.

Steffy asked if Finn was okay. Finn was in shock. He hated to think that his birth mother had died that way, but he said they didn't have to worry about her anymore. Taylor stated that it was over. A flashback played of Sheila telling Stephanie that Sheila had written the book on ugly. It continued with other dramatic scenes involving Sheila. Sanchez said there was no doubt that Sheila was dead and gone -- that time forever.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam canoodled and wondered how long they could get away with time alone. Hope and Liam agreed that Beth being old enough to play outside with Douglas on her own was life changing. The couple called themselves blessed that their family was thriving.

As they cleaned the house, Hope asked if Liam really needed to wear a shirt. He welcomed her to take it back off of him. Thomas arrived to see his son, and Liam informed him that Douglas and Beth were playing on the tennis courts but should be back soon. Hope assumed that Finn and Steffy were walking on air, and Thomas said it was a good way to describe it.

Later, Hope, Liam, and Thomas were talking about Sheila. Hope decided that it was important to focus on the wins in life, and Finn returning was a win in her book. Thomas replied that he'd learned that life was short, and they had to make every second count.

Beth and Douglas arrived, and Douglas said they'd been jump-roping. He was excited to see Finn and Steffy, but first, he wanted to play catch with Thomas. Thomas and Douglas went outside, and Liam praised Hope for helping Douglas become a well-adjusted kid after Caroline had "D-I-E-D." Holding Beth, Hope replied that Douglas meant the world to her, and she didn't know what she'd do without him.

Later, Liam had set Beth up with a movie to watch, and Hope laughed when he said Beth had told him that she was a big "gurl" now. Hope stated that she didn't want to jinx anything, but it seemed like the perfect day.

Thomas and Douglas returned inside, and Thomas said Douglas had an arm like a cannon. "Finally, an athlete in the family," Liam replied. Thomas thought Douglas might pitch for the Dodgers. Douglas said he wished he could see Thomas more because he missed Thomas a lot, and he asked if Thomas missed him when they weren't together.

Affirming that he certainly did, Thomas hoped Douglas knew that even though Thomas wasn't around as much, Thomas loved him. Thomas said that he was always thinking of Douglas, day and night. He added that he tried to keep in contact with Hope to make sure that Douglas was okay, but it might not be enough. Douglas nodded and hugged Thomas.

Douglas wanted to play ball more, but Hope said he had one more chapter left of summer reading. "But I want to play with Dad..." he replied. Thomas said they would later, and Douglas left to do his reading.

Thomas thanked Hope for giving Douglas a wonderful home. Hope replied that there was nothing she wouldn't do for the boy. Glad she'd said that, Thomas stated that hearing how much Douglas missed him made him feel as if he wasn't pulling his weight as a father. Liam assured Thomas that Douglas knew how much Thomas loved him. Thomas replied that Douglas had reason to feel overlooked. Hope asserted that Douglas would never feel that way.

Thomas insisted that Douglas obviously did. Thomas had already been thinking about it and had asked if he could move in with Eric. Thomas wanted Douglas to move in, too, and that way, he and Douglas could spend more time together. Hope asked if Thomas was suggesting that Douglas move out of the home he knew with his sister to live with Thomas.

Thomas affirmed it and said it was time. He offered to let Hope visit whenever she wanted. Hope didn't want Douglas to overhear the conversation. "So, I think we should table this discussion -- right now," she snapped. Thomas agreed, saying he didn't want to upset Douglas or Hope. He asked Hope to tell Douglas farewell for him.

Thomas left, and Hope and Liam reeled from the news Thomas had given them. Douglas returned to the room, wondering where Thomas was. Douglas was sad when Hope replied that Thomas had had to go but would see Douglas soon.

Outside the cabin, Thomas vowed to be more involved in Douglas' life. He said Douglas would never doubt how much his father loved him.

News of Sheila's demise begins to spread

News of Sheila's demise begins to spread

Friday, August 12, 2022

At Forrester, Detective Sanchez held up Sheila's middle toe. Figuring that it was gruesome, he said he'd been hesitant to bring it to them. Li stated that it was a huge relief to know that Sheila could do no more harm. Brooke guessed that Ridge's security was no longer needed. Sanchez replied that the DNA evidence was indisputable, and Sheila was dead.

Brooke stated that they'd expected Sheila to be caught at some point, not to be dead. Sanchez told them that it was a closed case, according to police. Brooke thanked the detective and said they'd inform Ridge about what had happened.

After Sanchez had gone, Thomas entered. He'd seen the detective, so he asked what was going on. Taylor and Steffy stammered as they explained that Sheila was dead. They said they'd give him the details later, but Thomas, who knew Sheila had "died" before in Genoa City, needed some more evidence. Steffy said there was DNA evidence to back it up.

Taylor declared that Sheila was gone and out of their lives forever. Brooke believed it meant that they could get their lives back to the way they'd been before Sheila had arrived for the wedding. Eric hated that he'd been the one to bring Sheila into their lives. Brooke said he never could have predicted what Sheila had done; however, Sheila was finally gone.

Later, Brooke, Li, Eric, and Finn had gone, and Thomas, Taylor, and Steffy groaned at the picture of Sheila's toe Ridge showed them on his phone. Sanchez had sent it to Ridge, who'd wanted a reminder. They discussed Finn, who'd gone to his doctor's appointment. Steffy felt that he was doing well physically. Taylor asked how he was emotionally after hearing about Sheila.

Ridge stated that Sheila had given birth to Finn. Thomas quipped that she'd also shot him. Steffy replied that she was trying to be sensitive about it with Finn, and she hoped Finn knew that Sheila being gone was a blessing.

Taylor said that she should feel bad about what had happened to Sheila, but Steffy saw it as a new beginning for her family -- including Ridge. Steffy announced that Ridge and Taylor had kissed in Monaco, and Thomas exclaimed with excitement. Grinning, Taylor said it wasn't the time to talk about it; however, Steffy replied that she'd learned that life was fleeting, and one should never take love for granted.

Steffy said Ridge and Taylor thought they'd kissed because of Finn and Steffy, but Steffy knew that it was because they loved each other. She told Ridge to see Taylor for who she was and "come back to the Forresters."

At Il Giardino, Hope and Liam dined, thankful that they'd gotten a sitter on short notice. Hope said she'd wanted to talk to Liam without Douglas overhearing. She wondered why Thomas had chosen that time to bring things up. Liam remarked that it could be about what Douglas had said. Hope said it could have been a topic Thomas had been waiting to bring up.

Liam said it would be hard to argue that Douglas wasn't thriving, and Liam didn't know why they'd upset the balance. Hope said that she and Liam had provided a loving, stable home, something Thomas hadn't always been able to provide. She'd thought it had been settled, and she was worried about Douglas not being there daily. She began to cry, thinking of what it would mean for Beth, herself, and Liam.

Deacon, who was working behind the bar, saw Liam and Hope eating and asked to take an earlier lunch. He approached Hope and Liam's table and asked what was wrong.

Later, Deacon, who'd taken a seat at the table, stated that it was nuts. From what Deacon knew of Thomas, Deacon said Thomas was "already missing the rice and beans from the combo platter." Hope replied that Thomas was Douglas' father and could revisit the custody arrangement. Deacon asked if Liam would put a stop to it.

Liam replied that Thomas had simply floated the idea. Deacon urged Liam to get out in front of it and keep Douglas where he was happiest. Deacon insisted that they couldn't allow Thomas to call the shots. Hope stated that it was okay, but Deacon told her that she loved Douglas. Hope replied that Thomas did, too. Deacon insisted that if Thomas loved the child, he'd leave the child exactly where the child was -- with Hope, Liam, and Beth.

Hope and Liam agreed that Douglas was a part of their family and life. They said Thomas could see Douglas whenever he wanted, but Liam and Hope were concerned about uprooting Douglas from everything he knew. Deacon offered to explain things to Thomas, but Liam quickly said that, as satisfying as that would be, it wasn't a good idea. Deacon was happy to do it, but Hope thought it was best that she and Liam handle it.

Brooke arrived and was surprised to see Deacon. She said she'd heard from the sitter where Hope was, but Brooke hadn't known Hope would be with Deacon. To Deacon, Brooke seemed rattled. Brooke said she was just still in shock. She informed them that Sheila would never bother their families again -- Sheila had met her grizzly death by the time police had found her.

Later, Liam almost spit out his drink. Brooke said she'd felt the same way, but Sanchez had felt he'd had no choice. She said Ridge had been very skeptical, even after hearing about the bear mauling. Ridge had wanted more proof. "And Sheila's toe was it," Hope replied. Brooke conveyed that Sanchez had found the evidence conclusive. "Her reign of terror is over at long last," Brooke declared.

At Bill's house, Bill was surprised when Li arrived for a visit. Glad to see her, he said she looked healthy and as if she'd recovered. Li told him that she'd stopped by to thank Bill for all he'd done for her and for Finn. She said she owed him.

Bill figured Li didn't owe him anything. He'd merely been in the right place at the right time. "The alley behind the restaurant at the wharf?" she replied. Li added that he'd taken care of her. He said he hadn't done much. Li reminded him that he'd had his friend examine her. In her mind, it had been kind. Bill said he didn't want it getting around and ruining his wicked reputation.

Recalling that she'd been completely traumatized due to Sheila, Bill wished he'd known Li had been Finn's mother. Li replied that, due to her shock, she hadn't even known herself. She revealed that she'd also stopped by to tell Bill that Sheila was dead.

Later, Bill was amazed to learn that Sanchez had shown off Sheila's toe, but Bill got why the detective had had to present that much proof. Bill found it fitting that an animal like Sheila had been mauled by one herself. He thanked Li for the news.

Li said she'd wanted to deliver it, but more than that, she'd wanted to thank Bill because she'd heard the stories of his ruthlessness; however, in her situation, he'd shown kindness to a stranger. To her, it spoke volumes about the kind of man he truly was.

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