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A night of drinking led to toe-curling consequences for Deacon when he woke up beside Sheila Carter. Ridge confessed to Brooke about the Monaco kiss, and the spouses disagreed about Douglas' living arrangements. Thomas got Eric's blessing to move into the mansion.
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A redheaded Sheila resurfaced in Deacon's bed. Thomas said he wanted Douglas to live with him. Ridge told Brooke that he kissed Taylor in Monaco.
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Steffy asserts that Douglas should be with the Forresters

Steffy asserts that Douglas should be with the Forresters

Monday, August 15, 2022

At Forrester, Taylor was still having trouble processing that Sheila was actually dead. Flashing his photo of Sheila's toe, Ridge said he wouldn't believe it without the DNA evidence. Thomas asked how there was only one toe left, and Steffy asked why Ridge needed a picture of it.

Ridge quipped that he needed a new background photo. He suggested they look to the future. Steffy said the best future was the one where Ridge opened his eyes and ran to Taylor as fast as he could. Ridge asked how he knew Steffy would turn the conversation back to that again.

Steffy said their ordeal had taught her that they needed to spend their time on earth with the people who mattered the most, and in her view, Ridge and Taylor were the loves of each other's lives. Taylor replied that she and Ridge "got this" and could make their own decisions.

Thomas cited his parents' decision to kiss in Monaco and said he and Steffy supported it. Taylor admitted that she and Ridge had kissed. She said it had been a good kiss, but they'd been caught up in the moment. Steffy asked Taylor not to say that.

Thomas was interrupted by a message from Douglas wanting Thomas to return to Hope's cabin to play catch. Thomas remarked that he'd been thinking a lot after Douglas had asked if Thomas missed him when they weren't together. Thomas claimed he hated being away from Douglas. Taylor and Steffy stated that he shouldn't be, and it was time for Douglas to be with Thomas.

Taylor reasoned that they were grateful to Hope for the stability she'd provided when Thomas hadn't been able to; however, Thomas was in a different place, and there was no reason Douglas shouldn't live with his father. Steffy said Douglas had been with Hope and Liam long enough. Steffy claimed to be grateful to Hope but said spending time with one's son shouldn't feel like visitation. "That's ridiculous," she said.

Thomas stated that it did feel as if he and Douglas were just visiting, and after Douglas had asked if Thomas missed him, something inside Thomas couldn't take it anymore. Taylor told him not to and urged him to talk to Hope. Thomas revealed that he'd already brought it up to Hope.

Later, Taylor and Steffy were upset that Hope had shut Thomas' conversation about Douglas down. Thomas said Hope had merely tabled it, so Douglas wouldn't overhear. Taylor figured Hope hadn't wanted Douglas to say he wanted to live with his father. Ridge thought Hope might have been defensive and asked how Thomas had phrased it to her.

Thomas explained that it hadn't been like that. He said he'd just explained that he wanted to be with his son and have more time with Douglas than time without Douglas. Ridge said that the last thing Douglas needed was for it to get contentious. Thomas didn't want that, either.

Taylor said it didn't have to be contentious, and Hope didn't have the right to make the sole decision on it. Steffy said Douglas had lived in a nurturing environment with Liam and Hope, but Thomas could prove the same thing, since Thomas was doing better. Steffy said that no one could question whether Thomas had made strides. Thomas didn't think Hope was questioning it. He thought Hope just didn't want Douglas to leave.

Steffy asserted that Thomas was the biological parent, not Hope. Steffy claimed she'd been supportive of Li being Finn's mother over Sheila, but "that is something completely different." Steffy claimed Caroline hadn't chosen to give up her son, but Sheila had. Steffy said that no one was saying Hope couldn't be the mother, but it was clear that Thomas was Douglas' one and only living parent. Steffy wanted Ridge and Thomas to stand up to Hope and Brooke. Steffy said Douglas needed to be home with his family -- the Forresters.

At Il Giardino, Liam was disgusted when Brooke showed off Ridge's picture of Sheila's toe. Hope figured it was hard for Deacon to hear the news. Deacon admitted that part of him had "fallen for her," but he knew of all the things Sheila had done. He figured that if he was sad, it was because Sheila had never become the person she'd wanted to be.

Deacon stated that he didn't even know why Ridge had sent Brooke the disgusting picture. Brooke said she hadn't meant to interrupt the gathering, and she hadn't meant to stay that long. Deacon figured that it was because of him, but she said it was because of herself. Brooke didn't want to do anything that might upset Ridge.

Brooke decided to happily excuse herself so that Deacon could enjoy time with his daughter. She wanted them to have a good relationship -- one that didn't involve her. Deacon figured there was something Brooke would want to involve herself with, and he prodded Hope to tell Brooke.

Hope said it was nothing -- yet. Liam revealed that Thomas had mentioned making changes. Hope said Thomas had brought up the idea of Douglas living with Thomas full-time. Brooke felt that it would be terrible for Douglas to move him from his home. She asked where they'd live, and Liam said Thomas was planning to ask Eric if they could stay there. Liam remarked that it was a familiar place, but uprooting Douglas was still kind of messed up.

Brooke asked if Thomas was talking about permanent custody. Liam replied that Hope had shut down the conversation before they'd gotten too deep into it. Hope replied that she felt for Thomas, but they'd already established Douglas' home base. Hope said Douglas was happy and thriving, and uprooting him would be a mistake. Brooke asked if Thomas saw it that way.

Hope hoped she could get through to Thomas, but she wasn't confident. Liam felt that if Thomas wanted what was best, then that was for Douglas to stay with Hope. Agreeing, Deacon started to say that if Thomas thought about it. Brooke interrupted, asking when Thomas ever stopped to think. Brooke stated that everything had been going well; Douglas had a loving home, capable parents, and an amazing role model in Liam.

Brooke couldn't imagine what it would mean to Liam, to Hope, and to Beth. Brooke said Thomas might have made some improvements, but she wondered if he was stable enough to care for Douglas on his own. Brooke didn't think Thomas ever would be.

At Bill's house, Li stated that she'd wanted Sheila to rot in a cell, emotionally ripped apart, but the way Sheila had been torn apart physically worked just as well. Bill liked hearing that he and Li thought alike, and he thought it was good riddance to the maniac who'd terrorized many.

Bill admitted that he wasn't the best listener in the world, but he'd listen if Li wanted to talk about it. He said she could trust him.

Later, Li was telling Bill about how ugly things had gotten between her and Sheila. Li explained that Sheila had chased Li in the rain. Li hadn't been able to see, and the next thing she'd known, she'd lost control and had been in the water. Her survival instincts had kicked in, and she'd freed herself and swum to shore. Li had been injured, traumatized, and lost until Bill had found her. She didn't know how much longer she would have been that way if he hadn't found her.

Bill attributed Li's survival to Li and what she was made of. He asserted that she'd stood up to a psycho and survived. She had saved Finn, and he was back with his family. Bill added that he wasn't easily impressed, but her perseverance had made him take note. He said she'd earned his respect, and she replied that he'd earned hers, too.

Li was grateful that Bill had chosen to help a complete stranger instead of walking away. Bill replied that walking away hadn't been an option. Li stated that he'd let her spend the night without knowing what she'd been capable of. He remarked that, as it had turned out, she was capable of a lot. Li thanked him for taking a chance on her and for what he'd done for Finn.

Bill figured that Li's husband had to be thrilled to have her back. He noted Li's expression and assumed he was hitting on something sensitive. Li, who had nothing to hide, said Jack's feelings meant little to her because they were no longer together.

Bill said he was sorry to hear that, but Li asserted that she wasn't sorry about it. She revealed that Jack had lied to her for most of their marriage. Although she loved her son more than anything, she was livid about the levels of deception Jack had gone to. She said he might have gotten over his affair, but she'd never forgive Jack for the disrespect he'd shown her -- or for bringing that awful woman into their lives.

Ridge finally comes clean to Brooke about Monaco

Ridge finally comes clean to Brooke about Monaco

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

At Bill's house, the conversation about Li and Jack's marriage continued. Bill said he'd seen the consequences of betrayal. Li wondered if he'd been the betrayer or the betrayed. Bill said he'd seen both sides of the coin. Li replied that she wouldn't lump Bill in with Jack. She believed that Jack's lies had wrought the chaos that Bill had saved her and Finn from.

Bill asked if Li and Jack were over. Li asserted that Jack had cheated and had never revealed that their adopted child was his biologically. Li couldn't forgive Jack for keeping the secret about a dangerous woman like Sheila. Li declared that Jack had chosen himself over the safety of his family. She said it had shattered her faith in Jack, and she'd never get it back.

Li grabbed her purse, saying she didn't want to overstay her welcome. "You haven't," Bill replied. He said that when he was at home, his time was his own. Li asked about his wife, but Bill replied that he and Katie were not married. Li figured that the reason for that involved the consequences Bill had mentioned earlier.

Bill explained that he and Katie had discussed reconciling, but so far, it hadn't happened. Li guessed Bill and Katie had irreconcilable differences. He said he and Katie hadn't seen eye to eye on things, especially not the lengths he'd go in order to keep his sons out of trouble. He figured Li understood that. He said he and Li might find that they had a lot in common.

Li gleaned that she and Bill both felt deeply for their sons, but she noted that he cared for complete strangers, too. Bill insisted that she'd been an exception. Li wondered about others who'd seen her at the wharf and had looked away. She said he hadn't. Bill replied that he hadn't been able to ignore his instincts. Li hugged Bill, who'd saved her life and the life of her son.

In the CEO's office, Steffy insisted that the Logans had taken enough from them, and it was time to fight for family. To Steffy, it meant Ridge would be there for Taylor, and Douglas would live with Thomas. Taylor said Douglas and Thomas had nothing to do with her and Ridge. Disagreeing, Steffy explained that it was about family.

Thomas believed that Steffy was right, and he wanted Douglas to understand what that meant. Thomas wanted to talk to Douglas alone. Taylor and Steffy left for the cliff house, and Thomas figured he was putting Ridge in a difficult position. Ridge said he supported Thomas, but Thomas had to do what was right for Douglas and put Douglas in the right environment.

Thomas said he wanted Douglas to have a wonderful family like he had with Hope -- "but with me," which was why Thomas wanted to ask Eric if Thomas and Douglas could live in the Forrester home. Thomas wanted Douglas to experience the Forrester legacy and his birthright. Plus, there were tennis courts and a pool there.

Eric arrived, and Ridge said they'd just been talking about Eric's house. Thomas asked if he and Douglas could move in with Eric. Chuckling, Eric said he'd love it, as would Donna. Eric thought the house was always best when it was filled with family, but he wondered what had changed about Douglas living with Hope.

Thomas replied that Hope had done an amazing job with the role of mother after Caroline had died and when Thomas had had to work through things. Thomas claimed he'd learned a lot and had figured out what it meant to be a parent. He believed Douglas should be raised by his father.

Thomas was eager to live with Eric and learn from Eric as a designer and parent. Thomas wanted Douglas to know about how Eric had built the place from the ground up. Thomas said he wanted Douglas to feel a real sense of family and belonging, and the only place Thomas had ever felt that had been at Eric's house. Thomas said he also missed Eric, who worked at home a lot.

Thomas asked if it was okay to move in, and Eric said he'd love it. The two hugged.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor arrived. Steffy wanted her loved ones to be happy like she was. She said she'd gotten what she'd prayed for, and Taylor should, too. Taylor believed her prayers had been answered, and she said what had happened with Finn had been a miracle.

Taylor changed the subject to Hope and Thomas. Taylor said she appreciated all Hope had done but felt that Douglas needed to live with his father. Taylor claimed she wanted to focus on Thomas and Douglas. Steffy replied that Douglas wasn't the only family member that needed to return to the fold.

Taylor said she didn't need convincing that Ridge belonged there. Steffy asked if Taylor had told him so. Taylor said she hadn't in those exact words, but he knew how amazing it had been when he'd been there. Steffy said their family had been fractured for too long. She and Finn had almost lost their future in an instant, and that was why Steffy wanted Taylor to go for what she wanted.

At Il Giardino, Deacon and Liam had gone back to work, leaving Brooke and Hope to talk openly with each other about Thomas. Brooke doubted Thomas would get what he wanted. Brooke said that Thomas had made progress but was in no position to be the sole parent of Douglas. Hope replied that she'd thought Thomas understood that, but she was no longer sure.

Hope stated that she'd never deprive Douglas of his father, but she recalled that it hadn't been that long back that Thomas hadn't been capable of raising Douglas himself. Brooke wondered if Thomas had just said something to make Douglas feel better. Hope didn't think Thomas would say something unless he was serious about it. Brooke said they needed to get Thomas to stop pursuing the idea because he wasn't ready to raise Douglas by himself.

Brooke insisted that Douglas was happy with Hope and wouldn't leave Hope's home. Hope stated that she'd supported, not restricted, Douglas and Thomas' relationship. Brooke said that the two should spend time together, but Douglas should go home to Hope, Liam, and Beth, who provided the consistency Douglas needed. Hope replied that they were all a family -- "Thomas is his dad, and we share custody," Hope said. She added that Douglas lived with her. Brooke replied that it was how it would remain.

Hope admitted that she'd been blindsided by Thomas' suggestion. Brooke said she'd talk to Ridge, and they wouldn't let Thomas take Douglas from his home.

Later Brooke was in the CEO' s office. She startled Ridge, who'd been alone and deep in thought. Brooke had something she wanted to talk about. Ridge said that they needed to talk and to get everything out in the open because avoiding things never worked. He believed that they needed to talk about what had happened in Monaco. Brooke said that they didn't have to talk about Monaco, but Ridge insisted that they had to.

Brooke was sure it had been amazing for Ridge and Taylor to witness Finn and Steffy's reunion. Ridge said it had been intense, and he and Taylor had been swept up in it. Ridge stated that Finn had been dead, and Steffy's life had been covered in darkness; Finn had returned from the dead, and the darkness had lifted just like that. "And Taylor and I -- we -- " he said.

Brooke asked what. Ridge explained that he and Taylor had gotten lost in it. It had been happiness and joy --- "And -- and -- Taylor and I kissed," Ridge confessed.

A redhead at Il Giardino catches Deacon's attention

A redhead at Il Giardino catches Deacon's attention

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

At Forrester, Ridge tried to explain the circumstances that had led to him kissing Taylor. Brooke listened closely as Ridge struggled to find the words. Ridge ultimately explained that he and Taylor had gotten caught up "in the joy" of Steffy and Finn finding their way back to one another. Brooke dismissed Ridge's assertion that the kiss was about "getting caught up in something." She pointed out that Ridge and Taylor shared a history together, and Brooke believed that there had to have been feelings involved in the kiss.

Nevertheless, Brooke thanked Ridge for his honesty. "I have to ask, what kind of a kiss was it?" Brooke asked as she cocked her head to one side. Ridge wasn't sure how to answer, saying that the kiss had been "real." Ridge insisted that the feelings he had for Taylor were not the same sort of feelings that he had for Brooke. Brooke and Ridge kissed. Brooke said that she knew that Ridge had forgiven her for "a lot of kisses" and stated that she could forgive Ridge for his "one kiss with Taylor."

With the kiss seemingly addressed, Brooke told Ridge that she wanted to talk about Thomas. Noting that Douglas had been living with Hope "for a very long time," Brooke rejected Ridge's belief that Douglas should live with Thomas. Ridge reminded Brooke that Thomas was in a much better place than he had been when Douglas had first gone to live with Hope. Brooke wondered how Douglas would react to no longer living with Hope, a woman Douglas saw as his mother. Ridge said that Hope would always be a part of Douglas' life. Brooke announced that she would "not allow" Thomas to take Douglas away from Hope.

At the cliff house, Taylor thought back to the kiss she and Ridge had shared in Monaco. After Steffy finished putting the kids down to sleep, she joined her mother in the living room and once again encouraged Taylor not to give up on a future with Ridge. Taylor chuckled and shared that she wasn't sure if Steffy's "single-minded optimism" was inspiring or exhausting.

Steffy commented that Taylor and Thomas were in similar situations: Thomas needed Douglas, and Taylor needed Ridge. Taylor shared that Thomas had sent a text message stating that he planned to talk to Hope. Steffy and Taylor both agreed that Douglas belonged with Thomas. Steffy then turned the conversation back to her mother and urged Taylor to "take charge" and fight for Ridge. Steffy smiled when Taylor announced that she was done being "passive and minding [her] manners."

Thomas paid a visit to the cabin to talk to Hope about Douglas. Hope said that she was "kind of in the middle of something," but Thomas assured her that he would not take up much of her time. Thomas assured Hope that he was not trying to upset her, and he repeated his belief that Thomas should live with him.

Hope rose from hear seat and asked Thomas why anything had to change. "Things have worked out beautifully," Hope said. Thomas insisted that he needed to take a bigger role in Douglas' life. Hope argued that Thomas couldn't "just uproot" Douglas. Thomas said he had been thinking about having Douglas live with him for a while. In fact, he noted that Eric had already given the green light for Thomas and Douglas to live at the mansion.

"Douglas is my son," Thomas said forcefully, noting that Hope "had to know this day would come." Thomas added that he could no longer allow Hope and Liam to be the sole decisionmakers for Douglas. He urged Hope not to fight him in his decision. Hope was visibly upset.

At Il Giardino, Deacon and the bartender chatted about Sheila Carter's demise. As Deacon continued to sip his drink, the bartender asked Deacon if it was wise to be drinking on the night before he was to meet with his parole officer. Deacon had forgotten about the meeting, but swore he was "on the straight and narrow... 99% of the time." As the two men talked, a red-haired woman wearing black-framed glasses stepped into the restaurant.

Deacon spotted the woman in his peripheral vision and smiled slightly. The bartender snapped Deacon back to reality by noting that Deacon had had enough to drink and should head home to sleep it off. As Deacon was preparing to leave, he asked the bartender if the redheaded woman was still staring at him. Deacon said it had "been a while since daddy has had any action," and he wanted to make sure he wasn't reading the situation incorrectly. The bartender agreed that the woman was staring at Deacon.

Deacon rose from his seat at the bar and headed back to his room. Moments later, the woman from the restaurant knocked on his door. Deacon asked the woman what was on her mind. The woman said nothing but slid her blouse off her left shoulder. Deacon stepped aside and let the woman into his room. He removed her glasses and kissed her. Deacon lifted her into the air and carried her over to his sofa, where their kissing became more passionate.

Deacon has a toe-raising experience in bed

Deacon has a toe-raising experience in bed

Thursday, August 18, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke and Hope discussed Thomas' plan to live with Douglas full-time. Brooke noted that Thomas had signed off on the shared agreement, and it had been that way for a long time. Hope said she also encouraged the father and son to spend time together; however, moving Douglas out and changing his living situation was wrong.

Brooke agreed, and Hope asked if Brooke had talked to Ridge about it. In reply, Brooke said they should just hope it would blow over quickly and that Thomas would find his senses. Hope replied that the determined Thomas wouldn't change his mind about playing a primary role in Douglas' upbringing. Brooke didn't think Thomas had to go to such extremes. Repeating what she'd told Ridge, Brooke said Douglas belonged with Liam, Hope, and Beth.

Hope was adamant that the situation not cause a rift between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke didn't want Hope worrying about Brooke and Ridge, who could survive anything. Brooke affirmed that she'd always stand by Hope and her children. Becoming emotional, Hope thought about the home she and Liam had built. It had felt to her as if they'd finally settled in.

Hope said they'd just developed a routine, and Thomas wanted to disrupt the day-to-day. Brooke didn't think it was fair to anyone, especially Douglas. Hope added that Douglas got sad when Thomas wasn't around, and it made Thomas feel guilty. Brooke suggested that Thomas step up in other ways -- take Douglas to school more often or show up at more games instead of just being there when it was convenient.

Hope contended that Thomas had been making more of an effort, and she wanted to reach a compromise. Hope was thrilled that Thomas wanted to step up, and she felt that Douglas needed and deserved it. In Brooke's view, it didn't mean Douglas had to move to Eric's.

"And this whole Forrester thing. What does it matter who's a Forrester and who isn't?" Hope asked. She asserted that what mattered was Douglas, what Douglas wanted, and what Douglas needed. She said she'd never heard Douglas say he wanted to live with Thomas. Brooke said Douglas wasn't old enough to make a decision like that.

Agreeing, Hope said the last thing she wanted was a big custody battle, and she didn't want it to become a "thing" between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke refused to let that happen, especially with Taylor circling, waiting to strike again. Brooke said Taylor was looking for every opportunity in the book, and Taylor might have found her opening.

Hope assumed that meant something had already happened. Brooke replied that she was trying not to give it any energy. Brooke asserted that she knew Ridge loved her. After a moment, Brooke broke down and revealed that Ridge had kissed Taylor in Monaco. Brooke stammered, trying to explain that Ridge and Taylor had just gotten caught up.

Hope said Ridge was still Brooke's husband. "Are you not upset?" Hope asked. Brooke, who was trying not to be, said Ridge hadn't done it on purpose to hurt her. Hope asked how it had happened. Brooke explained that Ridge and Taylor had gotten swept up in the miracle that Finn was alive and what it had meant for Steffy.

Hope pointed out that when they'd been swept up in Steffy and Finn's moment, they'd taken a picture, not kissed Taylor. Hope asked if Ridge had forgotten he was married -- again. Brooke admitted that she'd been shocked by it, but she said it wasn't as if she hadn't made mistakes, too. Hope asked Brooke how she really felt about Taylor kissing Brooke's husband.

At the cliff house, Taylor and Steffy had breakfast. Finn had already gone to work. Ridge arrived, and Steffy cooed that Ridge had great timing. Steffy asked how Ridge's talk with Brooke about Thomas and Douglas had gone. Ridge said Brooke thought Douglas should stay where he was. He felt he and Brooke wouldn't see eye to eye on it. Steffy assumed Brooke wasn't happy. Ridge replied that Brooke hadn't been, especially not when he'd told her about the Monaco kiss.

Steffy and Taylor's mouths dropped open, and behind Ridge's back, they acted like animated, silently giggly teens. He looked at them, and they flashed stern expressions. Steffy asked if he'd told Brooke about kissing Taylor. Ridge asserted, "Yeah! Had to be honest with Brooke."

Steffy asked if Brooke had freaked out. "No, she did not 'freak out,' but she was upset," he responded sharply. Steffy stated that Brooke had no right to be. Taylor blinked in thought when Ridge replied that Brooke certainly had a right to be -- "She's my wife!"

Steffy called Brooke a hypocrite and told him to look at how many times he'd looked past "all these kisses." Ridge said he and Brooke had each forgiven each other for a lot of things, and he'd let go of the Deacon thing. "And Bill? And Thorne? And Grandad," Steffy added. Ridge asked if Steffy was just naming names. Taylor quipped that they'd be there all day.

Ridge roared that he'd let Brooke down, too, and he wasn't a saint. Steffy assumed Brooke was giving him a hard time. He denied it, yelling that it was behind them and that she'd forgiven him for what he'd done in Monaco. Taylor replied that it was smart of Brooke, and Steffy said Brooke was in no position to judge. Ridge wished it wouldn't turn into a Brooke Bash Fest.

Steffy claimed that Ridge needed to be reminded of some facts, but he asserted that he didn't. Changing the subject back to Thomas and Douglas, Ridge said he knew that Brooke wanted what was best for Douglas, whom she was around all the time. He stated that Brooke was concerned about her family. For Steffy, the way he talked about "them" was insane. Ridge asked what he'd said, and she replied that he cut Brooke too much slack.

Claiming to know how fleeting life could be, Steffy said Ridge was wasting his time and their family on Brooke, who was obsessed with him. Steffy added that Thomas couldn't raise Douglas because Hope and Brooke wouldn't allow it. Steffy ordered Ridge to put his foot down and lead the family. She told him to stop defending Brooke, get Douglas, and take him back to Thomas. "And go back to Mom," Steffy added.

Steffy stated that Ridge and Taylor had a wonderful history, and she'd seen the way he looked at Taylor. Asking him to think about that, Steffy went to check on Hayes.

Taylor said Steffy meant well. Ridge was sure Steffy did. Taylor stated that she was a completely different person than when they'd been married. He said that he was, too.

Taylor said she'd thought about the kiss a lot. Ridge admitted he had, too. She wondered what had happened. She said he'd moved home with Brooke, but he'd been at the cliff house a lot. Taylor guessed it could be Steffy and the kids. "Maybe it's me. Who knows?" Taylor said. She thought he was happier there. Ridge stated that he didn't think she was wrong.

Taylor asked if Ridge remembered proposing to her in St. Thomas, traveling across the world to pledge his undying love to her. Ridge remembered it and said he'd meant what he'd said. Taylor stated that somehow, their history had been erased, as if it had always just been Brooke. Taylor said it was changing, and old feelings were resurfacing. She asserted that they both felt it. She said she wanted him to be happy. She asked if Ridge was happy and wanted to be in that house with Brooke, Hope, and Liam. Taylor didn't think he was.

At Deacon's place in the morning, Deacon smugly gazed at the redhead sleeping beside him. "Daddy's back," he uttered just before pain from his hangover struck him in the head. He told the woman that the previous night had been wild, and she'd been an animal, unable to get enough of him. Kissing her backside, he said he'd been happy to oblige.

Later, Deacon was getting dressed. "Man, I needed that last night. Something tells me you did, too," he said. He noted that the woman hadn't said a word the previous night -- at least not anything intelligible. He called her kinky and said he liked it. "You have no idea, darling," the woman uttered out of Deacon's earshot.

Deacon decided that he was hungry, but not for food. He hopped back in the bed and made out with the redhead. He kissed and stroked her legs. When he got to her foot, he said, "Whoa...what happened there? What happened to your toe?"

The woman took off her glasses. Deacon flashed back to what Brooke had said about Sheila's toe. Deacon shrank back in terror as Sheila peeled off a head mask. She tossed it at him and said, "Mama's back."

Deacon learns the lengths Sheila will go to remain free

Deacon learns the lengths Sheila will go to remain free

Friday, August 19, 2022

At Deacon's place, Deacon sat up in bed, horrified, as Sheila peeled off her mask and tossed it at him. She laughed manically. He said she was supposed to be dead and that she'd been attacked by a bear. Sheila quipped that the only thing that had attacked her had been Deacon.

Sheila guessed she really was that good, since she'd rendered Deacon speechless. She got out of bed, and he backed away until he'd backed himself into a sitting position in a chair. She told him that the bear mauling had been a ruse so that she could return to see him. She straddled him in the chair and kissed him. Deacon called her insane. "Between the sheets," she uttered.

Deacon said Sheila looked pretty good for a dead person. Sheila pulled him toward the bed, offering to prove again that she wasn't dead. He jerked himself away, asking how she'd convinced everyone that she was dead. She remarked that she'd had to rip out some of her hair, tear her clothes, and draw a pint of her own blood to make it look as if a bear had mauled her. She'd known it wouldn't be enough for the Forresters, so she'd given them more proof.

Asking if Deacon remembered the Little Piggy nursery rhyme, Sheila said, "This little piggy had to go bye-bye." Nauseated, Deacon asked if she'd cut off her own toe. Sheila remarked that it had been the greatest physical pain that she'd ever experienced, but it had been a small price to pay for her freedom. She believed the police would have hunted her down like an animal. She refused to live that way. "Will you stop looking at me like that? I'm not crazy anymore," she said.

"You cut off your own toe!" Deacon countered. Sheila asserted that she'd do it again. She said he knew what it was like to live behind bars like a caged animal. Deacon couldn't believe she was there or that he'd slept with her. Sheila told him to admit that he'd had the time of his life, but he replied that he hadn't known it had been her. "Well, now you do," she said.

Deacon asked why Sheila had arrived there, knowing he was on parole and could go to jail if anyone knew she was there. "Then don't tell anyone. They all think I'm dead, remember?" she asked. She said she had nowhere else to go, and no one understood her the way he did.

Just then, Jordan, Deacon's parole officer, knocked on Deacon's door, instructing Deacon to open up. Sheila implored Deacon not to give her up to the officer.

Finn returned to the cliff house after surfing. He said he'd missed riding the waves, but not as much as he'd missed his sexy wife. Steffy confessed that Finn's surfer vibe was driving her wild. Noting that he was back at work and surfing, she said their lives were almost back to where they'd been before. Finn said that he would never have given up, and her love had kept him alive. "It's what keeps me alive," he added, and they kissed.

Finn and Steffy cuddled on the sofa and wished they could hold each other all day. Finn stated that he loved their family, and Steffy said that having their family together was everything. She said she felt secure in knowing they had a lifetime of memories to make, thanks to Finn, who'd stopped Sheila's bullets and saved Steffy.

Finn asserted that he'd do it again in a heartbeat. Steffy told him that he was an amazing father, doctor, and husband, and she'd never stop thanking God for sparing him. Finn insisted that he'd made his way back to her because there was no life without her. He promised that they'd have an amazing family and that they'd grow old together.

Steffy said Sheila had never understood the power of Steffy and Finn's love. Steffy stated that Sheila would never hurt them again.

At Forrester, Quinn and Carter exchanged long gazes at the conference table, and she wondered if he was having as much trouble as she was. "More," he replied. She suggested that they do something before it drove them crazy. Carter offered to make the first move, and she ordered him to stop talking and get over there.

Carter and Quinn kissed. "I could have sworn this was my office," Ridge muttered as he strode past them, entering the office. Quinn asked if there was a problem. Ridge said he wasn't used to his best friend making out with his ex-stepmother. "Find someone's back seat. Please don't do it here," Ridge told them. Quinn said he did it. "It's my house," Ridge quipped.

As Carter said he needed to talk to Ridge and Steffy, Zende rushed in. He had just gotten into town, and he asked if it was true that Sheila had been killed by a bear.

Later, Ridge bragged that it had been Sheila's middle toe. Quinn said it was the last thing left of Sheila. Ridge offered to show off his picture of it, and when Quinn groaned, he said, "Don't judge me." Everyone moaned and looked away as he held up the photo of the rotting toe. Ridge said it was his proof that Sheila would never harm his family again.

Carter assumed Finn felt torn about the death of his birth mother. Quinn said birthing Finn might have been the only good thing Sheila had ever done. Ridge remarked that Sheila had almost gotten her son killed. He said that if Steffy had died, he would have hunted Sheila down for the rest of her days. Quinn replied that a bear had beaten him to it, and Finn and Steffy were safe.

Zende left, and Quinn said she knew how it felt to be more in love than ever. Ridge assumed that her words were a dig at Eric. Denying it, Quinn said she'd always love Eric, but what she and Carter had was special. Ridge didn't want to know about it, but she said they'd never hide it from anyone ever again. "I wish you would," Ridge quipped, and he asked if they could get to work.

Carter had one more thing to say. He guessed that Ridge was happy to have Finn back with Steffy and that Ridge was relieved that Sheila would never hurt them again. "I am relieved. Ding-dong, Sheila is dead," Ridge replied.

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