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Brooke and Taylor clashed over Douglas and Ridge, and Hope was unnerved when Thomas kept Douglas for an extra night. Hope and Brooke sat on the sidelines as the Forresters celebrated their family. Ridge put Deacon on notice, and Hope met "Lina."
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Brooke confronted Taylor about the Monaco kiss. Eric threw a dinner party to allow the Forresters to reconnect. Hope was unnerved to find a woman at Deacon's house.
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Brooke confronts Taylor about the Monaco kiss

Brooke confronts Taylor about the Monaco kiss

Monday, August 22, 2022

At Deacon's place, Deacon panicked as his parole officer knocked on the front door for a residence check, and Sheila hid in the bathroom. When Deacon finally let Jordan into the apartment, Jordan asked if there was a problem and if Deacon had something to hide.

Deacon denied it and claimed to be embarrassed because the place wasn't clean. Jordan asked if Deacon was still working downstairs, and Deacon replied that working there had allowed him to afford "this luxury penthouse." Jordan asked if Deacon had been staying clean and avoiding criminal elements. Deacon responded that he was Mr. Up and Up.

As Jordan and Deacon spoke, Jordan heard a noise and asked if someone was in the bathroom. Sheila feigned a country accent and called out from the bathroom, saying she was Deacon's lady friend. She said she didn't mean to be rude, but Jordan had arrived while she was in the bathtub.

Jordan was surprised that Deacon had a girlfriend. Deacon said he had been raised to not kiss and tell. Jordan said that if the woman was living with Deacon, Jordan had to get her background information. Deacon replied that it wasn't like that and wouldn't be a regular thing. Asking if she had a record, Jordan said he needed to know who Deacon was associating with.

Jordan received a call from his kid's school and had to take off. Before going, Jordan remarked that Deacon was on the right track and was one of Jordan's better parolees. Jordan advised Deacon to give the relationship with the woman a shot, and in the bathroom, Sheila grinned.

After Jordan had left, Shelia exited the bathroom. Deacon asked what she'd been thinking. She admitted that it had been close. She thought they both needed to slip into a nice, hot bath. The irate Deacon wasn't in the mood for Sheila's flirty routine. He questioned why she'd stayed around. In his view, she should have crossed the border and never looked back.

Sheila asked what she'd have to live for -- a life alone with no one to love her. She said she'd already lived that life. Deacon asked if she actually believed she had a chance with Finn. Sheila replied that she just wanted to be close to her son and grandson to make sure they were okay. Deacon yelled that they were better off without her.

Sheila said her other kids didn't want anything to do with her, and Finn was her last chance to make something out of her miserable life. She said Hayes and Finn were good, and they were part of her. Deacon insisted that her presence could only bring trouble. She reasoned that trouble could be exciting, but he told her where the door was. Deacon insisted he didn't want to see her again.

Sheila said Deacon didn't mean it, but Deacon replied that there wasn't a reason in the universe he'd let her stay. Sheila offered to give him a reason. She claimed to have money and told him not to ask how. She told him to tell her what he needed. "How much do you got?" he asked.

At Eric's house, Donna tried to entice Eric to work out by the pool while she lay on her float. Eric and Donna began kissing, but they were interrupted by Thomas, Ridge, and Taylor, who arrived with luggage. Eric was happy that Thomas would be staying there, and Taylor cooed that it was long overdue that Douglas got to spend time with his father.

Taylor thanked Eric for making it easy for Douglas and Thomas to reunite. Taylor hoped it would turn into more than just a night and that Thomas and Douglas could really bond. Eric recalled that Douglas and Thomas had been close when Caroline had died. Thomas replied that he was in a much better place, and it was thanks to Taylor.

Later, Eric and Ridge were alone together. Ridge said it was good that they were talking alone, and Eric stated that Donna would rather be at the pool alone than get between Ridge and Brooke. Eric assumed Brooke wasn't thrilled about it, and he wondered if Hope would rather Douglas stay with her family. Ridge said Douglas had lived with Hope for a long time. It had been good for Douglas, but "this" would be good for Douglas, too.

Ridge believed that Thomas and Hope would figure it out. Eric believed it would cause a big conflict for Ridge if they didn't. Ridge murmured that it was already a conflict. Eric guessed that Ridge didn't want to be caught between Brooke and Taylor.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope packed up some things for Douglas, whom Thomas was taking to spend a night at Eric's. To Brooke, Hope said she normally wouldn't give it a second thought, because Douglas had done overnights and weekends before, but knowing that Thomas wanted Douglas to live with Thomas full-time caused Hope anxiety. Brooke assured Hope that Douglas' home was with Hope, and they wouldn't let anyone take him away.

Hope said she was willing to work something out with Thomas, but Brooke said Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas wanted to take Douglas away from Hope. Hope didn't get why they'd try to start a fight at such a celebratory time. Brooke believed it was Taylor, but Brooke refused to allow it. Hope didn't want Douglas to pick up on any tension. Brooke said she'd handle it "right now."

Later, Thomas arrived to pick up Douglas. He asked if Douglas was packed. Hope replied that there hadn't been that much to pack because it would be for only one night. Hope said that Douglas was still at a friend's house, which gave her and Thomas a chance to talk.

Thomas said he knew "it" was sudden, but he said it wasn't a big deal. "For now," it was just a night at Eric's house. Hope replied that she'd been thinking about what Thomas had said he'd been feeling, and even though it was just an overnight, she sensed that he wished it was more.

Noting that Hope was nervous about everything, Thomas admitted that he did think Douglas should live with him full-time. Hope asked if Thomas was saying that it shouldn't worry her. Thomas didn't think so and said he was Douglas' father.

Hope understood that Douglas and Thomas loved each other, but she said Thomas was talking about pulling the boy from the only home he'd known. Thomas said he was talking about stepping up and being the father he'd always wanted to be. Hope stated that she'd be happy to give Douglas and Thomas more time together. "'Give us?'" Thomas asked.

Hope affirmed that she was happy to do whatever she could to have the father and son spend time together on Douglas' schedule because "this" was Douglas' home and where he belonged.

At the cliff house, Taylor was on the phone when Brooke arrived. Taylor noted that Brooke was being polite by knocking and asked who Brooke was. Brooke replied that she knew that Taylor had kissed Ridge in Monaco. Brooke couldn't imagine the feelings Finn's return had stirred up. Brooke said she was happy for the family, but she felt that the way Taylor had chosen to celebrate had been totally out of line.

Brooke reminded Taylor that when she'd arrived in town, she'd said she hadn't wanted to interfere in Brooke's marriage. Brooke said she had hoped that had been true. She said that Sheila had driven Ridge and Brooke apart, but Taylor had been right there. Taylor corrected Brooke, saying Ridge had been "right here," and Taylor had just offered her comfort and support.

Brooke thought Taylor, the ex-wife and best friend, was good at that, but something was different about Taylor. Brooke assumed that Taylor wanted something more. Taylor claimed to want more for Ridge, who was unsettled after all Brooke had put him through. Taylor believed that Ridge was tired of being stuck in the same situations with Brooke.

Taylor reported that she had noticed a change in Ridge since Monaco. Taylor stated that Ridge wanted to be there for his children, who he'd neglected for "so long" because of Brooke. Brooke replied that the kids didn't "need" Ridge, and the family didn't "need" him; Taylor was the one who needed him. Taylor claimed she didn't need him -- she wanted him -- to be happy.

Taylor assumed Brooke was threatened by the kiss. Brooke maintained that she wasn't threatened at all. She said what bothered her was the way Taylor injected herself into things Brooke's family was dealing with -- namely, Hope and her children. Asserting that it was why she was there, Brooke declared that there was no way she'd let Thomas pull Douglas away from Hope.

Sheila threatens the freedom that Deacon deeply values

Sheila threatens the freedom that Deacon deeply values

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

At Deacon's place, Deacon pushed the bed back into the sofa. Sheila attempted to entice him with the money she had. Deacon said that if he'd even entertain the idea of her staying there, he wanted to know how much. Sheila noted that he was no longer so quick to throw her out.

Abruptly, Deacon decided he didn't know "what the hell" he'd been thinking. He stated that he'd been improving his life and had a good relationship with his daughter. He said hanging around Sheila would ruin it. He asserted that Sheila needed to leave.

Sheila questioned whether Deacon liked his life. Deacon asked if she saw any bars or guards around. He said he liked his freedom a lot. She wondered what he was doing with it besides playing busboy. He figured she'd know that few people took chances on ex-cons. He asked again how she'd gotten her money. She said he knew better than to question her ways.

Sheila reminded Deacon that he'd had his own bar and design company once, but he was barely getting by. She offered to change that for him. Using his own words, she said opportunities didn't happen often for guys in his situation, but there she was, knocking at his door. Deacon remained skeptical, but touching him, Sheila reminded him of the perks involved.

Sheila suggested Deacon make his daughter proud of him, but Deacon felt that Hope was already proud of him. Sheila suggested that he let Hope see that he was pursuing a dream. She asked if he really wanted to walk away from free money. "Helping you? That could cost me a lot," Deacon replied, adding that he could follow his dreams without her money.

Doubting he could buy groceries, let alone a suit, Sheila asked what Deacon had. Deacon touted that he had his freedom, and he felt she should know what that meant to him. He asked why she had to be there with him. Sheila kissed him and uttered that the previous night had answered his question. She said it had been a long time since she'd shared herself with a man; it had been beyond her expectations, and she believed he'd enjoyed himself, too.

Deacon replied that he hadn't known that it had been Sheila. She considered that it had been kind of kinky, but she sensed that he liked that. She said she'd be anything he wanted -- as long as he didn't turn her in or turn her away. She began to kiss him, but he stepped away.

Sheila told Deacon to go ahead and turn her in, but she warned that it might affect his future. Deacon picked up his phone, but he realized that he couldn't risk it. She said it was a smart decision. "What side of the bed do you want?" she asked.

At the cliff house, Taylor figured Brooke had to be confident to attack Ridge's son. Brooke replied that it wasn't an attack, it was a warning; there was no way she'd let Thomas take Douglas away from Hope. Taylor said Brooke had no say in the decision, but Brooke noted that the decision had already been made back when Thomas had realized Douglas needed a reliable parent in the home.

Taylor claimed that Hope had encouraged the decision, and it had only been intended to be a temporary situation until Thomas got his life back together, which Taylor believed he'd successfully done. Brooke replied that, even if it was true, she had a hard time buying it, and she felt that Taylor was too biased to see clearly. Brooke said that Taylor, as a psychiatrist, should know better than to let Douglas be yanked out of his home, and Brooke wouldn't allow it.

Taylor was sure Hope wanted Douglas to have a close and loving relationship with his father. Brooke replied that everyone wanted it -- as long as Thomas was worthy. Taylor said Thomas had worked hard to get to where he was. Brooke said Hope had worked hard to raise "his" child. Taylor emphasized that Douglas was Thomas' child and said Brooke had no say in it.

Contending that it was about "living," not "saying," Brooke said if there was any question that Thomas didn't have Thomas' best interest at heart...Taylor warned Brooke not to question Thomas' character, and Brooke asked how she could refrain after all he'd done.

Taylor asked pot to meet kettle. Taylor asked if Brooke knew what Taylor's family had been through. Brooke said it had been horrific but was a separate matter from snatching Douglas out of his home. Taylor said it wasn't what "we" were doing. She said she and Ridge were laser-focused on their family. "'Ridge and I?' Ridge is my husband, not yours," Brooke declared.

Taylor asked why Brooke felt the need to constantly remind Taylor that Ridge was Brooke's husband. Brooke suggested that Taylor stop giving Brooke cause to do it. Taylor figured that Brooke was threatened, even though she'd said she wasn't. Taylor asked Brooke to understand that they were coming off of what had happened with Finn.

Taylor said her family had witnessed a miracle reunion, and naturally, "Ridge and I" wanted the same thing for Thomas and Douglas. Taylor stated that it was time for her grandson to live with her son, and it was happening that night at Eric's. Brooke replied that Douglas had already lost a mother. She asked if Taylor thought it was fine that Douglas lose another one.

Taylor responded that Hope was alive, and "we" wanted Hope to engage with Douglas as much as possible; it was just about where Douglas slept. Brooke reasoned that Douglas would sleep at home, and he wouldn't leave his mother or his sister. Taylor, however, said "we all" believed it was best for Douglas. Brooke assumed "we" was Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy.

"And Ridge," Taylor added, saying Ridge had told her that he'd discussed his feelings with Brooke. Brooke decided that it wasn't about Douglas; it was about taking the boy from Hope and driving a wedge between Brooke and Ridge. Taylor quipped that Brooke was doing it on her own and asked if Brooke thought Taylor would use her grandson to get Ridge. Brooke affirmed it but said it wouldn't work. Brooke stated that Taylor wouldn't do it to Hope, and Taylor certainly wouldn't do it to Brooke.

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas told Hope that for the time being, it was just one night at Eric's house, and Douglas would have a blast. Thomas figured they could worry about the rest later. Hope was still concerned because "this is" Douglas' home. Thomas agreed that it "has been" Douglas' home and added that Liam and Hope had done an amazing job; however, Thomas felt like an absentee father, and it was time for that to change.

Thomas also said that Douglas was a Forrester and should be with his Forrester family. Hope received a message that Douglas had arrived, and she decided to table the discussion. Thomas didn't want to put it off, saying they needed to do what was best for Douglas. Hope affirmed that spending more time with his father was what was best, and she understood how valuable it was; however, she didn't want Douglas' living arrangements to change.

Douglas entered the house, excited that he'd gone to the zoo with Eli. Douglas hadn't known that Thomas would be there and asked if Thomas wanted to play catch. Thomas informed Douglas that Thomas had moved in with Eric. Douglas mentioned Eric's pool, and Thomas invited Douglas to spend the night and go swimming. Douglas thought it would be cool and asked Hope if he could please spend the night with his dad.

Hope agreed to it for one night. Douglas went to make sure he had his swimsuit. Thomas told Hope that things would work out. She replied that things would work out as long as they understood that it wasn't a long-term change.

The Forresters celebrate reconnecting

The Forresters celebrate reconnecting

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

At the cliff house, Steffy told Finn that she could not get enough of him. Taylor unwittingly walked in on their lovey-doveyness to ask if Steffy had heard anything from Thomas. Taylor and Steffy hoped that Thomas and Douglas' time together at the Forrester mansion had gone as well as Thomas had hoped.

At the Forrester mansion, Douglas raved about being able to spend time with Thomas. Eric told Douglas that he was welcome to spend as much time at the mansion as he'd like. Once Douglas headed off to the screening room to watch the game, Eric asked how long Thomas and Douglas planned to stay at the mansion. Thomas shared his concerns that Donna might not be thrilled with the idea of sharing the house with him and Douglas.

Eric allayed those fears and instead suggested that Hope might be the one with concerns.

In the cabin, Brooke was concerned to learn that Thomas had not "checked in" with Hope. Brooke said that she would call Ridge to check in, but Hope quickly shot down that idea. Hope explained that she did not want Brooke's marriage to get tangled up in the situation with Thomas. Brooke declared that they needed to take action because she and Hope were "under attack by Steffy and Taylor."

Hope relented and said that she would call to check on Douglas. Thomas answered his phone almost immediately and said that he and Douglas had had a great time together. Clearly uncomfortable, Hope claimed that she was about to run some errands and that she could stop by to pick up Douglas. Thomas told her that Eric wanted to have an early family dinner. Thomas said he would call Hope later and hung up the phone.

A surprisingly chipper Sheila told a still asleep and probably hungover Deacon that she had made him a cup of coffee with "extra kick." Sheila explained that she wanted to take care of him because "that's kind of what roomies do." Deacon rolled over in bed, groaned that the events of the previous 24 hours had not been a dream, and covered his face with a pillow.

Sheila chuckled to herself before yanking the pillow from Deacon's face. She urged Deacon to get up because they had a lot to celebrate. Deacon picked up a bottle of alcohol from his nightstand, poured some into a coffee mug, and told Sheila that he did not think that being roommates was going to work out. Sheila insisted that she and Deacon had just started "getting into a rhythm." Deacon praised her thoughtfulness but reminded Sheila that one of the conditions of his parole was that he not associate with known felons.

Deacon urged Sheila to flee Los Angeles. Sheila insisted that she had not gone through the "excruciating pain" of cutting off her own toe only to make a stupid mistake that would land her back in jail. Sheila made it clear that she would not be leaving. Deacon said that he had never met someone like Sheila and wondered if there would or could be a future for them if things were different.

Before Deacon could continue his thought, his phone rang. When he saw that the call was from Hope, Deacon put his finger to his lips to indicate that Sheila needed to be quiet. Hope had phoned to tell her dad that she had not forgotten their promise to spend time together. She explained that she had a lot of things going on. Deacon shared that he'd had his "hands full," as well. They ended the call with a promise that they'd get together as soon as possible.

Deacon used Hope's call as an example of why Sheila could not continue to live with him. Sheila remained undeterred. She repeated that she would not be leaving and reminded Deacon that if he decided to "blow the whistle" on her, he would also be headed back to prison.

Later, at the Forrester mansion, Eric declared that a family dinner was exactly what the family needed. Ridge concurred, adding that they needed to "reconnect as Forresters," and Finn "coming back from the dead" gave them all the perfect reason to do so. A short time later, Finn, Steffy, Taylor, and the kids arrived.

Eric pulled Finn aside to welcome him home. Taylor sensed that something was going on with Ridge. He told her that he was happy. "My family makes me feel good," he said.

Ridge proposed a toast "I just want to say how pleased I am to be around these... beautiful people. It makes me want to be prettier," Ridge mused. Ridge reminisced on the difficult year the Forresters had endured. But thanks to a miracle, Ridge added, that all had changed. Ridge said that Finn was a Forrester and always would be. Steffy turned to Finn, told him how much she loved him, and promised never to take that loved for granted.

Hope runs into someone unexpected at Deacon's place

Hope runs into someone unexpected at Deacon's place

Thursday, August 25, 2022

In the cabin, Brooke remarked about how quiet it was without Liam and the kids there. Hope said Liam was in a meeting with his father and brother. She thought it was nice that Liam was spending time with his dad, and it reminded her not to neglect her father. Brooke replied that Hope had just talked to Deacon, who'd told Hope that he was busy with something.

Brooke noted that she hadn't heard from Ridge. Hope guessed there was a lot going on at Eric's due to the dinner. For Brooke, it felt strange not to be there. She said she was Ridge's wife, after all, but she understood that the family was still processing what had happened.

Hope was glad that Douglas was spending time with his other family members, but it had thrown her for a loop that Douglas was gone for another night for dinner. Hope wished Thomas had given her more of a heads-up. Brooke hoped it didn't become a habit.

Hope was surprised that Taylor was pushing so hard about Douglas. Brooke stated that Taylor knew that Brooke and Ridge wouldn't be on the same page. Brooke was sure that Taylor was using it to undermine Brooke's marriage, and that was what the Forrester party was about. Hope said she felt bad for putting Brooke in that position, but Brooke said Steffy and Taylor were doing it by convincing Thomas to drag Douglas out of there.

Hope wondered why, as mothers, Steffy and Taylor didn't get how damaging it could be for Douglas. Hope didn't want it to damage Brooke's relationship with Ridge, but Brooke replied that she and Ridge wouldn't let it affect them. Brooke said she'd always have Hope's back.

Hope decided that since her house was empty at the time, she'd visit Deacon, who'd sounded stressed-out on the phone earlier.

At Deacon's place, Sheila was ready to redecorate with her new roomy. Not wanting to be called that, Deacon said he didn't know what was worse -- floral pillows or a fugitive staring at him all day. Sheila promised to make it worth his while, fulfill his needs, and give him lots of money.

Noting that he hadn't complained about anything the previous night, Sheila asked Deacon for a repeat performance. He told her that he had to clock in downstairs, but she tried to entice him to have some fun before he left. When he refused to be late for work, she offered to keep him company at the bar. Deacon warned her not to step a foot outside his apartment.

Deacon told Sheila that no one could find out that she was staying there. Sheila yelled at him to chill, and she kissed him. As she shoved him onto the couch, he insisted he had to go to work. He said he wouldn't take it personally if she and her nine toes hid elsewhere.

Sheila grimaced. Deacon told her that she wouldn't be alone for long, and she should take a nap. She revealed that she was thinking about Finn. She wondered aloud how Finn felt about her supposed death. Deacon decided that he had to get to work. He warned Sheila to lay low and offered to bring her food when he returned.

Alone later, Sheila grabbed her purse, some keys, and some money. As she counted the cash, Hope opened the front door to Deacon's place. Sheila's back was to the door. Hope stammered that she was looking for her father. "Who are you?" she asked.

At Eric's house, Ridge thanked Donna and Eric for the party. Finn thanked Eric for including Li, who was on her way. Eric said the night was about reconnecting with family, and it was wonderful to see Finn again. Taylor uttered that the miracle of Monaco lived on. She thought of the Monaco kiss and grinned.

Later, Li arrived with a gift of wine for Eric. She was happy to be included, even though some didn't like how she'd handled things. Finn said he wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for her.

Later, everyone was chatting together. Donna strode in with a stepladder and placed it by the fireplace, which had an empty spot above it where Quinn's portrait had been. Donna thought it was time for a new portrait. Eric didn't think it was the time, but Donna called it the perfect time.

Thomas and Finn helped each other place a veiled portrait on the wall. Donna said she'd been out of the home for many years, but she had the privilege of living with Eric again. As the lady of the house, she wanted to put a stamp on the home in a permanent way. She said it would be a forever fixture and the first person anyone would see when they walked through the door.

Donna pulled the veil off the picture and revealed a portrait of Eric. Everyone murmured and smiled with delight. Donna said it was time that Eric's handsome face hung above the fireplace. "Well, will you look at that," Eric said, grinning, and he kissed Donna.

Agreeing with Donna's sentiment, Thomas said it was an honor to live in Eric's home. Thomas stated that Eric and Ridge had taught Thomas how to be a designer, a father, and a man. Thomas felt that he was emerging from his dark times as a better man. He stated that they'd always been there for him, especially Ridge. Thomas and Ridge hugged.

By the fireplace later, Finn told everyone that it had been a long road, and he wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for his wife and family. While fighting to survive, he'd imagined moments like the one they were having, and he'd said Steffy's name over and over. He'd known he'd needed to get back to his family, and that was what had saved him. He stated that few people got to know that kind of connection, and they were all very lucky.

Later, Douglas and Kelly played around the living room. Eric said they should do it more often, and Ridge replied that Eric should invite them more often. Putting his arm around Taylor, Ridge thanked her for giving him a great family. Moved, Taylor said it was beautiful. Donna's gazed zeroed in on Ridge and Taylor. Ridge promised to remember the moment and vowed to be the best man he could be for his family.

Donna stepped aside and called Brooke, who asked how it was going. Donna reported that Ridge had given a speech, and everyone was overjoyed about Finn. Donna said it was a sweet evening, but there was just one problem -- Brooke wasn't there, but Taylor was. Brooke said that Taylor was using the family as a way to manipulate Ridge's feelings.

Ridge verbally spars with Deacon over the photo post

Ridge verbally spars with Deacon over the photo post

Friday, August 26, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke gazed at a picture of herself and Ridge and thought of how the issue of Douglas might get between them. Liam arrived, looking for Hope, but Brooke reported that Hope had gone to see her father because the kids were not at home.

Assuming Beth was with Lola, Liam was surprised to hear that Douglas would spend another night at Eric's. Brooke explained that Eric had had a family dinner, and Kelly had been there, too. Brooke said Douglas had wanted to stay, and Hope hadn't wanted to upset him.

Liam was sure Deacon wished he could drop by Brooke's. Brooke replied that it wasn't an option. Liam said Brooke had made Ridge's standpoint abundantly clear. Brooke clarified that Deacon had to stay away from her, but no one would stop Hope from having a relationship with her father. Liam noted that it still affected Hope, who was trying to respect Ridge's wishes.

Brooke said Ridge was just being protective. Liam quipped that with Sheila gone, Ridge could focus his pent-up energy on Deacon. Brooke said she didn't think Hope would be gone for long and that the visit with Deacon was just a diversion. Liam guessed that Brooke meant a diversion from the Thomas situation. Brooke expressed her disbelief that Thomas was starting a custody battle.

Calling it a potential custody battle, Liam hoped that an arrangement could be made without lawyers and judges. Brooke said it would be nice, but Thomas was already acting like Douglas would move in with Thomas full-time. Brooke said Thomas thought he was ready to be "a 24/7 father," but he hadn't taken care of Douglas for years.

Liam replied that it was because Thomas had been unstable, and that had been the whole reason Liam and Hope had taken Douglas in. Brooke stated that, out of the blue, Thomas wanted to take Douglas back and raise him at the Forrester estate as the heir apparent. Chuckling, Liam asked if Thomas had used those words.

Brooke said Thomas hadn't gone that far, but she questioned Thomas' interest in everything Forrester for Douglas. She thought it might be Steffy and Taylor pushing for it. Brooke speculated that they all wanted Douglas to know his father's side of the family, but in her view, Liam, Hope, and Beth were Douglas' family, too. Brooke said Beth saw Douglas as her brother. Liam added that he saw Douglas as a son, and visiting Douglas wasn't the same as him living with them.

Brooke figured the visit with Deacon would help Hope unwind. Liam rolled his eyes, and Brooke guessed he wasn't a fan of Deacon. "I am and I'm not. It depends on my mood," Liam replied. He said he'd thought things would settle down after Sheila's death, but he noted that there was the new thing about Thomas and Douglas and the ongoing thing between Deacon and Ridge.

Brooke figured Liam didn't want Hope getting caught up in it, but Brooke sensed there was something Liam wasn't saying. Reluctantly, Liam admitted that he didn't know how long things would last between Deacon and Hope, who'd finally gotten the relationship with her father that she'd wanted. Liam said that Deacon was doing his best to make the right choices, but old habits were hard to break. "And there are people in Hope's life -- and you know who I'm talking about -- who are just waiting, just waiting, for Deacon to slip that they can pounce, right? So that they can give Hope the old 'I told you so,'" Liam said. He said he hoped it wouldn't happen.

At Il Giardino, Ridge arrived at the bar, and Deacon griped that the night kept getting better. "You gotta stay away from Brooke," Ridge asserted. Realizing that they were going to do "this" again, Deacon moved a box cutter out of Ridge's reach. Ridge said he'd seen the picture Hope had posted of Brooke, Deacon, and Hope. "As soon as I leave town, you're sniffing around her," Ridge said.

Ridge claimed Deacon was bad news for everyone. Deacon snapped that Ridge never missed a chance to degrade Deacon. Ridge replied that Deacon was bad for Brooke and everyone she cared about. Deacon asked if it included the daughter he'd created with Brooke. Ridge argued that Deacon had hurt Hope with his bad choices. "You've never made any bad choices?" Deacon asked and assumed Ridge was perfect.

Ridge thanked Deacon but acknowledged that Ridge wasn't perfect. Ridge added that he wasn't a con, either. Ridge then realized that he should say ex-con because Deacon had supposedly changed his ways. Ridge asserted that Deacon was exactly who Ridge thought Deacon was, a man who'd move in on someone like he'd done to Brooke on New Year's Eve.

Deacon swore that it had been Sheila. Ridge said the picture he'd seen had been taken in his office, the one with his name on the door. Ridge didn't want Deacon in Ridge's office or his house -- the house Ridge shared with Brooke. Ridge didn't want Deacon near Ridge's family because all Deacon did was cause trouble. Deacon murmured that sometimes trouble found him. "So now it's trouble's fault?" Ridge asked.

Ridge said Deacon was just like Sheila, blaming others. "And you know what happened to her. She got eaten by a bear," Ridge asserted, and Deacon smirked. Ridge said it was because she'd had no one to talk to or turn to except Deacon. Deacon clarified that he and Sheila hadn't been friends. Ridge said he didn't care. He said Deacon had let a lunatic into his life, and that was why Ridge didn't want Deacon around Brooke or Hope.

Deacon assumed Ridge wanted Deacon banned from Hope's life. Ridge admitted that he'd love that. Deacon said he didn't think Hope would love it. Ridge said they both knew it would end in disaster.

Deacon received a phone call from Liam, who said Hope wasn't returning his messages. Deacon was surprised when Liam mentioned that Hope was at Deacon's apartment. Informing Liam that Deacon was at work, Deacon clicked off the line and abruptly left the restaurant.

At Deacon's place, Sheila's back was to Hope, who asked who she was. Sheila picked up some scissors and hid them behind her back as she turned around. Hope noted that the woman was unusually quiet, and Hope figured she knew why. Hope said she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Hope said it couldn't be. Sheila gripped the scissors tighter.

Deacon rushed into the apartment and saw Hope with Sheila, who was wearing her redheaded face mask. Hope noted that her father hadn't told her that he had a new woman in his life. Deacon stammered to explain, and Hope asked him to start with an introduction.

Deacon replied that it wasn't what Hope thought it was. Hope said he was a grown man, and she was excited that he'd moved on from Brooke. Deacon said he hadn't decided anything, and "this" had been completely unexpected. Hope introduced herself and gestured to Sheila.

Employing her southern accent, Sheila called herself Nicholina --Lina for short. Hope noted that it was an Italian name. Sheila stated that it meant "I always win." Deacon explained that Lina was an old friend who'd shown up unexpectedly. Hope shook hands with Lina and gave her an uncanny gaze. Hope asked if she knew Lina.

Back at Brooke's house, Liam thought it was weird that Hope and Deacon hadn't been together. Ridge arrived, saying he'd been with Deacon when Liam had called. Brooke was surprised to hear that Ridge had gone to see Deacon. Liam asked if Deacon had seemed weird to Ridge. Ridge quipped that Deacon was always weird.

Ridge said Deacon had rushed out, probably to clear all the beer bottles off his floor. Brooke admonished Ridge, who guessed that he shouldn't think the worst of the worst person he'd ever met. Brooke asked why Ridge had gone there to see Deacon. Ridge revealed that it had been about the picture. Ridge admitted he wasn't okay with it and figured it had been all Deacon. Ridge said Deacon had to know Ridge wouldn't tolerate that kind of thing.

Brooke asked if it had gotten physical, and Ridge asked if she thought he was twelve. Ridge stated that Deacon had hurt Brooke and Hope, and Ridge didn't want it to happen again.

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