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Brooke and Liam were left out of another family gathering at Eric's house. A heartbroken Hope couldn't bring herself to take Douglas home from Eric's. Thomas admonished himself to stop thinking of the married Hope. Disguised as Lina, Sheila sneaked into the cliff house.
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Hope couldn't bring herself to take Douglas home from Eric's. Sheila, disguised as Lina, sneaked into the cliff house.
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Sheila, as Lina, spies on Finn and Steffy

Sheila, as Lina, spies on Finn and Steffy

Monday, September 5, 2022

At Deacon's place, Sheila told Deacon to go to work and stop babysitting her, but he wasn't so sure about leaving after she'd risked them both going to prison just to bring him a cell phone. Sheila replied that she'd risk it again because she'd gotten to see the boy whom she loved more than anything in the world. She asked what Deacon didn't understand about that.

Deacon said he couldn't believe Sheila's nerve to waltz herself into the restaurant. Sheila, on the other hand, was still amazed that she'd seen Finn. Even though she and Finn had had their challenges, she sensed that Finn still loved her. She claimed to feel it in her heart. Sheila added that Finn's feelings were confusing, and Deacon quipped, "You think?"

Sheila whined that Deacon needed to be more supportive. Outraged, he noted that he was letting her live there at an enormous risk to himself. Sheila demanded emotional support as far as her son was concerned. She said Deacon knew the relationship she'd been building with Finn, but Steffy had pushed Sheila to the edge, costing Sheila relationships with Finn, Hayes, and Taylor. "It's not like you and Taylor were BFs," Deacon replied.

Frustrated, Sheila said Taylor had at least given her a chance, and Sheila had had a shot at a place in that family before the night in the alley. Sheila thanked God that Finn had survived. Deacon said he had to go back to work. He asked her to stay there and not do anything crazy.

Sheila frowned. Deacon tried to leave, but deciding to show sympathy, he said he understood her feelings; however, she exasperated him. He asserted that her relationship with Finn was dead because Finn thought she was dead. Deacon warned her not to forget that. When he left, she uttered that she refused to believe she'd never have a relationship with her son.

At the cliff house, Steffy arrived home. Finn reported that Amelia had the kids and that he'd gone to have lunch with his mother earlier. It was a relief to Steffy that when he spoke of his "mom," he was talking about Li, not the dead Sheila. He didn't think they needed to talk about Sheila, but Steffy promised to try her best to understand if he had conflicting, confusing emotions about Sheila's death.

In Finn's silence, Steffy noted that they'd been through a lot. Finn said he was sorry for every tear Steffy had shed and for what Sheila had stolen from them. Feeling as if Finn hadn't answered her question, Steffy asked how he really felt about Sheila being dead.

Finn replied that he wished Sheila had been different. He said he didn't know how Sheila had been capable of shooting them. He admitted he didn't know what to do with his feelings, but part of him couldn't forget that if not for Sheila, he wouldn't have been born or been there with Steffy.

As Steffy hugged Finn, "Lina" gazed at them through the patio door. Sheila said that someday, she'd hold Finn, too, and Mama would always love him.

At Eric's house, Thomas told Eric, Taylor, and Ridge that Douglas was playing catch with Connor and Connor's new puppy. Eric suggested they get a puppy, but Thomas wanted to wait on that while things were still in flux. Taylor wondered if Hope could see that Douglas belonged there with his Forrester family. Thomas thought he was making progress.

Taylor stated that it was a difficult situation, especially with Brooke being hypervigilant. Ridge grunted. "What?" Taylor asked, adding that Brooke was telling Hope that Douglas belonged with only them, and it made Taylor sad that it was turning into a Logan versus Forrester tug of war. Ridge said no one wanted a tug of war with a young man's future at stake, but Taylor insisted that Hope and Thomas could make their own decisions without pressure.

Thomas expressed empathy for Hope's view. He said she and Liam had made a wonderful family, and uprooting Douglas was a lot to consider. Eric stated that whatever Thomas decided, Eric was behind him. Taylor asked if Thomas had changed his mind. Thomas replied that he still wanted Douglas to live with him, but Thomas was trying to consider Hope's feelings.

Eric decided it was time to leave to meet Donna at the club. "Pickleball?" Ridge asked. "That's what the kids call it these days," Ridge murmured as Eric left. Taylor said she hoped Hope could use her discernment in all of it because Brooke didn't share Hope's opinions.

Later, Ridge was alone when Taylor emerged from the study to check on him. She sensed that he wasn't doing great. He asked why that was. She replied that Thomas needed his father's support, and Thomas knew he'd get it even if it was the last thing Brooke wanted.

Taylor changed the topic to how happy they were for their kids. Taylor said it had meant a lot when Ridge had vowed to be there for her and their family. "I meant what I said, Doc," he replied. Touching his lapels, she said she knew that he was at Brooke's, but when he called her Doc, it felt as if he was there with her. Taylor slowly moved in to kiss him on the cheek.

At Brooke's house, Hope told Liam and Brooke that Douglas had been having a great time at Eric's. Liam hoped it didn't mean that Hope thought Douglas' home should be there and not in the cabin with Liam, Hope, and Beth. For Liam and Brooke, the answer was no. Brooke said she'd always be leery of Thomas, and she warned Hope not to let her guard down.

Hope tried to assert her capable judgment, but Liam and Brooke believed that Hope always saw the best in people. Liam added that they loved that about Hope; however, he reasoned that Thomas being a good father lately didn't change the horrible things he'd done in the past. Hope replied that she knew it and hadn't forgotten it. Liam asked if that meant she hadn't changed her mind and decided that Douglas should live with Thomas full-time.

Brooke didn't think it was wise of Thomas to risk the progress Liam and Hope had made with Douglas. Hope said Thomas didn't think it was a risk, and Thomas was ready to take on the responsibility. Liam asked if Hope was inclined to agree because it was what Thomas wanted. Hope reasoned that it might be what Douglas wanted. Douglas hadn't said that, Hope added, but Douglas did idolize his father. Hope felt the boy deserved a healthy, committed father.

Later, Brooke was alone, thinking of throwing rose petals in bed with Ridge.

In the cabin later, Hope thought back to her visit with Douglas at Eric's house and recalled Thomas saying he was a one-woman man. Thomas startled her when he arrived. He asked if it was a bad time because she seemed lost in thought.

A surprise visitor unnerves Steffy

A surprise visitor unnerves Steffy

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

At the cliff house, Sheila, disguised as "Lina," watched Steffy and Finn go into their bedroom. To herself, Sheila said that Mama was still there for Finn.

Later, Finn was alone in the living room. Sheila reached for the handle to the sliding glass door, but before she could pull it, a hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder. The hand belonged to Deacon, who grabbed her and hustled her away from the window.

Deacon said he'd returned to his place and seen that she'd left. He said it hadn't taken a brain surgeon to figure out where she'd headed, and he didn't know what "nutso" family reunion she'd hoped for; however, he said Finn and everyone else thought she'd given a bear indigestion. In Deacon's view, it was a good thing because, otherwise, all cops would be on deck.

Sheila asked if Deacon was worried about her. Claiming that he wasn't, he ordered her to get out of there. As Sheila left, Steffy said Deacon's name from inside the house. She opened the sliding glass door and told him that it was customary to use the front door. Deacon claimed he'd thought she'd be at the beach. Confused, she asked what he was doing there.

Deacon stammered a bit, but he explained that seeing Finn earlier had gotten Deacon to think of that night. Deacon said he wanted to tell Steffy the things he'd told her husband. He was relieved that the Finnegans were okay. Steffy thought it was kind of him.

Deacon replied that the night was hard to shake. Agreeing, she said she was trying to erase it from her mind, too. He figured there were many things to look forward to. She stated that they'd had a miracle, and he'd been a part of it. She was grateful for his timely actions in the alley. Deacon claimed he'd just made a phone call, and he was no hero.

Steffy murmured that they no longer had to deal with Sheila. Steffy invited Deacon to enter the house, but he replied that he'd done what he'd wanted to do. Pensively, she watched him leave.

Later, Finn figured that Deacon's strange visit had brought up bad stuff for Steffy. Agreeing, she revealed that she'd had nightmares, too. Finn promised that the bad dreams would fade. He wanted her to remember that he'd lay his life on the line for her -- not that anything like that would happen again. He said there was nothing to fear, since Sheila was gone.

At Deacon's place, Sheila had taken off her mask. Deacon arrived, wondering if she was nuts. He said she was, after all, the woman who'd cut off her own toe. Sheila was flippant about it, and he asked if she wanted to go back to prison. Sheila claimed that she just wanted to see her son. Deacon asserted that it wouldn't happen and was the price of her freedom. He yelled that she couldn't have a relationship with Finn unless she wanted to do it from behind bars.

Deacon left to get a beer. To herself, Sheila murmured, "Not gonna happen? That's what you think." She fantasized about revealing herself to Finn at the cliff house. In her dream, Finn called her presence a miracle. He said she was there and hadn't left him. He hugged her, and she told Finn that she'd always be there. Back in the present, she uttered, "Soon, Finn, soon."

At Brooke's house, Ridge kissed Brooke, who was surprised that he was home early. Ridge said he'd gone by Eric's to see how things had gone between Thomas and Hope. Ridge mentioned that Taylor had said Douglas and Thomas had had fun, and Brooke noted that Taylor had been there. Ridge replied that they were all hopeful, and he wanted Brooke to be, too.

Brooke rendered an uncertain gaze, and Ridge wished Brooke could embrace Thomas and his changes the way Hope had. Ridge acknowledged that Hope and Liam had done a great job with Douglas. Brooke emphasized that Hope had adopted the child and was the child's mother. Ridge claimed that Hope always would be, and it would never change; however, Thomas had changed. Ridge wanted her to accept it the way Hope had.

Later, Ridge arrived downstairs. He was sure that Thomas and Hope would do what was best for Douglas. Brooke felt that she and Ridge would, too. She wished she could trust Thomas the way that Ridge did. Ridge said Thomas just needed an opportunity, and "we" were doing everything "we" could to set him up for success.

Brooke asked if Ridge meant himself and Taylor. Ridge stammered in the affirmative and then in the negative, saying he'd meant the family. He said his and Taylor's job as parents was to set Thomas up for success. Ridge felt that if he'd done it earlier, Thomas wouldn't have made the mistakes. Brooke replied that Ridge wasn't responsible for Thomas' mistakes. Ridge felt that he was responsible "now," and he was determined to see it through.

Brooke understood Ridge's desire to support Thomas and help him succeed. She said she just felt that taking Douglas from his home might be a little detrimental. Ridge didn't see how. Brooke said she didn't want to be mean or cruel, and she didn't think it would be as bad as the last time. Ridge replied that he'd rather she consider that it might not be bad at all.

Brooke questioned whether Ridge would see it if it was bad. Ridge asked if Brooke wanted him to move in with Eric to keep an eye on Thomas and Douglas until Brooke could give the situation a chance. Brooke asked if Ridge would really do that. Ridge affirmed that he'd stay there until she saw what he did. She asked if he'd really move away from her and their home.

Ridge figured he'd do it if that was what it took to make her feel good. Brooke replied that there would be nothing good about him leaving. He claimed it would be just for a little while. She insisted that she wanted Ridge there, and Hope should be the one monitoring Douglas. Brooke, who'd just gotten Ridge back, insisted she surely didn't want her own concerns to take him away.

Ridge replied that he took Brooke's concerns seriously. She thanked him for that. She felt that they needed the time to reconnect, and the longer they were apart, the more distance would get between them. He responded that it was just an idea. Brooke thought it was a bad idea.

Brooke recalled that they hadn't faced the Deacon and Sheila thing together, but it was how they needed to handle things going forward. "Of course, there was a kiss you had in Monaco," she added. She told him that she loved him, and they needed to take their relationship seriously. She wanted them to love, respect, and support each other. She asked him to say he wanted it, too, and Ridge kissed her.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope asked if Thomas had brought Douglas home. Thomas reminded her that she'd said he could take Douglas school supply shopping, but Thomas said he needed the list. She stated that she could have emailed it, but he added that he'd thought they could also talk -- "about us." Hope noted that he'd driven all the way over there to talk privately.

Thomas explained that he hadn't wanted to be interrupted while discussing with her their roles as parents. "Right, right," Hope replied with a nervous chuckle, and he asked what she'd thought he'd meant. He claimed that they were on the same team. She said she hoped so. He figured that meant that they were in agreement, but she questioned that.

Hope felt that moving would be a huge change out of nowhere. She recalled that Douglas had already experienced a lot in his young life, from the death of his mother to the upheaval with Thomas. Hope acknowledged that Douglas and Thomas were in a better place, but she still believed that the child needed stability and consistency.

Thomas replied that Hope had given Douglas that, but Thomas could do it, too. He claimed that Douglas was his priority, and he didn't want to upset her or Douglas. Thomas expressed that he wanted to be Douglas' dad again. Hope stated that Thomas was, but he clarified that he wanted to be there in the morning and put his son to bed at night. Thomas wanted to look after his child and set boundaries for him. He needed Douglas to know his dad cared for him.

Hope said she had faith that Thomas could be that type of father. He said it meant a lot to him that she believed in him, and he didn't want to jeopardize that. Hope suggested that they should slow down and think about what Douglas really needed. She thought he'd then realize that Douglas' place was still there with her, Liam, and Beth. "At least for right now while we work this out," she added.

Thomas said he didn't wish for conflict, and he was confident they could make it work for everyone.

The Forresters have another gathering as suspicions flare

The Forresters have another gathering as suspicions flare

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

At the cliff house, a snack-seeking Taylor accidentally walked in on Steffy and Finn kissing. As Taylor apologized profusely, Steffy said that she had wanted to talk to her mom about having another Forrester gathering at the Forrester mansion. Taylor wondered if Brooke would permit Ridge to attend another gathering. Steffy decided to find out.

Brooke was sitting on the sofa in her living room when Ridge returned. Brooke greeted her "handsome husband" with a kiss. Brooke was hoping that her kisses would dissuade Ridge from moving to the Forrester mansion to keep an eye on Thomas and Douglas.

Ridge received a phone call from Steffy asking if he'd be able to join them at Eric's house. Ridge said that he'd be happy to join them. When Brooke learned of Ridge's plans, she wasn't thrilled that Taylor would be at the gathering.

Brooke asked if she could accompany Ridge. "It's a family get-together. You're family... so yeah, you're invited," Ridge replied. Brooke asked if she had been explicitly invited. Ridge's silence told her all that she needed to know. Brooke decided to stay home but asked that Ridge give everyone her best. As Ridge walked out the door, Brooke frowned.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas gave Douglas his collection of baseball cards. Eric entered the living room and shared that Steffy wanted to have another family gathering. Thomas thanked Eric for allowing him and Douglas to stay in the mansion. Eric quickly noted that the Forrester mansion was a home for all the Forresters.

In the cabin on Brooke's property, Liam asked Hope if Thomas had given any indication about when Douglas would be returning home to them. Calling the situation "freaking weird," Liam asked why Hope had yet to demand that Douglas be returned home. Hope explained that she didn't feel that Douglas was in any danger. She added that she needed to act carefully so as not to turn the matter into a "full-blown custody battle."

Liam promised to support whatever Hope decided. He warned her not to let her guard down. Thomas and Douglas called to tell Hope about the family gathering and to ask if she could attend. Hope said that she'd drop by for a little bit.

When Liam learned about the gathering, he asked why he had not been invited. "Do you think it's possible that Thomas' old feelings for you are starting to be rekindled?" Liam asked. Hope insisted that Liam had nothing to worry about. As Hope was leaving, Brooke showed up at the door. Hope told her mom that Liam would update her on everything, and then Hope darted off.

Liam told Brooke that Hope had been invited to a gathering at the Forrester mansion. Liam and Brooke both guessed there was "something more going on" than just a family gathering. Brooke suggested that Taylor and Steffy were "all too eager" to take advantage of the situation. Plus, Brooke noted that Steffy and Thomas wanted Ridge and Taylor back together as part of their "sweet little family."

Back at the Forrester mansion, Eric heard Donna ask him if he wanted a martini. When he turned to greet her, he found a red-faced Douglas chuckling. Douglas explained that he'd downloaded an app on his phone that allowed a user to sample someone's voice to then let an artificial intelligence program simulate that person's voice saying anything the user wanted.

Zende and Thomas strolled into the living room. Observing the food on the table, Zende said that he'd heard they were having a party. Eric quickly clarified that they were having a "get-together" and not a party. Moments later, Ridge entered with news that there was "riffraff" in Eric's driveway. Ridge urged Eric to change the security code on the driveway gate. The front door swung open, and Taylor, Steffy, Finn, and the kids walked in.

Eric was overcome with emotion at seeing his family before him. He thanked everyone for allowing him to fill his house with love. Things cooled down a bit when Thomas shared that he had invited Hope to join them. Eric insisted that Hope was welcome because she was family. Steffy grumbled that she hoped Hope wouldn't bring up Douglas' living arrangements.

When Hope arrived, the Forresters abruptly stopped talking. Hope thanked everyone for including her. Still, she appeared uneasy as only Thomas made an effort to make her feel welcome.

As the party continued, Zende marveled at seeing Finn alive. Taylor said the trip to Monaco had been filled with "magical surprises." Taylor thought back to her kiss with Ridge. Hope and Thomas returned to the room, laughing about how the kids had been fighting over who got to put the last piece in a puzzle they had been working on. Steffy rolled her eyes and commented that Douglas seemed to be very happy at the mansion.

"This is the place that Forresters go to do whatever they need to do," Ridge stated. Ridge said that he and the rest of his family wanted to celebrate all that Hope had done to give Douglas everything that he needed. Ridge added that Hope no longer had to do it alone because Thomas was a "loving, caring father." Ridge took a moment to praise his "goofball" kids who had grown up to be amazing adults. He credited Taylor's "strength and wisdom" as the reason Steffy and Thomas had turned out the way they had. Ridge said that the family was not the same when Taylor was not around. Ridge raised a glass and exclaimed, "Forresters!" Everyone else raised a glass and toasted -- except Hope, who looked on uncomfortably.

Hope remains conflicted and emotional about Douglas

Hope remains conflicted and emotional about Douglas

Thursday, September 8, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Liam folded blankets and told Brooke that pacing wouldn't help. Brooke said that she got anxious when Thomas was too much in the picture. She explained that she'd been lulled before into a false belief that Thomas could control his feelings for Hope. "And then there's Steffy and Taylor trying to come between Ridge and me," Brooke added, feeling under attack.

Brooke checked her phone. She said she'd asked Donna to keep an eye on things at the mansion and report back about anything hinky; however, Donna had just relayed that she was attending a play that evening with Katie. Liam wondered if they were overreacting.

Brooke said she didn't think so. Liam said he didn't know what Thomas was up to as far as Hope was concerned. Brooke referred to the "bigger picture." She noted that Taylor still had feelings for Ridge, their kids wanted to recreate their family, and Thomas' idea of family always involved Hope. Brooke claimed that it was a concerted effort to reunite the family, no matter who stood in the way -- and that time it was Liam and Brooke.

Liam was surprised he'd still heard nothing from Hope, and Brooke said it was another family soiree that Brooke and Liam hadn't been invited to. Brooke guessed that Taylor had returned to town for only one reason -- to see if she could put her family with Ridge back together. She said Taylor was just hoping Brooke would mess up so badly that Ridge wouldn't forgive her.

Brooke noted that when Ridge had moved in with her again, Taylor had kissed him in Monaco. Liam asked if the kiss had been manipulation or euphoria. Brooke believed it could have been merely euphoria for Ridge, and she said she'd forgiven him as he'd forgiven her before. She asserted that her issue wasn't with Ridge. It was with Steffy and Taylor, and Brooke didn't trust them about Douglas, either.

Liam asked if Brooke doubted that Taylor and Steffy had Douglas' best interests in mind. Brooke suspected that the women thought they did, but they didn't because it was about winning for them. It was about feuding, and it left Douglas caught in the middle. Brooke didn't doubt that they loved Douglas, but she insisted that they had an agenda, one that included taking Douglas from his home with Hope, Beth, and Liam.

Liam replied that the situation was complicated. He got that Thomas wanted to spend time with Douglas, since Thomas' mind was supposedly in a better place, but Liam didn't think it was necessary to uproot Douglas. Liam suspected that the more Thomas got what he wanted, the more entitled he'd feel. Liam didn't know why Hope wasn't putting her foot down and insisting that Douglas be home that night, "like now."

In Eric's living room, Zende and Eric were alone. Zende thought it felt right to have Eric's portrait up, and he asked if Eric was okay about the breakup with Quinn. Eric said it had been time for them to move on, and Donna made him happy from the inside out. Eric stated that things had been tough between Zende and Paris, but things would turn out okay in the end.

In the foyer, Steffy and Hope descended the stairs. Steffy cooed about how the women could nanny-share Amelia. Steffy claimed to be glad Hope had come and seen how much Douglas loved hanging out with his father.

Later, Taylor and Ridge discussed how well Thomas was doing. Ridge believed Thomas wanted to be his best for Douglas. She said Douglas was a great motivator. "So's Hope," Ridge added.

Nearby, Hope told Finn and Steffy how grateful Hope was that things had turned out well with Finn. Steffy said they vowed to celebrate life and moments together as a family. Thomas added that it included Hope, Douglas' mother. Thomas asserted that Hope was part of their family.

By the bar, Eric asked Ridge how Brooke felt about him being there without her. Ridge claimed she was fine. He said he'd asked her to be there, but she'd declined because she hadn't been on the original guest list. Finn asked if she'd want to be there with the family he'd made with someone else, a person his kids wanted him to be with.

Ridge glanced at Taylor and Steffy and toasted with Eric and Finn.

Nearby, Steffy said she'd noticed Ridge and Taylor together and had heard all the things he'd said about Taylor. Taylor added that he'd said things about the whole family, but she didn't want Steffy to worry about her parents. Taylor claimed her eyes were wide open.

By the sofa, Zende asked how Hope was doing with no Logan backup. Hope said she'd survive. Thomas replied that she didn't need Logan backup; she had Forrester backup in Douglas, and she was a part of the family and was stuck with the Forresters, whether she liked it or not. Zende said nothing would change. Hope quipped that she'd like it if things stayed the same.

Taylor called everyone's attention. Ridge sat with her, assuming it was a speech. She said she wasn't good at speeches, just feelings. Taylor said she was happy and grateful to see everyone smiling and to have her grandkids playing upstairs. She said her heart was full. Taylor mentioned how Ridge had said the family had gone through a rough time, but they'd also experienced miracles.

Taylor remarked upon Finn's return and upon Douglas and Thomas' improving relationship. She declared that she loved her family -- including the handsome, brooding guy beside her. Ridge grunted, and Hope glared at him.

Later, Finn and Steffy prepared to leave, and Douglas asked if Kelly could "come over tomorrow" to finish painting rocks. Thomas said they'd discuss it later. Hope listened as Steffy said she didn't mind bringing Kelly back. Thomas replied that he'd let her know.

Zende decided he was getting out of there. Ridge replied that he would be, too. Steffy asked if Taylor was ready to go. Ridge offered Taylor a ride, but she said she should go with "them."

Later, Hope and Thomas were alone. He thanked her for being at the party but hoped it hadn't been too weird. Douglas entered and thanked Hope for letting him stay so long. Hope was glad that Douglas was having fun, but she told him not to forget that Liam, Beth, and Hope missed him like crazy.

Later, everyone had gone, and Thomas was in the living room, checking his phone. On his screensaver was a photo of himself with Douglas and Hope. Thomas flashed back to kissing Hope years back. He told himself to stop because she was married.

At the cliff house, Finn had just put the kids to bed, and Taylor entered, calling herself annoying. Steffy and Finn said it was okay. Steffy assumed that Taylor was nighttime snacking because something was on her mind. Figuring that Ridge going home to Brooke had hurt Taylor, Steffy urged Taylor to remember what Ridge had said about her. In her view, it was only a matter of time before Ridge and Taylor were back together.

At Brooke's house, Ridge said it never got old to see Steffy and Finn together. Brooke snappily guessed that a good time had been had by all. Ridge began to speak, but she said not to apologize. She said she knew that he'd invited her, but Steffy hadn't. Brooke said she also got why Steffy wouldn't want Brooke there with Taylor. Ridge said he didn't want Brooke to get hurt. Brooke replied that she wasn't hurt. She just missed him and wanted to show him how much. They began kissing.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was surprised when Hope arrived home without Douglas. Liam assumed Thomas had refused to let her take Douglas, but she said it wasn't Thomas. Liam asked what had happened. "Douglas..." Hope uttered and bit back sobs. She said she didn't know what to do because she loved and missed Douglas, but he seemed happy at Eric's and with the whole family.

Hope cried, saying it hadn't felt right to pull Douglas out of that. Liam replied that he understood her dilemma and was trying to respect Douglas' wishes. Liam didn't want her to lose sight of how manipulative Thomas could be. Liam was sure Thomas would use it to his advantage, but only if Hope let him.

A surprise visitor slips into the cliff house

A surprise visitor slips into the cliff house

Friday, September 9, 2022

At Brooke's house, Katie, Brooke, and Donna looked at Donna and Eric's old wedding photos. Katie said they'd had a feeling about Donna and Eric. Donna expressed happiness for Brooke and Ridge, but Brooke mentioned that he'd been seeing a lot of his ex-wife at Eric's house.

Donna acknowledged that Ridge had been around quite a bit. Brooke thought Steffy and Taylor were behind all the Forrester family time. Katie was surprised that Brooke hadn't gotten to go to the dinner. Brooke shrugged, saying it had been last minute.

Donna claimed that Eric would have wanted Brooke to feel welcome, and Donna would have insisted upon it if she'd been there. Brooke said it was okay, and everyone was happy about Finn. Brooke claimed that Taylor was using it to drive a wedge between Brooke and Ridge, and the Logan versus Forrester stuff was exhausting.

Brooke thought things had gone to the extreme, and Douglas was caught in the middle of Steffy and Taylor's crazy Forrester family. Katie wondered how long Douglas had been away from home, and she said it just wasn't okay. Brooke didn't like the influence Thomas had over Douglas, and Katie guessed Ridge had total confidence in Thomas. Brooke said it was why she had to be careful; she didn't want it to become a problem for her and Ridge.

Brooke left the house, and Donna and Katie hoped that going to the office would help Brooke take her mind off things. Katie believed that Ridge and Brooke would get through things, even though they didn't see eye to eye. Katie also thought Brooke might be right in suspecting that her marriage was under attack by Taylor.

At Forrester, Paris modeled a royal blue gown for Zende and Thomas because the model, Vanessa, was out sick. Taylor arrived. Thomas said it was perfect timing because Brooke wasn't there. Paris mentioned that Ridge wasn't there, either, but Taylor claimed she was there to see Thomas. Taylor said she had thought Douglas, who had a "half-day," would be there, too.

Thomas reported that Steffy had taken the kids to a pottery class. Taylor was stoked about all the time Thomas and their family got to spend with Douglas. Taylor expressed interest in the gown Paris wore, and Zende said he might be able to hook both ladies up with it once he was done. Zende and Paris left, and Thomas remarked that Zende was really coming along.

Taylor said she was happy for Thomas, who was getting along with his cousin and seemed happy. Thomas didn't know what there was to be sad about. Taylor didn't want Thomas to worry about Brooke, who didn't get to dictate the life of "Taylor's" grandson. Taylor added that Douglas was a Forrester, after all.

Later, Taylor was in the CEO's seat, taping a note on an open laptop. "Just when I thought it was going to be a good day," Brooke murmured, entering the office. Taylor said that Ridge wasn't there, but Brooke replied that she knew where her husband was. Taylor replied that Brooke didn't seem happy to see Taylor, but Brooke smiled, denying it was true.

Brooke brought up the family soiree Steffy had had and the fact that Douglas had been gone from his home for days. Taylor claimed that Hope still got to see Douglas, who wanted the time with his father. Brooke didn't want things to escalate between Thomas and Hope or between Taylor and Brooke. Taylor quipped that she was still cleaning paint out of her ears.

Brooke wondered whose fault it was. Brooke said she'd tried to reach Taylor but wasn't getting through. Brooke decided to be more direct. She asserted that the campaigns to take Ridge and Douglas from their homes would stop that day. "Today. Do you understand?" she asked.

At Deacon's place, Sheila was grinning at pictures of Finn on her phone. "Again?" Deacon asked. Sheila replied that she thought of Finn all the time and wouldn't let go of the hope that she'd hold him again. Deacon asked if she got that she couldn't do anything about it. To him, it was as if Sheila kept forgetting that everyone thought she was dead.

Deacon had to go to work, but Sheila was leery of being alone with her thoughts and incessant memories. Deacon told her to find a way to accept that it couldn't happen with Finn. Sheila asserted that she wanted to hold her grandson again, but Deacon insisted that it was how it was. He told her not to leave the apartment or go looking for Finn.

At the cliff house, Li visited Finn and Hayes. Li said things were a lot nicer without all the security or threat of Sheila. After Li had read to Hayes and put him down for a nap, she said it broke her heart that Hayes had almost lost his father because of Sheila.

Li stated that she'd always wanted a family for Finn, and she'd been worried that he'd been working too much to find the right woman. Finn joked that it was fitting that he'd met Steffy at work. Li said she was glad he had because he'd only had his parents until then. He replied that it had been enough for him, and it was why he hadn't wondered much about his birth mother. "Until Sheila had barreled into our lives," Li added.

Li was proud of Finn, and he said he got his strength from her. He said he didn't know many who could survive Sheila. "Barely," Li replied. A flashback played of the fight Li had had with Sheila. Over the flashback, Li narrated what had happened. Li said that she'd survived because she hadn't been able to leave him with Sheila.

Finn replied that he and Li had cheated death and prevailed over Sheila, and they didn't need to fear Sheila anymore. As they hugged, "Lina" peered at them from the patio. Li hoped Sheila was rotting in hell. Finn replied that Sheila was in the past and wouldn't be in their future. Li thanked God. Li thanked Finn for breakfast, and he walked her out of the house.

Later, Finn played with Hayes. Finn took a call and put Hayes in a playpen in the living room. Finn left the room, and Sheila opened the sliding glass door and entered the house. She crouched beside the playpen and touched Hayes.

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