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Liam confronted Thomas about Thomas' motives for keeping Douglas. Ridge expressed feelings for Taylor, and Steffy became obsessed with breaking up Brooke and Ridge. Sheila spent stolen moments with Hayes, and Ridge walked in on Brooke and Bill's embrace.
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Ridge walked in on Brooke and Bill embracing. Steffy was determined to split up Brooke and Ridge. Sheila spent time with Hayes.
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Liam vows to protect Hope and Douglas -- even from Thomas

Liam vows to protect Hope and Douglas -- even from Thomas

Monday, September 12, 2022

At the cliff house, Finn was on the phone in another room. Sheila, disguised as Lina, was in the living room, secretly cooing and talking to Hayes in his playpen. She held the boy and told him how much she hated to be apart from him. She glanced at the patio door and looked at Hayes.

Finn finished his call and went into the living room. Hayes was in his playpen, but Finn found it odd that one of Hayes's stuffed animals was on the floor a couple feet from the playpen.

Later, Zende arrived to drop off some sketches. He admitted it had been just a cover to see his cousins. Finn said Kelly was out, and Hayes was sleeping. Zende was bummed but noted how close Finn had gotten to losing it due to Sheila. Zende, who said he'd been adopted, too, figured that Finn was dealing with complex emotions regarding Sheila.

Finn agreed. He said it had been a challenging time for him, but he'd been focused on his family. Zende began to say something, but Finn assured Zende that it was okay. Finn said he appreciated Zende's ability to relate and desire to check in, but Finn was confident that Sheila was gone. Finn asserted that they'd never need to deal with her again.

Later, Zende had gone, and Finn noticed the sliding glass door in the kitchen was ajar.

At Deacon's place later, Sheila had washed her face and was grinning about Hayes when, to her annoyance, Deacon arrived to check on her during his work break. He continued to urge her to understand why she couldn't have relationships with Hayes and Finn, but Sheila insisted that the maternal pull was always there, and Finn was all she thought and dreamed about. Smiling to herself, she said, "If only things could be different. If only..."

Sitting beside Sheila, Deacon said he understood, but the stakes were astronomical. He insisted that she could never see Hayes or Finn again. Deacon said he should have his head examined for letting Sheila stay there, but he felt for her. He said he had to get to work, and he asked if she'd be okay. She looked uncertain, and he kissed her.

Deacon left, and Sheila smiled at her thoughts of Hayes. Hugging a pillow, she said she didn't care what Deacon said. She vowed to somehow be a part of Finn and Hayes's lives.

At Forrester, Brooke warned Taylor not to try to undo Brooke's marriage and Hope's guardianship of Douglas. Taylor quipped that they were unraveling on their own, but it amused Taylor that Brooke thought Taylor was doing it to her. Brooke insisted that Taylor had an agenda to uproot Douglas from the only stable home he'd had since Caroline had died. Taylor replied that Thomas wanted more of a role, but Brooke wasn't sure that he was ready for it.

Taylor said she didn't think Brooke was the judge of that, but Brooke said she'd been there and seen it. Taylor said that Thomas was Douglas' father, and Brooke countered that Hope was Douglas' legal, adoptive mother. Taylor claimed not to be questioning Hope's right as Douglas' legal guardian, but Taylor wasn't sure why Thomas had signed papers. Taylor said they hadn't been together, and Thomas had been in a bad place mentally back then.

Unable to believe what she was hearing, Brooke replied that Hope loved Douglas as if she'd given birth to him. Taylor claimed she'd never questioned that, but she said Hope could be in his life without seeking legal control through paperwork. Taylor further claimed that Hope hadn't really shared custody, and it was time for Douglas to be with his father and the rest of the Forrester family.

Brooke contended that Hope had made it clear that Douglas could spend time with his father and other family anytime he wanted. Taylor claimed it wasn't about an occasional sleepover, and a permanent arrangement was only fair because of the time he'd lost with his son.

Scoffing, Brooke said it wasn't Hope's fault. Taylor repeated that Hope and Thomas had shared custody, but Hope had kept Douglas to herself. Brooke asked what Taylor was talking about. Brooke insisted that Hope had stepped up and given the boy a stable home when his father hadn't been able to. Taylor replied that Thomas had become able, and Douglas would have the relationship he deserved to have with his father.

At Eric's house, Thomas entered from a swim and was surprised to see Liam in the house. Liam said he'd messaged Thomas. Liam was there to pick up Douglas. "It's time to take him home," Liam stated. Thomas replied that, as a Forrester, the mansion was also Douglas' home. Liam figured Thomas knew what Liam was getting at. Liam said Douglas had been there for days, and it was a lot that Thomas was asking.

Liam assured Thomas that it wasn't what was happening, but he thought a changed Thomas could at least acknowledge that being with Hope, Beth, and Liam was best for Douglas. Thomas wasn't so sure of that and said Douglas was just as happy at the mansion -- Hope had seen it herself. Liam believed that Douglas should have both, but instead, Thomas was hoarding Douglas and using it as an excuse to get Hope over there.

Thomas began to say Liam was insinuating something, but Liam asserted that he was saying it outright. He told Thomas to look in the mirror because Thomas' obsession with Hope was kicking back up again.

Thomas claimed that he was asking to have a full-time presence with his son, who wanted to spend more time with him, too. He figured Hope understood it, but he also guessed it wasn't why Liam was there. Liam decided that he'd wait for Douglas, who was out with Kelly and Steffy.

Thomas said it was fine, but Douglas had invited a friend over to have a cookout later.

Laughing, Liam replied that the "changed" Thomas was pulling the same crap over and over again. Thomas asked if Liam thought Thomas and Douglas loved each other. Liam affirmed it, and Thomas replied that he wanted to be a father to his son and deepen their bond. Thomas felt that he and Douglas were getting closer. Thomas said that, instead of encouraging it, Liam was doing the same thing he always did. Thomas asserted that if Liam tried to get between Thomas and his son, there would be "hell to pay."

Thomas figured that he and Liam had gotten to Liam's real concern. Liam asked if any of them should be concerned. Liam said Thomas was the only one who truly knew if the obsession was flaring up again. Liam was certain Thomas was using the visits to woo Hope over.

Liam pointed out that he hadn't been invited to the dinner, which meant Thomas was enjoying the fantasy of Hope and Douglas with him in a nuclear family. Liam insisted that they knew where it would go. Liam declared that he wouldn't wait around for it to happen. Liam insisted that it was his job to protect Beth, Hope, and Douglas, even from Thomas, at all costs.

Thomas attempts to convince Ridge to move to the mansion

Thomas attempts to convince Ridge to move to the mansion

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

At the cliff house, the chagrined Taylor walked in on Finn and Steffy kissing in the living room. Finn said it was okay because he had to get to work. After he'd gone to change clothes, Taylor remarked upon Finn and Steffy's happiness. Steffy said it would happen for Taylor, too.

Taylor said if it happened, it happened. Steffy insisted that the life Taylor wanted was still possible, and she urged Taylor not to give up on life with Ridge.

Finn emerged from the bedroom, telling Taylor to listen to Steffy, who'd never steered him wrong. Finn left the house, and Steffy said Taylor deserved to be "this" happy and hopeful. Taylor began to say how happy she was about things in her life, but Steffy said nothing compared to the Monaco kiss. Taylor replied that it had been just a moment of joy and relief.

Steffy refused to let Taylor deny it, and Taylor shared her belief that the kiss had hit different. It had been like the old connection had returned. Taylor said she'd never forget it. Steffy said Ridge wouldn't, either, and nothing, not even Brooke, would change Taylor and Ridge's love.

Taylor declared that she and Ridge loved each other, but having a future together was different. She said no one brought her more joy and laughter than Ridge. Grabbing her purse to leave, Steffy insisted that they'd make it happen.

Later, Taylor flashed back on the Monaco kiss.

At Forrester, Zende had Paris model a dress for Thomas and Ridge at the last minute. Noting that Ridge was distracted, Thomas figured it was because Brooke didn't like Douglas being at the mansion. Ridge said he didn't care if she liked it or not because he did. He claimed that the family was great, and business was great.

Zende and Paris left, and Thomas stated that he and Douglas loved spending time with Ridge. Thomas suggested that Ridge move back to Eric's house. Ridge admitted it would be wonderful to wake up at Eric's house and have breakfast with Thomas and Douglas. Ridge said he'd be there on weekends and for holidays and barbecues, but he was married to Brooke. "Some people frown upon husbands for not living with their wives," Ridge quipped.

Thomas stated that Ridge had lived at Eric's before Brooke's broken ankle. "Thomas, come on, man," Ridge replied. Thomas admitted that he hadn't realized what he'd been missing when he hadn't been with Douglas every day, and he was creating memories with Douglas daily. Thomas wanted Ridge to be a part of it, but Ridge said moving in wasn't practical.

Thomas replied that some things in life weren't practical. He said Douglas loved walking through Stephanie's garden and learning about it. Thomas was sure Ridge had some nuggets to give Douglas about the family history and property that no one else knew. Thomas said it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have four generations of Forrester men beneath one roof.

Thomas brought up a tree fort he'd heard that Thorne and Ridge had built. Ridge took credit for building it but said their sisters had taken it from them. Thomas wanted Douglas to hear those stories. Ridge reasoned that he didn't have to live there to tell the stories, and he doubted Brooke would be on board with it. Thomas claimed he was thinking of Douglas, Eric, Ridge, and Thomas, who had a wonderful camaraderie as a family.

Thomas said it had been like when Ridge had been at Steffy's. Ridge replied that it hadn't been a vacation, as Thomas made it sound. Thomas replied that he was saying Taylor had cultivated a joyful home for Ridge. Thomas believed that Taylor brought people in and made them feel heard and comforted around her. He claimed it was her superpower. Thomas asked what Ridge went home to -- if it was a place of joy and fun or anxiety and drama.

Later, Ridge was alone. He flashed back to times with Brooke. Sighing, his mind was drawn to times with Taylor. Steffy interrupted his thoughts with her arrival, and he asked how things were. Steffy said that everything was wonderful and would be even better if her father woke up and realized that his true love was her mother.

Steffy said that to her, it was as if Ridge had forgotten about how happy he'd been with Taylor. Ridge said he hadn't forgotten. Steffy asked why he wasn't doing anything about it. She said she didn't want him to miss the opportunity of their family coming back together. Ridge said it felt as if she was saying he stood in the way of it. Steffy said it wasn't Ridge; it was Brooke.

Ridge asserted that Brooke was his wife. Steffy also claimed that Brooke had cheated on Ridge with Eric and Ridge's brother "and like a dozen other men." Ridge said he and Brooke accepted each other for who they were and what they'd done. By Steffy's logic, Brooke had still disrespected him and had been careless with his heart. Ridge asked Steffy to stop going after the woman he loved; he didn't like hearing it.

Steffy backed off but said Ridge loved Taylor, and Taylor loved him with integrity and loyalty. Steffy said that Ridge had thought he'd lost Taylor, and Steffy knew how that felt. She claimed Brooke had used that vulnerability, and Steffy thought Ridge felt the same way about Taylor as Steffy did about Finn. Steffy said life was precious, and when love returned, one had to grab it. Steffy urged Ridge to end the cycle with Brooke and be with Steffy's mother.

At Brooke's house, Brooke asked why Douglas wasn't home yet, and Hope said he was enjoying time with his father, which was good for them. Brooke asked if Hope really believed that or if she was trying to avoid a confrontation. Hope remarked that a custody battle would benefit no one. Brooke didn't want Hope to worry about how it would affect Brooke's marriage.

Hope insisted that she didn't want the situation to cause conflict for anyone. Brooke asked if that meant Douglas would be with Thomas indefinitely. Hope was adamant about keeping down tensions between the families, especially because of how Taylor felt about Ridge.

Brooke agreed that Taylor had an agenda and said she and Hope had to be on guard. Brooke refused to let the Monaco kiss bother her. Brooke asserted that she wasn't insecure or na´ve. She was very well aware that Taylor was in love with Brooke's husband. Refusing to let Taylor get to her, Brooke said she and Ridge could handle anything.

Hope advised her mom to be cautious, but Brooke said she didn't want to overreact. Hope said she didn't think it was an overreaction because Taylor really was trying to get Ridge to choose sides. Brooke replied that Taylor and Steffy were accusing Brooke of that. Hope said she didn't think saving one's marriage qualified as that. Hope said Steffy and Taylor always made it Forresters against Logans, but they were really just out to get Ridge.

Hope puts Steffy on notice about Brooke's marriage

Hope puts Steffy on notice about Brooke's marriage

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

At Forrester, Steffy continued to try to convince Ridge to go after happiness with her mother. Steffy insisted that she couldn't stay quiet about the potential her parents had. She suggested that Ridge move into Eric's house or do whatever it took to have a future with Taylor.

"I'm married to Brooke -- because I want to be," Ridge asserted. Steffy contended that he didn't have to be; instead, he could be with her mother. Ridge understood that she wanted her parents together. Steffy said the choice was up to him to be with the cheater Brooke, or Taylor, who'd "never cheat on you." Steffy said she'd stop trying if he didn't love Taylor.

Ridge stated that he loved Taylor and always would. Steffy said she loved hearing the truth from his mouth. He replied that he'd never denied it. "Of course, I love her. I have a family with her. I have a history with her. She does th -- " Ridge replied. Cutting him off, Steffy urged him to claim the life he'd always wanted because he wasn't getting any younger. She told him to go to Taylor, say he loved her, and return to her.

At the cliff house, Taylor was working when Thomas arrived with a milkshake for her. They discussed how great it was for him to have "concentrated" time with Douglas. Thomas felt lucky that Hope was allowing the time. Taylor twitched her mouth, saying it wasn't Hope's place to "allow" it. Agreeing, Thomas said things were in a good place. He didn't want them to be contentious. He was certain that he and Hope would work things out.

Thomas changed the topic to another set of parents -- his. Taylor said Steffy had just been on that topic earlier. Thomas replied that he and Steffy rarely agreed, but Ridge and Taylor did belong together. Taylor replied that it was too bad that Ridge was married to Brooke. "Technically," Thomas replied. Taylor said her kids wanted her to "technically" steal Brooke's husband, which wasn't why Taylor had returned to town.

Thomas claimed that he and Steffy wouldn't ask that because Taylor wasn't that kind of person, but Brooke was. Thomas said that in a perfect world, he'd put Ridge and Taylor together. Taylor replied that Ridge had a say in it, but Thomas believed that, deep down, Ridge wanted it. "So, just get together. Do it," Thomas said.

Thomas claimed that he and Steffy were grown and didn't need their parents together. He said they just could see what their parents were missing -- love, happiness, and mutual respect. Thomas waxed on about how well his parents fit together, but Brooke had an issue for Ridge to solve weekly. Thomas didn't think it was healthy for Ridge, who came to life around Taylor.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Taylor was alone when Ridge arrived. He said he'd wanted to check to see if she'd been cornered by their kids about their relationship, too. He figured the Monaco kiss had raised their kids' hopes. Taylor replied that they'd been caught up in the moment, but Ridge replied that it had been more than that. She asked what he was saying.

Ridge replied that their kids were intuitive. Taylor stated that the kids could see right through her and knew how much she loved Ridge. "Well, I love you, too, Doc," he said, touching her arm. She asked him to repeat it. He did so, tapping her arm again. She replied that it felt good to hear it. She asked if he'd come there to say he loved her and was ready to start a future with her.

At the cabin, Hope and Liam kissed, and he noted that it was getting awkwardly quiet without Douglas there. Liam stated that he and Brooke were usually on the same page about that kind of stuff, and Hope decided she'd tell him exactly what she'd told her mother: Hope wanted Douglas home, but she didn't want to push Thomas and start a custody battle.

Liam didn't think Hope should be ruled by the fear of pushing it with Thomas or let fear prevent Douglas from living with them. Hope replied that she'd seen how happy Douglas was with his father. Liam said he was worried that Thomas was getting into Hope's head again. Hope understood that Liam was concerned, but she felt Thomas' issues were in the past.

Liam said he wasn't so sure about that, and when he'd left from his talk with Thomas, he'd had the same sinking feeling as before. Hope still couldn't believe Liam had gone over there. Liam replied that he'd tried to be helpful, and he'd thought he could get Douglas home; however, it hadn't worked. Hope asked what had given Liam a bad feeling.

Liam said that Thomas had suddenly demanded more time and taken advantage by never bringing the boy home. Liam said it put Hope in a position of having to go to Eric's house to see the child. Liam, who was never invited there, wondered what that told her; to Liam, it was classic Thomas. Hope said she saw Liam's point of view but asked him to trust her because she needed to keep the peace. She felt that they should, however, be concerned that Steffy and Taylor were trying to break up Ridge and Brooke's marriage.

Liam shared that Brooke felt the same way. Hope said she'd thought Brooke had just been overly cautious, but Hope had started to believe Steffy and Taylor wanted Ridge with Taylor. Liam asked if Steffy and Taylor were getting anywhere with it. Hope didn't think one should underestimate Brooke and Ridge; however, she said Taylor had kissed him in Monaco, and then there were all the Forrester gatherings. Liam guessed it felt like old times.

Hope said Liam should have seen Ridge and Taylor together. "She was practically in his lap," Hope described. Liam felt that it had to be uncomfortable for Hope. Hope agreed that it had been uncomfortable to watch another woman pursue her mother's husband in front of her; however, she hadn't told her mother about it. Getting an idea, Hope said, "But it needs to stop." She grabbed her purse and left for a chat with Steffy.

Back at Forrester, Thomas arrived while Steffy was working. Each was stoked about the conversations they'd had with their parents. As they talked about how great their parents were together, Steffy said Ridge had admitted that he loved Taylor. They began bad-mouthing Brooke for allegedly cheating on Ridge with his father and brother.

Hope arrived. Slamming the door, she said it was enough bashing of her mother, and Steffy had a lot of nerve, judging Brooke. Steffy claimed she was allowed to have an opinion of her father's marriage. Hope replied that no amount of bashing Brooke or pitting families against each other would change Brooke and Ridge's relationship. Hope refused to sit by and allow Taylor and Steffy to undermine Brooke and Ridge's marriage.

Ridge walks in on Bill and Brooke embracing

Ridge walks in on Bill and Brooke embracing

Thursday, September 15, 2022

At Forrester, Steffy claimed she was merely speaking the truth, but Hope said it was Steffy's version of it. Steffy asked Thomas if she was lying. Thomas thought the two were both being harsh. He suggested they all apologize and go out for coffee. Steffy refused to apologize for saying what everyone knew about Brooke. Steffy invoked Stephanie's name, and Hope warned Steffy not to call Brooke what Stephanie had.

Steffy claimed that no matter how devoted Ridge was, Brooke always fell for another man. Steffy also refused to apologize for wanting her father to be happy and at peace. Thomas said Ridge had that with Taylor. Thomas didn't think it meant Ridge didn't love Brooke, because Ridge obviously did, according to Thomas, but Thomas felt that Ridge was better with Taylor.

Steffy believed that, finally, Ridge had realized that, and she believed that he'd decided to go back to Taylor. Hope stated that Brooke's scandals were in the past, but Steffy said Brooke kept doing things like clockwork. Hope quipped that Steffy's attacks on Brooke were like clockwork. Hope felt that Brooke and Ridge's marriage would be fine if it weren't for Taylor and Steffy's interference, and Hope questioned Thomas', as well.

Hope mentioned that Brooke thought Thomas was going after Douglas to drive a wedge between Ridge and Brooke. Thomas said he just wanted to be the best father to his child. Steffy stated that Brooke had made it all about herself, and Ridge had put up with Brooke's selfishness for too long. Steffy bet Ridge was telling Taylor how he felt at that moment.

Later, Thomas had gone to a meeting. Hope and Steffy claimed they didn't want to argue. Hope wanted the kids to have a sense of solidarity. Steffy thought co-parenting wasn't a problem; the problem was talking about their parents. Hope offered to let their parents decide their own lives, but Steffy insisted upon speaking up and looking out for her father.

Hope didn't think Brooke would betray Ridge, the love of Brooke's life. Steffy believed her mother was the love of Ridge's life. Hope didn't think her and Steffy's beliefs mattered. Hope said that what mattered in her view was that Ridge and Brooke were married, and the marriage should be respected. Steffy quipped that Brooke should have respected Taylor's marriage, and Brooke would never be committed or devoted to any man -- including Ridge.

At the cliff house, Taylor said she was sure that Ridge loved her, but she asked whether he was ready to leave Brooke and put his family with Taylor back together. He said that he might have come over to talk about feelings and the future. She claimed that the feelings were strong because the "L" word was used. Refusing to hide his feelings, he said they were a huge part of his life. "I love you, and I'll always love you, Doc," he bashfully stated.

Taylor thought "always" was a long time. Ridge said he'd extend it if he could, but she decided to settle for it. She said it felt good to hear it, but he asked why she was surprised. She asked why he was telling her and if it was a hint. "I don't know any of that," he replied. He said it was difficult. He had a life, and Taylor was there. The time they had as a family was important to him.

Ridge felt that she was an intelligent person who brought him calm and was his calm. Taylor joked that she was melatonin or lavender. He replied that she was sometimes funny. Taylor gleaned that he was in a difficult situation because he loved two women.

Ridge asked why Taylor did that. He said he'd moved in with Brooke because he loved Brooke; he and Brooke had gone through stuff, but they were fine. Taylor said that, for some reason, he kept going back. "Not some reason. She's my wife," he asserted. Taylor asked if Brooke should be his wife. Taylor questioned whether he was happy and said it was hard to see him unhappy.

Taylor believed Brooke would hurt Ridge with Bill or Deacon or some random guy. "And what she's doing to Thomas, trying to play gatekeeper to his own son," Taylor said. Taylor knew that Ridge wasn't okay with the way Brooke was handling it, and Taylor insisted Brooke would betray Ridge and let him down. Taylor said it was just who Brooke was and always would be.

Taylor asked if that was the life Ridge wanted. She said she'd support him if it was, but it would be hard to watch because he didn't have consistent happiness or calm. Taylor believed he knew that he wouldn't if he stayed with Brooke. Ridge hugged Taylor and left the house.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was working from home when Bill arrived. He asked if Grumpy was there and murmured that he wasn't in the mood for Ridge that day. Brooke said Ridge wasn't there, but she wondered what was going on. Bill replied that he'd had to see her. Brooke asked why he was upset, and he revealed that it was about Katie.

Bill and Brooke sat down, and Brooke was glad he wasn't there to say something was wrong with Katie. Bill replied that he wouldn't say nothing was wrong. He joked that something had to be wrong because Katie was refusing his advances. "Every time I broach the topic, she either gives me a vague answer or changes the subject," Brooke replied.

Bill said he'd once thought Katie would give them a chance again. Brooke wanted that for them. Bill replied that it was why Bill was there. He wanted Brooke's insight because she could understand what he was going through and knew him better than anyone. Brooke said she understood Bill and knew what it was like for him to be without Katie and Will. Brooke was glad he'd come to her to talk about it.

Bill replied that he was working on his emotions and trying to be more open, but it was awkward to talk to his sons about it. He didn't think his sons knew him the way Brooke did. He added that hr didn't think anyone could, not even Katie. Brooke asked why it was. At first, he said he didn't know, but then he decided he did know; it was because he worried about what Katie thought and her judgment of him. He said Katie had a tendency to point out his faults, but he didn't worry about that with Brooke, because Brooke liked him as he was.

Bill recalled that his and Brooke's marriage had been about lifting each other up. He asked if she ever wondered. She asked what. He stated that many marriages went bad and got stale, but he didn't think it would have happened with himself and Brooke. He believed that they'd been happy, and they would have stayed that way.

Brooke wasn't sure about that. She said she'd like to believe they could have stayed happy; however, there had been many complications. Bill said they should have moved to Aspen, where they'd had many memories. Brooke wouldn't forget them, but she said she was married to Ridge. Bill knew that she was married. He said he wasn't making a pitch for her, but he didn't see anything wrong with reminiscing. She agreed, saying it had been a special time.

Bill agreed and complimented Brooke's beautiful smile. He said the memories were all flooding back. Brooke stated that someone else wouldn't feel the same way, and that someone would be home soon. Bill rose to leave and thanked Brooke for listening.

As the front door opened, Brooke and Bill hugged. Ridge entered and upon seeing the hug, thought of Taylor telling him that Brooke would always let him down.

Steffy obsesses about ending Brooke and Ridge's marriage

Steffy obsesses about ending Brooke and Ridge's marriage

Friday, September 16, 2022

At the sky lounge, Thomas and Carter worked out. Thomas was glad to get out of the office and mentioned that he wanted to pick Carter's brain about some legal stuff. "What did you do?" Carter asked. Thomas said that he hadn't done anything, and it was about custody of Douglas.

Carter hoped Thomas didn't want to go to court because court should be a last resort, in Carter's opinion. Carter recalled that Thomas and Hope had shared custody of Douglas and asked if it had been mutually agreed upon. Thomas said, "Sort of," and claimed that Douglas spent 95 percent of his time with Hope and Liam. Thomas wanted that to change, but the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt Hope.

Thomas acknowledged that he'd made mistakes, and he'd needed to make a change for himself, his family, and his son. He said he was ready for more responsibility with his son, and he felt that he and Hope had to find a way to work it out -- especially since they weren't living together. Carter asked if Thomas had accepted that Hope was married.

Thomas stated that Hope was a beautiful woman, and Thomas would always love her; however, it was about Hope as an amazing mother. Thomas didn't want to alienate her. Carter sensed there was more at play, and Thomas revealed that Hope thought Ridge should be with her mother, but Steffy and Thomas thought Ridge should be with theirs. To Carter, it sounded like the making of another epic Forrester-Logan struggle.

As Thomas and Carter's meeting concluded, Carter remarked that Ridge seemed like he was struggling. Thomas replied that Ridge was always in the middle. Carter didn't think it was bad to be between two women, but Thomas insisted that Ridge could pick one.

Carter advised Thomas to keep things amicable and focus on what was best for Douglas. Thomas said it had always been tough to keep things amicable between the Forresters and Logans, but it would get worse if Ridge went back to Taylor, as Thomas was hoping.

At Forrester, the debate between Steffy and Hope about their parents continued. Steffy claimed that they knew how it would play out, and it was only a matter of time before Brooke let Ridge down. "Aren't I right, Mom?" Steffy said as Taylor waltzed into the office.

Taylor guessed she'd walked into it, but Steffy said Taylor had too much class to sling mud. Claiming to know Brooke's reputation, Steffy said she didn't want Ridge to see Brooke falling into the arms of another man again.

Hope assumed Taylor was there looking for Ridge, Brooke's husband whom Taylor had been spending a lot of time with. Steffy snapped that they'd been bonding and celebrating Finn's life. Hope believed it was more than that. She said she'd seen the stolen moments between Taylor and Ridge. Owning up to the conflicting moments, Taylor said she could see why Hope was upset.

Taylor seemed to turn to leave, but Steffy insisted that Taylor stay put. In Steffy's opinion, Ridge had moved to Brooke's house only to help her with her foot, and Ridge was realizing that Taylor, not Brooke, was the love of his life.

Later, Hope had gone, but Taylor said she understood Hope's point of view. Steffy claimed that Hope was defending the defenseless, but Taylor replied that Hope felt that way about Steffy. Steffy claimed she was standing up for what was right. Taylor stated that her father would change when they were ready. Steffy insisted that Taylor was a saint compared to Brooke, and all Taylor was doing was expressing her feelings. Steffy said to never forget that Ridge loved Taylor.

Taylor asked that Steffy focus on her husband and kids and let Taylor and Ridge figure things out for themselves. Steffy, who'd thought she'd lost her soul mate, said she didn't want Ridge and Taylor to wake up one day and think that they could have made different choices. Taylor stated that Ridge was married to someone else, but Steffy said Brooke was toxic.

Steffy asked Taylor what advice she'd give herself. As Thomas arrived, Steffy said she knew that Taylor wanted to unite with Ridge. She told Taylor not to worry about Brooke or Hope. Thomas said his zebra-themed sister was spot on, and Steffy urged Taylor to focus on Ridge. Taylor stated that she was lucky to be loved by Thomas and Steffy.

Later, Taylor was gone, and Steffy was anxious to end it between Ridge and Brooke. Steffy told Thomas that they needed to make it happen.

At Brooke's house, Ridge slammed the front door, and Brooke and Bill stopped hugging. Startled, Brooke said it wasn't what it looked like. Bill explained that it had been friends hugging farewell. The snappy Ridge asked why Bill was there in the first place. Bill said he'd sought advice about Katie. "Bill's worried about Katie. What are you doing?" Ridge asked Brooke.

Bill interceded, saying Brooke had had no idea he'd be there; he'd just shown up. Ridge said Bill needed to stop doing that, and they needed to set some boundaries. Brooke asked Bill for time alone with Ridge. Glad to give it, Bill said it was all embarrassingly awkward. Ridge advised Bill to give somebody a heads-up next time, or even better, not to visit.

Brooke sighed and wished Bill luck with Katie. Bill said he'd need it. To Ridge, Bill stated that Brooke was an incredible woman. "Don't be a fool and blow it," Bill said and exited. Ridge said Bill had a lot of nerve. Brooke began apologizing, but Ridge claimed he wasn't the jealous type and knew that nothing had happened. Brooke was glad to hear it, but she joked that she wouldn't mind if he was a tad bit jealous.

Ridge said that he might be. He stated that they'd talked about it, and he didn't like walking in and seeing guys like Deacon or Bill. Ridge got that it wasn't her fault that Bill had shown up. Agreeing, Brooke said she'd been concerned because Bill had been distraught about Katie. Brooke hadn't wanted to send Bill away.

Ridge loved Brooke's compassion. "But Spencer?" he asked. Brooke said she got that Ridge didn't want Bill or Deacon there, but they weren't there. Ridge replied that the men were like cockroaches and never went away. Brooke assured him that it was okay. What mattered to her was that she and Ridge were back under the same roof, and she said she thanked God every day that he was back in her life. Ridge's expression softened, and he and Brooke kissed.

Brooke decided not to point any fingers, but she knew that forces were trying to separate her and Ridge. She figured he could feel it, too; however, they'd overcome many challenges through the years. She said not every relationship was perfect, but they had a strong foundation that they wouldn't let anyone destroy.

"Not Thomas, not Steffy, not Hope with Douglas' custody. Not Taylor who has obvious feelings for you," Brooke said. Smiling, she told Ridge that she loved him, and her heart still skipped a beat each time she saw him, just as it had when she'd first seen him. "You and all of this is my destiny," she uttered, and they kissed.

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