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Deacon was summoned to a mysterious meeting. Steffy sabotaged Brooke's romantic plans. Taylor claimed Ridge loved two women. Hope refused to put up with the constant bashing of her mother. Ridge apologized to Steffy and Taylor for the past. Thomas gestured a knife at Brooke.
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Steffy prevented Brooke and Ridge from spending a romantic evening together. Ridge apologized for past failures. Taylor told Brooke that Ridge loved two women.
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Steffy summons Ridge and Thomas to a family gathering

Steffy summons Ridge and Thomas to a family gathering

Monday, September 19, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke ended a call with Andre. Hope entered, suspecting that Brooke was planning something. Brooke said she and Ridge thrived when they shut out the world and reconnected. That night, Brooke intended to remind him of what made them so good together.

Hope said that Brooke and Ridge were pretty incredible, even with the challenges they'd faced. Brooke replied that they were facing more challenges, which kept them from focusing on each other. Brooke wanted to make that night about the two of them. Hope thought it was a good idea due to all the pressure on Ridge from Steffy and Thomas.

Hope informed Brooke that Hope had defended her mother against Thomas and Steffy. Brooke was honored to hear it. Hope said Steffy and Thomas were certain Ridge would go back to Taylor, and their disrespectful actions had reignited that "stupid" family feud. Hope didn't want it for Douglas and Beth, and Hope had thought Steffy didn't want it for her kids; however, there they were, and the fragile peace between the families would end -- if it hadn't already.

Brooke asserted that if Ridge wanted to be with Taylor, he would be. Brooke said she wasn't holding him against his will. Brooke felt that he knew what was in his own mind and wouldn't let his kids dictate his life. Hope hoped Brooke was right but said that the three of them went at Ridge nonstop. Brooke thought it was terrible what they were doing to Ridge by putting him in the middle. Brooke wished Taylor would go away and find another guy.

Hope said that Ridge was "it" for Taylor, and "if she can't have him -- " Brooke interrupted, asserting that Taylor could not have him because he was Brooke's husband. Hope wished Steffy and Thomas could get it in their heads that Brooke wasn't to blame for their parents not being together. "Maybe I am to blame...not that I did anything underhanded or manipulative to try to keep Ridge from Taylor. It's just that I loved him, and he loved me right back. Just like he will tonight," Brooke concluded.

Brooke heard her phone and assumed it would be a message from Ridge. Instead, it was a reminder about her annual physical, which she'd missed. Hope guessed Brooke had missed it because Brooke had a lot going on. Brooke said it was why it was important that she and Ridge spend time together.

Hope suggested Brooke call Ridge, but Brooke said she'd wait until he reached out and maybe call him later if he didn't. Brooke thanked Hope for being an amazing daughter. They said they loved each other "always and forever," and the two hugged.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn were psyched that they'd played hooky from work to play with "our" kids on the beach. Steffy thought that they should extend the family fun to her parents. "You dog," Finn replied, grinning. As Steffy gushed about her parents, Taylor entered, noting that Steffy was recruiting Finn in the campaign to reunite her parents.

Steffy questioned whether she had to do that. Finn said that there was no need because she was always right, and it was what made marriage blissful. Steffy insisted that her parents belonged together, and it could happen that night. Before Taylor could find out what Steffy was up to, Taylor received a call from a patient.

At Forrester, Paris modeled an orange gown, designed by Zende, and Thomas decided he needed to step his game up. Ridge said it was he who had to step his game up. Thomas replied that there was an easy answer to that, and Ridge rolled his eyes. Ridge asked if they could stop doing "this." Ridge preferred to get back to Zende's design.

Zende said he'd take Ridge's critiques under advisement, and as he left with Paris, Thomas thanked her for filling in for Vanessa. Once alone with Ridge, Thomas asked Ridge to hear Thomas out about all the reasons Ridge should be with Taylor.

Ridge complained that it seemed that they kept having the same conversation again and again, and he didn't know why his kids thought it was necessary to champion their mother to him. Ridge said he respected Taylor and loved her more than anyone. Thomas stated that Ridge said that, but he'd also gone to live with Brooke because he'd taken pity on her ankle.

"I went to live with Brooke because she is my wife," Ridge asserted. Thomas replied that there had been a time Ridge had lived with Taylor, but Ridge corrected that he'd never done that. He'd stayed in Steffy's guesthouse. Thomas remarked that his parents might not have spent every night in the same bedroom. "We didn't spend any night in the same bedroom! Where are you getting this from?" Ridge asked.

Thomas insisted that Ridge had lived with Taylor for a time, and it had been a special time, as always, but then he'd gone to Eric's house and wound up back at Brooke's. Ridge yelled that he was at Brooke's house because Brooke was his wife, and he was her husband. He said Brooke was the woman he loved. "Yes, you love her, but you don't love her the same way you love mom," Thomas corrected. Confused, Ridge murmured, "What?" Ridge sighed.

Later, Thomas received a cryptic call from Steffy, who requested that he and Ridge meet at her house. Thomas told Ridge, and they left without knowing what Steffy wanted.

Back at Steffy's house, Steffy set out Champagne. Taylor returned to the room from her phone call, still wondering what was going on around there. Thomas and Ridge arrived, and Ridge said Thomas had been driving like a maniac. "Steffy said it was urgent," Thomas claimed.

Ridge asked what was going on. Seeing the Champagne, he asked why he should even ask.

Steffy said she and Finn had had a fun day with the kids and wanted to continue their family day -- for Ridge and their mom.

Later, Thomas, Finn, Steffy, Taylor, and Ridge had Champagne and debated about whose footsteps Hayes would follow. The topic turned to their wonderful family, started by Taylor and Ridge. Ridge groaned knowingly, but Steffy said she and Thomas couldn't help it. She noted the special way Taylor and Ridge looked at each other, and Thomas agreed, saying how incredible Taylor was. Thomas felt that the family needed Ridge and Taylor together, leading it forward. Steffy insisted that Ridge and Taylor couldn't deny it, and she ordered them to start their lives together. She stated that all they had to say was that they loved each other and wanted to be together.

Steffy foils Brooke's attempt to reach Ridge

Steffy foils Brooke's attempt to reach Ridge

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

At Deacon's place, Sheila was restless, but she smiled, thinking of Hayes in her arms. Deacon arrived with a serious look on his face. He gazed up from a text message that said it was important to meet at the Beverly Palm Hotel in Room 754. Leery of the look Sheila had on her face, he asked what thoughts she had racing in that head of hers.

Sheila wondered why Deacon assumed the worst about her. He asked when he'd been wrong, and she revealed that she'd been thinking of her grandson. He warned her to stay away from Finn and Hayes. Sheila said she didn't need a savior. Deacon was relieved to hear that because he knew he couldn't save himself. He warned her that the Forresters would never stop chasing her if they knew she was alive.

Sheila pulled at Deacon's belt, suggesting that they wash away his doom and gloom with a shower. He kissed her but refused to let her distract him. Sheila became pensive. He drew her to him, and he urged her to tell him what was going on.

Sheila replied that, according to Deacon, there was nothing to talk about regarding her feelings for Finn. Deacon admitted that it would tear him up to be unable to see Hope, and he'd listen to Sheila or give her a bus ticket out of town if she needed it; however, she had to accept that she'd never have a relationship with Finn and Hayes. "Never say never to me," she replied.

Sheila didn't like Deacon limiting her. She asserted that reunions happened, and families forgave. He insisted she needed to stay dead. She saw herself not as dead, but rather, stuck in limbo with him. "There's the door, honey," he replied. She said she wasn't being ungrateful.

Checking the time, Deacon said he had to meet someone. Sheila asked who, and he admitted that he really didn't know. He warned her to stay put, and he left the loft.

At Brooke's house, Brooke had received a dinner delivery from Andre and was sure she'd soon have everything ready for a romantic evening. Liam arrived, wondering who was having the romantic dinner. Hope indicated that it was Brooke and Ridge, and Liam thought that was good because he'd been a little worried when Bill had told him that Ridge had caught Bill and Brooke together. Hope was surprised to hear that Ridge had caught Brooke with Bill.

Brooke shared that Bill had stopped by to talk about Katie. Hope asked if it had been a big deal to Ridge, and Brooke replied that Ridge hadn't been very happy about Bill being there. Liam indicated that Bill had said Ridge hadn't freaked out. Brooke said it had been innocent, but Hope suspected that it might be a problem with Ridge. Brooke was sure it wouldn't be but added that Ridge had made it clear how he felt about Deacon or Bill being in the house.

Hope said she'd been wrong to think Ridge would relax a bit once he'd moved home. Brooke didn't think Ridge was being unreasonable, but Hope noted that Ridge hated Bill and Deacon and didn't want to deal with either of them. Brooke said she respected Ridge's feelings. Hope pointed out that it had led Brooke to plan an impromptu romantic evening, and that made Hope suspect that Brooke was worried.

Brooke reiterated that she didn't think there was a problem. She said that she and Ridge just needed to reconnect. She stated that Ridge was with his other family because of the excitement about Finn; however, that evening would be about her and Ridge reconnecting.

In the cabin later, Hope thanked Liam for his concern about Brooke. Liam said he'd been concerned because he'd thought Bill had been downplaying things, but he decided that if Brooke wasn't worried, Liam wouldn't be, either. To Hope, it seemed like everything was pulling Ridge and Brooke apart, and she wished the night would bring them together.

At the cliff house, Thomas and Steffy insisted that it was all right in front of Taylor and Ridge, and all they had to do was say they wanted to be together. Taylor asked if they were watching an infomercial, and Ridge suggested they change the channel. Thomas and Steffy likened their feelings about seeing their parents together to the way their parents thought about seeing them and their kids. Finn said he saw it, too, and Ridge replied that he was out of there.

Ridge went to sit at the dining room table. Taylor said she knew that Ridge loved her and that everyone could see it. Taylor stated that it was just how they were, and she knew what Ridge needed. She claimed that they had their own unspoken language. Taylor handed Ridge his Champagne, stating that no one could take it away.

Ridge asked Taylor to sit and behold what she'd created. Looking at Thomas and Steffy, Taylor said she and Ridge had done it together. Taylor wished she hadn't been gone for so long. Ridge claimed that distance meant nothing, and Taylor had still kept it going for them.

Steffy started in again about the reunion. Frustrated, Ridge said he was happy, and Taylor made him happy; however, it was complicated. Steffy replied that his love for Taylor didn't erase his feelings for Brooke. Thomas and Steffy disparaged Brooke. Taylor said Ridge knew how they all felt about his wife, so Thomas and Steffy needed to stop. Taylor said that it wasn't fair, and she told them to stop wishing for the end of Ridge's marriage.

Later, Ridge and Taylor were conversing in the kitchen, and Finn, Thomas, and Steffy admired the pair, insistent that they wanted to be together. Finn was sure Steffy could make them see it. Finn went to check on the kids, and Thomas told Steffy that he'd really thought Ridge could come around that night. Steffy said Ridge was honoring a commitment Brooke had thrown away awhile back, and Brooke had stood in their parents' way long enough.

Back at Brooke's, Brooke wore a sexy dress. She lit candles and picked up her phone. At the cliff house, Steffy saw Ridge's phone vibrating. She took it in the foyer to answer a call from Brooke. Brooke asked why Steffy was answering Ridge's phone. Steffy said Ridge was busy at her house with her, Thomas, and Taylor. Brooke wanted to talk to Ridge, but Steffy said she wouldn't disturb him. Brooke asserted that she was his wife.

"Not for long," Steffy snapped, claiming that Ridge and Taylor were hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Steffy felt everyone could tell how much Ridge loved Taylor. Brooke refused to debate with Steffy. Brooke just wanted her husband to go home as soon as possible. Steffy insisted that Ridge was home, and she clicked off the line.

Thomas asked what would happen if Brooke drove over there. Steffy said she didn't care. She said Ridge needed to focus on Taylor. Thomas didn't know how they could make it any clearer to Ridge, but Steffy was adamant that they keep trying. She said they had to get Brooke out of the way once and for all.

Hope and Brooke confront Steffy and Taylor

Hope and Brooke confront Steffy and Taylor

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Hope stepped into the living room of Brooke's house as Brooke was leaving Ridge a voicemail. She overheard Brooke mention that Ridge had left the house before Brooke had woken up. After Brooke hung up the phone, Hope asked why Brooke and Ridge hadn't been together the night before. "Steffy happened," Brooke replied.

Brooke explained that she had planned a romantic evening with Ridge, but Steffy had interfered by making sure that Ridge had not returned home until "very, very late." Brooke relayed the details of her phone call with Steffy, a call in which Steffy had mused that Ridge would not be Brooke's husband for much longer. Hope was furious that Steffy had decided that she could decide when Brooke could talk to Ridge. "Taylor and Steffy have gone too far," Hope snapped.

Brooke decided that it was time for her to have a conversation with Taylor. Hope nodded, sharing that she needed to talk to Steffy about Steffy's "blatant campaign" against Brooke and Ridge's marriage.

At the cliff house, Zende and Thomas presented Steffy with a collaborative design that they had come up with for the Hope for the Future line. Steffy loved the design and claimed that Zende and Thomas working together was another sign that the entire Forrester family needed to unite... or reunite. As she was saying that, Taylor walked in and said that she hoped Steffy had not been trying to "enlist Zende" in her effort to get Ridge and Taylor back together.

Zende assured Taylor that Steffy had asking him to do no such thing, but he admitted a willingness to help the cause if he could. Taylor pleaded with Steffy to stop interfering. Zende decided it was a good time to leave, so he said that he would talk to everyone later. "Just focus on your own lives and your own family," Taylor implored her children. Steffy and Thomas explained that they would always be concerned about their parents.

At Il Giardino, Bill, Wyatt, and Liam sat together at one of the dining tables. While he admitted he enjoyed Bill's company, Liam wanted to know "why the hell" they'd gathered for lunch. Bill insisted nothing was wrong, and he just wanted to have "a simple lunch" with his boys. "Now give me a kiss," Bill sassed as he leaned in with puckered lips.

Since Bill just wanted to "catch up," Liam asked Bill about the embrace with Brooke that Ridge had walked in on. Bill said it was a "gross exaggeration" that he and Brooke had been in each other's arms. Bill didn't understand why a little hug had "triggered... Poser the Clown." Liam claimed to have seen a different side of Ridge since Ridge had returned to Brooke's home, a side that differed from Bill's assessment of a no-fun, overbearing person. Liam explained that outside forces -- namely Steffy and Thomas -- were working to split up Ridge and Brooke.

Liam told Bill and Wyatt about all of the recent Forrester family gatherings. Liam expressed his uneasiness about how he was not involved to the gatherings, but Hope was. He said that he worried that Thomas was trying to manipulate Hope.

Later, Thomas said that he had to head into work for a bit because he planned to take Douglas to the skate park later in the day. Taylor said that she was happy to see Thomas and Douglas spending so much time together. As Thomas left, Brooke showed up at the front door and announced, "Your daughter's out of control, and I expect you to put a stop to Steffy."

Taylor asked why Brooke was "coming after Steffy." Brooke assured Taylor it was the other way around. "[Steffy] is blatantly trying to interfere in my marriage," Brooke replied. Taylor countered that "every kid" wanted their parents to be together. Brooke was notably frustrated as she pointed out that Steffy was no longer a kid -- she was a grown woman with kids of her own. Though she doubted Brooke would believe her, Taylor shared that she had just told Steffy to focus on her own family.

Brooke said that she had planned a romantic evening the night before, but Ridge hadn't returned home in time. Taylor suggested that Brooke try to coordinate things with Ridge earlier. She was shocked to learn that Brooke had called Ridge's phone, only to have Steffy answer it. "She is playing the gatekeeper," Brooke grumbled as she explained that Steffy was trying to do whatever she could to get Ridge and Taylor back together.

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Paris and Steffy looked over some of Zende's designs for Hope for the Future. Hope asked to speak to Steffy alone, and Paris politely left. Once they were alone, Steffy said it had been "inappropriate" for Hope to chase Paris out of the office. Hope thought Steffy's word choice was interesting, and she noted that it was the perfect word to describe Steffy's attempts to "sabotage" Brooke and Ridge's marriage.

Steffy stated that Hope was "overreacting." Steffy looked at some fabric samples to avoid having to look at Hope. Hope asked what had happened to Steffy's desire to have the Forresters and Logans live in peace. Steffy snapped that she was thinking about "a future that was stolen" from Ridge and Taylor. Steffy said she wanted her father to "just be" and to live a life without pain and drama with a woman who loved him unconditionally. Steffy vowed to pick up the battle that Stephanie had waged years earlier. "It's time for my father to come back to his real family. The Forresters," Steffy snarled.

Taylor asserts that Ridge is in love with two women

Taylor asserts that Ridge is in love with two women

Thursday, September 22, 2022

At the cliff house, Brooke asserted that Steffy had crossed the line and was being immature and disrespectful. Brooke believed that Steffy was getting between Brooke and Ridge; however, Brooke declared that she wouldn't allow it. Taylor claimed it was the first she'd heard of it. "And it's coming from you, so if there is truth to it, I'll talk to Steffy," Taylor offered.

Brooke insisted that Taylor knew her children wanted to break up Ridge and Brooke to give Taylor a chance with Ridge. Brooke refused to tolerate it, and she ordered Taylor to stop Steffy from interfering that very day. Taylor snapped that she'd ground Steffy when she got home from school. Taylor asserted that Steffy was a grown woman.

Brooke advised Taylor to remind Steffy of that because Steffy was acting like a child. Brooke felt that Steffy should be focused on her own family, not Brooke's marriage to Ridge. Taylor replied that Steffy was just looking out for her dad. Brooke quipped that she was supposedly a monster for her past mistakes, but Steffy, on the other hand, was a sweet little angel.

Taylor claimed that Brooke had made the same mistakes over and over. Brooke replied that Ridge had chosen her; they were married, and they didn't call each other "destiny" because it sounded cute. She said they did so because nothing or no one would ever get between them.

Taylor said she didn't think Brooke made Ridge happy. Claiming not to be the homewrecker Brooke thought she was, Taylor said she was just following Ridge's lead. Brooke asked what had happened, then, to the reunion Taylor had thought would happen after she'd kissed Ridge in Monaco. Taylor replied that she'd kissed him "back," and it had been a moment.

"With my husband," Brooke replied. Brooke understood how Ridge could get caught up in the moment and emotions of Finn being alive, but she believed that Taylor had known exactly what she'd been doing. Brooke said that Taylor acted all sweet and caring, but Taylor was really manipulative. Brooke said Taylor could spin it, but "the fact is, you laid your lips on my husband.

Taylor said she was sorry, and the kiss hadn't been planned. Taylor claimed she hadn't intended to make a move on Ridge in Monaco. She claimed that she didn't want to hurt Brooke, and seeing Brooke in pain didn't do anything for her. Taylor asserted that she loved Ridge -- and always would -- for everything that he was.

Taylor stated that Ridge understood her better than anyone, and Brooke probably felt the same way. Affirming it, Brooke replied that he was her husband. Taylor claimed that Brooke's husband was in love with both of them. Shaking her head, Brooke asked what Taylor was getting at. Taylor claimed Ridge was torn between them, and Taylor knew that Brooke felt it.

Taylor stated that when Ridge was around, neither of them had him completely. She claimed that Ridge was trying to decide if he wanted to stay with Brooke or move on with Taylor.

At Forrester, Paris found Hope in the CEO's office and wondered what was going on between her and Steffy. Hope didn't want to put Paris in the middle, but Paris said she could handle it. Paris wondered if it was that bad. Nodding, Hope replied that it could get worse. Hope noted that it was something that had been going on since before she and Steffy had been born.

Thomas entered, and Hope asked to talk to him alone. Paris left, and Thomas asked if everything was okay. Hope replied that it depended upon whether he'd known that Steffy had prevented Brooke from talking to Ridge. Thomas admitted that Steffy might have gone too far.

"Come on," Hope said. Thomas replied that Brooke had hurt Ridge, but Hope reasoned that Brooke and Ridge had each hurt the other. Hope added that Brooke had done her best to make up for her mistakes, and Hope figured that Thomas, of all people, would understand that.

Thomas claimed it wasn't the same. Hope asked how it wasn't. She stated that he'd worked hard to prove that he'd changed. Thomas said Brooke would never see that because she was trying to protect Hope from him, just the way Thomas and Steffy were trying to protect Ridge from Brooke. "We're?" Hope asked, and Thomas admitted that he'd been standing right there when Steffy had prevented Brooke from talking to Ridge.

Thomas said that for him, it was important that Hope could trust him to tell the truth, even if it disappointed her. Hope asked what had happened. Thomas said that Steffy had seen Ridge's phone lighting up, and she'd answered it. Thomas called it an aggressive move, and Hope added that it had also been manipulative. Hope said it would be fine if Ridge decided not to be with Brooke anymore; however, it should be Ridge's decision, not born of outside interference.

Thomas got why Hope was upset. Hope murmured that he'd just let Steffy do it. He asked if Hope had ever tried to stop Steffy from doing something. Hope questioned whether Thomas had wanted to. Thomas reasoned that if one missed call could blow the relationship, then it wasn't that great of a relationship. Hope assumed that meant he didn't think it was wrong.

Thomas called it complicated, but Hope said Steffy's actions had been low. Thomas and Hope admitted they didn't want to argue with each other, but he figured their family made it hard. He didn't know which were worse, their moms or dads. Hope called it a tie. "'Two families, both alike in dignity,'" Thomas quoted. "'From ancient grudge, break to new mutiny,'" Hope continued.

Thomas said that if Romeo and Juliet could figure it out, then so could Thomas and Hope. Hope said they'd died at the end, and Thomas called it a terrible example. He acknowledged that the family issues had taken their toll on Hope, who'd done much to mend the bridge and let Douglas spend time with the Forresters. Thomas claimed Steffy understood Hope's feelings, and he asked what Hope thought it did to his family every time Ridge went to be with Brooke.

At Il Giardino, Bill schmoozed J.J. to help him with a release party. After J.J. had gone, Bill spotted Li entering the restaurant. They greeted each other and discovered that they were both alone. Bill invited her to join him, but from the looks of his table, it seemed to her as if he'd eaten. Grinning, Bill said he suddenly felt hungry again.

Over drinks, Bill praised Li for what she'd done for Finn. Li said it wasn't right that she'd kept it from Steffy, but it had felt right at the time. Bill told Li to stop beating herself up about it because the mission had been accomplished. He reasoned that regrets and mistakes didn't outweigh who a person was or what they were capable of doing.

Bill declared that it was good to see Li smiling and happy; it contrasted with the woman he'd found in the alley. He said that even in the condition she'd been in then, he'd seen fire and passion in her eyes. He admitted it might have been what had drawn him to her. Li thanked him for reaching out to her. Bill asked her to stop thanking him, but she refused, saying that he was a good man.

Bill declared that a stretch and said he'd made many mistakes. Li repeated what he'd said earlier about mistakes, but he told her she couldn't throw his words back at him. Li insisted that they were good words. He stated that he enjoyed getting to know that version of her and said it was a blessing to have such a strong, beautiful, and accomplished woman in his presence.

Ridge gets emotional, and Brooke and Thomas spar

Ridge gets emotional, and Brooke and Thomas spar

Friday, September 23, 2022

At the cliff house, Taylor walked in on Finn and Steffy kissing again, and she said it made her very happy to see them together. Steffy began talking about how much happier Taylor would be if Ridge was there. Taylor frowned, and Steffy guessed it was too early for "parent-trapping."

Taylor replied that Brooke had been by and had been very heated about what Steffy had done. Taylor asked Steffy not to do anything "shady" like that again. Scoffing, Steffy claimed she'd saved Ridge. Taylor insisted that it would happen if it was meant to be.

Ridge arrived with stuffed bears for the kids, but they were out with Amelia. Steffy invited him to wait around and have another family dinner. Ridge said he had to check with Brooke, but he quipped that his phone didn't work at Steffy's house. Steffy guessed Brooke had told him.

Steffy hoped Ridge wasn't mad. Ridge said Steffy could be his secretary, but otherwise, she should let him do it himself. He asked what he'd been doing when Brooke had called. Steffy claimed that Ridge and Finn had been in a dad competition.

As Finn, Steffy, Ridge, and Taylor joked about it, Steffy admired the looks between her parents. She said it was what she and Thomas wanted, the Forresters winning. Steffy said Thomas had Douglas, Finn was back, and Ridge and Taylor were getting closer. Steffy claimed they could feel that way every single day. She urged Ridge to go back to Taylor.

Ridge said he knew what a difference it would make for Steffy. She asked if he knew what a difference it would make for him and Taylor. Ridge said that he'd made selfish choices in the past. He wished Thomas was there to hear what he had to say. Ridge admitted that he'd made bad choices all of his life, and it had affected his children when they'd been younger.

Ridge found Finn to be amazing because "you come home." Ridge said Finn's kids would grow up knowing what a family looked like. Ridge said he knew that Finn would take care of his family and "not be sidetracked by some -- " Stammering, Ridge said Finn was the father and husband Ridge should have been. Steffy said Ridge had done what he'd been able to do, but he replied that Steffy and Taylor had deserved better. "I'm sorry," he stated and hugged her.

Later, Ridge and Taylor were alone, and he said he'd meant what he'd said earlier. He admitted that he could have been a better dad and husband. She said it did no good to hold on to guilt and shame from the past. He said that when Taylor had "come back all those years ago," that had been their time to be together as a family, the five of them; however, he'd turned his back on Taylor and their family.

Taylor replied that time healed most wounds. She said their breakup had left an imprint on the kids, who she claimed had been "so young" that they hadn't had the emotional capacity to process what had happened. Taylor believed that Thomas had been the one to get lost, and it had affected him the most. Ridge blamed himself.

Taylor said the past was just a trail that they left behind, and it told them where they'd been, not where they were going. She said they could decide where they wanted to be and how they wanted to be loved right then.

At the mansion, Brooke arrived as Thomas was brandishing a pocketknife to cut apples. Douglas hopped up from his seat and greeted her. She wondered if Thomas could do that a little more safely, but he snapped that he'd been cutting apples that way his entire life. She said she'd stopped by because she hadn't seen her grandson in a long time. Douglas invited her to go bowling that weekend, but Thomas claimed she was too busy.

Thomas sent Douglas to find Donna, who'd said she'd watch Douglas while Thomas went to work. Brooke said she wanted to talk about Douglas going home, but Thomas stated that the boy was home. She noted that Douglas hadn't been at his other home in a long time -- where he felt safe. "And Hope certainly doesn't play with knives," Brooke added.

Thomas told Brooke to let it go, but she refused to do so as long as he wanted Douglas there. Thomas offered to use a peeler the next time. He tried to get her to leave, but she said she'd known that he'd been present when Steffy had intercepted the phone call the other day. Brooke put Thomas on notice that there would be no more attacks on her marriage by him, Taylor, or Steffy. "None of you can sabotage my relationship with Ridge!" she said.

Thomas thought there was no reason to overreact to a phone call, and he asked what emergency had caused her to interrupt his family. Brooke didn't think that she needed an emergency to talk to her husband. Thomas assumed it had been about a red teddy and giggling, which Ridge was probably bored with at that point.

Brooke asserted that Steffy shouldn't have intercepted the phone call. Not wanting to argue with Thomas, Brooke said she just wanted respect for her marriage and for Douglas to go home to his routine. Thomas replied that Douglas had a routine there. Brooke called Douglas' stay an extended sleepover and insisted that he needed to go home. "Says who?" Thomas asked. He said it was between Hope and him, and he ordered Brooke to stay out of their lives.

Brooke refused to sit back while Thomas used Douglas to create problems with Ridge and her. Thomas gave Brooke the "news flash" that it wasn't about her. She asked if he really thought he was the influence that Douglas needed and if Thomas believed he hadn't had issues in the past. Thomas claimed that she should look in the mirror for who to blame for his issues.

Brooke was shocked that Thomas blamed all the terrible things he'd done on her. Thomas claimed she'd been a bad influence on a child and had hurt his mother and grandmother as an oversexed gold digger bulldozing her way through his family. He asserted that he'd heard the things she'd said behind his back, and he asked if she knew how that affected a child.

Brooke asked if her stepping in as Thomas' stepmother when his mom had been "gone" was supposed to give him reason for all the bad mistakes and decisions he'd made his entire life. She didn't think so. Thomas wasn't surprised that Brooke wouldn't take responsibility, but it didn't matter to him because he and Steffy were moving past it. The Forresters were rising up, in Thomas' opinion, and Ridge and Taylor's time had come.

Brooke reminded Thomas that even if she and Ridge weren't together, she still had Forrester children. Picking up the pocketknife, Thomas said Brooke had ruined her kids' lives, too, and it was interesting that all of Brooke's kids had left Los Angeles to get away from her. It had only been Hope who'd stayed and justified Brooke. Thomas said he was sorry for Hope, who'd had to spend her childhood with Brooke.

Brooke asked how Hope had turned out to be a good person and someone he'd trust with his child. Pointing the knife at her, Thomas couldn't help but wonder what he might have been if he'd grown up without Brooke as a mother. She asked if her influence had made him a person who'd lie about a baby being dead or think that kidnapping was courtship.

"I'm not even going to mention the mannequin," Brooke decided. She said it was no wonder she worried about Douglas being there. Talking with his hands as he held the knife, Thomas said she could worry all she wanted. Thomas said he didn't care, and he believed his father wouldn't, either. He said his parents were meant to be, and the kiss in Monaco had been meant to happen. He believed that Brooke's grip and influence on his family would end. "Mark my words, Brooke, they will end," Thomas said, pointing the knife at her.

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The Forrester family comes together in Eric's time of need
Until we meet again: Darin Brooks out as B&B's Wyatt Spencer
B&B casts Luna, a fashion student with a secret
WATCH: Rena Sofer's big return as GH's Lois
Martha Madison exits Days of our Lives
Brandon Barash, wife Isabella welcome a baby boy
The leading ladies who lunch:
Glory days: Ellen Travolta returns to General
Meet GH's new Danny and Georgie Spinelli
The leading ladies who lunch:
Y&R TWO SCOOPS: The ties that bind
Y&R's Camryn Grimes makes a holly, jolly return as Mrs. Claus
J. Eddie Peck returns to Y&R, and he's ready for the ride ahead
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
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