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Someone called Child Protective Services on Thomas. In a recording of the call, the complainant identified herself as Brooke Logan. When asked by Ridge, Brooke denied making the call. Steffy invited Taylor to join her in Aspen to look at a house Bill was selling.
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Someone called Child Protective Services on Thomas. A voice recording revealed the caller was Brooke. Steffy and Taylor prepared to head to Aspen and stay at a house Bill was selling.
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Tensions over Thomas' knife escalate

Tensions over Thomas' knife escalate

Monday, September 26, 2022

At Deacon's place, Deacon paced. Annoyed, Sheila rasped that she was trying to watch her stories. She switched off her program and asked him what was wrong. He said he didn't know how much longer their living situation could continue. He told her that one false move could wind them back in prison, and she hadn't given up on her crazy dream.

Sheila asserted that she was a mother and grandmother, and Deacon wouldn't take that from her. He decided that they'd talk about it that night because he had to go to work. Angry, she told him to go to work, see people, and spend time with his daughter while she stared at the same four walls. Deacon tried to talk to her, but she went into the bedroom and shut the door.

"How the hell did this become like a real marriage?" Deacon asked. He retrieved an envelope from his pocket and gazed worriedly at it.

At Forrester, Eric greeted Nikki Newman, who was in town to find the perfect Forrester Original for her granddaughter's vows-renewal ceremony. Steffy said she was sorry Ridge wasn't there to meet with Nikki. Looking at pictures behind Steffy, Nikki couldn't believe Ridge was a grandfather.

Having heard about the shootings, Nikki said she hoped Steffy's family was okay. Steffy replied that they were -- despite what Sheila had put them through. Nikki recalled that Sheila had wreaked havoc in Genoa City. Eric and Steffy expressed relief that Sheila was dead.

Later, Nikki admired the dress Eric presented her for Summer. Nikki was sure Summer would love it. Steffy wondered if Nikki was hanging around the city or on her way home. Nikki replied that she'd head back home, but she had one more stop to make.

At Il Giardino later, Nikki arrived, ordering Deacon to make it short and sweet. She was there for the information he had on Diane. At the entrance, "Lina" gazed at Nikki and Deacon. When Nikki strode out of the restaurant, she scowled at Lina, who was glaring at her.

Back at Forrester, Hope and Steffy were alone, chatting about how nice it had been to see Nikki. The topic turned to Steffy's brazen act with Ridge's cell phone. Steffy said she had thought they'd moved on from that. Hope replied that they hadn't really, and it was dividing the family. Steffy claimed not to notice. Hope stated that she was trying to avoid a custody battle, while Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor were trying to lure Ridge away from Brooke.

Steffy said the clock was ticking down to when Brooke would do something Ridge couldn't forgive. Steffy said she had tried not to interfere when Taylor had been gone; however, Taylor was there, and she and Ridge were reconnecting. Steffy asserted that she was rooting for her parents, and she'd do whatever it took to make it happen.

At the cliff house, Ridge was with Taylor. She said she'd never forget Monaco, but it was confusing to her. She said she felt that she knew how she and Ridge felt about each other, and she wouldn't force it. She figured they'd be together if they were meant to be. "Is that right?" he asked. She advised him to open his eyes to what he was fighting for with Brooke and to ask himself if he wanted it for the rest of his life.

At Eric's house, Brooke told Thomas that his words sounded like threats. Pointing a pocketknife, Thomas vowed that she wouldn't interfere with his father's life or family again.

Later, Thomas was alone when Taylor arrived. He was frustrated about the visit from Brooke. Taylor asked what Brooke had wanted, and he said it had been to call him crazy -- again.

Later, Taylor and Thomas discussed Brooke confronting him about Steffy keeping Ridge's phone from Ridge. Taylor hadn't known that Thomas had been in on it and said it was just giving Brooke reasons to attack him. Thomas said Brooke had told him what a terrible father he was. He guessed that the knife had set Brooke off.

Thomas explained that he'd been peeling and eating apples the way Taylor did it. She giggled knowingly. He said it had triggered Brooke, who'd treated him like he was a danger to his son. Taylor wondered who didn't use a knife to peel apples, and she quipped that he wasn't trying to play catch with it. Taylor claimed that Brooke had created a fake fight, like she always did.

Thomas agreed, saying Brooke liked to paint him in the worst light possible. He said he'd worked hard to change, but he'd told Brooke that if he was messed up, it was her fault for hurting Taylor and Ridge. Thomas claimed he'd protect his family from Brooke at all costs.

Later, Taylor was between appointments at work when Steffy arrived. Taylor said that Steffy wouldn't believe what Brooke was saying about Thomas.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke kissed. They admitted they hadn't expected to see each other that afternoon due to meetings. Brooke said she'd pushed back her appointment so that she could visit Thomas. Ridge asked why she did stuff like that, and she replied that she was worried about Douglas being in Thomas' care and about Thomas not bringing Douglas home.

Ridge contended that Thomas and Hope shared custody, and it was time for Thomas to spend time with his son. He asked Brooke what that look was. Brooke revealed that Thomas had had a knife around Douglas. It had scared her, and Thomas frightened her.

Later, Ridge rolled his eyes about the knife thing, but Brooke said Thomas wouldn't take Douglas home to Hope. Brooke insisted upon protecting Douglas at all costs and said she'd call Child Protective Services if she had to. Ridge told her to hang on a second. He stated that it was his son, and no one would call anyone. Instead, they'd handle it like a family. Ridge offered to retrieve it that night and get rid of it if that was Brooke's concern.

Ridge reminded Brooke that he'd intervene if he sensed a problem because Douglas was his flesh and blood. Brooke wanted to believe Ridge. He said she could believe him. He stated that the kid was happy and safe, and he hugged the uncertain Brooke.

Back at Forrester, Thomas and Ridge worked together in the CEO's office. Thomas had a lot on his mind, and Ridge assumed it was the stuff with Brooke. Thomas didn't think Brooke would ever believe he'd changed. Thomas brought up the knife and apple. Ridge revealed that he knew about the knife and that Brooke had said she'd call child services if she had to.

In the design office, Hope and Brooke were together, and Hope was asking Brooke what was really going on. The animated Brooke explained that she'd gone to see Thomas, and she believed that Thomas was dangerous. Brooke revealed that Thomas had had a very sharp knife. She said Douglas shouldn't be in Thomas' care, and she was worried about the boy.

Ridge and Thomas receive surprise visitors

Ridge and Thomas receive surprise visitors

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

In Taylor's office, Steffy and Taylor discussed Brooke's accusations against Thomas. Taylor thought it was low of Brooke to go after Taylor's kids. Steffy said Brooke thrived on conflict and had always had issues with Steffy and Thomas. Steffy asserted that what Brooke needed to worry about was Hope's inability to compromise.

For Taylor, it wasn't okay that Brooke only saw her own made-up version of Thomas and made him doubt himself as a father. Steffy asserted that it was because it benefited Hope, but condemning Thomas would cost Brooke her relationship with Ridge. Taylor said that Brooke would never love anything of Taylor's. "Except your husband," Steffy quipped.

Saying it was a good point, Taylor added that Brooke resented Taylor's kids for being a part of her. Steffy claimed to be Ridge's first family and proof of Ridge and Taylor's connection. Steffy said Brooke held it against them even if she didn't realize it.

Taylor and Steffy discussed how good Thomas was and how devoted he was to Douglas. Steffy said Thomas wasn't even dating. Steffy and Taylor believed that Brooke was digging her own grave. Taylor said that she wanted what Steffy wanted in terms of their family, but it couldn't be because of Brooke's toxic drama. It had to be because Ridge really wanted to be with them.

Steffy said she knew it but asked Taylor to have faith. Steffy claimed Ridge had been more caring, thoughtful, and present over the last months. Steffy said she saw Ridge's eyes opening; he wanted to hang around them more and to be with Taylor.

In the design office, Hope was alarmed by what Brooke was saying about Thomas. Hope didn't want to think the worst of him, but she also needed to know if Douglas was at risk. Liam arrived just as Hope was asking if Brooke had seen Thomas with a knife around Douglas.

Brooke explained that it had been a good-sized, sharp knife, and Thomas had been cutting an apple. Liam didn't think that was creepy, but Brooke insisted that it had been too close to Douglas. Brooke had her doubts about how healthy and well-adjusted Thomas was.

Brooke said Liam and Hope should have seen how Thomas had glared at her while holding the knife. Liam asked if Thomas had ignored her wishes to put it away and had then taunted her with it. Brooke didn't know what Thomas' intentions had been, but it had been unsettling for her. Hope was glad Douglas hadn't been aware of it. "That we know of," Liam added.

Brooke said the bigger problem was that Thomas wasn't sending Douglas home, but Hope said Douglas had asked to spend more time with his father. Brooke reasoned that the boy was an impressionable child, and Thomas wasn't a healthy father figure. Brooke stated that Thomas hadn't fooled her, and she'd do everything she could to keep Douglas safe.

Later, Hope and Liam returned to the design office after getting coffee. Hope noticed that Brooke had left her purse, which meant Brooke would be back. Hope asked how Liam felt about what Brooke had said. Liam replied that, even without hearing Brooke, it was still time for Douglas to be home. Liam said Beth was weirded out and confused, but Hope stated that she didn't want to force Douglas if he wasn't ready.

Liam reasoned that any kid would feel that being at Eric's house was awesome. Liam said he didn't doubt that the child was having a great time, but home was still home. "And home is with us," Liam added. Hope said she wanted nothing more than to tuck her son in at night, but she didn't want to impede the progress Douglas was making with Thomas.

Liam stated that Douglas could go over there whenever he wanted with the appropriate supervision, but "Thomas was carrying a knife around?" The knowledge didn't sit well with Hope or Liam. Liam felt it was time to make it clear to Thomas that Douglas needed to return to his normal life, which was with them. "Are we still on the same page with that?" Liam asked.

Liam was against a custody battle, but with someone like Thomas, Liam felt that he and Hope had to be vigilant. Liam didn't think they should take Thomas' word for it that he was suddenly a well-adjusted person. According to Liam, issues like Thomas' took years of therapy to unravel, and for all they knew, Thomas was pulling a number on them all.

Hope was concerned about the knife but said Liam couldn't deny that Thomas had improved. "You said that before. And I don't want to do it again," Liam said. He felt they couldn't ignore what Brooke had witnessed, and it was time for Douglas to return to his routine.

Brooke arrived and said Liam was right, and the only way they could ensure Douglas' safety was if he was with Hope. Brooke pledged to do everything within her power to see that Douglas was where he belonged.

In the CEO's office, Thomas told Ridge that Thomas had merely been cutting up an apple. Ridge replied that Brooke had felt that the blade had been too close to the kid, and Brooke didn't trust Thomas yet. Thomas said it was especially so if she wanted to call child services.

Ridge wasn't sure he should have told Thomas about that. Sure that no one would report anyone, he stated that Thomas was an amazing father. Thomas thanked Ridge but wished that Brooke would stay out of their lives for good. Thomas concluded that Brooke had no respect for him as a father. Ridge was sorry about that. Ridge believed Thomas had changed and said everyone could see it but Brooke.

Charlie entered momentarily to let Ridge know that Brooke was across the hall in the design office. Thomas was upset that Brooke was giving Ridge grief. Ridge said he just wanted peace for his family. Thomas decided that after he finished up some work, he'd go home to make sure that it was the safest place for Douglas. Ridge stated that he believed in Thomas.

Thomas didn't know why Brooke had to blow things out of proportion. Deciding to stop talking about it and to let it go, Thomas suggested Ridge head to the house because Douglas was waiting to spend time with his grandfather. Thomas was sure Ridge would then see what a safe place it was. Ridge felt he didn't need to see that. He said he depended upon the smile he always saw on Douglas' face.

At Eric's house later, Ridge and Douglas played chess. Douglas told Ridge to stop letting Douglas win, but Ridge claimed not to be doing that. Ridge stated that Douglas was good at chess, and his drawings were amazing. Douglas guessed it ran in the family.

As Ridge and Douglas played chess, they talked about having a tournament. Ridge changed the subject to how happy Douglas was there. Douglas said he liked it there.

Someone knocked on the door, and when Ridge answered it, he was surprised to see two caseworkers from Child Protective Services. Right then, Thomas arrived, and the caseworkers said they were there to investigate a case regarding Douglas.

Ridge tries to figure out who called CPS

Ridge tries to figure out who called CPS

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

At Forrester Creations, Paris presented Steffy with a pamphlet of "investor outreach" documents for her to review. Zende offered to give the two women privacy to talk. A seemingly distracted Steffy told Paris and Zende that she'd text them later. Finn walked into the executive suite a few seconds later and also noticed that Steffy seemed tense.

Steffy eventually explained that Brooke was "on a rampage" but declined to go into details about "family drama" in front of Paris and Zende. Zende reminded Steffy that he was family, and Paris explained that she knew most of what was going on because she worked with Thomas. Steffy claimed that Brooke was attacking Thomas' role as a father.

Charlie poked his head into the office to tell Zende that he was needed in the cutting room. Paris commented that she had a call she needed to make and followed Zende out of the executive suite. Charlie asked if Steffy had happened to see Brooke. Steffy said that she had not and didn't want to hear Brooke's name. Charlie mused that the office would be a "Brooke-free zone" until further notice. As he pulled Steffy close, Finn suggested that the office should be off-limits to anyone until further notice. Charlie got the hint and made a hasty exit.

Steffy grumbled about what she perceived to be Brooke's constant "toxic" interference in the Forresters' lives. Finn understood how stressful it could be to feel like one's family was under attack. He promised to always be by Steffy's side.

At Brooke's house, Brooke told Liam and Hope that she needed to talk to them about something, something that they could not talk about at the office. Hope insisted she did not want to do anything that could "escalate" the situation. Liam countered that it might be time to escalate things if Brooke's suspicions about Thomas were true. "I just hate to think of Douglas trapped over there with Thomas," Brooke remarked.

Hope insisted that she would intervene if she even suspected that Douglas was in danger at the Forrester mansion. Brooke worried that Douglas seeing Thomas using a knife and wanting to "emulate" his dad could prove dangerous. Hope admitted that she was concerned about Thomas' "cavalier" attitude regarding the knife, but Hope stopped short of calling Thomas unfit.

"I hate feeling this way about Thomas. He's Ridge's son," Brooke said. Brooke reminded Liam and Hope that Thomas had done some "crazy things" in the past. Hope countered that Thomas hadn't shown "any of those tendencies" of late and deserved the benefit of the doubt. Liam noted that he and Brooke couldn't be sure of that because Thomas kept Douglas holed up at the Forrester mansion.

Hope noted that Douglas wanted to spend time with Thomas. Liam suggested that Douglas wasn't old enough to make that kind of decision. Hope disagreed, saying that Douglas was "mature enough to know if there is something wrong." Brooke felt that was "a lot of responsibility to put on a little boy." Hope seemed bothered as Brooke and Liam discounted her claims that she kept close tabs on Douglas while he was staying with Thomas. Still, Brooke repeated that she had "grave concerns" about Douglas being in Thomas' care.

The female Child Protective Services officer asked if Douglas Forrester resided in the house. Ridge angrily asked why the officers needed to know that. Thomas asked if someone had filed a complaint. "My son is perfectly safe and happy here," Thomas stated. The CPS agents explained that they just wanted to speak to Douglas briefly to "ascertain his well-being."

Thomas and Ridge stepped aside and allowed the officers into the house. The female officer, who identified herself as Elizabeth, told Douglas that a lot of people cared about him and just wanted to make sure that he was all right. The second agent, who Elizabeth referred to as "Michaia," asked if Douglas liked living at the mansion with Thomas and Eric. Douglas was emphatic about how much he liked living with his father and great-grandfather.

The officers asked some follow-up questions about Douglas' homework and interest in chess. Thomas told Douglas to head upstairs for a bit while he and Ridge talked to the CPS officers. Thomas asked if it had really been necessary to question Douglas. Michaia shared that CPS had received a call about "an incident with a knife." Thomas denied that there was any such incident and agreed to show his pocketknife to the officers. Thomas went as far as to tell the officers to keep the knife because it disgusted him that someone thought Douglas was being endangered.

Michaia stated that he knew that a visit from CPS could be upsetting, but the officer insisted that the welfare of children had to be put first. Thomas agreed. The officers thanked Thomas for understanding and departed. After they left, Ridge told Thomas that they needed to make sure that the visit didn't end up on Thomas' "permanent record." Ridge growled that whoever had called CPS had "made a big mistake."

Ridge paced back and forth and questioned if he should get Carter involved. Ridge suddenly recalled his conversation with Brooke in which Brooke had stated that she would call Child Protective Services on Thomas if it was warranted. Ridge reached for his phone and called Brooke. When Brooke answered, he told Brooke that two CPS officers had dropped by the Forrester mansion to see if Douglas was okay. Brooke asked Ridge what had happened and if Douglas was okay. Through gritted teeth, Ridge replied that everyone was okay because Douglas was living in a "loving, beautiful house."

After a momentary pause, Ridge said that he needed to ask Brooke a question that he really didn't want to have to ask her. "Did you do this?" Ridge asked. "Did you call Child Services on my son?"

Ridge learns who called CPS on Thomas

Ridge learns who called CPS on Thomas

Thursday, September 29, 2022

At the mansion, Ridge was on the phone with Brooke, upset. He asked her to be honest with him and tell him whether she'd called Child Protective Services on his son. Ridge said he didn't think Brooke would do anything like that. Behind Ridge, Thomas murmured that Brooke had done it, but on the phone, Brooke told Ridge that it hadn't been her.

Thomas smirked when Ridge repeated Brooke. Brooke told Ridge that she understood why he'd asked, and the important thing was that Douglas was safe. Ridge replied that Douglas had always been safe, and it wasn't fair to Thomas. Ridge stated that he'd call Brooke later.

After the call, Ridge informed Thomas that Brooke hadn't done it. Thomas asked if Ridge really believed that. Ridge yelled at Thomas to stop. Ridge said it was his wife, and if she said she hadn't done it, then she hadn't done it. Ridge preferred that they focus on who'd done it to them and whomever was trying to tear apart their family. He insisted that it hadn't been Brooke.

Thomas reasoned that he might be able to find out who'd done it. He stated that Walter, a former employee, had left the business to work for Child Protective Services. Suspecting that the organization's calls were recorded, Thomas wondered if Walter could tell them who'd made the call.

Later, Thomas thanked Ridge for calling Walter. When Walter arrived, Ridge stated that they'd wanted to see Walter to find out who'd called Child Protective Services on Thomas. Ridge stated that Douglas was safe, but Ridge suspected that someone was trying to hurt his son.

Walter was leery about playing a CPS recording and breaking confidentiality agreements. Thomas insisted that it would be a personal favor to them, and no one would know. Despite his reservations, Walter used his work phone to look up Douglas' case.

Walter played the call, and Ridge and Thomas heard Brooke's voice reporting a child in danger at Eric's address. The caller said Thomas Forrester had a knife, and Douglas was in danger.

At Brooke's house. Liam entered, apologizing for having to step out for work. He looked confused, thinking that Hope had still been there. He asked if Hope had gone to the cabin. Sighing, Brooke said she didn't know. Liam noted that Brooke didn't seem okay. Brooke said that she had a lot to process, and Liam assumed that it was with Ridge and the whole Thomas knife thing. Liam wished they could yank Douglas out of the mansion. "Me, too," Brooke replied.

Brooke revealed that it was about Thomas, and she asked who changed "that much that fast." She didn't think Ridge understood the danger for Douglas. Liam replied that Hope didn't, either, and he thought Ridge and Hope's need to believe in Thomas was clouding their judgment. Liam couldn't believe Douglas had been away from home for so long.

Brooke said that Ridge was upset, and she could understand why it had been directed at her. She revealed that Child Protective Services had been called about Douglas. Liam was surprised to hear it and asked who'd call CPS on Thomas.

At the cliff house, Steffy arrived home and found Taylor in a pensive mood. Taylor said she had grown tired of the back-and-forth with Ridge and Brooke and felt that history was repeating itself. "I did not come back to L.A. for this," she asserted. Steffy asked why Taylor was saying that.

Taylor replied that she'd been hit with common sense that week. She said she felt as if she was in a karmic cycle, perpetually waiting for Ridge to realize that Brooke didn't make him happy. Steffy believed that Ridge was at the end of the cycle, but Taylor said that she wasn't a consolation prize.

Steffy claimed she'd respect it if Taylor wanted to give up, as long as it wasn't because of Brooke. Steffy insisted that her parents were wonderful together, but Taylor stated that Ridge was married to Brooke. Taylor was ready to get off the merry-go-round, but Steffy asked if any other man had ever made Taylor feel the way Ridge did.

Taylor replied that no one had, but that hadn't always been a good thing. Steffy didn't care what Brooke had to say about destiny; Steffy believed that Taylor was Ridge's true love. Taylor and Steffy recalled the story of the treasure hunt when Ridge had proposed marriage to Taylor.

For Taylor, it had been like a fairy tale, but there hadn't been any happily ever after. She said Ridge had told her that she'd been the only woman in his life, but as it had turned out, she was the "other woman." Taylor said, "I've been in love with your father for over 30 years… So much has happened. I know I am on the wrong side of history on this one. Brooke is married to your father. I am not the homewrecker here. That is her karma. It is not mine."

Later, Bill called Steffy to inform her that he was putting his Aspen property up for sale. He'd called to give her the first chance to buy it. He offered to let Steffy use his jet to fly out to take a look at it and said he'd have Othello set it up. Steffy said she'd get back to Bill.

After the call, Taylor asked who'd been on the phone. Not wanting to discuss that, Steffy turned the topic back to Ridge. Taylor replied that everyone knew how the story ended -- lots of drama, tears for days, and Ridge would end up with Brooke.

Steffy tried to reassure Taylor and asked why Taylor would give up at that point. Taylor was tired of fighting with Ridge over Brooke, but Steffy asked if Taylor disbelieved that Ridge was in love with her. Taylor said she knew that Ridge was, but he was married to Brooke and trying to make a decision. Taylor refused to do to Brooke what Brooke had done to her; however, Taylor added that she had to get away. She promised it would just be temporary.

Steffy decided that she and Taylor should travel to check out Bill's Aspen compound. Taylor asked about Steffy's work, husband, and kids, but Steffy said to let her deal with that. Steffy declared that it was her turn to be there for Taylor.

Thomas urges Ridge to end his marriage to Brooke

Thomas urges Ridge to end his marriage to Brooke

Friday, September 30, 2022

Walter reiterated that he could lose his job -- or worse -- if anyone found out that he had played the Child Protective Services recording to Thomas and Ridge. Thomas quickly assured Walter that they would keep his secret, but Ridge wasn't as forthcoming. After some prodding from Thomas, Ridge begrudgingly growled that he'd keep the secret. Thomas said that he could not believe that Brooke had called CPS, pointing out that the voice in the call was Brooke's and that Brooke had even given her name.

Thomas walked Walter to the door and thanked him for his help. When Thomas returned, Ridge said aloud that it made no sense for Brooke to have called CPS. Thomas pointed out that Brooke had said she would call CPS if she deemed it necessary. Ridge angrily replied that it hadn't been necessary and that Thomas was safe at the mansion. Ridge then questioned why Brooke would lie to him about making the call. Thomas reminded Ridge that they had both heard Brooke's voice on the recording.

At Brooke's house, Liam wondered how Hope would react to learning that someone had called CPS on Thomas. He told Brooke that he was less than thrilled by the amount of time that Hope had been spending at the Forrester mansion with Thomas and Douglas. Liam admitted that both he and Brooke had "issues" with Thomas, but Liam found it surprising that someone would have called CPS on Thomas.

Brooke shared that Ridge had told her that CPS had found nothing troubling during their visit. Liam admitted that he almost wished that the officers had found something because it might have made Thomas give up on his desire to seek primary custody of Douglas.

Liam wondered if part of the reason Thomas wanted custody of Douglas was because it made it easier for Thomas to spend time with Hope. Brooke blamed Taylor for Thomas' sudden desire to want primary custody. "It's not about Douglas at all," Brooke said, clarifying, "All [Taylor's] doing is trying to drive a wedge between Ridge and me."

Liam surmised that Thomas and Ridge had to be very upset. Still, he wanted to know who had made the call to CPS. "I'm sure whoever did call did it out of love and concern," Brooke said. Liam commented that it was strange that they would probably never know who had made the call.

At the cliff house, Steffy asserted that there was a reason that Taylor had "never moved on" to another love. That reason, according to Steffy, was that Taylor and Ridge were "meant to be." Taylor countered that the loyalty was "a bit one-sided" because Ridge would always be torn between her and Brooke. Steffy insisted that she could see the "contentment" in Ridge's eyes when he was around Taylor.

"You know, when you argue with reality, you lose 100% of the time," Taylor noted. When Steffy pointed out all of Brooke's misdoings, Taylor threatened to pull out her "two wrongs don't make a right speech." Taylor insisted that she would not compromise her integrity for the sake of a man. Steffy pleaded with Taylor to fight and to not let Brooke win again.

Taylor countered that she wanted someone to fight for her for a change. Steffy offered to invite Ridge to join them on their Aspen getaway. Taylor told Steffy to do no such thing. "I'm going to do something that Brooke Logan has never done -- respect a marriage," Taylor said somewhat defeatedly. Taylor suggested that she'd even leave town, if necessary.

When Taylor stepped away to make a work call, Steffy placed an urgent call to Ridge to tell him that Taylor wanted to leave town. Ridge placed the call on speakerphone so that Thomas could listen in. Thomas begged Steffy to do whatever she needed to do to keep their mother in Los Angeles. Steffy said that she and Taylor were headed to Aspen to check out the house that Bill was selling. "Mom is losing faith," Steffy said. She claimed that Taylor was confused by the situation between Ridge and Brooke.

The sound of Taylor's footsteps approaching forced Steffy to end the call abruptly, but before hanging up, she urged Ridge not to give up on Taylor. When her mother returned, Steffy suggested that some time away might do Taylor some good. Taylor agreed.

After the call, Thomas shared that both he and Steffy found it painful to watch the constant uncertainty in their mom and dad's relationship. Thomas added that it was even more painful for Taylor. "Don't make her go through all of this suffering," Thomas said.

Ridge looked at photos on the mantel. Thomas told Ridge that things didn't have to be the way they were. "You can choose a better life," Thomas said. Thomas claimed that he could not remember a time when Ridge and Brooke's relationship had been truly happy. Thomas said that the call to CPS was not the first time that Brooke had betrayed Ridge -- and he was certain it would not be the last.

Ridge could not believe that Brooke would lie to him. Thomas replied that lying was one of the things that Brooke did best. Thomas then reminded Ridge that Brooke had cheated on him with Thorne and Eric. Thomas explained that he was only trying to protect Ridge. "You heard the recording, Dad. It was her voice. She even said her name," Thomas said as Ridge became increasingly upset. "It was Brooke. It was Brooke."

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