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Liam informed Brooke that Hope and Beth had been staying at the mansion. Thomas was surprised by Hope's faith in him. Believing Brooke had lied to him, Ridge flew to Aspen and convinced Taylor to be with him. Brooke, perplexed by Ridge's actions, followed him to Aspen.
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Liam grew concerned about the hold Thomas might have on Hope. Thinking Brooke had lied about calling CPS, Ridge took off for Aspen to ask Taylor to spend her life with him.
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Brooke is confused by Ridge's abrupt change in behavior

Brooke is confused by Ridge's abrupt change in behavior

Monday, October 3, 2022

At the mansion, Ridge found it unbelievable that his wife would call Child Protective Services on his son, but Thomas said the recording left no doubt that it had been Brooke. Thomas declared that Brooke hated him and had tried to get his son taken away because he'd peeled an apple with a knife. Ridge noted that Brooke had said she hadn't done it.

"And you really believe that?" Thomas asked. Ridge replied that Brooke wouldn't lie to him. Thomas reasoned that she'd said she'd do it, but Ridge explained that it had been an offhand comment. Thomas pressed, saying Ridge had heard Brooke's voice. Asking Thomas not to say a word to anyone, Ridge said he needed to give Brooke a chance to come clean.

At Brooke's house, Hope rushed in. She'd just talked to Liam, and she wanted to know about the CPS issue at Eric's house. Brooke said that CPS had merely wanted to see about Douglas. She assured Hope that Douglas was fine, but Hope insisted upon knowing why CPS had been called on Thomas.

Though Brooke didn't know, she said someone had felt strongly enough to call. Brooke hated to say it about Ridge's son, but she felt that Hope could use it to get Douglas back. Hope refused to try to take Douglas after what the family had been through.

Brooke quipped that Thomas shouldn't have been wielding knives around his son all the time. She feared Douglas might fall on the knife. Brooke added that kids were careless, which was why parents had to be careful. Hope asserted that Thomas was careful. Unable to believe Hope was defending Thomas again, Brooke responded that "this" was what happened when Hope started to spend time around Thomas.

Hope replied that if she was defending Thomas, it was because he deserved it. She further said she spent time at Eric's because that was where her son was. Brooke asked if it was wise to be around Thomas that much, and Hope bit out that Brooke sounded exactly like Liam.

Hope took a business call and mentioned Thomas Forrester, her lead designer. After the call, Brooke asked if it was a coincidence that Thomas was interwoven in Hope's life. She said he was entrenched in Hope's business life, and Hope had to go through him to see their son.

Hope said she wished Brooke would give Hope more credit and would see that she knew who Thomas was. Hope admitted she had seen the good and the bad with Thomas, and for her, it was really refreshing to see Douglas and Thomas together. Hope said she was upset about the CPS call because Thomas was on the right track and hadn't deserved it. Hope decided to go to the office to talk to Thomas and make sure that Douglas was okay after everything.

Later, Hope had gone, and Brooke was on a call, confirming a dinner reservation. Ridge arrived during the call, and Brooke explained to him that he needed the dinner after all that had gone on. Ridge replied that CPS being called on his grandchild had been unexpected and disturbing. Brooke was sorry he'd gone through it and asked if he'd learned more about the CPS visit.

Ridge replied that someone had called them, and he was trying to figure out who it had been. Brooke asked if Thomas had rubbed someone the wrong way. Ridge replied that the act had been a little extreme, and Douglas had been questioned. Brooke said that the caller might not have known Douglas would be questioned. She didn't know who the caller had been. She was sorry Ridge had witnessed what he had, and she hoped they'd been easy on Douglas.

Ridge looked at Brooke, touched her face, and suddenly said he had to go to the office. He rushed out of the house. On the doorstep, he stated that it had been Brooke. He recalled hearing Brooke's voice on the CPS recording. He said Brooke had lied to his face.

At the cliff house, Steffy insisted that Brooke didn't deserve the consideration Taylor was giving. Taylor said that one should treat a person with the measure of who they were. Taylor hoped the trip to Aspen would help her get her head on straight because she wanted to move on from Ridge. Taylor stated that he was married to Brooke, and it was beyond time to move on.

Later, Steffy informed her mother that everything was covered, and she and Taylor could head to Aspen. Steffy wondered, though, if Taylor should fight for Ridge. Taylor didn't want to fight over someone's husband. Taylor wanted to love herself more than a possible future with Ridge.

Steffy believed Brooke would screw up, and Ridge would realize he should be with Taylor. Taylor said he could do it on his own without wasting her time. Steffy asked Taylor not to close her heart because Steffy had a strong feeling about Ridge and Taylor. Taylor responded that closing her heart was how she protected it. She said she had to get away from Ridge and figure out where she'd go from there.

Later, Steffy and Taylor were on the Spencer jet, preparing for takeoff. Taylor recalled the last time she'd been on a jet. She'd been headed to Monaco. Steffy replied that Ridge and Taylor wouldn't have kissed in Monaco unless they'd had feelings for each other. Steffy said that in her mind, it was unfair that Ridge went home to Brooke each night, but Steffy urged Taylor to hang in there.

In flight, Taylor thought of the Monaco kiss. Steffy mentioned that she'd asked Finn to join them. Taylor thought Finn could help take the heat off her from her relentless daughter. Steffy urged Taylor to just keep the door open, but Taylor replied that it was drafty. She felt that he always wound up going back to Brooke, anyways. Steffy quipped that it was because Brooke didn't play fair.

Taylor replied that if Brooke was the love of Ridge's life, Taylor would wish him well.

An idea literally strikes Ridge

An idea literally strikes Ridge

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

At Forrester, Ridge arrived while Thomas' gaze landed on a photo of Hope. Thomas asked Ridge if Brooke had admitted calling Child Protective Services, and Ridge replied that she'd lied to him again. Thomas said they'd heard her voice and had heard her say her own name. "I know! I know!" Ridge yelled. Thomas asked if Ridge had called Brooke out on it.

Ridge indicated that Brooke had said she hadn't known who could have done it. Thomas said it was a new low, even for Brooke. He asked what Ridge had said. Gazing at a photo of Brooke, Ridge asked what the point was of saying anything. He left the office, saying he had to go think.

Later, Thomas spilled coffee on his shirt. As he took it off, Hope arrived to talk to him about the CPS call regarding Douglas. Hope quietly and curiously watched as Thomas found himself another shirt from the rack of clothes in the room.

Thomas told Hope he felt that he had to explain what had happened with the knife. He said he'd just been cutting up an apple and would never let Douglas hold the knife or play with it. Thomas said Douglas hadn't been upset when CPS had arrived, and instead, Douglas had taken it in stride.

Thomas assumed Hope was upset, but Hope said she wasn't. Hope knew that Thomas wouldn't put Douglas in harm's way. It was incredible to Thomas that Hope had said that. He thanked her and said it was amazing that they'd gotten to that point.

At Eric's house, Ridge arrived and strode through the living room to the patio. He asked aloud why Brooke would do it. He said they'd forgiven each other for many things, but there they were again. He asked what he was doing with his life. "My true love. My Destiny. What is that? What is my destiny?" he asked.

Ridge said he didn't know what destiny meant anymore. He flashed back over times with Taylor and then times with Brooke. He thought back on Brooke saying she hadn't known who'd called CPS. Pinecones fell from somewhere, and one hit him on the head. He picked it up and grinned.

At Brooke's house, Brooke called to push her reservations for a beachside dinner back. Liam arrived looking for Hope. Brooke said Hope had gone to the office, and Liam replied that it meant that Hope would be with Thomas. Liam said he was doing his best not to drive over there. Liam said he was sure it was fine. Brooke said Thomas could be trying to delay Hope, so he could spend more time with her. Liam hoped Hope would realize something like that.

Liam stated that Hope wanted to believe Thomas was different and for everything to work out. Brooke replied that they all did, but Thomas' family thought Thomas was harmless. Brooke said she wasn't sure she could ever trust Thomas, and she wanted to stop him from taking it further.

Liam replied that Thomas was in the driver's seat, but Brooke said there were things Thomas had no control over. Brooke noted that things had gone Thomas' way thus far; he had Douglas, and that had put Hope in a position to have to visit the mansion with Beth. Liam said that, despite his nagging, Hope seemed to be vulnerable to Thomas again. Brooke replied that it was time to push back, and Thomas had to see he couldn't have whatever he wanted.

Liam agreed; however, Thomas had his family in his corner, and Hope was cutting him more slack than he deserved. Brooke replied that they couldn't let Thomas get to Hope more than he already had -- especially for Douglas' sake.

Later, Liam had called Donna, who'd told him that Thomas and Hope were in the CEO's office. Brooke asserted that Thomas was probably telling Hope that the CPS thing had been nothing, and there was nothing to worry about regarding Douglas. Liam reasoned that, even if it had been nothing, someone feeling the need to call had legitimized Liam and Brooke's concerns.

Liam indicated that it was causing problems between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke replied that Ridge loved his son, so she had to be very careful what she said because she didn't want her words to blow up in her face and ruin things for them.

On the jet, Steffy said Bill had mellowed out if he'd really give her family first dibs on the Aspen compound. Taylor was preoccupied with her thoughts but said Steffy had been a big help. Steffy said if that were so, Taylor and Ridge would be jetting off to get married. Taylor begged Steffy to stop because Taylor didn't want the back-and-forth. Taylor said she wanted more for herself.

Steffy ranted about Brooke and was sick and tired of hearing about "destiny." Steffy was sure Ridge would soon see who Brooke Logan really was. Steffy urged Taylor to believe in Ridge and in Ridge and Taylor's love for each other.

Later, Steffy, who'd talked to the pilot, said they'd land soon. Steffy asked how Taylor was, which sparked another conversation about Taylor's feelings for Ridge. Taylor said she'd always love Ridge, but the life she'd wanted with him wasn't possible -- not like that.

Later, Othello the Realtor and Steffy were beside an SUV at the compound. They were surprised that Bill was selling the place, and Othello urged her to snap it up. He told her to let him know if she needed anything, and thanking him, Steffy strode into the house.

Taylor was inside, in a knitted hat and wrap. She said being there might give her a "fresh, new perspective. Steffy didn't think Taylor needed that because Taylor knew her feelings for Ridge. Steffy believed that Brooke and Ridge's marriage would end, and it would be Brooke's doing.

Taylor declares that she has to let Ridge go

Taylor declares that she has to let Ridge go

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

"My destiny. I don't even know what that hell that means anymore," Ridge said. As he thought back to romantic moments with both Brooke and Taylor, a large pinecone fell from the sky and bopped him on the head.

Brooke and Liam sat in the living room at Brooke's house and continued to discuss their concerns about Hope spending so much time with Thomas. Brooke told Liam that she was looking forward to a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean with Ridge. Liam took a final swig of iced tea and prepared to leave. Before he did, he told Brooke that Hope and Beth had been spending the night at the Forrester mansion. Brooke was stunned by the news. Liam thanked Brooke for having his back.

After Liam left, Brooke called Ridge to find out when he'd be home so that she could arrange for a car service to take them to their romantic dinner. Ridge didn't answer, so she left him a voicemail message.

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Hope sympathized with how Thomas had to have felt during CPS' visit. She reminded him that he could always call her for backup. "I didn't realize you had that much faith in me," Thomas replied. Thomas told Hope that she was always welcome in his home -- no matter where he was living.

Thomas acknowledged that Hope wasn't "the most happy" with Douglas' decision to continually stay with him. Hope shared that she missed hearing Douglas' laughter and singing him to sleep. Hope admitted that she had initially not been okay with Douglas spending so much time with Thomas, but she claimed that she'd changed her opinion on that.

The conversation turned to business, and Hope observed that the Hope for the Future line -- a line she referred to as "our line" -- was a success. Thomas seemed surprised that Hope had used the plural possessive pronoun. Hope called Hope for the Future "a team effort," one that Thomas was instrumental in.

As they looked over some sketches, Hope and Thomas both reached for a pencil at the same time, and their hands brushed one another. The conversation became more awkward, and Hope quickly scurried to the other side of the office to announce that she needed to go talk to Zende. Hope cleared her throat and told Thomas that she'd see him later at Eric's house.

In Aspen, Taylor declared that visiting Aspen was a good idea. "I don't know if it's the altitude, but I'm feeling lighter already," she told Steffy. Steffy stated that she was seriously considering buying Bill's house as a place for family retreats. When Taylor said that she wanted to find a new path forward and feel like herself again, Steffy immediately interjected that her mother's new path had to include getting back together with Ridge. Taylor rolled her eyes.

Steffy wanted to take Taylor out for dinner, but Taylor said that she wanted to stay in and sort through some things. Steffy wasn't sure if sushi or Thai cuisine went best with self-reflection. Taylor mused that her recent behavior was more suited to something off of the kids' menu. Steffy chalked up her mother's behavior to love.

"I don't want to stay stuck in this cycle anymore," Taylor replied, admitting that she loved Ridge "so much." Taylor said that she found it hard to constantly be wondering "what if" and hanging on to "little glimmers of hope" when she was around Ridge. Steffy insisted that Brooke would eventually break Ridge's trust. "If she does, she does, but we don't need to wish for it. It's not right," Taylor responded.

Steffy argued that she was okay with wishing for that, but Taylor stated that she wasn't okay with it. "It's not who I am. It's not who I want to be," Taylor said flatly. Taylor asked that Steffy "stop encouraging" things to happen between her and Ridge. Steffy sat down next to Taylor on the sofa. Steffy repeated her belief that Brooke and Ridge's marriage was bound to implode.

"I don't want [Ridge] to be with me because Brooke let him down again," Taylor said, tears streaming down her cheek. "I want him to choose me because I am his first choice," Taylor added, declaring, "I want all of him or nothing. It's very simple. But he can't give that to me. I deserve so much more." Taylor said that she wanted Steffy and Thomas to focus on their own lives and their own happiness.

Steffy begged Taylor to give Ridge a little more time. Taylor replied that she knew how the story would end. Ridge would eventually come to his senses and leave Brooke, and Taylor would welcome him back with open arms. Everyone would get excited, Taylor stated, because they would believe that Ridge was back forever -- but it would only be temporary.

"Because his heart is divided between two women," Taylor said as she began to openly sob. "I can't do this anymore, Steffy. I'm done. I have to let him go. I have to," Taylor continued, stressing, "I gotta give that love and support to myself. I've been giving it away. It's breaking me. It's breaking my heart and my soul, and I can't do it anymore." Steffy embraced her mom and said that she understood.

Later, Steffy called Thomas to tell him that the back-and-forth had really begun to take a toll on Taylor. Steffy confessed that it was hard to see their mother questioning everything. When Steffy asked how Ridge was doing, Thomas said that he hadn't heard from their dad.

Taylor stepped out of the house to walk along a stream. As she did, she thought back to her time in Monaco with Ridge. Suddenly a voice shouted out her name. Taylor looked around and saw Ridge standing on the other side of the stream. As Ridge made his way toward her with a smile, Taylor looked on with a somber, serious expression.

Ridge professes love for Taylor

Ridge professes love for Taylor

Thursday, October 6, 2022

At the Aspen compound, Steffy was on the phone with Thomas, saying that Taylor was ready to give up. Steffy was, as well. Thomas offered to talk to Taylor, but Steffy gasped, looking out the window. She yelled that Thomas wouldn't believe it, but Ridge was outside with Taylor.

Thomas said Ridge hadn't told anyone that he'd go to Aspen, and Ridge had to be there for Taylor. Thomas assumed Ridge had reached his breaking point with Brooke. Steffy asked why it would be at that point. Thomas and Steffy recalled that Taylor had said she'd turn Ridge down because she wanted more self-respect. Thomas felt that Taylor had a right to be cautious, but that day could be their family's lucky day.

After the phone call, Thomas flashed back to hearing the CPS recording, and he grinned.

Back in Aspen, Taylor asked why Ridge was there. He claimed he'd wanted to check out the property. She asked why he was really there. He said he'd come to see her. She said she hadn't expected it. He explained that he hadn't told anyone; he'd just hopped on the jet. Taylor said she'd gone there to get away from everything. "Get away from me, you mean," Ridge added.

Later, Ridge followed the frustrated Taylor inside the house. She asked why he was there. He said he'd wanted to see her. He said he missed her and their life together. She figured he was getting swept up in memories, but he said he was there at that moment. She asked about "tomorrow" and figured the guilt trip from the kids had gotten to him.

Ridge replied that it wasn't about the kids. It was about the woman Taylor was to him. Taylor asked where he even got that from, and he laughed. She told him that she was serious. He claimed that he was there because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Taylor assumed that Ridge and Brooke had gotten into a fight. Taylor decided to pass on being second choice. She claimed she'd rather be alone than be his consolation prize. He denied it, and she asked what had happened with Brooke. He claimed that nothing had, and it was that he was seeing things clearly for the first time in a long time.

Not buying it, Taylor said she'd been trying to get away from Ridge. She ordered him to get out of her life. She said they could be parents, but she didn't want his promises. Ridge ordered her to stop talking. He repeated that he was there because he loved her, and he wanted to be with her for always. Taylor slapped his hand away and stormed out, demanding that he not follow.

Ridge ran after Taylor and chased her until she stopped by a broken-down wagon. She refused to let him "in" again, but he said he wouldn't let her down. He insisted that he'd meant it when he'd said he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

At Eric's house, Donna and Eric canoodled, and he thanked her for the portrait. He suggested that they take the jet for a getaway weekend. Eric called to prep the jet and discovered that it was unavailable because Ridge had taken it to Aspen. Eric told Donna about it, but Donna didn't know about any business trip. She was also surprised that Brooke hadn't been on the manifest.

Citing that it wasn't a long flight, Eric figured Ridge was there already. Donna said she couldn't imagine that Brooke had given up the chance to go with him and reconnect. Donna added that things hadn't been as smooth with Ridge as Brooke had wanted them to be.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was expecting Ridge, but to her surprise, she discovered Bill on her doorstep. She reminded him that he couldn't keep stopping by like that. Bill said his instincts had correctly told him that Ridge wouldn't be there. Brooke said she expected Ridge soon. Brooke wanted to be supportive of Bill and Katie, but Brooke didn't want to upset Ridge.

Bill asked why Ridge always had to look for the worst. Bill mentioned that he, on the other hand, was letting go of things -- things like the Aspen house. He said he hadn't been visiting as much as he could, but the place would always hold special memories. He assumed Brooke would know why. He added that Steffy and Taylor were there, assessing the place.

Brooke thought that was nice of Bill, but he said that if he sold to Steffy, he'd pay no brokerage fees. Brooke tried to get him to leave because of Ridge. Bill called Ridge a lucky man but bet that Ridge would never take her on a balloon or camel ride. Bill touted that he could be romantic when he wanted to be. She agreed, adding, "Goodbye, Bill," and he left the house.

Later, Brooke received a call from Donna. Brooke asked Donna how the flight was going, but Donna explained that she and Eric couldn't leave because Ridge had taken the jet to Aspen. "Oh, my God. Taylor and Steffy are in Aspen," Brooke replied.

Ridge tries to convince Taylor that he will not let her down again

Ridge tries to convince Taylor that he will not let her down again

Friday, October 7, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke was on the phone with Donna. Brooke said she had a bad feeling about Ridge's trip. She suspected that Thomas and Steffy's pressure had gotten to him, and Brooke had to get to Aspen. After the call, Brooke packed a bag. She tried to call Ridge but only got his voicemail. Undaunted, she rushed out of the house.

When Brooke arrived on the jet, the pilot was confused. She figured he hadn't gotten her text message. He hadn't, and he said the jet was being refueled. Brooke told him that she needed to get to Aspen as soon as possible, and he agreed to get the plane back into the air. Brooke thanked him and said her future could depend upon it.

While in the air, Brooke thought about the last conversation she'd had with Ridge before he'd walked out, saying he had to go back to the office.

At Eric's house, Eric was ready to get back to his and Donna's trip because the jet was expected back at any moment. Donna asked if they could go somewhere local because it seemed that Brooke needed the jet more than they did. Donna said Brooke was headed to Aspen.

Later, Eric said he knew things had been rough between Brooke and Ridge, but Eric was amazed that Ridge had left town without telling Brooke. Donna added that it was to find Ridge's ex-wife, and Brooke wasn't pleased about it. Eric asked if it was possible that Ridge was thinking of leaving Brooke for Taylor. Donna said Ridge's kids had been working overtime for the reunion. Donna wondered if the kids had actually succeeded.

Donna called Brooke, who was in-flight and still had a bad feeling about Ridge's trip. Each time Brooke called him, it went to voicemail. Brooke admitted she felt as if outside forces were working against her marriage -- specifically, Steffy and Thomas, who insisted that Brooke made Ridge unhappy. Brooke said it wasn't true, and she needed to get to Ridge.

In Aspen, Steffy was worried about where Taylor and Ridge had gone and prayed that her mother would listen to her father. On the phone with Thomas later, Steffy said she had no update, and she feared Taylor was too hurt to respond to Ridge "because of Brooke."

Thomas didn't believe Taylor would turn Ridge down. Thomas figured that Taylor had said she wouldn't do it before because it hadn't been happening; however, if she heard it live, she'd agree. Steffy believed Taylor wouldn't because of Brooke. She said Taylor didn't want to put herself through Brooke swooping in to take Ridge away.

In the woods, Ridge complimented Taylor on maintaining her running skills from college and asked where all her trophies were. Upset, Taylor replied that they were buried, like some things should be. He claimed that they shouldn't be buried, and if she ran again, he'd follow her to the end of the world because he wanted to be with her.

Taylor asked why Ridge always knew what to say, but she said she refused to fall for it that time. Ridge insisted that he wanted their family to heal, and he wanted to have a future with her. Taylor ran off again.

After a while, Ridge asked Taylor to stop running before he had a heart attack. He asked her to give him a chance. He said he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. He claimed he'd done a lot of soul-searching. He stated that he'd always care for Brooke, but he couldn't do it anymore. "The lying -- me lying to myself," he stated. He said he couldn't do it with Taylor there. He admitted that he felt as if he and Taylor and their family had been robbed. He wondered if they could have the future they'd always wanted. He stated that he wanted it with her and only her forever.

Later, Ridge heard Brooke's voice in his head, contacting Child Protective Services. Taylor asked him about Brooke, but he didn't want to talk about it. Taylor replied that it was what scared her. He admitted that something had happened, but it wasn't about Brooke -- it was about him and Taylor. Ridge claimed he'd seen the light when he'd gotten hit in the head with a pinecone. He claimed he'd seen the light and a future with her.

Taylor said she'd seen the future, but she'd given up. She didn't believe they'd ever live it. Ridge claimed he wasn't the same man, bouncing between two women. He insisted that he wouldn't let Taylor down anymore. He wanted to be a better man and claimed that she made him one. He stated that he wanted to be with her for always.

Taylor figured Ridge believed what he was saying, but she wondered about that next day and the next week. Ridge claimed he'd never go back to that life with Brooke. Taylor said he always did that, but he told her that it wouldn't be that way anymore. He said he didn't want to spend one more day without Taylor. "Even if Brooke hadn't done -- " Taylor started to say.

Ridge continued to insist that it wasn't about their kids or grandkids; it was about them. He insisted that he'd seen a future for them. He was there for them and wanted her to be, too. Taylor asked what had taken him so long, and they kissed.

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