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Carter sought answers from Shauna about Quinn's departure. Katie sparked up a new relationship with Carter. Bill warned Deacon not to get any ideas about Brooke. Liam stopped Brooke from drinking. Hope vowed to help her mother solve the mystery of Ridge's departure.
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Bill warned Deacon not to pursue Brooke. Brooke was determined to fix things with Ridge. Quinn unexpectedly left town, Forrester, and Carter. Carter and Katie kissed.
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Katie has a surprising reaction to Carter's bad news

Katie has a surprising reaction to Carter's bad news

Monday, October 17, 2022

In the CEO's office, Katie and Carter discussed Bill's desire to have her back. Carter said she wouldn't know until she gave it a shot. Replying that she'd given Bill a lot of shots, Katie said she was tempted, but she and Bill had a large issue between them. Carter asked if Katie really thought Bill would just sweep Brooke into his arms if she was available.

Not wanting to talk about Bill anymore, Katie asked if Carter should be getting home to Quinn. Carter said it would be nice if that was his plan. Katie figured he still had to work, but she'd thought Justin had been helping with a lot of the legal issues at Forrester. Carter said that Justin had been doing a great job, and it wasn't about work.

Katie said she didn't think Carter and Quinn could be having issues. To Katie, the couple had seemed happy. Carter, who'd once thought so, too, said Quinn had moved out. Carter didn't know why Quinn had gone. He said he'd been ready to marry Quinn, but she'd said she was on a different path and couldn't give Carter what he wanted. He reported that Quinn didn't want to be married again. Carter said he'd been willing to risk everything, but she'd walked out on him.

Later, Katie was in shock, but Carter said she wasn't as shocked as he was that Quinn was gone. Carter wondered if it had been too soon for Quinn or if Quinn couldn't get over Eric. Katie felt that she could relate to that because of Bill and Brooke. Carter said he'd been willing to risk it all for Quinn, but she'd run away. It didn't make sense to him.

Katie said she probably shouldn't say it, but she was glad that Quinn was gone. "She never deserved you," Katie added. Carter said he didn't know about that, and he admitted that he felt rejected. She contended that it would be weird if he didn't. Carter said he'd really seen himself married to Quinn.

Katie replied that marriage could be wonderful, but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. She said it was hard, especially when one person didn't want to be there. Carter revealed that he'd started to think he wasn't destined to meet the right woman. Katie assured him that plenty of women thought he was amazing. "Like who?" he asked, and Katie drew him in for a passionate kiss. Afterward, Carter was stunned, and Katie playfully giggled.

At Brooke's house, Bill said he hated seeing Brooke in pain. Brooke told Bill that he had to go because Ridge had left her due to broken trust. Bill asserted that Ridge had done it because he was an idiot. Brooke insisted that Bill knew how Ridge felt about Bill and Deacon, so Bill couldn't be there in Ridge's home. Bill said Ridge wouldn't be home; Ridge was in Aspen with Taylor.

Brooke asked who'd told Bill that. Bill decided that it didn't matter; Forrester was gone. Brooke refused to give up on Ridge and insisted that Bill had to leave. Bill replied that Ridge didn't deserve Brooke, which was evidenced by Ridge leaving Brooke for Taylor. Bill doubted that the poser would walk through the front door. Brooke, who believed Ridge would return to her, said Bill couldn't be anywhere around when it happened.

Liam entered through the terrace and asked what had happened. Bill replied, "Forrester happened." Bill said Ridge had let Brooke down again, and Bill didn't want to leave her that way. Liam, however, thought that Bill probably should go. Bill told Brooke that she wasn't alone and that Bill would always be there. Brooke thanked him, and he left.

Alone with Liam, Brooke sobbed, saying she didn't understand. She said she'd had faith in her and Ridge, but Ridge had left her for Taylor. Brooke stated that one minute, things had been good with Ridge, but the next, he'd flown off to Taylor. Brooke told Liam that Ridge had said Brooke should know what she'd done. Brooke kept racking her brain about what it could mean.

Brooke couldn't figure out what she'd done. Liam replied that it didn't sound like she'd done anything, and Ridge might want to blow off steam. Brooke stated that Ridge had said it was over and that he needed to be with Taylor and their family. Liam contended that Brooke was his family, too. Brooke said Ridge couldn't leave, and it wasn't the end for them.

Brooke stated that Ridge was her soul mate. Agreeing, Liam said Ridge would be back, and if Ridge was with Taylor out of guilt or obligation, it wasn't real or lasting. Brooke said she'd thought she and Ridge had been destined, but she believed it was over for good.

Liam told Brooke not to even go there. Brooke said she couldn't help it; she felt as if she was crawling out of her skin. She appreciated Liam being there, but she asked him to go. Liam glanced at the vodka on her bar. Quietly, he agreed to leave.

Alone, Brooke flashed back to Ridge leaving her. Sobbing, she walked over to her bar. She opened a bottle, sniffed it, and poured a drink. Crying, she lifted the glass to her lips.

"No," Liam said, stopping the glass at Brooke's mouth. Brooke begged him to let her numb the pain, but he said it led to more pain. Brooke didn't care, but he refused to let her do it. Liam took the glass from Brooke and hugged her as she cried.

In the design office, Hope entered as Thomas was ending a call with Steffy about Ridge and Taylor in Aspen. Hope asked what she'd heard him say about his parents. Thomas responded that Ridge and Taylor were together, and Ridge no longer wanted to be married to Brooke.

Thomas figured that it wasn't what Hope had wanted to hear. Hope was in disbelief and figured her mother was heartbroken. Thomas said he'd always believed that his parents were meant to be, but the timing just hadn't been right. Hope wasn't surprised that Thomas would say that. Hope said she believed that Ridge and Brooke shared something special, but Brooke deserved a man who only had eyes for her.

Later, Hope got Brooke's voicemail. Thomas said the jet had landed, so Brooke was probably in town. He suggested that Hope take off. Hope said they had to work on a press preview and finalize a lineup. Thomas suggested she try on a gown behind the changing screen.

Later, Hope walked out from behind the screen in a blue sequined gown. Thomas was mesmerized by the gown. Touching her waist, he said the bodice fell perfectly. Hope seemed affected when he touched her hair, moved it, and uttered that the back was stunning. He told her that she looked beautiful, but she bet he said that to all the models. Thomas replied that he'd already told her that he was a one-woman man, and that one woman was Hope.

Hope suddenly grabbed Thomas and dragged him into a passionate kiss.

Carter views Katie in a different light

Carter views Katie in a different light

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

In the design office, Carter grinned, thinking of kissing Katie. Just then, Katie arrived, looking for her phone. Their hands touched when he handed it to the relieved Katie, who'd been about to text him when she'd realized she hadn't had her phone. She had wanted to thank him for budgeting for one of her campaigns. She turned to leave, but he said he wanted to talk to her.

Katie asked if Quinn had reached out. Carter said it hadn't happened, and he didn't expect it. Katie was sorry about it but thought it would open him up to other possibilities. He replied that one of those possibilities had kissed him the previous night. Smiling, she warned him to watch out because that lady sounded risky. "What's life without a few risks?" he asked.

Figuring she should apologize, Katie said she didn't usually go around kissing her friends like that. Carter said he appreciated the point Katie had made, but he was still in shock about Quinn leaving. He conveyed that he'd told Quinn that he hadn't cared if she couldn't give him a marriage and a family, but she'd insisted that it had been the right time for her to go.

Katie replied that Quinn had probably been right about it, and Quinn and Carter had had their time. Carter wondered why it kept happening. Katie guessed that he was looking for love in the wrong places, and she knew the feeling. He figured that she'd at least been married and had at least experienced what it was like to share one's life with another.

Carter replied that the crazy part was that he'd been standing at the altar with a woman who'd wanted to marry him, but he'd walked away for Quinn. He figured he was doing something wrong in life. Katie insisted that there was a woman out there for him. Katie said that maybe he hadn't met the right one yet, "or maybe you have, and the two of you just haven't realized your potential" She told him that he was sweet, sincere, humble, and kind -- and "incredibly handsome and insanely -- like freakishly -- fit."

"You're sexy. You're a sexy man, Carter," Katie told him. She added, "And you're sexier still because you don't realize what a catch you are." She stated that women around there did realize it. Carter stated that Katie knew just what to say to him. Refusing to let him get down on himself, she insisted that he was a huge catch. "Catch and release," he replied. They joked about Carter being a fish, and he thanked her for making him laugh. He appreciated her support and said it meant a lot to him. "You mean a lot to me," he added.

In the CEO's office, Thomas was hard at work on a set of designs hanging from mannequins. He flashed back to kissing Hope. He told himself that things were going great, and he couldn't be fantasizing about kissing Hope.

Steffy arrived, and she and Thomas laughed, tickled with delight that their parents were together. Thomas wanted to know everything about Aspen and what it had been like to see their parents in person. Steffy believed it had been wonderful and asserted that Brooke was out of Ridge's life for good.

Steffy and Thomas were amazed by how much things had changed in a few months -- Finn had actually been alive, and their parents were united. Steffy stated that good things happened to good people and to people like Taylor with integrity who won out in the end.

Thomas was happy for Taylor and felt that the future was brighter for their family. Steffy said their kids got to see their grandparents in a healthy relationship instead of the tension Ridge had had with Brooke. Steffy realized she might sound childish, but she said they weren't the ones left alone with their family fractured. She believed that their family was whole again.

Thomas figured that Brooke and Hope were probably feeling very different. Steffy didn't doubt that there was a cry fest at Brooke's house, and part of Steffy felt bad for Brooke. Steffy expressed certainty that Taylor and Ridge would get married, and it was very exciting for Steffy. Thomas sadly smiled.

Alone, Thomas flashed back to impersonating Brooke during the Child Protective Services call.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam asked if Hope had heard from Brooke. Hope said Brooke had messaged that they could go to the house at any time. Liam, knowing that Hope had gotten home too late to talk to Brooke the previous night, wondered what had delayed Hope. Hope explained that she'd had to work on the press preview and finalize a lineup before the fashion show. Liam said Hope was burning the midnight oil; he just wished it wasn't with Thomas.

At Brooke's house, the tearful Brooke hugged a picture of herself and Ridge. She saw the vodka bottle on the bar and recalled Liam stopping her from taking a drink. She asked the photo what had happened to them.

When Hope and Liam arrived, Brooke apologized for not answering Hope's text messages. Brooke said she didn't understand what had happened or why Ridge had left her for Taylor. Hope wondered if Ridge just needed time to figure things out, but Brooke was adamant that Ridge had made his decision to be with Taylor.

Hope received a call from her babysitter and went into the foyer to take it. Liam asked how Brooke was doing, and Brooke asked if he'd told Hope about the drink Brooke had almost taken. Liam replied that he hadn't. Brooke thanked him and gazed at the vodka on her bar.

Brooke promised Liam that it had just been a moment of weakness, and she'd never pour herself another drink. She figured she could call her sponsor if she needed help. She asked that Liam not tell Hope about the incident. He said that he wouldn't. Brooke thanked him for being there and said that, because of him, she hadn't drunk.

Hope returned and noticed that something seemed wrong. She wondered what Liam and Brooke had been talking about. Brooke denied that they'd been talking about anything. Hope asked if Ridge had called. Brooke said she hadn't heard from Ridge and didn't understand how he could turn their lives upside down for no reason. She recalled that he'd treated her as if she'd done something, and she didn't know what could have upset Ridge enough to make him run to Aspen and pledge his life to Taylor. Brooke said it was disturbing to her that the man she loved felt betrayed. Brooke asked why it was happening, and Hope hugged her.

Relationship statuses are updated in unexpected ways

Relationship statuses are updated in unexpected ways

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

At Forrester Creations, Steffy called a meeting in the executive office. She made sure to draw attention to Ridge's absence. When Paris noted that traffic had been horrible, Thomas jumped in to share that Ridge was not stuck in traffic; he was in Aspen with Taylor. "Our parents are back together," Steffy said matter-of-factly. The announcement drew a strong reaction from Katie. "Yeah, my dad ended it with Brooke and went back to his true love," Steffy responded, adding, "Our family is finally reunited."

Thomas understood that the news came as "a shock and a blow" to Katie. Katie turned to Donna and asked if Donna had known about Brooke and Ridge's split. Eric spoke up on Donna's behalf, explaining that they had just learned of Ridge's relationship status the previous day. Paris, Katie, and Carter all struggled to process the news. Eric promised that they would all make sure that Brooke was taken care of.

Thomas made it clear that neither he nor Steffy was overly concerned about the feelings of anyone who didn't like the idea that Ridge and Brooke were no longer together. Steffy prepared to dismiss everyone from the meeting, but Eric spoke up that there was other unexpected news to share. Eric turned to Carter.

Carter was surprised that Eric knew about Quinn's departure. Eric told Carter that he had received a text message from Quinn thanking him for all the years she had spent working at Forrester Creations. Paris shared her shock about Quinn leaving the company. Carter clarified that Quinn hadn't just left the company -- she had left him, too. Paris tried to process that Quinn -- the woman who had interrupted Paris and Carter's wedding to declare her love for Carter -- had suddenly decided to end that relationship and head off to an unknown location.

Carter apologized for the way that he and Quinn had hurt Paris, but he quickly moved to stop discussing his private life in the meeting. Icily, Steffy said that she would miss Quinn's very profitable jewelry line -- but not Quinn.

In the living room of her home, Brooke tried to figure out why Ridge had suddenly decided to end their marriage. Hope reluctantly asked if Ridge's decision might have been tied to Douglas' custody situation. Brooke doubted the two had any link, but Brooke repeated her belief that Douglas should not be around Thomas.

Liam entered the room and agreed with Brooke's assessment. Hope asked that they change the topic because she was "tired of talking about Thomas." Liam wondered if Ridge's decision to leave Brooke had something to do with Bill. Brooke insisted that Ridge knew that there was nothing going on between her and Bill.

A shirtless Deacon stepped out of his bedroom, preparing to put on a button-up shirt. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Sheila called out. She said, "You don't need that. It spoils my view." Deacon kissed Sheila, calling her by the nickname "twinkletoes." Sheila quipped that she might only have nine toes, but she assured Deacon that she still had nine lives.

Deacon stepped away and looked up at the ceiling. In a raised voice, he pretended to speak to God, noting that Sheila had more than likely been sent by the Lord as a test. "The Almighty told me that I need to lay down some ground rules," Deacon said as he turned to face Sheila. Sheila countered that she didn't like rules. Undeterred, Deacon told Sheila that if the police found her, she was on her own. The other rule demanded that Sheila not leave the apartment for any reason.

Sheila promised to follow the rules and admitted that Deacon was "very sexy" when he was serious. Deacon was stunned that Sheila had agreed to follow the rules. "This dump is paradise compared to a cell," Sheila explained. Deacon wondered if he was a "complete idiot" for allowing Sheila to stay with him. Sheila claimed that Deacon had a good reason for what he was doing -- "the best sex of [his] life." She added that she had the financial resources to get Deacon "some toys" like the motorcycle he had been eyeing.

A knock suddenly sounded on the door. "It's Bill Spencer, convict. Open up," Bill barked from outside. Deacon put his finger over his lips to silence Sheila before ushering her into the bedroom. Bill continued to bang on the door. A grumpy Deacon asked the equally grumpy Bill why he had stopped by unannounced. Bill shared the news that Brooke and Ridge were no longer a couple. Deacon didn't believe it. Bill swore that he was telling the truth and went as far to say that he would not be surprised if Ridge and Taylor tied the knot.

Deacon still didn't understand why Bill was standing in his living room. Bill stated that he wanted "to make it crystal clear" that Deacon should not even consider trying to make a play for a suddenly single Brooke. "You're not worthy, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier," Bill added. When Bill claimed that Brooke was his "turf," Deacon countered that Bill "treating Brooke like a piece of property" proved that Bill did not understand Brooke at all.

Bill retaliated by hurling insults at Deacon, calling him a "guttersnipe" and a "two-bit con man." Bill tossed in references to his yacht and private jet, but Deacon wasn't impressed. "It doesn't matter to Brooke how many zeroes a guy has in his bank account," Deacon fired back. Bill warned that Deacon was out of his league. Claiming that he had been patient enough, Deacon demanded that Bill leave. Bill was only too happy to oblige. Before opening the door to leave, Bill tossed a wad of cash at Deacon. "That's just a reminder of who you're dealing with. The Dollar Bill Spencer," Bill sneered.

Once Bill had left, Deacon looked at the money and realized Bill's face appeared where George Washington's normally would be located. Deacon conceded that the fake cash was pretty cool, but he mused that Bill might be "off his meds." Sheila exited the bedroom and appeared uneasy about the news that Ridge had left Brooke.

Later, Brooke sat alone on her sofa, staring at one of her and Ridge's wedding photos. She asked aloud why Ridge had done what he'd done.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas sat in the design office, reflecting on the call he had made to Child Protective Services.

Hope walked into the executive suite and slammed the door behind her. Steffy, who had been reviewing some designs at her desk, stood up and walked toward Hope. Hope disagreed with Steffy's assertion that Taylor had done nothing to steal Ridge away from Brooke. Hope said that Taylor had acted in the "most underhanded way possible" with some help from Steffy. Hope promised to do her "damnedest" to stop Steffy.

Brooke vows to uncover the truth

Brooke vows to uncover the truth

Thursday, October 20, 2022

In the design office, Katie and Carter were working. He felt that he'd humiliated himself at the meeting by announcing that Quinn had left him. Wanting answers, Carter said he'd considered employing Justin but hadn't wanted to take Justin off the "straight and narrow."

Carter revealed that he'd made a call himself. Just then, Shauna arrived. Surprised, Katie guessed Carter had called Shauna. Carter replied that Shauna was Quinn's best friend. Shauna stated that she wanted to apologize to Carter, who hadn't deserved to be treated "that way."

Recalling that Shauna had seen him with Quinn, he asked how they'd seemed together. Shauna said they'd seemed in love, and she'd felt like a third wheel. He said he'd told Quinn that marriage and a family didn't matter to him. Katie asked if that was really true. Shauna stated that Quinn was good at reading people, and his feelings about family might have been part of it.

Shauna alluded to Quinn saying as much to Shauna, and Carter asked what else Quinn had said. "It was really quick. Nothing really except she felt horrible for leaving you, but she just felt like it was the best thing for both of you. Although, I think there's more to it," Shauna added.

Carter hoped that meant he wasn't crazy. Shauna said she'd known Quinn for years and was used to Quinn's erratic behavior; however, Carter had deserved more from Quinn. Shauna advised Carter not to spend too much time trying to figure it out. She said that as much as Quinn loved him, when something was over for her, it was over -- whatever the reason.

Katie agreed with Shauna. Shauna said that Quinn loved Carter, but sometimes, Quinn just freaked out and bolted. Shauna was sorry it had happened to a great guy like Carter. Shauna doubted he'd be single for long and said a lucky lady would help him forget all about Quinn.

After Shauna had gone, Carter asked if Katie thought Shauna had picked up on something. Katie asked if he meant his real feelings for Quinn. "No, how I feel about someone else," he said, nearing Katie. He stated that it was someone who'd been generous with her support.

In the CEO's office, Hope quipped that when Ridge had arrived in Aspen, Steffy and Taylor hadn't been able to let the moment pass them by, "like old times." Hope asserted that Ridge would always love Brooke, and that was the truth, even if it was an inconvenience for Taylor and Steffy.

Accusing Brooke of constantly assaulting Steffy's family, Steffy claimed she got to defend her mom just as Hope was doing for Brooke. Hope said Steffy wasn't just defending her mother; she was condoning the destruction of a marriage. Steffy asked if Hope was saying Ridge didn't know his mind or heart. Steffy asserted that his heart was fully with Taylor.

Hope figured that even Steffy had to admit that Brooke had made Ridge happy, but Steffy claimed Brooke had made him miserable most of the time and could only behave herself for so long. Steffy said she felt bad for Brooke, who kept making the same mistakes "we made in our twenties." Steffy said her father was finally starting to realize it.

Hope replied that it was because Steffy and her family had constantly pointed out Brooke's shortcomings. Steffy claimed that they hadn't had to do that, and Ridge could make his own decisions. Steffy said she wasn't focused on Brooke's feelings. Steffy was focused on Taylor and the joy Taylor felt in being back with Ridge.

Hope replied that she was focused on her family and the reason Ridge had left overnight. Steffy quipped that it was due to Brooke, but Hope didn't buy Ridge's sudden shift. Steffy insisted that Ridge had always loved Taylor, and Hope was kidding herself if she thought it was temporary. Steffy gushed about the love between her parents in Aspen, with no misunderstandings or foul play. Steffy said that the sooner Brooke and Hope got it through their heads, the better.

Hope said Brooke would never give up on Ridge because of what they "have" together. Steffy put it in the past tense. Claiming she wasn't gloating, Steffy said she'd worried about losing Ridge to Brooke and the Logans. She said it had been a dark time, but her family was whole again. She claimed it was a wonderful time for her family, the Forresters.

At Brooke's house, Brooke left a message for Ridge. Her front door opened. She thought it was Ridge, but it was Liam. Liam said Ridge could still walk through the door, but Brooke was worried that it wouldn't happen with the more time that went by.

Trying to stay positive, Brooke wished she could talk to Ridge. Liam said he and Hope were pulling for Brooke. It meant a lot to Brooke to hear it. Liam said he and Hope were Brooke's family. Brooke replied that Ridge was, too, "but if Steffy and Taylor have their way..."

Brooke thanked Liam and said he and Hope were wonderful. He replied that Hope would always defend the people she loved. Brooke didn't know what she'd done to deserve the supportive Hope, and Brooke wished Hope didn't have to defend her. Liam said that it was the same as how Thomas and Steffy would always defend Taylor.

Liam began to say that whether Ridge stayed with Taylor or "got his ass back to you," but Brooke interrupted, saying Ridge had to return because they were married. In her view, their future had been promising a few days earlier; however, Ridge thought she'd done something. As the camera focused on a photo of Douglas and Thomas, Brooke said she had no idea what it was that had made Ridge upend his life that way.

Liam asked what Ridge had said in Aspen. Brooke shared that Ridge had just told her to say it. Liam wondered what she was supposed to say. He insisted that she talk to Ridge again because the stakes were too high. Brooke agreed. She said she would not let Steffy and Taylor win. Brooke insisted that she'd figure it out, and she and Ridge would be together again.

At Deacon's place, Deacon was furious about Bill making it rain dollar bills with Bill's face on them at Deacon's house. Sheila said Bill wasn't worth it, but the irked Deacon grumbled that Bill thought he was a better man. Sheila reasoned that Bill had more money. "But is he better-looking?" she asked. Deacon quickly warned her to watch it.

Sheila wondered if the news was true about Ridge and Brooke. Deacon replied that Bill hadn't been able to wait to tell Deacon about it. Sheila replied that Bill had been marking his territory, and a newly divorced Brooke Logan was something that the ultra-rich Bill could attain. Deacon replied that Brooke wasn't divorced yet, and even if she was, it didn't mean she'd go running back into "that jerk's" arms again. Deacon believed that Brooke deserved someone better.

Sheila asked what poor Brooke would do without a man for five minutes. Deacon told Sheila to lay off and show compassion for his daughter's mother. Sheila quipped that it was all Brooke would ever be to him, and Bill was right; Deacon wouldn't have a future with Brooke.

Amused, Deacon figured Sheila didn't think so because she was jealous. Sheila burst into laughter, but he reasoned that in a head-to-head competition, the women were both beautiful and had sex appeal. However, the one sexy thing Brooke had that Sheila didn't was that Brooke had "never been charged with attempted murder."

Sheila asked if she lacked sex appeal. She said that wasn't what she felt when she and Deacon were "between the sheets together, or on the sofa… the floor." She said they had a heat he'd never experienced with another woman. Not even with "what's her name." Deacon and Sheila began kissing.

Later, Deacon held up Bill's phony money. Calling Bill a buffoon, Deacon said Brooke could do better than that clown. Sheila assumed Deacon meant himself. Deacon said he at least wasn't an arrogant narcissist. Deacon believed Brooke should avoid Bill. Sheila guessed Deacon would be happy to rescue Brooke. Deacon said that if Bill hurt Brooke, that would hurt Hope, and Deacon refused to let that happen. Sheila insisted that Brooke would always belong to Ridge, whether Ridge wanted her or not.

Katie sets Carter straight about her interest in Bill

Katie sets Carter straight about her interest in Bill

Friday, October 21, 2022

At Steffy's house, Thomas arrived, making himself known just in case Steffy and Finn were making out. Steffy was alone but told Thomas to mark her words about how weird it would be when she walked in on him and his future girlfriend. She wanted to know about his dating life and why he didn't have a girlfriend. Thomas said he was just focusing on work and his son.

Thomas and Steffy heard a car door outside, which alerted them that Ridge and Taylor were there. The brother and sister pretended to be casual when Ridge and Taylor entered the house, but eventually, they cheered for the reunion of their parents.

Steffy and Thomas offered to take Ridge's bags to their mother's room, but Taylor didn't want them to make a fuss. Thomas was amazed to see his parents together. Taylor said that all felt right with the world, and it was everything she'd ever wanted for all of them.

Thomas insisted upon hearing the story of Aspen. As Taylor told Thomas that Ridge had found her to say he wanted to be with her, images played of Ridge and Taylor in Aspen. She told Thomas that she'd run from Ridge, but he had refused to let her get away from him. They laughed as Taylor recalled that she'd eventually asked Ridge what had taken him so long.

Thomas flashed back to setting Brooke up on the fake CPS call. Taylor noticed that Thomas had spaced out. Thomas noted that Brooke had shown up in Aspen. Ridge flashed back to asking Brooke to say what she'd done. Ridge told everyone that he didn't want to talk about Brooke. He agreed with Taylor's sentiment and asked what had taken him so long.

Later, as Taylor chatted with her kids, Ridge saw a press release with Brooke's photo on it. They told him to join the team. He said he was just admiring their laughter. Taylor said she hadn't thought that the moment had been possible, but true love had won out in the end. She said they were ready to build the rest of their lives together, and it was another miracle for their family.

As the family hugged, Thomas thought to himself, "Another miracle for our family indeed."

At Brooke's house, Hope thought it was good that Ridge had text-messaged Brooke that he was returning from Aspen that day. Brooke said Ridge wasn't alone; he'd been with Taylor that entire time, and they were returning to town together. Brooke just wanted answers as to why her marriage was over and why Ridge was suddenly with Taylor.

Hope reasoned that Ridge was on the way to see Brooke, which could be a good sign. Brooke was worried that she wouldn't get through to Ridge and that her marriage was really over. Hope asked if Ridge had given any type of clue as to why he was with Taylor.

Brooke recalled the kiss in Monaco but said Ridge hadn't wanted it to impact his marriage. Brooke stated that Ridge had told Steffy that he'd been committed to Brooke. Brooke asserted that she and Ridge had been working on things and had been in a good place. Hope said Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas had driven a wedge between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke was sad to say that it might have worked.

Hope urged her mother not to give up because she believed that Ridge still loved Brooke. Although she was convinced of it, Brooke said it didn't mean they'd be together. Brooke felt as if she was one small voice, but his family was shouting in his ear all the time.

Hope said the others were trying to make it seem as if their love and connection were more valid than Brooke's, but it wasn't true. Hope said Brooke was Ridge's wife. Brooke said that she didn't want to be at war with Taylor or her kids; Brooke just wanted her husband back.

Brooke was adamant that she and Ridge shared more than history and were connected on the deepest level, something Taylor and her children didn't understand and wouldn't accept. Brooke was adamant that their love story wouldn't end.

At Forrester, Katie was pleased with Justin's work on a deal. He admitted he was glad she trusted him, but he knew he had a lot to make up for. Justin said he liked it at Forrester. He called it refreshing and said he was using his degree for good. He insisted, though, that much of the work on the deal he'd just done for Katie had been done by Carter.

As Justin left to get some paperwork, Katie thought of kissing Carter. Carter arrived. He said he didn't want to distract her from work, but she said he'd be on her mind whether he was there or not. She asked if he'd been thinking about her, and he admitted he'd asked Pam to tell him when Katie had been done with her meeting.

Later, Justin was back for some more signatures from Katie. He said that word was getting around about Brooke and Ridge. Justin was sorry to hear about it. After Justin left, Carter said that Katie was a loving and loyal sister. Katie admitted that she was worried about Brooke. Carter wondered if he could help. Katie asked if he'd been looking for her to cheer her up.

Carter wanted to offer Katie the laughter she'd given him the other day. He said he couldn't believe that she'd admitted to thinking of him. She asked if he hadn't thought of her. He replied that, at the time, he'd thought he'd had something solid with Quinn. Katie stated that he'd been freed to start something else.

Carter remembered that he and Katie had once spent a lot of time together. Katie said they'd talked about Bill and Quinn, and Katie didn't want to do that anymore. Carter didn't think Quinn would be back. Katie thought it was for the best. She said Bill would always be in her life due to Will, but they hadn't connected as a couple in a while. Katie was curious because Quinn had risked it all for Carter, which meant he had to have shaken Quinn to her core. Carter assumed Katie was intrigued. "Was the chemistry that hot?" Katie asked.

Carter wondered what Bill would say, but Katie said that she'd made it clear that she wasn't interested in pursuing Bill. Carter told her that he wanted to make it clear that it wasn't that he'd never given Katie a thought. He'd always noticed how incredible, smart, strong, beautiful, and sexy she was. Carter and Katie began kissing.

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