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Brooke was stunned by Deacon's marriage proposal. Taylor bought Wyatt's beach house as a gift for Ridge. Paris told Thomas that Hope thought he was hot. Liam asked Douglas to move home, but a resistant Douglas requested a family weekend without Liam.
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Deacon proposed to Brooke. Taylor bought Wyatt's beach house. Paris told Thomas that Hope thought he was hot. Douglas wanted a family weekend -- with Liam.
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Deacon asks Brooke a startling question

Deacon asks Brooke a startling question

Monday, October 24, 2022

At Il Giardino, Hope was stunned to hear what had transpired between Deacon and Bill. Deacon wasn't bothered by it because it meant Bill was worried that Deacon had a chance. Deacon hated to hear that Brooke's marriage was over, but to him, it was classic Forrester. Hope said they didn't know why it was happening, but Steffy's interference hadn't helped.

Deacon asked how Hope was and if the animosity with Steffy was causing problems for Hope and Liam as far as Kelly was concerned. Hope said it wasn't that, but there had been a lot of stress due to the situation with Douglas. She shared that Douglas was happy with Thomas. Deacon asked if she was happy about it, but she wanted to drop it.

Hope revealed that she was secretly relieved by the way things had gone with Ridge and Brooke because Brooke had been stressed out for a while. Hope was starting to think that maybe "it" wasn't what was best for Brooke. Hope said she'd defended Ridge, but if he could easily walk away without explanation, then he didn't deserve Brooke -- not like Deacon did.

"Me?" Deacon questioned. Hope reasoned that he'd be there for Brooke, but he couldn't because Ridge had banned Deacon from the premises. Hope suggested they visit Brooke, and maybe Deacon could tell Brooke how he felt.

At Brooke's house, Ridge arrived. Brooke asked him to say that Aspen had been a mistake and that he'd be returning home. Ridge said it had never been his intention to hurt her. She wanted to work through it, but he said he was there to pick up some of his things. Noting that he hadn't even told her what it was about, she asked why he was doing it.

Ridge flashed back to hearing Brooke's voice on the child services call and then back to Aspen when she'd refused to admit she'd made the call. Brooke said she was his Logan and his wife. She asked him to talk to her. She believed they could get through it, and she felt that they needed to be open and honest. Ridge replied that she'd always be in his heart, but he was moving on with Taylor. He went upstairs.

Later, Ridge returned with an overnight bag. Brooke tried to get him to stay, but Ridge said he'd talked to Carter about getting annulment paperwork together. Brooke asked if Ridge wanted to pretend that their marriage had never existed and trample on their vows. She asked about the commitment they'd made to their family and everything they'd built, the memories they'd made. None of it made sense to Brooke, and she asked what had changed. Ridge said he'd always love Brooke, and Carter would be in touch.

Later, Hope and Deacon arrived. Brooke was still perplexed about Ridge putting his other family back together. "Maybe that's where he belongs. With them," Hope replied. Looking at Deacon, Hope said that there was something beautiful about rebuilding a family. Deacon guessed that they were doing "this." Hope's eyes widened when Deacon pulled out an engagement ring.

Deacon said it might seem out of the blue, but he'd been dreaming of it for a long time. For him, Brooke had always been the one, and if Ridge was with Taylor, it might be time for Deacon and Brooke to repair their family. He said they'd made Hope, and he could only imagine the magic and love they could have if they gave it a chance. Deacon didn't think anyone deserved Brooke, but he promised that if she'd take the journey with him, he'd prove his love to her every day. He said she'd never question his feelings or loyalty if she'd just say she'd marry him.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor were excited about Ridge, but Steffy wasn't pleased that he was at Brooke's house. Taylor said Ridge had to get some stuff. "We trust him, remember?" she asked. Steffy pitied Brooke and said it was nice of Taylor to care about Brooke's feelings. Taylor said she'd been there before -- because of Brooke.

Later, Steffy caught Taylor getting off the phone with someone. Taylor was acting weird. Steffy pressed Taylor until Taylor revealed that she'd done something, and she hoped Ridge would be happy about it. Steffy tried to guess the surprise, but all Taylor would say was that she was stepping into the future with something from her and Ridge's past.

Later, at Wyatt's house, Taylor walked the blindfolded Ridge to the door. When she took the blindfold off, Ridge asked what they were doing at Wyatt's place. Taylor said it wasn't Wyatt's anymore. She told Ridge that she'd been looking for a place for a while because she'd been crowding Finn and Steffy. Ridge asked if Taylor had bought the place. She acknowledged that she'd done it after he'd said he wanted to be with her. Ridge swept her into a kiss.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam gave Bill a beer and reminded him that Ridge always came back. "Until he doesn't," Bill reasoned. Brooke said Forrester was a fool, and Brooke wouldn't put up with it anymore. Liam didn't think it was wise to count the relationship out, but Bill insisted that it was finished. Bill felt that it was the greatest thing to happen to Brooke because "I'm gonna step in."

Bill said the convict thought he had a shot with Brooke, but Liam corrected that Deacon was his father-in-law. "Another loser unworthy of her," Bill said, adding that Deacon was dumb enough to think Brooke would take him back. As far as Bill was concerned, Ridge and Deacon could both hit the road. Liam assumed Bill would just step in and take over. "It's what I do," Bill quipped.

Liam asked about Katie. Bill replied that Liam knew how Bill had tried. Katie, however, wanted nothing to do with Bill, and they were both moving on. Bill planned to move on with a woman who'd always accepted him for who he was. Liam thought Brooke needed space. Bill asserted that he was best for Brooke, and Deacon was a moron to think he had a chance.

Leery, Liam advised his father to chill out and give Brooke breathing room. Bill said he loved and respected Brooke. He didn't intend to pressure her. Liam said that losing Ridge was a big change for Brooke. "A change for the better," Bill quipped.

Brooke gives Bill and Deacon her answer

Brooke gives Bill and Deacon her answer

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

At Brooke's house, Deacon asked Brooke to make him the luckiest man in the world and accept his marriage proposal. Brooke was surprised he'd brought her a ring. "What can I say? You bring it out in me. I'm a man of action," he replied. Hope asked when he'd gotten the ring.

Deacon revealed that he'd wanted to go to Brooke and drop to one knee for a long time. He'd waited for the moment to propose marriage to Brooke, and thanks to Hope, the time was then. He believed it would mean a lot to their daughter, and he asked for Brooke's answer.

Brooke was touched. She said they'd always be parents and grandparents together, but she figured he knew she wouldn't give up on Ridge. Deacon said one couldn't blame him for trying.

Hope said they understood why Brooke couldn't accept the ring; Brooke was still technically married, and the wounds were fresh. Hope asked if Brooke could at least keep an open mind because Deacon loved Brooke and would be committed, and Brooke would never have to question his loyalty to their family. Hope hoped Brooke might say yes in the future.

Brooke said that she loved that Hope wanted their family to be happy. The fact that Deacon cared meant a lot to Brooke; however, she believed that she had a husband, and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She refused to give up on Ridge and said the door wasn't closed -- not yet.

In Brooke's cabin, Bill ended a phone call. He told Liam that Taylor had bought the beach house, and Wyatt had already moved out. Liam was surprised to hear it. Bill said he wasn't about to sell the Bel Air home because he needed a place big enough for himself and Brooke. Liam said Bill was so cocky that he thought Brooke would turn to him. "Absolutely," Bill said.

"There are other men in the world," Liam replied. "Deacon?" Bill replied. Bill stated that he'd brought Deacon up as a joke, but Deacon didn't stand a chance with Brooke.

The topic turned to all the time Thomas was spending with Hope, which was all of his days, a good chunk of his evenings, and some nights. "With Beth, yes," Liam added. Bill was in disbelief that Hope didn't see that Thomas was manipulating her. Liam replied that he and Brooke did. Bill figured that once he was back in Brooke's life, he would help steer Hope from Thomas.

Liam thought Bill was getting ahead of himself, but Bill vowed to choose Liam as his best man, so that Liam could make a speech about how wrong he was. Bill decided to pay Brooke a visit and get started on the future. Liam warned Bill to be careful because Brooke was hurting.

Later, Liam was alone when Hope arrived with Deacon. Hope told Liam that she had to get back to work, and he asked why she'd stopped at the house. Deacon said it was okay for Hope to tell Liam, and Hope revealed that Deacon had asked Brooke to marry him. Liam exclaimed disbelief, but Deacon added that Brooke had turned him down.

Hope said it was just for the time being. She stated that Ridge had run off with Taylor, and Brooke would realize it and choose a man who truly loved her. Hope stated that no one loved Brooke more than her dad. "Except maybe my dad," Liam replied.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke opened the door and found Bill on her doorstep. Saving her the trouble, he said he couldn't be there because of Ridge; however, Bill was there because he cared, and so Brooke might as well let him in. Brooke stepped back and let him in the house.

Bill said he wanted to help Brooke through it, but she said the only way that would happen would be if Ridge came back. Bill asked if Ridge had indicated he'd do that. Bill stated that Ridge was with Taylor, but Bill could help Brooke through it. "Come back to me, ma cherie," he said.

Brooke said Bill was proving Katie right. "Great. Katie's right. You became available, and here I am -- where I belong," Bill replied. He said he'd spent a year trying to do the right thing with Katie, but Katie didn't want anything to do with him. Bill said he wanted Brooke, and he always had. He said he'd had her, and he'd lost her. He explained that he'd respected her boundaries and her desire to have a life with Ridge. Brooke replied that she did indeed want that.

Bill asked why anyone would want that after the way Ridge had treated Brooke. Bill insisted that he and Brooke were much better. He asked if she remembered what they'd had. He declared that he wanted to whisk Brooke away and make her forget the pain Ridge had caused her. Brooke replied that she didn't want to forget. She said she wanted to learn and grow, and she wanted to heal with Ridge. She said she was touched by Bill being there, but she only wanted to spend her life with one man.

Brooke decided she'd tell Bill the same thing she'd told Deacon. Bill was upset to hear that the convict had been there, but Brooke said not to call Deacon that. Brooke said that Deacon and Bill, important parts of her past, meant a lot to her; however, there was just one relationship for her. She didn't know why Ridge had left, but she'd find out. She refused to give up on him.

At Wyatt's house, Ridge couldn't believe that Taylor had bought the beach house. She asked if he wanted to make it their private hideaway. Ridge, who normally hated surprises, decided he'd make an exception. He agreed to her request, and they kissed.

Ridge said he liked the idea of an old place for a new start. Taylor said they were happy, but his heart was heavy about ending his marriage. She didn't know how they'd gotten there, but no matter what it was, she pledged to be there for him, good or bad, whenever he wanted to open up.

Ridge liked that he could talk to Taylor about anything, but he didn't want to talk about Brooke or his marriage. He mentioned that the house was within walking distance of Steffy's house. Taylor said it was surreal to be there in that house. He said it was because Taylor hadn't given up on him or them, which would have been easy to do. He thanked her.

Ridge and Taylor cuddled on the sofa. They admitted that they loved being in each other's arms. Taylor said she loved knowing their family was back together. Ridge said he was talking about the ocean, but she said her thoughts brought her more peace than any ocean. Ridge kissed her. As he held Taylor, he had a pensive look on his face.

Paris and Hope walk in on a half-naked Thomas

Paris and Hope walk in on a half-naked Thomas

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

At Forrester Creations, Hope and Paris walked into the executive office and found a half-naked Thomas standing in the middle of the room. Thomas claimed he'd thought he had locked the door, to which Paris quipped, "I'm glad you didn't." Thomas explained that he had ridden his bike to work and needed to change. Hope and Paris made a not-too-hasty retreat to give Thomas time to get dressed.

Back in the design office, Paris couldn't get the image of the boxer-clad Thomas out of her mind. "There's something about his eyes, something behind that smile that's just so... dark and dangerous, but also sexy," Paris gushed. Paris added that Thomas was "the kind of trouble you'd want to get into." Hope didn't share her thoughts on Thomas.

Paris called the design office a "safe space" and urged Hope to speak up. Hope agreed to admit that Thomas was "hot" if it meant that they could get back to work and stop talking about Thomas. "Married is not dead," Paris replied with a laugh.

Later, while Thomas was still not dressed, the door to the executive suite once again swung open. "Just couldn't stay away, could ya?" Thomas chirped. Steffy asked Thomas why he was not wearing any clothes. Thomas again stated that he'd thought that he had locked the door.

Steffy and Thomas briefly discussed Taylor purchasing the beach house and how "so many twists of fate" had made their family so happy. Steffy expressed that the only thing left to do was to find "someone" for Thomas. Thomas assured Steffy that he was okay and did not need her to play matchmaker.

Thomas dropped by the design office and found a thirsty Paris helping herself to some water. She took the opportunity to compliment Thomas on the results of his workout routine. When Paris accidentally let it slip that Thomas had "a couple" of fans. Thomas was surprised that Hope had expressed an interest in what she had seen earlier in the day. Paris warned Thomas not to let Hope's praise go to his head.

Back in the executive office, Steffy and Hope talked about plans for the upcoming Hope for the Future preview. The plans involved having Thomas do some interviews about the line and finding a way to link Paris' work to charities that Hope supported. Steffy praised the amount of work that Hope and Thomas had been putting in to the line.

Pivoting slightly, Steffy asked if Hope had any concerns with the amount of time that Thomas had been spending with Douglas. Hope assured Steffy that everything was going "just fine" between her and Thomas. Steffy smiled and remarked that it seemed like Hope was seeing Thomas "through a different lens."

Liam dropped by to talk to Brooke about Hope's upcoming fashion show and how he wished Thomas didn't have to be "a part of the package." Brooke assured Liam that they were on the "same page" when it came to Thomas. Liam chuckled and, before taking a sip from a mug that Brooke had given him, told Brooke that he had come to enjoy their "tea time grievance-filing powwows."

Pressed for an answer about how she was doing, Brooke admitted that she was "crushed" and "confused" about Ridge's decision to leave her for Brooke. Liam wondered if it was possible that there was no underlying reason, and Ridge had only gone back to Taylor because of the pressure put on him by Steffy and Thomas.

Brooke urged Liam to keep an eye on Thomas so that Thomas did not attack Liam and Hope's marriage in the same way that he had attacked her marriage. Liam worried that Hope had forgotten how dangerous Thomas could be because Thomas had become "more subtle" in his actions. Liam remarked that Thomas was using the custody situation with Douglas as a way to play mind games with Hope.

Later, Hope found Thomas alone in the design office, working on a sketch. Hope took a look at the sketch and said that she liked the statement that the dress would make. "If I'm a great designer, it's only because of you," Thomas said. Thomas commented that when he worked on a design, he thought about how it would look on "you."

Hope's face wrinkled up as she listened to Thomas' use of pronouns. Abruptly, Thomas asked if Hope had ever thought about him in that way. "Of course not," Hoped replied somewhat unconvincingly. "That's not what I heard," Thomas countered, before assuring Hope that her secret was safe with him.

To Liam, Douglas says he wants to be with his real parents

To Liam, Douglas says he wants to be with his real parents

Thursday, October 27, 2022

In the CEO's office, Brooke arrived. Assuming Brooke was looking for Ridge, Steffy said he was probably with her mother. Brooke figured Steffy was gloating after undermining Brooke's marriage, but Brooke felt it was only temporary. Denying it, Steffy said it was for good, and Ridge was filing for an annulment. Steffy asked if she could get back to work. Brooke scoffed at Steffy's dismissal of her, but Steffy said she was avoiding another lecture about destiny.

Steffy defended her mom and herself when Brooke intimated that they'd gone after Brooke's marriage. Steffy insisted that Ridge wouldn't go back to Brooke and was making it permanent and legal, which Brooke had coming, "especially after Aspen."

Brooke asked where Hope was. Steffy said Thomas was in a meeting with Hope. Steffy was sure it bothered Brooke, though Thomas didn't care. Brooke said that Steffy conveniently forgot how Thomas had been detached from reality. Brooke hadn't forgotten and said Hope shouldn't, either, in case there was a chance of it happening again.

Calling Brooke's concerns unfounded, Steffy claimed that Thomas' life didn't revolve around Hope anymore. Brooke noted that the pair worked together, they were raising Douglas together, and Thomas was keeping Hope at Eric's house as much as possible.

Steffy asked how Ridge would feel about Brooke attacking Thomas and said it would confirm Ridge's decision to go to Taylor. Brooke believed Ridge would understand and said Ridge knew Thomas' history. Brooke vowed to make sure that Thomas wouldn't use Douglas as a weapon to drive a wedge between Hope and Liam.

In the design office, Hope told Thomas that the context in which she'd said he was hot mattered. Thomas said she didn't have to be self-conscious. He figured she knew how he felt about her. Hope decided to move past it, even though Thomas said it was his greatest compliment to date.

Hope started to step behind the changing screen to retrieve a dress. Thomas tried to tell her not to do it. Hope shuddered and exclaimed her shock. Behind the screen was the Hope mannequin. Hope demanded to know why it was there. He claimed that someone from downstairs had brought it up, probably thinking it would inspire him to design.

Hope was upset and in disbelief, wondering who in their right mind would do that. Thomas insisted that he'd never want anyone to bring that thing up there. He claimed he didn't know why it hadn't been burned to the ground. He said it reminded him of a painful and dark past, but he was focused on being a great father. He said he needed Hope to tell him that she believed him.

Outside the door, Brooke listened in as Hope said she believed Thomas. Hope, seeing the changes he'd made, stated that it was beautiful to see what a devoted father he was, and he'd done amazing work on her line. For that, Hope was grateful to him. "So, it's not because you think I'm hot?" he asked, and Brooke scowled as she listened.

Brooke entered and asked to talk to Hope alone. Thomas left, and Brooke asked what Hope was doing and what was going on with Hope and Thomas. Hope defended Thomas, who was working hard on the line and bonding with Douglas. To Hope, it was a beautiful thing to see.

Brooke began to list her concerns, but Hope said Brooke wasn't the one spending "all this time" with Thomas. Hope added that she'd seen how Thomas was at Eric's with Douglas and how much Thomas had helped with the line. Brooke asked if Hope had complete faith in Thomas. When Hope affirmed it, Brooke said that was what concerned her. "Because you're too trusting when it comes to Thomas," Brooke asserted.

Hope figured Brooke would say for Hope to keep her guard up. Hope claimed that she was, but she believed she was allowed to see that Thomas was capable of change, especially for Douglas' sake. Brooke revealed that she'd heard that Hope thought Thomas was hot. Hope said it wasn't what Brooke thought. "Well, it certainly seemed like something," Brooke replied.

Hope explained what had gone on earlier after she and Paris had seen Thomas change in the office. Hope said she'd only agreed with Paris in order to get back to work. Brooke expressed her concern, saying Thomas had had a Hope mannequin. Hope glanced at the changing screen, behind which the mannequin was hidden. Brooke said Liam was worried, too, and Hope was over at Eric's to be there with Thomas.

Hope corrected that she was at Eric's house to see Douglas. Brooke figured that Hope knew the difference, but Brooke wasn't convinced that Thomas did. Hope didn't want to argue. Brooke didn't, either, but she asserted that Beth, Liam, and Douglas were Hope's family, not Thomas and Douglas. Hope claimed to know that, but she asked Brooke to accept that Hope believed that Thomas had changed and wasn't a threat.

Brooke said Thomas resented her, and every time she saw him, she could see the hate in his eyes. Hope replied that Brooke was exaggerating, but Brooke didn't think she was. Brooke said she knew Thomas, who had a history of instability and of manipulating people.

Back in the CEO's office, Thomas was complaining about Brooke interrupting him and Hope. Steffy, who said she and Brooke had exchanged words, decided that Brooke was trying to take her marriage problems out on Thomas to get back at them. Thomas said it wouldn't matter because Hope was in his corner that time; he was sure of it.

Thomas stated that he didn't want Brooke interfering in his relationship with Hope. "'Relationship?'" Steffy asked. He claimed it was the working and parenting relationship.

Hope arrived, ready to get back to work. Steffy warned Thomas to keep his pants on and left. Hope was embarrassed, but he said he hadn't told Steffy that Hope had said he was hot. Hope disclosed that Brooke knew about it. He assumed Brooke had warned Hope about him.

Hope claimed she didn't need it. She said Thomas had worked with Douglas, and it was a beautiful thing. She also appreciated the work he'd put in on the line. He said it wasn't hard when he was working on her line and thinking about her.

As a phone started ringing, Hope went to try on a gown behind a changing screen. Thomas answered the work call, and after it ended, he was amazed when he saw Hope in the gown. As the two discussed the gown, he flashed back to fantasizing about kissing Hope. He told himself that it had been a fantasy. In his head, he said Hope was married, and he couldn't do it.

At Eric's house, Donna and Eric watched Douglas beat Liam at chess. Liam guessed Eric had been teaching the boy, and Eric said Ridge and Thomas had, too. Donna and Douglas exchanged secret smiles, and Douglas revealed that Donna had been teaching him in secret.

Eric and Liam were surprised to hear from Donna that she played and had been the scorekeeper for her high school chess club. Douglas said Donna was fun, and Eric stated that they enjoyed having the boy visit. Liam thought it was cool but said Beth, Hope, and he missed Douglas. Liam asked Douglas if it might be time for him to return home.

Douglas seemed disheartened. Liam said he, Beth, and Hope missed Douglas. "Do I have to leave?" Douglas asked. Donna and Eric said Douglas didn't, and Douglas readily said it was okay with his great-grandfather that he stayed. Eric decided that he and Donna should go to the den so that Liam and Douglas could talk.

Alone with Douglas, Liam said home wasn't the same without Douglas. Douglas reasoned that Hope and Beth could see him at the mansion. Douglas stated that the mansion was where he wanted to be. "What I really want is to be with both my parents," Douglas said somewhat sadly, adding, "my mom and my real dad."

Liam asked if Douglas knew that Liam wouldn't try to be Douglas' dad. Liam recalled that he and Douglas had had a lot of fun at soccer games, working on projects, and designing Halloween costumes. Liam said he felt like they'd been best buds. "We were," Douglas replied. Liam missed it and hoped that Douglas did, too. "I do, but..." Douglas said.

Liam assured Douglas that he could tell Liam anything. Douglas stated that Liam was cool and all, but so was Thomas. Douglas liked hanging out with Hope and Thomas, Douglas' "real family."

Douglas requests a family weekend -- without Liam

Douglas requests a family weekend -- without Liam

Friday, October 28, 2022

At Forrester, Thomas internally warned himself not to fantasize about Hope. Liam and Douglas arrived as Thomas was fiddling with the gown on Hope. Douglas, who'd asked Liam to take him to his parents, said that Liam wanted Douglas to leave Eric's house. Liam said it was because he missed Douglas, as did Beth and Hope. Liam acknowledged that he wasn't Douglas' father, but Liam was hoping Hope could help explain why it was important for Douglas to be home for a bit. "Because that is what you want, too, isn't it?" Liam asked Hope.

Douglas said he wanted to be with Thomas and that they hadn't been that way since "I was a kid." Douglas didn't want to leave Eric's. Thomas stated that no one had said Douglas had to. Hope said Liam was right about the Spencers missing Douglas, but if Douglas was happy, they'd find a way to make it work. Douglas asked if that meant he could stay with Thomas.

"For now," Hope replied. Douglas hugged Hope, saying he'd known she would understand. Douglas proposed that he, Beth, and his parents spend the weekend together. Hope said Beth would love it, but they had a big preview they'd been working on. Thomas said that after the preview, they'd do it. Thomas, Hope, and Douglas hugged, and Liam looked sad.

Later, Hope, Thomas, and Douglas were alone, reviewing Thomas' designs. Douglas said his dad was the best. Hope agreed, giving Thomas a side glance. Hope grinned as Thomas showed Douglas how to pin a gown on a dress form. Douglas said he loved hanging out like that. He loved his parents and wished they'd love each other, as well.

At Brooke's house, Brooke saw Beth off after a tea party, and Katie sat down to chat with her sister. They discussed Hope spending long hours with Thomas on the fashion preview and at Eric's house. Brooke said Katie hadn't mentioned Bill. Sure Brooke knew why, Katie assumed Bill had been to see Brooke already. Brooke affirmed it, and Katie said Bill had gotten there even faster than she'd expected.

Brooke insisted that she only wanted Ridge, but Katie wondered about Bill being Brooke's savior. Brooke said she didn't want to be saved; she just wanted her husband back, and she wished Ridge had told her what had changed between them.

Later, Katie was amused that Deacon and Bill had each rushed over to profess their love for Brooke. Brooke added that she'd told them that Ridge was the only man for her. For Katie, Bill's overture to Brooke solidified things. Brooke responded that Bill would have reacted differently if he'd known there could be a chance with Katie.

Katie replied that Bill might have tried to hide his feelings if he'd thought that. She was unwilling to give Bill her whole heart if he couldn't do the same in return -- especially if there were men out there who would. Brooke gleaned that Katie was seeing someone. Katie giggled and said it was too soon, but Brooke noted that Katie seemed into the new guy. Katie admitted it but wanted Brooke to focus on Brooke's love life. Brooke said hers wasn't the only one with issues, and Thomas was trying to attack Hope's marriage the way Taylor had attacked Brooke's.

Katie, who worked closely with Hope's team, offered to keep an eye on things. Brooke was grateful because she couldn't justify being in those meetings herself. Brooke returned to the topic of the man in Katie's life, but Katie said that when there was something to tell, her sisters would be the first to know.

As Katie got ready to leave, Liam arrived. Katie exited, and Brooke asked what was going on. Liam said Hope and Douglas were doing exactly what Thomas wanted. Liam felt as if Thomas had too much influence and that Liam was getting shut out.

Liam explained that he'd been with Douglas at Eric's, and they'd been having a great time. He felt that it had been a great opportunity to bring up Douglas returning home. Brooke said that was good because someone needed to highlight that the situation was only temporary. "Enough's enough already," Brooke said, but Liam shook his head.

Liam further explained that Douglas had wanted to discuss it with Thomas and Hope. Liam had taken the child to Forrester, where his parents had been working. "And he's got his hands on her," Liam added. Liam didn't get why Hope, who knew what Thomas was up to, had let him do it. Liam didn't know how Hope could stand to have Thomas close to her like that.

Brooke flashed back to confronting Hope about the "hot" comment. Liam asked why Hope wasn't turned off by the crazy things Thomas had done in the past. Brooke said Thomas was trying to make Hope forget it. Liam stated that Douglas was helping, and Brooke asked if Douglas was being manipulated. Liam felt that Douglas was growing up and trying to find his place. Liam told Brooke about Douglas' proposition that everyone but Liam spend the weekend together. "What? That's taking it too far," Brooke decided and asked what Hope had said.

Liam replied that Hope hadn't ruled it out, nor had she told her son it was time to go home. Liam was concerned that he was looking like the bad guy. Brooke said he was trying to look out for his family. Liam said it was freaking him out that no one was listening to him.

At Deacon's place, Sheila was surprised that Brooke and Ridge had broken up after just getting back together. Deacon quipped that Sheila's surprise was because she'd had nothing to do with it. Sheila guessed that Deacon had been unable to get to Brooke fast enough. He admitted it, saying that, unlike Sheila, he could go wherever he wanted.

Sheila wondered how many times she had to tell Deacon that he was dreaming. Deacon noted that she'd also said Brooke and Ridge would always be together. Sheila insisted that she wasn't wrong, and Deacon wouldn't be the man Brooke turned to. Sheila suggested that he let Brooke cry to her sisters because it was best for everyone that Deacon stayed away from Brooke.

Grinning, Deacon asked if Sheila was threatening him. Sheila said her words were just solid guidance. He said he was waiting for the "or else." She claimed to want him to be realistic, but he said that was a riot coming from her. Sheila guessed she'd done too much for his ego, and gesturing around the room, she added that "this" was not what Brooke imagined moving onto.

Sheila stated that all her nights with Deacon had spoiled him, and Brooke couldn't hold a candle to Sheila. Deacon decided that they should just drop the subject, but Sheila said she might need a distraction. He asked her what she had done that day. She replied that it was what she did every day: watched her soaps and waited for him to return home.

Deacon said she could change scenery and leave. Sheila asked why she'd do that. She said Deacon always put a smile on her face. She called him her lifeline and said she existed for him. He was her whole world, she said. She figured it would have been easier if she'd left town. "Especially for me," he quipped. She claimed she'd had to be close to Hayes and Finn. She said she'd sacrificed "so much" for them. "You do crazy things when you are in love," she reasoned.

Sheila said the sexy Deacon also made her crazy. She didn't think she could repay him for all he'd done, but she intended to try. Deacon and Sheila kissed.

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