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Hope warded off a kiss from Thomas and questioned whether he could accept that it would never happen between them. As Ridge and Brooke ended their marriage, she realized it was due to Thomas. Thomas ordered Douglas to delete the voice app from his phone.
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Hope rebuffed a kiss from Thomas and told him nothing would happen between them. Ridge sent Brooke annulment papers. Thomas ordered Douglas to delete the voice app from his phone.
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Hope puts the brakes on Thomas

Hope puts the brakes on Thomas

Monday, November 7, 2022

In the dark at Il Giardino, Sheila laughed as Deacon took her onto the patio. He said the place had closed early, and "It seems like the perfect time." He turned on some string lights, saying he'd planned a night out on the town for her -- or at least downstairs out of the cramped apartment.

Deacon had locked the place up himself and turned off the security cameras. He said he'd taken every precaution, and they wouldn't have to worry about getting caught. Sheila asked what she and Deacon would be caught doing. "You tell me," he responded.

At the bar, Sheila noted Deacon was pampering her with "the good stuff." He said, "bottoms up," and she wondered what kind of toast that was for their date. Drawing her into his arms, he asked if she wanted to hear that his heart went pitter-patter whenever she was near. Sheila admitted she'd like that, but she bet he wouldn't have problems toasting Brooke.

Deacon was bummed that Sheila had brought up Brooke on a night meant for Sheila. Confused, Sheila recalled that he'd tried to get her to vacate the apartment. He replied that, with the evening, he might be trying to tell her something. Sheila joked about him "proposing." He said he wouldn't do that, but he was having a good time.

Deacon suggested that he and Sheila dance. They couldn't play music because the place was closed; however, he asked her to pick a song. He said they'd both think of the song and dance together. Sheila whispered something in his ear. He said he liked that one. He took her into his arms, and a romantic instrumental played over Sheila and Deacon dancing together.

After the dance, Deacon said he hoped Sheila was enjoying herself. Sheila said the evening had been a godsend. She admitted she'd really missed being out in the world without a mask. He said that he needed to thank her, too, because, with her, he didn't feel as if he needed to wear a mask. He said he could be himself. She thanked him for their few stolen hours with a kiss.

Sheila said it had been a great reminder of all she had to live for. She stated that she'd done it before, and she'd do it again; her life wasn't over by a long shot. Sinister music played. Deacon gulped his drink and gazed anxiously at her.

At Brooke's house, Bill reassured Brooke, saying Hope wouldn't get sucked in further by "the dressmaker's crackpot kid" because Bill would always protect Brooke and her loved ones. Brooke wished Liam had been at the show, but Bill replied that it would have happened if Liam hadn't seen Hope in Thomas' arms.

Brooke said she didn't know why Hope didn't see that Thomas was drawing her in. Bill figured Hope might not want to see it. Bill reasoned that it was admirable of Hope to believe in second chances, but not when it came to the dressmaker's "mini-me." Bill figured Hope was celebrating at the mansion with Thomas' family, which included Ridge, so Brooke had to feel alone.

Bill asked if he and Brooke had struck a deal that she'd lean on his shoulders. She asked about her own family's shoulders, but he joked that his were bigger, stronger, and there for her when she needed them. "Seriously, Sharpe can't be coming around here. He's trouble," Bill said.

Brooke took that to mean that Bill thought of Deacon as her family. Bill explained that Deacon could hang out with Hope all he wanted, but it couldn't be there. "You need to be completely off-limits, and if you think that's because I want you all to myself, I do," Bill added.

Brooke replied that Bill wanted her to himself, but she'd thought she'd always be with Ridge. Bill said Ridge was with Taylor, but Brooke countered that it didn't mean she'd stop loving Ridge. She said she wished she could understand why Ridge had left. Bill said Brooke might never get the answer to that, but he'd always be her stallion. She giggled as he neighed and stomped his foot.

Happy that he'd made Brooke laugh, Bill said she didn't have to be alone and hurting. He reminded her that they'd been incredible together, and in his view, they could be again. Brooke gazed at a photo of Ridge.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam ended a call with Steffy, who'd run down Kelly's night for him. Wyatt arrived. "Sorry to disappoint," he said, observing Liam's face. Wyatt was there to see Beth and congratulate Hope. Liam said Beth was asleep, and Hope was at Eric's house with their "favorite person." Wyatt assumed that was Thomas.

Wyatt remarked that it was late, and things should be winding down by then. He guessed that there was more to the situation. Liam replied that he wanted to be happy for Hope, but he hated that it had to be with Thomas. Liam said he didn't know why Hope didn't see things clearly about Thomas, and Liam was starting to think she didn't want to.

Alone later, Liam told Hope not to fall for it with Thomas. Wondering what he was doing, Liam grabbed his keys and phone. He almost rushed out the door but stopped himself.

At the mansion, Thomas said, "It's pretty awesome having your son look at you like you climbed Mount Everest and swam the English Channel in the same day." Hope replied that she hoped they'd never let Douglas down, but sometimes it was unavoidable to let down loved ones. Intuiting that she thought she'd let Liam down, Thomas said Liam was the one who hadn't shown up at the mansion or show for her. She replied that Liam had had his reasons. Thomas advised her to focus on the people who had shown up for her -- "the people that always do."

Later, Douglas was downstairs, still on a high about the fashion show. He asked if he could get out of going to school the next day to visit his parents at work. Hope said Douglas was dreaming and that it was time for bed. He negotiated to have both of his parents tuck him into bed. He wished it could be that way every night, and Thomas and Hope exchanged gazes.

Later, Thomas offered Hope more Champagne, but she said she needed to go. He then offered her sparking juice, which she accepted. He complimented her more about how great she'd been that night and said the fashion world had seen the strong, passionate woman he adored.

Hope told Thomas that he'd really stepped up with the line and with Douglas. Hope believed that Thomas really had changed. Thomas said Hope and Douglas had been the inspiration for change. Thomas wanted to be worthy of them, and he said that he'd been thinking of her with every stitch of his designs. He believed they made a great team and said there was nothing that he wouldn't do for her.

For a long moment, Hope gazed at Thomas. He moved in to kiss her. Hope stopped him. "This isn't going to happen, Thomas," she said and shook her head.

Hope makes her feelings for Thomas clear

Hope makes her feelings for Thomas clear

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

In the CEO's office, Ridge grinned as he reviewed articles about the preview. He flashed back to himself mentioning Brooke's bedroom on the runway. He envisioned the first showing they'd done for Brooke's line. "As soon as I walked into the building, I knew that you were here," Brooke said in the doorway, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Ridge wondered if his car had tipped Brooke off, but she said she hadn't arrived from there. She claimed she could just "feel" his presence as she had after so many years of being attuned to him. Looking at the bandages on his right hand, she asked what he'd done. He said he'd been making something beautiful, and the next thing he'd known, he'd been hurt.

Ridge asked why Brooke was there so late. Brooke said she'd wanted to get a jumpstart on the press coverage. He shared that he was doing the same thing, and there hadn't been a bad review yet. He added that Hope and Thomas were being hailed as the new Forrester dream team, and he said that their kids had overcome the past to create fashion magic.

Brooke said Hope always saw the best in everyone, even Thomas. "Yeah, even Thomas," Ridge said mockingly. He reasoned that there were a lot of great things about Thomas and asked if it was okay if he was proud of Thomas. Ridge assumed she believed Thomas would screw up again, and he asserted that they all screwed up at times.

Brooke said she didn't want to argue about Thomas. She said he was a major reason Hope hadn't lost her line. Brooke expressed gratitude for that, and she wanted to leave it there. She asked about the celebration at Eric's. Ridge said it had been good to celebrate with the people he was closest to, but it hadn't been the same without her there. Shaking her head, Brooke asked what had happened. She said she still didn't get how they'd ended up apart.

Ridge said it might make sense someday. They both argued over each other as she demanded to know, and he refused to rehash the pain. Brooke agreed that it was painful because he was sharing another woman's bed. She could see his love for her in his eyes. "There's no way I could hide it or deny it," he responded. She demanded to know what had changed.

Ridge claimed it was pointless, and they were going in circles. Brooke insisted upon working through it, but he said it wasn't possible. She wanted to fix things and move on with their future, but he said that he was with Taylor. Enraged, Brooke said she couldn't hear that from his mouth. She said he should be with her, his wife. He apologized for hurting her, but she said he had the power to make it go away. She asserted that they'd be together again.

At the mansion, Hope said Thomas couldn't try to kiss her because she was married to Liam. He said he hadn't meant to upset her. Hope said they'd had a highly emotional day with the showing, but that was as far as it went. She stated that she loved her husband, and there was no more room in her heart or life for another man. Thomas agreed that emotions were running high. "And I don't know. I just thought this was our time," the disappointed Thomas replied.

Hope said the last thing she wanted to do was to hurt Thomas, and she'd thought they were on the same page. He claimed they were, but she said she'd thought they'd moved beyond it. She said she'd thought he'd said he'd changed. Insisting he had, he noted that she'd even said so, but changes came with growing pains. He said he'd been honest about his commitment and that he was a one-woman man. Hope insisted that she couldn't be what he wanted.

Thomas replied that Hope already was. Hope insisted that her commitment was to Liam and her family. Because she cared about Thomas, she said she wanted to be real with him. She said she didn't want to set him up for a fall. She stated that they co-parented together and worked together, and he was her friend. "But that is as far as it goes. We cannot be a couple," she told him.

Backing away from her, Thomas claimed it was fine. He said it wouldn't be good for them to tell anyone about the misunderstanding. He figured it would cause a scene that would affect Douglas if Liam and Brooke found out about it. Thomas said that it wasn't like anything had happened, anyway. He figured that there was "no harm, no foul." Hope said she first needed him to be honest with her and himself about how it would affect things going forward.

Hope stated that Thomas wanted more from her than she was willing to give. She asked if he could accept that they were co-parents, co-workers, and friends. He said he'd been dealing with it well up to that point, but she noted that he'd tried to kiss her. Thomas reasoned that the day had been a triumph, and people had celebrated them all day. He'd felt bonded with her. He claimed that the kiss had been a mistake in a moment, and not a hint of things to come.

Thomas didn't want to ruin things over his stupid mistake. Hope decided she'd choose to believe him. She repeated that she was married, so something like that could never and would never happen again. Thomas promised and asked if she'd tell anyone. Not believing it would benefit anyone, she agreed that they should keep it to themselves.

Backing away, Hope said she was going home to her husband, and she'd see Douglas in the morning. Before Hope left, Thomas lauded her work and expressed how happy he was for her.

After Hope had gone, Thomas thought of the CPS call. "I got Brooke out of my dad's life. Why did I think tonight was the night for Hope and me?" he asked. He thought of the kiss that had almost happened and said he'd gotten his "stupid hopes" up. He thought of Hope saying it would never happen again.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam called Hope but only got her voicemail. He left a message, asking her to call him back, so that he could know she was okay. Standing at the door to the back rooms, he told Beth to go back to bed. He said he knew, but her mom would soon be home.

Later, Liam called to see if Wyatt would still babysit. Because Hope still wasn't home, and her phone was going to voicemail, Liam felt the need to "get over there." Wyatt agreed, and Liam thanked him. After the call, Liam flashed back to seeing Thomas and Hope hug.

Later, Liam put his phone down as Hope arrived. He hugged her and said he'd almost had Wyatt watch Beth so that Liam could check on Hope, who hadn't been answering her phone. She said her phone had died. Liam felt that he owed her an apology for not staying at the show. He said that he'd failed her as a husband and needed to separate his support for her and his disdain for Thomas. Hope replied that it was okay.

Liam admitted that he'd thought Hope would spend the night at Eric's, but Hope said that once Douglas had gone to bed, there had been no reason to stay. Liam apologized again for not being at the show. He revealed that he'd started to stay, but when he'd seen the moment between her and Thomas, Liam had taken off. Hope said Liam should have stayed, but she understood why he hadn't. Liam replied that he had to have faith that Thomas would show his true colors and that Hope would see them.

Liam told Hope that, as her husband, he'd always be hyper-aware of everything going on around her. Liam said he didn't want Thomas' obsession to hurt her again. Hope promised that Thomas wouldn't be a problem, and she and Liam kissed.

Ridge has Carter deliver annulment papers to Brooke

Ridge has Carter deliver annulment papers to Brooke

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

At Forrester Creations, a jubilant Thomas declared that he was "so pumped" to start designing the next Hope for the Future collection. Ridge urged his son to savor the moment. Thomas asked why Ridge didn't seem as enthusiastic. Ridge tried to dodge the question, but he eventually admitted that seeing Brooke at the preview show had once again made him wonder why Brooke had called Child Protective Services on Thomas.

Thomas downplayed the CPS visit and pressed Ridge to leave Brooke in the past. Ridge said that he'd done something that was going to hurt Brooke, but before he could offer any additional details, Steffy walked into the office. Steffy had wanted to talk about the positive press that the Hope for the Future show had been getting, but she sensed that something much more serious was taking place.

Ridge revealed that he had sent Carter to Brooke's house with annulment papers. Ridge worried that things around the office could be awkward for a period of time. Somewhat surprisingly, Steffy and Thomas reacted in a very subdued manner. "We don't want Brooke to be hurt," Steffy said. Thomas calmly stated that the annulment was the best option to allow everyone to move forward with their lives.

Steffy and Thomas took turns praising Ridge for wanting to take a measured approach to the situation. Ridge confessed that he felt "conflicted" by everything, but he insisted that he was not having second thoughts about starting anew with Taylor. "I've spent two lifetimes with Brooke, and we've done everything together," Ridge said in explaining his feelings. He felt uneasy that Brooke was in pain over a decision that he had made.

Once Ridge had left, Thomas and Steffy discussed the status of Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Steffy expressed her disbelief that her dream of having her parents back together was finally becoming a reality.

Later, while he sat alone in the executive office, working on a sketch, Thomas thought back to the voice-altered call he had made to CPS.

At Brooke's home in Holmby Hills, Brooke reacted in shock as she read the papers that Carter had dropped off. "He really did it," she marveled. Carter told Brooke that he felt terrible about having to deliver the annulment papers. "A marriage like ours shouldn't be ending with a few pieces of paper," Brooke said as a tear streamed down her cheek.

Later, in the design office at Forrester Creations, a somber Carter told Katie that she might want to give Brooke a call. It didn't take long for Katie to figure out that Carter had been sent to deliver divorce papers to Brooke. Carter corrected her and explained that Ridge wanted an annulment. Katie was stunned that Ridge wanted to "wipe out [his] marriage like it never even happened."

Katie decided to give Brooke some time to process everything. "Taylor wasn't supposed to be a threat. Ridge said that she wasn't a threat," Katie fumed as she continued to rail against Ridge's decision. Carter embraced Katie and assured her that everything would be okay.

Brooke sat alone in her living room, thinking about her relationship with Ridge. She wept as she looked over the annulment papers. She turned around when she heard the sound of the front door opening. Brooke curtly commented that Ridge could have asked Carter if the papers had been delivered instead of checking for himself. Ridge said that he wanted to see if Brooke was okay.

Brooke told Ridge that she still didn't understand why Ridge had made the decision to end their marriage. Brooke recalled that Ridge had previously made mention that he needed to be with Taylor and his children, but she quickly noted that Ridge's children were adults who "could take care of themselves." Brooke again asked Ridge why he was ending their marriage. He looked at her and shook his head.

Brooke gives Ridge what he asks for

Brooke gives Ridge what he asks for

Thursday, November 10, 2022

In the design office, Liam, who'd arrived to see Hope, didn't want to encounter Thomas while at Forrester. Hope said Thomas and Steffy were in a meeting. Liam lauded Hope for what she'd pulled off the other day and said she should be on a crazy high. Hope said she hadn't had time to think due to the orders and interview requests. Liam expressed pride in Hope.

"I'm even proud to be married to you. Even if I wish Thomas weren't a key part of that," Liam added. Hope flashed back to stopping the kiss from Thomas. She said she completely understood Liam's view and knew that she needed to be cautious with Thomas.

Katie arrived with news that Ridge had served Brooke with annulment papers. Liam and Hope were surprised that Ridge had gone that far. Katie said Brooke had held on, even though her marriage had been targeted. Liam stated that Taylor and Thomas had guilt-tripped Ridge, but Hope said not to forget about Steffy, who'd pressured Ridge nonstop. Hope and Liam thought Ridge's actions were weird and didn't make sense.

Hope wondered if the marital issue was because of Douglas or about Brooke's concerns about Thomas. Liam doubted those things helped, and he was sure Thomas had been milking them. Katie said it was as if he had to choose one family over the other. "As if you couldn't have both those things after 30 years of this," Liam replied. Hope wondered what had made things "go to hell."

Later, Hope and Liam were alone, and Hope asked if Liam really thought Thomas had something to do with Ridge and Brooke being apart. Liam said he wouldn't presume to know what had ended it, but "every time in the past when things have gone wrong and nobody can figure out why, it's Thomas. Why should this time be any different?" Liam asked.

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Thomas discussed Ridge leaving Brooke, and Steffy wondered what had pushed their father over the edge. She guessed Ridge was over the heartache and betrayal. Thomas said "that" was why it didn't bother him; in his view, Brooke was done hurting Ridge, who could be content with their mother. Steffy couldn't wait to tell Taylor what had happened. Thomas said his family's happiness had made it feel worth it.

Steffy, who'd wanted "this" for her mother for so long, wondered where Taylor was. Thomas guessed Taylor was in traffic. Taylor rushed in, asking what was happening after she'd received a text message asking her to get there urgently. Taylor said she'd had to reschedule a patient, but her kids told her that she'd probably want to take off the entire day.

An excited Taylor guessed the news was that Steffy was pregnant. Thomas and Steffy shot down the guess, but Steffy said it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring a baby into a devoted family. As Thomas and Steffy talked about how free and bright the future was, Taylor guessed they'd joined a cult. Steffy and Thomas denied that and said it was finally there.

Taylor was dying to know. Steffy said it was happening, and Ridge was serving Brooke annulment papers. Taylor said Ridge had been talking about the future and saying all the right things. "But I'm still not convinced..." Taylor said, worried that someone would change Ridge's mind and cause him to do the "old switcheroo" again. Thomas stated that there was no chance.

Taylor wondered why Ridge had done it that day. Steffy and Taylor hugged, expressing their excitement, and Thomas became pensive.

At Brooke's house, Brooke refused to believe it was happening. Ridge said it wasn't easy for him, either, but he'd thought "this" was the best way to handle it. Brooke asked if they could just talk about it -- whatever it was -- but Ridge claimed not to have more to say.

Brooke expressed her shock that they'd wipe out every moment they'd ever had together. Ridge replied that it was impossible, and he'd remember each moment he'd ever spent with her. She insisted that it wasn't the end, but Ridge said the damage had been done. Yelling, Brooke asked what the damage was and what was making him want to end their marriage.

Ridge claimed that he didn't want any of it. Brooke said they could get past anything, and they had a great foundation. She just needed him to communicate with her. She asked if it was Bill or Deacon, but Ridge asserted that it wasn't either of those clowns. Brooke said she couldn't read Ridge's mind. He yelled that all he'd wanted was humanity, kindness, and forgiveness, but she'd given up on his boy in the worst way. Brooke asked if it was about Thomas.

Not wanting to play the game anymore, Ridge said Brooke knew what it was. Brooke admitted that she'd expressed her concerns about Thomas and about him parenting Douglas full-time, but that was no reason for an annulment. She stated that Ridge loved his son. "What about you?" Ridge interjected, and he said Brooke couldn't find even a small place in her heart.

Brooke wished she could share Ridge's feelings about Thomas and feel that Thomas had changed; however, Brooke suspected that Thomas was responsible for some of the issues in her and Ridge's marriage, and Thomas was being manipulative and not entirely truthful. Triggered by the word "truthful," Ridge asked if she had anything to say to him about Thomas.

Brooke asked what Thomas had to do with it. Ridge replied that Thomas was his son. Brooke asked about their marriage and their relationship. To her, Ridge was her best friend, her partner, and the love of her life. She said she knew he felt the same way about her. Ridge uttered that he loved her "so much" and would always love her. Saying he didn't have to go through with it with Taylor, Brooke predicted that it wouldn't be the same, and something would always be missing.

Ridge confessed that he'd thought it would have been Brooke and him forever, but he couldn't do it. Brooke said he hadn't even told her what it was all about. In his silence, she figured he'd made his decision to be with Taylor. "I'm not gonna stand in your way," Brooke decided.

Brooke sat down by the coffee table, and Ridge sat on the table. Before she could reach for the pen, the tearful Ridge clicked it and handed it to her. Brooke signed "Brooke Logan" beside Ridge's blank signature spot. Ridge collected the document and walked out.

Thomas scolds Douglas for playing with the voice app

Thomas scolds Douglas for playing with the voice app

Friday, November 11, 2022

At the mansion, Thomas and Ridge arrived and found Douglas playing with the voice app. Thomas said he'd told Douglas that it was enough of that. Ridge was curious about the app, but before Douglas could explain what it was, Thomas interrupted and took the phone. Ridge said he hadn't had apps growing up, and Thomas remarked that they could change one's life.

Thomas decided that it was time for Douglas to do homework. He returned the phone to Douglas, and Ridge and Douglas made plans to play tennis later. After Douglas had gone, Ridge wished he had an app to make Brooke tell the truth. He revealed that Brooke still wasn't coming clean about the phone call she'd made reporting Thomas to Child Protective Services.

Thomas said it was classic Brooke Logan, who did terrible things and then played the victim. Thomas called her a horrible person. "How about we take it easy on her?" Ridge said. Thomas claimed Brooke had been hurting Ridge, betraying him, and embarrassing him from day one. He said it had been Ridge's wife who'd seen an opportunity to make his son look like the bad guy. Thomas was thankful that he and Ridge had heard the call for themselves, even though they'd promised Walter they wouldn't say anything.

Thomas asked if Ridge had said anything to anyone. Ridge said he hadn't told anyone, not even Taylor or Steffy. He said he couldn't imagine if Steffy found out. Ridge was sorry for what Brooke had put Thomas through, and Ridge couldn't believe Brooke had done it to them. Thomas suggested they move on to the good stuff, like Ridge and Taylor. Thomas asked if Taylor knew.

Ridge said he hadn't told Taylor. Instead, Ridge had thought he'd "come here." Thomas urged Ridge to go to Forrester to tell Taylor, but Ridge said he had to play tennis with Douglas. Thomas insisted that Ridge go and said Douglas would understand. Thomas told Ridge to tell Taylor that they'd be together forever, and there was nothing Brooke could do about it.

Later, Donna was in the living room alone when she heard Ridge ask where the honey was. She turned and saw Douglas with his phone out. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed. Donna said it had sounded exactly like Ridge. They talked about the app, and Douglas mentioned that it was glitchy. He said the voices he'd recorded were gone. Donna bet there was a way to restore them.

Thomas entered, asking what was going on. Donna said the saved voices on the app were gone. Upset that Douglas was still playing with the app, Thomas asked if Douglas wanted his phone taken away. Thomas threatened to do it if Douglas kept being disobedient.

Thomas admonished Donna for encouraging Douglas, but Donna said it was merely a harmless app. Thomas replied that it wasn't harmless. He told Douglas that it wasn't okay to deliberately disobey him. Donna said that she didn't mind Douglas' pranks, and the app really did sound like someone else's voice. Thomas said she wasn't helping, and it was between him and his son. Donna shrugged and left the room.

Thomas knelt before Douglas and instructed Douglas to delete the app from his phone.

At Forrester, Finn arrived with coffee for Steffy. Steffy had gone, and Taylor was there alone, writing emails. Finn asked how Taylor felt about Ridge and Brooke ending their marriage. Taylor said she had a lot of feelings; Ridge hadn't told her that he'd planned to do it that day. She said it had been a difficult decision for Ridge, but she was happy that Ridge was finally free of Brooke.

Finn asked if Taylor had thought it would happen. She asked if she'd thought Ridge would choose her because he wanted to spend his life with her and not because Brooke had let him down again. "Nope," Taylor decided. She recalled that she and Brooke had played by different rules, and Brooke hadn't cared who she'd hurt. Taylor said it had been impressive and frustrating. Finn said Taylor had had a family with Ridge, and Brooke had only wanted him for herself. Taylor wondered if Brooke just hadn't wanted Taylor to have him.

Taylor believed that was why signing the papers would be the hardest thing Brooke had ever done. Taylor said she and her kids wanted Ridge to live his best life, but consistent happiness wasn't possible for him as long as he was with Brooke.

Finn asked if Taylor knew why Ridge had ended his marriage. "Besides wanting to be with me?" she asked. She admitted that she didn't know what the reason was, but she was grateful.

Later, Taylor was alone, finishing up calls. She flashed back to sensual times with Ridge. Ridge arrived and figured Thomas had told her. Taylor asked if Ridge was okay and if the marriage to Brooke was really over. Ridge affirmed that his marriage was over, and they hugged.

At Brooke's house, Hope arrived, asking Brooke if it had really happened. Brooke reported that she'd signed the papers, even though it had been very obvious to her that she and Ridge still loved each other. Brooke said Ridge had been staring at her with tears in his eyes as she'd signed the document, and she could see how hard it had been for him.

Brooke didn't know how it had gotten that way when she and Ridge loved each other so much, but Ridge had given her an answer. She said he'd ended their marriage because of Thomas. Hope asked what made Brooke feel that way, and Brooke said Ridge had said Thomas was tied to it in some way, and Ridge had wanted her to admit something. Brooke said she saw Thomas differently, but that wasn't a reason for an annulment.

Hope contended that it was more than that, and Brooke was vocal about Thomas' manipulations. Affirming it, Brooke said Thomas was fixated on Hope still but had gotten better at concealing it, especially from Ridge. Hope asked if Brooke had told Ridge that, and Brooke admitted to reminding Ridge that Thomas had caused them issues in the past.

Hope figured Ridge didn't like hearing it. Brooke added that Ridge didn't like her saying Thomas wasn't truthful. Hope asked Brooke to be cautious about what she was accusing Thomas of. "I'm sorry. What are you even accusing him of?" Hope asked. Brooke said she didn't know, but Ridge had tied Thomas and the papers together. For Brooke, it raised a red flag.

Hope was leery about Brooke going down that road, but Brooke insisted that her instincts were right about Thomas, who might have done something to sabotage her marriage. Hope said Brooke didn't know that, but Brooke said that she had a feeling she couldn't let go off. Brooke was sure Ridge wouldn't tolerate it if Thomas had done something underhanded, no matter how much Ridge loved Thomas.

Hope claimed that attacks on Thomas would only drive Ridge further away. Hope suggested that Brooke tell Ridge that she'd try to see Thomas through Ridge's eyes. Brooke said that as much as she loved Ridge, she couldn't embrace Thomas like that. Brooke didn't know what it was, but in her view, there was something evil about Thomas. Brooke said Ridge couldn't be blinded by it. Brooke vowed to find out what Thomas had done to ruin her marriage.

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