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Ridge proposed to Taylor in the Forrester showroom. Douglas found files in his voice-changer app that didn't belong to him, and he confronted Thomas about using the app to get between Brooke and Ridge. On Ridge's wedding day, Bill made a play for Brooke.
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Ridge proposed to Taylor. Bill made a play for Brooke. Douglas figured out that Thomas made the call to CPS.
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Douglas figures out that Thomas placed the CPS call

Douglas figures out that Thomas placed the CPS call

Monday, November 14, 2022

In Eric's living room, Douglas didn't know why Thomas was so upset about the app. Thomas said he didn't like that Douglas was tricking people. Douglas said everyone thought it was funny, and no one ever got upset with him. Thomas stated that Douglas was disrespecting Thomas by continuing to use it when instructed not to. Thomas said it had to stop, and he asked if Douglas understood. "Yes," the boy murmured.

Sending Douglas upstairs to delete the app, Thomas said he didn't want to hear it again. Alone, Thomas flashed back to using Brooke's voice with the app while reporting himself to CPS.

Upstairs, Douglas was begrudgingly complying with his father's instructions to delete "Voice Changer," the app on the phone, when he noticed that he could restore deleted files. He clicked to restore the files. While playing through files to find the recording of his grandfather, he played a file of Brooke's voice saying she'd like to report a child in danger. Douglas became puzzled.

Douglas played each file containing Brooke's voice. He asked himself if his grandma had used his app. He played the next file. On it, Thomas said the same things "Brooke" had in the previous files. "Wait. Does this mean...?" Douglas said. He played another file and heard his father say, "Brooke Logan. Please hurry." Douglas exclaimed, "Dad called CPS on himself?"

At Brooke's house, Donna arrived and was perplexed by Brooke's agreement to sign the papers. She asked Brooke what had happened. "Thomas happened," Brooke replied. Brooke explained that she didn't know what had happened, but Ridge had implied that she should know. Brooke said she didn't even know what it was.

Donna replied that it might be just that Brooke didn't trust Thomas. Donna didn't blame Brooke and said Brooke should have seen what had happened with Thomas and Douglas that day. Brooke asked if Douglas was okay. Donna indicated that Douglas was fine, but his father had gotten very upset with him.

As Donna mentioned the app, the front door opened. Thomas walked into Brooke's house. Donna asked if everything was okay with Douglas. Thomas replied that kids would be kids and press limits, and one had to lay down the law. Agreeing, Brooke stated that Hope wasn't there. Thomas said he wanted to see Brooke -- alone. Donna said she had to go to work, anyway.

Alone with Thomas, Brooke assumed that he was there to gloat about Ridge and Taylor. Thomas claimed he didn't want to rub Brooke's face in it, but for him, it was nice to see the good guys win. "Really?" Brooke replied. She said it wasn't about good or bad, and she wasn't a villain in Taylor's "story."

"You kind of are," Thomas quipped. Brooke asked what he wanted. Thomas stated that Brooke had already done her thing in Aspen; however, Ridge was with Taylor, and it was really over for Brooke and Ridge. "It should have been done years ago," Thomas added.

Brooke asked "what" should have been done years back. Thomas clarified that his father should have done "this" years back. Thomas was glad Ridge had figured Brooke out and would probably marry Taylor. Brooke asserted that it was because Thomas had done something. Thomas sarcastically agreed that it had to be him because Ridge couldn't possibly just prefer Taylor. Thomas claimed Brooke had never been there for him or supported him at all.

"Are you kidding me? I was there. I helped raise you. I was kind. I was supportive. It's just been hard to support you these last few years because of some of the things you've done!" Brooke replied. Thomas claimed Brooke had never supported him once in the past few years. He said that if she had, he could have supported her, and things would have been different.

Brooke replied that she just didn't trust Thomas. He stated that she never had, and it was fine because he didn't need Brooke. He figured he needed his parents', Douglas', and Hope's trust, not Brooke's. Brooke asserted that trusting Thomas meant trouble. She said she didn't care what he did to her, but she didn't want him hurting Douglas or Hope. "I'm telling you, Thomas. Don't you dare put Douglas in danger again," Brooke asserted.

Back at Eric's house, Thomas arrived in Douglas' room, and Douglas put his phone behind his back. Thomas asked if Douglas had done as instructed. Douglas said he'd started to, but he'd wanted to hear the recordings one last time. Thomas replied that they'd been deleted, and Donna didn't know what she was talking about in reference to retrieving them.

"You can. It's super easy," Douglas responded. He said he'd gotten all his files back -- and some others, including Grandma Brooke's voice. "Remember when those people came asking all kinds of questions?" Douglas asked. He concluded that the recording had gotten them there.

Thomas replied that Grandma Brooke had called CPS on him. He said she didn't want Thomas and Douglas together, but he didn't want Douglas thinking about it. Thomas claimed not to know how the call had gotten on Douglas' phone and said it had to be a mistake. "I think it was on purpose. I think it got erased on purpose, too," Douglas contended, insisting, "I'm not a dummy, Dad!"

Douglas stated that Brooke's voice on the app had been the processed voice, not the original. Thomas said Douglas didn't know what he was talking about, but Douglas asserted that he'd heard Thomas. Douglas accused Thomas of making the call in Brooke's voice so that Ridge would be mad at Grandma Brooke and want Grandma Taylor instead. "Admit it," he said.

Thomas told Douglas that it was true. Thomas said Brooke had threatened to call before Thomas had done it, and Brooke didn't want them together. Thomas refused to allow Brooke to do that to them, and he said Douglas didn't know how much happier Ridge was with Taylor. Douglas said he didn't, but he knew when something was wrong.

Thomas replied that it would be wrong for Ridge to spend any more time with Brooke. "No, I was talking about you. What you did was wrong, Dad. It reminds me of when we found out baby Beth was alive. How you kept it from everyone," Douglas said. Thomas asserted that it wasn't the same, and it wouldn't end the same way, either.

In the CEO's office, Ridge said it hadn't been easy for Brooke to sign the papers. Taylor asserted that it hadn't been easy for him, but it had been necessary. Ridge agreed. She noted that he hadn't told her that he'd do it that day, and she didn't want him to bottle up his feelings.

Ridge claimed he wouldn't hide his feelings. Taylor asked how he was feeling. He said he felt sad and that it had been a lot of years. She said he'd done it, and she knew part of him couldn't believe that it had ended with Brooke. He replied that he'd thought he'd learned how to love someone, respect someone, and be married, but he'd been wrong about all of it.

Taylor asked if Ridge felt guilty about leaving Brooke for her. He said he didn't feel guilty about choosing happiness and someone who wouldn't lie to him. Taylor asked if it was because Brooke had lied to him, but he refused to talk about it. He wanted to talk about something else.

Taylor and Ridge changed the topic to their kids and were proud that they'd put good citizens into the world. They said it had been good teamwork. Gazing at her, Ridge said there had always been magic in their marriage. Suddenly, he decided that he had to do something. Backing out of the office, he instructed her to stay by her phone.

Later, Ridge text-messaged Taylor, asking her to go to the showroom. Taylor took off like a shot, wondering what he was talking about.

In the showroom, Taylor found Ridge, who wondered if she remembered celebrating a triumph with him in that very room. He recalled that she'd worn a showstopper. He said they could pick up right where they'd left off. He gestured to the stage and flipped a switch. Taylor turned and saw a satin sheath wedding gown on stage. When she turned around, Ridge was on bended knee, holding an open ring box, displaying a diamond ring. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she exclaimed. She hopped on him and wrapped her legs around him, and they kissed.

At the same time, Brooke was at home, nervously twisting her wedding ring as she cried.

Douglas is less than enthusiastic about Ridge and Taylor's engagement

Douglas is less than enthusiastic about Ridge and Taylor's engagement

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

At the mansion, Thomas wondered if Douglas planned to sulk all day. Douglas said he was sorry, but he couldn't stop thinking about what Thomas had done to Grandma Brooke. In Douglas' view, it had been wrong. Thomas called the situation complicated, but for Douglas, it wasn't. "You called Child Protective Services on yourself to break up her marriage with Granddad. That was wrong," Douglas insisted.

In the CEO's office, Taylor and Steffy cooed over Ridge and Taylor's engagement ring. Eric and Donna arrived and were stunned upon hearing that Ridge had proposed marriage to Taylor. Donna scoffed in disbelief, and she and Eric asked about Brooke. Ridge flashed Eric a look.

Eric dropped the topic, deciding that Ridge, who knew his own mind, knew what made Ridge happy. "And that's Taylor," Eric concluded. Taylor admitted that it was a shock to her, too, and that she knew that it was hard for Eric, who loved Brooke and supported her.

Thomas and Douglas arrived. Ridge asked if Douglas should be at school, but Douglas said it was a "Free Day." Thomas explained that he'd decided that Douglas should shadow his father that day. Thomas noted that Steffy was about to burst.

Aside, Eric and Donna exchanged grimaces. Taylor made a whooshing sound and showed her ring. "Shut the front door! You're engaged?" Thomas exclaimed. Steffy and Thomas exuded happiness, but Douglas seemed sad. Steffy asked how Douglas felt. "It's cool, I guess," he said. Taylor asked what he meant, and he said he felt bad for Grandma Brooke.

Eric and Donna continued with their strained expressions. Thomas said Douglas was an empathetic kid but should focus on Ridge and Taylor's happiness after Ridge had seen what had been in front of him all along. Steffy asked if Douglas was happy for his grandparents. Douglas looked at Ridge and Taylor and then at Thomas.

Later, Eric returned to the office without Donna. Ridge asked if she was okay. Eric said Donna was okay and had gone to soften the blow for her sister. Ridge said Brooke was lucky to have Donna. Steffy repeated her question to Douglas, and Thomas answered in the affirmative for Douglas, saying Douglas was a Forrester. "And this is what's best for the future of our family," Thomas added and took Douglas to the settee to look at designs.

As Taylor and Steffy chatted about wedding details by the desk, Eric and Ridge spoke by the conference table. Eric admitted he didn't really know what to say, but he ultimately concluded that only Ridge could say what would make him happy. Eric claimed to adore Taylor, but "I don't know..."

Ridge said he knew Eric had thought Brooke would be his son's happily ever after. Ridge said he'd thought that, but it hadn't worked out that way. Ridge hoped Eric would support Ridge's life with Taylor. Agreeing to it, Eric reserved the right to be concerned for Brooke.

Steffy proposed that Ridge and Taylor get married the next day. Ridge said no one was getting younger. Taylor asked Steffy to stand by Taylor for the very last time she'd marry Ridge. Steffy agreed, and the two hugged. Douglas gazed at them with sad eyes.

Later, Eric had gone, and Taylor wished he could have been a little more excited about the wedding. Taylor said she knew Eric loved her but was "Team Brooke." Taylor claimed to understand that. Thomas added that the dynamic had changed, and Ridge had Taylor, who'd always be faithful to him. Douglas listened as Ridge said he knew Taylor would always be honest with him.

Ridge pulled Thomas aside to ask him to be the best man. Taylor said the kids deserved a place at the altar for all the effort they'd put into the reunion. Thomas replied that they had no idea, and Douglas flashed a look. Steffy claimed they'd do it all again if it led back to that moment.

Taylor said dreams came true, and the best part was that Douglas got to be a part of it. Douglas stared back at them from behind a sketchpad as he sat on the settee. Thomas remarked that Douglas got to see what real love looked like. Taylor said she loved her family and couldn't wait to be with Ridge forever.

Thomas went to Douglas and whispered that everyone was happy. Thomas insisted that it was the right thing for their family and their future. He told Douglas not to say a word about the app.

At Brooke's house, Brooke talked to Katie about Thomas' visit. Believing Thomas had been there to throw Ridge and Taylor in her face, Brooke said Katie should have heard it. Katie found it strange that Thomas had acted out. Figuring that his mask had slipped, Brooke added that afterward, he'd gone into poor, misunderstood Thomas mode. Brooke said she didn't trust Thomas and that it always seemed as if he was hiding something.

Katie expressed worry that Brooke's stance on Thomas had damaged Brooke's relationship with Ridge. Brooke replied that she didn't know how much of a relationship they had left after they'd both signed the annulment, and she still didn't even know why he'd wanted that. Katie felt that it was weird that Ridge wasn't elaborating when normally, he was very direct.

Brooke stated that Ridge had only repeated that he was with Taylor, "and what do I think happened?" Brooke said that Ridge had told her that he hadn't wanted any of it, but to him, it was complicated. Katie asserted that he'd made it so by not communicating his reasons for going. Brooke said Ridge had implied that it had something to do with Thomas, who'd always wanted his parents together. Brooke feared it was actually happening.

Brooke said she wasn't giving up. She'd signed the papers only because she'd felt that it had been what Ridge had needed her to do. Brooke didn't know how she could give up on him. She declared that she loved him, and he was the love of her life. She said Ridge had always said that it just took one of them to believe, and the other one would catch up. She asserted that it would be her that time. She refused to lose her husband to Taylor and was sure she and Ridge could somehow work it out and be together.

Just then, Donna arrived. She said she'd wanted Brooke to hear what had happened from her first. Donna stated that she was sorry to have to tell Brooke, but Ridge and Taylor had just announced their engagement. Brooke scoffed in disbelief. She said she'd just signed the papers, which had to mean Ridge had had every intention of proposing to Taylor.

Katie wasn't sure that was true. Her theory was that the annulment had caused the three-way pressure to ramp up. Brooke stated that the three had gotten everything they'd wanted. Katie noted that the marriage hadn't happened yet. Brooke realized that she might have time.

Donna said Brooke couldn't let Ridge's kids manipulate him because their fantasy of their family existed in their minds. Katie asserted that Ridge didn't love Taylor the way he loved Brooke. Katie added that Ridge and Brooke were the love of each other's lives, and that was worth fighting for. Brooke said she didn't know how to keep the faith when Ridge had asked Taylor to marry him. Brooke admitted she didn't know how he could do it or what had even happened.

Ridge finally shares why his marriage to Brooke imploded

Ridge finally shares why his marriage to Brooke imploded

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

At the Forrester mansion, Donna and Eric discussed Ridge and Taylor's upcoming wedding. "Ridge is never gonna stop loving Brooke," Eric admitted. Donna told Eric that she understood that his family wanted to celebrate Ridge and Taylor, but she explained that she could not attend the wedding, knowing that Brooke was still hurting.

As Donna was leaving, Finn, Steffy, and Taylor arrived at the mansion. Taylor immediately knew why Donna was leaving. Steffy glibly remarked that she could not "see any Logan celebrating" Taylor and Ridge's reunion. Steffy proffered that it was for the best that Donna wouldn't be at the wedding. She then proclaimed that "nothing is gonna interfere with this wedding."

Zende would also be unable to attend the wedding, Steffy explained, because he was on the East Coast, meeting with some buyers.

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Justin, Carter, and Ridge discussed a deal that needed to be reworked. When Justin suggested adjusting the delivery schedule, Carter quipped that Ridge seemed to like taking things slow. Justin mentioned that he had heard about Ridge and Taylor's engagement. Carter noted Ridge's "subdued reaction" and remarked that deep down, he knew that Ridge still loved Brooke.

Carter asked what had so abruptly changed between Brooke and Ridge that it warranted an annulment. Ridge angrily asked Carter what he was doing. Justin rose from his seat and said that he was "picking up" some signals that Ridge was, in fact, still in love with Brooke. Carter said that as Ridge's friend, he needed to make sure that Ridge was doing the right thing. "Are you really going through with this wedding?" Carter asked.

As the words left Carter's mouth, the door to the office swung open, and Brooke stepped inside. "I was just about to ask the same thing," she said from the doorway. Ridge asked for privacy so that he could speak to Brooke. Once the two lawyers had left, Brooke asked if it was true that Ridge planned to marry Taylor the next day. Ridge tried to dodge Brooke's question by noting that he was late to a party that Eric was throwing.

"I never meant to hurt you," Ridge insisted. Brooke asked Ridge to be honest with her, but Ridge quickly countered that he had expected Brooke to do the same. Brooke told Ridge that she didn't understand what he meant. "I want you to have everything you ever desired in your life," Ridge replied, adding, "I want you to have peace and happiness and [to] know that I will always love you." Without saying anything more, Ridge walked past Brooke and left the office.

Brooke joined Katie, who had been in the design office, talking to Carter about Ridge's decision to make rapid-fire changes to his relationship status. Donna entered the office to check on Brooke. Brooke's sisters worried that Brooke and Ridge had gotten into a fight. Brooke told them that just the opposite had happened. "He told me how much he loves me, and then he walked out that door to be with Taylor and his other family," Brooke said in a state of disbelief.

Donna and Katie asked Brooke to lean on them if necessary. The three women tried to figure out what had brought about Ridge's decision to leave Brooke for Taylor. They all agreed it was strange that Ridge refused to reveal any sort of reason for his decision. Brooke expressed regret about signing the annulment papers because she had not known that doing so would free Ridge to marry Taylor so quickly.

Douglas was sitting alone in his bedroom when Thomas dropped by to check on him. Thomas questioned why his son wasn't dressed for the pre-wedding party. Douglas stated that he would not be going to the party because he hated having to lie about "the real reason why Granddad and Grandma Brooke" were no longer together. Thomas shut the door to the room and gave Douglas a stern glare.

Thomas told Douglas that the matter was a "very complicated adult situation." Thomas repeated that Brooke did not want Douglas living with him -- even if she had not been the one to make the call to Child Protective Services. Thomas smiled broadly as he told Douglas that Ridge was even more happy with "Grandma Taylor" than he had been with Brooke. Still, Douglas expressed his concern that Ridge was upset with Brooke over something that Brooke had not done.

Thomas and Douglas made their way downstairs, but Thomas stopped to instruct Douglas to put a smile on his face.

Eric shared that all the flower arrangements around the house had been made with flowers from Stephanie's garden. "She would have wanted to be a part of this so much. She loved you," Eric said with a smile. As everyone started to wonder where Ridge was, Ridge finally walked through the front door. Ridge apologized and assured everyone that he would not be late for the wedding.

Thomas announced that he wanted to make a toast. "Can you imagine... wanting something for your entire life and then finally having it happen right in front of you?" Thomas asked. As Thomas waxed on about enduring love, Douglas looked down at the floor. When Thomas finished, Eric said that he wanted to hear from the groom to find out "how all of this happened." Douglas looked toward Thomas.

"None of this was quick. C'mon, Dad," Ridge snapped. Ridge paced about for a moment before stating that he needed to tell his father everything. Ridge explained that he had been hearing his kids say for years that "a relationship needs to have honesty and loyalty." Ridge mentioned the CPS call and that he and Thomas had known for weeks who had placed the call. Eric, Taylor, Finn, and Steffy looked around in shock. "Brooke called Child Services on my son," Ridge growled.

Thomas told Douglas to go upstairs, but Douglas refused. Eric said that it didn't make sense for Brooke to have made the call and asked Ridge if he was absolutely sure. "I heard her voice! Thomas heard her voice!" Ridge yelled. Douglas stared at his father, seemingly wanting Thomas to say or do something. Thomas swallowed hard but stood silent.

Steffy asks Ridge an important question about his future

Steffy asks Ridge an important question about his future

Thursday, November 17, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke's sisters consoled her about Ridge's impending nuptials. Brooke said it didn't feel right, but Ridge was really going to marry Taylor the next day. Brooke added that Donna could have stayed at the rehearsal dinner, but Donna said she hadn't been able to leave quickly enough. Katie didn't get the point of celebrating a marriage doomed from the start.

"Ridge going from one woman to the next. How does Taylor not see this as a big red flag?" Donna asked. Brooke didn't know what she'd missed, and Katie wished they could put the pieces together. Brooke said she just wanted her sisters' support.

The topic turned to Thomas. Katie couldn't see why Taylor and Ridge didn't see Thomas for who he was, and Katie cited the way Thomas had treated Hope. Brooke concluded that Thomas was a pro and total con artist who'd tried to unravel her marriage and cause his family to win.

Donna said she didn't trust Thomas, who gave off weird vibes. Brooke was sick of talking about Thomas, who'd had too much power over her life as it was. Brooke said she knew Ridge was protective of his children. Katie interjected that Brooke didn't let her kids dictate her life. Agreeing, Brooke said that when people took vows, they had to stick with them and work through things. "But there's Ridge. He's exchanging vows with somebody else!" Brooke said.

Donna replied that it was wrong. Brooke stated that everyone was at Eric's, waiting to celebrate that new marriage. Katie didn't know how Ridge could do it while knowing Brooke was heartbroken. Brooke said she knew that Ridge loved her. Donna said he was probably thinking of Brooke day and night. Brooke replied that she was trying to come to terms with his wedding. Donna said there might still be hope. Brooke didn't know what more she could do or say to Ridge.

Katie stated that something had happened to make Ridge leave, and it hadn't been his undying love for Taylor. Katie felt that the marriage didn't stand a chance, and she implored Brooke not to give up on Ridge.

At the mansion, Ridge's family was stunned upon learning that Brooke had called Child Protective Services. Steffy said Brooke hated them, so it was no surprise. Taylor was shocked that Brooke had gone after Thomas, who was such a good influence on Douglas. Douglas walked over, stood by Eric, and glared at Thomas.

Eric asked who'd told Ridge that it had been Brooke. Ridge insisted that he'd heard for himself. Douglas flashed back to confronting his father about pretending to be Brooke on the CPS call. Ridge asked Thomas to back him up, and Thomas said it had been Brooke's voice. Douglas glared at Thomas again.

Later, Thomas returned from taking Douglas upstairs, so Douglas wouldn't have to hear the conversation. Taylor said Thomas could have had his parental rights taken away. Steffy claimed it was so that Hope could have Douglas. Taylor asked Ridge if that was the reason Brooke had done it. Ridge didn't know. Taylor questioned him about not saying anything in Aspen.

Thomas chimed in, saying he and Ridge had promised not to say anything to anyone -- especially Brooke. Eric assumed Brooke didn't know. Thomas said Brooke, who'd gotten CPS to the house, should be able to figure it out. Steffy was upset that Thomas expected her and her mom not to call Brooke out about it. Thomas reasoned that it was done, Brooke was gone from their lives, and Ridge was with Taylor. Thomas said if he could do it, Steffy could.

"And pretend like nothing ever happened? What?" Steffy raged. Thomas said Brooke would only show up to beg Ridge for forgiveness, but Ridge was already marrying their mother. Thomas urged Steffy to put Brooke behind them.

Finn desired to know how it had happened. Thomas explained that it had started with the pocketknife Thomas had used to peel an apple. Steffy quipped that Brooke had freaked out because he'd eaten an apple. Taylor gleaned that Brooke had been looking for an excuse to make Thomas look unstable. Ridge explained that they'd been in touch with a former employee, Walter, who worked for a company associated with CPS, and Walter had accessed Brooke's call to CPS. Ridge said he'd never been so blindsided.

Taylor guessed that was when Ridge had gone to Aspen. Steffy said Brooke was unworthy of Ridge. Eric still found it hard to believe, but Ridge yelled that Brooke had said her name. Eric asked if Ridge had confronted Brooke. Ridge stated that he'd given her every chance to come clean, try to explain, or even apologize; however, all Brooke had done had been ask how anyone could do it to Thomas. Ridge said she'd lied to his face and had gone to Aspen.

A flashback of Ridge and Brooke in Aspen played in which she was flummoxed by what Ridge wanted her to say. Taylor wished she'd known. Steffy said she felt that she had to ask Ridge if it was why Ridge was marrying Taylor. Steffy was sure Taylor also wanted to know.

Ridge stated that it was a fair question. He said Brooke had broken his trust in many ways, but it wasn't why he was there. He claimed that he was there because he loved Taylor and wanted to spend his life with her. He said he deserved that -- someone loyal and honest. Taylor stated that she loved him, too, and she believed him. She said he'd shown her that he wanted to be with her, so she'd continue to believe him, no matter what. The two kissed.

Thomas added that Ridge wasn't with Taylor because of what Brooke had done. Brooke's action was just another reason to break free. Steffy stated that she'd just had to be sure. Thomas claimed he'd watched Taylor and Ridge and their impressive love since he'd been a kid. He toasted to the couple and the beautiful days ahead.

Taylor told Ridge that she was excited to be his wife. She said she'd make it "so good" for him, she'd never let him down, and she'd always be honest with him. They kissed again until Steffy pulled Taylor away to make wedding plans upstairs.

Ridge gazed suddenly at the floor. At the same time, Brooke was at home, crying.

Carter overhears Bill making a play for Brooke

Carter overhears Bill making a play for Brooke

Friday, November 18, 2022

At Forrester, Carter found Ridge half-dressed for the wedding. Ridge wanted to wear some cufflinks Taylor had given him years back, but they were at Brooke's house. Carter offered to sneak into Brooke's to retrieve them, saying he'd support Ridge in his wedding to Taylor, even though Carter was sure that Ridge still loved Brooke.

Carter left. Ridge grabbed his keys, glanced at a photo of Brooke, and exited, too.

Later, Katie was alone in the office when Eric arrived after a meeting he'd wrapped up. Katie said things were quiet there. Eric noted that it was a big day for Ridge and his family. Katie clarified that it was Ridge's family with Taylor, not Brooke. Eric said he was sorry, and he knew Katie was a proponent of Ridge and Brooke. Noting that Eric was, too, Katie said it was how Eric knew that Taylor was not the love of Ridge's life -- Brooke was.

Eric said he admired Taylor and her family with Ridge, but Eric did think that Brooke and Ridge belonged together. Katie asked why Eric would support Ridge's wedding when Eric knew it wasn't the end for Ridge and Brooke.

At Brooke's house, Bill arrived through the terrace. He said Ridge hadn't wasted much time in getting married to Taylor. Because Bill knew it was a hard day for Brooke, Bill had arrived to support her and make sure she knew that if she was looking for someone to stop Ridge from marrying Taylor that day, it wasn't going to happen. "That's the way it is, Brooke," he said.

Bill urged Brooke to believe she could get over Ridge. Bill said she had her whole life in front of her, and turning the page on Ridge would open her up to possibilities. Bill expressed his love for Brooke and assured her that he'd show her what true commitment was.

Bill brought up the vows Brooke had taken with Ridge. She cut Bill off, saying that they meant just as much to her that day as they ever had. Bill replied that Ridge didn't see his vows that way. Bill stated that Ridge had gone to Taylor, letting Brooke down and leaving her heartbroken.

Bill asked if Brooke knew what it did to him to watch Brooke go through it. Bill insisted that Ridge's vows to love and cherish her had been just words, "given what he's done to you." Bill said Ridge had made his choice, and Brooke could make hers, too.

Outside on the terrace, Carter overheard Bill say he'd never made a secret of his feelings for Brooke. Bill felt he'd always love Katie, but not the way he loved Brooke. Bill said he'd never try to change Brooke, a magnificent, adventurous woman who'd make him feel more turned on than any other woman. Bill asked Brooke to let him help her go beyond her pain into a future with him. He said Brooke was the woman he wanted, not Katie.

At Eric's house, Taylor was in a short nightgown and see-through robe, gazing at the wedding decorations in the living room. She glided up the stairs and bounced in giggly delight as she stopped Steffy from sneaking a peek at the wedding gown. They couldn't believe that the wedding was finally there. Taylor asked which way she should do her hair, and Steffy said up or down, Ridge wouldn't be able to take his eyes off Taylor.

As Taylor sat down to let Steffy do her hair, Steffy wondered if Taylor was okay. Taylor, who couldn't stop thinking about the Child Protective Services call, said it was why Ridge had gone to Aspen. She assumed that he hadn't told her that because he'd known that she wouldn't have stopped running.

Noting that Taylor had a special glow, Steffy said she was happier than she'd ever been, and her parents remarrying was icing on the cake. Steffy doubted Brooke felt the same way. Taylor brought up the CPS call, saying Brooke had lied to Ridge's face, hurting him a lot.

As Taylor put on makeup, Steffy asked if Taylor would have the traditional something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Taylor asked if she'd be tempting fate not to, but Steffy responded that the day had been meant to happen. Steffy said the days of Brooke were gone -- in part due to the CPS call and the lies that followed. Steffy insisted that Ridge wasn't marrying Taylor because of what Brooke had done. Taylor claimed to know that.

Taylor wished Phoebe and Stephanie could be there. Steffy said they were, and it was everything they would have wanted for Taylor, who was finally getting her happily ever after. Steffy said she loved Taylor and would always be there for Taylor and Ridge.

In Douglas' room, Douglas had his back to the door. He was gazing at the app files on his phone when Thomas arrived and asked why Douglas wasn't preparing for the wedding. He asked Douglas what was wrong. Douglas hid his phone beneath his pillow. Thomas said to get dressed because Ridge and Taylor wanted Douglas to participate in the ceremony.

"Do I have to?" Douglas asked. Thomas asked if Douglas loved his grandparents. Douglas affirmed it. Thomas stated that he was counting on Douglas. "Counting on me to keep quiet, not tell everybody what you did to break up Granddad and Grandma Brooke?" Douglas asked.

Later, Thomas made it downstairs just as Ridge arrived. Ridge said a Forrester wedding always had drama, but Thomas was sure it would go smoothly. Thomas insisted that he and Steffy would make sure it went according to plan. Thomas said Ridge had been there for Thomas and had helped Thomas pull himself together, and Thomas had faith in Ridge and how committed he was to Taylor. Thomas stated that everything had been worth it to ensure that Ridge and Taylor wound up happy and together again.

Thomas declared that Ridge wasn't marrying Taylor because of something Brooke had done, and the CPS call had just been one of many final straws. Thomas got that Ridge loved Taylor. Thomas said Taylor would never lie to Ridge or cheat on him. Thomas wished Ridge hadn't told everyone about the CPS call and said Brooke could never know about it.

As Douglas descended the stairs, Ridge said he didn't want to talk about the CPS call, but he still thought people deserved to know the truth. When Douglas joined them, Ridge joked that the boy was dressed better than the groom. Ridge guessed weddings were boring for Douglas. Douglas replied that it wasn't that, and he wanted to be happy for his grandparents.

Thomas stated that Douglas should be because Ridge and Taylor were wonderful together and made each other happy. Douglas asked to return to his room until the wedding started. After he'd gone, Ridge asked Thomas if the child was okay. Thomas dismissed the idea, urging Ridge to focus on Taylor and making her the happiest woman around.

Ridge claimed that he was happy. He said he was proud of Thomas and the man and father Thomas had become. Ridge said that the day wouldn't have happened without Thomas. The men hugged, and Thomas seemed worried.

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Kate Linder's OpportuniTea postponed until spring 2023
Michael Damian reprising role as Y&R's Danny Romalotti
The Young and the Restless' Rory Gibson is engaged
Trevor St. John opens up about return to daytime, Y&R role
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