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Carter lashed out at Bill after overhearing Bill fail in his attempts, first to woo Brooke and then Katie. Douglas confided his secret about Thomas to Steffy. Steffy urged Taylor to tell Ridge the truth, but Thomas advised Taylor to zip it and get married.
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Just before the wedding, Taylor learned that Thomas had made the CPS call. Both Brooke and Katie rejected Bill. Stephen Logan visited.
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Douglas confides in Steffy

Douglas confides in Steffy

Monday, November 21, 2022

At Brooke's house, Carter listened outside the open terrace doors as, inside, Bill tried to convince Brooke that she no longer wanted to be a part of the pathetic merry-go-round with Taylor and Ridge. Bill persisted in saying Brooke needed a man like him, a man who loved only Brooke. Brooke asked how he could say it. "What about my sister?" she asked.

Bill claimed that Katie was important to him, and he'd always love her for the family they'd been. "But she isn't the woman I want," Bill said. He said he didn't know how he could want Katie after what he'd shared with Brooke, the love of his life. He insisted that he could give Brooke what Ridge couldn't, but Brooke had to accept and rejoice in the fact that Ridge was Taylor's problem. "And never let him come crawling back to you again," Bill stated.

Brooke was confident that Ridge would realize that he'd made a mistake. Bill asked if she'd wait around to give Ridge the gift of his return. Brooke insisted that Ridge was the man for her, and she needed Bill to respect that she and Bill wouldn't be together. She agreed that they'd been magical together, but "it's just not going to happen again."

Brooke went upstairs. An upset Carter was about to stride in through the terrace doors, but he stopped when Katie entered the house. Katie assumed Bill was there to make his move on Brooke. Bill claimed that the woman he'd been trying to make moves on for so long had just walked in, and he was happy to see his beautiful Katie.

Katie expressed surprise that Bill was glad to see her, and he asked why he wouldn't be. "I'm not Brooke," she replied. Bill said Brooke's destiny was about to marry someone else, and Bill had been around the Logans long enough to know Katie would show up for Brooke. He stated that Katie's timing had given them the chance to talk about them. "Us?" Katie replied. Bill said Ridge and Taylor weren't the only ones who could find their way back to each other. Sure that they could fix it, Bill urged Katie to return to him that day.

Upstairs, Brooke thought of her dream of dancing with Ridge in her red dress.

In Eric's foyer, Ridge credited Thomas with making the wedding day happen, but Thomas insisted that it would have eventually happened on its own. He was happy to have played a small role and said he'd do anything to see his parents together and happy again.

Later, Thomas had gone upstairs to see Taylor, and Steffy and Eric were in the living room with Ridge. Steffy was instructing Finn to pick Kelly up from Liam, who had the child dressed and ready to go. After the call ended, Steffy asked about Douglas, and Ridge said the child had gone to his room because he wasn't feeling great. Curious, she decided to check on Douglas.

After Steffy went upstairs, Eric straightened Ridge's tie and offered not only to help with that but also to be a good listener. Eric added that Ridge might want to listen to the voice in his head that was telling him about that phone call Brooke had made. Ridge didn't want to talk about it.

Eric said he knew how Ridge felt about Taylor and Brooke, and he asked if Ridge really wanted to go ahead with the wedding that day. To Eric, things seemed a bit rushed. Ridge said Eric knew how long Ridge had loved "this woman" and how the kids had wanted them together.

For Ridge, it was the opposite of rushing. Eric loved seeing the smiles on Ridge and Taylor's faces, and he loved seeing their kids happy. Ridge said his kids were happy because their lives were good; Steffy had Finn back, and Thomas was the man Ridge had wanted him to be. Ridge said he was proud of his children, and it made him really happy.

Eric still wasn't convinced that Brooke wasn't the love of Ridge's life. Ridge reminded Eric that he'd said to always surround himself with people who made him better. Feeling that Eric had been right, Ridge said he was marrying Taylor that day.

In a bedroom upstairs, Taylor thanked Thomas because he and his sister had made her feel special that day. She said he and Steffy had known the day would happen, and to her, it had almost been like they'd willed it to happen. Thomas replied that it was amazing what positive thinking could do. Taylor thanked Thomas for not giving up, even though she had. She hadn't believed the day would arrive, but Thomas had. She thanked him and hugged him.

Thomas was relieved that the day was there and said things could have gone wrong. Taylor asked what could have gone wrong. He claimed it was nothing. He said he'd always be there for her, and there was nothing he wouldn't do to make Taylor's dream come true.

Thomas said they were close to the marriage that never should have ended. Taylor didn't want to jinx it. Thomas stated that it was a done deal, but she said that it would only be done when Ridge and she were pronounced man and wife. She joked that she was still rattled by being pronounced "man and horse" the last time. Thomas said Brooke would not crash the wedding, not on a horse, a moose, or even a goose.

In Douglas' room, Steffy arrived as Douglas was thinking of the fake call Thomas had made to Child Protective Services. Steffy, who'd heard Douglas wasn't feeling well, offered to get Finn to take a look at Douglas. Douglas said that his health wasn't the problem. She asked what it was and assured him that he could tell her anything.

Steffy reminded Douglas that they should be celebrating his grandparents. "Well, yeah, but what about Grandma Brooke?" Douglas asked. Steffy stated that Ridge cared about Brooke but didn't want to spend the rest of his life with her. Steffy asked why Douglas was talking about Brooke and asked if Brooke had said something to him. "Not her, no," Douglas quietly said. Steffy replied that he was starting to worry her. "It's my dad," Douglas stated.

Douglas revealed that his father was the reason he was upset. He said his father had asked him to keep a secret. Figuring it was stressing him out, Steffy said he'd feel a lot better if he told her. Douglas, however, was worried that his father would be very angry. She said she'd handle Thomas and remind him that it wasn't a good idea to keep secrets.

Douglas explained that he had a voice changer on his phone. He told her how it worked and said there were some recordings that Thomas wanted him to forget about. Steffy asked to hear the recordings. Douglas played the recording of Brooke's voice reporting Thomas to Child Protective Services. Steffy admitted that she didn't understand why Douglas had Brooke's call on his phone. He said it wasn't Brooke's call; the app had changed it to her voice.

Douglas said it was supposed to be funny, but "this" wasn't funny. "It isn't Brooke?" Steffy asked. Douglas played a recording of Thomas saying the exact same thing Brooke's voice had said on the previous file. Gasping, Steffy uttered that Thomas wouldn't do that. Douglas said Thomas had taken the app and used it to make it sound like Brooke. Steffy gleaned that Thomas had made the call, not Brooke. "Your father called CPS on himself?" Steffy asked.

Douglas stated that it had been to make Ridge mad. Steffy added that it had been to make Ridge leave Brooke. "And marry Grandma Taylor," Douglas concluded.

Steffy confronts Thomas about Douglas' admission

Steffy confronts Thomas about Douglas' admission

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

At Brooke's house, Brooke was upstairs, wondering if Ridge would really go through with the wedding. Downstairs, Katie told Bill that he'd gotten one more chance to be with Brooke. Bill replied that the chance he'd asked for over and over again had been with Katie. Bill claimed that Katie was the only woman he wanted. "Come back to me, my Katie," he said.

Katie revealed that she knew Bill had rushed to Brooke after her Aspen trip, just as Katie had said he would. Katie didn't want Bill pretending that he wasn't there for Brooke. Katie's guess was that Brooke had turned him down, "and then I came in, and you're like, 'Oh, Katie! Option two!'" Katie replied. Carter, who listened outside on the terrace, grinned in satisfaction.

Katie said she didn't want to joke or be flip because she'd always care for Bill. They'd meant a lot to each other, and he was the father of her child. She loved watching Bill with Will, and she just wanted Bill to be happy. Katie decided that she wanted to be happy, too, but Bill couldn't make her happy because he wasn't happy. She said he couldn't give her what she needed or deserved. She felt she deserved a man who loved only her, and that man wasn't Bill.

Katie went upstairs to check on Brooke, and Carter finally entered through the terrace. Carter confronted Bill for saying the same things to Katie that he'd said to Brooke, and Carter thanked God that Katie had turned Bill down because she deserved better than Bill.

Bill asked if "Mr. Nuptials-R-Us" should be presiding over a wedding right about then. Carter asked if Bill should stop lying to Katie, who was too smart to be someone's second choice. Carter asked how Bill couldn't see how extraordinary she was. Bill quipped that it was why he'd married her twice. At first, Bill didn't know why Carter cared; however, something suddenly occurred to Bill, and he began laughing. He told Carter to stay away from Katie.

Carter said Bill had no right to ask that. Bill insisted that he wasn't asking. Bill claimed that, regardless of what he'd said to Brooke, Katie was Bill's ex-wife and the mother of his child. "She is and always will be my Katie," Bill declared.

At the top of Brooke's staircase, Katie listened as Bill called Katie his wife, but Carter corrected that Katie was Bill's ex-wife. Bill said Katie wasn't Carter's business, but Carter decided that he was making Katie his business, especially since Bill had professed his love for her right after he'd done it to Brooke. Carter said Bill had thrown his chance with Katie away for her sister, and Katie deserved a man who'd commit to only her.

Bill assumed Carter thought that he was the man. "Well, as you put it, Bill, it's none of your business," Carter said, and he left to retrieve something for a wedding. Katie grinned to herself.

In Eric's living room, Ridge thanked Eric for hosting the wedding. Eric wondered when he'd turn down hosting a wedding, especially one of Ridge's. Ridge guessed that it would be one that Eric didn't approve of. Eric claimed to support Ridge and Taylor, but Eric admitted that he'd support Brooke and Ridge a tiny bit more. Eric asked if Ridge was sure about the wedding and if he was really sure he wanted to marry Taylor just because of Brooke's CPS call.

Just then, Finn arrived with Li and Kelly. Finn took Kelly to the den to see Hayes, and Li congratulated Ridge, only able to imagine how thrilled Taylor was at that moment.

In a guest bedroom at Eric's house, Taylor told Thomas that she wished Ridge had told her about the Child Protective Services call. She said she'd believed Ridge when he'd said their reunion had nothing to do with Brooke. Thomas replied that Ridge loved Taylor and never should have left her. Thomas didn't want her ever to forget that.

Taylor was happy to have her children in the wedding. She was proud of them and of the way Thomas had turned his life around. Thomas said she'd helped him, and she could count on him. Taylor hugged Thomas.

Later, Taylor was alone when Li arrived with congratulatory wishes. Taylor said she was somehow pulling off a stress-free wedding, and Li hoped there would be no surprises like there had been at Steffy and Finn's wedding. Taylor asserted that the day would be perfect.

Back downstairs, Eric wondered where Carter was, and Ridge explained that Carter was picking up Ridge's cufflinks from Brooke's house. Thomas descended the stairs, wondering where Steffy was. Eric reported that she was checking on Douglas.

Thomas went upstairs. Li returned to the room, saying how lovely Taylor was. Ridge joked that Taylor might make a run for it, but Li said nothing would stop Taylor from marrying him that day.

Carter arrived, sorry for taking so long. Eric said that they couldn't start without Carter, anyway. While Ridge put on his cufflinks, Li, Finn, Carter, and Eric posed together and asked Ridge to take their picture. As he obliged them, Ridge saw a photo of Brooke on his phone.

In Douglas' room, Douglas was worried that his father would be upset with him, but Steffy said not to worry about that. Steffy asked if Douglas was certain about what he'd told her. He replied that Thomas had admitted it and instructed Douglas to delete the app and forget it. Douglas figured he should have done it and kept the secret, but he said it just wasn't right. Steffy agreed and told Douglas not to worry about Thomas. "I'll take care of him," she decided.

Steffy listened to the recording again and said it sounded exactly like Brooke. Steffy requested to hear the original with Thomas' voice, and Douglas played it. "Douglas..." Thomas said, closing the door to the bedroom as he entered. Douglas hid the phone behind his back.

"What have you done?" Thomas asked. A disillusioned Steffy asked what Thomas had done and how he could be so cruel. Thomas pretended that there had been some misunderstanding, saying she knew kids and their apps. Steffy, however, said not to blame it on the child. Thomas asked Douglas to tell Steffy, but she said to stop lying. Steffy warned Thomas not to take it out on Douglas, who shouldn't be punished for telling the truth.

Steffy told Douglas that he'd done the right thing. Douglas knew and said he wished his father knew it, too. Steffy took Douglas' phone to make sure Thomas didn't delete any of the Brooke files, and she sent Douglas to the den to be with the other kids.

Once Douglas had gone, Thomas asked if Steffy would pretend to feel bad for Brooke. Steffy claimed to feel bad for his son, who never should be in that position. Thomas said he couldn't believe Douglas had gotten the files back. "He's a smart kid," Thomas added.

Steffy asked how Thomas could frame Brooke. Thomas replied that he'd done it, and it had gotten their parents back together. He asked what was with the fake outrage. Steffy made a move toward the door, saying to wait until their parents heard. Thomas stopped her and said Steffy shouldn't do "a damn thing" to stop their parents' reunion.

Thomas explained that Taylor and Ridge would be together, and Brooke would be out of their lives; all Steffy had to do was keep quiet. Steffy insisted she didn't want it based upon lies and deception. "Yeah, 'cause you're always on the up and up, breaking into security systems and blocking phone calls," Thomas snarked. Steffy said it was different. "The one time Brooke doesn't actually do something wrong?" Thomas contended, adding that it would have happened eventually.

Steffy didn't want Ridge to marry Taylor for the wrong reasons. Thomas said Ridge loved Taylor, and it had nothing to do with Brooke. Steffy told Thomas to tell the truth if that was the case, and if Ridge was committed to Taylor, it wouldn't make a difference. Thomas refused. Steffy said she'd tell them. She dared Thomas to try to stop her.

Taylor entered in her wedding gown. She'd heard her kids arguing from the hallway and asked what they could be fighting about on her wedding day. Thomas said it was no big deal, but the tearful Steffy said there was something Taylor should know. He ordered his sister to let it go.

Steffy said it was about Taylor and Ridge. Crying, Steffy stated that they'd wanted the day for so long. They'd prayed for it, "and now..." Taylor asked what it was. Steffy replied that Taylor and Ridge needed to hear what Thomas had done, and it could change everything.

The bride receives conflicting advice about her wedding

The bride receives conflicting advice about her wedding

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

At Brooke's house, Donna and Katie were there for Brooke, who didn't know what she'd do without her sisters. Just then, Stephen Logan arrived for a surprise visit with his girlfriend. "You remember Lucy," he said as everyone hugged. Donna said it was good to see Lucy in person rather than during a video chat.

Stephen revealed that he and Lucy had been passing through and thought they'd stop by to see his family. Lucy expressed her excitement about Hope's preview. Lucy said Stephen had been proudly bragging about it, and Lucy asserted that the Forresters and Logans were an unstoppable team. Stephen's daughters exchanged looks, and he asked what was going on. Brooke revealed that Ridge was marrying Taylor that day.

Later, Stephen asked if Brooke really thought Thomas had had something to do with the end of Brooke's marriage. Brooke said she'd never trust Thomas after the stunts he'd pulled, and he'd made no secret of how he felt about her. Katie added that what Thomas had done had worked. Stephen stated that it shouldn't have worked, and Ridge should have given his wife the benefit of the doubt instead of running to Taylor without saying why.

Stephen wished he could do something. Brooke said she was glad that her father was there to support her, and they hugged. The family continued to be perplexed by why Ridge had taken off with Taylor. They discussed Thomas' hatred of Brooke, and Donna said Steffy was the same way. Katie said Steffy might have some limits, but not Thomas.

Stephen said Thomas was bad news for their family. Brooke hated the constant tension between Ridge's son and her. Brooke wanted to be there for Thomas, to support and understand him; however, she couldn't because he kept getting between her and Ridge. Brooke said Thomas had done something, and Ridge was moments from marrying someone else.

In Eric's living room, Li, who'd just checked on the kids, remarked that Douglas seemed subdued. To Ridge, it wasn't like the boy. Finn offered to check Douglas out, but Ridge said Douglas was preoccupied. Eric guessed the day had overwhelmed Douglas. Li noted that it was a big day for everyone, especially Ridge.

Everyone had Champagne, and Li, sure the wedding would start soon, offered to get the kids. Carter replied that it wouldn't start without a bride.

Ridge took his drink to the window. Carter followed and asked how Ridge felt. Ridge claimed he'd never been better. "Ridge, I'm your best friend..." Carter stated. Ridge asked what Carter was getting at. Carter said he wanted Ridge to be happy. Ridge claimed that he was.

Ridge half-smiled and rejoined the others in the living room. They wondered what was taking Taylor so long. Ridge assumed Taylor was having a moment with their kids. Carter said emotions had to be running high. Ridge quietly nodded.

In Douglas' room, Taylor said she didn't know what was going on, but she was about to marry their father in five minutes. Thomas tried to get Taylor to let Steffy and him handle their issue, but Steffy insisted that Taylor needed to know what he'd done.

Thomas said Steffy was ruining everything, but Steffy shot back, "You did this!" He urged Steffy to let it go, but Steffy blurted out that Brooke had never called Child Protective Services on Thomas the way that Ridge thought. Thomas told Steffy to stop, but Steffy insisted that Ridge and Taylor not start a life together without the truth.

Steffy stated that she wasn't saying Taylor and Ridge were getting married because of that call. She believed her parents loved each other, but she said Brooke hadn't made the call. Thomas told Steffy it was a bad idea, but she persisted in explaining that Douglas had a voice-changing app on his phone. Steffy began playing the recording of the CPS report with Brooke's voice.

Taylor stopped Steffy and asked why Douglas would call CPS. Thomas tried to intervene, but Steffy said someone else had used Douglas' phone. She then played the audio file of Thomas saying the exact same thing that the file with Brooke's voice had said.

Thomas tried to say it wasn't what it seemed, but Taylor and Steffy ordered him to be truthful. He admitted making the call but said it didn't matter. Taylor cried that it mattered. He insisted that he'd gotten the job done; Brooke was out of their lives, and Taylor was about to marry Ridge. Steffy was adamant that Ridge learn what Thomas had done because Taylor couldn't base her marriage on a lie.

Taylor paced, and Steffy and Thomas argued with each other about whether Taylor would be lying or choosing to omit information. Thomas said Steffy should be thanking him. Taylor asked if Thomas understood what he'd done. She asked what was wrong with him and said he'd manipulated the entire situation.

Taylor said she'd thought Thomas had changed. Claiming he had, he clarified that he hadn't done it out of his obsession over a mother for his son; he'd done it for their family. Thomas asserted that he wanted their family to be happy, and he was sick of Brooke, who'd blown up their family for years. He claimed to be sorry if he'd let his mother down; however, he insisted that Ridge wanted to be with her because he loved her, not because of what Brooke had done.

Thomas urged Taylor to marry Ridge. Steffy said she agreed with her brother to a point. Steffy felt that their family deserved to be united, but not like that. In her view, Ridge deserved to know the whole truth. Steffy told Taylor that Taylor had to say something.

Taylor said she couldn't even look at Thomas. Steffy urged Taylor to talk to Ridge first. "Me?" Taylor asked. Pulling herself together, Taylor agreed with both of them that Ridge loved her and wasn't with her because of something Brooke had done. Thomas asserted that Ridge couldn't know what Thomas had done because it would ruin his relationship with Ridge.

Taylor yelled that Thomas should have thought of that before. Thomas urged her to forget about it and move on with the rest of her life. Steffy said she wanted Taylor to get married, but Ridge had to know the truth. Thomas told Taylor to go get what had been hers all along. Steffy said Taylor knew what needed to happen.

Wedding music began to play, and Taylor realized that it was time. She panicked about what to do and said she needed a moment alone. Thomas advised her to get married. He left, and Steffy said not to do it until she told Ridge first. Steffy left Taylor alone.

Downstairs, Ridge said he'd thought the music would prompt the others to go downstairs. Steffy and Thomas descended the stairs, and as Thomas said they'd been upstairs, talking about how much the day meant to them all, Steffy and Douglas exchanged secret nods.

Carter asked everyone to take their places, and as Steffy walked by Douglas, she handed his phone to him. Carter played the wedding march, and everyone stood for Taylor. At the bottom of the staircase, she exchanged glances with Steffy and then with Thomas.

Taylor walked down the aisle, and when she reached Ridge, he asked if she was okay.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air due to CBS Sports coverage of NFL football. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Friday, November 25, 2022

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA football. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23, episode concluded.

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