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Steffy intervened in her parents' wedding ceremony to reveal the truth about the CPS call. Taylor hoped to hold Ridge to his promises, but Ridge left to set things straight with Brooke. Brooke urged Ridge to figure himself out and not return to her until he knew what he wanted.
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Turmoil erupted when Steffy revealed the truth about the CPS call just as Ridge and Taylor prepared to say their vows.
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Steffy speaks up at a critical time in her parents' wedding

Steffy speaks up at a critical time in her parents' wedding

Monday, November 28, 2022

At Brooke's house, Stephen and Lucy were glad their flight was leaving from Los Angeles, affording them the chance to visit his kids. Stephen said he would have stayed longer had he known about Ridge's wedding. Donna offered to go to Eric's house to see what was happening, but Brooke said she'd rather just pretend it wasn't happening.

Lucy decided to take off and let Stephen spend time alone with his daughters before their flight out. Once she'd gone, his daughters cooed about his new love, who he said was good for him.

Brooke's family offered to get Brooke some food, but Brooke didn't want food or tea. All she wanted was for Ridge to return home and tell her that he'd made a huge mistake and wasn't marrying Taylor. Stephen stated that if Ridge didn't, then he didn't deserve Brooke.

Stephen expressed his pride in his daughters who'd made beautiful lives for themselves and their children. He said the men in their lives had let them down, himself included. His daughters balked, saying it had been a long time back. Stephen said he'd never stop making up for it, and he was determined to remove their pain and disappointment. He offered to go to Eric's house and stop that wedding if he had to. Brooke replied that Taylor and her kids had everything they wanted, and Taylor wouldn't let anyone stop her from marrying Ridge.

Donna checked her phone. She'd received a message from Eric that the wedding had started. Brooke decided that she didn't want the limited time she and her sisters had with Stephen to be about her feeling sorry for herself. Katie said Brooke was mourning an unexpected loss.

Stephen asked if Ridge's mind had really been made up. Katie murmured that it had been made up for Ridge. Brooke said she'd had hope when Carter had brought the annulment papers. She'd thought that if Ridge had really wanted to end it, he would have brought the papers himself; however, Ridge had then proposed to Taylor.

Stephen said it wasn't like Brooke to give up. Brooke replied that she hadn't, and everything she and Ridge were together was in her heart. It would be there no matter what, and she would always love Ridge -- even if he married Taylor that day.

Stephen asserted that Brooke should be furious with Ridge. Brooke said she wasn't; she was just heartbroken. Stephen said that leaving Brooke with all those questions had been cruel, and he wondered if Ridge knew what he'd done to Brooke. Brooke said Ridge knew she didn't want an annulment or for him to marry Taylor. Brooke said she'd signed the papers because she hadn't known what to do, but she was confident that they still loved each other.

At Eric's house, Ridge stood at the altar with Taylor, asking if everything was okay. "What?" the dazed Taylor responded. Figuring that it had been awhile and was probably overwhelming, Ridge asked, "What do you say? You wanna do this?"

In Taylor's silence, Carter asked if Taylor was ready. She said she was sorry. Taylor apologized for being late and said she'd been excited about the day. She stated that there was a lot going on in her head. Noticing his cufflinks, she agreed with him that things were overwhelming. She said it was overwhelming to her that they were at the altar after she'd given up hope. She recalled that he'd said he'd protect her heart from then on.

"Ridge, I have to tell you something," Taylor uttered. Douglas, who'd been listening, glared at his father. Taylor, however, stated, "I'm ready. I'm ready to marry the man who loves me." Thomas grinned, but Steffy's eyes widened in disbelief.

Carter commenced the ceremony, and from the audience, Douglas looked distressed. Carter stated that Taylor and Ridge were proclaiming their deep faith and trust in each other. Carter claimed that Ridge and Taylor had remained close over the years, even with oceans separating them. Carter said Taylor had told him of all the ways she loved Ridge as a friend, father, and lover. Carter added that Ridge had called Taylor their heart and compass.

Carter went on to say that Ridge mostly appreciated Taylor's honesty and loyalty and that he never had to question her integrity. According to Carter, Ridge had complete faith in her sense of right and wrong. Carter added that the bride and groom had also talked about their children. Carter spoke about how Ridge trusted Steffy. Douglas' expression flattened when Carter said Thomas had grown as a designer, a father, and a man. Carter stated that Ridge credited Taylor for it due to her dedication and positive influence.

"If anyone here has any reason why these two should not be unified in lawful matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace," Carter said. Douglas' gaze panned to his aunt. Steffy stammered, "I do. I object." Most people in the room looked puzzled. Douglas seemed relieved. Thomas shook his head.

Ridge asked what Steffy could be objecting to. Steffy said it wasn't to the marriage, which she wanted more than anything. Steffy told Ridge that she wasn't trying to hurt him, but he needed to hear what had happened and know the truth about it. "Thomas, tell him," Steffy said.

Thomas asserted that the truth was that Ridge had proposed marriage to Taylor, but Steffy said it could have been because Ridge had felt betrayed by Brooke's "CPS" call. Ridge asked why they were talking about it at that point. The guests looked on in confusion, but Douglas intently watched the scene unfolding before him.

Steffy advised Ridge not to listen to Thomas, who was trying to protect himself. Thomas ordered Steffy to stop, so their parents could be together; however, Steffy said she couldn't, and their parents couldn't go on until everything was out in the open. Steffy revealed that Brooke hadn't hidden anything from Ridge. Steffy said Ridge deserved to know why Brooke hadn't confessed to him herself and the truth about the "CPS" call.

Finn asked Li to take Kelly into the kitchen, and Thomas decided that Douglas should go, too. Steffy ordered her brother to stop trying to cover it up. Ridge asked what was going on. Steffy asserted that Ridge believed Brooke had made the call. Ridge replied that he knew it had been Brooke. Steffy said it was because he'd heard Brooke's voice; however, it hadn't been Brooke. Ridge asserted that Brooke had said her name.

Steffy insisted that Brooke hadn't made the recording. Ridge asked who'd done it. Steffy looked at Thomas. He didn't say anything, so she revealed that he'd made the recording. Ridge said it didn't make sense. Steffy glared at Thomas. He said nothing.

"Hello. I'd like to report a child in danger," everyone heard Brooke's voice say. As the recording continued to play, Ridge asked where it was coming from. Douglas stood up. "He's at 369 Willow Hill Road, Los Angles," Brooke's voice, coming from Douglas' phone conveyed. Brooke's voice went on to say Thomas was unstable and had a knife.

Ridge asked why Douglas had that app, but Steffy said to let Douglas finish. Douglas played a recording of Thomas, who said the exact same things that Brooke's voice had just said. Ridge said he didn't understand. Douglas explained that it was the app on his phone that could change a person's voice to sound like someone else.

"You did this? You called child services on yourself?" Ridge asked Thomas. Thomas reasoned that Ridge had said he'd marry Taylor because he loved her, so the CPS thing wasn't the point. "You're playing with my life, with Brooke's life, your mom. What are you doing?" the distraught Ridge asked. Thomas claimed he was trying to make Ridge happy.

"Do I look happy to you?" Ridge raged. Ridge reasoned that Thomas had set Brooke up because he'd known what Ridge would do if someone attacked Ridge's family. "My son, who's turned his life around!" Ridge exclaimed. "You destroyed my marriage! My boy, my son. You did this!" Ridge bellowed, glaring at Thomas with pain on his face.

Ridge discovers that Taylor knew what Thomas had done

Ridge discovers that Taylor knew what Thomas had done

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

At Deacon's place, Sheila assumed that the preoccupied Deacon was thinking of Brooke. He said Brooke was his daughter's mother, and he was concerned about her because Hope was. Sheila quipped that it had to be tough living in a big mansion and accepting the fact that Ridge would marry someone else. Deacon explained that Hope, who was out of town with Zende on business, had wanted to be home for Brooke, but Brooke had insisted that Hope go.

Sheila hoped Brooke didn't expect Deacon to wipe her tears. Deacon asserted that if Brooke needed him, he'd be there. Sheila replied that she needed him, but he said it was hard to tell by the way she slipped out from time to time in that disguise. He asked where Sheila would go. Sheila told Deacon not to worry about it. She advised him not to worry about Brooke, either, because it wasn't the first time Brooke had lost Ridge.

Sheila wondered if there would be any family photos of the celebrity wedding online, and Deacon gleaned that she was hoping to see Finn and Hayes. Deacon said it was crazy that the wedding was happening when the ink wasn't dry on the annulment. Sheila replied that Brooke was a big girl and would be fine. He hoped Brooke wouldn't start drinking.

Sheila said it wasn't Deacon's problem. Knowing he was tempted, she told him not to even think about going to see Brooke. Sheila flirted with him, but when he didn't bite, she wondered if she should put her mask back on. Deacon, who never wanted to see that dangerous redhead again, advised Sheila to knock off her outings in disguise before she got them busted.

Sheila was confident that no one knew it was her, and she said she'd picked up some new wigs. Deacon stated that everyone thought she was dead, and she needed to stay that way. Sheila refused to do so and proclaimed that she'd one day be as free as a bird. "A jailbird," he quipped, and he said she could keep dreaming. Sheila replied that she'd started over before and would again. She said he was the dreamer, and he didn't stand a chance with Brooke.

At Brooke's house, Katie, Donna, and Brooke were alone. Their father had gone to the airport, and they missed him already. Katie said he'd been sweet to want to stop the wedding. "If only that were possible," Brooke replied.

Brooke began to tell Katie about Bill's visit earlier, but Katie indicated that she knew all about it. She explained that Carter had stopped by to get something for the wedding, and she'd overheard Carter and Bill talking about the way Bill had tried to make a play for Brooke and then for Katie. "That is so shady!" Donna exclaimed. Katie said Carter had said nice things in her defense, and she hadn't met anyone like him.

Brooke recalled that Katie had mentioned that there was a new man in her life. Donna asked why Katie hadn't said anything. Katie said it wasn't anything official, and she didn't think they should talk about it while Brooke's heart was breaking over Ridge. Brooke wanted happiness for her sisters and insisted that Katie tell them about Carter.

Katie said she and Carter had been spending time together and had gotten close. "How close?" Donna asked, but Katie replied that it wasn't as close as Donna was thinking. Brooke asked what Carter had said to Bill. Grinning, Katie recalled a few nice things Carter had said and added that he'd decided to make her happiness his business. Donna and Brooke cooed.

Donna and Katie urged Brooke not to give up on Ridge. Katie said Brooke had thought it had seemed impossible before, but fate had proven her wrong. Katie insisted that Brooke and Ridge were written in the stars.

At the mansion, Ridge undid his tie as he returned to the living room, saying that, with Douglas out of the room, it was time for answers. Steffy, Taylor, Finn, Carter, and Eric looked on as Ridge accused Thomas of changing his voice to Brooke's to make a Child Protective Services call. Thomas said he was sorry, but it didn't change how much Ridge loved Taylor. Ridge replied that he'd thought Thomas was a changed man, but Thomas had betrayed him.

"You did this to Brooke?" Eric yelled at Thomas. Brushing Eric aside, Ridge said he'd thought Thomas had changed. Ridge said he'd defended Thomas to everyone and had been proud of him. "You lie! Every time you open your mouth, you lie!" Ridge charged Thomas. Ridge was convinced that Thomas had done it to undermine Ridge's marriage.

Thomas said Ridge and Taylor belonged together, and Ridge knew it. Ridge thanked Steffy for being honest and asked Taylor if she'd seen what her boy had done. From the guilty look on Taylor's face, Ridge sadly surmised, "You knew." Taylor quietly admitted it.

Finn, Carter, and Eric decided to leave the others to talk in private. Carter and Eric went upstairs to Douglas' room, and when Finn joined them, he said the kids were decorating cupcakes with Li. Eric was furious with Thomas. Carter said he'd never seen Ridge so angry. Finn assumed it had been hard for Steffy to call out her own brother.

Back downstairs, Taylor explained that she'd just found out. Steffy added that she'd told Taylor after hearing it from Douglas. Ridge assumed it had happened moments earlier. Steffy said Taylor had been shocked and hadn't expected Thomas to do something like that. "But she didn't tell me," Ridge stated. He said Taylor had been about to marry him, anyway. Taylor affirmed it.

Steffy tried to defend Taylor, but Taylor said it was on her for deciding not to tell Ridge. Thomas took full blame, saying his mother wasn't responsible. "This is my mistake," Thomas said. Ridge replied that it wasn't a mistake -- it was an evil, calculated scheme carried out by his son.

Ridge lamented the lives turned upside down and told Thomas to look at what he was putting his beautiful mother through. Claiming that he wasn't making excuses, Thomas noted that Ridge had moved out of Brooke's house twice. "You are sick of that relationship. Don't forget that," Thomas stated. Thomas added that he'd gotten to see his family come back together, "and I had to get you out of that toxic relationship." Taylor yelled that it hadn't been Thomas' place.

Ridge recalled that he'd kept asking Brooke to admit it, but she hadn't known what he'd been talking about. He said Brooke hadn't been the liar; it had been Thomas. Taylor said she should have pulled Ridge aside and told him. Ridge asked what had happened to the woman he'd fallen in love with, the one who'd always told the truth. "I don't know. I'm so sorry, Ridge," Taylor replied. Thomas glared at Steffy.

Ridge stated that it wasn't like Taylor. Taylor said she should have given him a chance to decide what to do before the wedding, but she'd panicked. She asked if he loved her. "Of course, I do. So much," he replied. She stated that he'd assured her that they were together because he wanted to be with her, and it had nothing to do with anything Brooke had done; however, it wasn't true and had been the CPS call.

Taylor said she hadn't told Ridge about the call because she'd wanted to believe that his promises to her had had nothing to do with what he'd thought Brooke had done to Thomas. Steffy claimed that Taylor had been trying to protect Thomas. Taylor wished she could go back, but she said all she could do was say she didn't want a marriage based on lies.

Taylor said she'd let her fears get the best of her. She'd feared losing Ridge when she'd finally thought they'd made it. She said it was the moment of truth. She asked what Ridge wanted to do. She asked if they'd get through it. She stated that the day was about their kids, their grandkids, and their chance to have a life together again.

"I've apologized. And Thomas has apologized," Taylor said. She stated that she knew it didn't make it okay at that moment, but "are you going to stand behind your promises to me? Are you gonna make me your wife?"

Ridge decides that he needs to ''set things straight''

Ridge decides that he needs to ''set things straight''

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Taylor begged Ridge to say something. When Thomas tried to offer an explanation, Ridge demanded that Thomas be quiet. "I'm to figure out what kind of man I'm looking at," Ridge snapped. Taylor explained that what she was witnessing was exactly what she had feared. Taylor apologized to Ridge for not having told him about Thomas' actions. "It's our wedding day! I didn't want to ruin it," Taylor said as she fought back tears.

Taylor noted that Ridge had claimed that the CPS call had had nothing to do with his decision to marry her, but she could not help but wonder if that had not been entirely true. Pressed to decide if they were going to get married, Ridge remained silent. Steffy shared that she had spoken up during the ceremony because she felt that if Ridge knew the truth and still opted to marry Taylor, it would be a decision that was based on "real love" and not "manipulations and lies."

Thomas spoke up to insist that his actions had been done as a way to get Brooke and the heartache she caused out of Ridge and Taylor's lives. "Oh, I'm sorry. So, you're a hero now?" Ridge snapped. Ridge accused Thomas of hurting innocent people. Steffy and Thomas started to squabble before Ridge shouted for them to be silent. Steffy insisted that she still believed that Ridge and Taylor should get married.

Taylor explained that she had only found out about Thomas' actions five minutes before the wedding. She said that she had not had enough time to process what to do and said that Steffy and Thomas had both made valid arguments about why she should and should not have said anything. Ridge told Taylor that what Thomas had done was "sick and twisted." Ridge called Thomas a "self-centered, delusional child who has lost all grasp on reality."

Ridge told Thomas that there would be consequences for his actions. Ridge said that he would discuss with Eric whether or not Thomas should be permitted to have continued employment at Forrester Creations. Thomas smarmily asked if Ridge would try to kick him out of the Forrester family next. "I gave you life!" Ridge roared. Ridge angrily said that it made him sick to look at Thomas.

Taylor promised that they would deal with Thomas, but she said that she had hoped it would be as husband and wife. Taylor told Ridge that she loved him. To her relief, he told her that he loved her, too. Ridge told Taylor that he needed to set things straight, then he turned and walked away. Steffy walked over to her mom and apologized. Taylor wrapped her arms around Steffy and sobbed. Thomas stood in the background alone, tears welling in his eyes.

Thomas was furious with Steffy for speaking up and said that it was Steffy's fault that Taylor and Ridge had not gotten married. A distraught Taylor looked off into the distance and said, "He's gonna set it straight."

Sheila chuckled to herself as she wondered how Brooke was going to rebound from her failed relationship with Ridge. "Is she going to ruin a happy home or maybe sleep with somebody else's husband? Because the sky's the limit with that one," she mused. Deacon remarked that it was "truly unsettling" to see how much joy Sheila was getting from Brooke's pain. Sheila compared Brooke's misery to Christmas morning.

Deacon suggested that Sheila be more grateful -- particularly because she was not locked away in a prison cell. That would not be the case, he pointed out, if Sheila continued to take her ill-advised trips outside of the apartment. Sheila tried to lighten the mood with a handcuff joke but also made sure to thank Deacon for all that he had done for her. She admitted that being stuck inside to stare at the same four walls was starting to drive her crazy.

Deacon understood how Sheila felt, but he reminded her that his bachelor pad prison was far better than any jail cell. Deacon also told Sheila that she needed to give up on her fantasy of ever having a normal relationship with Finn and Hayes. Sheila became angry and warned Deacon that it would be a big mistake to bet against her.

Brooke was quietly sipping tea in her living room when Hope returned home unexpectedly from her business trip. Brooke thanked Hope for wanting to be with her, but she said that her daughter had not had to return early on her account. Hope was disappointed to learn that she had missed seeing Stephen during his brief visit.

Brooke and Hope talked for a while about what had gone wrong. Eventually, Brooke instructed Hope to head to the cabin to be with Liam and Beth. Brooke said that she wanted to be alone with "the wonderful memories" that she had of her time with Ridge because it was all she had left of him.

Later, as Brooke reflected on memories of Ridge, a knock sounded on her door. Brooke opened the door and found Ridge standing outside. Brooke was surprised to see him but stepped aside when he asked if he could go inside. "I learned something today that I think you need to know," Ridge announced before adding that he should have had more faith in Brooke.

Brooke was totally confused. Ridge told Brooke that he had heard the call to Child Protective Services and heard what he had thought was her voice. Brooke insisted again that she had not made the call and would not have made the call without first talking to Ridge. Ridge explained that Thomas had used a voice-changing app to make the call. Ridge questioned why he had believed something that he had known in his "heart of hearts" wasn't true. "I am more sorry than I can say," Ridge said.

This episode included the song "Everyone Dances," performed by Sabrina Rose. The music and lyrics were written by Casey Kasprzyk, Tony Ferrari, and Matt Pavolaitis.

Brooke gets frank with Ridge about the future

Brooke gets frank with Ridge about the future

Thursday, December 1, 2022

At Il Giardino, Paul served Bill at the bar and noted that he'd become a regular there. "I need a double, Paul, not a shrink," Bill methodically replied. Bill uttered, "They want you to grow and change. And then you get kicked in the teeth. What are you left with?" Paul asked if it was why Bill was spending so much time there. Bill replied that there was nothing to go home to.

Deacon arrived and asked if Bill was alone. Bill asked what the convict wanted. Deacon claimed he was being nice to the regulars, which Bill had been lately, eating and drinking alone. Deacon was surprised Bill had the time and wasn't gobbling up companies and putting people out of work.

When Bill didn't respond, Deacon assumed Bill had more on his mind than exchanging jabs with a convict. Deacon decided that Bill had struck out in the romance department, and Brooke had shut Bill down. Deacon reasoned that there was always Katie, but Deacon doubted Katie would sign on to be burned again. Deacon held out his hand and welcomed Bill to the Lonely Hearts Club. With a snarl on his face, Bill sipped his drink.

At Eric's house, Thomas and Steffy bickered with each other because Steffy refused to take the blame for how the day had gone. Thomas questioned her loyalty, but she raged at him for the awful thing he'd done, "not to mention what you did to your son!"

Thomas replied that Douglas was fine. "No thanks to you," Steffy quipped. She yelled at Thomas, asking what kind of parent he was to put Douglas in the position of keeping a terrible secret. Thomas said he'd make it up to his son. Taylor yelled at her children to stop, saying she couldn't handle it. Thomas replied that Taylor shouldn't be handling it; instead, she'd be married if it hadn't been for Steffy. "This is your fault!" Steffy yelled.

Taylor stated that one never knew -- Ridge might return for a wedding after making things right with Brooke. Steffy asked if Thomas saw what he'd put his mother through with his dishonest actions. Steffy said he'd probably do it all again if it meant getting his way.

As Taylor peeled off her jewelry and gloves, Steffy told her brother that she'd thought he'd changed. Taylor said she had, too; however, she'd also thought telling Ridge wouldn't make a difference, but she'd been wrong. She said she should have told him, and it had been a complete lack of judgment on her part.

Finn entered the house, saying Li had taken the kids home. He added that Eric and Carter were assuming that there wouldn't be a wedding, but Steffy said they didn't know that yet. She stated that Thomas' plan had thrown off the day; however, her parents loved each other, and she was hoping they'd get married that day. Taylor tearfully shrugged.

Steffy hoped Taylor wasn't disappointed in her for telling the truth. Thomas began to disparage Steffy for it, but Finn ordered Thomas not to attack Steffy for telling the truth and trying to fix Thomas' mess. Taylor reasoned that Steffy had been in a difficult spot. Taylor claimed to be glad Steffy had said something because, "I wasn't going to. I couldn't."

Taylor shrugged, saying she'd challenged Ridge's assertion that marrying her hadn't had anything to do with what Brooke had done. Steffy insisted that Taylor had been in a tough position -- because of Thomas. Thomas glared at his sister. Taylor claimed that she'd planned to tell Ridge everything the next day, but at that point, she didn't know what to expect.

"Maybe I should go over to Brooke's," Thomas decided. In unison, Steffy and Taylor denounced the idea. Steffy said Ridge needed time to process things. Thomas asked if Ridge needed time to decide whether to kick Thomas out of the company or the family.

Taylor said Ridge was upset, but he'd never turn his back on his son; however, there would be consequences. Steffy wished Thomas had had faith in their parents. She was sure Ridge would have proposed marriage to Taylor, despite the call. Thomas replied that they'd find out if that was true or if Ridge had been lying to Taylor all along. Steffy said they didn't know what would happen, and that was all because of Thomas.

Thomas asserted that he hadn't stood around while Brooke destroyed their family. Instead, he'd exposed her desire to call CPS on him. "You could have kept your mouth shut, and they'd be married right now!" Thomas concluded. Finn told Thomas to stop talking to Steffy that way.

Thomas told Steffy that she'd manipulated the situation all along to get Ridge and Taylor together, but then, she'd suddenly grown a conscience. Taylor said it had been the right thing to do. "Even if you lose Dad forever?" Thomas asked.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was stunned to hear that Thomas had imitated her voice with an app on Douglas' phone. Ridge insisted that it had sounded exactly like her, and Thomas had gotten what he'd wanted; Ridge had walked away from "our life" and had turned to Taylor.

Ridge asked Brooke if she remembered when he'd kept asking her to just say it in Aspen. Brooke asked why Ridge hadn't told her so that they could have gotten to the bottom of it. "Why didn't you just believe in me?" she asked, and she requested that he tell her everything.

Pouring himself a drink, Ridge said he didn't know if he understood it himself. He explained that "Child Services" had shown up right after Brooke had threatened to call them if there was anything going on with Douglas. Brooke said she'd just been upset and wouldn't really handle things that way. She stated that Thomas was Ridge's son, and she would have gone to Ridge first. Ridge replied that he knew it -- or one would think he did. He said there were a lot of things one would think he'd know.

On the verge of tears, Ridge indicated that things had been going on right under his nose. He'd seen Douglas' demeanor and had assumed that Douglas had been having trouble with kids at school. Ridge said he'd had no idea that "he was being abused by my son in my father's house."

Brooke stated that she'd never thought Thomas would do anything like that, and even though she knew Ridge didn't want to hear it, she believed that Thomas needed serious professional help. "And I'm not talking about Taylor," Brooke said, and Ridge agreed. Ridge explained that Douglas had played some recordings he'd found on his phone for Steffy, and after confronting Thomas, Steffy had told Ridge, thereby stopping the wedding. Brooke asked about Taylor.

"Taylor knew," Ridge responded. Aghast that Taylor hadn't told Ridge the truth, Brooke asked how long Taylor had known. He indicated that Taylor had learned that day, just like he had. Brooke gleaned that it had been before he'd known, and Taylor had been willing to marry him without revealing the truth about that call.

Ridge said he knew how it sounded, but Brooke asserted that Taylor had deceived him. Ridge replied that Taylor had sworn she'd tell him. Wondering when that would have been, Brooke guessed after Taylor had become his wife. Ridge said the point was that the truth was out, and they'd been played. He stated that he was there to apologize. He was sorry he'd hurt her.

Brooke said that Ridge had been over there, living with Taylor and sharing her bed, while Brooke had been alone and heartbroken, trying to figure out what had gone wrong so she could fix it. "Why couldn't you just talk to me? Why couldn't you give me that decency?" Brooke demanded to know. "Damn it, Ridge, please. Show me some respect!" she insisted.

Ridge replied that Brooke was right, and he was sorrier than he could say. Brooke, who'd prayed for him to open up and figure it out with her, said, "Today was your wedding day, and I'm still trying to grapple with that!" Brooke couldn't grasp the fact that he'd wanted to marry Taylor and throw away everything that he and Brooke had built together.

Brooke said Steffy, Thomas, and Taylor still wanted Ridge over there in their lives. "You know what? I can't do this. I can't just open my heart to you. I'm not putting you on the spot. It's just this back-and-forth -- it has to stop. And you're the one who has to do it," Brooke decided.

Brooke asked what it was Ridge wanted with his life. Brooke asked if he wanted to marry Taylor or if he wanted a life with Brooke. Brooke stated that whatever it was, she'd always love him. Ridge replied that he'd always love her. He decided that she was right, and he needed time.

Brooke told Ridge that he was her everything, but her self-respect was more important. She acknowledged that it had taken a beating because she'd been willing to do anything to get what she'd wanted. She said she wasn't like that anymore, and she liked the woman she saw in the mirror. She admired and respected herself, and she refused to take less than she deserved. "And now it's your turn to figure it out," Brooke told him.

Brooke said Ridge needed to figure out what he admired about himself and what he wanted out of his life. She couldn't do it for him. Brooke stepped aside to allow him room to go to the door. As he passed her, she turned him around, and they hugged. Ridge walked out of the house, and Brooke twisted the ring on her finger.

Brooke and Taylor find something they agree on

Brooke and Taylor find something they agree on

Friday, December 2, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke filled Hope and Liam in on Steffy objecting to Ridge's wedding, and they expressed pride in Douglas for standing up to his dad. Brooke was still shocked that Thomas had set her up. Hope said Brooke and Liam had been right about Thomas all along.

Brooke stated that at least Douglas would be home as a result of the events. Hope said Eric was bringing the child. She was proud of Douglas and acknowledged how difficult it had been to stand up to his father. Liam murmured that Thomas had no problem intimidating the child. Brooke was glad that those days were in the past. Hope asked where Brooke went from there.

Brooke didn't know, and Hope said Brooke had done the right thing by telling Ridge to take stock. Brooke replied that she couldn't keep doing the back-and-forth thing with Taylor. Getting an idea, Brooke left, saying she had unfinished business to take care of.

Hope told Liam that she felt foolish for trying so hard to believe in Thomas. Liam said she'd had valid reasons not to set Thomas off. Hope replied that she could have listened, but she hadn't wanted to see the signs. "Which brings me to something I need to tell you," Hope said, and she revealed to Liam that Thomas had tried to kiss her at Eric's after the showing.

Liam became enraged, but Hope calmed him down, assuring him that Thomas had backed off after she'd shut him down. Liam asked why she hadn't told him sooner. Hope replied that it was because she hadn't wanted to make a bad situation worse, and she'd wanted to believe Thomas had misinterpreted things. "Now," she wasn't so sure.

Eric arrived with Douglas and his suitcases. Eric, who'd loved having Douglas at the house, said it was time for the child to go home to Liam and Hope. Eric told Douglas that he was a light in the world. He saw Douglas as smart, funny, and brave. Eric said that Douglas knew right from wrong and would do just fine in the world.

Eric took off, and Hope and Liam sat Douglas down to talk about the last few days the boy had had. Douglas said it had been hard. Douglas explained that Thomas hadn't wanted Douglas to tell anyone about the voice app recordings. Douglas had known it had been wrong, so he'd played the recordings for his aunt. Liam called Douglas brave, and Hope expressed their pride in the child.

Douglas stated that he'd wanted to keep the secret so that his father wouldn't be mad, but Grandma Brooke had been blamed for something she hadn't done. Douglas said it hadn't been right. Liam called it awesome that Douglas had known that. The three hugged, and Liam and Hope said Beth, who was napping, would be happy to see Douglas.

At Eric's house, Thomas sat on the sofa as Steffy wordlessly marched in from the den with her dress in a garment bag under her arm. Taylor, who'd also changed, arrived downstairs. Thomas asked Taylor to let him have it. She said that his actions had been destructive. Steffy added that Ridge had gone to Brooke's, and Taylor's wedding had been ruined. "Nice job," Steffy quipped.

Taylor stated that she'd played a big part in how the day had gone by not telling the truth. She'd panicked and hadn't been able to tell Ridge the truth before the wedding. Steffy was ready to get Taylor out of there, but Taylor said she needed a minute. Steffy hugged Taylor, and Steffy and Thomas left Taylor alone in the mansion.

Later, Brooke arrived. Taylor assumed Brooke was looking for Ridge. Brooke, who'd already seen Ridge, said she knew everything, and Thomas had outdone himself. Taylor said she was upset with Thomas and really worried about her son. Brooke asserted that Taylor should be; Thomas was sick and needed serious, professional -- objective -- help. "Not from his enabling mother who seemed to be making questionable decisions of her own," Brooke added.

Brooke stated that she felt sorry for Taylor because Thomas had played her; however, Brooke asserted that before the ceremony, Taylor had known what Thomas had done, but she'd refrained from telling Ridge. Taylor claimed she'd intended to tell Ridge. "After the fact," Brooke added, and she asked if Taylor had thought Ridge wouldn't care.

Taylor explained that she'd wanted to believe it wouldn't matter to the wedding. Brooke said Ridge had felt awful about Thomas targeting Brooke and Ridge's marriage, and it would have been that way whether or not the wedding had happened. Taylor stated that Brooke didn't want to acknowledge it, but Taylor and Ridge loved each other.

Brooke replied, "And you don't want to acknowledge this: Ridge never would have left me to go be with you unless I did something unforgivable." Brooke deduced that Thomas had decided to clear the road for Taylor, who'd known what had been going on the whole time.

"I expected better from you, Taylor," Brooke said. She stated that Taylor supposedly always took the moral high ground, which her kids had said set her apart from Brooke; however, Taylor had been willing to take advantage of Thomas' manipulations to marry Ridge. Taylor replied that Brooke had made it sound as if Taylor had known all along, but she'd found out five minutes before the start of the ceremony. Brooke said Taylor should have gone straight to Ridge.

Taylor insisted that she'd planned to tell Ridge. Guessing it would have been after he'd married Taylor, Brooke asked if Taylor knew how deceptive that was. Taylor said it was a mess, and an awful truth had surfaced on the day her family had longed for. Steffy had advised Taylor to tell Ridge, but Thomas had said to just get married. Brooke called Thomas' advice self-serving.

Taylor explained that, in Aspen, Ridge had insisted that his choice to reunite with her had had nothing to do with Brooke. Taylor hadn't believed him, and she'd run from Ridge. She shared that he'd chased her to the mountaintop and sworn that it hadn't had anything to do with Brooke, and he'd said he'd wanted to be with her for always.

Brooke cut her gaze at Taylor, saying that the truth was that Ridge had left her because he'd thought she'd betrayed him. Brooke said that when Taylor had learned the truth, she'd had to know that the past weeks she'd spent with Ridge had been based on a lie.

Taylor asked where things stood between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke replied that she'd advised him to do some soul-searching and figure out what he truly wanted. Brooke added that he couldn't get back with her until he could completely commit to her. Brooke stated that she couldn't do the back-and-forth anymore or share his heart. It wasn't fair to any of them.

"And you and I didn't -- and we don't -- deserve that," Brooke decided. Taylor agreed. Brooke said that, for what it was worth, she was sorry. Taylor replied that she was sorry, too. She was sorry for what Thomas had done to Brooke. Taylor said it had been awful. "And for what? For this?" Taylor asked. Grabbing her bag, she bid Brooke farewell and left the house.

At Forrester, Steffy tried to slam the door to her office, but Thomas caught it as he entered behind her. Their bickering about Thomas' manipulations continued, and Steffy said she just wanted her normal brother back. Thomas replied that he'd been trying to help. Steffy told him that their mother was paying the price for it.

Steffy expressed her anger over what she saw as Thomas "always playing God with people's lives." She still believed Ridge and Taylor would have gotten back together within another week if Thomas had let it happen organically. Thomas called Steffy's thinking "wishful hindsight" and asked if Steffy thought Brooke would have stood by while Ridge and Taylor "play happily ever after." Steffy insisted that she didn't want their parents to have started their marriage with a lie.

Steffy insisted that she wanted Brooke out of Ridge's life, but she refused to set Brooke up for something she hadn't done. She wondered why Thomas had to "relearn" that some lines were not meant to be crossed.

Thomas quipped that his sister was "trying on your little halos" while making him out to be the bad guy. "Queen Steffy doing whatever she wants in Steffy Land," he snarked. Steffy told Thomas that while he'd gotten away with his misguided behavior before, this time, he'd have to pay the consequences for the damage he'd caused.

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