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Sheila slipped out of Steffy and Finn's grasp, and Deacon did Sheila one final favor before leaving town for Italy. Brooke and Taylor denied Ridge the option to choose either of them, and instead, they chose a friendship with each other. Bill made an impassioned plea to Katie.
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Sheila slipped away before being caught. Deacon erased surveillance footage. Brooke and Taylor chose themselves over a relationship with Ridge.
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Deacon plays a dangerous game of denial about Sheila.

Deacon plays a dangerous game of denial about Sheila.

Monday, December 12, 2022

In the CEO's office, Liam hugged Hope from behind. He said "TLC" was in order after the bombshell that had been dropped on them. Hope and Liam were still in disbelief that Sheila could be alive. Hope got worked up talking about it, and Liam hugged her again.

Liam said they were supposed to have been done with Sheila. Hope reasoned that it had merely been Finn's hunch, and she wondered if Sheila would really go so far as to remove her own toe. Liam said Finn wouldn't have sounded the alarm unless he was certain. Hope hated living in fear again, but Liam said it was better to know than to be caught off guard. Hope didn't want to believe it and hoped Finn and Steffy were wrong.

At Il Giardino, Finn strode up to the bar to talk to Deacon. Deacon couldn't get Finn's theory out of his mind and asked if Finn was really sure Sheila was alive. Confident of it, Finn asked if Deacon was really sure he had no idea where Sheila was.

Deacon said a bear had mauled Sheila, and he found it hard to believe she'd cut off her own body part. Finn didn't think it was any harder to consider than a bear attack that had supposedly left behind one measly toe. Finn was adamant that the toe had been cleanly severed, and he said all he needed to know was where she'd been hiding.

Deacon reasoned that Sheila could be halfway across the country or world. He felt they'd never see her again -- especially because she was dead. Finn replied that if that were so, it hadn't been from a bear attack. Noticing that Steffy hadn't returned yet, Finn left to check on her.

Outside the bathrooms, Steffy frantically tried to clean the drink she'd spilled off the stranger she'd bumped into. Steffy gasped when she noticed through the woman's open-toed sandals that the woman was missing a toe. "Sheila!" Steffy cried out.

Steffy stumbled backward, having a terror attack. Sheila walked off as Steffy panicked. Through Steffy's mind flashed moments from the alley shooting. Finn approached as she stammered that she'd seen Sheila. Steffy insisted that they had to go after Sheila.

Later, Finn took Steffy to the bar. Steffy muttered that she should have gone after Sheila. Glad Steffy hadn't, Finn asked if she remembered what had happened the last time she'd followed Sheila into an alley. As Steffy said they needed to call the police, Deacon approached. He asked what was going on, and Steffy revealed that she'd seen Sheila.

"Here?" Deacon incredulously replied. Steffy detailed her encounter with the woman with the missing toe outside the bathroom, and Finn ascertained that the woman had been missing her right middle toe. Deacon figured Steffy would have recognized Sheila, but Steffy stated that Sheila had been disguised. Steffy added that she'd said Sheila's name, and the woman had taken off. Finn asked why anyone would run unless it was Sheila.

Later, Finn ended a phone call with the police as Deacon poured double shots -- one for Steffy and one for himself. Deacon tossed his shot back and assumed the police were officially hunting a dead woman. Finn said Baker hadn't been convinced, but Finn hoped the sighting would help. Deacon asked if the police would be there. Finn said he hoped so, saying they should question the staff.

Deacon thought it was foolish of Sheila to be around a place where she'd once worked and where people could recognize her. Steffy said Sheila hadn't looked like herself, and it had been a good disguise. Steffy wondered if Sheila had been following Steffy and Finn. Finn said it could be that -- or she'd been looking to contact an old friend -- like Deacon.

Deacon doubted that, and he stated that he couldn't believe Sheila would be dumb enough to be back there. Steffy insisted that the person had looked a lot like Sheila and had been missing a toe. Finn thought there was one way to know for sure -- checking security footage.

Stammering, Deacon volunteered to pull the security footage and review it upstairs. Finn offered to go, too, but Deacon suggested that Finn and Steffy await the police. Around the corner, Deacon paused, thinking of the last time he'd talked to Sheila.

Back at the bar, Finn apologized to Steffy for what he'd put her through, but Steffy said nothing Sheila had done had been his fault. Finn admitted that he wished he'd listened to Steffy back on their wedding day. He said Steffy had known what Sheila was capable of, and he should have listened. He stated that everything that they'd been through could have been avoided.

A flashback played of Steffy and Finn reuniting outside the church. She said he'd fought to get back to her, and they'd continue fighting until Sheila was arrested. He wished he hadn't brought Sheila back into Steffy's life. Steffy insisted that none of it was his fault. He assured Steffy that they'd track Sheila down and make her pay for everything.

Elsewhere, Sheila was in front of a mirror, slamming her sandals into her makeup table and asking herself how she could be so stupid. She removed her disguise and for an uncomfortably long time, she sat before the mirror, restlessly thinking. After a while, she smiled to herself.

As Sheila brushed her hair, her cell phone rang. It was an unknown caller, and Sheila said Deacon had better not have given that number out. A message appeared, saying it was D calling. Sheila answered the phone, and the first thing Deacon said was that he had a burner phone, too. He asked how Sheila had run into Steffy.

Sheila replied that Steffy had run into Sheila. Sheila said it had been under control, and Steffy hadn't even known who Sheila had been -- until Steffy had started wiping Sheila up like a toddler. Deacon was irate that Sheila had gone waltzing through the restaurant, causing problems. She claimed he didn't have to worry, but he said the cops were on the way.

Deacon asked if Sheila would keep quiet if she was caught, but she insisted that no one would catch her. He replied that it was a matter of time. She told him that it wouldn't happen. "I'm off to..." she said. He asked her where she was going, but the call ended.

Later, Sheila resumed putting on her makeup.

Deacon helps erase evidence of Sheila's presence

Deacon helps erase evidence of Sheila's presence

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

At Il Giardino, Steffy tried to assure Finn that none of what had gone on with Sheila was his fault, but he insisted that he'd put Steffy at risk. Steffy was still in disbelief that Sheila was alive, but she reminded Finn that he was Sheila's victim, too.

Deputy Chief Baker arrived with some of his officers. He notified Finn and Steffy that his team was reexamining evidence and looking into the Finnegans' theory. Steffy insisted that it wasn't a theory, and Sheila was alive and had been at the restaurant. Steffy said she hadn't recognized Sheila in disguise; Sheila's hair and face had been different, but Steffy's blood had gone cold when they'd locked eyes.

Steffy stated that the woman had been very familiar, and Steffy had said Sheila's name. During the encounter, Steffy had been shocked and had just stood there as the woman had walked off. Finn told Baker that Deacon was reviewing security footage, and Finn hoped Sheila would be on-camera. Steffy informed the skeptical Baker that Sheila's reaction to her name had been unmistakable. Baker offered to send any image they lifted from the surveillance video to travel hubs. Finn instructed Baker to inform people that Sheila was armed.

In Sheila's hideout, a furious Sheila recalled running into Steffy at the restaurant. Deacon called Sheila because he was reviewing the security footage at the restaurant. On it, he located the moment that Sheila had encountered Steffy. Sheila asked if he could see her face in the footage. He said she was in disguise, but he could see it. Sheila instructed him to delete the footage immediately.

Deacon wondered how he'd explain doing that. Sheila ordered him to do it, and he did. She said she owed him a great deal and recalled that he'd never treated her like a monster. Deacon was adamant that Sheila couldn't run because Steffy and Finn were onto her. Sheila said that, thanks to Deacon, no one knew what face they were looking for. Deacon urged Sheila to throw herself on the mercy of the court, but she stated that there was always a way out.

Later, Sheila gazed in the mirror. She refused to return to prison again. She said she wouldn't have to hide for that long, and she'd be a free woman again. "That day is coming. Soon," she uttered and began chuckling.

In Deacon's apartment, Deacon deleted the backup files of the security footage. Steffy and Finn arrived with Deputy Chief Baker. Deacon claimed he'd gone over the surveillance footage three times but had seen nothing. He claimed that the Wi-Fi sometimes went out, leaving gaps in the footage, and he hadn't seen Sheila or any other woman. Steffy, who didn't care if Sheila was on the video or not, asserted that Sheila had been there and needed to pay for her crimes.

Later, Deacon was alone, packing a bag. Paul arrived to find out why Deacon hadn't returned to his shift. Paul was confused when he found Deacon packing. Deacon said that Anthony, the restaurant owner, had been talking about selling Il Giardino if he could find the right person. Paul said that, for a long time, Anthony had discussed retiring. "Well, he thinks I might be the right guy," Deacon added.

Paul was surprised to hear that. Deacon explained that he'd talked to his parole officer and gotten permission to fly to Italy to get some backers. Deacon believed that he could turn Il Giardino into "Deacon's Place." Deacon promised to keep the staff on. Paul asked if Deacon was leaving right then, and Deacon said it was the smartest thing he could do.

At Forrester, Brooke congratulated Hope on the latest HFTF numbers and offered to go over them with production. Brooke said she needed to work and stay busy. Hope replied that there was a lot to do because her line was blowing up. It was bittersweet for Hope because Thomas had been a huge part of the success.

Brooke told Hope to enjoy her achievement; Thomas was keeping his distance, and Douglas was back home. Hope said it was hard to relax with Sheila around. Brooke admitted that it was a disturbing thought that Sheila might be alive, and Steffy and Finn were right to worry. Brooke assumed that the police would reopen the case.

Hope asked if Brooke was nervous about staying home alone without Ridge. Brooke said she wasn't. Hope mentioned that Brooke had been in the office a lot. Brooke explained that there was a lot of work to do, especially with Ridge gone. Brooke added that if Sheila was on the loose, they'd have to step in and help Steffy. Hope wondered what Brooke's feelings were for Ridge and what she'd do when he got back.

Brooke said that Ridge was taking much-needed time away to discover what he wanted from life and for his future. Hope asked if Brooke wasn't a part of that decision. Brooke said she wanted to be with Ridge, but he had to be completely committed to her and no one else. Hope stated that it was what Brooke deserved. Brooke said it had taken a long time for her to see it.

Hope was sorry that Brooke's relationship with Ridge was once again about him being unable to make up his mind. Hope stated that there was another man who'd give anything to be with Brooke and who just happened to be Hope's dad. Brooke chuckled. Hope claimed she wasn't trying to force her parents back together.

"Good, because that doesn't end well for anybody," Brooke responded. Hope claimed to trust Brooke to do what was right for herself, but Hope wanted Brooke to know that Ridge wasn't the only man out there. Brooke replied that Deacon hadn't been one to hide his feelings. Hope said she knew Brooke didn't need a man in her life, but she wanted Brooke to be happy.

Steffy and Finn arrived, talking about getting more security for their house. Brooke and Hope asked what was going on. Steffy reported that she'd literally run into Sheila in a disguise. Steffy said she wouldn't have looked at Sheila twice if Sheila hadn't been wearing open-toed shoes. Finn said they had to find Sheila soon, and they all needed to protect each other because the threat was still very much alive.

Ridge returns home and finds Taylor and Brooke together

Ridge returns home and finds Taylor and Brooke together

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Aboard the Forrester jet, Ridge thought about the two women in his life. He thought about kissing Taylor in Monaco and Aspen. His mind then wandered to memories of Brooke. The daydreaming ended when Eric phoned Ridge to check up on him. Eric sternly voiced his belief that Ridge needed to make a decision about which woman he wanted in his life -- and then to stick to that decision.

When the plane landed, the pilot, Trevor, welcomed Ridge home and commented that Ridge's family had to be eager to see him.

Taylor paid Steffy a surprise visit at Forrester to tell her daughter that she was back in town. Steffy said that she had a lot to tell Taylor, but first, she wanted to make sure that her mom was doing okay. Taylor insisted that she was doing fine. Taylor asked if Steffy had spoken to or heard from Thomas. "I don't really care about him right now," Steffy replied.

Steffy did, however, want to know if Taylor and Ridge had spoken. Taylor did not directly answer the question. Taylor confirmed that she and Ridge had gone their separate ways when they'd both chosen to leave town. "Ridge had to process what he was feeling," Taylor shared. For her part, Taylor had "sorted through some anger" and tried to "understand the questionable choices" that she had made.

Steffy wished that Thomas had not made the call to Child Protective Services. Steffy promised that she would not pressure her parents to get back together, even if part of her did still want Taylor and Ridge reunited. Taylor claimed that it was pure coincidence that she and Ridge had returned to Los Angeles on the same day. Taylor assured Steffy that she was not mad at Steffy for having spoken up at the wedding.

In the design office, Brooke and Hope discussed the improbable resurrection of Sheila Carter. They both marveled at how the missing-toed criminal had managed to elude Steffy and once again go on the run. Hope was certain that Sheila's luck would run out eventually.

Hope asked if Ridge knew about Sheila's return. Brooke explained that Steffy had not wanted to worry Taylor and Ridge while they were out of town. Hope assumed that meant that Brooke had not spoken to Ridge. Brooke said that she had not but that Ridge would be returning to town later that day.

Asked how she felt about Ridge returning to Los Angeles, Brooke remained diplomatic. Brooke noted that Ridge had "apologized over and over again" but that the apologies did not mean that she and Ridge could go back to the way things had been before he'd walked out on her. "Now is the time to take stock in where things stand for all of us," Brooke said.

Later, Brooke walked into the executive office and was surprised to see that Taylor was back in town. Brooke asked if Taylor had planned to return the same day as Ridge. "I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking. Oh, you didn't ask," Taylor quipped. Taylor assured Brooke that she had not planned for her return to coincide with Ridge's. Brooke suggested that Taylor was probably already planning to make another move on Ridge and zinged Taylor for not having been honest with Ridge "when it mattered the most."

Taylor agreed that it had been wrong for her not to tell Ridge about Thomas' CPS call. Taylor did not dispute that Ridge loved Brooke, but Taylor remarked that the love she and Ridge had for each other was also very real. Brooke smiled slightly as she said that loving Ridge was probably the only thing that they had in common. Taylor noted that there was another commonality. "We both love our kids," Taylor said, but she quickly added that she hated what Thomas had done to Brooke.

"I don't think that he even understands the damage that he's caused," Taylor said softly. Brooke told Taylor that she was very thankful for the way that Steffy had stepped up and told the truth. Taylor asked Brooke if she had spoken to Ridge. Brooke shook her head.

"What have we done? It's been years like this, this back and forth with Ridge? You and me just chasing a dream," Brooke remarked as Taylor laughed.

In the design office, Hope had just ended a call with Liam when Steffy walked in. "There's definitely a lot weighing on us, especially with our moms and my father," Steffy said softly. The two women stood silent as they appeared to be deep in thought.

Steffy spoke briefly to Chief Baker on the phone, but the call left Steffy frustrated over the lack of information about Sheila's whereabouts. Steffy told Hope that she had no idea how Taylor and Ridge would react when they learned that Sheila had faked her death. The conversation turned to Thomas and the call he had made to CPS. Both women agreed that Thomas had made a mess of things, but they did not appear to agree which of their moms Ridge would choose to spend his life with.

When Ridge arrived at Forrester, he was stunned to see Brooke and Taylor together in the executive office. Brooke and Taylor stood shoulder to shoulder and stared somewhat coldly in a confused Ridge's direction. "I assume you're back because you've made your decision... who you're gonna choose," Taylor said. She then turned to look at Brooke before adding, "But I guess we have something to say about that." Brooke looked back at Taylor with a smile and said, "We do."

Taylor and Brooke reach an agreement about Ridge

Taylor and Brooke reach an agreement about Ridge

Thursday, December 15, 2022

In the CEO's office, Ridge, who was surprised to see Taylor and Brooke together, said he'd gotten a text message. Taylor replied that she and Brooke had wanted to see him. Ridge couldn't imagine what the ladies were going through, and he was sorry for his part in it. Taylor and Brooke asked if he really was sorry.

Charlie arrived and welcomed Ridge back into town. Sensing he'd interrupted something, Charlie backed out of the room and decided to circle back later.

In the CEO's office, Hope and Steffy continued to debate which of their mothers Ridge would be with. Finn and Liam, who'd encountered each other in the elevator, arrived at the same time. When they heard Ridge was on his way home, Liam and Finn assumed that Ridge had decided whether he'd be with Brooke or Taylor.

Steffy said she could see her parents living happily at the beach house together. Liam replied that Ridge and Brooke had only broken up because of Thomas' scheme. Steffy claimed to feel bad for Brooke but said it didn't erase the bond Ridge and Taylor had created. Liam noted that Ridge hadn't gone through with the wedding. Steffy revealed that part of her wished she had let Taylor tell Ridge after the ceremony. "They'd still be together right now," Steffy stated.

The topic turned to the children, who seemed unaware of all the concern. Hope said the kids had had a blast making cookies. Steffy affirmed that Kelly had loved it. Finn said it was nice because things had been unpredictable. Liam quipped that he hadn't had Sheila's rise from the dead on his Bingo card. Hope added that Thomas had called Child Protective Services on himself, and Liam said that was why he'd given up on predicting people's moves.

Steffy murmured that she had her suspicions. Assuming it was about Ridge's decision, Hope said Ridge had let Steffy down before. Liam said they all knew that Hope and Steffy wanted the best for their mothers, but Hope stated that it was almost a guarantee that one mother would be heartbroken. Steffy predicted that Brooke would have a meltdown.

Charlie arrived with breaking news. Figuring it was about Pam's raffle and bake-off, Steffy said they didn't need to hear it right then. Charlie announced that Ridge was in the CEO's office. Hope and Steffy asked whose mother Ridge was with, and Charlie said both mothers.

Later, Charlie had gone, and the Finnegans and Spencers wondered what was going on across the hall. Finn hoped Ridge would let the woman he didn't chose down gently. Steffy expressed her confidence that Ridge wouldn't be a jerk about it. Hope didn't think it was fair that it was up to Ridge. Liam said he didn't want to watch Brooke mourn the relationship again.

Hope doubted Brooke would be the one hurting, but Steffy expressed confidence in her parents' love. Hope recalled the stories she'd heard about Ridge and Brooke falling in love at first sight. Hope believed that love was still going strong.

Steffy said she knew Ridge would always love Brooke on some level, but Steffy didn't want Brooke to be obsessed with him. Reasoning that Ridge had been with Brooke for many years, Steffy said it was time for him to be with her mother. "So now Taylor gets a turn?" Hope asked, doubting that was how it worked. Steffy said Hope thought Brooke needed Ridge, but Steffy believed that Taylor did.

Back in the CEO's office, Brooke and Taylor recalled that they had been talking about how sorry Ridge was. Ridge affirmed that he was, but Taylor said they weren't there to listen to his apologies. Brooke stated that they'd called him there to listen to them.

Brooke remarked that she and Taylor had been talking. Ridge replied that he'd always said they should talk and that they had a lot in common. Brooke said the women had more in common than they'd realized; the women were both mothers with careers who'd been waiting for the same man for most of their adult lives. Brooke asked if Ridge had processed his feelings.

Taylor assumed that Ridge had. She said she'd gone away, too, and she'd wanted to stay away like she'd done in the past; however, she'd decided she wanted to be in Los Angeles. Ridge was glad she'd chosen that -- for the kids. "For the kids. Yup. For the kids," Taylor repeated.

Taylor said she should have told Ridge before the ceremony about Thomas' misdeeds, but she'd been thrown off by all the promises Ridge had made in Aspen. She'd taken Ridge at his word, and she'd believed him. She said the time they'd spent together had been magic.

Brooke added that Ridge had always been the love of her life. Brooke and Taylor agreed that Ridge was a loving man and great father. "My heart," Taylor said. Brooke stated that every breath she'd taken had been for him. Taylor called Ridge her best friend, and Brooke stated that he was her destiny. "But you can't have both of us, Ridge," Taylor told him.

Ridge claimed that he'd gone away because he knew that he could only be with one of them. "No," Taylor replied. Brooke said, "You can't."

Brooke began to talk about her feelings about Aspen, but Ridge said he'd left her because he'd thought she'd betrayed him. She said the thing that got her was that he hadn't talked to her about it, so they could handle it then and there; instead, he'd run off to Aspen, leaving her without any idea of what she'd done wrong. "My God! Who does that? What kind of man runs to Taylor to propose to her, all the while, he's still married to me?" Brooke asked.

Ridge apologized for hurting Brooke, but Taylor said he'd hurt them both. Taylor stated that she'd been oblivious to what had gone on with Brooke and Ridge. Taylor said he'd chased her. She said she'd told him to leave; however, he'd insisted that it had been different that time because he'd seen the light and wanted her for always. Taylor stated that she'd bought it; but "what did you do? What happened at the wedding?"

Ridge said Steffy had objected. Taylor asked if that was his response to all of what Taylor had just said. Taylor stated that if Ridge had been truthful in Aspen, then she and Ridge would have gotten married regardless. "But we didn't. You walked away. You left me there with my heart shattered again," Taylor said. She yelled that everything he'd done had been wrong.

Brooke put her arm around an emotional Taylor and affirmed that Taylor was right. Taylor stated that she and Brooke didn't need Ridge. Brooke declared that they weren't weak women. Ridge called them strong and independent. Taylor replied that he had no idea. The women expressed that they had been stuck in the cycle for decades, but Ridge had had it good. Brooke admitted that they each loved Ridge, but they were better than that and deserved to be happy.

Ridge agreed. Brooke announced that she and Taylor had made a decision. "We choose us. We deserve to be happy," Brooke said. Taylor agreed and added, "We choose ourselves, our dignity, our self-respect." Both women stated that they were done. Looking at each other, they repeated, "We are done." Each woman bade Ridge goodbye. "Come on, Taylor," Brooke said, taking Taylor's hand.

Brooke and Taylor strode out of the office, leaving Ridge alone. In the corridor, the women chuckled and high-fived each other.

Steffy and Hope are stunned by their mothers' actions

Steffy and Hope are stunned by their mothers' actions

Friday, December 16, 2022

In the design office, Carter and Katie finished work for the evening. He invited her to dinner, but she said Bill had asked her to meet him for a talk. Figuring she already knew what Bill was up to, Carter asked why she'd put herself through it again. Katie revealed that Bill wasn't being himself, and she'd become worried about him.

Carter asked if it was Katie's responsibility to fix Bill. Katie claimed that it wasn't. She said she'd been through many modes with Bill, but she'd never heard him be so vulnerable. Carter wondered if Bill was playing on her sympathies. She reasoned that it could be that, or it could be that something bad was about to happen. Carter replied that it wasn't her job to monitor Bill's emotions, but she reasoned that if it affected Will, she had to pay attention to it.

At Bill's house, Liam watched Bill arrange roses and candles on his coffee table. Bill adjusted a photo of himself and Katie on the mantel. "Is that a diffuser?" Liam asked as Bill fiddled with scent sticks dipped in oil. Assuming it smelled nice, Bill said he was doing it for Katie, who loved "that stuff." Liam asked if Bill was expecting Katie.

Bill revealed that Katie had agreed to meet him for a talk. He hoped it was the night he'd finally convince his Katie to return home. Bill felt encouraged because Katie hadn't blown him off. Liam seemed skeptical, but Bill said things would be very different for him and Katie after that night.

As Bill prepped a bottle and wine glasses, Liam admitted that he missed old family times with Will, Katie, Bill, and Wyatt. Bill said that after that night, they'd put the Spencer gatherings back on the calendar. Liam said Katie had to want it, too, and Bill asserted that she would. Liam wished he could leave without worrying, but Bill's sword necklace still gave Liam pause. Bill claimed it was protection, but he wouldn't need it once Katie returned to him.

Later, Katie arrived at Bill's to a candlelit living room. He said she looked stunning. She thanked him, though she believed he'd seen the dress a million times. Bill replied that it was about what was in the dress. Katie expressed her concern for him, and he said he'd take what he could get.

Katie noted that Bill wasn't himself. He stated that he never was when they were apart. She grimaced, saying they'd been over it again and again. Bill said that he'd been learning new things every day about himself and his feelings for her. He regretted hurting Katie in the worst possible way. Katie uttered that Brooke was her sister.

Bill claimed that he'd allowed himself to get obsessed with Brooke. Katie replied that he'd called Brooke the great love of his life. Claiming it wasn't true, he stated that he hadn't meant it, and he wished he could take the words back. Bill stated that he loved Will and Katie more than words could say, and he missed the life that they should be sharing. Katie replied that he'd thrown it away, and she'd never understand why he'd been so reckless with all they'd built together.

The tearful Bill said that at times, he got in a bad headspace and made poor decisions, personally and professionally. He begged her to say that there was a chance for forgiveness and to reunite their family. He swore he'd never let her down again if she'd return to him.

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Finn were hoping Sheila would be captured soon. He was adamant that Sheila had made a big mistake remaining in town after she'd escaped.

Hope arrived, wondering if Steffy had any news about their mothers and Ridge. Charlie entered to alert them that he'd made sure Sheila couldn't breech the building. Steffy and Hope were more concerned about whether Ridge had left with Brooke or Taylor. Charlie hadn't seen Ridge, Brooke, or Taylor leave the building but offered to pull up surveillance footage.

Hope and Steffy opted to text-message their mothers. When their mothers texted back, Steffy and Hope were surprised to learn that Taylor and Brooke were together at Brooke's house. Figuring it couldn't be good, Steffy and Hope decided that they had to get over there.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Taylor were still reeling from the meeting they'd had with Ridge earlier. Brooke asked if Taylor was sorry about it. Taylor quipped that she was sorry they hadn't done it 30 years sooner. Placing a cake on the coffee table, Brooke noted that it was the best thing to celebrate with. She said she and Taylor had kissed Ridge goodbye, and it was a kiss they each could agree on.

Brooke handed Taylor a glass of sparkling water to celebrate herself and Taylor reaching the same decision at the same time. Brooke said they'd taken their power back, and it felt incredible. Brooke swept her hair around like a heavy metal singer, and they toasted.

Taylor claimed she'd never wanted to be Brooke's enemy. Taylor said it was because Brooke was a "badass" who'd left her mark on the fashion industry, and she was the hottest chemist Taylor had ever seen. Taylor added that Brooke loved her family and was a good mother; Taylor could see how Ridge had been swept away by Brooke. Brooke replied that she respected Taylor, too, and what Taylor had chosen to do with her life. She said Taylor was a healer, and it was incredible. Taylor reasoned that it was the nicest they'd been to each other.

Brooke replied that she and Taylor hadn't had that many chances, and Taylor said it was because they'd been fighting over a "stupid man." They admitted that they didn't know how they'd let it go on for so long but figured it was their chance to prove that they could be strong and capable on their own. Taylor added that women should never bash each other for a man; instead, they should lift each other up. Brooke heartily agreed.

Taylor grabbed a letter opener to slice the cake and decided that she and Brooke should vow to never fight over Ridge again. Brooke accepted the vow. Taylor said she and Brooke had played their parts in it, but Ridge had eaten up the attention from both of them for a long time. Brooke and Taylor expressed sympathy for each other about the way Ridge had treated them in Aspen.

Brooke handed Taylor a hunk of cake. Hope and Steffy marched into the house and ordered their mothers to put the cake down. "Not this again!" Steffy exclaimed, but Brooke and Taylor laughed, revealing that they were celebrating. Taylor and Brooke reported that they'd done the choosing, not Ridge. They toasted with their cake pieces and dug in.

Hope and Steffy wondered what they'd missed. Brooke and Taylor admitted that they wished they'd done it awhile back, but they hadn't been ready to take control of their lives and destinies. Taylor balked because Brooke had said the "D" word, and Brooke scoffed because she didn't want to use that word anymore. Taylor announced that the competition was over.

"If Ridge is in our lives, that's great. If he's not, that's fine, too," Brooke announced. Brooke and Taylor declared that they didn't need Ridge to be happy. They laughed in awe of their epiphany, and Hope and Steffy gazed at their mothers with wonder.

Hope and Steffy claimed that they'd only wanted Ridge for their mothers because they'd wanted their mothers to be happy. Brooke shared that true happiness emanated from within, and everyone was in charge of their own inner peace. Steffy and Hope exclaimed that they were proud of their mothers, and they hugged them.

Hope and Steffy left to get plates and forks from the kitchen. Taylor said she felt blessed that their daughters were proud of them. Brooke said she'd never felt so good, and she had her friend Taylor to thank for it. "My friend Brooke," Taylor replied, and they hugged.

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