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Thomas threw himself on the mercy of Forrester's board of directors, but his fate had been sealed before he'd even arrived. Carter gave Katie a heartfelt gift. Sheila pleaded her case to Steffy and Finn, and Bill arrived to say that if Sheila went to jail, Taylor would, too.
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Bill shocked Steffy and Finn with news that he and Sheila were a couple. Thomas was booted from Forrester. Carter gave Katie a heartfelt gift.
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An unwanted visitor darkens the cliff house door

An unwanted visitor darkens the cliff house door

Monday, December 26, 2022

On a stormy night in Los Angeles, Sheila commandeered a car and sped off. She drove steadfastly through the rain. After a while, she uttered that she was almost there.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy were holding each other by the fire. They had the house to themselves because Li had Hayes, and Kelly was with Liam. Finn noted that an important meeting was happening at Forrester. Steffy replied that she'd said all she could to her brother, and it was Thomas' time to learn on his own about his future at Forrester.

Having wine with Finn, Steffy remained adamant that her parents would be together if Thomas hadn't pulled his stunt. Finn was proud of Steffy for telling the truth. She said she couldn't let her parents build a future on lies, and Ridge had deserved to know that Brooke hadn't betrayed him. Steffy said that Brooke and Taylor's decision had empowered them, and it seemed that closure was in the air -- there was just one loose end left.

Later, Finn lit candles all around the living room. Steffy returned in lingerie. He said he intended to make good use of their alone time. He said he needed it, and he needed her. The two sat on the sofa, and Steffy touched Finn's scar. She asked if it made him think of Sheila. Finn replied that it had at first, but he'd come to barely notice it, and he didn't want to think of Sheila unless he was forced to. He stated the night was just about him and Steffy and their love.

As Steffy and Finn kissed, Sheila, who was outside in the rain, walked up to their house in a hooded raincoat. She flipped the switch on the power to the house. Next, Sheila tore open their front door and stood menacingly on the threshold. "Oh, my God! Sheila!" Steffy exclaimed.

At Forrester, Eric and Ridge had gathered Brooke, Carter, and Hope together. Ridge said Steffy didn't need to be there because she'd already reached a consensus with Eric and Ridge. Thomas arrived, saying he'd been summoned. Ridge replied that Thomas had created a problem, and they were all there to fix it. Thomas asked to say a few words before he was lectured.

Thomas said he was glad everyone had gathered together. That way, he could tell them at once how badly he'd screwed up. He claimed he hadn't known what he'd been thinking to call Child Protective Services on himself. He decided that he hadn't been thinking; he'd just been angry because Brooke had threatened to make that call.

Thomas revealed that he'd decided to let CPS show up and see how great of a father he was. He added that he'd also wanted his parents together. That had meant getting Brooke out of the way and lying to make it happen. "For that, I am so sorry," he claimed.

Later, the group sat at the conference table with files before them. Thomas figured that he needed more therapy and said he'd thought those types of stunts were behind him. He admitted that he'd made a terrible mistake and backslid on his progress but believed that he was taking more steps forward than backward. He asked for the opportunity to show them that he was becoming a better man and was still an integral part of the design team.

"All right. Stop right there," Eric said. He stated that Thomas was getting ahead of himself to presume he still had a place there. Eric asked if Thomas knew how disappointed Eric was, as he'd believed in Thomas and invited him into the mansion to have the chance to strengthen his relationship with his son. Eric couldn't even look at Thomas after what he'd done.

Thomas stated that he could still make amends. "No, you can't," Eric responded, adding that it was Brooke to whom Thomas needed to make amends.

Brooke said Thomas had made it abundantly clear how he felt about her. She figured he could say he was sorry in front of everyone, but she recalled that he'd shown no remorse when she'd found out what he'd done. She said he'd made sure she'd known that he'd do what it took to keep Ridge out of her life. Brooke said she hadn't wanted things that way, and for Ridge, she'd tried to have a relationship with Thomas and show him some kind of love and support. "And this is what you throw back in my face?" she asked. Brooke concluded that Thomas didn't care about her and Ridge's feelings or their marriage, and Thomas had no respect.

Thomas agreed that he hadn't respected the marriage, but he was sorry about lying and hurting her and Ridge's feelings. "I really am," he uttered. Brooke asked how many times he could say it; he'd said it to her, to Hope, and to Douglas. Brooke asked if they'd continue believing him forever. Thomas replied that he'd wanted his family together. Brooke responded that there was no way to justify it and no more excuses -- it was the end of the road.

Carter said that he'd rooted for Thomas, and as COO, Carter had hoped Thomas' change would stick that time. He said Thomas' designs were fire, and Ridge had been proud of the man and father Thomas had been becoming. Carter asked how Thomas could do it to Ridge and how Thomas could devastate Ridge that way. Carter asked if there was anything they needed to know that might blow back on Hope or Hope's line.

Thomas asked why he'd do something to jeopardize the line he'd worked hard on. He added that Carter knew how much Thomas cared for Hope. Thomas asked why he'd do something to hurt Hope or his son. He asked Hope if she believed it.

Hope replied that she'd believed everything Thomas had said. She'd believed they could work together, co-parent together, and possibly be friends. "But after all this -- I should have listened to all the warnings," she replied. Hope said Thomas had hurt Douglas and hadn't even thought of how traumatizing it could be for Douglas. Thomas claimed he hadn't meant to hurt Douglas.

As Thomas said Hope had to give him another chance, Hope spoke over him. She thanked him for the hard work on her line. She said she knew how much effort Thomas had put into it, adding that Thomas had been an important part of the team. "But Zende is an excellent designer and has come into his own -- so, I think the line will do just fine without you," Hope decided.

Thomas replied that Hope didn't really believe that. Hope said he'd used their son to destroy her mother's happiness. She asked how she could ever trust him again. Thomas acknowledged that he'd made a mistake and had gotten caught up in a dream of having his family together. He said all it had needed had been a nudge, but he'd pushed it off a cliff. Brooke cocked her head and sneered. Thomas said he was trying to say he knew he'd been wrong, and he was sorry.

Thomas noted that Eric had opened his home, but Thomas had failed Eric and Douglas. Thomas said he was sorry. To Brooke, Thomas stated that he actually hadn't wanted to hurt her, and he was sorry that he had. Thomas told Hope that he'd never wanted to see disappointment in her eyes, but because of what he'd done, it was there every day. He said he was very sorry about that.

Thomas told Ridge that Thomas' actions hadn't been okay. Thomas believed he could move forward, learn, and grow if Ridge gave him a chance. Ridge wondered what Thomas was asking for and getting at. Ridge asserted that he'd stood by Thomas when no one else had. Ridge said he'd blamed himself for not being there when Thomas had been a kid. Ridge said Thomas had played him.

Thomas replied that it hadn't been his intention, but Ridge roared back, "It's about your actions, boy!" Ridge questioned whether Thomas could change at all or if it was just who Thomas was. Ridge stated that Thomas was making Ridge do it for the family and the company. Thomas asked Ridge not to do it, but Ridge said they all agreed, including Steffy. "Your days at Forrester Creations are over. Goodbye, Thomas," Ridge concluded.

Ridge opened the office door. The others rose from their chairs and solemnly exited the office. Thomas watched them go. Ridge barely looked at Thomas as Ridge closed the door behind himself, leaving the tearful Thomas alone in the office.

Another unexpected visitor arrives at the cliff house

Another unexpected visitor arrives at the cliff house

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

At the cliff house, Steffy shrieked Sheila's name as Sheila stood in the pouring rain on the threshold of the front door. Finn scrambled into action and grabbed Sheila from behind. Steffy tried to flip on the lights and discovered that the power was out. Sheila promised she wouldn't move. Releasing Sheila, Finn asked what she'd done.

Sheila assumed it was just a power outage. She said the police weren't coming, and their security was indisposed at that moment. She stated that she wasn't leaving and wanted to live in peace and harmony; she wanted her precious family. Finn yelled that Sheila was not their family and that she'd be going to prison for the rest of her life.

Steffy tugged at Finn, who was getting in Sheila's face, telling her that she was sick to fake her own death. Sheila claimed that she'd done it to give him closure. He said she'd done it to escape. Steffy asked why Sheila was still there. Sheila stated that she'd wanted to make sure that they were okay. Calling Sheila a liar, Steffy accused her of stalking them at Il Giardino.

Sheila said she hadn't known they'd be there. Finn told her that she should have run away and never returned. Sheila replied that she'd tried it, and everyone had believed her plan but Finn, her gifted son. Steffy said it had been sick. Sheila stated that it had been excruciating, but she'd done it for her family. She said she'd do anything for Finn, regardless of how much it hurt.

"Then turn yourself in," Finn replied. Sheila reasoned that she didn't need to go to prison because she wasn't a threat; she just wanted a chance to explain. Finn yelled that she could have made her grandchild an orphan. Steffy asserted that Sheila would rot in jail. Finn tried to grab Sheila, but she urged him to hear her out -- even if it was for the last time.

Finn asked if Sheila thought they'd let her just walk out of there after she said what she had to say, and he asserted that she wouldn't get away. Sheila claimed she could have already gotten away and started a life elsewhere, but leaving him hadn't been an option. She said she needed his acceptance and understanding.

Steffy said there was nothing to understand, and everyone was against Sheila. Steffy recalled that Sheila had said as much when she'd pulled the gun in the alley. Sheila claimed it had been an accident, and she hadn't meant to shoot anyone. Sheila said Steffy had come at her, threatening to keep Sheila and Finn apart. Sheila realized that all they could see was the bad in her, but she was still Finn's mother and Hayes's grandmother.

Sheila stated that things could be different if they'd give her a chance She wanted to be accepted, have peace, and move forward. Finn, however, insisted Sheila would pay for her crimes. Sheila replied that she wouldn't return to prison. Finn stated that there was nothing Sheila would say to convince them to let her go, and she'd be in prison that night.

Taking off her coat, Sheila noted that people always underestimated her. She said Lauren Fenmore had thought it had been over for Sheila, but Sheila had started a new existence in California. Sheila stated that Jack had thought he could keep her from her son; Jack had been wrong, and Finn and Steffy were wrong about it being over for Sheila. Sheila said she'd heard it over and over, but it had never been true for her. She always found a way out.

Steffy and Finn insisted that no one in town was on Sheila's side, and everyone knew she was dangerous. Finn thought she was delusional to think she'd get away. Sheila asserted that she was free and would continue to be free.

Finn instructed Steffy to get some rope from a drawer, and Steffy complied. Sheila permitted Finn to tie her hands behind her back. He told Sheila it was over right then and there. Suddenly, the front door burst open. In the flicker of lightning, Bill appeared on the threshold of the door.

In the CEO's office, Taylor arrived, shaking her umbrella and saying she'd been driving in the weather all day. Brooke said she was sorry to have asked Taylor to meet during the storm, but she'd wanted to tell Taylor that Thomas had been voted out of Forrester that night.

Surprised, Taylor asked if it had been unanimous. Nodding, Brooke said she was sorry Taylor had to hear it from Brooke, but Brooke had thought Ridge might have told Taylor. Taylor figured that Steffy and Ridge were going through a lot at the moment. She said Thomas hadn't called her, but he had to be devastated. Brooke replied that they hadn't been trying to get back at him; they'd just been trying to do what was best for the company.

Claiming she understood, Taylor said she'd been trying to see things from a different perspective, including Thomas' behavior and her relationships with Ridge and Brooke. Taylor stated that in the past, it would have caused a huge Logan-Forrester battle. "Not anymore," Brooke uttered, and Taylor agreed.

Taylor said Thomas wasn't a bad person; he just made bad decisions. She was sorry for what Thomas had done and didn't blame Brooke for not wanting to see Thomas around there. Taylor recognized that things might be different for Thomas if she and Brooke had made their choice sooner, but Brooke reasoned that Thomas' actions had made her and Taylor realize that their choice had been necessary.

Taylor said she'd been thinking about Brooke's statement that Thomas had had to watch his father go back and forth. She figured it had angered Thomas. She said she and Brooke had thought their happiness depended upon Ridge. "Not anymore," Brooke replied. Agreeing, Taylor said they wanted their grandkids to see it. Brooke and Taylor each said they felt fulfilled. Taylor said nothing would mess it up for her -- almost nothing. "Sheila," Taylor uttered.

Brooke and Taylor conversed about the Sheila sighting at Il Giardino and Sheila's escape from the car chase. Brooke figured Sheila had left town. Taylor said a rational person would do that, but Sheila who'd returned after faking her own death, was not rational. Brooke wondered if Steffy and Finn should leave town for a while, but Taylor said the couple was determined to stand their ground. Brooke wondered if Sheila would go after Finn and Steffy. Taylor feared Sheila would go after Hayes.

In the design office, Carter and Katie arrived, soaking wet, and he said he should have checked the weather before suggesting a walk back from dinner. He offered her a "rain check" on their rooftop drink but was disappointed that they couldn't toast to her health and dance beneath the stars. He said he could find a bottle of wine around there. Taking off his shirt, he figured they could still dance, but first, they had to get out of their wet clothes.

Katie suggested Carter throw his wet shirt in one of the dryers downstairs. He noted that there were robes on the premises. Katie offered to take his clothes to the dryer along with hers. He noted that his pants were wet and began to remove them, too. Carter was sorry that they didn't get their romantic evening on the rooftop with a view. Taking his clothes to the door, Katie stated that the rain was romantic, and she liked the view just fine.

Later, Carter, in his underwear, poured two glasses of wine. Katie returned in a robe and handed one to him. He decided that they should toast to Katie, to her grace, her health, and her beauty. "So much for a night away from the office," he reflected. Katie said the night was just getting started, and she liked where it was going. The two kissed.

Bill tells Steffy and Finn that Sheila has become a part of his life

Bill tells Steffy and Finn that Sheila has become a part of his life

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

At Forrester, Taylor and Brooke discussed their unease with Sheila being on the loose. "I double-check my locks every night," Taylor confessed, before admitting that she did not believe Sheila would be "stupid enough" to show up at one of their homes.

Taylor recalled how Sheila had been "so moved" the previous Christmas when Taylor had helped arrange for Sheila to visit with Finn, Steffy, and Hayes. Brooke asked how Taylor had spent the recent Christmas holiday. Taylor explained that she had celebrated a very "low-key" Christmas at Steffy's house with Steffy, Finn, Hayes, and Li. Taylor asked about Brooke's Christmas and wondered if Eric had been sad because Ridge hadn't shown up. After a moment or two of hesitation, Brooke revealed that Ridge had shown up.

Taylor seemed curious and amused that Brooke had spent Christmas with Ridge. Brooke assured Taylor that she had not been with Ridge and had remained true to their pact. "I am not going to cave," Brooke said with a slight laugh. Brooke shared that she did not feel that she needed a relationship at that time. Taylor told Brooke that she was proud of her.

"I think we're onto something here, Brooke. Seeing the world in a whole new way," Taylor said as she smiled. Taylor wished that Stephanie were alive to hear Brooke say, "I don't need a man." Brooke laughed. Brooke said that Stephanie wouldn't believe the declaration and wouldn't believe that she and Taylor were getting along. Brooke wondered what kind of example she and Taylor had been to their kids when they had been crying over Ridge for years on end. Brooke and Taylor embraced. "I just never thought I'd feel so good to be in your arms," Brooke remarked. Taylor replied that she felt the same way. The two parted their embrace and looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

At Carter's place, he and Katie sipped wine while seated on his sofa. A jittery Katie admitted to being unnerved that Sheila had not been captured. Carter recalled that Sheila had previously broken into Katie's house. "Which makes it official: I am never going back there ever again," Katie replied. Carter made it clear that he would protect Katie. Katie smiled.

After learning about the storms, Will phoned Katie to check on her. After the call, which took place off-screen, Katie was somewhat amused that her son had seemingly spent more time talking to Carter than to her. Katie changed the subject to Bill and whether or not she should check in on him. Katie quickly realized that she was "going on and on and on about Bill" and apologized to Carter for talking about her ex.

Carter produced a jewelry box that he said was a belated Christmas gift for Katie, a gift he'd wanted to give her when they were alone. Katie opened the box and found a jewel-encrusted heart necklace. Carter said the necklace seemed appropriate, since Katie had the "strongest, most caring heart" of anyone he had ever known. Katie said the necklace was beautiful, and she put it around her neck. Carter moved closer to Katie and said that he still owed her a slow dance. The two kissed.

Steffy spotted Bill standing in the doorway of the cliff house, his face illuminated by a flash of lightning. She called out to him and asked for his help in tying up Sheila. Sheila stood quietly, a smirk cemented on her face. Bill was calm upon seeing that Sheila was alive. Steffy pleaded with Bill to help them, but Bill coldly declared that there was no reason tie up Sheila.

Finn said that he did not want to have to hold Sheila until the police showed up. Still calm, Bill said that no one was going to call the police. "Sheila deserves a second chance," Bill stated. "We all have moments where we need some understanding and a little leniency," Bill continued. Sheila told Steffy that Bill knew "everything." Steffy, looking back and forth from Finn to Bill, struggled to figure out what was going on. "Sheila's become a part of my life," Bill replied, his voice still oddly emotionless.

Finn insisted that the police needed to be called. Bill repeated that no one would be calling the police and added that no one would be pressing charges. "She's your mother," Bill said. Sheila claimed that Finn would not be able to live with himself if he put his "own mother behind bars." Sheila insisted that she had shot Steffy and Finn by accident. An enraged Steffy pointed out that Sheila had staged the shootings to look like a robbery before walking away from her and Finn's motionless bodies.

Steffy was outraged that Bill was defending Sheila. Bill said that he had to give Sheila another chance because no one else would. "We both know what it's like to get that door slammed in your face over and over again," Sheila said. Sheila remarked that Katie and Brooke had both turned their backs on Bill, despite Bill's efforts to be a better man. "They're not the only ones. It started with you, Steffy," Bill said. Finn turned to look at Steffy, whose face clearly displayed her disbelief.

Finn wondered how Bill had gone from helping him reunite with Steffy to suddenly defending Sheila. Bill announced that he was doing what needed to be done to keep Sheila free. Steffy asked Bill what Sheila was holding over him and accused Bill of having lost his mind. "I tried so hard to be good to you. To Brooke. To Katie. And none of you wants anything to do with me -- and I don't blame you. I have caused so much pain," Bill responded, his eyes welling with tears.

"I've lied. I have cheated. I've stabbed people in the back. I've caused so much hurt over the years," Bill added. Sheila rested her head on Bill's shoulder and asked him who the one person was who wouldn't "blink an eye at the worst of the worst choices" he had made. Bill wrapped his arm around Sheila and announced that he was moving on with someone that he could not hurt. Steffy lashed out at the "sick, twisted relationship" that Bill seemed to have forged with Sheila.

Steffy told Bill that he was free to move on with whomever he wanted, but she warned him that there would be bars between him and Sheila because Sheila was going to jail. Bill again said that Sheila would not be going to jail. Steffy countered that Sheila had "traumatized" and "targeted" her family. "I am pressing charges and she is going to suffer in [jail] for the rest of her life," Steffy growled. Steffy acknowledged that Bill was hurting, but she did not understand how Bill had convinced himself to take pity on Sheila.

Steffy pointed to the scar that Finn would have for the rest of his life, a scar he'd gotten because of Sheila. "Turn," Sheila barked. Bill turned around, and Sheila lifted his shirt. "Looks like a gunshot," Sheila said. "You two aren't the only ones who've been shot," Bill said as he turned around to face Steffy and Finn.

Finn's jaw dropped and he looked around as he tried to figure out what was going on. "You wouldn't," Steffy gasped. "He would," Sheila replied evilly. Finn asked Steffy what Bill and Sheila were talking about. "Your mother shot me, and I've kept it quiet all these years," Bill said as he looked icily at Steffy. He then told Steffy that if she went to the police, he would go to the police, too.

Bill makes Steffy an offer he feels she shouldn't refuse

Bill makes Steffy an offer he feels she shouldn't refuse

Thursday, December 29, 2022

At Bill's house, the place was dark when Liam arrived. He jumped with a start when Wyatt appeared out of the shadows. Turning on the lights, Liam asked if Wyatt enjoyed terrifying his brother. Wyatt quipped that it beat attending board meetings. Wyatt and Liam had both arrived out of concern for Bill, who'd been alone lately. Wyatt said Bill wasn't there or at the office, and they wondered where he could be in such an insane storm.

Later, Liam ended a call with Hope. He remarked to Wyatt that Kelly was staying over at the cabin, and Hope was doing a sleepover with the kids. Wyatt noted that Liam was looking for their father in a storm instead of being with the family.

The topic turned to Bill's anger. Liam said Justin was at Forrester, Katie had moved on, and Brooke wouldn't look in Bill's direction. Wyatt reasoned that Bill had been the one to push Justin and Katie away. Claiming that Bill perceived it otherwise, Liam said something inside their father had changed. Wyatt revealed that Bill had turned him down for dinner one night, and the other night, Bill had refused to let Wyatt in the house.

"For a guy that lonely, why is he pushing us away?" Wyatt asked. Sensing that Bill was hiding something, Wyatt remarked that Bill wasn't even going to work that much and had been isolating himself at his house. Wyatt asked how Bill had been the last time he'd opened up to Liam. Liam recalled that Bill had been hopeful, manic even. Liam had been worried about Bill because he'd wanted to reunite with Katie. Liam said it hadn't gone well, and it appeared that Carter and Katie were getting close.

Wyatt and Liam noted that Brooke hadn't wanted Bill, either. Wyatt didn't think he could blame the sisters. Liam stated that Bill loved both of them and had figured he'd end up with one of them. Liam said the isolation and sword necklace were a recipe for self-destruction. Wyatt stated that Bill didn't implode -- he exploded and destroyed things in his path.

Wyatt called Bill but got his voicemail. Liam checked the couch for clues, but Wyatt chuckled, disbelieving Liam would find answers in the couch cushions. Liam found an earring and tossed it to Wyatt. Wyatt didn't think it was Katie's, and Liam said Brooke wouldn't set foot in there. Wyatt guessed that Bill had a new mystery woman.

Wyatt tossed the earring back, but it landed under the sofa. When Liam went to retrieve it, he pulled out a blonde wig. Wyatt was grossed out by it, but recalling that Steffy had texted him a photo of Sheila in disguise, Liam pulled out his phone and showed the picture to Wyatt. Wyatt concluded that Sheila had been there with their father, and he wondered if she'd kidnapped Bill.

At the cliff house, the storm raged outside. Steffy asked Bill how he could do it. Bill said he wasn't doing anything, but if Steffy went to the police, Sheila wouldn't be the only person to face prosecution. Putting his arm around Sheila's shoulder, Bill stated that if she went to jail, Taylor would go to jail. Finn asked what was going on. "My son asked you a question," Sheila said.

Steffy explained that Bill had once been shot, and the police had never found the perpetrator. Bill added that it was because he'd never told them. Finn wondered why Taylor would do that. Steffy claimed it had been an awful night, one she'd always regret. Steffy asked how Bill could do it; she said she'd thought he'd cared about her and her family. Bill affirmed that he did.

Steffy figured Bill had waited for the perfect time to hurt her mother and family, but Bill replied that he didn't want to hurt them; he merely wanted his pain to stop. Steffy stated that Sheila was a monster and couldn't help Bill. Bill figured it took a monster to help a monster.

Steffy replied that Bill wasn't a monster, but insisting that he was, Bill said he'd been reminded of it every day. He believed that no one had cared when he'd been shot, and they'd all wished him dead. He claimed he'd fought for his life in that hospital bed, and he'd imagined his own, empty funeral. Because he hadn't wanted to die alone, he'd decided he'd bury the old Bill and be kind to Steffy, Brooke, and Katie. "How was I repaid? By being labeled a pariah," he stated.

Steffy told Bill that if he wanted to be better, he had to actually be better, not do what he was doing. Bill said he was choosing to be with a person who saw him for who he was. Sheila said everyone acted like they were better than her and Bill, but none of them was perfect. Steffy told Bill that he was siding with the devil. She asked if it was for revenge. Bill responded that it wasn't about revenge. He tenderly kissed Sheila.

Finn implored Bill not to do it because Sheila was a danger to his family. Sheila responded that she was his family, and Bill reasoned that if Finn had given Sheila a fair shot, none of it would have happened. Steffy called Bill insane. Bill replied that he wasn't; he was just tired of living in pain. Steffy said the pain wasn't new, and she reminded him that he'd hurt people.

Bill, who knew he'd hurt people, said he'd hurt Katie and Brooke worst of all, and they wanted nothing to do with him. Sheila explained that Bill had opened up to her. She said he knew he wasn't a victim and wasn't mad at Katie and Brooke. In Sheila's view, Bill just didn't want to be the man who'd mistreated them, and she commended him for that.

Finn stated that he didn't know the Bill anyone else was talking about. The Bill that Finn knew had rescued Li and reunited Finn with Steffy. Finn said Bill wasn't a monster or an enemy. Bill replied that Finn didn't know him. Bill said all he wanted was a fresh start and a brand-new future. Steffy asked how Bill could say he didn't want to hurt people but choose to be with a criminal. Bill replied that that Sheila was flawed, like him, and he understood Sheila and knew what it was like to want to make it right with the people one loved.

Steffy yelled that "this" wasn't making it right, but Bill insisted that Sheila was the one person in the world that he couldn't hurt or break. He didn't want to hurt another woman or make one cry. Steffy said Sheila couldn't cry because she wasn't even human. Steffy was shocked that Bill would devote himself to Sheila. Sheila laid her head on Bill's shoulder.

Sheila stated that Bill wanted a chance at peace and happiness. Sheila claimed to love Taylor, who'd given Sheila a chance. She said they didn't want to see Taylor go to jail, and Sheila recalled that she'd saved Taylor's life. Steffy asserted that Sheila had tried to take Taylor's life when she'd shot her. "Just like Taylor shot me," Bill uttered.

Steffy couldn't believe Bill was turning his back on his family. She said he was turning his back on his granddaughter, and Steffy had thought he was one of them. Bill replied that Brooke and Katie wanted nothing to do with him, and Steffy didn't want him anywhere near her. He affirmed that he was moving on with his life, and Steffy didn't have to understand it or agree with it. "But you do have to accept it," Bill stated. He said he wouldn't let Steffy take Sheila away, and he wouldn't be alone again.

Steffy was in disbelief that Bill was blackmailing her after Sheila had terrorized Taylor and left Steffy and Finn to die, which would have left Kelly motherless. Steffy asserted that she'd press charges. Bill decided that Taylor would spend the rest of her days in prison unless Sheila spent the rest of hers as a free woman. "This is my deal. Take it or leave it," Bill concluded.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Steffy learns that Finn is alive

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Steffy learns that Finn is alive

Friday, December 30, 2022

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA college football, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air in certain markets. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

In areas not impacted by the preemption, B&B rebroadcast the episode that originally aired on August 1, 2022. In the episode, Steffy is miraculously reunited with Finn in Monaco. You can read a full recap of that episode here.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 2, 2023, and picked up where the Thursday, December 29, 2022, episode concluded.

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